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Success Stories... “I was really nervous about sitting in a classroom at my age, but I was surprised that there were so many other people in the same situation as me. My reading level is now improving and I am looking to get a computer which MHA is going to help me with as part of their ‘Computers in the Community Scheme’.”

Success Stories... “I would recommend learning a new skill to anyone! It really helps you to make friends whilst building your confidence.”

Success Stories... “I didn’t have any confidence and was really nervous about learning. I read in the ‘Money Matters’ Newsletter that MHA was able to help with learning & skills and decided to telephone to find out more. They were really helpful and I have now completed a number of courses which I couldn’t have afforded to do if I’d had to pay for them myself - They call it the ‘Bursary Scheme’.”

What is the Bursary Scheme? The ‘Bursary Scheme’ is part of MHA’s wider Work & Skills Wise Project and is able to offer a range of initiatives to help service users improve skills and personal development. If you are interested in learning new skills or improving old ones, MHA’s Bursary Scheme may be able to help you. Examples of things we can help you with are: • Finding suitable courses; • Putting learners in touch with course providers; • Paying course fees; • Buying course materials.

Is it for me? Are you a MHA tenant who is interested in a course but needs help paying for study fees, materials, etc.? Or are you just interested in learning and improving your skills, but aren’t sure what you should do? If you are, please contact Community Services Team on 01495 761100, communityservices@ or write to Monmouthshire Housing Association, Nant Y Pia House, Mamhilad Technology Park, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire, NP4 0JJ for more information.

Can anyone apply? The bursary is available to all tenants to help with education, training and self development. The help can be tailored to your individual needs to make sure it works for you.

What should I do? If you would like further information, or want to discuss any questions you may have, please call the Community Services Team on 01495 761100 between 9am-5pm, Mondayto-Friday. You can discuss your aims and ideas over the phone or you can make an appointment for a home visit.

Work & Skills Wise - Bursary Info  

Work & Skills Wise - Bursary Info