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Relinquish control Transparent Conversational

To achieve goals

Cultural Fit/Readiness?

Research/Select Best Channels

Tells brand story Reach target audience(s)

Responsive Follow through Respond positively

Aligns with resources/capabilities

Provide relevant content

Is measurable

Engage key influencers Social Media Leads

By audience segment/persona


Develop/Clarify Message(s)

Bounce Rate Membership Level Activity Conversions

Supportive of mission Focused, cohesive, consistent Reflective in all SM content Develop content


Customer Engagement

Brand Mentions

Brand Reputation

Viral Sharing Blog Activity


Establish Objectives & Goals

Customer Innovation

Online sales


Product info views/research

Search Mktg. Objectives Senior Mgmt. Buy-in

Social Media Guideline Development/Adoption



Existing experience of staff; ie. current SM participation

Key Word Research & Discovery

Potential volunteer base

SEO Development

Map Assets

SEM Program

Cross-linked to Social Media Properties

Existing content that can be repurposed

Interactive Mktg.

Based on Keywords, SEO, SEM Programs

Time staff members can devote to social media

Current SM participation

Targeted Microsite Development

ID internal champions

Cross-linked to E-Commerce Site Channels Email Marketing Campaigns

Corporate operations

Social Media/Marketing Plan Framework

Audiences Programs/Campaigns

Franchise operations Company






Brand A

Key words/phrases Tone channels convey?


Review Current Mktg.

Establish Scope

Brand B Brand C

Overall message brand communicates?

Product 1

Are intended targets being reached? Who are intended targets?



Product 2 Product 3

Key ?'s

Do channels reflect mission?

Product 4

What’s missing?

Campaign A Campaign/Promotion

Are there people who should be targeted but aren’t?

Campaign B Campaign C

Is current participation passive or active?

General introduction/roll-out

Mktg/Launch Campaigns

Promote/update to existing SM channels Integrate into other online/offline mktg channels/efforts/campaigns

Identify character traits, personalities, habits and attitudes Demographics/psychographics

Develop Personas of Key Engaged Customers

Identify/select tools/services

Internal 3rd Party

Research online/offline activities, interests, passions, concerns

News mentions Social media/networks (i.e., Facebook, MySpace, Ning etc.) Industry/advocacy sites Blogs/online discussion

Monitor Existing Conversations

Competitive discussions Attitudes/issues that define brand Sites with most activity related to company/brand Items to assess:

Kind of people who post most frequently Identify key words/phrases Positive and negative comments

Biz partner channels & SM efforts Identify key influencers

Other organizations and issues these people connected to

Social Media Marketing Plan  
Social Media Marketing Plan  

Framework for developing a social media marketing plan.