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A mystery of an ancient civilization revealed

1799 Under Napoleon's command, french soldiers discovered a black stone near the village of Rashid (Rosetta) at Egypt's Nile River delta. This stone had inscriptions on its face, later determined by Francois Champollion, to have a single message inscribed in three different scripts – Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Greek, and Demotic, a cursive version of hieroglyphics. There were other ancient hieroglyphic texts discovered before the Rosetta Stone. But, their contents were indecipherable because there was no interpretive link or code to help the reader understand the language. By comparing the content of the three scripts





Champollion was able to break the code and unveil the mystery of ancient Egyptian inscriptions. Soon after this discovery, all Egyptian history seemed to unravel revealing a vast spectrum of information about the life and culture of an ancient empire.

Timeless documents

Throughout history, the advancement of visual communication seems to correspond directly to the forward progression of civilization. Ancient Egyptians knew that the influence of proclamations which were documented permanently far outlasted proclamations only spoken or declared verbally. Stone was the medium which made the presentation



continuous and timeless. And, that same stone tablet served as a printing block if a reliever sheet was burnished over the stone's etched surface.





concepts and developed the movable type printing press – a forerunner of the modern letterset printing process. His mid-fifteenth century printing operation, crude by today's standards, permitted cost efficient, speedy, consistent copies compared to previous methods.

Today advertising and marketing people understand, as did Gutenberg, the importance of efficiency. When a timeless or time sensitive message about a product or service needs to be proclaimed, they know it’s time to . . .

“Ink up the Press”.

Deciphering the code of today's PrePress technology

Finding your way in the complex maze of today’s modern PrePress environment can be as complex as deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics. Understanding and applying the language of computer generated graphics is foundational. Pre-press technicians must have a thorough knowledge of this code to merge your project into the stringent order of our PDF work flow environment. Successful PrePress application will deliver precise color proofs and printing plates essential for producing dependable, consistent quality on the printing press. It's the technology that has become second nature at Demco Printing's PrePress department.

the Press room

S tep into the press room

and experience an atmosphere of busy, time sensitive production. It's a place where Demco Printing has invested significant resources to insure maximum efficiency, meticulous color control, and ultimate quality output. Our pressmen are masters of their code when it comes to immediate response to challenging conditions. Their experience as tradesmen have given them a complete knowledge of their environment and the capabilities of their equipment.

Demco Printing has printing presses to fit a broad diversity of printing demand. HEIDELBERG MO 6 COLOR + AQUEOUS COAT– Ultimate color quality, large format, for moderate to high volume. DIDDE 8 COLOR WEB – High color quality (full color two sides, one pass), book and catalog format, cost efficient for high volume. HP/3000 VARIABLE DATA – Ultimate color quality, tabloid format, variable data or low volume. HEIDELBERG QUICKMASTER TWO COLOR – Quality two color, tabloid format, cost efficient low to moderate volume.

HP Indigo 3000

Sheetfed press

Bindery and Finishing

No matter how scrupulous your efforts were in creating and preparing your project to this point, your efforts must be matched with the same level of guarded concern in final assembly, bindery, and trim. At Demco Printing our bindery department is a place where precision is the code. Scoring, folding, binding, tagging, trimming, drilling, inserting, stuffing, and labeling are all accomplished in a way that protect your valuable message. And, our quality equipment and skilled operators bring it to fruition and put it all in a box or crate suitable for shipping. When executed properly, bindery and finish work are hardly noticed. But when performed poorly, the legitimacy of the entire project, your products or services line or even your business may be viewed as questionable.

Sales and support

No single person can pull off a good printing job alone. It takes combined efforts and skills of experienced team players to make superior printing happen. You will never encounter all the players of the team who put their efforts into your printing project. But, your engagement with our knowledgeable sales and customer service people will make your experience a pleasure. Our sales representatives will help you decipher the best path your project should take. They know the correct answers to the right questions before the job is scheduled. Questions such as: – What printing press would best suit the job? – What kind of paper stock should be used? – – Does this job require stochastic, sublima or conventional screening? – Can it be printed within the allowed budget? –Can delivery be expected at a specific date? –Will coating or lamination be incorporated? –Will the job involve saddle stitching or perfect binding? And, our customer service people will insure that the project stays on course so delivery will be when promised.



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