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Dynamic Structure


Sci-arc New Compus

Frame Mass and Void


Obama presidential Library

Dancing Extrusion


Rservior residence


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Spatial color blending Climax of consumer society MALI proposal

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Dynamic Structure Sci-arc new compus 2016 fall studio instructor John Enright



Courtyard The commercial booming in art district is transiting art district into a commercial dominate area. Artist can barely afford the rent in art district now. A rasteruarnt have been open for 10 years in art district closed recently only because the rent is too high and the profit is not enough. Consistency in order to connect the sciarc with the public, the massing is lifted to reveal the old SCI-arc building. visually it connect three parties, public in art district los angeles, exsisting SCIarc building and the new SCI-arc extension public and private The CCTV tregic is still vivid in people’s memory especially for me as Chinese. The huge open space is not utilized however it was concealed by fence to seperate public from the national TV station. My strategy is control the access of public to the building and lift the whole building up. So the private institute will not be affected by public and also the ground is embracing public.

Ground and Ground Overlaying courtyard will create multiple public space. The courtyard on ground is physiclly seperating public and private. The couryard above is combine and seperate different couryard. It creates dynamic public spaces.


office (phase 2)


The gound is seperated into diffrent areas that can seperate public public space from private public space.

Every year’s graduation needs space that can only be accessible to graduates and their family. So the space need publicity and privacy at the same time.

sciarc store

school private public space

automobile entrance

public entrance to school

student entrance and student access to leisure area







The controled access points to the school create real publicity. Also the hirechy of space are clearly related to the circulation of students, the circulatio of public and the circulation of stuff.

The phase II tower is sitting between the old SCI-arc building and the new SCI-arc building.

The phase II is office building for incubator. As the economic shifting. The relation between education and practice is getting tighter. It is both benefitial to school and the design society. SCI-arc as a avant-garde school consistently is supporting architectural and deisng society with newly trained students who familiar with differnt maedia.

There are three diffrent body of frames. The first is grids continuously flowing in massing of auditorium gallery and library. Those three parts are functionally close and it should supporting by integreted frame system. It is a geometry problem that when the massing is steering, the frame that does not following the massing will creates akward moments. So I made the grids steering in a manner that the deforming following the logic of connection of the frame system

The retail and SCI-arc store are put in one massing. Due to the puction of those spaces, the grids are evenly laying in the massing without rotation.

The third grids system is filling in between spaces and bring more elemets for contilever spaces. And the problem of morphing between different grids system is the main reason of the freely frames. Here the frames are becoming object that has its own characteristic.

The frame system is diffrent from cartitien grids that it connect with leteral and vertial components differntly. It is a continuce system in leteral direction and it has two ways of connection. The first is point to point connection. In plan the loops connect to each other by points. The second way is one componet is continueing extending to the next.

The texture on facade is created by remapping the frames’ projection onto plan. It closely related to the plan and the program. So the density of frames is reflecting the program and the needs of light. Three parties are oraganicly connected and performing.


The section quality of the building is unique. It has multiple diagrams embeded. Circle in the frame diagram is reinterpreted that the frame is above the circle and the circle is also a part of the frame.


The softly lifted retail is the moment that appealing to people. The building react to the ground in a unique way to connect architecture and human. Each part of the building perfom in the same way.


Frame Mass and Void Obama presidential library 2015 fall studio instructor Marcelo Spina collaborate with Issy Yi


The translation betwen mass and frame is a topic that always discussed. There are two variables that can control the performance of matrix of frames.


The study of frame is leading us to gain the control of frame with three different variables, the desity of frame, the thickness of the frame and the overlapping of different frames.

When the density is high and the thickness is low, the frame is perfom as a cage that suggesting connection between inner space and outer space.

When the desity is high and the thickness is low it suggesting the space inside and it is perform as a object.


In this project, we not only deal with the dichotomy between mass and frame, but also propose the comflict of mass and void by putting the emphasis on the void between the two masses. The void is framed by the mass but constructed with the device of frames. It not only serves as an public terrace, also provides the viewers with a place for accentuated feelings of monumentality. The frame, on the other hand, is a device used throughout the project to open apertures, regulate interior arrangements, and create focal depth. The frame is also intentionally contrasted with the Chicago grid in the background, opening up an urbanistic discussion.






Dancing Extrusion Resivior residence 2015 fall studio instructor Margaret Griffin


Tessellation as a game of pattern helps us understand the role of ratio in geometry.

Escher’s tessellation Fish Embeds ratio, 1:1.414, in the geometry. When color, patterns create illusion of depth. The reason for that is it relates with 45 degree axonometric cube.

I am trying to play with the ratio to create a plan that is revolving to the corner of the center rectangle to embed dynamic in the building

The revolving can be defromed with remapping to created different outcome after being cutted with varias surface


studies of cutting. Cuttings are not only applied on exterior the same rule also efficient when carving out interior space. the study also discussed how different surface meet or merge together linear cut

concave and convex

Each elecation of study models were treated with different cut to exust the possibility of cuttings and combination of cuttings.

