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CONNECTION 2013 – 2014 Annual Report

The Fibre of a + Rating Healthier Community


from Accreditation Canada

Message from Chairs & CEO

To improve the patient experience and strengthen partnerships, CKHA is focusing on enhanced quality, safety and access to local healthcare within a balanced budget and through high performance. And, as we continue on our path, we will also connect and integrate more with others in the community. The paths we form from these connections will create a strong fabric and offer the best possible outcomes for our patients. “As Tri-board Chairs and CEO, we continue to transform healthcare within the hospital and our community. As this takes shape and evolves, we foster and support strategic alliances – both for the hospital and the Board - to deliver quality healthcare. The insight we gain from collaboration is the thread that binds us and guides how we lead CKHA into the future.”

Power of Partners Health Links, a new initiative for Chatham-Kent, offers seniors and patients with complex conditions better care through personalized care plans and more co-ordinated support from a tightly knit team of 17 partner organizations. A new Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) program delivered in partnership with our local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), is taking steps to improve the quality of care for patients with COPD. The number of patients leaving CKHA with both discharge instructions and a referral to the CCAC has increased from 33% to 58%. Integrated services with regional partnerships create connections which enable patients to receive quality, specialized care and remain in Chatham-Kent, where they want to be. “A cancer diagnosis is not something anyone wants to hear. After I was told the news, my nurse shared her personal story with me. She didn’t have to. The one thing she said that stuck with me throughout my treatment was, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ Her calm and caring presence made a huge difference that day. I’m very grateful.”

This year, CKHA was a top 10 for Emergency Department length of stay for admitted patients (the time a patient arrives at triage or registration to the time they leave the ED)


April 2013 Employer Champion Award for providing local students with valuable work experience

Patients April – October 2013 CKHA staff submitted educational abstracts to promote exceptional healthcare they have learned. These approved posters and presentations were showcased at eight healthcare conferences - locally, provincially, nationally and internationally

Fabric of Our Future CKHA continues to weave a pattern of empowerment across our community from staff engagement and volunteer service to opening our doors for student learning opportunities. To date, we have 42 affiliations with high schools, colleges and universities across Canada and beyond. We had over 26,155 InService volunteer hours and distributed over $28,000 in tuition assistance to 25 enterprising individuals. CKHA received a rebate of $178,000 from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board in recognition of our exceptionally low frequency and severity rate of employee workplace accidents and injuries. As the future of healthcare unfolds before us, we enable our employees, physicians, students and volunteers to be engaged, creative and safe, which contributes to the success of our hospital and our community.

Received Second Quality Healthcare Workplace Award

Gold status (2010 + 2013)


July 2013 As part of the Staff Wellness Plan, the first Couch to 5K program has 27 participants, 17 of whom run in the Foundation of CKHA’s first Chatham-Kent Pumpkin Run

“Providing high school students with valuable work experience, including job shadowing, mentoring, career talks and co-operative education placements is important to CKHA and local school boards. This partnership offers a valuable learning opportunity for students interested in healthcare services through the Student Aide program. This year, CKHA received the outstanding Employer Champion Award for providing high school students with valuable work experience.”

August 2013 13th Annual Backpack for Kids Campaign where CKHA staff donate 40 backpacks for less fortunate kids in Chatham-Kent

September 2013 Best Achiever for Improved Results for Patient Experience – CKHA’s Oncology Department

New Connections At CKHA, we challenge ourselves to continually improve the patient experience. Innovations such as technology shape how healthcare is delivered to our patients. This year marked a stream of innovation across the Alliance: new smart touch-free hand hygiene dispensers now release soap or sanitizer automatically and use very little energy; new digital direct radiography for more effective detection in our Ontario Breast Screening Program; next generation blood glucose monitors offer a 75% faster testing time; the addition of Oculys, a real-time, bed management tool displays a current picture of patient beds and availability; and, a patient tracking board for families to follow their loved one as they move through the surgical process. These innovative solutions provide new connections for providers and patients alike.

