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THE LOCKS TENDER Newsletter of the City of Cascade Locks

2010 CITY CANDIDATE STATEMENTS On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, we will each have the opportunity to vote for the candidates of our choice. The local candidates are (in alphabetical order): For Mayor: George Fischer Gail Lewis

Brad Lorang

For Councilmember (3 positions open): Tom Cramblett Katelin Stuart Jeff Helfrich Kerry Jo Osbourn Don Haight Eva Zerfing The Locks Tender invited each of the local candidates to make a statement for this issue. In no way is The Locks Tender endorsing any candidate over any other. All candidate statements have been formatted, but have not been corrected or edited.

City Hall, PO Box 308, Cascade Locks, OR 97014

EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2010 Watch for your Ballot in the mail after October 15, 2010 (The last day to register to vote is October 12) A Ballot Box will be available in the City Hall office until 8:00 PM on Election Day.

George Fischer Candidate for Mayor I’m George H. Fischer and I am running for the office of Mayor of Cascade Locks. I have lived in Cascade Locks for 22 years with my wife Debi and have two children who graduated from Cascade Locks school. I have helped the children of our community by coaching Football and basketball for many years. I was employed as a union carpenter for 28 years and of those 16 years as a superintendant. My responsibilities included supervising many large construction projects with a large number of men on my crews. I know how to manage people and learned it is important to be a good listener. I believe in hard work and old fashion values like, a hand shake and keeping your word on an agreement. I am the President of the Cascade Locks Charter School Committee. We are diligently working to get our K-12 school back in our town. I will want your help. When I am elected as Mayor, I would appreciate your help to make our community the best it can be. Please become involved in what is happening here. One way is to speak up and let your views be known. I am very interested in hearing your viewpoint to help make this a positive, forward moving community! Together we can make good things happen. It’s time for a new perspective at City Hall! Please show your support by voting GEORGE FISCHER FOR MAYOR OF CASCADE LOCKS.

Gail Lewis Candidate for Mayor I am running for Mayor because I believe I can be a constructive and effective member of the City Council. I have lived in Cascade Locks for about 20 years and have some experience in the community and with city affairs. As Mayor I feel I can represent the interests of our community and the City Council and serve the interests of the community in an objective manner. A few things I would like to accomplish and support: ● Community Surveys - I would seek to reinstate doing community surveys to get information on what the MAJORITY of our residents feel on selected topics. Some years ago while on the City Council, I helped develop community surveys to provide the Council with better information on issues and topics relating to our city government. I feel this information was extremely helpful providing guidance to the City Council as well as the City Administration and staff. At times I feel the City Council and City Administration may be spending too much time on issues raised by the vocal minorities that may not represent the wishes of the majority.

● City Council Meeting Effectiveness – I would hope to improve the City Council meetings making them more efficient and effective. At times the Council seems very fragmented and although I feel everyone has the right to object to any proposal, I believe they also have the responsibility to suggest alternatives and propose solutions. I would hope to find ways to help the City Council reach consensus on complex, critical, and sometimes unpopular issues. ● Continuing to develop the City partnership with the Port – The Port is critical to inducing and encouraging the development of any new major businesses within our community. I believe it is critical to maintain continuing rapport and partnership with the Port. ● Financial and Budget Controls - These current economic times not only put a hardship on individuals but the City as well. As costs continue to rise, it becomes more difficult to manage finances. During these times it becomes even more important to be more selective on spending and whenever possible defer discretionary spending while continually evaluating opportunities for cost reductions. Although there MAY be a need at times to increase charges or fees, these need to be kept at an absolute minimum. Previous Community Service I am a current member of the City Budget Committee and have been for over 10 years. Many of these years I have served as Committee Chairman and helped create the current policies for the Budget Committee. In addition, I have recommended changes to the budget process (adopted by the committee) which reduced the number of meetings required to complete the budget process to two meetings/weeks (which historically took over 10 meeting/weeks). I also have several years of previous experience as a City Council member and have served on several ad-hoc committees including the Rate Committee and the Casino Advisory committee. In addition I have been a member of the Port Budget Committee. Professional Experience I worked for US Bank for 35 years, retiring last year. During my years at US Bank I managed a number of different groups relating to IT Systems and Technical support. These group sizes varied from 10 to 150 including other managers and supervisors as my direct reports. Included in my duties was managing budgets up to 40 million dollars. During my years at US Bank, I gained significant experience relating to: ● Managing and conducting meetings having from 10 to 200 participants. ● Managing and controlling expenses including periodic mandated budget reductions. ● Working with diverse groups and individuals to achieve common goals and resolve conflicts. ● Finding creative, cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

