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Community Report Out Bolder Than Out 2013 Coalition for Justice and Respect (CJR) – Coalition for Justice and Respect Foundation (CJRF) Prepared by Marc Loveless, Executive Director 5/11/2013

Marc Loveless Executive Director Coaliton for Justice and Respect (CJR) Coalition for Justice and Respect Foundation (CJRF) This year CJR ventured out to expand what has become our traditional Social Justice forum to an identity conference that would cover many areas of social justice. When we began a little more than four months ago we little more then our name, the prupose which to commerate the work Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr around the annviersy of his assasination and the conference theme which we adopted “Bolder Than Out”-Setting Direction For The Normal. We had little idea of how this theme and concept of this idenity conference would take the attenion within the city and the reach throughout our region of the country and world as a whole. What has become clear is the neid to connect, communicate and network amongst ourselves to support, challenage and encourage ourselves in realizing the power and authority of what Audre Lorde said the value of looking “eye to eye”. Seeing ourselves and seeing the best ourselves within one and other. There clearly bumps in road getting to where were and where we going, but we are moving forward and with this report complete we build for the both the work that came form the conference as well as building for the next conference which will be Bolder Than Out – Breaking The Silance April 4th-7th, 2014. This year not only will mark the annivery of Dr. King’s assisanation, but we will honor his speech against war that was given one year to the day prior to his assaination and the name of that speech was “Breaking The Silence”. Please consider this an active invitation to join the planing committee of BTO or any of the Focus Groups or Issue Councils by either email or me directly 1


COMMUNITY REPORT OUT Bolder Than Out Conference 2013 Chicago, Illinois On April 5th – 7th, 2013 in commemoration of the work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the Coalition for Justice and Respect (CJR) and the Coalition for Justice and Respect Foundation (CJR F) called an intergenerational co-gendered community conference. CJR is a membership based coalition of organizations, agencies, social organizations and clubs, governmental initiatives, private initiatives, faith based communities, private initiatives, and individuals that believe in the full human rights and social justice of the Black AfricanAmerican Lesbians and Gays and all people. The Coalition for Justice and Respect Foundation (CJRF) CJRF is a non-profit charitable 501(c) (3) to support the mission, programs and services of CJR. CJR uses strategies of public education and social action that may lead to non-violent direct action. The attendees included Chicagoans from all parts of the city as well as participants from Washington, D.C., New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Ghana. The name and theme of the conference is Bolder Than Out –Setting Direction For The New Normal. Bolder Than Out (BTO) is the 5th annual Social Justice forum called by CJR. This year considering the developments in Health Care and Social Justice CJR called this conference as an opportunity for our community to come together and network on public policy and best practices in civil rights and community development. BTO featured life affirming and lifestyle enhancement Concert that showcased the talents within our community and appreciation of the arts. BTO held workshops and speakers on topics and issues from civic engagement to relationship development and celebration of arts and culture. The conference was empowering, educational and a celebration of the lives and living of African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gays and Lesbian. BTO include provided the tools to better living, personal growth, and community development and support. In addition to providing voice to Removing Barriers to the Path of Making Education, Beyond Marriage Equality – Public Policy, Health Action Agenda, Social Justice International Issues, Financial Opportunities in a Crisis Economy, Hosting and Hospitality, Images and Impressions-Writers Workshop, Family and Personal Relationship Enhancement. The entire weekend raised issues, concerns and sending forward a call to action. The overall message whether it is Targeted Violence, Hate Crime and Bullying Local and International the primary necessity is a safe place where people can appreciate the diversity themselves. Public Policy needs to reflect sincere commitment to dutiful respect of humanity.

Inclusive is strong statements that the priority of African, African- American, Same Gender Loving Black Gays, Lesbians and Transpersons that our encouragement of Marriage Equality remains rooted in its connection to the fundamental tenants of the social justice and civil rights tradition of equal protection and due process 3

under the law. As important as this is it is the centerpiece of our liberation, community safety, public health stability and community development. In addressing Health Disparities in HIV and AIDS it is our expectation that community enrichment not supplant personal ability and community stability. Each advantage needs to go beyond study and prescription regiments but partner in leading to whole life stability. Our awareness is that public health priorities be of high quality, empowering and beyond sustaining but contribute to a culture that is sustaining and enriching of the quality of living. Programs, Initiatives and Prescripts that foster dependency without meaningful engagement sabotages the overall intent of bridging health disparities. As well as being disruptive to community health. It is in our interest for institutional accountability mutual benefit for Consumers and Practitioners. Directly, HIV and AIDS are critical to be addressed in our communities and call for full resource allocation to maximize the abilities to prevent the transmission and contraction of HIV as well as the development a vaccine that is centered on the health conditions of Black African-American people. Also, as the proliferation of this virus has disproportionally impacted our community we call for the quest for the getting zero transmissions and zero contractions be highlighted to the Black and African-American communities in way that contributes to the health of the community in broader context. In partnership with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care for America Act the implication and empowerment will build the bridge to a healthier people and expand system capacity.

