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Vhctler yon are a ''lrcshmon"at har rLeaF ing, ! "sophDnrorc'or




ahrtlurs.-.Lrtnol all MIs. lr is 0nly abur rhosetl'dl .rc llle .iglr





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Your har G a vdy )ou l[vc

norsonal rxisstssion lt and wisely, ir wiu

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repa) you handsomely shenfver ror *er


n,ld manh,e$


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fird nucl, b nturcsl you hcrc,

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rnd toisc to your appcarancc

pu4rosc ,'l 1l,is l,u,Llel is to sl'ow yon



o\rn onc or molc atch hrts . .

l,oN to select, car. Ior !.{l

entoy tl'on .l{rys

w'LcorrD, p.."t.o*, If you have n€ver voh a har }.Iore bul are rLi.king oI buyins one . . . or il you noN oyn s lat a.d sould like b krus nor€ aboul il, this se.tian is ior you. (It vill also hake a sood b.ush'n! lor rbe nor€ experje.ced hat vearer.) You'll nrd rhde's a lot oI {un ord sarislactionin srorelor r o , . s l o k c dD u ro n r h e l o l l o v i n g! a g € s .S o . . .

2. Yon'll leel lettr wearing ! hat In rhe {int€r, s hat lelDs rou r€tain body ftat, shelds Lhe held exPGUre.rn tne haL relccE up b 93% or th€ sunt 3. A har eusrdsyaur hair, The 3nD's rays bleachrle hai.; Dske it dry and Lrnde, Scalp experts say lhe best protectron .gainst sun evapDrarion of nstural hair oils is to over rhe 4, A hat con }elD 1ou do beltcr. roo. M o n y r m p l o r m e ; ll e e n c i e sa n d p e r sonnel honaeds poi.t out dre im, poltance oI hat velrins & or aid to saod appearancein tbe businesg


s. Yon slos added .ourtesy lnd respectvhen ron {edr a ][t. Thcre is no substiturelor dr liul€ sign.of lonor a nan sno\esa wonan Dy rppine hh h3t. (Or by rabinE it ro oldd lolks or touchingir in salute.)

:\tr., Frtatat


.'t ttaf

r . , { h a rg i v e s y o na n a i r o t . n r h o r n y lnd scll-asirrn.e. Ii/itlioot n. I nmn oft€. looks iurul0ci Nith ! lut or. le rpprars n,ore D,r\culn,c

6. You expressyourown p€rsonality. T[er€ dre so mlny difie.cnt kin& of hats you can chooselron. jr's ersy ro *lect tle hat ur '1dls th; world" exlclly {h,r you vant il to 7. Ior cnrich rle rppe,.anc€ of ffDJIbnlg.lsc yotr scrr will' tlc DroDcf I'ar. lt !dds reffnenrenrand unihe your entire ens€nble,




Thafs a quesrionto srump rl,e €xpeirsl You sce, whilc Llrer. de nnre 6ustc styleq ron can aller rhe cl,aracre. ol a Iat so radically by changnrgthc $idth oI tlc nand or brim, or ty noditytqj Lhehcight or slBod oI rhe crosn. lhrr rhe conDintrrionsa.d 'uiatn,ns srdrl nroltiplyins like Hbbils. lloveg, hcre are the bdc .ine: you can rakc it up lrod dErcl



1. TtlE 5NAF BRrltl. Actually, nlny stylcs Ldve brim that curl ar llc back .nd .r. "snsDped"dosn in lroDl. Tne i{leDrilyingnarks ol tlris sryle are rcatlt L1,epin.h {ronr crown p/r6 tl,e snap


2. tHE TELESCOPE, r\lsa lus a snaplrrinr Lut tbe crosn is loklcd in on irsell like a "porh-pie' deating a lo$er-crovned and nrire ronrl,t',1 efidcl

/1 _t-

3, tHE OIF-IHE-FACEHlt. Snnilar ro Lle sD{p lrirn |]ut Ihc 1,rin is sofr up. l l . d o r n i s v , r e r i n , e sr n , l . n r e d , n d has a long, cvcn oD rop.

'fr 4. IHE HorilsURG. An ogrhe lace f*, , l i . i n r L i . h " db_) r s n m l u l l y u , n p d_ - | . . * _ n


5. THE TYROIEAN, Identihcd Ly a tapcredcrDhn,n.row llrim and ursu.l band trcarDcnr. Cones in a ercal ru'ber oI lelt linishes. 6. rHl wtSrlRN. Bftrd-Lrinbdd and spacionslyproporlioned,Ion canl niss

-...sgg GJ /_

7. IHE GRU5HABL:. Fold ir up and pur it in your pock€tl Ir mn Le (and ollcn isl shapedin .ny ol a d.z€n rars.


3. THELrGHrWflGSr.A new deprrtLrrc in vciehl.nd characrorol leh- Sreciallt n,odelor lishrn*s and r€siliencv.


e. rHE sPonr HAr. Brish! ririd colors and a lree-sheeli.s nse oI hhrics cn!.acrerizerllis srelt nes Lind of lar.

