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News and Views for the Light Electorate | Published by Tony Piccolo MP | Edition 14, December 2009

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Mackenzie’s View On November 10th, Evanston Gardens Primary School received a visit from the Hon. Dr. Jane Lomax-Smith, the Minister of Education, Mr. Chris Robinson, C.E. of the Department of Education and Children Services, Kathryn Bruggemann, Regional-Director of Education and Tony Piccolo MP, Member of Parliament (Light). The visit looked at different aspects of the school; I will talk about the visit to Mr. Peter Blackburn’s Yr 4/5 class. We felt very proud about the visit, especially as the Minister spoke very highly of the classroom and gave a compliment to us all. She also mentioned that when she entered the room for the first time she felt there was a good atmosphere in the classroom. We had to prepare for the visit by framing questions we wanted to ask. With all the preparation, we felt confident enough to do it. The Minister came across as being a busy, clever, educated and confident person who was interested in us and our future. She pointed out to us how important education was to achieve our future goals. I think she left the room with a good impression of what goes on in our school, and I hope she will remember us. I enjoyed the experience as it is a special event that I shall hopefully remember.

Left to Right, (Standing) Brigade leaders John Worden, Woolsheds Wasleys; Jeff Kernich, Greenock; Alan Masters, Gawler River; Paul Lucantini, Freeling; Frank Meaney, Freeling; Michael Aldseane, Sheoak Log; Peter Kemp, Roseworthy; Brian Henson, Roseworthy; Adrian Buckby, Woolsheds Wasleys; Front Row, Ronald Searle, Greenock; Steven Shearer, Gawler River; with Light MP Tony Piccolo.

Light MP Tony Piccolo, recently met with local Country Fire Service (CFS) volunteers from stations within the electorate of Light, in what was an opportunity for the leaders from the brigades to highlight issues of concern. Mr Piccolo thanked the volunteers for the tireless and selfless efforts to the communities they serve and has echoed calls from the CFS for more residents to get involved with their local volunteer brigade. “These volunteers put themselves on the line to help others and that is something that we must acknowledge but also consider ourselves, and how we can help our community.” Mr Piccolo said. In recent weeks the Hon Michael Wright MP, Minister for Emergencey Services,

informed the South Australian Parliament of the work being undertaken by the CFS and Rann State Government in relation to bushfire prevention and management.

The Minister advised of the “New native vegetation regulations that allow people to clear native vegetation within 20 metres of a building without approval.”

“Measures taken by the South Australian government include: $15.9 million for an Erickson air-crane to be based in South Australia during the fire danger season; $150 million for a digital upgrade of the government radio network and $12.4 million to establish and roll out a telephone based emergency warning system” the Minister said.

As we enter the bushfire season, it is a timely reminder of the importance for anyone living or working in a bushfire prone area to have a Bushfire Survival Plan ready, tailored specifically for your workplace or family and local conditions.

Additionally, the minister noted the creation of a new national six-tier fire danger rating system; “a new category of catastrophic code red to warn communities of the risk of fires that are unpredictable, uncontrollable and fast moving”.

I feel very proud, too, that I get to publish my work as it has been my dream for at least a year now. I would like to thank Mr. Piccolo for giving me this opportunity to write this article. Mackenzie Styles, Yr 4

The Light electorate is served by the following brigades: Dalkeith, Gawler River, Roseworthy, Mudla Wirra, WasleysWoolsheds, Freeling, Sheaoak Log and Greenock. For more information about the changes, you can obtain further information from the CFS website at or contact the Light Electorate Office on 8522 2878.

Mackenzie Styles

LIGHT ELECTORATE OFFICE | 148 Murray Street, Gawler SA 5118 | ph. 8522 2878 | fax. 8523 1392 | | |


editorial The Challenges Ahead We are fast approaching the Christmas period, and before we know it 2010 will be upon us.

Vietnam Veteran’s Sacrifice Honoured The Australian community has helped ‘right a wrong’ through the ceremonies undertaken for the last two missing ADF personnel returned from Vietnam recently, local MP Mr Tony Piccolo believes.

It is also a time of reflection. It is a time when we can look back over the past year and see where our life has taken us – or more correctly, where we have allowed our life to be taken.

Speaking at the recent Annual Dinner of the Gawler RSL, Mr Piccolo said that without diminishing the sacrifice made by other service men and women, the ceremonies for the two returned ADF personnel were important because they closed a difficult chapter in Australia’s history and helped “right a wrong”.

