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MARCH 2011


Inclusive Growth: A Necessity of Our Times

ESI Corporation Jubilee


One person Company


Production Insurance


Palliative Care goes beyond Medication

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When we meet and have nothing special to say March 2011 Published monthly by Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Industries Association (BBNIA)

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When we meet and have nothing special to say, we simply talk about the weather, the deteriorating political scene, increasing corruption, inflation, our families, movies and other subjects that are routine in nature and on which we cannot contribute to bring a change. That is what we call talking out of the cuff. We have written the above lines in the hope that what was intended to be conveyed in Disha was not taken as casually because we were discussing matters of serious concern. For instance in November issue we said “Everything becomes possible the moment you cross the boundaries of impossibility” and we have proved it by bringing out “Disha” every month which was believed to be simply impossible. In December issue we brought out under “BBNIA – The Helping Hands”, instances whereby BBNIA as an Association could reach out to the society. On similar lines in January, we took up a case where our fellow members were engaged in social activity as a part of their CSR. Contributions for CSR may soon be made mandatory as is now discussed in our cover story. The February issue stressed about maintaining our dignity and lifestyle to show “The rich must live more simply so that the poor can simply live”. And in all the issues above the material included was of the nature which was appreciated by our own members and outsiders including governmental organizations. We are thankful to one and all individually and collectively. The March issue, now in your hands is intended to raise an “Open House Discussion” on a topic not discussed in any paper before. “PRODUCTION INSURANCE” requires a detailed discussion to enable the Industry to broach the subject with the authorities. It is easy to say it is difficult or not possible. But let us give it a trial. We are also discussing important matters regarding “Social Security” and “One Person Company” and request the readers to forward their opinion to Editor, Disha.

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CASE IN POINT 14 Production Insurance

The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true.

HEALTH MATTERS 16 Palliative Care goes beyond Medication

March 2011


Pre- Budget Memorandum to Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Rajender Guleria President, BBNIA


BN area has emerged as major investment destination for who's who of industry in last 7 years. Every major consumer goods industry including pharmaceutical has established their works

in this area but apprehensions about their future plans are often aired by media after expiry of package. The government has taken significant steps to make this investment sustain for long term but quite a lot is still to be done to make the industry competitive in long run. Some of these issues have been presented to the Himachal Pradesh government as a part of our pre-budget memorandum, which focuses primarily on connectivity to the town, empowerment of BBN Development Authority, delegation of powers to Deputy Director Industries Single Window Clearing Agency, Barrier Management, revamping of various other infrastructural issues, etc. One of the major issue had been hiking of electricity duty by the state government recently, which is one of the highest compared to many other states in the country at 20 percent, which would be a disincentive for the investors and hamper further industrial development in BBN. The socio-economic growth and new investments can only be attracted in this area once the infrastructural bottlenecks are removed whether it is four-laning of Pinjore Nalagarh road which is pending since long, or the new linkage to NH22 from Barotiwala, railway and metro link to Chandigarh, etc. It is also high time that BBNDA is made into an autonomous authority and provided a seed capital of Rs.200 crore to initiate development projects. Similarly the Deputy Director Industries Single Window Clearing Agency at Baddi requires more power for better administration and prompt action. BBNIA has also requested concerted cleanliness drive with strengthening of sewerage system, putting into place municipal solid waste management, provision of exhibition ground, a sports stadium, a good school and a hospital, truck parking areas, labour hostel at Nalagarh, etc. The creation of a subdivision at Baddi would further help in easing the inconvenience and harassment that industry faces to get their work done at Nalagarh. There are host of issues which have been comprehensively been dealt in the memorandum presented to the state government, and we do hope that firm action would be taken to keep the momentum of development in BBN area.


Rajender Guleria March 2011



Mahatama Gandhi has said to the policy makers that “when we formulate any policy we should imagine the face of the poorest that what benefit he is getting on its implementation”. Unfortunately it's other way round.

Arun Rawat President Elect, BBNIA


ost of us were worried of the budget for 2011-12

and it was felt that we are in for a heavy dose of

taxes. But what has now come out is generally

accepted as a forward looking and a balanced budget for many reasons. Some of logics advanced to say budget is good relate to retaining of levy of service tax and excise duty at 10 per cent. Reduction of custom duty on iron ore and yarn, stress on infrastructure development, allocations for agriculture and related products, Capital infusion in Banks, Women's self help group Development Fund, Environmental Schemes, Education, Clean Energy, relief in Corporate surcharge and a few other have been talked about in the budget as is always done. Small time relief is given to Aanganwari workers, salaried persons, old age persons, pension to BPL categories, cash payment of subsidy on LPG and Kerosene to BPL families, and some more. What is not evident from the budget is the way the “aam aadmi” stands to gain who is presently reeling under heavy cost of eatables and items of everyday use. Nothing has also been said about the manner in which rise in cost of Petrol and Diesel in the current global market is to be offset when there is no reduction either in customs duty or excise duty. Increase in cost of Petrol in general and diesel in particular will cause a spurt in price of consumable and other inputs. It is also obvious that when subsidy on LPG and Kerosene is to be allowed to the BPL families only, cost of LPG Cylinder for majority of users will go as high as Rs. 700 per cylinder. The Budget 2011-12 may have to be examined in detail to find where all we stand to gain (or loose). The preliminary reading suggests that the industry is not discussed in the budget and as such it is not understood as to how the Industrial growth targeted at 11 per cent in 2011-12 will be achieved. Mahatama Gandhi said “when we formulate any policy we should imagine the face of the poorest and see what benefit he is getting on its implementation”. Unfortunately it's other way round.

The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success.

