Balanced Family, Spring 2019

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Spring refresh

Jaye Benjamin / N Benjamin Interiors

Rejuvenate your home with advice from Northeast Ohio experts


By Alyssa Schmitt


s spring brings about melting snow and blossoming blooms, new life is breathed into the world around us – making it the perfect season for trying something new.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike can focus that same revitalizing energy on their homes. For a fresh new look, they can add bursts of colors, new furniture or think about clearing out a space to create an area that feels brand new. Or, on the outside, outdoor cleaning projects and strategic lighting placement can transform a battered winter abode into an inviting spring escape. Experts from across the region offer Northeast Ohioans tips and advice on how to give their homes a spring refresh.

Stylishly simplify your space by going through it and collecting unnecessary clutter. Nancy Benjamin, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and owner of N Benjamin Interiors in Pepper Pike, suggests picking a shelf and leaving just one picture frame on it or clearing a coffee table save for one book. “Less is more, and it’s really the truth,” she says. “They will notice when they do this to the room that it looks twice as big. We don’t need the extra clutter we accumulate.” Besides making the room look larger, it creates a serene, simple atmosphere to come home to after a hectic day.

Budget Lightscapes

LUMINOU S LIGHT Nothing says empty like a dark house. While lighting can provide a level of security, Chris Ursetti, owner of Budget Lightscapes in Highland Heights, says lights can be just as decorative as they are practical. To make a noticeable change to current outdoor lighting, he says to replace all burned out lights and make sure all outdoor lighting matches in terms of type of light – he recommends LED – to avoid a mismatched look. Strategically placed lighting can also add to the beauty of the home. “When you highlight that at night, certain type of stone and woodwork, it’s more dramatic,” he says.