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THE TRUSTEE Hey everyone, Hope you all are excited for DCON season and looking forward to the start of the new service year. Here are some updates on how our work with growth and development has been going so far. With IXC, I am beyond grateful for the patience of not just our amazing regional chairs, but the entire committee as we worked to solidify a campaign to promote and market our organization in Panama, Colombia, and other CKI nations. We will be kicking off the campaign this month, and hopefully engage in campaigns in Asia Pacific as well. Special thanks to our KI-EF committee for engaging entirely in new terrain last semester with their Kiwanis Research in Europe since we currently only have one CKI nation located in that region. Y’all are super stars! As for me, I have been coordinating our first CKI Asia Pacific (ASPAC) Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from March 9-11 with some amazing team members here in the United States, as well as our clubs in ASPAC. Gigantic shout out to Angie Wong, President of HELP College of Arts and Technology CKI, for operating as our Host Chair for the event. She has gone out of her way and above any expectation by reserving us conference space in her university and being instrumental to the planning process. We are fortunate to have CKI members from Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan registered and excited for the conference. Our objectives for this event are to share best practices, discuss Circle K more in depth in tandem with our international initiatives, develop strategies for local CKI growth, and get a chance to meet CKI members from across their region! And since today is Valentine’s Day, there is no better time to show our international clubs some love! There are a ton of updates, articles, personal stories, and more that our international clubs have put together that are compiled in our newsletter. Hope you all enjoy as you explore international! Yours in Service,

2017-18 International Trustee At-Large

IXC Member Spotlight! By Sebastian Vazquez A huge shoutout to Emily Vue, KI-EF Regional Chair, for her work this winter break as the project manager for a hydroponics system her and her Enactus team of students from Pittsburgh State University built at an orphanage in Haiti. Enactus, Entrepreneurial Action in Us, is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to create a better world. Her team visited Haiti in April of 2017 to assess how to best work alongside communities in need. Food insecurity was a high priority concern that her and her team were ready to work towards combatting with the community orphanage they were partnering with. They tackled this issue through utilizing a sustainable system, that community members can manage and benefit from after their service trip. The answer came in the form of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient rich water. Hydroponics does not use soil, and instead the roots of the plant is supported by using different types of high nutrient medium such as perlite, rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite. And guess what?! The growth rate of hydroponic plants is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions! Plus the yield of the plant is also greater. One of her teammates who was the engineer behind the hydroponics project, Dodge Mattingly, noted “the system is easy to replicate and modify, depending on population, location, and needs, so it could become a model used by others�. They will be returning to Haiti during spring break this year to check on the system that was built, make sure that it is running properly, and that the community is able to benefit from the sustainable produce for years to come! We are so proud of you Emily!

Circle K Ashiya By Hillary Ogendo 2017-18 Ashiya CKI President

Hello, My Name is Hillary Ogendo from Kenya and I am the president of Circle K Ashiya Japan. I am a university student here and I came to learn of Circle K through my friend and I was interested to join the club to satisfy my desire to serve the community I live in. Circle K Ashiya has been progressing very well and the number of activities has been growing but I attribute this to the passion of service of my team. The biggest achievement to our club last year was the joint project to connect Kids in Philippine and Japan. The most interesting activity for me in the Circle is the annual sell of chillos and coffee in the month of February for supporting our projects. Above all I enjoy the opportunity through which Circle K has given me to offer service to my community! Pictured below is our annual Sakura festival!

Panama CKI Convention By Mileyka Bustamante 2018-19 Panama District Governor Elect The 2nd CKI Panama District Convention was held on Saturday of January 20th. The event was organized by the current Governor Beatriz Du Saire and the District Convention Commission directed by Daniel Acero, where members of different clubs interacted through some amazing workshops, many of them hosted by excellent presenters. José Isaac de León lead the first workshop: "Interpersonal Meeting", and without a doubt shared his flame of inspiration and motivation to the whole group! Among the anecdotes and testimonies of the current club members, two new members were warmly welcomed. Carlos Guerra and Alejandra Gaitán. The second workshop: "Networking 5 tips + 1 " was hosted former member/governor of CKI and is very much appreciated in the club and district, the engineer Lydia Caballero. She shared with us that afternoon valuable tips for Professional Interrelations and how-to development our personal brands. Last but not least, Carmen Ortiz de Testa, member of the club Kiwanis Las Pearls Panamá, dictated the third workshop: "Leadership Leaving Footprints". Sowing the desire for entrepreneurship in all of our members. Maybe it was the theme of the Convention, "CKI means family. Family means no one gets left behind" (From Lilo and Stitch!!), maybe there were so many motivating words shared by these brilliant people, but that day I made the decision I wanted to continue to support this club and its noble cause. And what better way to do that than acquiring responsibilities within it! I decided to run for Governor, and I am so excited for what that decision will bring for my district and I this year!