For information on the City Council’s meetings, visit the City website at

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Brad Lorang Candidate for Mayor Hi, I’m Brad Lorang; I’m running for re-election to the office of Mayor for the City of Cascade Locks. My formal commitment to public service began during 2000 through 2004 while I was on The Planning Commission in the City of Wood Village. I’ve served on both the Planning Commission and the Tourism Committee here in Cascade Locks until my election to the office of Mayor in 2008. As Mayor I have worked to learn all I can about our city’s operation. I believe familiarizing myself with our facilities, services and infrastructure is essential to responsible fiscal management. I have also taken every opportunity I could to attend training conferences through the League of Oregon Cities and the Oregon Mayor’s Association. This has been an excellent catalyst to improve my skills and knowledge, to learn from the successes and challenges of other cities, to network and build key relationships with state, regional, and local agencies as well as private entities that may benefit our city in the future. Additionally, I worked as a production manager in the art casting industry for nearly 25 years and have been a selfemployed business owner for the last 10 years. The positive attitude, persistence, resourcefulness and tenacity it has taken to survive as a small business owner in this economic climate I believe is one of the most important attributes I brought with me to the office of Mayor. I believe I have grown to be a much stronger and more effective Mayor in the last couple of years, thank you for your patience through this process. I am in this for the long haul and hope to be your Mayor for many years to come. I have stood firmly behind those things which I feel will be important for us as a community to build a prosperous future. We live in a beautiful and picturesque place with limitless potential. We must work continually on our community’s appearance to create an environment that will allow us to tap into that potential, and for economic growth to occur. We need to build a local economy and create local jobs that can sustain a K-12 school, that will give our current residents a reason to stay, and prospective residents a reason come to our community. We need to encourage local involvement and local ownership in our community, and be willing to invest in our city if we are going to ensure its future. Our citizens deserve the best protection and the highest quality services we can provide. The best way to keep the quality of our services up and the cost of delivering those services down is by broadening our tax base through encouraging the development of commercial, industrial and retail businesses. We must have a plan and be committed to continually making incremental steps forward to build our community’s future. As your Mayor, I can trace all my actions and decisions back to these goals, principles, and beliefs. I promise to continue to do so in the future. With some long awaited projects that represent substantial economic opportunities looking very promising in our near

future, the real work has just begun. We need to work closely together to take the best advantage of those new resources and opportunities to ensure that change happens in a way that is harmonious with the community’s vision, and maintains our small town aesthetic. I am asking for your continued support, and I pledge to do my best as we work together for this community. If you have any questions on where I stand on any specific issue please contact me via email at Sincerely, Brad Lorang

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The City is in need of volunteers! Serve your community by submitting a letter of interest for a City Committee. We are in need of people for the following committees: ◊ Budget (1 vacancy, 3-year term). The Budget Committee is responsible for recommending approval to Council of the City’s Budget. ◊ City Services ( 5 vacancies, 1-year term). The City Services Committee was set up to advise City Council on matters involving Public Works, Electric, Cemetery and Emergency Services Departments. The Council may also ask this committee for advice on utility rate analysis and budget recommendations for operations and capital improvements. ◊ Parks & Recreation ( 3 vacancies, 3-year term). The Parks & Recreation Committee is responsible for managing the City’s Parks and Recreation programs.

