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CJ Muxfeldt

ď‚— This is a Nitrogen

applicator we used while doing our Nitrogen increase study. We had an isolated corn field that we applied different rates of 30, 60, and 90 lbs. nitrogen/acre, to document what happens.

ď‚— In our summer nursery, after

July 4th. We had to hand pollinate corn plants in various stages and test lines throughout our nursery. This is what a tassel bag looks like on a corn plant. We will then use this pollen on the same plant to self it and advance this line.

ď‚— This is our 8 row planter

that from may to June I spent riding on the back planting individual tests at all our various yield trial locations. I helped with planting corn for grain and silage, as long as oil and confection Sunflowers.

ď‚— This is our silage chopper.

At all our yield trial sites we have corn silage tests, which we take samples from for our data.

ď‚— Like pollination bags, we

also had to go through and shoot bag, meaning cover up the shoots where the silks come out to prevent other pollen to pollenate this plant.

ď‚— At all our yield trial

locations, we set up these weather stations which record wind, temp, moisture, soil temp, soil moisture, and heat index. To help with our research.

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