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Pioneering technology heats up renewables market As Scotland grows its renewable generating assets, thermal batteries offer a way of cutting the UK’s carbon footprint says Andrew Bissell.

wheN Scotland became the first country to offer government support for heat batteries it was a clear signal that the heat storage market is ripe for disruption. And not before time. Ancient Romans stored heat in bricks, Victorian engineers used hot water tanks and until now, little had changed. When the Scottish Government grasped the nettle and included heat batteries in their Home Energy Scotland Loan scheme to help homeowners make energy saving improvements, it was an acknowledgement that heat storage has as big a part to play in cutting our carbon footprint as other forms of energy storage. Indeed, since 81% of energy used in the home is for heating or cooling, surely being able to store energy converted to heat opens the way for the UK to get serious about its carbon goals. Homeowners and private landlords in Scotland can apply for an interest-free loan of up to £6,000 to install heat batteries, alongside a home renewable like solar PV or a heat pump, to help cut fuel costs and improve warmth and comfort in their homes. In time they are highly likely to make conventional hot water cylinders obsolete and could turn out to be one of the best investments householders can make, and not just because of the money saved on fuel bills. Sunamp technology is tried, tested and already keeping thousands of householders warm in homes across the UK. Now in its third generation, our UniQ range is just a third of the size of a conventional hot water cylinder, freeing up significant amounts of floor space, a bonus for housing developers.Heat batteries can capture heat in a variety of ways and deliver cascades of hot water and highly responsive space heating with proven savings of up to 75% on utility bills. They are compact, scalable, low maintenance, easy to install and competitively priced. What’s more, they are long lasting with a proven life of more than 40,000 cycles – equivalent to more than 50 years at two cycles per day. Other countries, serious about their green energy strategy, should sit up and take notice: by following Scotland’s lead, consumers and landlords everywhere can benefit from heat batteries to cut energy consumption.

Andrew Bissell is Chief Executive Officer of Sunamp

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