Arun Rawat



A Necessity of Our Times be raised to match with the privileged class so that each one of us works for the growth of

our nation irrespective of the caste,

cadre, creed or the state to which one belongs. The irony of our country is that Top 10 Billionaires holds 12% of India's wealth, against 9% in Germany, 5% in Brazil and meager 1% in China. The need of hour is to unlock this wealth concentrated among few so that the entire society is able to participate in growth process. One of the foremost steps needed in our country for inclusive growth to succeed


For a country like India which is still growing, it cannot be expected that the government can meet all the requirements of every citizen of the country. Its economy is insufficient to provide for bare necessities leave alone the luxuries.

nclusive Growth no more means CSR nor does it means Corporate Philanthropy, in present times it means availability of an

equal opportunity to all sections of the Society so as to excel together and contribute towards growth of a country. This can only happen where the rich are compassionate to the sufferings of poor: where the educated wish to educate the illiterate; where those who eat a wholesome meal think of those who remain hungry and fatigued. Why necessary? It is of paramount importance to understand by each stake holder of the society and Corporate Houses in particular, that we need to narrow the gap between class and mass, lower the disparity levels between the rich and the poor. The level of the less & under privileged sections need to

It is easy to get to the top after you get through the crowd at the bottom.

is to empower our women, tribal and rural, by increasing their education levels. We must also try to develop manufacturing & service industry near our villages so as to provide necessary opportunity for our rural population to grow professionally and financially. Another step required is to increase their awareness about health and sanitation. It is equally necessary that in addition to education of the masses we should be able to sensitize our society about corruption so that people do not indulge in it and those who do so are discouraged not under force of law but under pressure from those who are forced to offer gratification. Corruption is eating at the roots of our democracy added to which is our legal system that takes years to decide cases of default. But all said and done, we have to continue with our efforts to go up the ladder rather than

March 2011



stand at the bottom and count the steps

our society and can raise the stature of all

form of public-socio-private partnership as

we are yet to climb. The corporate sector

those who presently fail to help in our

alternatives for supplementing the on-

can help the country to achieve optimum

growth, the progress of the nation shall

going efforts of the government.

results by their participation.

remain retarded. In the present days of

In social terms, CSR means a

What is holding?

global competitions, we cannot allow any

responsibility that is a liability on us which

The government, both at the centre

retardation in our economy at the social or

needs to be discharged as meticulously as

and the state are seriously devoted to uplift

the professional level and have to ensure

we do so in our profession. CSR is a liability

those left behind due historical or hereditary

that as we grow so does the nation. It is a

because of a moral obligation we owe to

reasons, by introducing a number of welfare

responsibility that we cannot ignore.

our consumers who purchase and promote

schemes so that all those left behind can

Situation abroad

our products and they are from all sections

become useful members of the society

The countries of the western world and

instead of being a burden as they are today.

even China are able to grow inclusively only

grow and that can happen only when the

Unfor tunately, these governmental

because the population of those countries

consumers know that we care for them.

schemes are at times initiated not because

has lesser disparity level among themselves

CSR is thus a medium for us to advance our

of the society. We want our business to

of a real necessity but only to garner vote

and more or less have equal opportunities

products and activities.

bank of the party that governs. And still

available for each due mainly to the

Government View Point

more unfortunate is the fact that a chunk of

awareness of education among the citizens

As more countries and corporate

the allocated funds go down the drain due

of these countries, specially the women.

organizations continue to embrace

mainly to high rate of corruption and /or

Every individual is the arm of the

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), India is

wrong selection of the beneficiaries.

administrative or the corporative wheel of

recommending a bill to the parliament to

For a country like India which is still

progress which is missing in our case.

compel corporate bodies to set aside 2% of

growing, it cannot be expected that the

Corporate Social Responsibility- defined

their total earnings for CSR every year. CSR

government can meet all the requirements

In professional terms CSR means that

under the proposed Companies Bill 2009 is

of every citizen of the country. Its economy

the Corporate Sector should take on

designed to make it mandatory for the

is insufficient to provide for bare necessities

business responsibilities which in addition

Companies to spend money towards CSR activities.

leave alone the luxuries. This being so, it is

to being profitable for them are also

undoubtedly incumbent on the affluent

profitable to those who provide the where-

individuals or a group of such individuals to

withal to grow.

Corporate Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said that the Ministry has put up a

share responsibilities of the State for the

For instance, those in the Corporate

progress of its citizens and the country. Such

Sector can make capital investments in

corporate governance on its website for

a sharing borne out of a feeling for growth

agriculture sector in addition to what is

discussion and to elicit response and added,

for our nation when matched with help

being given by the public sector. Similarly,

"The response to our voluntary guidelines

from the Corporate Sector is what inclusive

targeted development of rain fed areas,

has indicated that some people think in

growth means.

linking farmers to the market through a milk

some areas we should move towards

set of voluntary guidelines on CSR and

The biggest anomaly of our country is

co-operative kind of model, investments in

instructions, and in some areas the

that 80% of our population in the

food processing, cold chains, packaging of

voluntary guidelines are adequate,"

agriculture sector is just able to contribute a

processed foods, increasing livestock

He further said that the government will

maximum of 4% to our growth and that too

farming, fisheries, horticulture etc. are the

look at all options, including legislation, to

when we have a reasonably good

fields in which the corporate sector can

make more companies adopt CSR and

monsoon. The balance 20% population,

come in to contribute. Likewise we can

added, "You can't hope that everything will

which is engaged in manufacturing, trade

think of Information and technology which

work without a basic legislative line drawn.

or services, contributes 8 to 9% meaning

enhance the productivity levels and help in

But where that line should be drawn must

thereby that the entire population is

achieving inclusive growth by application in

come by way of consensus from industry". Corporate Response

dependant on the revenue generated by

fields as diverse as Education, Humanities,

20%. Unless we are in a position to reduce

Healthcare, SMEs, e- Gover nance,

Rather than legislate on CSR, corporate

the disparities between different sectors of

outsourcing, agriculture and so on in the

organizations believe that it should be a


March 2011

Do something everyday that you don't want to do. This is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.


moral burden on corporations to see CSR as

for law making covering futuristic issues

supplementing government revenue. Its

part of their business culture. The Indian

such as environmental pressures, impact of

utilization for any defined or un-defined

government asked all companies to provide

global operations of Indian firms on

activity can always raise questions as in the

details of their investments made as part of

domestic stakeholders, technological

case of expenditure on its other welfare

their CSR initiative during the last fiscal year.

collaborations, free movement of capital

schemes. Keeping in mind the track record

But for all what we know, the response was feeble and not conclusive to convince


of gover nmental functioning, the

Our Objections

entrepreneurs are not sure that the

that CSR could work voluntarily. As the

In India, as expected, corporate

matter stands, we as entrepreneurs remain

organizations are against the legislation on

that it should.

