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Product Guidebook Kyle Jacobsen Product Leader


Develop a measurable product strategy which contributes to the company goal.

Stay focused so you can tell a powerful and cohesive story to the marketplace.


Align the team in a Align the team for manner which will help success. them succeed

You can’t mandate motivation but you can create the mission and the environment which breeds it.


Create a communication cadence which drives organizational awareness and insight.

Communicate with purposeful intent focused on strategic items.


Research who you are building the experience for.

You must understand the who and why before you can focus on the what and how.


Implement user centered design best practices.

The biggest expense in product development is the cost of development.


Publicize the work of the team.

Giving back to the community attracts the best talent.


Upskill the team.

Make leaders not managers.

Guidebook for Product Leaders