IN :/J-f+t<+s;@

lo. Did $e say 'tue basicslyles? Yet LIrr only toucbesrl,e snrloce,Thcre are lorml silt lrrs and opcra hats and derl,ies.Therc are sDecialty l,rrs on! r ,a{ ncw col.rrion ol .rIls. And rhen lhcr lre dr.s hrrs in Lr.rr rbuntlon.c. ,{cn,ally. today your choice ol I.t sryles is linircd only hr the dme ard eno lou can s p e n Jl o n l ' n s o r l h e g r e J F n \ t r r i t r ) n f h a r e i n m c n , c l u r h n ' sI ' i " r u r y l


w lN

:,)fl :i F4




r. s|zt.],-irn, oi fonf,c, 1,tr,sl il,l kn.\! )dtrr lrad size. Tl,rt m.ins, Itrnh a nrtrilrcr zrd a lnpc! llats (Dc in l,!lg orals and r0und ovals rnd nr vrrirrions oi ercl! ,. ra(a SfiaFEAND FE^rurls.Youi Iacial slure and leaturesarc nnpod, drl, !,o- Cm$n height and brin ridrh shorld !e corrccdr prolor3, sullD. Your physiquc shoul{l be consnlcred,I |rr crr .dd nrcl,{:sro lour Iieisht il you ryisI. or it can

ft €o','

4. CorllPllxloN. lI fair skinndd. ! narral or dark sl'rd. vill .pr "ir vou. coDrtcxion. lI trnned or dark c o m p l e x i o n e da , l i g l ' r c r s h r d e r i l l ilni a hednu shade sill tone it doun-

i,(ffi WI @ Le'r'l

5. wARDRoBl, A hlt is !n importrnt Darr oI }or. unlhLe. Cl,oose i r t o l a r m o r i z . l v i t hy o r . s r i r s .o r { r s rnd IL'uisl'jnss, Consi.lcr the .olor, Iexrure dxl {ylc oI slen rotr

6. SPORT, DR:S5 OR BU5rNr55. \rl,edrer you're so g Lo rork or Dlrv, d.css up or knock orotrnd, cl,oosca idlablc hat 1or tl,e pnrpose. rn,l v.r'll have n0re lun doi.e it.


]\ sehcrbn ot suod lookn,g hrrs ncnniL. th sDiccoI varierr ard sues lhsl )on'U ll*uls L'd Di{,prrly dr{ssed-lt per.,irs ono hrt lo rcst ond 0ir ont slil. y.n {esr unoillci. A.d ir lclps your hars look bcrter lonee.. Fouf hats makc up a hasic luL vfd!)be. Yoo .dn add ro lhesc as ,otr so alo.g: lells rhc lGt. lr s.€s sith 6ingle or doublc Drfasl.,l srirs ol rrorsred. .hcvior.r fl.nnolr sith Noahn or wo6td corrs. Its nuL. [usinrs]ikd liies Dake it ideal lar work rnd day-to dar {ear. 2. ^N oFF-rH!-FAcaHAr n g6od Ior bnsincas wcar lnd sors sell N . dres{rp l!.t, l good way ro "rriple{,p'on tl'ese t{o lats is lo cl,oNe a brinr edce (welr. bound. ra{ or ]. A TELE5COPE OR IYRoLCAN N CUtr,'Ct\ilh c r r J l i ' h i ' ' r r r p . . l ^ t l L i t r al i t s t h f e , l ' . o r slErlan{l aid g.brrdine jmkels- A tyrolern .an perk up 0nv leisrre outnl .nd is ! relresInrg drnngP hom 'l,e Nc.L-dry style. 'lhe 4. ^ sIRAw H^r conplerrs rl,e !asi. lisr summer rn.l sryle a nev straw snap sives totrr ourlir os w€ll as Ihe lcod{ontut n trolnls. pl.ce lnrors rour le0d$ert ear. it !r l,onored




DEEPFULLFAGE.Nocds a mediun heieht, lull .rown. A vide snap brim. snrppcd IuU lcioss

5HOR' FULIIACE Requires . Dedtun crovn rith a very slighr taper, should Lc naFsnappedand

T O N C S L E N D E RF A CE . 'lakes lrpercd modcmre n heighr cro{r. r,oderatd rnlrh brim. vell-rolled "frU reith a tull snap to

SOUAREtA(E, Is solre@d {ith a lolnded nediun crovn. A lull snop brim or. ofi tle Jacelut is idâ&#x201A;Ź.1.