Taiwan CKI By Chen Ting-Chih 2017-18 Chaoyang University of Technology CKI President Hello! My name is Cheng, Ting-Chih and I am from Taiwan. You can call me Helen. I'm studying in Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) and I’m president of CYUT Circle K International. Our club goals include developing member’s global perspective, multicultural literacy and leadership skills. And also to show concern for disadvantaged children and provide social services. So we often visit social welfare agencies, care for the elderly and children, and provide services to them. In addition, we often communicate with foreign friends. From May 2017 to the present, we have done a lot of activities. We have received students and university professors from Germany. We write our own plans to teach students to recognize Southeast Asian culture and set up a winter camp of Independent Living for children in the elementary school. In addition, we visit Food Bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The name of the food bank is Kechara Soup Kitchen. We learn how to help our friends experiencing homelessness and needy family while experiencing Malaysia's multiculturalism. Our club is like a big family. We learn and grow together. This club has given me the chance to learn and challenge myself and I I love CYUT Circle K International!

Tomorrow Fund Recipient: Circle K UPLB By Jan Angles 2017-18 University of the Philippines CKI President

It has always been the mission of the Circle K Club of the University of the Philippines Los BaĂąos to create sustainable projects for children in Los BaĂąos, Laguna and other neighboring towns. We believe that it is through sustainable projects that we are able to make an impact in the lives of children and in turn make the world a better place. As a developing country, one of the problems in the Philippines is the increasing number of children who experience difficulty in reading, despite being able to go to school. One of the pressing factors that cause this is the lack of reading facilities and high student to teacher ratio in schools and centers, especially in the margins of the country. We experienced this first-hand when we conducted a story-telling activity. However, despite this difficulty, what touched our hearts was their passion to learn how to read, which showed when their eyes glimmered upon seeing the books we brought. Hence, as part of our mission to come up with a sustainable project, we thought of sponsoring a library in a local school or barangay center in our area. The goal of this project is to partner with the chosen institution to promote the importance of reading among children and hopefully contribute to an increased literacy rate in the long run. We are in the process of looking for a partner institution and we plan to commence the project this February which will culminate in a turn-over ceremony in June. We believe that children have the right to learn how to read and have access to quality reading materials. We believe that this project would be possible through the Tomorrow Fund. Being granted the fund would bring us a step closer in our mission of making the world a better place, one child, and one community at a time.

Mushashino CKI Complied by Shoma Kondo 2017-18 Mushashino University CKI

On January 13th 2018, Shoma Kondo and his board of officers held a ceremony for their new CKI members (their juniors). Shoma reported on some amazing projects they had done so far this service year, including Kumamoto Earthquake Support, hosting a children's cooking school, among other popular activities. With lots of new members and more opportunities to learn, the juniors presented their new project coming up in March! It's called the local "Mitani-Dori shopping project", where the juniors will be hosting an event near a shopping mall near their university! Below are pictures of the junior and senior CKI members of Mushashino, as well from the children’s cooking school in November!

Circle K International – My Lost & Found Treasure By Inderpreet Kaur 2017-18 HELP University CKI President

My Treasure - I still remember the day I went for an interview to join Circle K International Club – nervous; having some weird butterflies in my stomach and trying to fight feeling of nervousness. I never heard about this club before and when I got to know that it works with children, I just took that step and went out to be a part of such a good deed. My love and passion for children has always been an important part of my life. Whenever I got a chance to work or teach children, I would be grateful and always put these tiny kind souls in-front of me and just try to work my best as much as I could. Circle K was an eye-opener for me and the biggest change that I could make for me and them. I found this small little treasure without any expectations but now I am reliving it as the best experience ever; and little did I know I would be the president for this club which has been great so far. The club was inactive, which died off in 2016, and was reintroduced again last year. I guess when I got to know that this club works with children and helps a lot in charity and volunteering, I just thought to myself; I just found something that relates a lot to myself. I always wanted to have fun while discovering, exploring new insights in university and I have found that in abundance when I joined this club. That’s how I found this small opportunity but the worthiest treasure ever.