As we approach Christmas we also need to look around us; enjoy what we see but also be on the look out what we can change for the betterment of our family, friends, neighbours and communities.

Mr Piccolo said when the service men and women returned from Vietnam during the late 60s and early 70s many in the Australian community turned their backs on them.

We do not need to see the world through the prism of “guilt”, but we certainly need to see it through “grace”. We need to be prepared to share our successes, and perhaps share the losses of others. Most of us will be celebrating the Christmas period, but other will be grieving; a lost one; loss of employment; loss of good health; or just lost in the world.

Mr Piccolo said while the Vietnam War might have been wrong and our government’s decision to become involved also wrong, it was wrong for the nation to blame the servicemen and women who were performing their duty according to law.

Most families will have the opportunity to share the Christmas season with families and friends and it is a time of joy and rest.

Christmas saw the birth of the “shepherd” but we all have a duty to care for the flock – albeit in different ways. May you all have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year full of Joy, Peace and Contentment.

For further information on any article, please contact the light electorate office or email

“ L i k e t h e V i e t n a m Wa r o u r involvement in Iraq has lacked popular support but importantly, this time we have directed our anger and

At the Gawler RSL Dinner were (from left) Gawler Women’s Auxiliary President, Anne Woite; Light MP Tony Piccolo, SA RSL Vice President Mr Graham Nybo, Gawler RSL President Mr George Sibenaler; State Councillor of the Women’s Auxiliary, Lil Crosby; and Barossa RSL President Mr Peter Schultz.

frustration to the government who made the decision and not the service men and women” The service given to Freeling born Flying Officer Michael Herbert was not only of importance to his family and friends, but also to all Vietnam Veterans who were not allowed to grieve when they first returned. Mr Piccolo told the guests at the Annual Dinner that increasing attendances to Dawn Services and

other ceremonies is testimony to our acknowledgment of how the community now honours the service and sacrifice of all defence personnel. The RSL have a wide range of activities and services for returned services personnel and their families. If any veterans or members of their family would like to join or require any assistance they can contact the Gawler RSL Sub Branch President Mr George Sibenaler on 0400 606 029.

CFS Volunteers Recognised

GAWLER CHRISTMAS STREET FESTIVAL The guide to the festival is located on pages 7 and 8. Cut the guide out and bring it with you to the festival.

Gawler VIEW Club Ladies – are you looking to meet new people and make new friends? We invite you to join the women of the Gawler VIEW Club. View stands for Voice, Interests and Education of Women. VIEW Clubs are a valued part of The Smith Family. The Smith Family provides education scholarships and other education support services to financially disadvantaged families throughout Australia. Gawler View Club fundraises to assist The Smith Family with these programs. We meet on the 4th Monday of each month at The Gawler Arms Hotel, at 10. 45am for meeting, lunch and an interesting guest speaker. At present Gawler View sponsors two students on the ‘Learning for Life’ scholarship program and donate books and stationery items for use by ‘Learning for Life’ in South Australia. If you would like to more information about the Gawler VIEW Club and it activities contact Helen on 8380 9986 or Pauline 8522 4471, or visit The Smith Family website:

Tony Piccolo MP at CFS Volunteer presentation with (from Left) 50 year service medal recipients Milton Materne and Raymond Obst, CFS Deputy Chief, Andrew Lawson; CFS Chief, Euan Ferguson and Regional Commander John Hutchins.

C o u n t r y Fi r e S e r v i c e ( C F S ) volunteers from the local regions were honoured at a ceremony held in Gawler recently. A number of volunteers received CFS Service Medals while some were recipients of the National Medal. Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo attended the ceremony. The CFS Service Medals were presented by CFS Deputy Chief Officer Andrew Lawson, while the National Medals were presented by CFS Chief Officer Euan Ferguson. Mr Piccolo said the CFS Service Medal is awarded for meritorious service and is presented for 10 years of diligent

2 | ENLIGHTENED | Edition 14, December 2009

service to the South Australian Country Fire Service. He said the National Medal recognises long and diligent service by members of emergency service organisations who provide invaluable assistance to the community during times of crisis. “ This includes government organisations such as ambulance, correctional services, emergency, fire and police forces, and voluntary organisations such as lifesaving or search and rescue groups.” Mr Piccolo said the National Medal is Australia’s most awarded civilian medal. “CFS volunteers give a lot of time

freely to protect the community without any expectation of reward or recognition” “At times they put their lives on the line” Mr Piccolo said it was appropriate that ceremonies be held to acknowledge the selfless contribution CFS volunteers make. Volunteers from the Angaston, Barossa, Light, Para, Gilber t, Gumeracha, Yorke Valley and Wakefield Plains Groups were eligible for medals at the presentation.


