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Monmouthshire Housing Association

Introduction This year saw Monmouthshire Housing Group, made of MHA and its trading subsidiary, Capsel continue to maintain and improve its financial strength. We were awarded low risk status by Welsh Government and will continue to do so with your help....

...We couldn’t have done it without you!

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Welcome can only do this if you tell us exactly what you think of what we do and what you think we should be doing. You will see in the following pages that we do much more than just rent homes and repair and build houses.

Andrew Martyn-Johns Chair of the MHA Board

John Keegan

Chief Executive of MHA

We have a vision here at MHA that puts a real emphasis on transforming people’s lives and creating homes and communities where people aspire to live and work. We


All of these other activities are brought about by suggestions from you and we feel add real value to our communities. Our desire is driven as much by your feedback and requests, as by our own desire to be the best landlord in Wales and with your help we can achieve that.

main source of income comes from the rent that you pay us and we are accountable for how we spend it. For us, Value for Money is all about making the most of our income and getting the best possible outcomes from it as you can see throughout this publication. By managing our money efficiently and effectively, we are able to provide homes and services at a reasonable cost and develop more homes to meet local housing need.

We would love to hear more from you and would really encourage you to We know that you are complete the tenant survey interested in how we spend enclosed. You can see your the money we collect in views make a real difference, rent. MHA is a non-profit let’s continue to make sure making company so we that we work with and for reinvest all of our income our tenants to everyone’s back into your homes and our communities. Our income advantage. is spent maintaining our Regards existing homes, building new ones and maintaining and Andrew & John investing in services. Our Monmouthshire Housing Association


GREAT LOCATION By 2022 MHA will be the top performing Social Enterprise in Wales providing quality homes and services, transforming peoples’ lives and giving them the confidence and support to realise their ambitions. We will create an environment where people can have a brilliant quality of life, in areas where they aspire to live and work. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Our Obj




Landlord – by 2022 we will:

Economically – by 2022 we will:

• Optimise every opportunity to develop the type of homes and communities where people want to live, maximising the occupancy of our properties. • Directly support at least 600 tenants each year, where necessary, to improve their quality of life. • Build 600 homes using our own resources, efficient procurement and through s106 and partnership arrangements. • Develop a form of accommodation specifically for older persons/downsizers. • Be in the top 25% performers across all key performance indicators.

• Increase our turnover from diversified activities to £4m, increasing our workforce to 270. • Maintain financial strength and viability achieving maximum scores from the regulator and covenant compliance from our funders. • Achieve efficiencies of 10% by maximising our use of technology and ensuring that Value for Money is an embedded principle for driving value.

Monmouthshire Housing Association

jectives Environmental


Environmentally – by 2022 we will:

People orientated – by 2022 we will:

• Seek to maximise existing and new technology to reduce our CO2 footprint by a further 5% from 2017. • Introduce 2 electric pool cars in year 1 and increase this number so that 10% of all vehicles will be either hybrid or full electric. • Purchase low energy equipment using local supply chains and reduce our energy usage in our accommodation by 10%. • Reduce fuel usage in our vehicles by a further 10% on average. • Spend a further £2m improving the external environment on our estates increasing tenant satisfaction with their neighbourhoods as a place to live.

• Create 200 work placements by 2022 helping people into work. • Concentrate resources on helping 125 tenants in to work. • Spend £1m transforming lives and ambitions through training and personal development on both staff and tenants, increasing productivity by 10%. • Focus our resources on ensuring that MHA can quickly become a more flexible organisation adapting to a constantly changing environment. • Embed a “Don’t walk by policy”, to support the health, wellbeing and safety of tenants.

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Making A Difference Awards 2016


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Building Great Communities West End Flying Start in Caldicot said that they needed additional outdoor play equipment for the toddlers who use the centre.

As West End Flying Start is in the heart of one of MHA’s Communities in Caldicot, MHA was happy to help. With a donation from a contractor, MHA was able to install a multi activity slide which is now much loved and enjoyed by many of the children who attend the centre.

Tenants asked us to let them know what difference their volunteering makes as part of the tenant engagement service.

Following a detailed review of the tenant engagement service conducted in partnership between tenants and staff a new structure has been approved by Board. The new structure will combine the best of the old with new less formal methods of engagement with tenants being fed back the results of their involvement and the changes made as a result.

