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Where Community Happens YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation

Annual Report 2011

YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo Our Mission

The YMCA is a charitable organization that strengthens our community by providing opportunities for personal growth and active involvement for all children, adults and families.

Our Vision

A leader in building a strong, healthy community through innovation and collaboration.

Our Core Values Acceptance

Welcoming and open to all.


Acting with compassion and concern for the well being of others.


Developing people in spirit, mind and body.


Treating all people with dignity.


Accountable for oneself, others, our environment and the world in which we live.

Message to Our Communities


n 2011 the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo grew and developed our service areas, reinforcing our position as one of Waterloo Region’s high-impact and collaborative community organizations. We have strengthened our associations to increase the number of ways people can be touched and engaged by their YMCA experience. This year saw the completion of several major infrastructure initiatives that will ensure our asset base is renewed for years to come. The Chaplin Family YMCA in Cambridge and the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA in Kitchener both refreshed their facilities to maintain our high quality experience. New buildings at the YMCA Outdoor Centre provide spaces for more children to connect with their environment and broaden their knowledge of energy conservation. As our Smart Start wellness programs expand their reach, greater numbers of participants are building healthy, active lives. Our partnerships with the Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, the Ministry of Health Promotion, and the Canadian Diabetes Association continue to grow and enable us to strengthen our impact. Many of our community based programs and services continue to evolve as we respond to opportunities to renew and expand our Settlement, Employment, and Language Assessment services. Our work in measuring the long term outcomes of YMCA program participation and its positive impact on healthy development is being recognized locally and nationally. The response to the opening of the Stork Family YMCA in fall 2011 exceeded our expectations. The support we received from our community, volunteers, and donors confirms our ability to advance the broad-based health of our region. In particular, the family involvement is over 70%, a remarkable benefit for families in West Waterloo. As we plan for the next three years, our strategic plan continues to focus on engaging our community. We believe that no matter where you experience it, community happens one person at a time. It is the commitment of the YMCA to continue to serve our rapidly changing Region by building healthy communities now and in the future. Sincerely,

Mike Dinning   

David Libertini

Chair, YMCA of Cambridge Chair, Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA   

Where Renewal Happens


ur YMCA Centres create unique spaces where people of all ages, abilities, and ethnic backgrounds can come together and find opportunities to learn, play, get active, and belong. These are places where people can share, volunteer, and help each other pursue good health for life. As our sites grow and mature with the changing needs of the communities they serve, we update and refresh them inside and out to maintain the high quality experience we have offered for well over 100 years. Thanks to financial assistance from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario RinC and Infrastructure Stimulus Funds, we made some exciting changes at our A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA, Chaplin Family YMCA, and YMCA Outdoor Centre at Paradise Lake. These changes will benefit both our members and the broader community. A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA Moving forward with our vision of transforming Waterloo Region into a healthier community, we built a 6,000 sq. ft. expansion on the second floor. This provided much-needed capacity for new and innovative specialized programming focusing on persons having increased health risks and challenges. An elevator to the second floor provides easy access to the addition and the refurbished track.

The new pool dehumidifier maintains a comfortable 48% humidity on the deck while using less electricity. Nothing is wasted as excess heat from the equipment is used to heat the pools. Adding an updated anti-slip coating on change room floors ensures the showers are safe for wet feet. YMCA Outdoor Centre The construction of four new cabins featuring environmentally friendly straw bale technology enables the Y to accommodate additional participants at our Outdoor Centre and at summer camps. A new program pod makes a great meeting space for visiting groups. It is also the permanent home of the energy conservation programs delivered at the Outdoor Centre. The Solarium was our flagship building at the Outdoor Centre when it was completed in 1995. Sixteen years down the road, replacing the large southfacing windows ensures it remains a shining example of passive solar energy use for years to come.

These are places where people can share, volunteer, and help each other pursue good health for life.

Photo courtesy of Communications Department

We were also able to add a range of energy conservation measures, including new windows, an ultraviolet purification system for the pool, and a new HVAC unit.

Replacing old lights with energy efficient T8s sustains our environmental standards.

