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GUIDELINES FOR ROTARY CLUBS Rtn. C.J. Singh . District 3080 Public Image Coordinator 2011-12

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Share your club’s activities with the World!

How to work with media Rotary places great emphasis on Rotary’s public image, and media plays a significant role in reporting the humanitarian work being done by the Rotarians in their respective clubs. It is very essential that the Rotary club leaders ensure that they work with the media and keep them informed about their club’s activities and achievements. Given below are some broad guidelines for the clubs to follow.

Public Relations Committee •

Involve members who would like to selflessly work towards maintenance of Rotary’s public image and strengthening it through an effective media management.

PR Committee must update oneself on information about Rotary, District & Club projects/programs

Prepare one page highlighting major projects of the Club for sharing with media

Upload information on the club’s website

Prepare key statements for each of the projects

Maintain a photo bank of all club projects for sharing with the media

Do’s and Don’ts •

The Club President is the spokesperson of the Club. Quote him/her in the news release drafts.

The project incharge may also be quoted

The contact details of Club President and Club PR Chair should be given at the end of the release

During the function, do indicate to the Photo Journalists, the complete names and designation of the people sitting on the dais to avoid mis-spelling

Get all news release material checked from the club president and/or other knowledgeable persons including past president and/or the project incharge for accuracy of the facts

Upload the news releases of the club on to the website for later access

Share the news release of club’s activities through club’s blog or social media.


GUIDELINES FOR ROTARY CLUBS Rtn. C.J. Singh . District 3080 Public Image Coordinator 2011-12

For any information or query, please send email to

Step-by-Step Process •

Get details of the project/programme to be covered by the media

Prepare a list of media persons deputed in your city

Prepare a media invite for sending to the mediamen at least one or two days in advance

Telephonic follow up to seek confirmation

Prepare a background note on the project/programme for giving to the media on arrival on the day of the activity

Post-event prepare a fresh News Release quoting the statements made by the chief guest.

Prepare a separate news release for Hindi and Panjabi media

Electronic media also requires separate vernacular news release

Email and/or fax or hand deliver the news release to the media

Next day scan the media for published news items, cut out, paste on a white paper, write down the name of the publication, date of publication, and page number.

Scan and send to the District Chair

News Releases about projects should also be mailed to : o Rotary News / Rotary Samachar o The Rotarian Interactive o District Governor o Assistant Governor o District Editor

Photographs •

Photographs should be action-oriented and not the group of people standing in a group

Beneficiaries should get the focus in the photographs

If you are sending hardcopy/prints of photographs, do not write the caption at the back. Writing captions at the back spoils the photograph. Write the caption separately on a sheet of paper and paste it at the back. Alternatively paste the photograph lightly on an A4 white sheet, and


GUIDELINES FOR ROTARY CLUBS Rtn. C.J. Singh . District 3080 Public Image Coordinator 2011-12

For any information or query, please send email to

write the caption on the paper. Please do not staple the photographs or affix a pin to the picture, which can render it useless. •

In case you are transmitting images, it is very essential that you do not send all the photographs of the function. Select two or three photos which have news value, and along with the caption written in the text column of the email is also sent along.

The digital photographs must be of minimum 300dpi/hi-resolution quality.

Archive •

Create an archive of this information and photographs in digital format in the Club’s office computer, with a back up on DVD/CDs with proper labeling so that these can be accessed by future leadership.

The archive also helps you in using this information and photographs and copies of videos for compiling your club’s history, and serves as a great resource for the prosperity.



How to work with the Media  

Guidelines for Rotary Club leadership on working with the media to get coverage for their activities and achievements

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