N ew L aws to Cu r b Illegal Monkey Bike Use

Monkey bikes caught being ridden illegally on the streets or in public places will be confiscated by police under proposed new laws to improve community safety. Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo said that State Cabinet had agreed to new laws to tackle the spiralling monkey bike problem. The new laws were announced by the Attorney-General, the Hon Michael Atkinson, during Cabinet’s visit to the Light electorate recently. Mr Piccolo said that when he doorknocks some communities within his electorate concerns about the danger that monkey bikes pose to the community is raised by many constituents. “Elderly people and mums with small children feel particularly vulnerable when monkey bikes speed past them along footpaths”. said Mr Piccolo.

Tony Piccolo MP and Nick Champion MHR with AG The Hon Michael Atkinson at the announcement of the new laws at the Community Cabinet Session even held in Munno Para.

but they are also very dangerous” “Monkey bikes appear harmless but they are unsafe to both riders and other road users” “ They are often ridden on footpaths and in parks and pose a significant danger to other pedestrians” said Mr Piccolo. Earlier this year Mr Piccolo tabled a petition in State Parliament organised by Federal Member, M r N ick Champion, where thousands of residents asked for tougher action against monkey bike users. M r Champion said he was committed to making our streets and parks safer for families to use. “The illegal use of monkey bikes makes it unsafe for children to walk the streets” “They are noisy and cause a great deal of nuisance to residents” Mr Champion said.

“Not only is it unlawful to ride on the roads or other public places

Skaters Ramping up their House “Building Community” says Local MP Lobbying for Skate Park The important role the Gawler Community House plays in the local community has been recognised in State Parliament. Speaking in State Parliament recently, local MP Mr Tony Piccolo informed the House of Assembly about the various activities and events run by the Gawler Community House in its endeavour to “build community”.

Skaters (from left) Alex De Vries Van Leeuwen , Corey Panagiotou, Cameron Mondello and Justin Shaw with Light MP Tony Piccolo.

A group of young skaters are calling on the Gawler Council to rebuild their skate park in Princess Park, Gawler. The Xavier and Trinity College years 8 and 9 students have formed an action group to gain community support to lobby the Council to ensure the park is re-built. Ramps were recently removed from the skate park by the council after an inspection revealed extensive rusting and corrosion which council officers felt posed an unreasonable safety risk. While the students understand and accept why the ramps had to be removed, they are concerned that Council will not replace them. To date, the students Corey Panagiotou, Cameron Mondello, Justin Shaw and Alex De Vries Van Leeuwen have collected over 500 signatures on a petition calling on the Council to build a new skate park. The action group has sought the assistance of local State Member of Parliament Mr Tony Piccolo, who has been mentoring them on the processes of local government and how they can get their case heard by Council.

out of car parks and other places where they cause a nuisance. Corey said we need to keep young people active and busy because they get into trouble when they have nothing to do. Cameron believes a properly designed skate park could be a place for the whole family and not just young people. “But you would need to provide toilet facilities as well” he said. Alex stressed that skating is a very physical activity and encourages young people to be active and stay healthy. “When youth have nothing to do they can get involved in graffiti and drinking which is not good for them or the community” said Alex. Justin felt that the skate park could be relocated to a more central location that would attract families with younger children. The action group addressed Council recently and are participating in a working party to explore the options for a new ‘family orientated’ skate park. “Their focus on building a family friendly park is to be commended “said Mr Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo said the co-ordinator and volunteers do a “stellar job” in running programs that help people to rebuild their lives and community capacity. Mr Piccolo told Parliament that “Unashamedly, the community house has become a lighthouse for those in the community who, for whatever reason, have fallen on hard times.” “More importantly though, the house invests a lot of resources into building community capacity and helps rebuild the lives of some of its clients.” He said. Mr Piccolo said the Community House also provides opportunities for people to build friendships

Light MP Tony Piccolo with students from Gawler Primary School at the “Every Generation” Event held at the Gawler Community House recently.

and connections within their community. “ The house provides an oppor tunit y for people to connect with other members of the community.” “ They are also promoting a community urban garden, they own and operate an op shop, and they run counselling services and training courses. “ “ They are promoting the Christmas lunch and also planning for an urban orchard.”

