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Have you been waiting forever for the next Kingdom Hearts gane? Well don’t be sad for long. Tetsuya Nomura (Creator of Kingdom Hearts) finally announces 3 NEW Kingdom Hearts games. That’s right THREE!! The Game titles are as followed, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (Three Five Eight Days Over Two), and Kingdom Hearts Coded.


Out of the three, Birth By Sleep will be the most anticipated. One of the main reasons is that the secret trailer in Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + was connected to Birth By Sleep. If you have not seen the secret trailer for Birth By Sleep I will try and explain it as best as I can. (most of this information are just theories)

I will now talk about Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the Sony PSP. In the trailer after you beat Xemnas, all of the sudden you see a desert- like area. In the desert there was a guy wearing special armour made by his master Xehanort, his name was Terra. He soon saw two more people wearing the same kind of armor to the left and the right of Terra, their names were Aqua and Ven. All three soon met in the middle of a 4-way intersection and the three picked up a keyblade each. Then a crimson sandstorm approaches them and there is a man is the distance, his name was master Xehanort. (WARNING, he has NO connection to Terra’s master it is just a coincidence that they have the same name)

It seemed that Master Xehanort was once a wielder of the keyblade was once a wielder of the Keyblade but it was once said that he wroght chaos onto different lands. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ the trailer is extended.In the extended version there is actually a climatic fight with Master Xehanort. During the fight, Ven gets frozen solid by Master Xehanort’s superior magic skill and it looks like the end for Ven. After, Master Xehanort then opens up Kingdom Hearts and you can see Terra’s eyes glaring for revenge. After that, you see King Mickey but it seems like he is very mad and it looks like he is not in his king uniform. Well you will find out more about this game in future updates.

Okay I will now talk about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for the Nintendo DS. Im not so sure about the story for 358/2 days but it is like a side story when Sora fell into a deep sleep. I think its about Roxas and Axel before they were in the organization. Before Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories, Roxas and Axel used to be the best of friends they would hang out all the time. But when Roxas left the organization the organization started to fall apart. Well sorry I couldn’t get anymore news on that but I will now talk about Kingdom Hearts Coded.

I will now talk about Kingdom Hearts Coded for the Cellphone. In Kingdom Hearts Coded, you play as Sora and you relive some of the great moments in Kingdom Hearts 1. Most of the game will be from Traverse Town and Destiny Islands.

Across 2. Donald's Weapon 4. the most common nobody 6. Organization member no. 8 8. The first kind of keyblade you get 10. the most common heartless 11. The main Villian 12. Kairi's Nobody 13. Darkness Is Zero 14. Sora's best friend 16. Goofy's Weapon 17. The strongest Keblade given to you by Tifa 19. The main enemy in Kingdom Hearts 1 20. Hollow Bastions old name Down 1. The name of Riku's Keyblade 3. The main enemy and villian in Kingdom Hearts 2 5. Sora's Weapon 7. Ansem the Wise's Apprentice 8. The title of the game 9. The main character In Kingdom Hearts 15. Sora's other best friend (girl) 18. Sora's Nodody

Starting at number five was finding out who Diz really was. This was a very shocking moment. I think he was the last guy I thought would be Diz. The first time I saw his face was on a computer screen with the name Ansem “The Wise”. After looking at the name Sroa was surprised because he thought he already defeated Ansem. But I will talk more about that when we near the end of our countdown. Now another question. Why was his name DIZ. It actually stood for “Darkenss Is Zero”, he used that as an alias to sneak into the organization and he wanted to foil their plans in making Kingdom Hearts full again. Well That was


If you are really good at the gameand you beat Sephiroth, then you get a really cool cinematic which includes Cloud and Sephiroth. They meet and they talk about the fact that Cloud has no light and the fact that Sephiroth will never be apart from Cloud because he is his darkness. Sephiroth also talked about Cloud never being able to get rid of him because Cloud can never find the light inside him. They have a very climatic fight and take the fight to the sky and disappear.

