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Short‐to‐medium term  •

The international community and Pakistan must cooperate to develop an alternative narrative. This could be achieved through series of conferences and seminars ringing together moderate Muslim scholars from all over the world to generate a modern message or interpretation of religion which could compete with the post-modernist puritanical narrative

The Muslim states especially Turkey and others should cooperate to develop and alternative consensus (of sorts) amongst the Muslim community to stop violence and intolerance

Greater interaction between Pakistani students and western scholars and/or diplomats to explain each other’s perspective

Establishing programs in western universities to educate students in religion and theology. I believe that such a training will be different from what they eventually learn under the influence of puritanical scholars in the Muslim world.

These measures require cooperation amongst the international community and the civil society in Pakistan. Counter-terrorism or military measures is one option. However, latent-radicalism or and end to terrorism requires an engagement between segments of a society and amongst different societies. It’s not George W. Bush’s ‘crusade’ but a softness of attitude based on building inter-faith and intercivilizational dialogue and harmony that may help the world succeed in this war.


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Red Hot Chilli Peppers Islam – Is the Youth in Elite Universities in Pakistan Radical?  

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