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

Tenants and residents said that they wanted to be recognised and appreciated for the great voluntary work that they undertake in Monmouthshire to make their communities better places for people to live. MHA is proud to recognise the fantastic work undertaken by volunteers in our communities by holding its annual ‘Making a Difference Awards’ with eight award categories recognising individuals, groups, learning and achievement. Rewarding those making a difference showcases the positive impact tenants and residents from social housing can have on the wider community and help break down stereotypes so often used by the media.


Tenants and residents said that they would like some wild flower meadows where they live therefore helping the wild bees and insects that are so important to our environment.

Sport in Your Community Road to Rio There was a need for more free activities for children throughout the year, but especially the summer holidays.

MHA partnered with Newport Live to use the Road to Rio Van, which was filled Three community champions with a range of Olympic from across the county themed sports equipment. applied and enabled their This enabled MHA to run neighbourhood to be free activity sessions across selected for an environmental Monmouthshire and we project. Local residents engaged over 450 children! have helped identify areas The sessions inspired sports for planting and are looking participation, with many forward to seeing their results children trying new activities come to fruition later in the as well as encouraging a summer. healthier balanced lifestyle.


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Get Set For Action MHA supported schools and community groups through funding and mentorship to explore their Olympic themed ideas. In King Henry School they did events like Flash Mob, a t-shirt design contest and Olympic sports day event. Within Chepstow School they did a sports personality award ceremony, sports day and an Olympic themed activity. This was all done to encourage youth to hold their own events and express their creativity.

I am interested in training First Aid Monmouth Flying Start identified that Paediatric First Aid was an interest for a lot of their families, many of who are MHA tenants. MHA organised a first aid accredited course which was held at the Bridges Community Centre. Many of the group felt the course

Pitch for Your Project beneficiaries 2016

helped them identify that they want to go into a similar line of work. But more importantly they all felt that they are now better equipped to treat their own children in an emergency.

Food Hygiene Tenants from Chepstow requested support to complete a food hygiene course, to help create a community café. MHA funded and organised a food hygiene course for

the tenants, so they have the correct training to start their community café project. MHA realises that we need to support our tenants to reach their goals and to encourage them to believe that they can achieve their targets.

Pitch For Your Project Community groups from all around Monmouthshire County wanted community grants to help benefit local communities. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

MHA has invested £4,000 into community groups by creating a grant scheme called Pitch for Your Project. This grant scheme benefited 6 community groups who pitched their ideas to MHA and gained the funding to help launch their projects and benefit the communities in which our tenants live. MHA are also committed to providing any support to the community groups whether they were successful in gaining funding or not to help start their projects.


Ziggies at Goytre Fawr School


Monmouthshire Housing Association


Schools were involved, providing learning through play to between 10 & 40 children each session with 3 more schools set to take part. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Dads can trip to watch Newport Gwent Dragons


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Helping Dads Dads Can provides a range of support to fathers and father figures throughout Monmouthshire and Newport and is led by the needs and aspirations of its participants. Support given can range from supporting dads to improve their confidence and parenting skills to relationship support, access to mental health services and employment support.

“Dads Can have helped me be a better dad”

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

Support provided by our project not only benefits the dad, but also their partners and children. Many dads simply request someone to talk with about their situation or seek advice and information. However, some are experiencing multiple problems where more specific support is required.

“I didn’t realise groups like Dads Can existed! I will be involved a lot more in the future”


135 Dads Engaged


7 dads gained employment

32 feel better about themselves

7 gained an informal qualification & 5 gained a formal qualification

51 dads have become involved through digital networks & peer support

34 dads and their families attended an organised trip or activity

5 were put into work placements

Monmouthshire Housing Association

“Dads Can for me is about meeting other dads, not necessarily single dads but just people going through what you are going through so that you can support and help each other� 4 families children have been removed from the child protection register

15 dads gained legal advice

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Money Wise Stats MHA’s inclusion services offer proactive help and support to tenants to alleviate short term and long term poverty issues. The Money Wise service deals with immediate poverty issues such as offering advice in relation to debt, benefits, food and fuel poverty.


The Money Wise Service: Worked with 489 tenants in 2016 -2017.