Each elecation of study models were treated with different cut to exust the possibility of cuttings and combination of cuttings.


convex cut creates layers of continuous wall

convex cuts creates layers of walls

concave cut creates openings, each cut creat

concave cuts creates openings

the inlay layer seal gaps and holes that in shell layer to make it possible to be habitable, and it also provides a oppotunity to reregister the texture

shell layer exploring how cutting would depict a object and control the elements to perform as a architecture

Rounded shape blend elevation and plan together to create a continuous texture.

Inlay layer the inlay layer seal gaps and holes that in shell layer to make it possible to be habitable, and it also provides a oppotunity to reregister the texture

It is a three dementional modual that created with the tow dementional modual in tesselation. It serve as a tool to apply cutting to massing that carving out interior volume.

The interior volume is following a pattern of pin wheel. It creates dynamic space though it only has four space in both first floor and second floor.




Spatial Color Blending 2016 spring visual studies instructor Andrew Zago collaborate with Issy Yi


Void blending Different from other color blending mode, the method we testing to blend color and to restore image is more than representation. As a physical representation of image or any other information, the image will constantly changeing when walking around it. The image we see is based on the distance between each layers and it deceid what the porpotion of different colors will bland together.

The new blending mode we discovered is combining all charateristic together. The CMYK and RGB are modualar blending without direction. And the painting stroke has clear motion of artist’s hand. The new blending has both of them.

Oil painting blending

Georges Seurat painting detail

The Seurat painting is drawn with small strokes. But this one is different in a way that some strokes work as pixel of color and some are working as figures. There small flowers are vaguely captured in the figure of real flowers.

Georges Seurat painting detail

Georges Seurat painting detail

Georges Seurat painting detail

Georges Seurat painting detail

CMYK blending

comic book print detail

The CMYK color blendingmodel (process color, four color) is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Though it varies by print house, press operator, press manufacturer, and press run, ink is typically applied in the order of the abbreviation.

RGB blending

RGB LCD screen dispaly detail

The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. The name of the model comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors, red, green and blue.




MALI Competetion 2016 summer internship group leader Russell Thomson collaborate with Issy Yi


Geometry generated from grids system is elegant in a way that the city and architecture are abstracted to composition which linked architecture system with essence of art. Grids generated geometry starts with the most abstract relationships between city and architecture. Nowadays urban context evolved through history has too many elements that were left from demolished and renewed urban field. It is problematic that the over simplified analysis may fail to react to context.


The object above ground is form a public space that differently. since Peru is hot and humid, the real public space is not open space. It is where cast shading perfom as public space.

The paterns on ground is a diagram which indicating the public activities are more likely happened in shaded area. So the diagram of public space is reversed compare to those traditional open space model.

The gallery part are required to be placed underground. So compare with those objects above ground, gallery space are more modern. It is a free plan that gallery can be shaped due to the needs of different exhibition.


The entrance open to the park on the back of the musuem is a ramp that welcoming people to occupy. The splode ratio is 1:25 that the museum is merging with the park. the hight difference make the setion of the public space unique in a way that people on street will see the underground open space and they will be arractied to enter th emusuem.

The object function as metro entrance is seperating people from metro station from those want to enter the musuem. From distance, it is a symbole but closely it is a seperation.


Climax of consumer society Tokyo vertical cemetery 2100

2016 arch out loud competition collaborate with Jingchen Yin


The need for vertical cemetery

Form and economy

In the near future, urbanization will create super dense megacities. Space is not only insufficient for human living but also will not housing deceased. Skyscrapers are solution for human living and it will also be the solution for cemetery. It is space that housing non-human activities and it is not efficient to serve to the function of cemetery alone. Combine space is a solution to make vertical cemetery possible. With the development of cloud society, hundresd and thousands of servers are needed to housing virtual space, internet. It is a kind of space that claiming the post humanist architecture is coming. In some way, we can put that both cemetery and server farm are architecture that housing virtual entity. So it will be rational to consider combining those two together.

The complexity of form is always related to the economy of society. We can recall the saying that history is always repeating itself. As far as I see, form of architecture is the same. Especially, the order of different periods. We know that flying buttress is religion trying to gain verticality to get closer to heaven. Iconic order is representing the coming back of ancient greek humanisim. And the baroque is the exuberant of leaves and flowers on corinthians order. Skyscraper is becoming new order now since architecture is no longer limited by technology.

The monolith In the movie 2001 space odyssey, the black monilith constantly showed up in all critical moment of human history, from the origin of civilizaiton to the futuristic interstella human civilization. It is the representation of screen which could also been understand as the fouth wall. We audience are those in the monolith. The monilith is a gate and interface that connect and seperate two different systems. In the era of near future, when the climax of consumer society reached, the space and activies sealed in the tower as a cemetery is a different world from outside.

The Crusades War 12th century

15th century

Space Odyssey 2001

Monolith scenes

Stanley Kubrick 1968

16th century

the great voyage

The totem

Architecture is the monument in a city. Especially high rise towers are like totems. It carries the same function as sign of power. And they all celebrate climax of civilizations. Totem is stacked figures and sculptures vertically in a certain geomtry rules. That facinates me by connecting culture and form closely. 20th century



MIT totem studio 2012

Native American tribal totem

Cold War

tower became mega order




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GSD march II

sichuan portfolio  

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