highly insensitive to what is happening

the ground that it is another tax on


around us and fail to cash on the

corporate bodies but the Indian

amounts so charged will reach the hands

Opposition to mandatory deductions

opportunities that peep at us behind our

Government is insisting on going ahead

of CSR as a tax is all too obvious. The fall


with the legislation. India may make CSR a

back of this will retard voluntary welfare


activities presently being undertaken by

Whether the CSR activities or Corporate Philanthropy should be optional or

A similar bill before the Nigerian

most of the business houses everywhere in

compulsory was a question posed by the

National Assembly to force corporate

the country. Levy of CSR tax will discourage

BBNIA to all its members who were

bodies to set aside 3.5% of their annual

the existing contributors for the reason that

subsequently requested to intimate details

profit for CSR was recently dropped because

the funds are being taken by the

of such activities performed by them in the

of vehement opposition by corporate

government to do so. This shall result in a

recent past. Barring a couple of units like

bodies which view the CSR Bill as a

feeling of neglect by the recipients of such

Cipla and Torrent Pharmaceuticals, all

misnomer and another kind of taxation on

benefits who take these for granted for the

others ignored our request, as was also

corporate bodies.

last many years. Withdrawal will only result

done in a few earlier cases. Yet when we

Where the administration decides to

meet and discuss, we know of such

collect funds from affluent houses by force

activities by majority of us that go un-

of law to provide for funds for over all benefit

in ill will. Suggestions All of us, who are concerned with the

reported. And once the CSR bill becomes

of the masses, it amounts to levy of some

industrial development in H.P. or in any

the law none of us will be in a position to

tax even if it is earmarked for use on welfare

other state, take up our assignment as self-

resent. May be you can say that the bill does

activities. The government functions as a

employment. That we earn some profit for a

not effect you. But may be it will do when

welfare state and there are so many

respectable living is the natural corollary and

your business flourishes. Then what?

functions that are being attended to by it

feel comfortable in doling out employment

Effect of the Bill

out of its collections or from the borrowings.

to many. No project, as it is, can be taken up

Collection of CSR funds will only mean

as a social service project. If some such

The thrust on delegated legislation will allow the ministry to push the Companies Bill — revised af ter receiving the suggestions of the Parliamentary panel and legal vetting — during the ensuring Budget session of Parliament. The session begins on February 21. Once the bill is passed, it shall be made applicable to all companies with a net worth of Rs 500 crore or more, or a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore or more. The third criteria was a net profit of Rs 5 crore or more unless the government allows more flexibilities on this account. Delegated legislation also becomes necessary as the Bill intends to allow scope

We Cannot Judge Anybody By What Others Say About Him, Because He May Have Impressed Different People, Differently.�

March 2011



benefit accrues to the society it is incidental.

are necessary to be known. We believe

realized and expenditure made from such

We are also aware of the professional

none in the corporate sector will perhaps be

fund can be subjected to periodical scrutiny.

benefits which accrue by entering in a

averse to choose a profit earning project

All deductions from CSR should be

business venture involving sectors like

that helps inclusive growth and/or

made exempt from tax on the lines of

Agriculture, Health. Education etc etc , but

contribute the desired amount, even when

donations to certain institutions to enable

to do this we are bound to investigate the

it is collected on principles enunciated in the

the corporate houses and others to

input costs and its sources plus other

proposed bill or on similar lines. The only

contribute funds even when these are

operational conveniences. What happened

cause of concern with us is that money be

recovered under the law or voluntarily.

recently to the “Nano car” project of Tatas in

properly utilized.

Calcutta is an example of what all can

It is suggested that as many projects of

happen if the public and the governmental

the government at present are being

support is lacking. In the circumstances if the government

Any other suggestions please? Appeal We appeal to all our readership to do a

administered on PPP mode, all activity of

real introspection and understand that in

inclusive growth can be experimented first

present times even CSR is a redundant

sincerely believes that the corporate houses

on private-socio-public management

phrase as we now need to move towards

and others can be partners to inclusive

system and made user driven project

Corporate Philanthropy, where each one of

growth, start-up and operational hic-cups

through SPV. In that case we believe all will

us engaged in business has to dedicate

are required to be attended to in

join hands to make the program of inclusive

some percentage of our earnings towards

consultation with the prospective partners. We hasten to add that the idea of

growth a success. In case such an

this cause , may be in whichever way one

experiment does not succeed, the

wants to do the same

so as to make

government for inclusive growth of all the

government has all the moral right to

Inclusive Growth a reality in our country or

sectors with the participation of corporate

enforce levy under the law.

else the day is not far when even we have to

houses is highly laudable. It is also

In the event of mandatory recovery of

face a revolution from our under privileged

understandable that for any activity to be

CSR, separate fund be created as distinct

brethrens, hence lets take a pledge to avoid

undertaken, funds required and its source

from consolidated fund so that revenue

such a situation………….

ESI Corporation Jubilee


SI Corporation Himachal Pradesh Region

that all Medical Claims of IPs be put on the

more number of industrial workers get

organized Jubilee celebration on 24th of

Website of ESIC so as to make the concerned

benefit under the scheme.

February 2011 at Baddi under the

chairmanship of Sh. B.S. Negi Regional Director, Himachal Pradesh Parwanoo. BBNIA was

employees/authorities accountable for delay if

Software for E-payment through egenerated Challan was repor tedly

any. He further suggested that owners of Small

developed and facility would be available

represented by Sh. Rajender Guleria, President,

and Micro Enterprises as well as Executives of

from the month of March 2011. Mr. Negi

Sh. Y.S. Guleria General Secretary and Sh.

Companies be given option to register under ESIC

informed that all pending medical claims

Ashwany Sharma Organizing Secretary along

Act so that they too can avail benefit of health

have been cleared by the team of ESIC. In

with member industries.

services provided in the Hospital of ESIC. He

addition, Mr Negi intimated that ESI had

Sh. B.S. Negi in his opening remarks detailed

congratulated the ESI Corporation for its Golden

organized one Health camp at Vardhman

the improved services being provided by ESIC in

Jubilee celebrations and thanked for opening

which was very successful and that the next

Himachal Pradesh and went to the extent to add

Model Hospital at Baddi which is expected to

Health Camp was proposed for March 10,

that the motto of ESIC is that IP is VIP. He also

become operational by September 2011.

in Dabur at Baddi.

intimated that those covered under the ESI

Sh. Y.S. Guleria, General Secretary and Sh.

Briefing the press conference, Shri B.S.

scheme and are retired from service will continue

Ashwany Sharma Organizing Secretary of BBNIA

Negi also informed that taking in account

to avail medical facilities for themselves and their

also expressed their views on this occasion and

increasing population in BBN area, it has

congratulated the ESIC on the occasion of its

been decided to provide treatment facilities

Sh. Rajender Guleria in his address

Jubilee. Captt. Alok Sharma also suggested that

to the general public in ESI hospitals on

appreciated the increase in performance of ESIC

industries which have les than 10 workers may

payment of some user charges.

during the last three to four years. He suggested

be given option to enroll under ESI so that

families on payment of Rs. 10 per month.


