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Welcome to the latest edition of the Annual Report to Tenants. Each year, the report is produced to allow you, our tenants, to see what has been achieved on your behalf, where the organisation is going in the future and what level of service you can expect to receive from Monmouthshire Housing. These continue to be challenging times for us all, the economic climate continues to be overcast although there are constant cries that the “green shoots of recovery have arrived”. Each quarter the economic results make for sobering reading, yet here at Monmouthshire Housing we are very optimistic in a very pragmatic way. We are determined to continue to seek out opportunities to improve our services, to make sure every penny of your rent

counts, to work with new partners and to make Monmouthshire Housing a strong, vibrant and forward-looking landlord. MHA continues to invest heavily in its homes and communities as both are its most valuable assets, with your help we can all ensure that every pound spent delivers two pounds in benefits. Over the next few years you will see MHA concentrate even more on demonstrating Value for Money and would welcome suggestions from tenants as to how it can be achieved. We hope you find this an informative read, that it will encourage you to become part of our journey and most importantly you will see that MHA is true to its Mission Statement “To provide high quality homes and services that put people first”. Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Board The Board’s role is to select, evaluate and approve policies, strategies, financial statements and the performance of the organisation. They also have the ability to recommend or strongly discourage proposed directions of growth of the organisation.

Tenant Members

Ian Pearce

Judith Langmead

David Gregory

Ken Bucknall

Ann Webb

Ruth Edwards

Alan Wintle

Appointed - May 12

Appointed - May 12 Resigned - April 13

Resigned - May 12 Appointed - May 13


Sue White


Peter Clarke

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Independent members

Andrew Martyn-Johns

Barry Gallagher

Alan Davies

Tim Hughes

The Board has the support of four sub-groups who each specialise in different areas of business, allowing members to look at the reports in detail:

Audit Committee


Finance & Governance Working Group Operations Working Group Remuneration Committee

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Senior management team Executive officers

John Keegan

Steve Higginson


Corporate Planning


Continuous Improvement

PR, Communication & Design

Complaints, Compliments & Suggestions

Performance Management

Ian Atkinson

David Morris

Human Resources

Direct Services

Housing Management

Information Services

Trade Operatives

Community Investment


Asset Management

Tenant Involvement

Repairs & Maintenance

Support Services

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


About us Did you know? • We are an industrial Provident Society with Charitable Rules. • We are managed by a Senior Management Team and Voluntary Board. • We are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and Welsh Government and have received a ‘low risk’ score from our regulators, one of only two RSL’s in Wales to do so. • We have 220 employees, of which 132 are office-based and the other are non-office based. • We cover the whole of Monmouthshire (approxamately 329 square miles) including the four main towns of Abergavenny, Caldicot, Chepstow and Monmouth. • Our turnover is 16,886 million. • We own and manages 3618 homes and 280 leaseholders. • We undertake repairs & maintenance work in Newport for Newport Housing Trust. • We carry out Disabled Facilities Grant works to non-mha tenants in Torfaen & Monmouthshire.

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Our Mission & Vision Statements Our Mission Statement

Our Vision


Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13

Our Objectives

As a Landlord, MHA will provide high quality, well designed, affordable accommodation which will achieve upperquartile levels of tenant satisfaction for value for money and with overall services provided by MHA. In addition, by 2017 MHA will construct 130 units of affordable accommodation for sale and rent within Monmouthshire.

Economically, MHA will remain financially viable and will increase its total turnover through normal and diversified activities by 25% over the next 5 years, increasing it’s workforce to 250.

Environmentally, MHA will provide environmentallyfriendly, sustainable homes & services, reducing our CO2 emissions by a further 14% and recycle 50% of materials by 2017.

MHA’s focus on People will ensure that we prioritise investment in staff and tenants to achieve upper-quartile levels of performance against all key tenant and staff indicators.

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Achievements against our objectives

Landlord • We have been awarded a ‘Low Risk’ engagement rating from the Welsh Assembly following its Housing Association Regulatory Assessment, which deems MHA to be amongst the highest performing and lowest risk Housing Associations in Wales. • We have completed the Welsh Housing Quality Standard on time • We have achieved Housemark Accreditation for our ASB Service (only 2nd housing provider in Wales) • Over the past twelve months, we have completed two new build projects; Southbrook View in Portskewett and a Disabled Bungalow in Raglan. • MCC have agreed that MHA has delivered on all of the promises in the Offer Document.