Gawler Community House 2 Scheibener Terrace, Gawler SA 5118 Phone/Fax 8522 4601 Mobile 0408 084 129 email Urban Orchard 9am-10am first Saturday of each month Fruit, vegetables, seed, seedling, fresh produce exchange

Gawler Community House Christmas Lunch (held at Elderly Centre, Fourteenth Street, Gawler) 11.30am to 2.30pm Friday 25 December Transport available if required Please rsvp by Thursday 3 December

Mr Piccolo said the Community House “through various partnerships, contributes to the wellbeing of the community by working with other community groups” “ Fo r ex a m p l e, t h e G aw l e r Refugee Association, the Gawler Community Services Forum and, more recently, the Fatherhood Project; which is designed to assist first time and young dads.” Mr Piccolo told Parliament the community house was the core of community life in the town, and it is run successfully by volunteers.

Christmas Services Christmas Eve Masses at St Peter & Paul’s Thursday, 24 December 2009 6pm

Children’s (Family) Mass


Children’s (Family) Mass


Carols Service

12 Midnight

Parish Mass

Christmas Day Masses at St Peter & Paul’s Friday, 25 December 2009

Saturday, 26th December 2009 Sunday, 27th December 2009

8am & 10am

6.30pm 8am & 10am

The action group say that a proper skate park will help youth stay

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A Premier Ocassion

Infrastructure Promise for Gawler East The State Government has been requested to “rethink” the necessity for the proposed Concordia urban growth option in view of submissions made by local councils and residents. Light MP Tony Piccolo told State Parliament that he “would strongly urge the government to reconsider the need for further development of areas like Concordia beyond those already incorporated in the urban growth boundary” for its planning for Greater Adelaide.

Cutting the 50th Community Cabinet cake are (from left) Patricia Dent, young Joshua Granger, Premier Mike Rann, Munno Para school student, Michelle Greenwood and Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo.

It is important for State Cabinet to go out into the community and meet with people and hear their stories, the Premier Mike Rann said at Community Cabinet events last week. The Premier said Community Cabinet was about the Government listening to the people in their own communities and hearing what is important to them. “Community Cabinet gives local people an opportunity to talk with Ministers and Heads of Departments face to face about issues of concern to them” he said. Speaking at the 50th community BBQ and Forum, Mr Rann said for two days he and his ministers hear presentations from local councils, receive delegations from community groups and talk with people about their local communities.

“ Th e s e e ve nt s gi ve u s a n opportunity to get a clearer picture and an insight into the communities we are visiting” “They also give the government an oppor tunity to tell the community about some of the success stories” “And we have a great story to tell” said the Premier. “We are on track to deliver a desalination plant which will help waterproof greater Adelaide, as it won’t be rain dependent” “ We are investing over $2 billion to revolutionise our public transport system which will better connect our city and deliver better environmental outcomes” “A n d i m p o r t a n t l y, we a re investing $1.7 billion to build a world standard hospital to ensure we deliver the best possible health services to the people of

the State” “And the story does not end there; we are supporting the mining sector that will deliver jobs growth in the northern parts of the state, including the northern suburbs” “We are doing this while we are keeping our triple AAA rating; we are delivering improved services to the people of South Australia in a sustainable and financially responsible way”, stressed the Premier. “ The growth in the defence related industries will boost our manufacturing sector” At the community BBQ and Forum the Premier took the opportunity to cut a cake to the 50th Community Cabinet held by Labor since they we elected into government.