Our priories are to empower our communities continues with culturally and economic development we therefore move forward by: 

Becoming a catalyst for economic development. 1. Full utilization of the Gay and Lesbian set aside to further benefit the Black African-American Community. 2. Leverage full development of employment opportunities that are gender natural and skill based. 3. Cultivate commerce and economic development that will benefit allies and community development. 4. Work to assure public policy that furthers work force diversity and raises compliance targets.


5. Documenting and assessing the assets and abilities of our constituency to benefit the entire community of African-American Black people. 6. Aggressively develop an anchor of Social Entrepreneurship that will address the needs of a safe place and combating economic disparities. Also, addressing these issues will combat hate motivated violence and young adult homelessness amongst Black African-American LGBT youth. 

Civic Engagement and Representation. 1. Maintain an on-going Voter Registration to increase our collective interest. 2. Set a goal of Elected officials from and of our community of Black Gay and Lesbian Same Gender Loving African-Americans in all levels of government. 3. Actively engage in recruitment to civic boards and policy committees. 4. Network and link Voter and Constitute to policy and policy makers that impact our lives and community. 5. Further develop forums on topics and issues that are inclusive of our interest as LGBT, but must also be incorporate the priorities of in brooder context of Black and African-American people. 6. To partner with like-minded social empowerment, civil rights and civil liberties grassroots efforts and national organizations to increase the articulation of our interest. As well as realizing our abilities to provide support to colleagues internationally. 7. We see arts and culture as a priority in full civic engagement and will be insistence of its inclusion. 8. Support of a healthy environment and support services are essential elements in securing success of re-entry on to society of those formally incarcerated includes full participation in civic opportunities.


Space and Time. 1. The time is now that there is articulated presence of a safe space for African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gays, Lesbians, Transpersons and allies within our Black and AfricanAmerican Communities. 2. Our Center will exceed the expectation of our current communities needs incorporate economic, health and cultural development.

Having said and being heard. 1. Often times the priorities of African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gays and Lesbians are not heard by the crush of the mainstream LGBT communication apparatus that fails to hear the clarity of voice. We acknowledge the leadership of Black LGBT in the media whether traditional media such as print and commercial as well as new media such as social media and internet presence. 2. In support we acknowledge to the need to verify our resources. To access our message and continue to be unique to our call and purposes and support the fill leverage of our collective and personal capacity. 3. Literately, we shape our own images by the presence in our hands and acknowledge the responsibility that we have built and continue to grow.

Rooted-in and un-rooted. 1. The experience of faith is complex with our community today as the time traditional civil rights movement in this county. While from its conception the civil rights movement in America has always had an inclusive leadership and support by LGBT people and faith based communities and leadership, that same affiliation has driven edges that have estranged and divided communities of faith and harmed its people. 2. Whether to participate in faith of any kind or to decide not to be is the benefit of diversity. 3. The opportunity to include faith as an element of our living as African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gay and Lesbian people is every present in a variety of forms that are affirming to the person and contributing to the development of our community. Inclusive as part of our cultural texture and individual mission.


This is what we go back to our daily efforts for. These are the messages delivered so clear from the sincerity of our participation from, for and to our communities. We expect to fulfill the capacity of these calls for action:  Convening a Bolder Than Out (BTO) General Council of Action. The General Council will craft the agenda and program of the next future BTO conferences. The members of the General Council will be members of CJR and 9 subject Councils and Focus Groups – Young Adult, Public Policy, Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement, Economic Development and Center Development. - Councils will function with a border purpose on one topic. - Focus Group will assure that the topic of its work is networked with priorities of topics.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Young Adult Council – This Council will be open to all with an interest in addressing policy and practical needs of African-American LGBT Young Adult locally in Chicago, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. This Council will garner resources and leverage opportunities to address Homelessness, Joblessness, Access to Education and Health Care Needs. The Leadership of this Council will be inclusive, multi-gendered and limited to persons under 36 years of age.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Public Policy Council – This Council will be open to all with an interest in addressing public policy development and that addresses needs of African-American LGBT people locally in Chicago, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. This Council will include our ally public officials elected and appointed. This Council will garner resources and leverage its network to affect sound public policy. This Council will be co-gendered, intergenerational and multi-gendered.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Council on Arts and Culture – This Council will be open to all with an interest in supporting the development and garnering the resources to support the cultural diversity and development of all forms of art and culture from of and in the African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gay and Lesbian communities.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Civic Engagement Focus Group – This Focus Group will be open to all with an interest in working in public awareness, voter registration and citizen activism that could include non-violent direct action and resource assessment and information empowerment. This Focus will be directed to the inclusion of a Transperson’s Committee and a Community Elder’s Committee.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Economic Development Council – This Council will be open to all with an interest in addressing gathering information for a clearinghouse of information concerning employment and contractual work opportunities in public and private sector. 7