ToP-HEAVYIACE,Is go.dIookine u.der rspered crown. Brin shoxld have roll and shoit snap.Do not tih fte har back as this &nds ro shov too nuch

5 ' I O R I S T E N D E RF A ( E . Necds a low do{n slaped high and narrov al l|om, lorvand spreadout at l,ack, ,{n oll-the-iace style vill

AVIRAGE FAaE. I{ your fdce is ndl loo roud, roo lons o. roo anyrlnrg, yrtr lmost hrve no !.ol'len. rny har $ar doesnl go to

you:rrEA $,rr'rr,r-rr,,,,,,, Noh ior rhe 6ne! derailsl Do you tnory how yonr hais are made? Yon'll 6nd rhar inlormslion in this section . . . plus oLherrips on hor to ger more enjoyner! la.d lonser rrvicc) Iron





llo{ Deopleare n'rrrLeJ to lealn tlul a Iu l e l r L a t i s n l r e a i l y" o @ p i e c e ' l o r i s l c n r a U y hade np ol millions or d.y Iur prdiclfs so rigltrly intcrlockcd rhar a stong man clnnoL Thc ,lscinalnrg prd.els that tns vnps ol Iur into ons Df dre light*t (ir relarionto lensile st.eryrl,) nosr resilient lnd most warcr inpeNiors lalrrics sfrvi.e nu lBs b.en knosn and nnprorcdnpon lor moreIhan lN! thotrsflnrlye.!s. It Legins \rnh rhc sheoring ol lhe downy rnder-lu. ., rsbbits. I!rer !ml lrea!.r, i'rported {or desned qralnies lron .. frr !s.) rs Noy Zc!Lnd. TIr iru fil,.rs Idvc ritry ]l0$.. ris'l,l,l rn,lfr a Dicros:ope, whicl nrt and inrcrlo,ik rnd.r nr.Gtr.., hst rnil pre$ure. lhis is llnosn r! rl,e 'lelrnrs prcce$."

T )

,{D i.niJ lelt conc G nradein a sprcial llo\nlg clamLer. Ar dris staeeiL G aLotrtlro ard a h0ll rnnes tlE size ol lhe finisled hat n will hecone, and rcry lragile. By a series o{ Ior waler a.d roili.g t.eatmenrscalling lor r high deereeoI nduul dexrerity and skill, rl'e lelL shapc is reducedto lbotrt ten inchcs nr I'eisl,i. Tnc frbersl,.vc shrunk now lnd rhe l,rt,s !rc locked scctrrelytogether. The rougl slupc is thcn lonned on a caN{l yoodcn !ld{:k and at la{ []ocked to nul str wirh srean and an lron, AlDns lhe way ir hns receired orler skillcrl and c.reiul trearnenl: carl), in rhe lelinrg pro, ce$ it has been dyedj then tle Lrnn las been inp.esnatcd Fnh shellacb srillcn it; rnd hLe., rhe enlne l[r has rubbdd by sandDaper many linresto tl,e desireddcgrceoi $noothne$., rLe Iut h triDm.di the 1.atber.lini.g, band and hov seyed Dn and rle lDt is Gnisl,{d a prodtrcrol line, plinst.king ^dicrifun cralts




l. illril wrDrH. Brins on rr,n popuh itlt srrles vary irom 2, lo 2l3,2l!.21*. and 2/+ nrln:s r rLitlrll A irocrion ol in n'cl nnrr or less c hake a ledp oI dil

2, lil,ll FIANGE. This ren'ls lD l h e a n e l e o l r o u . n d s n a Do n r brnn, r1 sharp snapar nat set lrinr cin perk you np or drop you dovn. So c brins !rc snrpp,tl vnlc rdr$ tl,e Lltj orlrcGn,d' l,\s so.