March 2011

Don't use time and words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved,



Suggestions for Budget

To boost investment in infrastructure, it will be necessary to do away with the levy of MAT on infrastructure companies.


accelerate the investment

which provided tax exemption of interest

interest rates are increasing to provide for

momentum by introducing certain

and Long Term Capital Gains in the hands of

heavy requirement of funds by this sector.

innovative fiscal measures in budget for the

infrastructure capital companies helped in

To introduce higher investments in

financial year 2011-12. It suggests urgent

addressing the issue of funds for

industrial sector, the provisions of the direct

need to boost investment in:

infrastructure sector.

ccording to CII, there is a need to

Agriculture n

Section 10 (23G) of the Income Tax Act,

The provision was withdrawn in the

provision should be re-introduced as the

tax code need to be modified, like enhancement of rate of charging

Infrastructure Development n

announcement of the Budget 2007-08 on

depreciation on Plant & Machinery;

Industrial sectors. n

the ground that tax rates and interest rates

extending R & D incentives available under

on borrowings had come down. The

section 35 (2AB) to all sectors.

For Agriculture Sector, there is a need to encourage private sector participation through various tax measures by providing tax exemption on expenses incurred on new technology and inputs, best crop raising practices, mobile vans exclusively used for conducting awareness programs, soil testing, residue analysis and diagnostics. To boost investment in infrastructure, it will be necessary to do away with the levy of MAT on infrastructure companies. The definition of infrastructure under Section 80-IA should be widened to include ruralbased initiatives like water harvesting, IT products, solar panels. The third party developers of infrastructure projects can also be granted tax holiday under Section 80-IA(4) as is admissible to the developers or the company that operates and maintains an infrastructure facility.

Monthly Quiz March 2011

a) Name the other substance of earth harder than the hardest of the Gems. b) Name the country of origin of Christopher Columbus. c) What is the name given to the Parliament in Japan? d) What is “Ikebana� and to which country it is related.?

e) Name the National Bird of India. f)

What is the medical name of study of muscles.

g) Who gives away Nobel Awards?

................................................ Answer to Monthly Quiz February 2011 a) Anju Boby George

e) Oneirology

b) Karnam Maheshwari

f) R.K. Narayan

c) Leander pace

g) Maxim Gorky

d) Vishwanathan Anand

Don't be afraid to learn. Knowledge is weightless, a treasure you can carry easily.

March 2011


To u r i s m i n H P

Home stay for Tourists

The promoters can submit fresh proposals for approval of home stay permissions in the countryside at anytime. Such a step will not only improve inflow of tourists but shall also result in de-congestion of urban areas that can no longer support further tourism or have lost the interest of tourist to be retained as tourist resorts. rof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister of


Application for registration of premises for home

Himachal Pradesh, who also holds the tourism

stay in rural or tribal areas is to be sent to the district

portfolio asked unemployed rural youth of the

tourism development officer.

facilities to the visiting tourists.

incentives to such units in the nature of exemption for

state to adopt the scheme of providing home stay


The government is providing a number of

Prof. Dhumal said, that the basic idea of

house tax and VAT on lodging and boarding charges.

introducing home stay facility scheme in rural and

Charges on change in land use are levied by the Town

tribal areas is to provide a clean and affordable place

& Country Planning Department are exempt and only

for foreign and domestic tourists who visit Himachal

domestic consumption charges on consumption of

Pradesh in large number. A directory of all approved

electricity and water are applied. The promoters can

establishments that are eligible to extend such a

submit fresh proposals for approval of home stay

facility has been prepared by the department to

permissions in the countryside at anytime.

enable domestic as also the foreign tourists to live in a

Such a step will not only improve inflow of tourists

homely environment and be accustomed to

but will also result in de-congestion of urban areas

Himachali customs and traditions. This information of

that can no longer support further tourism or have

such establishments is also available on the web-site

lost the interest of tourist to be retained as tourist

of the tourism department.


Elaborating on the scheme, the Chief Minister

Tourism can obviously come up in a big way in

said that private houses located in the rural areas of

Himachal Pradesh by introduction of standard world

the state as are easily accessible in the countryside are

class services in the name of “Incredible India – Bed

eligible to register as tourist residential units. Such

and Breakfast Scheme.”

houses covered under the scheme should have one or

Can some of us think of contributing to make

more room's accommodation subject to a maximum

India “Incredible” and favourite tourist destination

of three rooms, with attached toilet facility.

under this scheme?

March 2011

Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only, where you have been but also where you are going.

BBNIA News in Brief

Pre-Budget Memorandum to Government of Himachal Pradesh


Responding to CSR

BNIA has sent a pre-budget memorandum to the state government for the financial year 2011-12 broad lining our expectations from the budget. Stress has been laid for

improving connectivity of three roads from Pinjore to Nalagarh (NH21A)

Barotiwala to

Parwanoo and Nalagarh to Ghanauli. In

addition, the government has been requested to prevail upon the centre to provide a Railway link from Baddi to Chandigarh and beyond and Metro link between Chandigarh to Baddi and Nalagarh. The state government has also been requested to provide adequate powers and financial support to the BBNDA to make it a strong entity and make it autonomous on the lines similar to the functioning of Noida. BBNIA has also desired that additional powers be vested with

Drawing competition in Govt Primary School, Malpur


ipla organized several awareness programmes on diverse topics of relevance as a part of CSR initiatives during the year 2010-2011. Competitions like safety posters, safety

Quiz, and Essay competition for school children was conducted on

the Deputy Director Industries at Baddi so that the industrialists do

the eve of Safety Week to inculcate the safety awareness among the

not have to run around Baddi and Shimla to obtain sanctions like

school children. Drawing competitions for Primary School, Malpur

extension in period of implementation, permission for renting out a

and B. L Central Public School, Baddi was organized in the month of

portion of their building and to get their central investment subsidy

February 2011. First three students from each School will be

cases dealt with and decided. Other demands placed before the

awarded a prize during the safety week celebration in March 2011.

government among other things include provisions for a mini-

On the Power Front

secretariat, exhibition ground, a reputed school and multi-specialty hospital at Baddi in addition to up-gradation of Fire Brigade at Baddi and Nalagarh. Electricity Duty in Himachal Pradesh is highest as compared to Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. A request has been made to the government to roll back the Electricity Duty to compensate the industry for withdrawal of benefits and levy of additional taxes.