Helped gain in: Total:

Money Wise Debt: Total:










Monmouthshire Housing Association


Utility Gas Write off

Water Meter

Energy & Gas Switch



Housing Benefit


Working Tax Credits

ESA Backdate

ESA Appeal

Fuel Poverty Employment Support Allowance

Child Tax Credits

Income Support

Job Seekers Allowance


DAF Appeal

Personal Independence Payments

Benevolent Fund

Child Benefit

CSA Payments

Carers Allowance

Pension Credit

Attendance Allowance

Welfare Benefits


Assisted with writing off:


£19,948 £2,240


£165,593 £24,601 £5,795










£20,011.10 £6,968



Arrears: Arrears at the start of Money Wise intervention:


Arrears at the End of Money Wise intervention:




Work & Skills Wise Stats


Directly support at least 600 tenants each year Helping tenants into work

The Work & Skills Wise service addresses long-term poverty and aims to help tenants find and retain employment.

Work & Skills Wise Service has:


Supported tenants through internally funded projects

12 participants continue to be supported through our in work support


tenants have been supported into Volunteering

13 service users engaged

120 service users engaged

on our EU funded project Monmouthshire Employment Pathway

with our DWP funded project Pathway to Careers

26 people have been

2 tenants are now self-

supported with selfemployment – via Pop Up Business School

18 qualifications have been gained

employed and trading


A total of people gained employment this financial year


tenants have received computer in the community laptops


of bursaries awarded by MHA

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Jodie receiving her award at the ‘Making A Difference Awards 2016’


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Case Study Jodie Morgan - Pathway to Careers Jodie is an MHA tenant and came along to the Jobs Fair in Caldicot where she agreed to join the Pathways to Careers course. At the start of the programme Jodie had no faith in her skills, abilities and experiences. She felt that she had nothing to bring and was unemployable. However, she engaged very well on the programme and began to flourish. Throughout the week, after some gentle coaching, confidence building, looking at the tools to job search, how to approach employers and developing interview skills, Jodie excelled. Through coaching it became apparent that although she had encountered some difficulties in life she had also gained some excellent achievements. Jodie was in school when she had her first child and struggled to complete her

GCSE’s. Whilst bringing up her 2 children Jodie got involved in her local community, taking an active role in approaching businesses and fundraising to get financial support to open up the Youth Centre ‘The Zone’ that is still running now. Jodie attended council meetings, held fundraising activities and arranged a parents group as she could see that there was a lack of support in her locality. Alongside that Jodie was taking on full time care responsibilities of a close family member who has now unfortunately passed away. Jodie’s ambition was to start in a cleaning job and to use this as a springboard to build her confidence and work experience. Whilst on the Pathways to Careers programme, with support, Jodie applied for a cleaning vacancy for the Caldicot School renovation. Jodie took all interview techniques and

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

tips on board and smashed the interview, being offered the job. We received excellent feedback on how she composed herself, answered the questions and came across during the interview. This was Jodie’s first ever job interview and she out shone the other four candidates. Jodie said “that without the support and guidance she received, she would never have been able to get through the interview.” Jodie is now working as a Cleaner for Interserve and is doing wonderfully. We received some amazing feedback for Jodie and are so proud to see such progression and a new self-belief that Jodie was previously lacking. This is a huge achievement for Jodie and she should certainly be recognised for the leap in her confidence and outlook. Jodie was nominated and won MHA’s Making A Difference Award as Achiever of the Year.


Paying Your Rent Improving Services You told us you wanted greater flexibility and more options to pay your rent.

It’s now easier to pay your rent: Our telephone payment line is now

open until 5pm on weekdays

0800 085 3557

New rent payment dates Pay by direct debit on any day that suits you

New ways to pay using Allpay


Other Ways to Pay


Monmouthshire Housing Association

24/7 Automated Payment Line Free Allpay Mobile App Pay by Text

12 1 11 2 10 3 9 4 8 7 6 5

Homesearch Homesearch

The Homesearch app has been downloaded 830 times. 91% of bids are made online via the app or website

Last year the Homesearch team registered 1,803 applicants...

...& let



properties for MHA.

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Bidding on a Property We made it easier to bid if you’re looking to move to another MHA property:

You can bid anytime

Our improved system means that you don’t have to wait for a new cycle to see new properties - They’re updated when they become available.