Mr Piccolo said in submissions to the 30 year plan, the Cities of Salisbury and Playford have argued for more growth within their areas, while the Town of Gawler has foreshadowed possible higher density options for southern Gawler. Mr Piccolo said the draft 30 year plan clearly indicates that the bulk of the proposed Concordia development is not scheduled to be considered for development until year 26 in the 30 year plan time frame. “Putting aside that issue for a moment, various submissions made by the cities of Salisbury and Playford, and, if adopted by the government, would likely result in the Concordia area being considered later than anticipated in the draft plan.” Mr Piccolo told parliament on Thursday “the case for urban growth in areas such as Concordia would need to be seriously reconsidered, as the demand for housing land would be soaked up by other areas.” I n h i s s p e e c h M r Pi c c o l o highlighted the public undertaking the Minister

for Urban Development and Planning made at the Community Cabinet Development Forum. M r Piccolo informed State Parliament that at the forum, “the Minister for Urban Development and Planning gave a public undertaking that he would not finalise the Gawler East DPA until he was satisfied that negotiations between the stakeholders had addressed the issues raised by the proposed development and, in particular, infrastructure matters.” “This public undertaking is both important and significant, as its highlights the government’s commitment to quality sustainable development in line with community expectations.” said Mr Piccolo. “Asser tions by some in the co m m u n i t y t h at t h e l o c a l community would be forced to pick up the whole cost of infrastructure, including i n f ra s t r u c t u re o u t s i d e t h e boundaries of the proposed development are, unfortunately, misguided.” Mr Piccolo said “it is now time for the parties to negotiate in good faith to ensure that if the development does proceed, it results in the best outcome for all stakeholders.” Mr Piccolo said the Gawler community has a public assurance that “until matters such as infrastructure investment are satisfactorily addressed the minister has stated that the [Gawler East] DPA will not be approved” A full copy of the speech can be viewed at

Students Rise to the Challenge Students in the Light Electorate have risen to the Premier’s Reading Challenge with great enthusiasm according to local member Mr Tony Piccolo MP.

“Many parents told me they were concerned their children were spending too much time watching television and playing computer games.”

Mr Piccolo said that over 3,777 students in Light were now reading books as part of the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

“So, we looked at various reading programs and we came up with the idea of the ‘Olympics of Reading’”

At a special presentation held recently as part of the 50th Community Cabinet, students representing schools within the Light Electorate were presented with their medals by the Premier, the Hon Mike Rann.

“Every child who puts in the time and effort to read 12 books would be a winner and awarded a medal, just like athletes at the Olympic Games.”

Mr Rann said he was very proud of all the students in South Australia who were taking up the challenge to enjoy reading and to read more books. “I started the Premier’s Reading Challenge in 2004 because I was really concerned that children were missing out on experiencing the fantastic world of books and reading.” Mr Rann said.

To commemorate the special presentation all schools and preschools received a book for their school library or preschool. Younger children received the brand new book written to celebrate the arrival of the giant panda bears at the Adelaide Zoo called Wang Wang and Funi. Wang Wang and Funi is written by the highly regarded South Australian children’s author Phil Cummings.

4| ENLIGHTENED | Edition 14, December 2009

Premier Mike Rann, with Minister for Education the Hon Jane Lomax-Smith and Light MP Tony Piccolo with Premier’s Reading Challenge medal recipients.


Electrification Steams Ahead Local Member Tony Piccolo MP has welcomed the announcement that expressions of interests have been called for the electrification of the metropolitan train lines, including the Gawler to Adelaide line.

Mr Piccolo said the electrification of the line combined with new trains and carriages will bring our train system into the 21st century”

Mr Piccolo said the announcement honours a commitment made by the Rann Labor State Government to revolutionise public transport in the Greater Adelaide region.

“ The announcement means that train commuters from the Light electorate can soon expect faster, cleaner and more regular services”

“The calling of expressions of interests makes the project very real” said Mr Piccolo. “It’s no longer a case of if or when, it’s right now”

“Trains have suffered from a lack of investment for many years”

“While the opposition nit picks around current timetables the state government has been busy building a new rail system” “By 2013 new trains will be travelling on the new electrified train lines”

“We all win from this major investment”

Premier Mike Rann said the electrification of the metropolitan rail network is a major component of this Government’s $2 billion investment in public transport infrastructure. “Electrification design works will be underway next year with major site works installation beginning in 2011.” The Premier said. “We expect the new $1.4 billion electric train service to begin operating in 2013, following the delivery of the first new rolling stock in 2012.” he said.

Premier Mike Rann with Minister for Transport the Hon Pat Conlon and Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo at the Gawler Railway Station announcing the electrification expressions of interest.

$12.4 million for Gawler Schools

(from left) Angela McFarlane (Chairperson, GHS); GHS Principal Mr Greg Harvey; (at back) Regional director Kathryn Bruggerman; Minister Dr Jane Lomax Smith; Light MP Tony Piccolo; DECS CEO Mr Chris Robinson.

Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo has welcomed the announcement that the Rann State Government has committed $12.4 million to redevelop the Gawler High School site into a Birth to Year 12 School.

“ The integrated school will provide greater curriculum choice and flexibility”

Mr Piccolo said the $12.4 million represents the biggest single investment in the schools [Gawler High, Evanston Pre School and Evanston Primary] since they were built in the 60s and 70s.

Mr Piccolo said the new school will be a truly community school with a range of allied health services to be provided through the new children centre.

Mr Piccolo said the new school would offer numerous benefits to students and their families.

“The one stop shop will make it easier for families to participate in the school”

“The new children centre will provide a great deal of support to students and their families”

that students can receive the appropriate support” Mr Piccolo said the announcement illustrates the Rann State Government’s ongoing commitment to public education. “Students will be able to access new facilities and curriculum as a result of this huge investment to help them achieve their full potential.”

“Any learning difficulties will be identified much earlier so

Ask Just Once says Small Business Minister The State Government has recognised that small business owners are time poor and need easy access to key information and services online. In response to surveys undertaken for the preparation of the Small Business Statement, the State Government is developing the “Ask Just Once” strategy. Speaking at the Business Breakfast as par t of the Community Cabinet meeting held recently, Small Business Minister, the Hon Paul Holloway, said the Ask Just Once strategy uses technology to transform the delivery of support services so business users only need to “ask once” to find out what they need from Government. M r H o l l o w a y s a i d “s m a l l businesses are a crucial part of the social and economic fabric of our State”. “Small business contributes to our economic success and to our society’s wellbeing and character”. He said. Mr Holloway said that the new web portal will contain information on ever y State Government service area. “Everything is in one place so

businesses only need to Ask Just Once.” He said. The Ask Just Once strategy is part of the Small Business Statement released during Small Business Month. The Small Business Statement was developed under the guidance of the Business Development Council subcommittee formed specifically and chaied by the Hon camel Zollo MLC. Ms Zollo said the Statement presented an opportunity for us to take stock of the initiatives available to small businesses. “As a result, the Statement lists an extensive range of specific government programs and services available to provide assistance to small businesses.” Mr Holloway told the breakfast meeting that the State Government continues to provide funding for Business Enterprise Centres and Regional Development Boards across the State. Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo said the breakfast was part of the State Government’s desire to have an ongoing dialogue with small business.

Mr Piccolo said with about 98% of employment in small business, the economic health of our community is in their hands. “We need to ensure that the Government provides the framework that enables small business to thrive “Mr Piccolo said. “Small business helps create the wealth we need to generate if we are to maintain a high standard of living and funds to pay for the range of services provided by government” he said. Ms Zollo said copies of the statement can be obtained by contacting the Depar tment o f Tr a d e a n d E c o n o m i c Development, through local Business Enterprise Centres or Regional Development Boards.

The Hon Carmel Zollo MLC, Small Business Minister, the Hon Paul Holloway MLC and Tony Piccolo MP discussing the Small Business Strategy.

The Statement can be d ow n l o a d e d f ro m w w w. and the Ask Just Once portal will be located at

At the Business Breakfast (from left) were Jim Martin (Board Member, Northern Adelaide Business enterprise Centre); Tony Piccolo MP, Ms Jodie Grantham, Manager Economic Development, Town of Gawler; Ms Margaret Pearce, Women in Business Network; Anne Moroney, CEO Light Barossa Development Board; and Minister Paul Holloway. Edition 14, December 2009 | ENLIGHTENED | 5


Women in Business Network Launched The Gawler Women in Business Network was launched recently at a function held in the Gawler Arms Hotel.

said he admired people who had courage to start up a small business as they were hard work with no guarantee of success.

“Women have often been the backbone of many farming and horticulture ventures” said Mr Piccolo.

The network seeks to provide training, mentoring and support for women who are in business or who wish to start their own business.

“Many small businesses are certainly a labour of love” he said.

“What has changed is that their role in business is achieving greater recognition and women are gaining in confidence to promote their business interests”

Speaking at the launch of the Network local member Tony Piccolo MP said he welcomed the establishment of the group and congratulated the Northern Adelaide Business Enterprise Centre (NABEC) for sponsoring it. Mr Piccolo, who was representing the Minister for the Status of Women, the Hon. Gail Gago,

Mr Piccolo said people trying to establish new businesses or grow existing ones faced many hurdles and women in particular, because of family commitments and the lack of resources. “The Network will be a great resource for business women in the local area” Mr Piccolo said women had been involved in business for centuries, particularly in rural industries.

