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CJP’s ongoing investment in our campus helped transform Jewish student engagement during the past four years. Our greatly increased capacity to send students on Taglit-Birthright Israel as a campus community has catalyzed a new culture around post-trip engagement. All kinds of Jewish students now travel to Israel with us and bring their passion and unique perspectives back to campus. – Rabbi Jeffrey Summit Tufts University Hillel executive director


table of contents CJP’s Birthright Israel Campus Initiative:



By the Numbers


It Begins with a Trip


Bringing Israel Back to Campus


Inspiring New Jewish Experiences


Strengthening Networks of Support


Transforming Jewish Life for Students


Fostering Engagement on Campus


Our Partners


2 1 Students releasing peace doves near Sderot

2 Northeastern students supporting Israel advocacy

3 T ufts students shooting hoops on a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip

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4 Tufts student overlooking Israel

4 4


CJP’s Birthright Israel Campus

CJP’s Birthright Israel Campus Initiative builds on the success of Taglit-Birthright Israel, a free, 10-day trip to Israel for Jewish young adults. Six full-time campus coordinators work in partnership with Hillel Houses and TaglitBirthright Israel trip organizers, recruiting new students and inspiring alumni to continue their Jewish journey upon return. Participating campuses are reporting more than 80% of alumni engaging in Jewish life—that’s nearly three times the national average. These are just some of the Initiative’s many highlights from 2010 we’re proud to share.


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Number of years since CJP launched the Birthright Israel Campus Initiative

Schools partnering with CJP to transform Jewish life and Israel engagement on campus

Initiative: by the numbers

400 80 Initiative alumni returning to Israel each year for long or short-term programs

Percentage of CJP Birthright Israel Campus Initiative trip alumni actively engaged in Jewish life following their trip

605 Israel-related programs, events or campaigns on partner campuses this year


Massachusetts Birthright participants sent by CJP since 2005


It Begins with a




Recognized as the Jewish world’s “magic bullet” for 3 engagement, Taglit-Birthright Israel has sent almost 300,000 young adults to Israel since 1999. Four years ago, CJP helped Boston become the first community to leverage the success of Birthright in ways that are measurable and sustainable. The campus model’s focus on pre-trip engagement and personalized follow-up is now being studied and replicated in other communities.


Of course, the magic begins with the trip itself: ten unforgettable days of discovering each participant’s Jewish identity.

1 Tufts visits the Dead Sea 2 B U student, Jake S., with his new friend in Haifa

3 Exploring a new land, making new friends

4 Student in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv



Israel Back to Campus




CJP’s partner campuses have taken huge steps to increase the role of Israel in the lives of Jewish and non-Jewish students. Strategies range from hosting Israel Fests on campus, to sending more than 400 students back to Israel for short or long-term programs. This year our partners used campus research to form coalitions with non-Jewish student groups and create Israel-related programs to engage unaffiliated Jewish students.


As a result, Boston campuses continue to expand their support for Israel — one relationship at a time.

1 Welcome to Harvard Hillel! 2 T eam members regroup during Boston’s Amazing Israel Race

3 Northeastern students having fun at Israel Fest

4 BU Hillel students supporting Israel

4 7



2 5 8

CJP’s efforts to deepen student engagement through Taglit-Birthright Israel trips have had a remarkable impact on each campus. With CJP’s assistance, partner Hillel Houses are able to offer trip alumni a range of opportunities for their development as Jewish young adults. Harvard trip alumni, for instance, produced two original, Jewish-themed plays this year through CJP’s grant-based Bus Empowerment Program. At Tufts, more than 20 trip alumni planned their own Jewish identity learning series with their CJP campus coordinator.


CJP’s student-driven model has helped campuses achieve record participation in Hebrew learning, Shabbat celebration and other Jewish student programming.

1 BU students spending Spring  Break in Israel

2  Northeastern trip alum at  Hebrew SeniorLife

34  Amherst Birthright alums rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

4 9




Networks of Support

Hundreds of students helped ensure fair and balanced communication during campus protests against Israel and her supporters. CJP played a key role by convening pro-Israel student and community leaders to strategize and share resources.


From sponsoring advocacy conferences to offering online, stipend-based learning modules, CJP and our campus partners helped students take control of the message and expand support for Israel. With student leaders at the core of decision-making, CJP helps ensure that local universities remain hate-free zones for Israel and Jewish students.