• • • •

You can bid: Online at www. Over the telephone Via our app At a One Stop Shop

...and if you need extra help to bid, we can help you - just ask!

Want to swap? You can swap your home via the Homeswap Wales service. • Tel: 0345 900 2956 24

Monmouthshire Housing Association

How We Allocate Properties to You In 2016-17 we asked you what you thought about the way we allocate properties to new tenants.


We asked through:

We: You asked for:

the • More information on g system services and bandin • More information on and the costs of moving budgeting waiting • More information on times • A fairer system ion about • Better communicat housing options

 Reviewed and updated the Monmouthshire    

Scheme User Guide to include a frequently asked questions section. Introduced ‘counting the cost of your home’ calculator for perspective new tenants. Promotions about saving rent in advance using the Credit Union Gateway. Developed and introduced an Interactive Map to show waiting times for properties across Monmouthshire. Introduced new band reasons to band 3 to acknowledge Families Sharing Facilities, Caravan Dwellers and those who are under occupying properties who need to downsize.

Coming soon! We’re adding an online application form. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Neighbourhood Officer Lauren Francis visit tenant Mrs Marlog


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Out & About in Your Communities Most of you are happy while some of you aren’t. We will be spending a lot more time in your communities listening and working with you to develop a neighbourhood action plan which will focus on the communities strengths and aspirations as well as tackling any problems or issues.

Some of you tell us you are proud of the areas where you live, but there’s more that we can do. You will be hearing from us to find out more this summer as part of our estate management review. Please use this opportunity to tell us more.

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


New Homes, New Team The New Homes Team was formed in May 2016 to support new tenants, helping them stay happy in their homes. Here's some stats on how they've been doing: % of tenants managed by the New Homes Team 55% June 16

58% July 16

68% Aug 16

79% Sept 16

89% Oct 16

90% Nov 16

89% Dec 16

94% Jan 17

Target Reached

In that time...

...Extensions to starter tenancies reduced by

3.7% - 1.6% ...Rent arrears dropped from

...Fewer people left their homes


96% Feb 17








Monmouthshire Housing Association

We introduced a new page on our website, ‘I am a new tenant’, where you can find some short films with all you need to know about becoming an MHA tenant.

The New Homes Team:

Julie Nicholas New Homes Manager

Emma Gallo New Homes Officer

Lorraine Denley New Homes Officer

Nigel Casson Voids Officer

Caroline Richards-Bourne Specialist Rehousing Officer

Karolina Gola Team Administrator

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Making Empty Homes Better You told us you wanted to rent homes: With all repairs completed before moving in In a better decorative order We piloted a Gold Standard which is now our regular standard in all homes before you move in. All properties now have full decoration including:

Emulsion on all walls

All double glazed windows replaced if blown


Grouting of tiles

Resealing bath/worktops

Gardens cut and made tidy

Monmouthshire Housing Association

Have repairs completed

Carpets/flooring provided in flats.

Keeping your Communities Safe 343 anti-

social behaviour complaints were received in 2016/17


were due to noise

We’ve helped remedy this by: • Using noise monitoring technology • Raising awareness • Enforcement • Mediation We supported 70 victims of domestic abuse helping them to find the best support for their needs. We also provided security and reassurance with:



We also work with other organisations to support people fleeing domestic abuse.


Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Building Services How Building Services Performed


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Responsive Repairs

13,748 Repairs 94% of repairs were right first time

Completed Voids

Average Cost


Average time to re-let an empty property

22 Days

Voids Completed


Heating Services

• 99.5% Gas Fired Boilers Serviced • Communal Heating Serviced in 3 Schemes

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17



Solar Panels on


42 replacement roofs

Decoration of 164 flats & 7 communal lounges


External decoration of 117 properties

Upgrading paths, gates and fencing of 300 properties

Building Services Refurbished...

...48 bathrooms

...And replaced more than 145 boilers ...39 kitchens


Monmouthshire Housing Association

We built extensions on...

2 bungalows

We demolished... 2 garages...