Chaplin Family YMCA Improvements to the Chaplin Family YMCA membership centre increased our environmentally friendly standards and enhanced our safety features. Summer campers enjoy the shade of our new outdoor pavilion, reducing the risk of harm from the sun’s rays. Wellness Centre, A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA, Kitchener


Health Tip: Try to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and with every meal. Use a variety of colours to get a variety of nutrients.

Photo courtesy of the YMCA Outdoor Centre

Outdoor Pavillion, Chaplin Family YMCA, Cambridge

Photo courtesy of Taylor Weber

Photo courtesy of the Chaplin Family YMCA

Where Healthy Lifestyles Happen


rene’s journey with the YMCA started in 2004 when illness derailed her once active lifestyle. After receiving a pre-diabetes diagnosis in 2010 Irene joined a Canadian Diabetes Association information session at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA. It was there that she learned about a new program designed to help individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes deal with their health challenges. Her positive first impressions of the Smart Start to Healthy Living Program convinced her to sign up. Irene was ready to get back on track.

Making lifestyle changes is not without its challenges, Irene Hoffman and Irene is the first to acknowledge the struggles of meeting her initial goals. Changing eating habits and getting back into exercise can be a struggle, but through encouragement and small steps these hurdles were overcome. “Having someone to be accountable to was the push that I needed,” explains Irene. She attributes her success to the warm atmosphere and respectful, knowledgeable staff and participants with whom she has built “The whole atmosphere is positive relationships, “The whole atmosphere is very friendly, everyone is so hospitable, it is like coming very friendly, everyone is so home.”

Photo courtesy of the YMCA Outdoor Centre

Straw bale cabin, YMCA Outdoor Centre, St. Clements

hospitable, it is like coming home.”

Since her graduation from the program, Irene has maintained her involvement by becoming a member at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA, and a volunteer with the Smart Start Program. Each week Irene gets the opportunity to connect with current participants and share their journey. Described as a dedicated, caring, quiet leader, Irene can relate to and has empathy for those she meets, “As a result of this program I am fitter and more energetic than ever. You can succeed too!” Irene explains that Smart Start to Healthy Living is more than a program, “It has been a catalyst for me to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I believe in this program!” We are always excited to see Irene’s engaging smile at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA, and we are glad that her experience can now be the catalyst for so many others starting their journey to better health. 140 people have graduated from the Smart Start to Healthy Living Program since it was launched in 2011.

Solarium, YMCA Outdoor Centre, St. Clements Health Tip:  Healthy and active resolutions can be accomplished, as long as we take the time to create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely - S.M.A.R.T. goals.


Where Personal Growth Happens

I Photo courtesy of Kailey Haddock and the Virtual YMCA

always knew that children could impact my life as much as I could impact theirs, but I never realized how true this was until I met four little girls at the Virtual Y who stepped out of their comfort zone to do something for others. One day at the Virtual Y the self-proclaimed “four amigos” sprinted into the room bursting to talk to me. They were touched by a story on Oprah about a boy who was abused and neglected as a child. It was so moving that the girls decided they could not sit back anymore; they were driven to action. My four girls set the wheels in motion, deciding to collect money for a charity that raised awareness about child abuse. I spent the next weeks with them in program time letting four young minds bring their idea to life. “Raise your voice” became their campaign slogan, and they planned to use this call to action to convince friends, family, and schoolmates to donate what they could to the cause.

96% of parents surveyed in 2011 felt that the Virtual Y had a positive impact on their children.

97% of teachers reported that the Virtual Y helped motivate students to learn.

The girls presented their story to the teenaged Leader Corps group at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA. That evening four nervous girls stood before a room full of teenagers and delivered a powerful presentation. Between donations from Leader Corps, Virtual Y participants, schoolmates, friends, and family they raised $100.00 for Boost Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention. “I always knew that children

Photo courtesy of Communications Department

Kailey Haddock and Allison Kleinschroth

could impact my life as much

It was a blessing to see four girls grow individually as I could impact theirs…” and together while they learned about sharing, compassion, and giving of one’s time and energy for the betterment of others. Girls who had started the year quiet and bored were able to find a passion and speak out for what they believed in. It is a powerful experience I will never forget.

Homework group at the Virtual YMCA, St. John’s, Kitchener


Health Tip:  A positive attitude is a great starting point, not only for a healthy lifestyle but also to help you face all life’s challenges.

