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Work Accident Compensation Claims Claims Review The 7 Things You Must Know Before Making a Claim‌

“The 7 Things You Must Know Before Making A Compensation Claim” “If you suffer an injury whilst at work, that isn’t your fault, then you need to know the best way to make a compensation claim to ensure you receive the full amount to which you may be entitled.” This can be a stressful and uncertain time, as you’ll be dealing with the claim whilst trying to recover from your accident, so having someone around to take away the pressure and confusion of making a claim is very important. You’ll need the support of a competent and caring company who will ensure your case is resolved as quickly as possible – remember accident claims have a time limit, so if you don’t miss out on what you’re owed, start today!

In this guide you’ll find the answers to the following:1. Should I Report My Accident? 2. Why Can I Claim For Compensation? 3. How Do I Make A Work Accident Compensation Claim? 4. Who Pays The Compensation? 5. How Long Will It Take To Settle My Accident Claim? 6. Will I Have To Meet With A Solicitor? 7. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME?

1. Should I Report My Accident? Employees are allowed to file a work accident compensation claim if they have been injured at their work place due to the negligence of the employer. The accident should be reported in the Accident Report book as soon as possible Treatment for the injury should be sought straight away The time allowed for a work accident claim is 3 years from the date of the accident

2. Why Can I Make A Claim For Compensation? If you are in an accident at work and are not at fault, you are allowed by law to file a compensation claim with the courts. “Work accident compensation” is the term used when a person claims for personal injury caused by the fault of someone else in a place of work.

3. How Do I Make A Work Accident Compensation Claim? If you have had an accident of any kind whilst at work, then you should contact a company specialising in work accident claims as soon as possible The compensation amounts depend on the type of claim and type of injury caused in the accident. Some claims companies will be specialists in work accident claims, and will be able to handle your claim on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning that if your claim is unsuccessful you will not have to pay anything at all.

4. Who Pays The Compensation? When a compensation claim is made, the insurance company that protects the individual who was responsible for the work accident will decide if the claim will be accepted, as well as the amount to pay the injured party for any healthcare charges. This means they will then pay the compensation and any costs that have been incurred.

5. How Long Will It Take To Settle My Accident Claim? The Claim Team handling your case understand that you want a speedy settlement which awards you the maximum amount possible. The length of time taken to settle a claim will depend on the nature of the injury sustained and the circumstances involved. However the Team will be able to give you a much better idea once your claim is underway.

6. Will I Have To Meet With A Solicitor? Personal injury claims are dealt with by a specialist team of regulated UK compensation solicitors who are experienced in understanding your needs and getting the compensation settlement you deserve. Any contact is made using the telephone, email and post. There is usually no need for you to visit a Solicitor’s office. And finally....

7. How Much Is All This Going To Cost Me?

Absolutely nothing! All our personal injury claims are handled on a “no win, no fee” basis.

What’s more you’ll receive 100% of the compensation!

“Claims Review were very understanding of my injury and why I wanted to make a claim for compensation. They helped me by taking away all the stress and pressure allowing me to get on with everyday life. Everything was taken care of and was dealt with quickly and professionally.” Mrs J Blackburn

Now A Personal Message… Hi my name’s Chris, I’ve worked at Claims Review for several years now, where I help people like you who’ve suffered injury through no fault of their own. By using my professional expertise and knowledge, I’ll advise you to make sure you get the most out of your claim. Having an injury is a painful and stressful time and, although I know that money can’t make it right, it can surely ease the stress and the pain - which is why I want to make sure you receive the highest financial compensation possible. And I understand it’s important you choose the right claims company – this is why we’ve given you a free 7 point guide to assure yourself you’re in the right place. Don’t forget that all compensation claims must be made within a certain time otherwise it becomes void…


7 Things You Must KNow Before Making A Compensation Claim