“The network will be of great assistance to women who run home based business and would like to grown them further” The launch was attended by many local “women in business”. The Network can be contacted by calling Ms Virginia Miller 8256 0900.

Tony Piccolo MP with members of the Women In Business Network (from left) Margaret Pearce, Gawler screen Printers; Kim Peake, Kornacraft; Lorna Watkins, Ladybird Carpet Care; Rebecca Zajac 3 Piece Events; and Marlene Haese, Redpath Technical Services.

Gawler set for a “Racing Renaissance” says Piccolo parliament that the number of race meetings at Gawler would progressively increase from the current 12 meetings per year to 22 following the upgrade. Minister Wright told Parliament that “ The racecourse is conveniently situated between the main road and the railway line and has the potential to draw larger crowds following a significant upgrade.” Inspecting the Racecourse development are (from left) Racing minister the Hon Michael Wright, Tony piccolo MP, Premier Mike Rann and Gawler & Barossa Jockey Club president Dr John McKinnon.

The Gawler Racecourse is set to have a surge in the number of race meetings next year as a result of the redevelopment of the track and the closure of the Victoria Park and Cheltenham tracks.

In response to a question asked by local member Tony Piccolo MP in parliament recently, the Minister for Racing the Hon Michael Wright informed

New Centre a Community Asset Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo has described the new Gawler Natural Resources Centre as an important community asset which will become the focus of community activity in Natural Resources Management. In officially opening the Centre during October, Mr Piccolo said it will not only house a wide array of information in a variety of formats, but it will become the nucleus of communit y activity for managing the natural assets which we all rely on for our wellbeing and prosperity. Mr Piccolo said the opening of the Centre was a natural progression of the work per formed by numerous community based groups who care for different aspects of our natural environment. Mr Piccolo congratulated all the volunteers whose hard work had lead to the establishment of the centre. “The Centre will need to find ways to reach the ordinar y resident who currently believe they do not have a role to play in the sustainability of our environment”

Natural resources information the community can expect to find in the centre ranges from pest and weed information to native plants suitable for growing in their garden. M r Piccolo said in future, seminars and field days o n to p i c s s u c h a s ; n a t i ve grass identification, pasture establishment, weed management, recycling grey water, sustainable housing and how to attract wildlife to your garden, will take place. “Importantly, the Centre can provide advice on how residents can deal with animal pests which seem to be a growing problem in the area”.

The Minister said “additional race meetings, plus making the multipurpose function centre available for other communitybased activities, is expected to generate greater investment and economic activity for the club and the Gawler and Barossa region.”

6| ENLIGHTENED | Edition 14, December 2009

“The balance of the funds will be sourced from the sale of 4.3 hectares of surplus land at the southern end of the racecourse.” “Thoroughbred Racing SA and the Gawler and Barossa Jockey C l u b h ave i d e nt i f i e d l a n d bordered by Main North Road and Barnett Street as being surplus to their needs following the reconfiguration of the track layout.” The Minister advised the parliament. Mr Piccolo said the confirmation that Gawler was to gain additional race meetings was great news for the Gawler and Barossa Jockey Club and the

town as a whole. “The additional race meetings will attract more visitors to the town which local businesses would benefit from “ M r Pi c c o l o s a i d t h a t t h e redevelopment of the racecourse combined with the additional meetings would lead to a “racing renaissance” in Gawler. “This is certainly good news for those families and small businesses that rely on the horse racing industry for their livelihood” “The redevelopment and increase in race meetings will help secure hundreds of jobs in the local area”

Australia Day Community Eventss City of Playford’s 2010 Cavalcade of Vehicles! The City of Playford will once again, on Australia Day 2010, host a Cavalcade of vehicles. The event is for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles and motorcycles up to December 1977 or on historical registration. Free breakfast at the starting line, and a fun community event at the finishing line. To register visit www.playford. and go to the ‘Latest News’ section (or if you want to pay by credit card, go to AusDayCavalcade).

Mr Piccolo officially opened the centre with the planting of two shrubs in conjunction with the Centre Chair, Ms Vanessa Freebairne. The Centre is co-located within the local Natural Resource Management Board offices at 8 Adelaide Road, Gawler and can be contacted on 85 237 700 and ask for Katherine.