Art of Living Camp


BBNIA before the HPSEBL on 10 July 2010, considered

again on 15 September 2010, was arranged on 15

February 2011 at Baddi. Er. R.K. Sharma Chief Engineer along with Er. Rajesh Thakur SE (OP), Solan, the Xens from Baddi and Nalagarh and the Asstt,

imachal Pradesh Laghu Udyog Bharti, Rotary Club Baddi and the BBNIA jointly arranged a seminar on the Art of

Living at Baddi on 15 January 2011 addressed by senior

disciples of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This was followed by a three day camp at Hotel Best Western Royal Park, Baddi in which more than 300 people participated.

Executive Engineers of the Sub-Divisions were present. Er. R. K. Sharma informed the members of the BBNIA that action on all the matters was already taken and implementation is at the advanced stage. It was informed that additional manpower of ten persons each has already been placed at the disposal of Barrotiwala, Baddi and Nalagarh Sub-Division to attend to complaints of consumers. Elaborating on the repeated tripping in the area, the reason

Health Camps



meeting to assess follow up action on the issues raised by

given was that the supply is routed through Punjab and Haryana

health camp for handicapped persons was organized by

and at times when some fault occurs in those areas, the supply to

BBNIA with the kind help of Shri Deepak Bhandari, Advisor.

us is disconnected. With distribution of power through Upparla

Other than routine examination, artificial limbs, caliper and

clutches and even tricycles, free of cost, are being provided to the

Nangal, likely to start in June 2011, the regular power supply is assured.

needy persons. Shri Bhandari also informed that an eye check-up

The HPSEBL and BBNIA jointly expressed necessity to continue

camp is proposed for second week of March 2011 and an amount

with such assessments in future for better management of power

of Rs.30,000 has been donated by him.

supply in the state.

Don't be afraid to encounter risk. It is by taking chances we learn how to be brave.

March 2011


BBNIA News in Brief

Convention Center-CumClub house at Baddi and Working Men Hostel

Communication and Time Management for Risk Management



e need a Convention Center for holding conferences

and exchange of knowledge to keep ourselves abreast

with the day to day developments in the industrial

fields. We also do not have for us and our families a place for frequent meetings and day to day recreational activities. These issues were highlighted in Disha in the recent past. Mr. Rawat informed that we are continuing with our efforts to have a Convention Center (& a Club House) as also to construct Working Men Hostel and that the members are being impressed upon to

r. Manohar Tegta, Chairman HR and CSR committee of

the BBNIA organized on 10th February, 2011 a

workshop on time management for risk management

at Hotel Sarover Portico Baddi. Mr. Pratap Verma, Labour cum conciliation Officer Baddi who was the Chief Guest and key speaker urged upon the HR Managers to develop requisite skills to handle challenges to insulate their businesses from various types of Risk. Mr. Verma was of the opinion that HR outsourcing through mediocre consultants is spoiling the image of industry in BBN area.

extend their whole hearted support in the matter. Brochure for booking of rooms in the Hostel has been issued.

Pharma Drugs Withdrawal of Licences


tate Drug Controller, Licensing-cum-Controlling Authority, Baddi has issued an order dated 16 February, 2011 withdrawing forthwith all manufacturing and loan licenses

granted for the following drugs: n Nimesulide Formulations 50 mg in any form. Dosage of the drug on 100mg or above must carry a warning “Not for use below 12 years of age�. n Cisapride and its formulations for human use. n Phenylpropanolamine and its formulation for human use. n Human Placental Extract and its formulations for human use. n Sibutramiune and its formulations for human use. n R-Sibutramine and its formulations for human use. The above orders follow prohibition of manufacture, sale and distribution of these drugs by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to the government of India by their notification dated 10.02.2011.

He highlighted the following main area of concerns. n HR Managers were complacent in their approach and failed to gauge the 'under current' amongst its employees which eventually led to IR problem in their organization. n HR Managers have a tendency to carpet the issues and are averse of sharing the problems within the HR fraternity and also with the labour department so as to evolve an effective strategy to deal with the issues. He felt that labour department was consulted only when situation turn ugly and critical. n Liaison and rapport with local community was found wanting.

Street Lighting

He emphasized that HR must work to win the confidence of the local community


r. Arun Rawat informed the members that the Govt. is

n Mr. Verma also felt that lack of interest by many industrial units

envisaging a scheme under which the Electric Poles

in CSR initiatives results in having very few 'well wishers' in the

provided by the Govt. will be installed in the premises

neighborhood. HR must work and improve this area.

of industry with direction of lamps towards the road. As long as it

Office Bearers of BBNIA and all members of HR forum were

does not involve extra burden on the industrialists they agreed for

highly appreciative of the passion exhibited by Mr. Pratap Verma for

installation of these poles in their premises. The members, however,

promoting conducive and peaceful business environment in BBN

desired that if the supplier department shifts the poles


subsequently for any reason or for convenience of operation, it should ensure repair of the damage resulting from such works.


March 2011

Meeting was attended by a record number of 75 participants representing different industries.

Don't be afraid to admit you are less than perfect. It is that fragile thread that binds us together.

BBNIA News in Brief

Entry Tax Fortnightly Deposits

Office Building for BBNIA




r. Arun Rawat informed that an application for the


allotment of 1000 Square Meters of land on nominal


lease or sale at a discounted rate has been moved to

n B B N Ta x a t i o n

Department of Industries to enable the BBNIA to have its own

Committee informed

office premises. He said he was hopeful of a positive response

that Section 6A which

because it is in the interest of the government and the Association

has now been

to work together for development of this industrial belt.

inserted provides that

Mr. Rawat further informed that a management Institute has

those industries

agreed to give Rs.10 lacs for the building. A letter of appreciation

which carry out stock

and thanks to them is under issue.

or branch transfers and are not making sales within or outside the State of HP are liable to deposit entry tax on all the industrial inputs brought by them from outside the state as per the rates specified in the Act on fortnightly basis failing which the defaulting industry is liable to pay penalty. However the industries that are not making any stock transfers are exempted from these provisions.

