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NEBUCID® Dermocol® NEWNEB With the importance placed on hand disinfection within the medical environment, the NO-TOUCH Dermocol® NEWNEB ensures perfect hand hygiene, time after time, when used with Dermocol® New Colourless disinfectant liquid. Key product features:

Technical enhancements:

• Automatic sensor detects the presence of the hand and dispenses the Dermocol® New Colourless disinfectant liquid • Simple 3 second NO-TOUCH operation • Compact and lightweight design • Can be used to disinfect small instrumentation • Easy installation – mains operated or rechargeable battery (optional) • Plastic base made of non-toxic, recyclable VALOX® plastic • Complies with RoHS • Use ONLY with Dermocol® New Colourless disinfectant liquid

The NEBUCID® Dermocol® NEWNEB offers a number of enhancements when compared with other NEBUCID® models:

Technical characteristics:

Dermocol® New Colourless

Dimensions Weight

• Improved reliability • New spray nozzle with double pressure to ensure better contact of Dermocol® New Colourless with the hands. • Repositioned ON/OFF button • Improved seal under spray nozzle to prevent possible contact of liquid with the Dermocol® NEWNEB mechanism • New lead-free electronic circuit – Complies with Norm RoHS

H250 x W260 x D220 mm 1.5 kg without battery and empty tank 1.7 litres

Tank capacity Consumption of Dermocol® New Colourless 5.0 ml spray per application Transformer Supply 100 – 240V 50/60Hz 0.2 A 15VDC= Electrical consumption 6 W max. Installation Mains electricity connection or rechargeable battery (optional) Colour White

• • • •

Ethanol based Lightly fragranced Non-sticky formulation Excellent spectrum of efficacy, Bactericide (including MRSA), Yeasticide and Virucide in 30 seconds. • Meets the requirements of the European standards for hand disinfection EN 1500 and EN 12791 • VAH/DGHM certificated

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