... and built 2 bungalows in their place

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


New Builds


Tendered for 2 semi-detached homes in Shirenewton project managed quality control health & safety checks. well as undertaking:



Electrical Installations

Heating & Plumbing






Monmouthshire Housing Association

Building Services also managed subcontractors for:

Groundworks & Landscaping

Timber Frame Construction

Patios, Roads & Paths

They carried out external contracts for other clients: • Bristol Charities - Responsive repairs and maintenance • Monmouthshire County Council & Torfaen County Borough Council Disabled adaptations for private clients • Abbey Fields Society, Wales - Responsive repairs & disabled adaptations Tenants TenantsAnnual AnnualReport Report2016-17 2015-16

37 37

Adaptations to Homes


adaptation projects completed including:

Level Access Showers


Stairlifts & Grab Rails

Electrical Services

We installed:

CO2 Detectors


Solar Panels

Fire Alarms

Monmouthshire Housing Association

Lighting Upgrades (to low energy LEDs)

WHQS Environmental Work E

Spending money on improving the external environment through our estates

The environmental work is continuing as we move to St David’s Road in Abergavenny. Consultation with tenants highlighted the need to make the areas safer and user friendly. We transformed a communal area from this: a space that has: • Easy access • Patio areas • Grassed sections • Planting areas • Level access • Drying areas and washing lines Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Cllr David Evans, Mayor of Caldicot opening the development with new resident, Rachel Houghton who was thrilled to move to the new community and described it saying that it felt like “winning the lottery!�


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Creating New Homes We completed 3 new developments


We’re taking every opportunity to develop the type of homes that people want to live in. Old School Close, Caldicot

Cae Mawr & Green Lane, Caldicot

Mynaddbach, Shirenewton

8 x 1 bed flats

4 x 1 bed flats

2 x 2 bed houses

3 x 2 bed houses

1 x 2 bed bungalow

5 x 3 bed houses 1 x 4 bed bungalow

24 Affordable housing units Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Neighbourhood Officer Donna Mason pictured with new tenants Mr & Mrs Franklin moving into their new home at Gwaun-y-court, Caldicot.


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Future Feasibility Works


We’re on the way to building 600 homes by 2022

We started feasibility & construction work for 12 schemes to provide an additional 63 homes in 2017/18.

Contract values on development work totalled

£2,864,587 in 2016/17

What’s coming next... • • • •

Llangynidyr, Powys Park Crescent, Abergavenny Old Hereford Road, Abergavenny Poplars Close, Abergavenny

• • • •

St Cadocs Court, Raglan Ty Freeman, Gwehelog Brookside, Caldicot Wonastow Road, Monmouth

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17 2015-16


Regeneration at Oakley Way is making a dramatic difference to the area.


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Regeneration Oakley Way & Oakley Close Caldicot Flats on Oakley Way have been given a face lift with full refurbishment inside and out, it is making a dramatic difference to the area and tenants feedback has been extremely positive. Consultation events were held and the plans were very well received by the locals and they were excited to see something happening to the flats. If you live in the area or have passed it recently you will be able to witness the startling transformation.





Further work at Oakley Way includes demolishing three blocks of flats to make way for an exciting new build development. To ensure the new development blends well with the refurbished flats we are using the same colour render, window sills and brick on the new development, but we will be building two storey houses and a small number of two storey flats. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17




Monmouthshire Housing Association

Scrutiny Panel Last year MHA’s Scrutiny Panel reviewed the Responsive Repairs service provided to MHA tenants. From this review the Scrutiny Panel made several recommendations. The following pages details some of the recommendations made and the actions we have taken. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Can you make it possible for tenants cancel their repairs appointments via a text message?

Our current text system does not allow appointment cancellations via text. We are looking into improving communication methods for this and in the future hope to introduce this function. In the meantime repair appointments can be cancelled by calling the Repairs Hotline number, 0800 980 7751 or contacting us via Live web-chat on our web page.


Can you include an article on “Safety in Your Home� in Tenant Matters and other promotions regarding ID badges?

An article will be in the winter edition of Tenant Matters advising tenants to ask for ID when people call to their homes. Staff have been reminded to carry their ID badges and present them if asked. Our Customer Services Advisors are also reminding tenants to ask for ID when our trade staff arrive to carry out their repairs.

Monmouthshire Housing Association

If we could add an additional question to the repairs satisfaction survey: You wanted us to check whether the work was carried out by an MHA employee or a contractor.

