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Capital Campaign

By the crunch under our feet, there is no doubt that fall is upon us. We had the slight illusion that summer wasn’t over back in mid-October, but now there is no doubt, summer is over. As much as we complain about summer being too hot and winter being too cold, most of us enjoy the changing seasons. Seasons seem to be built into our DNA. If we listen to the Teacher who wrote Ecclesiastes 3, there is a season for everything. Although the author was writing about a slightly different type of seasons, what he was basically saying is that things change. Things change at church too. We have has an Administrative Assistant, Maryellen Birk, since June and she seems to be doing a very good job in general and as she learns all that needs to be done to prepare for Charge Conference. It is the time that Nominations is working hard to fill all the open seats on the committees. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that I only received two nominations from the congregation and none of you volunteered yourself. You may be being so humble that you don’t think you are worthy of being on a committee. But then there are others of you who complain about how things get done around here. Where are you? The truth of the matter is that we need to rotate people on and off committees to get fresh ideas! It’s not that the person in the current job isn’t doing a good job, some are doing an excellent job, but committees are not made up of just one person so that more voices can be heard and more ideas can be generated. This is the time of the year to be thankful to God for all that God has given to us and we are called, as members of New Castle UMC to give our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness. Won’t you call Sharon Kimmel or me and ask, “Where do you need me?” We will tell you because your church does need you.

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Bishop Peggy A Johnson: Praying for our Presidential Election pg. 3 Do All The Good You Can… Thank You! Crop Walk Report UMC Market Serving This Month Food Closet Annual Bazaar Sunday School Soda Tab Mission Other Missions UMCOR HUB Report

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Pastor Sue

Capital Campaign Corner

NEW CASTLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH “A Welcoming Place for God’s People to Gather” 510 Delaware Street New Castle, DE 19720 302.328.2207 PASTOR: Rev. Susan C. Czarnecki Cell: 267.614.3603 SUNDAY WORSHIP:

10:00 AM

CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL: All Children Welcome 10:00 AM FOOD PANTRY: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 AM - Noon CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Administrative Assistant: Maryellen Birk • 302.328.2207

Work Under Contract

Exterior Painting [scaffolding]

Work in Progress

Exterior Painting Addressing Safety Issues Air Conditioning Maintenance

Work Completed

Chimney & Brick Pointing Men’s Room Painted Roof Replacement Fence Painting Church Office Pastor’s Office Flooring Parsonage Sidewalk Repair New Hallway Rug New Telephone System Heater Repair Basement Stair Treads & Handrail Rear Storm Door for Parsonage New Freezer New Stoves (2)

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Praying for our Presidential Election It seems that I can’t remember a time when we as a nation were not talking about the 2016 presidential election. Almost the minute the 2012 election had ended the speculation about the next president began. One by one people came forward announcing their candidacy, then there were the endless debates, the primaries, the conventions, and now more debates and a relentless stream of news media about our two primary candidates and not a little bit of scandal, mud-slinging, polling and speculation. “Campaign fatigue’ has set in for me a long time ago but I have not given up my concern and my hope for this nation’s next commander and chief. As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to be the salt and light of the world, not just the church. The next president of our country can cast a vision and an agenda for the future of this nation like few people on earth. We are called to work for good in this world and to call our nation to righteousness and justice for all along with our governmental leaders. I ask you to pray every day for this election. I Timothy 2:1-2 says “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers and intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” Pray for the next president every Sunday at worship and also in your personal times of prayer. Also I remind you that United Methodist pastors and leaders do not advocate for any particular candidate, publically or privately. Everyone should vote as they feel led to vote and our “separation of church and state” constitution forbids us from promoting one party over another. That said, responsible Christians are called to study carefully the platforms and policies of the candidates so that they are making a prayerful and careful decision on Election Day. Finally, be sure that you cast a vote. Voting is an incredible right that our form of government affords us. Many people on this globe have no such option. Find no excuse to stay home on November 8th and if you cannot physically be present, cast an absent-tee ballot now.

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“Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can.” October 9th – A Challenging Day for the CROP Walk! When we arrived at church under our umbrellas, it was not clear whether we would be able to complete the CROP Walk as planned. Thankfully, when the worship service was over, the rain had stopped. In the 32 years that New Castle has been walking to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless, it has never rained on us. But it’s been close! By 2:00 the sun was shining brightly. About 75 people walked together at 1:00 p.m. Churches and groups walking were: Asbury U. Methodist, New Castle Presbyterian, River Cross Fellowship, Newark U. Methodist (for the first time), New Castle U. Methodist, the Swanwyck Garden Club, and a team from W.S.F.S. Refreshments and Certificates of Appreciation were waiting for the walkers when they returned from the walk. Dick and Carol Hastings manned the support table by the tennis courts dispensing water, hard candy and bandages, if needed. Gary Burgmuller was our rover, ready to pick up anyone who was lost or too tired to finish the walk. There were a number of folks who elected to walk at another time other than on Sunday afternoon.