1 BU’s KateLynne P. showing support for earthquake victims in Haiti

2 Northeastern students rallying to support Israel

3 S derot awareness campaign at Tufts University

4 Local activists taking a break

4 11


2 5 12


Jewish communities3around the world are turning to Boston to learn from CJP’s innovative Birthright Israel Campus Initiative. Birthright stakeholders have called Boston “the model community” for post-trip engagement. In recent months, several campus Israel advocacy campaigns were featured in American and Israeli media. In the coming year, CJP will work with campus partners to strengthen and diversify this growing network of support for Israel.


Taglit-Birthright Israel will remain at the heart of these efforts, continuing its reputation as “the trip that changed my life.”

1 UMASS Hillel team gearing up for “Ride to Provide” race

2 N ortheastern student, Ruthi W., fielding questions on Israel

3 UMASS student leaders with Nadav Tamir

4 Israel Fest at Northeastern 4


4 13

Engagement on campus

The Initiative’s leaders work hard to offer an array of opportunities to students on campus, so there is something for everyone.

Our Soldiers Speak Sponsored by the Student Alliance For Israel All Are Welcome!

“CJP’s Initiative has achieved many if not all of its ambitious goals.”

—Cohen Center for

Sgt. Benjamin Anthony served the State of Israel as a combat soldier and now this dynamic and emotive speaker proudly shares his rare, first hand insight into the humanity of Israeli soldiers; the decisions they make in times of war and the moral code to which they proudly adhere. “Spell-Binding” “Dynamic” “Courageous” “Moving” “Benjamin Anthony’s message of hope is one that will be appreciated by all kinds of audiences”


Tuesday, October 27, 7pm, Campus Center 162

Modern Jewish Studies, F rIda y NIght N o v e m b e r 20 hI l l e l ho uS e Services at 6pm

2010 program evaluation

(reform, Conservative, orthodox)


ha S l Israe

dinner 7:15pm

always free to umass students

oneg 8pm

music, games, and more food!

brought to you by StudeNt allIaNCe For ISrael



Come relax with friends & enjoy snacks at SAFI’s monthly

Israeli Film Night This month’s featured film is

AHAVA COLUMBIANIT ( C o l u m b i a n L ove )

Wednesday December 10, 2008 Campus Center Room 174-76 7:00 p.m. Free

For more information search “Ahava Columbianit” on Facebook Sponsored by Student Alliance for Israel (SAFI)


“OUT” in Israel

Come Shmooze SAFI! with

The Student Alliance for Israel will be hosting its first event of the year!! -Come meet old and new SAFI members -Play Shesh Besh and other Israeli games -Munch on some Israeli goodies -Chill and listen to Israeli music -And much, much, more….

Student Alliance For Israel proudly presents the film

“The Bubble”

a romantic drama about a forbidden gay love story between an Israeli and a Palestinian. The film will then be followed by a discussion led by Matt Liebowitz about what it’s like to be gay and living in Israel.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 7:00-9:00pm Campus Center Room 162 All Welcome

Sponsored by SAFI, Hillel, StoneWall Center, and Pride Alliance

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - 6:45 PM Campus Center Room 904


CJP’s Birthright Israel Campus Initiative is made possible through the enthusiastic collaboration of: Our campus partners: Brandeis University

Our community partners:

and you!

Boston-Haifa Connection

Each one of our generous

Consulate General of Israel to New England

Boston University

GesherCity Hillel Council of New England Jewish Community Relations Council

Harvard University

of Greater Boston Joint Distribution Committee Israel Campus Roundtable

Northeastern University

MASA The David Project Sachlav




Upstart Ideas

University of Massachusetts/ Amherst


and committed supporters contributes to the success of the Initiative. We are deeply grateful.


For more information about CJP’s Birthright Israel Campus Initiative, please contact Matt Lebovic, senior campus associate and Yearbook author, at 617-457-8757 or Matt participated in the first Taglit-Birthright Israel trip through Boston University Hillel House in 1999.


Combined Jewish Philanthropies 126 High Street | Boston MA 02110 | 617-457-8500

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2010 Yearbook - Birthright Israel Campus Initiative  

2010 Yearbook - Birthright Israel Campus Initiative