Our Journey of Success “Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It’s always the small steps that makes the journey complete”- just like the quote; its was tough to start something from scratch, something new, something you have never done before and then suddenly you just got to do it or forget about it. Circle K club alone was a whole new adventure for me. Adding on, the club died off and I started all over again. That includes new committee members, finding membership, planning and executing activities that never came across my mind before. I guess it was the most challenging task ever in my entire life but having a group people who supports you from the back and keeps pushing you through every possible obstacle, it just keeps you going. I believe my greatest encouragement is my best friend; Nicole. I still remember we were discussing our university life being so dull and filled with endless assignments which filled up certain emptiness in our lives. Thus, we came up together and tried to accomplish something for ourselves by joining this club. So far, we are still growing and improving ourselves.

The club have always been an inspiration for the both of us - keep trying and not giving up was the only chance of not failing. Today, we finally can say that we have done something for the club and for ourselves. Just in few months, we managed to bring the club to a level where everyone is indeed making an impact. We have been working with disabled children since and will be conducting teaching-mentoring sessions with students from different orphanage homes. I always believe if you want to make a change, a small step would account for it and we both do share the same passion for children. I guess that same passion has brought us here today. Being a president for the club has taught me a lot and yet I have grown into a person filled with curiosity, impressionable of trying new ideas and being ready to explore new insights and challenges. When I started the club, we only had 20 active members, today the number has increased twice with having total of 40 members who shares the same passion and love for children!

My Favorite Memory Sports Carnival would be the first thing that pops in my mind. The best but most memorable moment for me was to play around and help disabled children completing their respective task. I am grateful that I have been a part of such a noble job which was my dream. Working with children and just seeing their smiles would just make my day more wonderful. This journey so far has been a roller coaster ride, but I believe I would rather be having ups and downs than a ride of loneliness and emptiness. Joining the club gave me a chance to make new friends and build my network which has grown a lot more than I expected. I would want to ride more roller coaster type journies and discover more about myself. My passion for kids will always be a life-long journey and I am thankful for being a part of it. Yet, I still want to do more for the club, my biggest wish is that to hold a fundraising event to promote Kiwanis Children Fund which could be an immense help to so many children out there which are capable of every act of kindness and most importantly; deserving a life-long education of knowledge because no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.

Where I Grew Up By Rafael Cardenas 2017-18 University of Sonora Nogales CKI President I was born in one of the most difficult neighborhoods in my city, but because of my neighborhood where we lived I was exposed to very rich people, but there are also very poor people as well as others who worked hard to live comfortably. At 5 years old, my parents separated and I did not want to leave the house. I decided to stay with my grandparents, who took care of me as well as the other cousins. What I've been doing so far is thanks to my grandparents. The streets where I lived were full of crime, constant homicides, children who wandering in the streets. I was a child so I looked at them already comfortable with the fact that I would end up the same. Remember that there are very few who come to study more than high school which is an effect of few values and a culture that lets you feel that you do not need to study. With one hand I can count all the people who I knew that had finished university. I am proud of the way I have developed and grown, not just for being able to be on a path to changing my future, but to be able to give all those kids the example that we can make a difference. You can do different things with great achievements and without a doubt improve the community where you live. Being able to show people that you can change not only one persons life but your own as well, I hope my community continues to move forward and brings opportunities to those who are like me. One person helped me change my perspective on life and gave me the desire to study, after seeing so many injustices in my city. Having an older cousin who studied law, I decided to study the same thing so we could be partners. We grew up as brothers and it was really because of him that I decided to choose to study law, but more than that I decided to "make a difference", a typical phrase of a late uncle who constantly taught me that if I continued like the others I would not prosper more than being part of the trend of poverty in my neighborhood. I chose the University of Sonora because it was the most popular school and with the highest recommendation to study in our state. In my country it is a very prestigious school, so when choosing career and taking the college placement exam, you always think about what our motto is “we put values into practice�. When I came to campus, I found out that there was Circle K in my university, a group that promoted values and worked in the community and that was when I became interested in being a part of this organization. I entered as an active member where I participated in an activity called "Small Entrepreneurs", a workshop where children were taught their rights, emotion management and teamwork. It was around that time, after the secretary decided not to continue, the board of directors appointed me as interim secretary. With Circle K, I found another family where I could work and help the community of my city. This part of my life is what I call a new stage, full of satisfaction where working with such good companions, you end up full of joy to have contributed something to your city to improve it.