“ The state government has committed $6 million towards the upgrade.” said Minister Wright.

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For more information, contact the Communications Officer, City of Playford, on 8256 0333 or email

FOCUS ON SCHOOLS Work on new Roseworthy Primary School to start in January Co n s t r u c t i o n o f t h e n e w Roseworthy Primary school is set to commence in January 2010 following approval of the project by the Parliamentary Public Works Committee said Light MP Mr Tony Piccolo.

Teachers in the electorate of Light have been acknowledged for their dedication, commitment and hard work by local MP, Tony Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo said the development will essentially involve the building of a new school on the existing site.

“The school will be of the highest environmental standards, incorporating northern window orientation and utilise wide verandas. In addition, solar panels generating up to 5KW of power. “There six, ten thousand litre rainwater tanks will be installed for use in toilets and landscaping on the site”

teachers to receive the inaugural certificates. “The certificates are a way of way saying we acknowledge and appreciate the work you do”

Local schools nominated teachers to receive a special certificate of appreciation from Mr Piccolo as part of World Teacher’s Day on the last Friday during October.

The $5.4 million dollar project will involve the construction of new classrooms, a resource centre, new administration and staff facilities, and play areas.

Mr Piccolo said the new school buildings will be designed to blend in with the surrounding area.

Teachers’ work honoured

Light MP Tony Piccolo with Chair of Governing Council, Dennis Martin looking over plans for the new school.

“The development will cater for up to 220 students but has been designed to take into account future requirements. “ The announcement has been welcomed by Governing Council Chairperson, Mr Dennis Martin. Mr Martin said the new development reflec ted the bright future of the Roseworthy community.

Mr Martin acknowledged the hard work of the school community in the planning process for the new school buildings. Mr Piccolo said the redevelopment demonstrates the State Government’s commitment to providing the best facilities for local children and families. New buildings are anticipated to be completed in late 2010 and ready for the start of the 2011 school year.

Mr Piccolo said teachers help shape the lives of young people and it was appropriate to acknowledge their contribution.

Mr Piccolo said the purpose of the certificate was to acknowledge the important contribution teachers make to our community through the education they provide to our young people. “Teachers have and will always carry a huge responsibility, and their work extends beyond teaching” “Today, teachers need to balance their role as educators and mentors to our children and play a vital role in assisting students on an academic level but also with social and family issues.” said Mr Piccolo.

At the Trinity College Montessori Pre School on World Teacher’s Day were (from left) teachers Donna Skoda and Michelle Heath receiving their “Certificate of Appreciation” from Local MP Mr Tony Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo invited schools within his electorate to nominate

Entire street jampacked with activities LYN





Baby changing facilities & feeding room (The Baby Ba)

Live Entertainment

Live body painting

St. Johns

Come and see Santa arrive at 11.00am


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Follow the Elf Trail on the day!






Food and drink stalls Toilets

Edition 14, December 2009 | ENLIGHTENED | 7


Cyclist Delight


Start the day with a hearty cooked country breakfast surrounded by family entertainment in Pioneer Park. Then make your way into Murray Street and see it come alive, when we send the riders on their way at the stage 2 start of the Santos Tour Down Under.

GAWLER 20 January 2010

Come along and join in the celebrations Australia Day Breakfast Tuesday 26 January 2010 Apex Park, Julian Terrace Gawler

Murray Street

Breakfast served from 7am. Followed by Citizenship Ceremony and Presentations of Australia Day Awards.

Pioneer Park from 8am Riders departing 11am

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Christmas Street Festival SUNDAY 6 DECEMBER

11am to 3pm Murray Street

“Best of Town & Country”

Christmas is traditionally a time of joy and goodwill as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is an important time for families, friends and communities to gather together, to encourage one another and be thankful for the blessings we receive. The Town of Gawler would especially like to thank the service clubs, community groups, businesses, Gawler Business Development Group and Target Gawler who have collectively contributed to the Christmas Street Festival. Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

8 | ENLIGHTENED | Edition 14, December 2009



Enlightened : Edition 14, Christmas Edition (December 2009)  

News and Views for the Light Electorate, Published by Tony Piccolo MP

Enlightened : Edition 14, Christmas Edition (December 2009)  

News and Views for the Light Electorate, Published by Tony Piccolo MP