Where Family and Friendships Happen


That was until the Stork Family YMCA opened its doors in the same building as the John M. Harper Public Library.

Photo courtesy of the Stork Family YMCA

arisa knows that staying active and making friends is important for healthy children, but it becomes difficult when family-friendly centres aren’t convenient. Recreational centres and community services were too far away, so Parisa’s children missed opportunities to form friendships and get active as a family.

“I feel comfortable leaving my kids with them and we are always welcomed when we walk into the building.”

With both a family recreational centre and a library nearby, Parisa and her children are able to exercise their bodies, minds, and spirits. At the Stork Family YMCA the children are active participants in drop-in programs and swimming lessons, and can use the library facility during the same visit. With so many familiar faces, friendships are easily formed. All of these options, close to home in one location, make it a “heaven” for Parisa. The most important impact, she believes, comes from the community atmosphere.

Photo courtesy of Communications Department

“The YMCA has the best staff I have seen,” says Parisa. “I feel comfortable leaving my kids with them and we are always welcomed when we walk into the building. My children have made friends with other kids they see now outside the YMCA, making for a stronger and friendlier community.”

Parisa Bohlouli and her children Ideen and Yashar Nasseri-Moghaddam

The Y experience affects more than the children. Parisa enjoys getting to know the volunteers when she comes to work out. The neighbours she meets at the Y have become friends, motivating each other in the gym and sharing time in the outside community. “Members, volunteers, and staff— everyone goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable.” Parisa and her children can be found several days each week at the Y, enjoying the fun factory, learning to swim, and taking part in any one of a host of Y programs which their schedule allows. For Parisa, the YMCA feels like a second home, a safe place to stay connected to her community. Parisa’s story at the Stork Family YMCA is just beginning. Like so many other Y members, her family is enjoying the benefits of becoming more active. As an organization dedicated to building healthy individuals in mind, body, and spirit, the YMCA is looking forward to watching Parisa and her family reach their potential.

The new Stork Family YMCA opened in September 2011 at 500 Fischer-Hallman Rd., Waterloo Health Tip:  Make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day.


Kitchener-Waterloo Program Service Areas Linwood



r St



m olu




t N


d E d


d E



Outdoor Centre (K-W)


t E

Rd ndee ew Du N everyone who has


Overnight Camps (K-W)



Outdoor Services Day Camp (K-W)


Early Years Centre (K-W)


Virtual YMCA (K-W)

Health Tip:  Drink water. No matter where you are, water should always be the first thing you reach for when you’re thirsty.


St tain Foun Blair Rd


Stork Day Camp & Out of School (K-W)

R ler ss

ARK Day Camp & Out of School (K-W)




Employment Services (K-W)



S ay Rd Fa irw

ms R


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S wa r St tta E O Kin gS t E



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Immigrant Services (K-W)







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Child Care (K-W)






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Stork Family YMCA



Erb S




La nc a s te r S t W


We be

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o relw

ty rsi

A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA






thfi Nor





Afterschool Antics (K-W)

Camp Belwood Fergus, ON

St. Jacobs

St. Clements


Camp Wabanaki Huntsville, ON

Participants include, for example, purchased a YMCA membership*, registered in programs run at other YMCA locations or had a settlement file opened. *Individuals with a membership in 2011 for all or part of the year.








Cambridge Program Service Areas


Participants in YMCA Programs & Services including


Participants under 18 years old 616


Child Care (Cambridge)

Chaplin Family YMCA

Direct Financial Assistance

d rR ele sp He

Rd kw ay Pa r Am er





p St

Virtual YMCA (Cambridge)



















n Blvd

ew sS




$515,749 in assistance

YMCA Centres Health, Fitness & Recreation (2) Child Care (11) Afterschool Antics (7) Virtual YMCA (1) Day Camps (5) Overnight Camps (3) Outdoor Centre (1) Immigrant & Employment Services (2) International Development (1) YMCA Ontario Early Years Centres (2) OEYC Service Delivery Sites (10) Administration Office

Cambridge Program Sites


li Frank


Youth Centre (Cambridge)

