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12. “LinkedIn Today” Using LinkedIn on a Daily Basis

11. Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group Image and headline Connections and recommendations Website links Components

Summary and specialties

Increase event attendance


Proven system of success

Experience Skills

Minimize efforts

Interests / associations / awards

Maximize effectiveness

1. Developing Your Profile

Generate new leads

Contact information

Increased business intelligence Eliminate non target attendees Identify target opportunities Obtain key business intelligence

Researching Event Attendees

Increases attendee contact

10. Events: Creating events, increasing Attendance & Converting Attendees to Sales Leads

Increases attendee qualification Increases lead generation Increases sales opportunities Multiple valid contact reasons

Eliminates prospect doubt

Multiple contact methods Maintain branding and awareness

Establishes credibility Converting Event Attendees Into New Leads


Increase new lead contacts

Adds value Increases profile views

Increase lead qualification

Increases inquiries

2. Adding Applications & Recommendations

Increase revenue opportunities

Increases new lead opportunities Multimedia marketing presentations Video presentations Applications

LinkedIn – Lead Generation“Roadmap”

Testimonials Sales sheets Technical data sheets Podcasts and webcasts

Thought knowledge leadership Quickly and effectively Increase prospect network Competitive differentiator

9. Establishing Yourself As A Thought Leader

Increase event attendance

3. Joining Groups

Increase inbound inquiries

Maximizes target prospect visibility and increases contact capability Extends market reach

Increase lead opportunities

Optimizes lead generation

Increase reach Improve prospect awareness

Establishes and maintains – Thought Knowledge Leadership

4. Posting Updates

Increase brand awareness Establish credibility

8. Maximizing Speed in Generating New Leads

Increases event attendance Generates inbound inquiries

Improve perceived value

Provides leads w/ contact information

Improve inbound inquires Increase lead opportunities Increase revenue

Acquire key business intelligence

5. Following Companies & Contacts

Establishes thought knowledge leadership Creates competitive advantage

Identify valid business reasons Notification of key decision maker changes

7. Engaging In Discussions

Generates new lead generation opportunities

Increases event attendance Increases new lead opportunities Increases target prospect visibility Increases contact capability

6. Adding Connections

How many you can invite Who you can invite How you can invite What if you violate


LinkedIn Lead Generation Roadmap  

LinkedIn lead generation

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