Uncertainty in supply of Power


r. Deepak Bhandari, Advisor to BBNIA informed that

Controller of Stores, Himachal Pradesh


he Controller of Stores, Himachal Pradesh has recently

circulated a list of items to be procured by government

departments. Details have been circulated and can also be

obtained from the BBNIA office. The items manufactured in the state are given price preference and the vendors are registered on annual basis. The annual rate contract is likely to be decided by early March on dates earmarked against each item.

four feeders in Baddi are not working properly and

every month 40 to 60 hours cut is imposed with and

without prior notice. He further informed that another transformer of the HPSEBL has gone out of order in Baddi because of which power supply position will further deteriorate after 1st March 2011. It was decided that request may be made to the Chairman, HP.SEB Limited for

Law & Order Situation


he members of the BBNIA voiced a serious concern on law

and order situation in the industrial areas with increase in

number of cases of theft, dacoity, murder and accidents

month after month. The members desired that a request be made

interaction with the member industries to work out a via-media of

to the concerned authorities to take immediate corrective

correction in supply

measures and if need be the matter may be taken up with the DGP

India festival & Trade fair in USA

and the Chief Minister.


ndia Festival and Trade Fair in Atlanta and New Jersey USA is

The Atlanta and New Jersey are thickly populated with the

being organized in the month of August 2011 from 12_ 16 at

Indian Diaspora and there is a big craze and demand of Indian

Atlanta and 20 – 24 at New Jersey in association with Indian


American Associations

The India Festival is very famous amongst Indians and non-

in Atlanta and New

Indians who come to see the Indian cultural shows, Indian

Jersey. This exhibition

traditional costumes and products and networking events will also

will focus on the

be organized with the American Industrialists and business

products of small,

community. Those interested need to plan their journey now as Air

medium industries and

Journey now booked will cost less.

the handicrafts of India.

Don't give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.

March 2011


BBNIAPoint of Intrest

One person Company


he Draft Companies Bill (Bill No.59 of

2009) was introduced in Lok Sabha

on August 3, 2009 introducing One

Person Company (OPC) concept for the first time in India. “One Person Company” means a company which has only one person as a member and can be registered under the Companies Act to carry the suffix “OPC

proprietorships, the liability is not restricted

But being one person company, the

Limited” after its name.

and extends to the individual and his or her

proprietor can implement his decisions and

entire assets.

ideas for furtherance of its business at a level

It is understood that the Draft Bill will provide substantive legal framework while

Thus, the important feature for a start

as that of a company and all other benefits

leaving the procedural issue to the rules to

up that registers as an OPC is that it de-risks

of being a Company. The only rider is that

be notified subsequently.

the business by transferring the promoter's

such decisions are to be reported to the


liability to the company.

Registrar of Companies as is done by other

Advantages of OPC

registered units.




Proprietorship and an OPC The fundamental difference between a

Most small companies are actually

Summing up, it can be said that once

sole proprietorship concern and the OPC is

owned by a single individual, but currently

the Bill is enacted, it will help single

the way liability is treated in the latter.

are required to bring other shareholders to

entrepreneurs currently operating under a

OPC carries a separate legal entity that

be registered as companies under the

proprietorship model, move to the

distinguishes the company from the

Companies Act. This increases compliance

corporate structure with benefits of limited

promoter. The promoter's liability is limited in

requirements such as presence of

liability and minimal compliance.

an OPC in the event of a default or legal

shareholders in the meeting of shareholders

issues. On the other hand, in sole

and other decision making matters.

“Disha” is keeping a track and will keep on informing the readers on the subject.

Transaction cost in Exports


he government has announced an

Shri Chandrajit Banerjee, director-

action plan to cut transaction cost

general, CII said “reducing transaction cost

and time in exports to make export

is the key to export development as global

more competitive and benefit small and

competitiveness today depends on being

medium exporters who find the procedures

able to be a low cost producer and at the

difficult to manage.

same time a reliable supplier.

Commerce Minister Anand Sharma said

Shri Amit Mitra, secretary general, FICCI

that the average cost to an exporter in India

said, “This will make India's exports more

on account of transaction costs has been

competitive and help us in mitigating

account, trade facilitation through an

estimated at a level of $945 per container as

transaction costs to the tune of Rs. 2,100

efficient EDI system, 24x7 Customs

compared to $460 in China, $450 in


Malaysia and $625 in Vietnam. “….the benefit of reduction of

clearance system, streamlining of various

Given the budgetary and revenue

forms of levies and taxes and reduction in

constraints, it is encouraging to see that

freight costs and port charges, and

transaction cost will primarily benefit

adequate emphasis has been given on

simplification of various export/ import

the small entrepreneurs.” he said.

timely refund of credit balance in the Cenvat



March 2011

Don't let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past or future.

Social Health

Wellness Van Service for ESI

State ambulance service


Ambulance service for all


the Industrial areas on

has been introduced in his name all over India to honour his

24 Febr uar y 2011.

contribution to the nation.

SI Corporation

he state ambulance service marked as “108 Ambulance Service”

inaugurated its

also known as “Atal Swasthya Sewa Ambulance Service” was

national level

launched in Himachal Pradesh on December 25, 2010. The date

of birth of Shri Atal Behari Bajpai falls on 25 December and this service

Known as wellness van,

Dr. Rajeev Bindal, Health Minister informed that by adding 25

it has all the inbuilt

ambulances on February 25 and another 25 due by the end of March

facilities to serve as a mobile hospital. The doctor and paramedical

2011, the number of such vans will be as many as 100 making it possible

staff on duty in this wellness van provide preliminary treatment and

for the government to provide service to every part of the state.

record the case history by the time a patient is moved to the main

According to Dr. Bindal, “108 ambulance service” responds to a call in 3-

hospital so that the treatment required in the case can be given

5 seconds, leaves for its destination in about 70-90 seconds and helps

soon after arrival of the patient in the hospital.

to remove the patient to the nearest hospital in less than one hour. It

The medical service so provided is free of cost but is available

was further intimated that since the launch of this service on 25

only for the industrial workers and their dependants who are

December to the period ended February, 1, the ambulance call centre

covered under the ESI Scheme. In Himachal, the service of wellness

listed as a toll free number received 55773 service calls.

van is available in the first instance at BBN and Parwanoo industrial

The ambulances are fully equipped with advanced technology to

areas as ESI hospital is already operational at Parwanoo and is under

provide assistance even in emergency cases. The fitments in the

construction at Baddi. It is reliably learnt that after construction of

ambulance include life-saving equipments like automatic external

ESI Hospital at NerChowk in district Mandi, wellness van service

defibrillator and drugs like anti-snake venom. It is understood that the

facility can be made available to 20 industrial areas in the state.

delivery of the vans has almost been obtained by the state and

The wellness van service is almost similar to the free Atal health

presently the training of drivers and other staff members is in progress.