Volunteers who helped with the CROP Walk in addition to the walkers and sponsors were: Coordinators –Asbury U. Meth. (Loran Dennis), N.C. Presbyterian (Susan Townsend), RiverCross Fellowship (Sue Engler), Newark U. Meth. (Susan Tretta), New Castle U. Meth (Joan Skilton), W.S.F.S. (Nancy Pinera), and Swanwyck Garden Club (Joan Skilton). Treasurer – Sharon Kimmel; Registrars – Sharon Kimmel, Faythe Waterloo, Phyllis Nitze, and Pastor Sue; Publicity – Kim Burgmuller; Photographers – Don Engler, Harry Skilton, Curt Kimmel; Hanging the Banner – Mike Bellafore; Refreshment table – Carolyn Jensen, Barbara Gordon, Donna Saienni, June Asgard. Many thanks to those who provided our refreshments and to all those who helped in other ways. Thank you all!! Special thanks go to the following business sponsors who supported the walk: Ben G. Halko & Sons, Cecil Vault & Memorial, Gebhart Funeral Home, Porto Fino Pizza & Restaurant, Ron’s Tree Service, Southern Corrosion Inc., and Willey’s Inc. Joan Skilton, Area Coordinator

Thank you! Thank you to: Carolyn Travers Faith Waterloo Phyllis Nitz

Carolyn Jensen Tina Joines

for being our ambassadors to welcome people who stopped by the church during the River Towns Festival.

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“Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can.” Page | 5

REMEMBER TO SIGN UP! What if we told you that when you shop online, there is a way for you to save money AND have money donated directly to New Castle UMC? Well, it’s true! Proverbs 13:11b says “but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow”. UMC Market will enable our church to generate incremental funding while providing value and monetary savings to those who participate. Once you’re signed up, a percentage of every purchase you make online from participating stores will automatically go to NCUMC. The average percentage is 2.5%, but in some cases it’s lower or higher. There is no cost to sign up. Here’s how to do it:  Go to and sign up for free  Designate New Castle United Methodist Church as your Ministry  Select the merchant categories you are most interested in (this part is optional)  Watch the overview video  Install the Support Button – this is really helpful – it allows you to go to any store website and if they participate in UMC Market, a little icon will display and show you the percentage they will donate to the church. Then shop, save, and support your church! And be sure to share this with friends.

Serving in November … Altar Guild Team Donna Saienni Hattie Chance Greeters List was not available Lay Readers 11/6 Harry Skilton 11/13 Joan Skilton 11/20 Kevin Wade 11/27 Faythe Waterloo Communion Assistants Barbara Gordon Sally Knotts Valerie Kennedy

Tuesday, November 22 Deadline: for ALL material to be included in the December Issue of The SPARK

“Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can.” Page | 6

Save Your Soda Can Pop-Tabs!

Support Our Sunday School Students’ Mission Project! Our Sunday School students have begun a new mission! They are collecting aluminum can pop-tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. We know you have lots of aluminum beverage cans at your house! Before you recycle the can, pull off the pop-tab and set them aside for the Sunday School. Bring the tabs to church and deposit in the jar in the Sanctuary or the one in the Nursery. Thanks for supporting our Sunday School students AND Ronald McDonald House!

Support Our Food Closet The following items are urgently needed: Spaghetti Sauce Pasta Peanut Butter Jelly Unsweetened Cereal, Corn Flakes, Cheerios

Doing Good… In addition to our Food Closet and our Sunday School Students’ Soda Can Pop-Tabs Mission Project… We collect used eye glasses which are delivered to the New Castle Hundred Lions Club. The collection boxes for your no longer needed eye glasses are located in the fellowship hall and the Lounge area for your convenience. We support the Wilmington HUB at Christiana UMC through donations of requested items or financial contributions to UMCOR. And, recently 200 door hangers were distributed by volunteers in nearby communities as part of our Outreach Mission.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12, 2016 New Castle United Methodist Church 510 Delaware Street New Castle, De 19720

9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Prayer Concerns Persecuted Christians Men & Women of our Armed Forces Debbie Parkhurst Chris Corday Stephen Dalecki Grace Neiger David Warner Helen Hoagland Ron Pochvatilla Alice Pleasenton Vera Warner Hoover Counterman Jean Shustack Jim & Loretta Lawson Carroll Reynolds, Jr.

Barbara Homitz Nancy Watson Marcia Beatty Family Dorothy Moore Debbie Martin Those with Mental Health struggles Fire Fighter Families Gina De Jesse Annie Lyles Sue Tabor Those struggling with Addiction Charlotte Witt Bob Parncutt

SMILE Corner Smiling Is Good For You!