This was very surprising! Ansem “the Wise’s “ apprentice Xehanort was actually Xemnas’ Nobody. I actually feel like I knew, or like I felt it coming. Because

the first time I saw Xehanort he looked a lot like Xemnas . It was even more amazing that I just realized that Xehanort has been hiding a heartless too. And heres something VERY interesting. If you reasemble Xemnas it is actually A-N-S-E-M- X - interesting huh?

As we near the end of our countdown, we come across a most shocking surprise. Back in the first game, when Sora finally defeats Ansem the “Seeker Of Darkness” he was an imposter?! King Mickey tells them in HollowBastion. He told them about Ansem ““The Wise” then when Sora said that they defeated Ansem already Mickey told Sora that defeated a FAKE Ansem. The fake Ansem still needed to be stopped, I mean c’mon he was the “Seeker of Darkness’’. So he must have been Xehanort’s Heartless because Xehanort was Ansem “the Wises” apprentice and he knew a lot about Kingdom Hearts.But that last part was just a theory. Well that’s number 2.

As we come to the end of our countdown, we will now show you number 1. This is when Sora defeats Sephiroth. When fighting him, he has 20 bars of health,he has lightning fast moves, he has numerous combo moves, mysterious darkness orbs, meteor pillars, even a ONE hit KO (aka-SinHarvest Angel) , but the worst part is that you fight him alone!! But if you are very skilled and you beat him you are rewarded with one of the coolest Keyblades, one of the most best cinematics with Cloud and Sephiroth and you also get the satisfaction of beating the hardest boss in the game. I think that just about wraps up our countdown, to the very shocking identities to the very cool fights. I think this is one of the best Kingdom Hearts countdowns EVER!!!!

After a long journey, it’s a choice of victory or oblivion. After the gruelling long battles and difficult puzzles they end up at a door. All of the worlds gave it to the three key blade wielders as a gift for moving on. It now ends at a door.

When inside the ship they finally encounter Xemnas but he’s wearing some kid of armour to protct him but that won’t stop Sora. Sora finishes him with a final blow but it seemed to easy…

When the heroes won Xemnas disappears and it looks like they won.But now how do they escape? A girl appears and out of nowhere a portal appears that leads our heroes to Destiny islands. Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey go but Sora, Riku and Kairi stay for a while.

Sora and Kairi soon encounter their Nobody’s Roxas and Namine. Roxas and Namine want Sora and Kairi to be whole again so they can be together forever so they “enter” Sora and Kairi’s bodies to make them whole. After that, Kairi goes in the portal but it closes before Sora and Riku can get in. Not Sora and Riku are stuck. The worst part is that they think that Xemnas faked that disappearing act and they see the ship again. But now it looks like a dragon?

It was very surprising but Xemnas played a pretty good trick there. They go on a weird cruiser thing and try to slow down the dragon ship so they can go in and defeat Xemnas.When inside they see the armor Xemnas again! But it seems like he is fused with they dragon.

But They defeat it but is Xemnas Still alive??

Yes the nightmare is STILL alive.he has no more armour but is now wearing his final form clothes, with his two weapons called Sabers.

It was a dramatic fight. Sometimes Sora was in troble and some times Riku was in trouble, but it was almost done. But when they least expect it Xemnas unleashes a barrage of lazerbeams and it seems like the end for the Keyblade weilders.

But they finally escape and Sora and Riku unleash a Light beam that finishes Xemnas once and for all. So after the fight they are encountered by a bunch of Nobody’s but Riku uses his last once of strength to defeat them. The two then start walking and they see a door they go through and son are at a beach. They go to shore and talk about their days at Destiny Islands. But Riku finds a bottle with a letter in it. Sora reads it and its from Kairi! Soon a door to light opens and they walk through it and they are at Destiny Islands. Everyone is Finally Home.


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