Kitchener-Waterloo Program Sites


le Rd



3,488 people received

d nue R






d eler R




ush Rd



Chaplin Day Camp & Out of School (Cambridge)

lin Frank


t N agle S





Employment Services (Cambridge)

n Tow



e Qu 401


h Ave






e Gro v

Immigrant Services (Cambridge)

Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA

Bea ve






Cultural Diversity (Cambridge)

YMCA Centres Health, Fitness & Recreation (1) Child Care (4) School Age Child Care (4) Cambridge Youth Leadership Development Centre (1) Cultural Diversity Office (1) Virtual YMCA (1) Day Camps (2) Immigrant & Employment Services (1)

YMCA of Cambridge

1,980 people received $437,257 in assistance A portion of this assistance is provided by donors to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and donors to the United Way of Cambridge & North Dumfries or the United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area. Thank you for your support of these campaigns!

Health Tip:  Find what makes you passionate to help make activity part of your life.


Where Connections Happen


Photo courtesy of Barbara & Lyn Matthews

ick MacNeil and Caroline Tanswell beam and laugh when asked to describe their connection with the YMCA. It’s difficult to know where to start, but soon Rick and Caroline have you smiling with them as they recount stories of Christmas Breakfasts, morning fitness classes, and winters selling Christmas trees. As a college student in Halifax, Nova Scotia, racquetball was Rick’s athletic outlet and his first connection to the Y community. When life brought him to Kitchener-Waterloo his passion for the game made him the one to beat on the court, while membership and presidency of the Y’s Men’s Club forged numerous new friendships. Some of Caroline’s first memories at the Y were swimming lessons as a young girl, and summers spent at YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth on Beausoleil Island. Following the birth of her second child Caroline joined aerobics classes and soon discovered a passion for fitness classes. From those early classes her involvement grew as a volunteer fitness instructor and she eventually became a Y staff member in 1983. Caroline has been involved in all facets of the Y including Fitness Supervisor, Adult Coordinator, Membership Services Coordinator, Program Executive, Marketing Director and is currently an active fitness volunteer. In 1997 Caroline took leadership of the first Light A Smile annual campaign. Rick joined the cause with little persuasion and found himself spearheading the community component of the campaign for several years. These early years focused on face to face calls to donate, and with Caroline at the helm, over $40,000 was raised in the first year. Today the Light A Smile Campaign has evolved into the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and continues to remove barriers to participation by raising funds to support children, teens, and families who are unable to afford the full cost of participation in a YMCA program or activity. Why is the YMCA so important to Rick and Caroline? They see in the YMCA the strengths and successes of the people. “The Y belongs to the members and the community” says Caroline. “People stay because they connect to other people and volunteers.” Rick sees it as his responsibility to communicate to others what he missed out on during his youth. As a


Health Tip:  Take the stairs as often as possible. It is a great and easy way to increase activity.

Rick MacNeil and Caroline Tanswell

member of the Advisory Council and Ambassador for the Y he sees the powerful impact of transitioning from a child, to youth leader and “People stay because they role model within the YMCA.

connect to other people and volunteers.”

Nowhere are these connections more evident than in Rick’s and Caroline’s own lives. The Y laid the foundation for children who were members, friends who supported one another through difficult times and celebrated one another’s successes and it is the place where they first became friends and later a couple.

After giving back for all these years, Rick and Caroline still feel like they have more to contribute to the community that has been there for them. As members of the Heritage Club, their planned gift will be directed to Membership Assistance at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA, ensuring that generations to come will be accepted and valued, becoming an integral part of the Y and role models for others.

K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation Finances The K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation is a separate registered charity that raises funds to further the work of the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA. The income earned provides a dependable revenue source to help meet changing needs and provide quality programs and services.

Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2011, with comparative figures for 2010.



Cash Accounts Receivable Receivable from K-W YMCA Interest Receivable Investments

Liabilities and Fund Balance Payable to the K-W YMCA Deferred Revenue Fund Balance - Restricted


$41,938 1,252 1,934 1,334 1,324,109 $1,370,567

$8,466 2,225 383 1,818 1,781,132 $1,794,024

$15,155 21,160 1,334,252 $1,370,567

$527,813 19,973 1,246,238 $1,794,024

Statement of Operations and Fund Balances - Year Ended December 31, 2011, with comparative figures for 2010.