Flood Victims in U.S. and Caribbean Islands Family of Sonya Dixon Jan Clairmont Robert Quigley Phillip Weyl Kuehl Family Nathan Debbie Harris Justin Blazek Joan All Who Are Homeless

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UMCOR AND HAITI On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew struck southwestern Haiti. Matthew is the strongest hurricane to hit Haiti since 1964. High winds, heavy rainfall and deadly tides destroyed 200,000 homes and nearly all crops. The death toll is more than 1,000. UMCOR is again responding to this disaster. This past summer, we collected items for flood buckets, and we really appreciate your support of that project. Flood buckets have already gone to folks in the U.S. affected by Hurricane Matthew. For the next few weeks, we would like to collect monetary donations that will go specifically to Haiti. Please use the manila envelopes in the pew and mark the front UMCOR. Checks should be made payable to NCUMC – write UMCOR in the memo line. The situation in Haiti is dire. Please pray for the people there, and donate as generously as you can. Thank you. Sharon Kimmel, UMCOR representative

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UMCOR HUB Has a Banner Day! On October 8th, Pastor Sue and I took all of the items we collected for UMCOR this summer and delivered them to the Christiana HUB. We worked with one of their largest groups ever (59 people!) for almost three hours. We verified and assembled 129 cleaning buckets, 100 school kits, and 126 health kits. Curt went back to the HUB on October 11th to help load the truck taking all of these items, and the computer equipment that was donated, to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg, PA. It was an honor to work with this group of volunteers from churches in our area and we all felt blessed to be part of the UMCOR work. Thanks again to all of you who donated money or items. Your generosity makes God smile. And it puts smiles on the faces of those who receive UMCOR’s help. God bless! Sharon Kimmel, UMCOR representative



Christ UMC Fairless Hills will host a 90-minute Legacy and Planned Giving Workshop, Saturday, Nov. 12, 1011:30 AM. Jack Brooks, CEO of the Mid-Atlantic UM Foundation, will share tools, techniques, and materials about this important aspect of Christian stewardship. Attendees will receive a copy of the book Provide and Protect, along with other resources, case studies and answers to important financial questions. There is no cost for the workshop, but registration is required. Call Christ UMC at 215-943-2343, or email:

As announced from the pulpit, our current parsonage is being sold and a smaller one will be purchased in the future. Details will follow as they become available.

FREE HEALTH SCREENING November 5 The National Kidney Foundation will be hosting a free health screening at the New Castle Farmer’s Market November 5th. The “KEEP Healthy” screening is a Kidney Early Evaluation Program that educates the public about kidneys, risk factors for kidney disease, and steps to take to keep kidneys healthy and reduce risk. 1 in 3 American adults are at increased risk of developing kidney disease, and most do not know why. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, a family history of kidney failure, or are over age 60, you are possibly at risk and should have your kidneys checked. This screening will allow participants to have their blood pressure and BMI checked, speak with a healthcare professional, receive educational materials, and if found at risk, receive a urine test.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

NOVEMBER Birthdays! Nov. 1

Donna Saienni

Nov. 2

Robert Bruce

Nov. 8

Clark Burgmuller

Nov. 10

Jerry Knotts

Happy Birthday from your New Castle United Methodist Church Family! If you would like us to wish you a Happy Birthday in The SPARK, please fill out a data base form, send us an email, or call the office and give your information to Maryellen.

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2016-2017 Sunday School Teacher Rotation Week



Tammy McAleese


Janet Stutzman




Janet Stutzman


6th and over Missy Dougherty

Denise Lingenfelder

Gale Wade

Tammy McAleese

Renee Grajewski

Carolyn Travers and Carol Hickman

Sharon Kimmel

Sunday School Teachers Wanted! As you can see by this chart there are still several open slots which need to be filled! When you sign up you only have to teach one Sunday per month, although some do sign up for two Sundays a month. Won’t you please consider being a Sunday School Teacher? What a blessing you can be to our children!

5 Sundays in Oct., Jan., Apr., Dec.

“Let heaven and earth praise God, The oceans too, and all that moves within them!” Psalm 69: 34

“Autumn Afternoon”, 1930 By Daniel Garber

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10 AM Worship 10 AM Sunday School

November 2016 SUN


Nov 6 “Fall Back” 1 hour! Nov 20 Charge Conference



6 PM Altar Guild Dinner




7 PM AA Meeting CHOIR Rehearsal

Nov 27 ADVENT begins 6 10 AM Worship & Sunday School 11:15 AM Children’s Choir Rehearsal

13 10 AM Worship & Sunday School

7 7 PM Church Council Mtg.


8 VOTE! 6AM-10PM



8AM-4PM Life Screen

7 PM AA Meeting





7 PM AA Meeting

11:15 AM Children’s Choir Rehearsal






CHOIR Rehearsal






7 PM AA Meeting

11:15 AM Children’s Choir Rehearsal

27 10 AM Worship & Sunday School

12 8AM-3PM

CHOIR Rehearsal

11:15 AM Children’s Choir Rehearsal

20 10 AM Worship & Sunday School


Happy Thanksgiving!




Giving Tuesday


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