Ambulance scheme introduced in the state on 25 December 2010,

Himachal Pradesh is the 10th state to launch this service and is second in

the only difference being that the service earlier introduced was

North India after Uttarakhand. With Wellness Van service for the

intended to transport a patient to the hospital as against the

Industrial workers covered under ESI and 108 ambulance service for

present scheme where a doctor and the paramedical staff are on

one and all, the state has done a remarkable job in the field of health-

duty in the van itself for urgent aid to the patient. According to a

care for its residents. Our thanks are due to Dr. Bindal, Health Minister of

report, there are approximately 1.78 lakh workers in Himachal who

the State and of-course to the Chief Minister, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal

are covered under the ESI scheme.

who is extending a number of facilities for all of us in every field of our existence.

Social Security


epresentatives of micro, small,

"When an entrepreneur falls sick or

and medium enterprises (MSMEs) an industry becomes sick, nothing is

have demanded a social security done to help them. A media report

program for entrepreneurs running these referred to the entrepreneurs stating "we need social security and the


Small and medium industries government should formulate a policy in contribute to the economy in a big way this regard," stated the entrepreneurs, by paying taxes and duties, but when it adding that the Government should

“Disha” awaits suggestions from its

comes to their security, nothing also take steps to ensure that small readers of the manner in which those in substantial had been done, they entrepreneurs get their payment from the industrial sector can be provided maintained.

big industries on time.

Don't take for granted the closest things to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them life is meaningless.

relief / security in their hours of distress.

March 2011



Production Insurance The farmers are required to pay 50 per cent of the total premium and the rest is to be shared equally by the Centre and the state governments.


arious Insurance schemes are available to safeguard any loss that

the details that make the agriculturists

such a choice is not available to the

eligible to such benefits and by whom.


may arise to a party taking up a

The implementing agencies for

Cause of loss: External. For farmer it is

policy. These schemes cover loss of property

theproposed scheme of insurance for the

unforeseen weather but for Entrepreneur

by fire, earthquake, and theft or for any

agriculture sector are the Agriculture

causes of loss can be many unforeseen

other specified reason. We also can secure

Insurance Company of India Limited; the

reasons- like sudden increase in cost of in

future of our family by taking personal

ICICI Lombard and GIC Limited. The scheme

puts, additional governmental restrictions,

insurance and can even secure our old age

is to be operated on the principle of “area

change in tax structure, change in

approach” based on weather data for the

import/export duties, lack of manpower

purpose of assessment of compensation.

availability, strike by workers and what all.

for funds through pension schemes. Funds for education of children can also

While a farmer has only himself and his

be so provided by planning various years of

Abnormal temperature variations, high

their curriculum. Those, who enter public

speed wind and excess or scanty rainfall

family to feed, an entrepreneur has in addition, his employees and their families to

sector, are indirectly insured as they become

which cause “adverse weather incidence”

eligible for pension as also family pension.

leading to crop loss are being covered under

feed. The government at the state or the

Others in the private sector who join the ESI

the scheme. The scheme is reportedly

Centre needs therefore to assess the

Scheme can avail benefits there under,

mandatory for all farmers who have raised

manner in which security of an honest

subject to specified conditions.

loans from banks and other financial

entrepreneur can be safeguarded on lines

Ironically, owner of a private sector

institutions and also for those who have

similar to those for the agriculturists, when

entity is not covered under any of the

been sanctioned credit limit for the notified

he suffers unexpected production loss or is

schemes and has no saviour clause in the

crops. It is voluntary for non-loanee farmers.

thrown out of reckoning because of heavy

event of any unforeseen misery that may

The farmers are required to pay 50 per

over take his business at some stage. Fate of

cent of the total premium and the rest is to

those in the Private Sector and of those in

be shared equally by the Centre and the

the Agriculture Sector was similar in nature

state governments.

increase in production cost of inputs for reasons beyond his control. Is it not an irony that those who toil to provide bread and butter to many stand

as all of them suffer heavy loss due to

The comparative study in the two cases,

discarded when they suffer loss in

outside circumstances which are at times

the Agriculturists and the owners of a

production and need someone to help? Do

beyond their control. Now for those in the

private sector give the following results in

we not need to safeguard against such an

agriculture sector, Weather-Based Crop

activities common to both:

eventuality by governmental help, social

Insurance Scheme is proposed to be

Raising of loans a condition: Both are

help, or by help of a policy to safeguard

implemented on a pilot basis in selected

raising loans for their production.

against production loss? Once the element

areas of Himachal Pradesh for tomato and

Availing Credit Limit: Like some farmers

of uncertainty in production loss is secured,

potato crops in the rabi season as per news

availing credit limit for the crop most

all those in the private sector can take bold

in the press. To bring out a comparison

entrepreneurs get WCL for their production.

decisions and contribute more towards national economy.

between the players in the private sector

Production procedures: Both are

and those in the agriculture sector for

engaged in optional production. While a

insurance benefits, it is necessary to know

farmer has a choice for alternative crop;


March 2011

All will agree that no one really wishes to butcher the hen that gives a golden egg.

Don't set your goals by what other people dream important. Only you know what is best for you.


Learn to say “No”

Sacred Space

There can be many examples justifying the correctness of saying “yes” when you need to say “no”.


they do not seem workable. After all, they say,

which gave him undying fame. It is said, India as

there is no harm in trying. And when you say “no”

“Bharatvarsh” in hindi is named after Bharat.

e are told that it is always nice to see

n When everyone around, and even when the

the positive side of a problem and to

elder brother of Bharat Rama advised Bharat to

say “yes” to suggestions even when

take over as King of Ayodhya, Bharat said “no”

directly, it creates ill will that needs to be avoided. But, in practical terms, by saying “yes”, you

n Mirza Galib refused to teach Persian as a teacher in a government college, but he preferred

tend to compromise with your principles, with

to starve and live with his meager resources and

your goals in life and with the happiness that you

followed what was close to his heart. Till this day

want to have from a profession or activity. We

he is regarded as the father of Urdu poetry.

may therefore have to learn to say “no” at times.

n In 1939, Albert Einstein, on persuasion from

Practical examples of this are many in our own

his colleagues, wrote to President Roosevelt to

history. Some of these are:

speed up the nuclear program. After August 6

n Subhas Chandra Bose went to England for

and August 9, 1945 when atom bombs were

taking Indian Civil Service Examination and

hurled on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively,

qualified. But he said “no” to the job and etched

the eminent scientist termed his letter as the

his name in the history of freedom to be

biggest mistake of his life and wished he had said

remembered always. Most of the ICS officers

“no” to his colleagues.

have died and are forgotten.