This question has now been added to the survey. We have good working relationships with our contractors and strive to ensure they provide a good service to our tenants. This helps us review the feedback we get for MHA staff and contractors and ensures that you get the best service. If you have any feedback following a repair at your home, a satisfaction survey can be completed via our website, text message, e-mail or telephone.

Ensure trade operatives and contractors act considerately when using radios/outside power tools/parking in marked bays.

We have reminded operatives about the need to be considerate when carrying out work on our estates.

Can our trade staff carry spares on vans for common faults?

All of our responsive repairs operatives carry stock relating to their trade on their vans. This allows them to complete as many repairs as possible right first time. It is impossible to carry all required items on the van so wherever possible we will order materials in advance of carrying out the repair or make a materials order with a next day delivery.

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

To review the charge policy for missed appointments including the value that is charged to tenants.

We are reviewing the charging policy and the fee that is charged to tenants for missing the repair appointments which is currently ÂŁ15. We send text reminders to tenants upon allocation of their appointment and the day before. We advise tenants to contact us if they are unable to keep their appointments and would urge tenants to provide us with an up to date mobile number where possible.


Service Testing Team MHA’s Service User Inspection Team has undergone a makeover, to the newly rebranded Service Testing Team (STT). The Team are MHA’s mystery shoppers and provide an invaluable service by helping us to monitor and improve the services we provide to customers.

The role involves a variety of approaches including: • Carrying out inspections of work undertaken by MHA, • Taking part in surveys, conducting surveys, and • Mystery shopping to ensure we are achieving the standards you expect from us. If you would like to know more or would like to show an interest in becoming part of the Team, please contact Lorna Selmer on 01495 761142 or email lorna.selmer@ monmouthshirehousing.

Capsel’s painting programme was tested as a result of lower satisfaction levels with communication of works and being kept informed. There is an informal process in place to improve communication prior to and throughout works with our customers. We talk to our tenants and customers to agree the timing for their project to be undertaken followed up with a letter providing a description of the works, start date and contractors details. A high percentage of customers spoken to were disappointed that there were outstanding works at their property Capsel will now provide customers with a contact name and details should customers encounter.


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Estate Management Tenants were asked what is most Review The Team carried out a mystery shopping exercise to independently check a sample of MHA estates and streets in order to provide feedback to the Head of Neighbourhoods as part of a full Estate Management Review.

important to them in terms of Estate Management.

After carrying out online surveys and visiting a sample of areas, the findings by the STT were: • Upkeep of some communal areas to be improved in Abergavenny • There seemed to be a minor issue with abandoned vehicles in the Abergavenny area

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

• The general upkeep and maintenance of grass and flower beds to be improved • Car parking issues noted at certain areas • Overgrown or poorly kept garden The tenants identified the top three priorities below to be considered; • Grass Maintenance • Car parking • Unkempt Gardens


Performance Indicator Quarter 4 - 1st January - 31st March 2017

On or Above Target

No Change

Below Target

MHA use a traffic light system to easily identify whether we are performing well or not in certain areas (above). 96.77% of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) cases have been resolved. Target - 98.5%

0.58% of rent is owed by current tenants to MHA. Target - 1.4%

89.9% of tenants were satisfied with the repair work done in their property. Target - 97%

There were 19.61 of new ASB cases per 1,000 tenancies. Target - 14 cases

93.85% of repairs were completed right first time. Target - 95%

18 seconds is the average time taken for a call to be answered. Target - 20 secs

98.4% of emergency repairs were completed within target. Target - 98%

91.07% of urgent repairs were completed within target. Target - 98%


14.29% of offers for new properties have been refused. Target - 18%

96.71% of repairs appointments were kept.

Monmouthshire Housing Association

Target - 96%

Customer Services Our Response to You Number of calls received

Calls Received


Calls handled


Abandoned calls


Average time taken to answer a call




These replaced voicemails

Number of Estate Management requests raised by the CSA team

Number of Anti-Social Behaviour complaints logged by the CSA team



Live Chat Launched on 5th October

371 interactions

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


PV panels at Dumfries Close, Abergavenny


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Looking After the Environment E

Reduce fuel usage in our vehicles by 10% During 2016/17 we maintained our: BS18001 accreditation & Green Dragon Level 5 & ISO14001

We reduced our fuel consumption by


We’re ensuring our tenants get a good supply of electricity from PV Panels We invested in a pool car: • Good for the environment • Good for cost savings • Increased visibility in your neighbourhood

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Giving Something Back Coffee & Computers

Dingestow Short Sudbrook Girls Bowls Club FC

Our regular group of internet enthusiasts were sponsored so they could continue to hold their computer sessions at Raglan Community Centre for the coming year.

