Creative Spaces with Megan Hoeppner, Volume 1

Page 21

Artistic Effect: Curved Corners Break up a layout’s strong rectangular lines with a few curved corners. Photoshop's Shape tool’s Rounded Rectangle setting lets you specify how sharp or soft you’d like your shape’s edges to be. In the Options toolbar at the top of the screen, enter a value for the radius of each corner, then click and drag to stretch rectangle into shape.

Time-saving Tip: To make photo cutouts in seconds, first draw desired shape. Position shape layer just under photo layer in Layers palette, then select photo layer and press Ctrl+G (PC) or Cmd+G (Mac). Design Tip: Integrate your title into your page design by substituting part of a photo for one or more title letters. Try a peaked rooftop for an “A,” a standing figure for an “I,” or a sleeping pet for an “O.”

Pow by Deena Boese. Digital Supplies: Software: Adobe; Patterned paper and overlay: Anna Aspnes; Fonts: Avant Garde, Impact, and Trashed.

Artistic Effect: Color Pop Who says rainy days are gloomy affairs? Laura Charko’s colorful layout spotlights her original photo’s blue and yellow hues while getting rid of its distracting colors. The result: a pictureperfect match to the digital supplies she used. Laura achieved this high-contrast look in minutes using free photoediting software from Google+ Creative Kit (formerly Picnik). Accessible via any web browser or Android device, Creative Kit offers both basic photo fixes and fun artsy effects like this one. Software Tip: Since Creative Kit works with Flash, it won’t run on iPhones or iPads. Check out free or low-cost editing options in the App Store instead (see page 63 for a few great choices).

Vicki & Captain by Laura Charko. Photo by Christopher Sinal. Digital Supplies: Software: Creative Memories and Google; Patterned paper: Rhonna Farrer. Better Digital Photos & Scrapbooking 111