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(Name of contact) (Position of contact) (Department of contact) (Company name) Date Dear Sir / Madam: Greetings from AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University! Present in over 1,700 universities in 107 countries, AIESEC, the largest student organization in the world with a membership base of 35,000 members worldwide, is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their potential so as to make a positive impact in society through an integrated global learning experience. One of the key components of our service to organizations is our Global Internship Program (GIP). Annually, AIESEC organizes over 5,500 internships throughout our international network of 4,000 partners across the globe, including recognized organizations such as the United Nations, Cadbury-Schweppes, Procter & Gamble, DHL, Unilever, PwC, UBS, and Electrolux, to name a few. Through this program, AIESEC provides organizations across the globe with access to our diverse international talent and perspectives. For 60 years companies have relied on the Global Internship Program to meet their employment needs by gaining access to a global talent pool of the best and brightest young leaders. The program is a tailored and reliable recruitment and integration process for high quality international internships. Companies of all sizes have used AIESEC to build their leadership pipeline, increase competitiveness, grow a strong employer brand and fuel innovation. The Global Internship Program is one of the strongest selling propositions of AIESEC, in which it sends recent graduates and young professionals to train in companies abroad, choosing from among 107 countries and territories worldwide. Internships last for a duration of 6 to 78 weeks, and cover four traineeship types: Management Traineeships, Development Traineeships, Education Traineeships, and Technical Traineeships. The traineeships AIESEC offers involve a company/organization hiring one of AIESEC’s skilled graduates or undergraduates to work for them. Your organization will have complete freedom in articulating the academic and working backgrounds you require the trainee to have, we shall also be responsible for handling all administrative preparations such as visa processing, airport pick-up, community integration, accommodations and other such as needs. AIESEC does everything it can to ensure that your organization’s internal selections mechanisms remain as intact as possible. We sincerely hope to elicit your interest and are open to any reasonable requests.

Respectfully yours,

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APRIL ONG-VANO Vice President for Incoming Exchange AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University Mobile: +63 923 2174359 E-Mail:

AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University Mobile: E-Mail

AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University 2010-2011  Unit 321 3/F Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 

OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION AIESEC is constantly looking for organizations and individuals to help support it in its aims. Depending on what you hope to gain from a partnership with AIESEC, there are many ways to tap into AIESEC’s powerful network:

I. Top Talent Development II. Short-Term International Resource III. Employer Brand Building and Networking Opportunities

I. Top Talent Development Organizations today realize the need to invest in attracting and developing high potential young people who have the ability to create value through their work and have a willingness to create leading organizations. AIESEC acknowledges that need and came up with the perfect solution – the AIESEC Talent Development Experience. It is comprised of a structured learning process by which we maximize the capability that the people involved in AIESEC pass through, as well as an environment in which this takes place. This allows them to develop the type of competencies and characteristics that will allow them to become high potential individuals ready to face the challenges of the changing world through which organizations can gain access to.

Leadership Experience AIESEC members have the opportunity to lead teams in different areas, plan, make decisions, speak in public, and turn their ideas into results.

Effectiveness AIESEC members devote 8 to 24 hours a week in the organization while managing their academics. They learn how to manage their time, set priorities, and multi-task.

Are you looking for potential people or high-quality TALENT?

Global Understanding AIESEC members are constantly working and communicating with other members across the globe. Members learn how to effectively work in diverse environments and see their actions on a global perspective. Through partnerships, AIESEC aims to build a future leadership pipeline for partner organizations as a unique way to aspire AIESEC Talent towards its employability and future leadership needs. Many of our supporters recognize that our members and returned interns are among some of the best and brightest talent available for long-term recruitment.

So instead of just building leaders in your organization, why not make it a strategy to hire them?

OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION II. Short-Term International Human Resource AIESEC’s Global Internship Program (GIP) is a cost-effective program that enables companies to source international talent from emerging markets anywhere in the 107 countries and territories where AIESEC is present. Our interns bring in tangible skills and knowledge about the market as help bridging cultural and language barriers.

International Perspective Able to give an insight into the working of a foreign market, including first hand experience of the culture and the tactics that work within that market. AIESEC trainees bring with them the opportunity for your company to benefit from their in-depth knowledge of other countries, cultures and business practices.

Multi-Cultural Work Environment AIESEC trainees add character and dynamism into your work environment apart

Is your recruitment strategy local or GLOBAL?

from providing access to international youth opinion, innovation, and creativity.

Cost effective AIESEC is a youth-driven organization and has very few overheads. You choose the kind of trainees you need based on your organization’s needs.

