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Please fill out the form in BLOCK CAPITALS and in English. 1: WHO: Who is making the request? A. B. C. D. E.

Name of Organization: Name of Point of Contact (POC): Telephone number(s) including mobile: Radio frequency and call sign: E-Mail:

2. WHY: What is occurring that requires ISAF Support (i.e. an attack, violent protests/riots, medical emergency – life or death or loss of limb or sight)? Why do you need ISAF assistance? Are you able to get help: A. From your own organization and/or security force?

B. From local authorities/ANP/ANA?

C. From other military forces?

3. WHAT: A. What support is being requested (i.e. security of compound, convoy and/or landing zone, evacuation by ground or air, medical care, medical evacuation)?

B. How many people need assistance? Include number of males, females, adults, children, their names if possible.

C. If medical care is required what is/are the condition of the patient(s)? (i.e. ambulatory, able to walk, what kind of medical treatment is required)

5. WHERE: Where do you require the assistance? A. Provide the name of the location if it has a name or the name of the nearest known town/village.

B. Provide a grid coordinate or longitude/latitude readings, using a GPS, map or any other means for this information.

C. Provide as much detail as possible on where you are (i.e. building, hut, field, side of road).

D. What hazards are in the area? (i.e. mines, people shooting, fire, smoke, debris).

E. If a landing zone (LZ) is required provide the following: 1. Location (grid coordinate and/or longitude/latitude). 2. How far is it from your location? 3. Size of the LZ? (500 meters) 4. Obstacles in and around the LZ (i.e. trees, power or telephone lines, rocks, loose gravel, trash, branches, roofing material, anything that could damage the helicopter and/or airplane)

5. Is the LZ clear of mines? How do you know?

6. How will the LZ be marked so the pilots can identify it from the air? (i.e. symbols on the ground, color cloth, people waving, color smoke)

6. REMARKS: Any other information that will help ISAF determine what kind of support is required?

ISAF 911 In-Extremis Support  

REQUEST FOR ISAF IN-EXTREMIS SUPPORT NATO/ISAF UNCLASSIFIED B. From local authorities/ANP/ANA? 1: WHO: Who is making the request? A. From yo...

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