Upon entering Circle K and as interim secretary, I began my journey on a board helping in the activities, proposing and creating projects that are worthwhile to demonstrate something else in the community, something positive. Practically my first year was to learn, after my term as secretary I was elected vicepresident, where the position was a bit different from when I was secretary. I had to do many writings and I felt very busy, but also having results as I was already on my second proposed project, trying to teach others that decisions are good to do with the heart, but also with intelligence. Sometimes one does not believe that college doesn’t go that fast but the years went by, as my last position is that of president. I have always wanted to change things, be more practical and efficient, looking to work as a team. This is how my stage of Circle K, as a president. I like quick meetings, with solid agreements, putting everything on the table, all the possibilities, so that the members are facilitated to work, attend, and participate in each of the activities we do. I certainly hope to improve the trajectory of CKI Nogales. To improve the efficiency of our activities, we elaborated a work plan where we put the main activities to be carried out where we added which had a good impact. For example, we hold a 2-kilometer race near the university where the students participated. Here are some of our activities: Race promoted by CKI: A race where the university community is asked to participate, where the students get benefits, while we raise funds with them. A 2-kilometer race where they obtained two good things to help us as we get supplies for local kids, hopefully to continue promoting these activities where we engage young people/college students and they help us to support children in the community. Good Night for Everyone: A traditional activity that takes place on December 24, where the main focus is to help a child on the street and people who are in the street, providing a dinner, and something warm, like a gift for Christmas. Which includes gloves, scarf, hat, socks, tennis, which is a very satisfactory activity which I am glad we hold. Give me a Smile: Activity that will take place on February 14 where we will go to a primary school in the city, where we will play with them and they will be given a workshop on friendship. In addition to recreational exercises, but at the end of the activities each child will receive sweets and chips to have a good time with all of them. It is an activity that will undoubtedly be one of the most meaningful to play with them and share incredible moments. Children's Day: On this special day we hope to visit a school that needs help, but we certainly want to teach children the importance of values, education and growth with goodwill. We hope to be able to play a film and to give them sweets, popcorn, soda, and play with them while spending a wonderful day generating joy within the institution. Without a doubt I am grateful for the opportunity to have the ability to seek to carry out all these activities. I hope that all of our members fill the children with joy and are filled with joy for all the days we will share with them. I really have ti thank all the members of the club, the board of directors, sponsors, who undoubtedly support these projects, have given us energy, ideas, funds to be able to carry out all these activities. I have always believed that working in team we can achieve magnificent things. I hope to leave a mark and a difference as I was taught to "make a difference"; to be one that helps our communities.

Service Spotlight Colombia – CKI Ipiales The CKI club of Ipiales works closely with their sponsoring Kiwanis club. Together, they run weekly food pantry style events where they serve those experiencing food insecurities hot chocolate, hearty bread and cheese. Our member, Marcela Morocho Usbeck, is a regular at this weekly event! Photographed below is their most recent collaboration in delivering school kits made for children experiencing difficulties with getting school supplies in Ipiales. Also included is a picture of CKI Ipiales President Marcela and Vice President Mayori planting trees with their sponsors!

Kiwanis One Day Spotlight Italy - CKI University Dante Alighieri For their first Kiwanis One Day, they supported their community together with their sponsor Kiwanis Club Reggio Calabria, cleaning up and beautifying shrubbery in via Marina Di Reggio Calabria!

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At-Large Newsletter 1718 - Valentines Day Edition  

Valentines Day edition of the 1718 International Trustee At-Large Sebastian Vazquez quarterly newsletter.

At-Large Newsletter 1718 - Valentines Day Edition  

Valentines Day edition of the 1718 International Trustee At-Large Sebastian Vazquez quarterly newsletter.