3. CRoWN SHAPI. CoNe,vnrirt (si.le dcnts or undenkdl or lrslF ionNise. tI€ shopc of your (rown dcnote yotrr l$|e, CoDsi,lorllc eficcr ot several variutn,ns |elore


4. coloR- TI'e cold ol yonr l.r 3lould nt ,dr firc rnd clrudlt I rs s.ll rs lurnonize $ilh your

5. BRllilIYFE.Turncd up or dosn. curled ar smppcd, everylrnn sivr. a lrt a difierentclara.rer dd sives you a diflerenrappearnnce. Trdes probol,ly one rrpe LIur suns your

6. CROW HaIGHt. 1o0 ligh or roo lov a crcvn c0 run' rr athor. nisc l,u&om. npr)Nrrrrro. Isk lhc sllesnan Lo vdy th,i I'eisl,Ll. lind the most natkring proportion. 7. BAND wrDrr|. lliis .focrs r|e visurl hoisl'L oI t|e |rL ul,ovcr|,1 eros rnd is tr n,rllef ol lrrs'trrL

GG .'-G


A. ANGLE ON HEAD. YOI CAN chonsed,e srylr ot {|trlal rny l.L jLFr l,y *e itrs iL {t d diliorcnr anatcl Som en c.r ,(rr r |rt N!! hcL on d'eir |ord. oL|eE can1. lin{l otrr ryhi.I lclps yoo.

RenenlEr, er€n thonsh you've never sorn a DJdtrulr sttlc nr shcnc l,.forE, ir mr) he Lhi D c r f c . LI ' J t f o r r n r . ( j i \ c r h e t r " l o o l s i $ ;indca to sink in, ,\ner ilt lirsr noveltr has ryorn ofi, Iou may l,c protrdol tlc ray ron loot in iL Jor many seasonsalLer.



ral.- TlrE ANII


6s n 2-v


Lc .i.$ddr








Il your lrr has evcr nrrucl.d .n odDning look lbn a m.nber ol tl'c orposilc s0x,or iI a Irierd Ius ever lslied you, enliously, "Wlere catr r s€t a ha! like tlut?" Nister, youi€ a




Tl,e.c's liule thar {e caD rI yo! al'our d,e plcasues ol hat wearins.. Ho$ever, tlr expert suggesrionson Colors in Hats ond tle list ol Hats \LiL[ a Pu.poseshich lolloss is rrovided rc tr cl,echlist lor e0syr0lcrqrde. cotor

rN tHE ,tlaoNAr. Hlr

h rltr \Yinrer,l,at colois !!€ noricc.Llt dee€r ad riclier. Sprins luts, however,are usrally ${t€r and liehter h slFde, E)e plelsnre lsrels and color, Iul bonds disti.guisl tle hars ]ou'll werr in nild senhd. lo toD ofi vour Usltrer.coloredsprins s,i|s ;r topioot. COIOI ACCENTWHIREYOU WAN' II Tbe ma.'ir-lhFknaw Ges color d,c voy 3n artisl Ges o l,iel,lishr , . . ro drrniarize u FrLiculu srot, yoo caD cl,oose! har tlut sill crrcll r1,ec.lor ol dn accessory(dc, tio clip. jewelry). Or. one color in your lEr caDccm.r eyd. inrcresr obove the slDuldeG. sldle o. od,er can unily your ersenble fton rop


lr lTIt


lrl lllra)sli





i o R r o R l \ r a l w E A R ' l L . n , x ' . r l t r ! r ' t - r l i ! r L l ) tr ! , ( , \ . , ) 1 x r . . . . ' r r ( . L ' l l r t l , r n r r r : r o t r r , ,t r , , r o r o L c r r



couolQ,"no', het.t

2. EAln

apa sorna

3. ClorH'NC

.ait/.|tr.irtg eotr.binations

Four €at fd Pour@iplome Vhateve. rour "cla$" wlrcn yotr bee.n rbis boohlet, ve hopc that nDw your har vill shos . \ a r \ o r L a r " e r J d r r r p , l. i r h n i g l - r . ' o n o h : tlere is a bricl reri€v lor your erry ret€re.ce: l. Tlle rishr hat can helD you l.ok bexo, ex prcss your personalily, do Letrer in L'hine$ and led Lcttd lhays. 2. You ca. cbdose ftod rr Lisr nnF Lasic srylesand nany va aLio.s of erch, so thar rour hat is always exacry rigtt {or yon. 3. Consider your headsize.Ia.e and le.rur$, physiq@,conplerion, rvald.obeand pripDse lor rrc!.ing 'l vhen rou ctoDsc you! l'trt. 4. A hat sa.d&be G easyto lJnild atd co.siis ol at h*t lonr lats: a s.ap l,rin, rn ofi-rlr tuccluL, . sport har lnd ! sh!w. 5. Your ldt G nude sirh skill, paLifncc rDd rnne and nill rcNard you vilh lons vca. if yor fdl{,w lhe sinple rnl* oI properly carnrg Ior ir. 6. The fine points oI d'oosn'g a tor tor you. Joce,lor irs color. and lor rle difter€nt 'ccrsnDs yor'll $ear n are,ll nDpo,rrnt Ior a I l cnjoyrneDt ol the I'rrs in )our rvardrobe.

l \


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