Economic • The MoneyWise team’s income and energy advisors have provided financial and debt advice to 440 people over the course of the year. • Collectively through the MoneyWise project, tenants have accessed £253,974.80 in Welfare Benefits, saved £29,695.34 via evergy advice and £39,241 via debt advice. • Strengthened partnership working through the Way Into Work project involving agencies and local businesses.

Have a look at the ‘You Said, we did’ publication see what else we have achieved with your help!

Environmental • We have achieved certification in the Health & Safety BS18001 standard. • MHA initially set a target to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, which has already been achieved. The target has now been increased to 40% CO2 savings to be achieved by 2017 this includes External wall insulation, roof replacement, photovoltaic panels, boiler replacement, air source heat pumps, loft insulation and window replacement. To date, photovoltaic panels have been installed to 320 properties providing a cost benefit of approximately £100 worth of free electricity per property.

People • MHA has offered over 55 people volunteering opportunities both within our headquarters and the direct labour organisation (DLO) to develop experience and raise aspirations. • Our satisfaction survey has shown that we have achieved 90% overall satisfaction with the services we provide. • Performance has improved since the introduction of trade towns and Right First Time Repairs.

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Top 10 Performance Indicators for the year




Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) cases resolved.

Rent owed by current tenants.

Repairs completed right f



TARGET: 1.8%


85 cases


Tenants satisfied with repair work.

Number of new ASB cases per 1000 tenancies. TARGET: 100 cases

Tenants satisfied with se MHA.


Picked by tenants to report to tenants

first time.



Emergency repairs completed on target.

Urgent repairs completed in target.


ervices provided by




15 secs


Average time taken for Repairs Hotline to be answered. TARGET: 18 secs

Offers refused on properties.



Your tenancy & benefit changes Tenant Questionnaires

Affordability advice

New Tenant Questionnaires have been introduced to enable us to assist and identify any areas of concern for tenants.

This year MHA also piloted an Affordability Advice project to all new tenants, offering face to face advice and discussing rights and responsibilites of tenants and landlords helping tenants make an informed choice about their housing options - 100% thought the advice they had been given had been useful.

Additional services Introduced a number of additional services to offer support and advice to tenants following the introduction of the benefit changes. • 440 Tenants have been assisted with money, help and advice. • 239 welfare benefit checks have been conducted • £22,000 was saved after 92 tenants submitted applications to Welsh Water Assist

HOMESEARCH In the last 12 months, Monmouthshire Homesearch housed 423 households. The Team have also been helping applicants to get online and bid for properties. 14

Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13

Anti-social behaviour The Community Safety Team achieved Welsh Government ASB Accreditation for managing and tackling Anti-Social Behaviour. This reflects high standards of service and improvements provided to tenants and the community. Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


YouR Neighbourhood Investing in our Communities – MHA understands the importance of investing in it’s communities, helping them to develop and become more sustainable. These are just some of the events that have taken place in the last 12 months.

Gwanwyn Festival A range of workshops were held over the month of May to celebrate creativity in older people, giving them the opportunity to try new activities including mosaics, textiles and family trees.

Keep well & warm

Big summer clean up

MHA, in partnership with Wiltshire Farm Foods, the Fire Service, Care and Repair, provided three events across the county for older tenants during the winter with the goal of advising them on how to keep well during the colder months. As well as gaining useful information, tenants were treated to massages from the Red Cross, learnt how to Skype and made Christmas cards to get into the festive spirit!

MHA staff members volunteered to improve the local environment in five areas across Monmouthshire, which enabled tenants to use the skips provided, recycle electrical goods and also trade non-electrical items that were still in good condition with their neighbours. MHA then gathered feedback with the communities to see what improvements they would like to see, which led to the creation of willow tunnels, fruit tree planting, raised beds, wildflower planting as well as creating informal children’s play areas.

Love where you live This year, MHA piloted a participatory budgeting scheme called ‘Love Where You Live’, which funded projects that physically improved the communities of our tenants. Following the voting event in which tenants voted for the projects they wanted to see funded, MHA were able to support twelve growing/ environmental projects across Monmouthshire.


Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13

Grow your own MHA is working closely with community groups and tenants to encourage communal growing across the county; with some communities using their communal gardens to grow and share food. ‘Green Shoots’ is a scheme that will be launched in September that provides those who want to grow by providing tools, advice and a framework to encourage mentoring.

Learning together Crafty Women The project has enabled women in the Abergavenny area to exercise their creative skills and learn to make different items using a range of materials and techniques, whilst making friends and growing their confidence.