Hassle-free AIESEC will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements associated with working in a foreign country. AIESEC interns are available for between 1.5 to 18 months and therefore provide an excellent hassle-free, short-term human resource solution which can be utilized in specific projects or peak seasonal work periods.

International Talent We offer access to talent and perspective from your target market anywhere globally.

Academic Profiles: Business Administration ♦ Sales and Marketing ♦ Information Technology ♦ Finance ♦ Human Resources ♦ Economics ♦ Accounting ♦ Engineering



Is your recruitment strategy local or GLOBAL? We offer our supporters the opportunity to directly interact with the AIESEC network through our conferences and build relationships with other partners of AIESEC with a variety of organizations, from multinational to small business, non-profit to government and the United Nations, while attending different networking events. Furthermore, as our alumni network expands, you gain an increasing profile to existing professionals. Some ways through which organizations engage AIESEC members are: o

Workshops at global, regional and national AIESEC conferences


Partnership launch


Leadership and Excellence awards


AIESEC Initiatives

Support your brand among university students and young graduates, our alumni, our partners. Link your brand with our image of a proactive youth organization that aims for developing value-based sustainable and responsible leadership in our members

THE PROCESS AIESEC trainees stand apart from the average young graduate, having passed a rigorous screening and selection process. After matching the best people to each role based on criteria set, the final selection of candidates is always up to the employer after an interview process. AIESEC handles all logistics pre-arrival as well as ongoing communication and community involvement for the intern for the duration of the internship.

INTERNAL SCREENING: Each AIESEC office pre-screens candidates through a review board consisting of interviews and tests. NEEDS IDENTIFICATION: Your company identifies the desired internship profile specifying education, languages, skills, work experience, geography, duration and timing needs.

TRAINEE SELECTION: AIESEC provides a short list of suitable candidates and aids the selection process by arranging a telephone or online interviews. The final decision is always yours.

VISA SERVICES: AIESEC arranges the visa for the intern.

PRE-ARRIVAL SERVICES: AIESEC supports the intern with cultural preparation, integrating and goal setting seminars.

POST-ARRIVAL SERVICES: AIESEC arranges ongoing activities for the intern and connects them to a network of other AIESEC members.

EVALUATION: AIESEC facilitates an evaluation process for both your company and the intern before, during and after the internship to ensure objectives and expectations from all sides are being met. AIESEC is committed to receiving and responding to your feedback.


Internship Duration Minimum: 6 weeks (1.5 months) Maximum: 78 weeks (18 months)

Start and End Dates Any time of the year

Delivery Time Delivery time varies from 2-4 months depending on the candidate profile and the country requirements.

Wages/Salary The minimum stipend to be paid by your company for traineeship types Technical Traineeship (TT), Management Traineeship (MT), and Education Traineeship (ET) is Php 18,000, Net after tax, or Php 13,000, Net after tax, plus accommodation. For a Development Traineeship (DT), there is no need to provide your trainee with a salary; however, it is advised that food allowance be given.

Costs As a partner of AIESEC in its Global Internship Program, your company need only invest the following amounts depending on the duration of the traineeship:

Duration 6 weeks to 8 weeks 8 weeks to 26 weeks over 26 weeks – 54 weeks over 54 weeks – 78 weeks

Amount Php 5,000 Php 10,000 Php 15,000 Php 20,000

The amounts shall be collected by the on an installment basis. The following installment plan applies:

Duration 6 weeks to 8 weeks 8 weeks to 26 weeks over 27 weeks – 52 weeks over 53 weeks – 78 weeks

Upon Contract Signing Php 1,000 Php 2,000 Php 3,000 Php 4,000

Upon arrival of trainee Php 4,000 Php 8,000 Php 12,000 Php 16,000

The initial administrative fee shall be collected upon signing of the contract and the balance shall be collected once the intern arrives in the country and reports to your organization for the internship. This fee covers the following:      

acquisition of the intern’s visa and work permits delivery and transfer of necessary documents matching of the specifications through an online system communication with the intern before, during and after the traineeship communication with AIESEC in the country of origin before, during and after the traineeship activities initiated by AIESEC for cultural immersion, community involvement and participation in AIESEC activities during the traineeship

Logistics AIESEC will assist the intern in getting a visa, setting up bank accounts, tax file numbers, finding accommodation, city orientation,

cultural preparation and access to AIESEC’s social and learning networks.

AIESEC- TN Proposal (non-DT)  

(NAME) (Name of contact) (Position of contact) (Department of contact) (Company name) Greetings from AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University! Dea...

AIESEC- TN Proposal (non-DT)  

(NAME) (Name of contact) (Position of contact) (Department of contact) (Company name) Greetings from AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University! Dea...