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Winter/Spring 2012

Welcome to Pryor Fine Art. 2012 will be an important year for the gallery and for our collectors as we present an inspiring and dynamic group of contemporary American artists. It is our mission to exhibit artists who are masters of their execution and style while capturing the audience with insight and beauty. We will kick off the new year with the introduction of nationally acclaimed artists Ursula O'Farrell and Katharina Chapuis. Ursula is well known for her dynamic figurative work. Katharina Chapuis, is a Swiss born artist and innovator in her use of space and hue. As always, beauty is a top priority in the PFA aesthetic and is clearly represented in the work of Elise Morris. Intuitively, Elise manages striking color into an ethereal composition that lures the viewer into her world of serenity. The PFA aesthetic is simultaneously driven by innovation as seen in the work of Courtney J Garrett. Garrett is a young artist currently soaring to the top of her career with her atmospheric cloudscapes that convey a deeper understanding lies beyond. PFA is home to many of Atlanta’s most revered artists including Kenson, Felice Sharp, John Folsom and Helen Durant. They are on the most watched list as they never fail to impress! Kenson, with one of the most unique styles in our stable, will present new works that come from a place of emotion and expression as she incorporate elements of surprise collaged into her narrative. The evocative and spellbinding figures of Felice Sharp are legendary and continue to capture our imagination and inspire us every time. We welcome Atlanta artist Helen Durant to the gallery. Durant's mixed media work has captivated us for many years and she continues to explore and evolve with emphasis on a process that is of genuine origin and bears a glimmer into her realm with each outpouring of expression. John Folsom has embarked on a new and quite moving series of photo based landscape work that tells a story of passion for nature and nostalgia… not to be missed. Santa Fe artist Peter Burega will introduce his new series of complex abstracted landscapes. Burega builds a view of depth with intricate glazing layers that have the ability to transport the senses. Lastly, The Spring season will conclude with a show by the immensely talented Atlanta artist Dusty Griffith. Through his use of mixed media, specifically encaustic, and a depth of color, he creates a restful space for the eye to relax and enjoy. One can’t help but feel the spiritual significance of Dusty’s work. The serene spacial compositions allow the viewer to reflect and grow as the luminous color embraces the soul.

Elise Morris January Feature

Ursula O’Farrell January Feature

Katharina Chapuis February 3rd

Courtney J Garrett February 3rd

Kenson February 3rd

Peter Burega March 16th

Helen Durant March 16th

Felice Sharp March 16th

John Folsom ongoing exhibition

Dusty Griffith April 27th

Madeline Denaro ongoing exhibition Through the use of her sensitive drawing, combined with layering, Denaro constantly adjusts, revisits, destroys and renews…always permitting the viewer a peak at where she has been before.

We hope that you have enjoyed the first edition of our catalog series. The shows previewed in this catalog have been carefully curated with our broad range of collectors in mind. We look forward to seeing you this year. Please visit the gallery at our new location on Miiami Circle to see our complete inventory or visit us online for inventory, information on shows, events and artist receptions. You may also sign up for our email announcements at To learn more about artists at Pryor Fine Art Check out our blog with a Question and Answer segment that delves into each artist’s inspirations and life experiences that influence their work at

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