Donations Gain on Investments (loss) Investment Income (loss)


Investment Counsel Fees Audit Fees Administrative Fundraising Costs Insurance premiums Allocated Expenses Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenditures before grants Grant to K-W YMCA Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenditures Fund Balances, Beginning of year Fund Transfer Fund Balances, End of Year

Operating Fund

General Fund

International Fund

OMG Fund

Member Fund

Camp Fund

CES Fund

Total 2011

Total 2010

$4,179 14,287 50,103 68,569

$6,148 6,148


$2,975 2,975


$48,349 48,349


$61,651 14,287 50,103 126,041

$25,322 49,426 60,057 134,805

12,194 3,250 948 1,268 4,634 (5,466) 16,828

5,483 4,253 9,736

16 16

142 142

213 213

711 711

131 131

12,194 3,250 948 1,268 10,117 27,777

12,975 3,000 4,592 932 5,570 27,069

51,741 -










51,741 (51,741)

(3,588) 867,554 40,255

(166) 5,036 155

1,633 45,817 1,345

(2,013) 64,823 2,018

41,638 223,695 6,726

(1,231) 39,313 1,242

88,014 1,246,238 -

88,448 1,157,790 -

















This financial data is extracted from the K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation’s audited financial statements and does not contain all of the information included in the financial statements and, as such, is incomplete. The financial statements were audited by KPMG, LLP and are available upon request from the K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation. Health Tip:  Make exercise a priority. By making exercise a priority in your life, you’ll be more likely to stick with it over the long-term.


Donors Donors play a key role in providing the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo with funds to help us provide programs that strengthen our community, provide opportunities for everyone and build a healthier community. We are grateful to all our donors for their generous support of our work.

The Chair’s Round Table (CRT) celebrates the joy of giving and how giving transforms lives. This recognition society acknowledges the caring donors who support the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo at the $1,000 level and above. Barbara Hill & Dave Rutherford

Dr. Liana Nolan & Greg Harling

Bradley Hill

Vivienne & Roy Ojala

Sandy & Jamie Hill

Susan & John Palmer

Debbie & Larry Hoekstra

John & Joyce Pollock John & Laura Schmitt


Paul Born

YMCA of Cambridge

Alex & Trish Brown

Dave & Joyce Carse

Joanne Brown

Laurie Hornell & Pat Kennedy

Rick Chaplin

Steve Cameron

Wayne Hussey

Patrick Spence & Erin Eberhardt-Spence

John & Kathryn Haddock

Mike & Annette Collins

Tom & Elizabeth Kaufman

Michael & Hennie Stork

Terry Hamilton

Mike Coutanche

Jim & Penny Kibble

Jon Thiele

Laurie Hornell & Pat Kennedy

Carol Duke & John McMurtry

Dr. Robert Howison

Beth King

Robert & Stella Tong

Steve & D'Arcy Farlow

Ken Knudsen & Sacha Knudsen-DeGrott

Anne Verstraete

Matthew McCready

Shawna Frede

Bryce & Kelly Kraeker

John & Barbara Slattery

Vicki Gerth

Rosemary Kropf

Paul Speed

Bonnie Fretz

Brian & Mary Law

Kathy Wilson & Al Pijnenburg

Michael & Hennie Stork

Fern Greb

David & Ellen Libertini

Irvin E. Weber

Doug Wood & Johanna Mortley-Wood

John & Pieternella Greb

Pablo Machetzki

Monique & Mike Yuhasz

Paul & Heidi Greb

Cecil Mayer

Memorial Gifts

Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA Tom & Loree Abbott Marjorie Acheson Lawrence Bingeman

Ross & Shelley Greb

David McBride

John & Kathryn Haddock

Kim McLean

Peter Haney

Don McMurtry

George & Doris Harper

Alison Moran

Jim & Pauline Harper

Larry & Debra Murray

David Westfall Ralph & Hazel Westfall

Gifts were received in memory of the following individuals in 2011. Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA John Acheson

“Thanks to the generous support of YMCA Child Cares, Ontario Early Years Centres, Virtual Y, Afterschool Antics and the Z Beside the Y Youth Centre, more than $23,000 was raised through donations and Strong Kids Campaign events.”