There can be many examples justifying the

n Rama knew that the “Golden Deer” of

correctness of saying “yes” when you need to say

Ramayana fame was a myth but could not say

“no”. We leave it for you to decide. All the same,

“no” to the pleadings of Sita his wife. The rest we

we hope, we can have the courage to say “NO”

all know.

when we must.

Wood Cutter Story


strong wood cutter asked for a job with a

apologized, saying that he could not understand what

timber merchant, and he got it. The pay was

was going on. “When was the last time you sharpened

really good and so were the work conditions.

your axe?" the boss asked. "Sharpen? I had NO TIME to

For that reason, the wood cutter was determined to do

sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut

his best. His boss gave him an axe and showed him the


area where he was supposed to work.

Moral of the story......

The first day, the wood cutter brought 18 trees.

n When you spend your time just working and being

"Congratulations," the boss said. "Go on that way!" Very

busy not planning your life then you will end up like the

motivated with the boss' words, the wood cutter tried

wood cutter having NO TIME! But on the other hand if

harder the next day, but he only could bring down 15

you put in a little bit of effort and plan and organize your

trees. The third day he tried even harder, but he only

life then you will realize that you have time for

could bring down 10 trees. Day after day he was bringing


down less and less trees."I must be losing my strength",

n All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

the wood cutter thought. He went to boss and

SPIRITUAL CONCEPT You gave me strength to carry on, When my body was so torn. And lifted me on wings of love, When my spirit was so worn. Through all the times when in despair, When I hung my head in shame. You came to me when I knelt down, As I called upon your name. And when my heart was troubled, With more heartache than I could bear. You caught each and every tear I shed, In a bottle you have up there. And when I get to heaven, I'll kneel before your feet. You'll wipe away all my tears, For my soul is yours to keep.


is an old English saying.

Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because each of us is special.

March 2011



Palliative Care goes beyond Medication Palliative care goes beyond giving medication for a particular illness. It calls for a team approach among doctors, nurses, family members and surgical workers. There is need to understand that the patient is nearing the end.


r. Gayatri Palat is faculty member

With barely 1 per cent of the terminally ill

based care.

of Education in Palliative and

having access to psychological support and

When the family of such patients is

End-of-Life Care (EPEC), India.

care in the country, the concept of palliative

willing to co-operate, the patients are given

She launched a pilot project at Mehdi

care, care for the dying, is yet to gain ground

medication for symptoms and pain

Nawaz Jung Institute of Oncology and

in the country. According to experts, there is

management and sent back home.

Regional Cancer Centre (MNJ), Hyderabad,

need to have a “living will” which would

Dr. Bidhu Kalyan Mohanti, Professor of

in 2006. The Centre has established a task

allow the patient to lead the last days of his

radiation oncology (IRCH) said that

force within the National Cancer Control

life in a dignified manner.

morphine is avoided for the fear of addiction

Program for the implementation of palliative care. Palliative care goes beyond giving medication for a particular illness. It calls for

Dr. Bhawana Sirohi, Head of the

of the patients.

medical and hematology oncology unit of

Ms. Harmala Gupta, founder and

Artemis Health Institute, said “Living Will”

President of CanSupport, an NGO working

should be made legal.

towards reaching out to the advanced-

a team approach among doctors, nurses,

According to her “The patient has the

stage cancer patients, said that the country

family members and surgical workers. There

right to decide about the treatment and

has ver y few NGOs, with more

is need to understand that the patient is

know about the medical records so that he/

concentrated in the South, with limited

nearing the end. Age does not matter in

she can settle all affairs before death. It is

resources fail to provide counseling to the

such conditions. Even doctors and nurses

about facing fears and coming to terms

families to learn the system of extending emotional support to the patient.

have to answer questions like, am I going to

with them. It is important for the family to

die tomorrow? And, will I live for another six

accept the disease and help the patient to

months? So, all people attending to the

live the remaining days comfortably.”

patients – professionals, volunteers or family

Out of the terminally ill patients, over 60

– need a deep understanding of the state of

per cent succumb to their chronic ailments

mind of the patient and to provide

in the hospitals even as a majority prefers to

appropriate care. The idea of palliative care

die at home.

is to add more life to days rather than add days to life.

Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, head of the anesthesiology department of the Institute

EPEC includes pain management.

Rotary Cancer Hospital (IRCH) of the All

There is a shortage of opioids, such as

India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

morphine, which are effective in cancer pain

said, most of the patients at advanced stage

control. Weaker analgesics are often used,

of cancer want to die at home and hence 90

which are of little benefit to patients.

per cent of the patients are opting for home


March 2011

If the path is beautiful, first confirm where it leads. But if the destination is beautiful, don't bother how the path is...

Smile - A - While Happily Married

against the law! I will lose my license……

“Now, that looks like a happily married

They'll throw both of us in jail and all kind of

couple”, remarked the husband. “Don't be

bad things can happen!” Then the woman

too sure, my dear. They are probably saying

reached for her purse and pulled out a

the same thing about us”, replied his wife.

picture of her husband having dinner in a

Long Marriage

restaurant with the pharmacist's wife. th

On their 50 wedding anniversary, a

The pharmacist looked at the picture

couple summed up the reason for their long

and replied, “Well, now… you didn't tell me

and happy married life. The husband said, “I

you had a prescription”.

have never tried to be selfish After all, there

A cause to Lament

is no “I” in the word marriage,” The wife said.

A man was crying over a grave and

“For my part, I have never corrected my

repeating, “Why did you have to die?”

Politician Defined

husband's spellings.”

Another man approached him and said, “Sir,

When someone asked Sir Winston

Drug prescription

I don't wish to interfere with your private

Churchill what qualities were required in a

A woman walked into a drug store and

grief but for whom do you mourn so

politician, he replied: “He should have the

told the pharmacist that she needed some

deeply?” Your child or your parent?

ability to foretell what is going to happen

cyanide to poison her husband. The

The mourner took a moment to collect

tomorrow, next week, next month and next

pharmacist was shocked. He said, “I can't

himself, then replied,

year. And to have the ability afterwards to

give you cyanide to kill your husband! That's

“My wife's first husband.”

explain why it didn't happen.”

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