Life at the bowling club is much easier since we sponsored them to purchase some equipment to help members roll out their mats. John Swift: “We hope that MHA will continue to sponsor clubs like ours as it’s social, active and benefits people who would otherwise not get out enjoying community life.”

Group member Sue said: “The group helps bring together older and isolated members of our community, it’s had a positive effect on bringing people together using email and I’ve kept up contact with the other group members via email now I know how to use it.”


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Young women and girls from Sudbrook FC kept warm and dry while training last winter following our sponsorship of new training coats. They’re pretty chuffed with their new kit!

Caldicot RFC refurbishment

Are you involved Rogiet Community Café with a group

We donned overalls and with the help of Capsel and some donations of materials from C Richardson Contractors and Glanmor Developments as well as electrical works to renew the lighting by CW Electrics we gave the rugby club a thorough facelift last winter. Volunteer, Emily Townsend, Engagement Officer said: “This was such a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community and it was really great to support a club who do so much to help us and our tenants. I’ve run projects from there before and it’s a real asset to the area.”

The Community Café was created by an inspirational group of ladies who wanted to create a focal point for the Rogiet neighbourhood following the closure of the local Post Office. With help from the Post Office van, the local church and incredible baking skills the ladies now run a vibrant café once a week.

or event within Monmouthshire which could benefit from MHA’s support and sponsorship?

Ilona Watson and Sara Warshawski said: ” We’re thrilled with the funding support we’ve received as it means that we’re able to make a small profit that we can then put back into local events.”

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

You can apply for a grant up to £1000. All you need to do is fill in a sponsorship form; if the request meets all of the requirements you could gain funding. For more information or to request an application form, please contact Emma Assender on 01495 745762 or email: emma.assender@ monmouthshirehousing.


Governance How We Run the Business


Maintaining financial strength

We’re still one of the highest performing and largest housing associations in Wales. We were awarded a Pass for financial viability which means that we are well placed to meet our financial commitments. We’ve made it into the top 10 social landlords in the UK - 24 Housing


Monmouthshire Housing Association

Your Board

Tenant Members

Ken Bucknall

Sandra Flanagan

John Barrow

Gary Witcombe

Council Members

Peter Clarke (Vice Chair)

Ann Webb

Sue White

Alan Wintle

Independent Members

Andrew MartynJohns (Chair)

Barry Gallagher

Lynnette Glover

Tenants Annual Report 2016-17

Andy Jones


Our Objectives You’ll have seen our frog hopping through this publication to indicate that we’ve achieved an objective. Here’s a list of all the others that we’re working on: Landlord: • Develop a form of accommodation specifically for older people / downsizers • Be in the top 25% performers across all key performance indicators

Economic: • Achieve efficiencies of 10% by making best use of technology and ensuring that Value for Money is at the centre of all we do

Environmental: • Make best use of existing and new technology to reduce our carbon footprint by a further 5% from 2017 • Introduce two electric pool cars and increase this number so that 10% of all vehicles will be either hybrid or full electric • Purchase low energy equipment using local supply chains and reduce our energy usage in our accommodation by 10%

People: • Create 200 work placements by 2022 helping people into work • Spend £1m transforming lives and ambitions through training and personal development on both staff and tenants • Focus our resources on ensuring that MHA can quickly become a more flexible organisation adapting to a constantly changing environment • Embed a ‘Don’t walk by policy” to support the health, wellbeing and safety of tenants


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**Social media accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day. To report repairs please use our hotline number 0800 980 7751. Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


Our Money What we spent our income on

Rent & Service Charges: £17.6m


We had money come in from...


Grants from Welsh Government: £6.4m


Property Sales (x11) / Right to Buy & Other: £1.2m

We spent it on... Improving and repairing your homes & communities: £6m Buying & Building more homes for rent: £10.7m


Proving tenancy management & support Services: £7.9m


Monmouthshire Housing Association



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Tenants Annual Report 2016-17


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