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Vol. 99 Issue 6

November 22, 2011 •

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Decrease in alcohol citations compared to Trinity Despite higher student enrollment than Trinity, university sees declining alcohol-related incidents in 2010.

By Kevin Kotzur Contributing Writer

In the previous three years, crosstown universities, St. Mary’s and Trinity, have experienced decreases in alcohol related citations according to crime statistics. St. Mary’s has had a 50 percent decrease while Trinity only had a 31 percent decrease. In 2010, the latest year for which data is available, Trinity still had about four times as many alcohol-related incidents per student as St. Mary’s, according to statistics compiled under the federal Clery Act. In 2010, Trinity had 175 alcohol violations; St. Mary’s had 72, which is substantial since Trinity has a student population of about 2,400 while St. Mary’s has about 4,000. Between 2008 and 2010, the last three years for which figures are available, St. Mary’s had 321 incidents involving alcohol while Trinity over the same time period had 572. One reason for the 50 percent decline in citations at St. Mary’s may be more vigorous enforcement, according to police chief David Ott. “The University Police Department was being too lenient in the past couple of years about giving tickets to students that were underage drinking,” Ott said. “We were only giving tickets to students that were seen drinking. Now, we have tightened our policy by giving tickets to everyone that is present at the site. This includes on and off campus as well as the student(s) that were providing the alcohol as well.” Ott also stated, “Along with receiving a St. Mary’s ticket, the individuals also have a greater chance of receiving a


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Justice of the Peace ticket, [which] requires students to appear in front of a judge with their parents present.” An alcohol citation at St. Mary’s may also trigger a campus judicial affairs process, which can be a long and tedious one for students. According to John Wickline, director of judicial affairs, “The easiest way for a student not to get involved with judicial affairs is by not consuming or bringing alcohol to campus if you are under the age of 21.” According to Trinity University Police Chief Paul Chapa, “The biggest problem on this campus is the use of alcohol by minors.” He suggested that the problem may be more intense at Trinity because the residential campus is a more enclosed area on campus and includes a number of houses just off and close to campus. At St. Mary’s, Ott said police talk to freshmen ND 101 classes and in an array of other events about alcohol abuse, sometimes using “drunk goggles,” which imitate the effects of alcohol for anyone who wears them. University Police may also have an impact by being sufficiently staffed, enabling faster reaction times, according to Ott. The force usually has at least seven officers on duty, with officers who work ten-hour, overlapping shifts. This means between 8 p.m. and midnight, there are double the officers on duty as there are at any other time. The force, Ott said, employs 29 parttime or full time officers, and five workstudies. In contrast, the University of the Incarnate Word, which has 3,000 more students than St. Mary’s, employs 37; Trinity employs 25. St. Mary’s also uses 40 cameras

around campus. Trinity uses 50; UIW has 24. Each university police department faces different problems, according to their respective police chiefs.



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Graphic / Illustration by Chrystalla Georghiou

Experience the city during the holiday season


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Good Timing

Entertainment Concert: Skrillex

Time to have class: 10:20 a.m.

Song: “Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO

Time to work out: 9 p.m.

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Time to do laundry: 3 a.m.

Around Campus Event: Rattler Madness Building to have class: Moody

BEST OF stmu 2011

Place to go running: Indoor track Favorite cat: Cien

Energy drink: Red Bull Java City drink: White Mocha Meal in the cafe: Pasta

Commuter parking: AACC Machine in the gym: Elliptical

Eats n Drinks

Free food: Casa Maria

Honorable Mentions Song: “Someone Like You” by Adele Event: Boo Bash Concert: Taylor Swift Graphic / Illustration by Chrystalla Georghiou and Emily Scruggs| Photo by Cheyenne Palmer |Compiled by Vivian Rodriguez

Best restaurant e i t near campus:

Lisa’s Mexican Restaurant & McDonalds

Rattler Vol99 Issue6  

Best of Stmu Issue

Rattler Vol99 Issue6  

Best of Stmu Issue