Dad’s Can MHA and partner organisations have been successful in their bid for £699,490 from the Big Lottery Fund to establish a project aimed at supporting young dads and the transition into fatherhood. The project is set to run over a five year period and will be available to all young dads across Monmouthshire between the ages of 14-25 years old.

First Aid Sessions First aid sessions have been developed across Monmouthshire as a result of feedback that was received from tenants. The sessions have ranged from general taster sessions to an eight week course focusing on children’s first aid. Overall, a total of 41 tenants have taken part in taster sessions and a further 8 tenants have achieved a children’s first aid qualification. The project recently won a TPAS Award! Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Your Home What we’ve done... This year, MHA has spent £4.7 million on major repairs works to its homes, including: • The refurbishment of 166 kitchens and 283 bathrooms. • The electrical rewiring and upgrading of 345 homes. • The replacement of 152 central heating boilers together with associated central heating upgrades. In 2012/13 we also carried out external maintenance to over 780 homes. • We have now completed our Welsh Housing Quality Standard programme making MHA one of the few landlords in Wales to do so with 97% satisfaction levels from tenants.


Very pleased with every aspect of the work, all workmen were great. Were able to choose finishes etc. And they all went out of their way to supply exactly what I wanted. The flat was left clean and tidy at the end of each day, and any small problem I noticed (e.g. water not hot enough in bath) was sorted the next day. Overall a fantastic job and congratulations to all involved.

“From start to end all the workmen were professional in their work. They couldn’t do enough for me. I am over the moon with my kitchen and bathroom. The choices of units etc. were excellent something for everyone. I cannot thank MHA enough for all the work done to my property. I would like to say a special thank you to the workmen. Always making sure I was happy and the work carried out to the highest standard”.

Disabled facilities grant The Disabled Facilities Grant work has expanded with project exceeding £200,000. As well as our DLO carrying out works within Monmouthshire fitting level-access showers, stailifts, ramps, handrails we are now able to use our workforce to continue providing this service to private owners in Monmouthshire and Torfaen. Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Customer Service Customer services Advice Team The team received 52,356 calls during the year and have logged 8,298 repairs, raised 189 Handyperson jobs and 2,367 inspections. Greater experience and efficiency in the diagnosis of the repairs have resulted in lower levels of emergency and urgent repairs.

Work & Skills Wise

Tell us your views

This year, MHA has awarded £2,670 in bursaries for help towards training and education; 35 tenants have gained employment and 75 people have enrolled on training courses. In addition, MHA has offered over 55 tenants volunteering opportunities both within our HQ and within the DLO to gain work experience.

MHA strives to deliver high quality services and the best way to improve, is to listen to what our tenants have to say. The ‘Tell Us Your Views’ service allows tenants to make Compliments, Complaints & Comments.

The Direct labour Organisation The DLO had another very busy year providing great repair & maintenance service for all tenants in Monmouthshire and Newport Housing Trust.


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Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


Our Houses & FInances VALUE FOR MONEY )

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Tenant’s Annual Report | 2012-13


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th (16) Llanar


MHA is committed to ensuring we deliver our services efficiently and effectively to achieve savings and demonstrate value for money.

) ett (57

ew Portsk (57)

Where our houses are located

Where does the association’s income come from? £’000 Rent receivable


<--- This includes your rent & water charges.

Service charge income


<--- This is your heating and lighting charges.

Other revenue grants


<--- This helps with the support we give older people.

Other income


<--- Includes work for other companies and leaseholders.

Surplus on sale of fixed assets


<--- This is money we made on the sale of 2 properties.

Interest receivable


<--- This is the interest we made on our deposits.

Total income


How does the association spend its money? Management costs


<--- This includes our Housing & Communities costs.

Service charge costs


<--- This includes our heating & lighting costs.

Routine Maintenance


<--- This includes the costs for responsive & void repairs.

Ma jor repairs expenditure


<--- This is the cost for our Planned Maintenance Programme.

Bad debts


<--- This is a debt caused by tenants not paying us.

Depreciation of housing properties


<--- This measure the ‘wear & tear’ of our properties.

Other Costs


<--- External contracts and supported housing costs.

Interest payable


<--- This is on the £20m the Association has borrowed.

Total spend


Surplus for the year


<--- This is ‘Our Income’ minus ‘Our total spend’


MHA Annual Report 2012/13  

MHA Annual Report 2012/13

MHA Annual Report 2012/13  

MHA Annual Report 2012/13