 Establishing a Bolder Than Out Center Development Focus Group – This Focus Group will be limited to CJR and CJRF members, and the members of Councils and Focus Groups that have resources to assist in the development of a sustainable, social economically stable and service driven multi-generational and co-gendered Service Community Center in the African-American Community of Chicago.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Media Leadership Council – This Council will be open to those that are interested engaging nurturing new media and traditional media images with development of council and clearinghouse of information and resources to put forward messages and opinions that reflect the diversity and full culture of our view ourselves as Black African- American LGBT people and up lifting the communities we are apart. This Council will be intergenerational and multi-gendered.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Interfaith Multi- Denominational Council – This Council will be open to those that are interested in providing a clearinghouse of welcoming and affirming faith communities within and apart of the African-American Same Gender Loving LGBT communities. This will be a network that provides information and programming to foster faith and empowerment toward personal fulfillment and community development. This Council will be intergenerational, multigendered. Ministers, Faith Leaders and Laity.  Establishing a Bolder Than Out Public Health Accountability Council – This Council will be open to those that are interested in assuring that interest and practice of science, treatment and prevention are consistent with empowerment, engagement and community development and enrichment of the quality of life. This Council has expectations of high quality full appreciation of the impact of services provided and the improving the uplifting of Consumers of services. This Council will be intergenerational, multi-gendered Practitioners, Professionals, Consumers, Academicians, Students, Activist and Advocates. If you are interested in joining CJR or any of the Councils or Focus Groups contact email with your interest and contact information.


This is the work and foundation for calling the next Bolder Than Out - Breaking The Silence Conference for April 4th – 7th , 2014. This year we will be seeking conference accreditation for continuing education credits.

Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS) Northeastern Illinois University 700 East Oakwood, Chicago, IL.

The Host Hotel will be the South Loop Hotel 11 West 26th Street


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In addition to the members of the CJR, supporters of CJRF and Conference Participants the work of this conference would mean little. We further appreciate the collaboration and partnership of the following:                     

Alere Pharmaceutical Broadway In Chicago CEPEHRG Chicago AIDS Foundation Chicago Department of Public Health Chicago State University Cook County Provident Hospital Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS) Northeastern Illinois University Carter G. Woodson Regional Library – Chicago Public Library. GBMNews Global Network of Black Pride Our Lady Queen of Peace, Catholic Church Macy’s Merck Pharmaceutical – I- Merck M.A.D.E. – Making A Daily Effort. National Black Justice Coalition Novo Novus Production State of Illinois Treasurer’s Office South Loop Hotel TCW magazine Sweet Entertainment

We also thank and acknowledge all program participants: -

Pierre Shelton, Black Queer Men Negotiation of Cultural Homelessness Between Boystown and Black Chicago Kakra Legon, Violence Against Gays and Lesbians in Ghana Duane Cramer, I design Merck Dr. Alicia Matthews, University of Illinois in Chicago Tommy Sampson, School of Opulence Wade Davis, Former NFL Football Player. 10


Christine Belue, Chapter President Beta Gamma Chapter – Chicago Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. Sharon Lettman-Hicks, Executive Director and CEO National Black Coalition for Justice Rev. Anthony Sullivan Dana Joseph, Executive Producer, Novo Novus Production Anna DeShawn, CEO E3 Radio Lenox Magee, Editor in Chief 360 Magazine Waddie Grant, G-List Society Jamie Frazier, Founder and Pastor Lighthouse Church Chicago Charles Young, Baha'i Faith

We also appreciate the Conference General Chairperson Marc Loveless and Co-Chairs: Ralph Emerson General: Media, Georgia Lacy – General, Rev. Anthony Sullivan- Faith Based, Richard Wright - Public Officials , Solomon Infinity - Social, Robert Thomas General, Brent Hamlet General: Information Exchange, Cynthia Cade General: Volunteers, James Bland- General: Public Engagement/ Volunteers, Michelle Elizabeth Brown General: National Network, Dane Joseph Arts and Culture, Daryl Edwards Partner and Vendor Coordination. And Planning Committee Members: Judith El-Amin, Cynthia Cade,

How to get involved send a email or message to: cjr.chicago@gmail.ccom or Join our facebook group: or like us on facebook page: or twitter: @cjrchicago07 or contact Executive Director Marc Loveless at


“Doing Nothing Is Not an Option” Join CJR and M.A.D.E At the Chicago Green Festival at th th Navy Pier May 18 and 19 , 2013



Bolder Than Out Community Reprort  
Bolder Than Out Community Reprort  

This is the report is to the community on the outcomes of the Coalition for Justice and Respect (CJR) Bolder Than Out Identity Conference he...