“Point-of-Care Testing is a simple method of taking medical blood tests which can be performed at the patient bedside. It is convenient and increases the probability that the patient, physician and care team receives the results for more immediate healthcare decisions.�


45 minutes less

per test (depending on the diagnosis)

Innovation October 2013 New integrated management with the Canadian Mental Health Association – providing smoother access to patient care in and out of hospital

November 2013 CKHA earns the 2013 Waste Management Award and the Individual Green Leadership Award from the Ontario Hospital Association and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

Performance Strong Links Create Results As we continue to provide exceptional quality care, engage our people and innovate, we also show our healthcare leadership. Accreditation Canada affirmed what we already knew – because of our commitment to being an exceptional community hospital, CKHA achieved 98.2% on the Standards of Excellence. We are recognized as an organization that is communityoriented. We are viewed by our peer hospitals as being distinguished for helpfulness, openness and accessibility. We continue to demonstrate exceptional performance at the provincial level in green initiatives with two Ontario Hospital Association green awards. The 2012/13 Quality Improvement Plan reports marked improvements in pressure ulcers, falls, patient satisfaction rates and length of stay for Emergency Department admissions. CKHA continues to inform with stories in the newly launched community newsletter, The Alliance, and by partnering with community organizations on social media campaigns to promote health. January 2014 CKHA Psychiatrist honoured with 2013 Rural Clinical Clerkship Supervisor of the Year Award from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University


x 5 Teams

“CKHA had 5 departments which achieved 100% on their respective Accreditation Canada standards – Leadership, Mental Health, Medical Device Processing (sterilization), Medicine and Surgery. Achieving 100% demonstrates our commitment to best practices, quality care and patient safety.”

February 2014 CKHA launches “Leaning Forward” A leadership program that leverages lean methodologies and tools to drive performance and quality care outcomes





Ministry of Health and Long Term Care $121,139,846

3% 2% 1%







Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions $549,887


3% 3%


Recoveries and Miscellaneous $3,817,879 Differential and Co-Payment $2,449,127

(Hospital Operations)


Patient Revenue From Other Payors $15,257,029

2% <1%% <1

(Hospital Operations)


Wages and Benefits $86,353,508

Drugs & Medical Supplies $4,493,493

Interest $15,217

Supplies and Expenses $19,071,042

Contracted Services $3,411,121

Bad Debts $128,114

Medical Staff Remuneration $17,076,719

Amortization of Equipment $2,912,711

Medical & Surgical Supplies $7,359,069

Surplus/(Deficit) from Hospital Operations


Surplus/(Deficit) including building amortization

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Statement of Financial Position March 31, 2014 For full, complete audited statements, please go to



An exceptional community hospital setting standards –

exceeding expectations


Number of people in Chatham-Kent trained in Violence Threat Risk Assessment including CKHA and community partners


Number of long-service employees, volunteers, physicians and retirees recognized for their service which represents 5,494 years of service


Number of tissue donors to date who have given the greatest gift of a transplant to another

5% of patients

use 2/3

of the healthcare budget


Provincially budgeted increase to hospital funding

Steady Decline in Patient Falls at CKHA

From piloting chair alarms to identifying patients at high risk for falls daily, CKHA’s caring staff provides quality, safe care and protects patients from fall-related injuries


Chatham Campus: 80 Grand Avenue West P.O. Box 2030 Chatham, ON N7M 5L9

Sydenham Campus: 325 Margaret Avenue Wallaceburg, ON N8A 2A7


A partnership of Public General, St. Joseph’s and Sydenham District Hospitals Disponible en français

Number of times CKHA has participated in the Accreditation process since 1998


Number of admissions to nursing homes as a result of a fall


of seniors with complex conditions (who are

discharged from hospital) receive care from 6 or more physicians


2013-2014 Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Annual Report


2013-2014 Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Annual Report