Meta Haddock William R. Henderson John McHugh

Health Tip:  Eat at least two fish meals per week. Oils in darker types of fish, such as salmon and tuna, are beneficial for the heart and brain.

E. Reinhart Ruth Stork

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Heritage Club Members are donors who have made a gift of $10, 000 or more now or as a planned future gift .

Lawyer Locate


Debbie & Larry Hoekstra


Christopher & Heather Inch

St. Andrews Dental Health Clinic

Ontario New England Express

Heritage Club Members

Marg & Dick Richmond

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Loblaw Companies Limited

Larry Dance

Health Tip:  Try building small and sustainable, healthy and active behaviours into your daily routine. With a touch of persistence and patience, your habits will begin to reflect your new healthy life!


Association Finances

Statements are for the year ended December 31, 2011, with comparative figures for year ended December 31, 2010.

YMCA of Cambridge Operations Summary Revenues:

Program & Membership Grants, Subsidies, & Contributions Other Income Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions






$4,604 1,153 645 234 6,636

$4,935 1,580 715 205 7,435

3,637 754 850 450 35 181 713 6,620 $16

4,053 813 927 491 54 192 702 7,232 $203

$16 (384) 239 563 434 (2,470) ($2,036)

$203 (741) 464 415 341 (2,811) ($2,470)

Expenses: Salaries, Wages & Benefits Program Costs Facilities & Equipment Support Costs Staff & Volunteer Development Interest on Capital Loan Amortization of Capital Assets Surplus of Revenues Over Expenses

Funding Summary

Received From Operations New Capital Purchases New Capital Contributions Other Net Changes Total Funds Generated Total Bank (Debt) - Opening * Total Bank (Debt) - Ending *

Operations Summary Revenues:

Program & Membership Grants, Subsidies, & Contributions Other Income Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions





$9,755 8,534 309 233 18,831

$9,152 6,892 238 196 16,478

11,162 3,490 2,098 995 169 32 507 18,453 $378

10,376 1,956 1,734 837 156 498 15,557 $921

$378 (2,094) 2,042 (3,268) (2,942) 1,727 $(1,215)

$921 (968) 1,818 (3,414) (1,643) 3,370 $1,727


* Cash, Short Term Investments less Capital Loan Payable Financial Assistance Policy: The YMCA of Cambridge welcomes all who wish to participate and annually raises funds to help make this possible. Please contact one of our Membership Services staff if we may serve you in this way. Please note: This financial data is extracted from the Young Men’s Christian Association of Cambridge, Ontario’s audited financial statements and does not contain all of the information included in the financial statements and, as such, is incomplete. The financial statements were audited by BDO Canada LLP and are available upon request from the YMCA of Cambridge.


Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA

Health Tip:  Eat regular meals. Skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger, often resulting in overeating.

Salaries, Wages & Benefits Program Costs Facilities & Equipment Support Costs Staff & Volunteer Development Interest Amortization of Capital Assets Surplus of Revenues Over Expenses

Funding Summary

Received From Operations New Capital Purchases New Capital Contributions Other Net Changes Total Funds Generated Total Bank (Debt) - Opening * Total Bank (Debt) - Ending *

* Cash (including funds restricted for the Stork Family YMCA), Short Term Investments less bank loans (including mortgages) Financial Assistance Policy: The Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA welcomes all who wish to participate and annually raises funds to help make this possible. Please contact one of our Membership Services staff if we may serve you in this way. Please note: This financial data is extracted from the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA’s audited financial statements and does not contain all of the information included in the financial statements and, as such, is incomplete. The financial statements were audited by KPMG, LLP and are available upon request from the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA.