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To apply, send letters of interest to: Mayor, City of Cascade Locks P.O. Box 308 Cascade Locks, OR 97014 Or to City Recorder Kathy Woosley at (541) 374-8484 Fax (541) 374-8752

Tom Cramblett Candidate for Council Tom Cramblett here, asking you for your vote in November. We all know our city faces many challenges as we struggle to be a place that we can be proud to call our home. We also all know that in order to meet these challenges we will have to face changes, and as a member of the City Council my goal would be to make some changes, but at the same time preserving that unique small town feel that is Cascade Locks. My first term record shows that I am in favor of a strong volunteer fire department, but the large debt that we have incurred must be dealt with in a timely manner. We need to tighten our belt, cut out any non-essential spending and concentrate on paying off our debt. During the city charter review process I continually voiced my opinion that the radical changes to the charter that were being proposed were not what the voters wanted or needed. This issue has been temporarily tabled, but it will come back up after the election. I promise you that I will continue to defend the citizen’s right to participate in the review process and that any new charter will remain a simple document that clearly maintains the balance of power between the administration and the voters, either directly or through their elected council. We are also facing proposed changes to our development code that could have a big impact on the city. After seeing the results of what the Planned Unit Development (PUD) style projects did at Harmony Heaven and Shahala, I am opposed to allowing this type of development on any new areas of our city without a very thorough review process by our Planning Commission and the public. Never forget that this is your town, and I will never forget that either.

consultant for Construction Development Co. of the Phillipines covering most of Asia, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Singapore, as General Manager (part owner) selling heavy equipment in Burma, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Thailand, as Vice President of Howard Cooper Co. covering Thailand, Burma, and Laos. Shanghai, as General Manager (the only American on the project) for G.E. capital, responsible for the start-up of the first equipment rental company in China, ($12,000,000 paid-up capital) after producing a positive cash flow was responsible for training the local Chinese Manager. Our last project before retiring was with Caterpillar, based in Hong Kong covering China and Taiwan. I was responsible for assisting the new Caterpillar dealers in establishing rental companies. I am presently a member of the Port of Cascade Locks Budget Committee and, also, a member of Columbia Gorge Racing Association Board of Directors (CGRA). Gyda Anne and I both feel very lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful area and I am pleased to be able to run for the position of City Councilor and I feel I have had the business experience that could be of value, if I am fortunate to be elected. Some of my main concerns would be: 1) Insure our City is financially responsible. 2) Listen to the Citizens and work toward meeting the expectations of the majority but stay within the rules and regulations set by the City’s Charter. (I believe the City Council should represent the Citizens.) 3) Make our City attractive to potential businesses to create employment. 4) Promote Citizen involvement. YOUR PARTNER IN GOVERNMENT

Jeff Helfrich Candidate for Council Jeff Helfrich – An Eye on the Future with an Ear to the Past

Don Haight Candidate for Council Gyda Anne and I both grew up in the Gorge and graduated from Cascade Locks High School. We worked and lived overseas for over 30 years. We started our overseas career with Kaiser Engineers in Northern Greece. After completion of this project I transferred to Israel as Assistant Project Manager on a project on the Dead Sea. My last project with Kaiser was as Excavation Superintendent in Venezuela. We were 10 years in the Brazilian Amazon, employed by National Bulk Carrier of New York (The Jari Project). I was Project Manager for a large irrigation project and later worked as the owner’s representative (Daniel K. Ludwig) for various projects in South America. The balance of my career was in Asia, in the Phillipines as a full time

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for over eighteen years in both large cities and small communities. When I moved to Cascade Locks four years ago, I discovered a hidden jewel and found myself engaging in all the activities this area has to offer. I am married to a beautiful and loving woman Shawna, who grew up in The Dalles and currently has her practice there. We love living in the Columbia River Gorge – it is the most beautiful place on earth. When I look back on my life, I want to know that I helped make a difference in my community. Volunteering to serve on several committees for our community is helping me accomplish this goal. I have been serving on our city’s Budget Committee for three years and was elected vice -chair in the last iteration. I also serve as a Planning Commissioner for our city and have done so for the past 2 years. Last school year, I partnered with our school and the Hood

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River Sheriffs office to give anti-drug talks similar to the “faces of meth” to our youth. The talks were later expanded to neighboring schools in Hood River. I enlisted in the United States Air Force and served for four years and obtained the rank of sergeant. I was a canine handler with a specialty in explosive detection. I am a veteran of the first Gulf War. After receiving an honorable discharge, I became a Police Officer for one of largest departments in the state of Oregon. I was promoted the rank of sergeant and have been with the department for over eighteen years. In working for a large city, I have seen many ideas work and several fail. It is clear that leadership in government is the key to making ideas work and lack of leadership can make them fail. With my experience in government process, track record of leadership and my desire for collaborative decision making, I can contribute to the success of good ideas. The values that guide my professional and personal life will also guide me as a City Councilor. I conduct myself with INTERGRITY, COMPASSION, ACCOUNTABLILTY, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE. I have four strategies to help our city move into the future. Restore Trust to City Hall Citizens should be able to trust that the elected officials will make sound and prudent decisions. Make no mistake, not all citizens will approve of the decisions that are made, there will be people that will not like or approve of the decision. I am willing to make the hard decisions and I will also be open to learn from mistakes that are made. President Ronald Reagan said “Trust yet verify”. With the values that I talked about, you the citizen, the person that I work for, can trust that I will make sound decisions. I will be open about the reasons why I made them and be accountable for them. I will work hard for you, I will insure that we have a positive relationship and it is based on trust, yet you will be able to verify. We currently have competent and effective leadership on our City staff. A good City Council will trust its staff to make good sound decisions. I will trust that the city staff will make sound decisions. When staff fails to make good and sound decisions they will be held accountable. With Jeff Helfrich as a City Councilor the interests of the citizens will be represented and I will help to restore trust in City Hall in a fair and respectful manner. Embrace economic development As a member of the Budget Committee, I see first hand how the private property owners are asked to pay for a large majority of your city services. This is not fair nor is it equitable. One of the most important goals for our community is to have a thriving business community with family wage jobs. This will help offset the tax burden on private property owners. We need to be able to embrace change in Cascade Locks and change can be difficult at times. We should not oppose growth, rather we must wisely attract businesses that contribute to the success of our town. Our city needs to adopt a stance toward businesses that will allow them to become successful now and into the future. The Columbia Gorge area is becoming a center for new, technology-based industries. As new technologies develop, Cascade Locks must be in a position to attract the new industries. To attract business, we

must think and act like a business. The task facing the council is to provide opportunities for new and existing business to thrive. Having a diverse and balanced business community will enable us to have a successful community all year long, not just during the summer months. If I am elected to City Council, I will help to ensure that our city seeks out a niche for these kinds of industries. Limited Government Over the past several years there has been an increasing trend for people to look towards the government to solve all kinds of problems that government has no business solving. A government functions best when a government does what governments do best. This is also true of our city government. When the city starts taking on issues that are best suited to individuals and businesses, the new council needs to step in and put a stop to it. The city needs to provide for a safe and clean community. Public safety will always be at the top of my priority list. City government also sets the vision for improving the city and making it an attractive place to live and visit. When opportunities are available for our city to grow, we need to seize them. However, not at all costs. Fiscal responsibility must be our mission. A vote for Jeff Helfrich is a vote to establish limits for city government. Protect Property Rights As a Planning Commissioner, I see first hand how a city and the government can become too far-reaching in telling its citizens what it can and can not do with their private property. This city council should recognize the rights of its citizens to own and use property. Private property ownership is one of our nation’s fundamental principles. Governments often over-regulate the rights of property owners, taking away our personal freedoms. In my decision making process on the Planning Commission, I have always kept this in mind. We need to trust property owners to make decisions that are best for their property and their circumstance. A vote for Jeff Helfrich is a vote to help protect property rights. Cascade Locks will not become a large town nor do we want that, however, a small prosperous community is the goal. We have the opportunity for economic growth. The question facing our community and the new council is, “What is the best course of action for our city in the future?” I embrace our communities’ future and with proactive planning and development, look forward to building a thriving Cascade Locks. I have dedicated my life to public service and wish to continue that as your City Councilor. I am asking for your vote to help elect me to City Council “Together we can get Cascade Locks on the move.” Jeff Helfrich

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Fall Cleanup is October 29 & 30 See back page for details or call City Hall at (541) 374-8484

Kerry Jo Osbourn Candidate for Council Election term 2011-2015 Hello Cascade Locks citizens. I find myself running for City Council again. I have served eight years for this community. As I get a bit older and gain more knowledge, there are certain things that are near and dear to my heart. I have lived in Cascade Locks for 36 years. When I met my husband of almost 13 years, he was not from here. We chose to reside in Cascade Locks because we wanted to raise our children in a small community, yet close enough to expose them to different experiences. That brings me to the word community. The definition of community is "A group of people who live in the same area or who have something in common with each other." That being said, my goal for this city is to become a community once again. My thought of community is a place that you can work, sleep and play all in the same place. We may not all agree on how we get there, but we must become a community again.

Katelin Stuart Candidate for Council My name is Katelin Stuart and I am running for City Council in order to offer a change. My husband and I chose to adopt Cascade Locks as our home four years ago and love living here in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge. For too long this community has been holding its breath, waiting for one big project after another to come to the rescue. We need to appreciate what a great town we have here and begin pulling together to repair it. We need to desperately regain downtown as a meeting place, a village square, a commons, and a place to gather. Neither entrance of town is currently welcoming. One of those entrances is slated for closing. Too many of us do not support our local merchants enough. We need to show our pride and make our downtown a bright, happy place that draws both service and support businesses and the tourists to frequent them, not a place that punishes a property owner for choosing the wrong color. When I sat down to write this statement, I looked through the 2008 election statements from the candidates. They also surely sat here wondering how to open up to the voters and show them why they should vote for them. The current Mayor talked about restoring order and respect to the council chambers. One candidate for council says, “Our City suffers from a lack of trust and respect between factions.” One councilor elected in that election wishes to, “rebuild the type of leadership and openness necessary to achieve”, and points to supporting volunteers in our clubs, committees and service organizations. Another says that with him on the council, “maintaining the trust of the people of Cascade Locks and the staff” will be important. My point? They all recognized the necessity for no further fracture and the need for healing yet nothing happened to make things better, but a great deal happened to make the

divisiveness worse. We have to take the personal out of our politics. At the end of the day, we are all friends and neighbors living together in a small town. We live in a democracy and as Americans, expect to have an equal and respected voice in how our town is run. Politeness and engagement are synergistic. These two years have passed with very little to show for it. We’ve lost ground with citizens willing to volunteer their time and efforts. The last council meeting is a prime example of what has happened to achieving trust or civility. No citizen should feel that way when speaking to our governing body. The near constant 4- 3 majorities grind over the minority. There is rarely a compromise. This means that part of our town is not represented. This is not right. The views of first the citizens and then the council, then staff should direct action and that all viewpoints should be listened to and seriously considered. I would like to put back the sense in consensus. We need as both a town and a council to heal, to include more and different people in our service and governance and to put a halt to the apathy. If I can change the dialogue in this town to one of respect and consensus building I will be happy. Thank for your time and votes.

Eva Zerfing Candidate for Council I recently read an article where a citizen stated that their belief was that a person should look at themselves and analyze whether they believe that they’re a viable candidate for the position that they are running for. This made a lot of sense to me so I did just that! My name is Eva Zerfing…and I’m running for Cascade Locks City Council. I moved to Cascade Locks, from Portland, in January of 1991. I remember this clearly because it’s also the month that I joined the Cascade Locks Fire and Ambulance Dept. I was hooked! I started school to become an EMT that very month and then spent the next 15 years volunteering here locally in the community. The Columbia Gorge is beautiful and I find the people here to be wonderful. The perfect compliment to this Montana girl. I spent the first 6 ½ years commuting back and forth to Portland for work. In early 1997, Chief Neil McCormick approached me about the “perfect” job opportunity and I’ve been working that job ever since. I started my career as a 911 Dispatcher for Hood River County later that year and I’m currently a supervisor there. I’ve built my career, my home and my family here. With almost 20 years here I have some knowledge of what the old Cascade Locks was, what it is now, and what possibilities it has in it’s very near future. I’ve found that there’s one constant in life…change! I’m thinking that I have the

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same things on my mind as most citizens do; I really don’t want my city to die due to a stagnant business environment (loss of schools, loss of homes, etc.) but I really don’t want to change the character of my city either. We’re on the brink of development and growth in our community and I’d like to have a seat at the table, so to speak, in regards to how that development happens. I want to ensure that the infrastructure that we’re laying will hold the line on growth and preserve our city. I want it to happen “our” way. As a commuter for years I know the importance of bringing better paying jobs to our community. There are challenges in attracting and retaining good companies and I support developing/maintaining a business friendly environment that will attract a variety of industry. I heard someone say that being environmentally friendly cannot mean we are anti-business. We must be friendly to both to promote our economy and strengthen the city financially. Having affordable housing is essential to our community, also. In order to support our citizens, we need to help provide local jobs and housing that they can grow with. There again, infrastructure will need to be maintained so that we don’t develop without a plan and we can be wise to the needs of our community. I’m the mother of a 4 year old boy and his welfare is of the utmost importance to me. I will always look for ways to ensure that he’s raised in a safe community. One that is crime free, with strong family values. One that promotes his personal growth and provides the best educational opportunities. It would be my pleasure to representing you in council. There’s much I want to do. I have the temperament for it and will conduct myself professionally. I will not fall asleep during meetings. I will not “stone wall” my team or be otherwise disrespectful. I will pay attention & learn. I will help keep things in order. I will be a strong team player. I will participate and support city ventures, even if I might not personally agree. I will listen to all sides. I will be a problem solver, rather than just part of the problem. I will make decisions based on facts and reason...not special interest. I’m a “Straight Shooter” and you can trust where I’m coming from and how I’m going to vote. I will work hard to enhance the future of Cascade Locks...the city I love. I believe that transparency and trust in our city isn’t easy to provide, but it’s necessary to always work on it. I want Cascade Locks to be strong and I’m willing to work to make this happen.

WHEN ARE THE BILLS DUE? When charging late fees, hanging red tags, and disconnecting for nonpayment, the City acts according to Ordinance 394 which was adopted on April 29, 2008. The metering cycle runs from approximately the 20th of the month to the 20th of the next month. The bills are usually mailed out the last working day of the month, to be received by the customer as close to the first day of the month as possible. Payment is due on or before the 15th day of the month. The City staff will accept payments that are received in our office, either in the mail or hand delivered, and receipted up until 5:00 PM on the 15th day without charging the late fee. After that time a late fee of $3.00 will be added to the utility account. This $3.00 fee covers the extra costs of processing and computer time and cannot be avoided after 5:00 PM on the 15th day, even if payment arrangements have been made. If the 15th day falls on a weekend day, then payment is due the last working day prior to the 15th. If payment has not been received in the office by 5:00 PM on the last working day of the month, a red door hanger will be written to be placed at the residence or business of the delinquent account. The door hanger will state the last possible date and time that payment can be made (the third day following the red tag) to avoid disconnection. A fee of $10.00 will be charged to the customer when the City writes a red tag notice. When the City places a red tag, it is considered to be notice to the customer that the City will discontinue service following the schedule on the tag, whether or not actual notice was provided by the placing of the tag, that is, whether or not the customer actually saw or received the notice. If payment is not received and receipted in the front office by the deadline stated on the red tag, the City will disconnect the delinquent account. Reconnection fees are the same as the original connection fees: in-city = $30.00; out-of-city = $40.00; after hours: incity = $75.00; out-of-city = $100.00. All fees and delinquent balances must be paid in full and receipted in the City Hall office before reconnection will occur. If the City Administrator determines that an insufficient deposit is being held on a delinquent account, an additional deposit amount will be required and must be paid in full before reconnection will occur. If you have any questions about these procedures, please call City Hall at 374-8484.

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City of Cascade Locks P.O. Box 308 Cascade Locks, OR



STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Cascade Locks, OR Permit No. 9

CASCADE LOCKS FALL CLEANUP OCT. 29 and 30 The major difference between the City’s Fall Clean-up and Spring Clean-up is that there is no curbside pickup of materials in the fall. The city has a burn pile in the dump area for yard debris, branches and trimmings only. There will be a couple of “metals only” dump boxes that can be dumped into for free. Bring burnable materials in a separate load. Refrigerators and air conditioners will be accepted if the compressor has been removed.

FALL CLEANUP FEES FREE… Separated metals FREE… Wood, branches, leaves FREE….. First 3 yards of junk $15 per yard…. Additional junk $15 EACH…. Appliances $5 EACH, First 10 (without rims) Light Truck and Passenger Tires $7.50 EACH, 11 or more $7.50 EACH…. (with rims) Light Truck and Passenger Tires $ 10 EACH…. (without rims) Commercial Tires $15 EACH…. (with rims) Commercial Tires

2010 Locks Tender Election issue  

2010 Locks Tender Election issue