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: John Haddock

Cambridge Board of Directors

Ade Salawu

KW Board of Directors

KW Council of Advisors

Board Chair: Mike Dinning James Aru

John Slattery

Board Chair: David Libertini Wendi Campbell

Mike Dinning

Michael Wannop

Alex Brown Steve Cameron Roy Dahmer Graham Dare Jan Elgie Stelian George-Cosh Ross Gray Tom Griffith Steve Farlow Jason Farrugia Lynn Haddrall Ron Heimpel Ted Heimrich Barbara Hill Jim Huras Rick MacNeil Norm McKee Jim McNeill Bradley Moggach Gabrielle Moule Dan O’Connell John Pawley Cathy Raithby George Robb Richard Rush Stephen Swatridge

Business Owner Aru Chiropractic

Vice President, Student Affairs Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Terry Hamilton

Retired Educator

Scott Hebert

Senior Manager, Risk, Safety & Privacy Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre

Laurie Hornell

Marriage & Family Therapy, Mediation Services Private Practice

Walter Jurman

Branch Manager TD Canada Trust- Cambridge South

Khalid Khokhar

Principal Islamic School of Cambridge

Matthew McCready

Zone Business Manager PepsiCo Foods Canada

Vickie Quigg

Training & Organizational Development Consultant Region of Waterloo

Broker Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc. Financial Consultant & former Executive Vice President & CFO Vicwest Income Fund Lawyer/Partner Wannop & Thompson LLP Barristers & Solicitors

Cambridge Past Chairs Council David Carse J.D. Chaplin Rick Chaplin Ted Fairless David Grant Jim Harding Bill Hetherington Bob Howison Jeannie Joslin Brian Law John Lennox James McBride Bruce McDonough John Reid Lynne Woeller Doug Wood

Executive Director The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Sourov De

Managing Partner Stryve Group

Carol Duke

Administrative Assistant Assante Wealth Management

Jennifer Eby

Audit Manager Deloitte

Tom Kaufman

President Hutton Yacht Group Inc.

Gary Leduc

Retired Superintendent of School Services Waterloo Catholic District School Board

David Libertini

Vice President, Americas Hendrix Genetics

David McBride

Chief Financial Officer Lift Technologies Inc.

Gary Pooley

Business Advisor

Mike Stork

President & Chief Executive Officer Stork Holdings Ltd.

Volunteer Service Awards Volunteers play an important role. They help our associations be vibrant and meet the needs of our community. We thank all of our volunteers for their efforts.

YMCA of Cambridge 30 Years Michel Lessard Maurice McDowell Ray Murphy

25 Years Carla Herd 20 Years Marylane Vandendool Florence Walker Todd Walker

15 Years Rob Fox Jennifer Kaytar 10 Years Noel Espiritu Robyn McMullen

5 Years Mark Hovey

KitchenerWaterloo YMCA 25 Years Jan Elgie Jayne Hayden 20 Years Ramnarine Kalap Lori Lutes

15 Years Julie Bitschy Cheryl Chinnick Colleen Cranch Tracey Edwards John Fairles John Frim Tom Griffith Barbara Hill Susan Meissner Jim Mosgrove Norma Mosgrove Shelley Riepert

Liz Wyatt 10 Years Essaid Al-Aoussi Alison Ashford Gary Baker Wendy Boegli Margaret Brookfield Beth Corbeil Jasminka Cupovic Beryl Kropf Mike Lienhart Jon Millar

Devin Staub 5 Years Ann Bowman Ormond Boman Mark Breaton Jeremy Burke Melissa Burke Cherry Cozier Bryce Culliton Sky Deisy Lori Dyson Samuel Gee Kanta Gosain

John Thompson Jim VanEvra David Westfall Rolf Woerns

K-W YMCA Endowment Foundation Trustees Alex Brown Mary D’Alton Graham Dare Steve Farlow Sandy Hill

David McBride John Pawley Brian Ruby Mike Stork

2011 YMCA Peace Medallions Strong Kid     Uma Lad

Strong Role Model  Devon Spier

Strong Community

Wilson Avenue School Community

926 Total Volunteers 43,658 Total Hours Edward Gronau Munira Kassam Hser Kay Le Lam Narlene Lam Dennis Lehto Nancy Mitchell Osman Mohamud Yvette Mullings Gwyneth Roberts-Gill Xavier Rowles Marilynn Smith

Stephen Soo Shawn Springer Victor Stanca Andrew Tapsell Duc Trinh Henrik Von Winthus Mohammad (Moe) Yousufi

Everykid deservesachance

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Report to Our Communities 2011  
Report to Our Communities 2011  

The 2011 annual report for the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo.