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June 2011


Isabel Marant


MEET the LUNDGRENS Marbella´s most fashionable family





Join us for the boutique beach club experience

The Boutique

BUDDHA BEACH Buddha Beach, Marbella’s first boutique beach club, opened for summer on April 20. Located only a short walk from the jet set marina of Puerto Banús, Buddha Beach has become the favourite beach club for celebrities, residents and visitors who enjoy the relaxed, bespoke location.


BUDDHA BEACH PARTY CALENDAR F U N K Y F R I D AY P O O L PA R T I E S : every week starting Friday May 27 L I M E L I G H T P O O L PA R T Y : every Thursday starting May 26 W H I T E & G O L D PA R T Y : June 10 NOT TO BE MISSED!!! G I P S Y K I N G S : August 6 & 7

LO V E J U I C E P O O L PA R T I E S : May 27 & August 27 (bank holiday weekends) Buddha Beach - Urb. Villa Marina, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Malaga Visit our web site at - email: For more information and bookings or for group booking and party information please call: (0034) 95 281 3882 or (0034) 661 623 623


TRÈS CHIC CONTENTS JUNE 2011 CHIC FASHION FASHION TRENDS 18 - Prints Charming 20 - Punk 22 - Building Blocks 26 - A PIECE OF PARIS

French designer Isabel Marant is the queen of effortless cool


Anette Lundgren and her daughter Ida prove that a sense of fashion can be passed down from genera tion to generation


Puerto Banús is set to be transformed into a fashion catwalk for the Marbella Luxury Weekend


Our fashion shoot this month. We mix it up with elegant evening wear juxtaposed with hippy chic beach style


Hollie Cook’s “Tropical pop” sounds are set to take over the airwaves this summer as she launches her first self-titled, solo album


Angel champagne is mariah carey’s favourite tipple, and ours too!


We’ve scratched below the surface of this wellknown Marbella artist to find out more about who he is and what drives him to get out of bed in the morning


You´ll find clogs, clothes and so much more at Gunnel´z Fashion Boutique



FOOD 86 - THE FOOD WHISPERER Daisy Omissi spends the day following La Casita chef / owner Lawrence Otterburn


Cuisine to tantalise your tastebuds


Our beauty editoral shoot this month is packed full of sweets


Crú is not only in the business of cutting hair but also making it longer

74 - BEAUTY TRENDS Afterglow and Get Lippy


Il Salviatino was put on this planet purely and simply to serve at the altar of love; a more romantic location, in the heart of Italy, is hard to imagine


La Heredia is a hidden gem on the road to Ronda

Osteopath Hilary Maclise explains how prenatal craniosacral therapy can help prepare pregnant women and their unborn babies for the big day


Post pregnancy workouts to get your tum back in shape


It’s a busy month for art in Marbella; choose from Arte International or Luis Urculo’s exhibition at the Poligono Art Gallery


This month, it’s all about girl power, celebrity fashion and the hottest headlines


We review our top three films to rent this month


Très Chic joins up with My Marbella Info to bring you all the hottest parties and social events to hit the coast this month






Take it from us this summer in Marbella is going to rock. The atmosphere around town is buzzing with anticipation as the bars and clubs start opening, and everybody is ready to party! In our minds the unofficial kick off of the season is the Nikki Beach opening, which we are looking forward to, as well as the first ever Marbella Luxury Weekend. Make sure you hit the port for the weekend of fashion shows and other VIP events from the long list of luxury brands which are involved – see pages 36-37 for more details. It was more fun than shopping in Primark creating this month’s issue, which is packed full of fab fashion and gorgeous people. And you can’t get more gorgeous than the stunning Anette Lundgren and her daughter Ida, who are this month’s cover stars. We had so much fun shooting at their home and meeting the family (including their pet Pot Belly pig!). We also have to thank our friends Zoe and Alan Sharam who opened up their stylish La Zagaleta house to us for our fashion shoot. They let us take over for the day and gave us free rein of the gardens and poolside. Without them we couldn’t have brought you our most funky shoot – ever! Now we are going to let you into a little secret – our soundtrack of the summer is going to be Hollie Cook’s eponymous album that is about to hit the shops. Listen out for her feel-good, chill out tunes that are currently dominating the UK airwaves. Find out more about the up-and-coming star, whose dad is rock royalty Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, on pages 50-53. One of the most interesting days we have had in a long time was hanging out with Lawrence Otterburn at his restaurant La Casita in La Heredia. We shadowed his every movement for 12 hours to find out what it is that makes this top chef tick and his restaurant one of the most talked about dining destinations on the coast. And the biggest news…we are launching Très Chic in the UK, so you will be able to pick up a copy of your fave fashion magazine when you are next travelling back to Blighty. Stay chic!

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W W W. S I S U B O U T I Q U E . C O M


TEL: 952 90 61 05

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Photography & Make-Up, Cj Hadlow Styling, Anette Ludgren Hair, Daud at Cru


Ida Dress: Sachin + Babi for Ankasa Silver cuff & ring: Stephen Webster Superstud collection Anette Dress: Alaïa Earrings & bracelet: Stephen Webster Les Dents de la Mer

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next 16 TRÈS CHIC

You have seriously had your head in the sand if you live in Marbella and you haven’t heard about La Sala. Where have you been? In our world it seems impossible to get through a weekend without hearing the name mentioned over and over again, as the one and only place for the city’s beautiful people to hang out for drinks and dinner. Packed every week night and almost impossible to get into at the weekend, La Sala deserves its hard-earned notoriety. The décor is slick. The service is even slicker and the menu is top notch. This heady combination, as well as its central location, make it the place to be seen. Nowhere else in town is as busy or as buzzing as La Sala. We’ll see you there – if we can get a table.

Ca l l e B el m onte, Nu e va An dalu ci a, M arbe lla, M alaga. e ma il : reserv a tion s @ las alaban u s .co m. Te l: 9 5 2 814 1 4 5

BY DAYeating al fresco

Hou se Vio lin

Th e Ra t Pa ck


Pe et Ro th we ll

g o t o w w w. l a s a l a b a n us . c o m fo r t hi s m o nt hs l i ve music sc hed ule


Très Chic exclusive


No evening out in Marbella is complete without dinner amd drinks at this happening hot spot in Nueva Andalucía






D O LC E & G A B B A N A








is a simply psychedelic – this Floral, fruity and alks were tw ca e spring 2011, th 70s sensibility. In edgier than prints that are far awash with eclectic t and their predecessors. colours, statemen Glorious clashing the m fro en tak ns e inspiratio ht aig vibrant with som str en while others are tak essence of nature, n. tio oc s or digital conc from a camera len cci, Marc lla McCartney, Gu Ste , or As seen at Di nspired, the prints are 70s-i spots, Jacobs, and Cavalli, or id simply in either pla and can be worn ic. op sc do -yards in kalei or go the full nine scarfs and avy-brimmed hats, he th wi Team ing with nc k will take you da wedges and this loo er. ht into summ your daisy chain rig









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jil sander



G N I D L BUI S K C O L B jil sander





nt, tropical colours is trend! The vibra Wow, how I love th n to shame. a Rio carnival quee are enough to put hes and fuchsia eens, punchy peac gr e lim , ws llo ye Acid ! How the world what? Tomato reds pinks teamed with atch-your-collarsthe old-school “m has changed for and-cuffs crew”. the matching was a stickler for My mother-in-law ista wants to step g, but, if any fashion n shoes and handba ust take inspiratio st centur y, they m d by ire sp in boldly into the 21 t ge d an for Jil Sander from Raf Simons “French cakes”! and Missoni, there LV, Gucci, Lanvin As seen at Versus, d flamboyant. h re; just be bras an he les ru no ly tru are digo skirt, acidblouse with an in Team a pop-pink with a lime-green hey, let’s go all out, d together – yellow shoes, and best is pink and re e th e lov I t ha W wrap! bigger, bolder and mum-in-law! The e th y no an to t jus Jodie brighter the better!

christian dior







A PIECE of PARIS By Jodie Brown

French designer Isabel Marant is the queen of effortless cool




ared-down Parisian cool is not a description you hear often, and whilst I like to think that it describes my own dress sense (Ha! Don’t we all!). This is a descriptive that absolutely sums up Isabel Marant’s collections. Born in 1967, the daughter of German designer Christa Fiedler, the young Marant favoured her father’s clothes over her mother’s designs. She liked nothing more than to look different from the rest and happily customised her father’s shirts and trousers, or items that her mother had given her. To stand out from the crowd was a mantra that she honed from a very young age. When she was just 15 years old, Isabel designed her first piece – a costume for a friend at school – and it was then that she realised her passion for fashion. Isabel went on to graduate at Studio Berscot School, and after a number of

“I don’t seek to DESIGN CLOTHES with three sleeves, I just hope people like what I do”

opportunities on the Parisian fashion circuit she found herself working for the likes of Chloé, Michael Klein and Yohji Yamamoto. Isabel Marant started to take her craft seriously in the late 80s, and after assisting her mother in her studio, began to design jewellery and accessories; developing the range until she took a leap of faith into womenswear. In 1995, we first spotted Isabel’s work on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, and after her debut she found immediate success, taking orders from round the world. Isabel found that her ability to design elegant pieces, showing femininity and strength, that were easy to wear and effortlessly striking, were an immediate hit with modern, busy, working-mothers in Paris and were also popular with fashion-forward female youth.


Isabel’s second collection: Etoile, was ground-breaking with its (non-iron) crumpled and distressed fabrics, fraying hems and un-finished seams. “Washed, aged and boiled” were the words that best described this revolutionary collection, and so much easier for the mum’s-on-the-go to work with! In spring 2011, we see some gorgeous mixes of sports and lounge wear in Isabel’s collection, tailored to perfection and teamed with the very covetable mono-chrome, patent-tipped heels. A delicate taste of Rose de Fille (bubblegum pink) denim, and the shortest of shorts, showing off that asset that Isabel adores...Les Jambes! In homage to her mother, Isabel continues to deliver exceptional jerseys and wonderful fine knits, that have the power to tempt us straight to our credit cards. As quoted in her interview for lexpress. fr she sums up exactly why she has earned her place as a truly perfect Parisian export, “I adore it! (fashion) ... It moves me deeply. A garment, it is like your second skin, an (integral) part of you. I don’t seek to design clothes with three sleeves, I just hope people like what I do. But dream of fashion, it always comes back to refuse things it eulogised last season. In fact, it is some kind of a game, that reincarnates desire again and again. It shouldn’t be taken seriously. After all, it is just clothes!”






Anette Lundgren and her daughter Ida prove that a sense of fashion can be passed down from generation to generation By Daisy Omissi


sk anyone in Marbella to name the three most stylish women in town, and without a doubt the name Anette Lundgren will appear on their list – usually at the top! She has a reputation for always being on the button when it comes to the latest trends and she is usually one step ahead of the rest of us when it comes to knowing the newest, funkiest brands. So it is hardly surprising that her daughter, Ida, is also ultra-savvy when it comes to fashion, especially considering she is only 15 years old. When we met the mother and daughter duo at their home, we knew we’d found the perfect setting to photograph the Lundgren ladies. With so many amazing locations to choose from – both inside the house and in the garden – it was hard to know where to start. The Lundgren house has an amazing energy that almost certainly comes from Anette’s ability to make a family home feel welcoming and stylish at the same time. No mean feat when you have a teenager, a younger daughter and a pig living in under the same roof. (The pig is a pet Pot Belly who loves to eat bananas!)


Our fashion assistant for the day is Anette’s younger daughter, Greta who is nine years old and full of mischief. She helps get all the clothes ready and brings us cans of coke during the marathon photo session. She may be only nine, but she has already inherited amazing looks from her mum and dad – she is going to be another stunner when she grows up. However, at the moment her main purpose in life is annoying her big sister! As an ex-stylist and boutique owner herself, Anette has hand-picked all the outfits for the day from Elite boutique in Puerto Banús, where she is a regular customer, and from Stephen Webster jewellery boutique. She has chosen a selection of looks that reflect both their individual styles but also complement one another when put together. “My style is unpredictable. I don’t like to be perfect and I hate being too matchy,” says Anette who is a big fan of up-andcoming designers and loves to shop when she is travelling in exotic places such as India. “I always look for original designs when I am abroad. I look for the something folkloric from the culture of wherever I am. I recently picked up some amazing jewellery in Bulgaria.” Ida, on the other hand, describes her style as, “Relaxed, casual and bohemian”. But she has obviously picked up a few tips from her mum as she also admits that she likes mixing things up a little. “If I am wearing

“My style is UNPREDICTABLE. I don’t like to be perfect and I hate being too matchy”

Ida Sachin + Babi for Ankasa dress Stephen Webster Superstud silver cuff and ring Anette AlaĂŻa29 dress TRĂˆS CHIC Stephen Webster Les Dents de la Mer earrings & bracelet

Ida: Carven white tank Balmain jeans YSL shoes Stephen Webster Astroballs Anette: Haute Hippie tee and skirt Camilla Skovgaard shoes 30 TRĂˆS CHIC Stephen Webster Astroballs



Ida MSGM dress Stephen Webster Crystal Haze ring and earrings Louis Vuitton shoes Anette Alexander McQueen jumpsuit Stephen Webster Vortex necklace and earrings YSL shoes Opposite Page Ida Ohne Titel top J Brand jeans Stephen Webster Love Haze pendant, Top Shop shoes Anette MSGM dress Stephen Webster Superstud silver necklace and cuff TRĂˆS CHIC 33 Miu Miu shoes

Ida Markus Lupfer dress Stephen Webster Les Dents de la Mer bracelet Anette Markus Lupfer top Ohne Titel trousers 34 TRĂˆS CHIC Stephen Webster Superstud silver bracelet and ring



something elegant, I like to give it a twist,” she says. “I would always throw an army or leather jacket over a designer dress to make it stand out.” Both Anette and Ida love to shop in Top Shop in London. “It is so big, there is too much to choose from,” says Ida. “I get emotional when I go in there,” laughs Anette who is as comfortable shopping on the high street as she is in the designer boutiques of Puerto Banús. Anette definitely has a huge influence not just on Ida but on her friends too. “I am always trying to persuade them to be different, to find their own style,” she says. “Style is about how you put clothes together not how much money you have to spend on them. It is easy to go out and buy a Gucci bag and look good, but it is lazy and shows no originality or personality. It is much harder to shop at a flea market, online or at a vintage store and find something you can combine with a top shop dress, but the results are much more exciting. My friend’s 16-year-old daughter spent one whole summer working so that she could buy a Louis Vuitton bag. Her mum asked me to talk her out of it; she thought she’d listen to me because I used to be a stylist. At her age it is hard because all the girls want to look the same and they all want the same bags even if they can’t afford them. They just want to fit in. I tried to explain to her that being original counts for a lot in the fashion world. Being different is actually cool. Look at Kate Moss. Why did she become so successful? Because she had her own style and didn’t care what anyone else thought.” But Anette isn’t the only one who gives tips. “I always do mum’s make-up when she goes out,” reveals Ida. “I always tell her if I like what she is wearing. I love all her bags and shoes; I just want to steal them all. Sometimes she lets me borrow her stuff but not all the time.” Of course, there are times when Anette’s unique style is a bit much for her daughter. We have all been embarrassed by our mums at some point in our lives, and Ida is no different. Anette smiles as she remembers the moment when Ida asked her not to get out of the car at school because she was wearing men’s boots. “It is just her age. Teenage girls get insecure and she was totally freaking out. If it had been someone else’s mum, she would have thought it was really cool.” Like mother, like daughter, Ida also plans to go into the fashion business. Although not for a while, if her mum has anything to do with it! Ida has already worked alongside her dad Dolph Lundgren in the movie Command Performance and she plans to go into modelling when she is older. “Working with dad was amazing and I hope to do it again soon. Both mum and dad have inspired me to work in the industry,” says Ida, who is a natural in front of the camera. You only have to point a lens at her and she strikes a perfect pose without even realising it. Naturally, Anette is very protective of Ida who is still studying at Swans International School in Sierra Blanca. “I have been in the business and I know what it can be like,” says Anette whose mother was a fashion designer in Sweden. “I don’t want Ida to get into modelling too early and be burned out by the time she is 17,” explains Anette. “I want to manage her career properly. We have contacts in all the top, international agencies and they would all take her on their books tomorrow but I think it is better to wait.” We’ll be waiting to see Ida on the front cover of Vogue. In the meantime you’ll be able to spot her on the front cover of Très Chic in the not too distant future. So gossip girls, watch this space. XOXO

With special thanks to Stephen Webster and Elite Boutique Puerto Banús Credits: Photography & Make-Up, Cj Hadlow Styling, Anette Ludgren / Hair, Daud at Cru



Clockwise from left: Versace; Dior; Tom Ford; Jimmy Choo.



PRÊT A PORT Puerto Banús is set to be transformed into a fashion catwalk for the Marbella Luxury Weekend


Above: The glamorous boutiques of Puerto Banús. Top right: The port is famous for its luxury yachts. Far right: Don´t miss the amazing line up of catwalk shows.



We love shopping in Puerto Banús at the best of times; the amazing boutiques, the glamorous yachts, the gorgeous clientele…what more could a fashionista ask for? Seeing the port transformed into a showcase for the 50 international brands that are located there, perhaps? Stunning models strutting the catwalk wearing the latest designer collections? Well, all of the above, and more, is about to come true thanks to the tourism department of the Marbella Ayuntamiento that is organising the first Marbella Luxury Weekend from June 2-5 2011. Over this special weekend, a catwalk will be constructed alongside the water’s edge where brands such as AG Rock N Roll Couture, Bulgari, Burberry, Cartier, Chloé, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Elite, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Missoni, Tom Ford and Versace will present fashion shows highlighting this season’s hottest looks and trends. VIP marquees will also line the port where A-list guests will be invited to sip champagne and cocktails and soak up the beautiful setting. See you on the front row!


a s ' e Lif c i n c pi

Everything is not as it seems in this upside down world of wonders. We mix it up with elegant evening wear juxtaposed with hippy chic beach style. Where it goes next is anyone’s guess!

Dani: Skirt from ITSOMI €135. Bikini top from ITSOMI €59 (bottoms sold separately, €48). Necklace from DAISY €412 Ring from ITSOMI €24. Bracelets from ELLE MORGAN €149 each. Shoes from ITSOMI €130 Sarah: Dress from ITSOMI €546. Necklace from ITSOMI €36. Shoes by Ted Baker @338A €129



Bu Dani Dress from DAISY €245 Bracelets from ELLE MORGAN €149 each Scarf from NINA B €39 (worn as a belt) Sarah Dress from ITSOMI €548 40 TRÈS CHIC Shoes by Ted Baker@338A €139

l a i Soc

s e i l F r e t t u



Cool Britania

Dani: Dress from ELLE MORGAN €199. Belt by Ted Baker at 338A €79. Shoes by ASH at 338A €175 Sarah Dress from DAISY €240. TRÈS CHIC 43 Necklace from DAISY €412

t e k Bas e s a C


Dani Playsuit from GUNNEL’Z FASHION €229 Bracelet from DAISY €90 Ring from ITSOMI €24 Bag from GUNNEL’Z FASHION €169 Sarah Dress from GUNNEL’Z FASHION €349 Necklace (worn as bracelet) from GUNNEL’Z FASHION TRÈS CHIC€195 45 Necklace from ITSOMI €22

B y d Moo

Dress by ITSOMI €160 Gillet from GUNNEL’Z FASHION €349 46 TRÈS CHIC Shoes from ITSOMI €130

s e u l B


Wild West 48 TRÈS CHIC

Photography & Make-Up, Cj Hadlow Model, Dani Jones, Sarah Ludbrook and Peet Rothwell Hair, Shannon Murray Styling, Dani Jones A special thanks to Zoe and Alan Sharam This Page Dress from ITSOMI €198. Necklace from DAISY €450 Opposite Page Dress from GUNNEL €229 Necklaces from GUNNEL €195 each Purse from ITSOMI €80 TRÈS CHIC €179 49 Clog boots from GUNNEL


What’s Cooking?

Hollie Cook’s “Tropical pop” sounds are set to take over the airwaves this summer as she launches her first self-titled, solo album TRÈS CHIC 51

How did you come up with the name “tropical pop” to describe your work?

It’s just the vibes that we were creating in the studio I suppose. It’s just the way it feels to me.


e first heard about Hollie Cook through her mum Jeni, who is a frequent visitor to the family house here in Marbella. She was raving about Hollie’s recent success in the music industry and was really excited about the pending launch of her first solo album. When we found out that Hollie’s dad is also rock royalty, Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols, we knew we had to find out more! A quick session on YouTube, and we were hooked on Hollie’s ethereal vocals and laid back reggae rhythms; this is the sound of the summer. And we’re not the only ones to reach this conclusion, radio stations in the UK have been belting out Hollie’s tunes all spring and everyone is on tenterhooks for the release of her eponymous album this summer. Watch out Lily Allen, there is a new West London girl on the scene, and when she makes it big, Très Chic readers remember – you read all about her here first!

Tell us what it was like growing up with your dad’s rock and pop influence? It was fun but very normal. Normal to me anyway. Everybody’s families are individual and unique to them.

When did you realise you wanted to follow in his footsteps and get into the music business?

I’d always been interested in performing on some level but I was always too shy to sing. I was in the choir when I was 9 but would always refuse solos. When i got to about 13 or 14, it became more natural and enjoyable.

Has he been supportive? Has he given you any advice about working in the industry?

My parents are so supportive! I couldn’t be luckier really. They are very understanding and encouraging.

Do you think you guys will ever work on anything together? We’ve always done bits and pieces playing music together over the years. I did some backing vocals on a song recently for his band Man Raze.


Your style is definitely more reggae than rock, who are your biggest influences? The Slits, Phyllis Dillon, Shangri-Las and T-rex.

Your sound has been compared to early Lily Allen are you ready to hit the big time like she has? Wow, well, Lily has a hugely successful career. The idea of “hitting the big time” on that kind of scale is terrifying to be honest! I could never imagine it. A fraction of her success would be great!

What have been the biggest challenges in establishing yourself in the music industry?

I’m not sure I’ve established myself yet! Learning to keep doing what you want to do musically, and not get caught up in other peoples’ opinions of what you should be doing is important.

Was it hard work putting together your first album? Was it more work than you thought it would be? Putting together the album was one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences I’ve had. Prince fatty is a dream to work with and his musical team are incredible. I feel like I was constantly learning from them all.

What is your personal fave tune from the new album and why?

I really like It’s So Different Here. It sounds like a beach in space. It’s so dreamy. The vibe of the whole song and the lyrics sound like a place I want to be.

You have collaborated with some really big names in the industry, is there anyone else you’d love to work with? There a many people I’d be excited to work with. Off the top of my head, The Chemical Brothers would be fun.

Apart from your new album, any tips on what we should be listening to this summer?

I have just recently got Katy B’s album and The Ghost Poet’s album. Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles, and Prince Fatty are also great.

Your parents have a house here in Marbella, what do you think of the town? Where do you like to hang out when you come over?

I don’t visit Marbella much, which is silly as the weather is so great. It’s so beautiful up in the mountains, and nice and quiet. Then there’s so much going on in the town. I don’t do much hanging out that isn’t by a pool or the ocean though!

Are you a beach bunny or do you prefer to hit the night scene when you are here? Total beach bunny. The night life can be fun but there aren’t enough venues for live music. That’s a shame because it’s such a lively party place and I’m sure more bands coming to play would be appreciated.

We’d love to see you perform here in Marbella, do you think you can add this destination to your next tour schedule? Your sound would be perfect set in against the backdrop of Nikki Beach! Yes! Well, a beach party couldn’t be more of a correct setting for me to play! Just say the word and I’ll be there.

We are a fashion magazine, so…tell us about your style. Who are your style icons and where do you love to shop in London?

I make it up as i go along. Comfort is always the key, even when I’m dressed up. Being smart doesn’t seem to work for me, even if i try. Madonna had great style and Poison Ivy from the cramps. I love The Ronnettes and The Slits; I find them all inspiring. I just do me though. It’s another form of expressing yourself. I like to shop on ebay. Portabello Market is fun too. American apparel is a good base to start for basics and I work my way around that.

Are there any up-and-coming, underground fashion brands coming out of London that we should know about? Oh god, I wouldn’t know!

“Ethereal vocals and laid back reggae rhythms; this is the sound of the summer”

What do you usually wear on stage when you are performing? Whatever I feel like. It depends on my mood just like every day getting dressed to go outside. I suppose it doesn’t change much. I don’t necessarily dress up more for the stage.


s e v i g l Ang e s g n i w u yo

Angel Champagne is available excluisvely at Sisu Boutique Hotel. Superstud silver jewellery collection available at Stephen Webster in Puerto Banús

Angel Champagne is MARIAH CAREY’S favourite tipple, and ours too!

Summer opening! uday, 9h Jun

Season opening performance by

The Pop Dolls

& nrtainmen  Aeria Ilusins Thursday, 9th June Grand Opening Party

Saturday, 11th June


Official Queen of UK Clubs Songwriter & performer, her nº1 hit singles have been remixed by Cahill, Bimbo Jones, Fred Falke, Dr Kucho!.... - 2nd anniversary party

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 16th, 17th & 18th June

DJ Adam Ratzker (Cuckoo Club, London)

Sunday, 26th June

Opening Cocktail on Thursday, 9th June from 11PM · party... ‘till late!

Suite del Mar · Playa del Hotel Puente Romano Reservas: Tara 630 962 852 / Rafa 676 920 474

Daytime opening party with Special Sunday BBQ!



the MAN

If you think you know everything there is to know about Room 101 owner Dan Robson then think again! We’ve scratched below the surface of this well-known Marbella artist to find out more about who he is and what drives him to get out of bed in the morning Dan is not exactly how you’d imagine a typical artist. To be honest, the 6ft something, muscle-bound Yorkshire man looks more like a bouncer than the type of guy who knows a thing or two about oil painting or Pollock. Even he will tell you that he’s often had a hard time persuading guests that he is the artist at his own exhibitions. But it just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Dan began his career studying fine art at Leeds University and has since sold thousands of pieces of work to individual clients, hotels and commercial groups. His latest work of art is Room 101, which he has poured his creativity into to produce an interior that wouldn’t look out of place in London or New York. Of course, this is helped by the fact that all the art is his own, giving him carte blanche to pull off a completely integrated design that is funky without being pretentious – much like the man himself. 56 TRÈS CHIC

Apart from the opportunity to pull girls, what inspired you to open Room 101? I asked myself what kind of business works in Marbella – the answer was booze and drugs. I didn’t want to be a drug dealer so I opened the bar instead. I also wanted a space where I could display my art work. If you open a gallery you don’t see people for weeks on end but if you open a bar you instantly have a captive audience. How did you come up with the name? A lot of people think it comes from the TV show and don’t realise that the origin of the name comes from George Orwell’s novel 1984. I thought it was a cool name and a bit mysterious. You designed the interior yourself, how would you describe the style? It is elegant but not posey. The chesterfield chairs and sofas make it a comfy, intimate place to come with friends to sit and chat. It is very much aimed at the local market who want somewhere they can come in the port that has a unique feel and isn’t too touristy; I don’t want to fill the place up with hen and stag dos; it isn’t that kind of place. The art you have on display is very cool, tell us more about your life as an artist. I used to do a lot of decorative art, which was a big commercial success. Then I got fed up of seeing bored Marbella housewives who know how to make a canvas look pretty doing exhibitions. There was too much “Leroy Merlin” art out there so I decided to start doing something that stands out and makes a statement. What is the most controversial piece of art you have created? It is probably too radical to put in the magazine…But a lot of my work has a sexual or political message. Women are one of my favourite subjects to paint. How do you have time to paint now you have opened Room 101? To be honest, at the moment I don’t have any spare time for painting. Since it was opened, I spend my whole life here in the bar. I was here until 7am this morning. That is what makes it personal; people know they will always find me here. You have been in Marbella for 10 years, what makes you stay? Marbella is like a wife who beats me but

I can’t leave her. I just keep coming back for more punishment! Where would you go if you left Marbella? I would probably go back to London or maybe to New York. Tell us something surprising about yourself? I am a dab hand at flower arranging – I opened a florist for an ex-girlfriend and learnt all the tricks of the trade. I also studied make-up on a course in London – I had the intention of staying on there and working as a professional make-up artist but then everything for Room 101 came together so I came back here. Have you got a girlfriend? Not at the moment; finding a woman here who doesn’t have issues is impossible. It is like looking for a piece of hay in a huge stack of needles. Are you a romantic? Absolutely, I love being in love. Describe your perfect woman… She’d have to be able to make me laugh. I don’t see myself with someone English. I love foreign, exotic accents. I think if you meet someone from a different culture and they can make you laugh, you have found something really special. They’d also have to be genuine and down to earth – no fake stuff. If they don’t tick all the boxes I am not interested in having a relationship. The smallest thing can put me off someone. I think I am going to be single for a long time! If you could date any celebrity who would she be? Alexa Chung. I am really into brunettes at the moment. Which male celebrity would you love to sit down and have a beer with in Room 101? Samuel L Jackson. Do you have a muse who inspires your art? I based the woman on the painting that is hanging in Room 101 on Angelina Jolie. My main inspiration is my dad. I can’t imagine anyone who is as mentally strong as him. When thing go wrong I always say to myself, “If he can do it, so can I.” Who are your favourite artists? Leonardo Da Vinci for pure genius. Jackson Pollock for the movement he created rather than the art itself. Belin, a Spanish graffiti artist who creates 3D pieces using a spray can. Fave tipple? I am red wine drinker. My favourite is a Lebanese wine called Chateau Musar. Cardinal Mendoza brandy with a hot coffee also goes down well at the end of a dinner. Otherwise I am a vodka and soda guy.

Clockwise from above: Room 101 is an intimate venue to meet and chat with friends; Works of art by Dan; Dan admits he loves painting women.

Room 101 is located opposite the taxi rank by Wok Away in Puerto Banús. T 693 547 666 TRÈS CHIC 57



This page clockwise from left: Samuel L Jackson is a big fan of AG; AG clutch; Sheryl Crow looks hot in AG; Amal with the Sex Pistols’ John Lydon; a ring from the AG jewellery collection. Opposite page top to bottom: Billy Idol rocking out in AG; Funky AG baseball boots; Amal with his girlfriend and model Lucy Ratcliffe; Naomi Campbell is often spotted out and about in AG.


Look out Marbella, the king of rock and roll couture has landed If you love couture but also have an inner rock chick inside you just fighting to get out, then head to A&G Rock N Roll couture, which is now open in Puerto Banús. The boutique is crammed full of edgy, sexy clothes and accessories that manage to combine sophistication with kick-ass style. Cashmere jumpers decorated with intricate, tattoo-influenced prints sit alongside luxuriously soft leather bags that are embellished with crystal skulls and crossbones. Leather jackets and cocktail dresses are all given the A&G Rock N Roll treatment with unpredictable touches that will appeal to your more daring side. The A&G look also has huge celebrity appeal; A-listers just can’t get enough of it. Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen, Ashton Kutcher, Sharon Stone and Samuel L Jackson are all loyal followers of the brand, which is now very well established in the UK and USA. 58 TRÈS CHIC



With stores on Walton Street in London and Melrose Avenue in LA, A&G is now expanding into Spain, starting right here in Marbella at Puerto Banús. “We have sold our products to Gomino and Elite stores in Marbella for years,” says maverick founder of the brand Amal Guessous. “Our sales have been so successful here that we decided it was time to open our own location in the port.” It is hard to miss the store as you walk in through the main entrance of the port; huge TV screens outside the store flash pics of Amal with his celebrity friends all dressed in A&G Rock N Roll, of course. Moroccan born Amal is a larger-than-life character who is the brains behind the label that he started in 1989. The company began as a manufacturer and distributor of leather goods, incorporating high-end leather products with gothic-style sterling silver accessories. In the late 1990s, Guessous diversified the brand by expanding into apparel. AG is currently sold and distributed all over the world from Canada to Japan, as well as much of the US and Europe. Don’t miss the A&G Rock N Roll fashion show at Marbella Luxury Weekend on June 3rd at 11pm. Join Amal for champagne and the chance to have a temporary A&G tattoo at the store after the show. A&G Rock N Roll Couture Puerto Banus Marbella. T. 952 907 960

Clockwise from left: The warehouse boutique in San Pedro Poligono; Gunnel´s Zuecos summer sandals; Top by Charlie Joe; Animal print clogs by Gunnel´s Zuecos; Original accessories; Clogs in every colour of the rainbow; Charm bracelets by Nina Stockholm; Hanne Bloch S/S2011

SOLE SISTER You´ll find clogs, clothes and so much more at Gunnel´z Fashion Boutique in the San Pedro Poligono... We love it when we hear about amazing women turning their start-up businesses into a huge success. Think the Body Shop, which Anita Roddick started in her kitchen or Net A Porter, which founder Natalie Massanet originally ran from her front room. Well, Marbella has its very own start-up queen – Gunnel Bergman, who for years managed her successful fashion business from home. Not anymore! These days you’ll find Gunnel running the show at her amazing warehouse-conversion fashion store in the San Pedro Poligono, which opened earlier this year. Tucked away in the industrial estate, Gunnel’z Fashion Boutique brings a totally new and fresh concept to Marbella. Inspired by the urban chic boutiques in New York’s Meat Packing District, Gunnel has designed an environment that is 100 percent conducive to shopping. Packed full of funky, but affordable brands the store offers a one-stop shop for head-to-toe styling from shoes to jewellery, bags and accessories, all handpicked by the fashion-savvy owner. Gunnel is already famous for her fabulous clogs – Gunnel’s Zuecos, which are hand made from Swedish wood and Italian leather in her home country of Sweden. The clogs are now so popular she sells them wholesale all over Europe and to individual clients worldwide through her website. Clogs in every style and colour you can imagine line the walls of the boutique, and shoeboxes stretch as far as you can see in the storerooms – she runs the entire business from the warehouse where she has a spacious office upstairs for her staff. It’s no surprise the clogs are such a hit – having tried on numerous pairs, we are happy to confirm that they are as comfy as 60 TRÈS CHIC


a pair of slippers and ultra-versatile; they look equally cool with a pair of shorts as they do with a skirt, dress or pair of jeans. We love this season’s clog sandals and the traditional clogs in silver. More quirky styles with flowers and ladybirds also caught our eye. But Gunnel has now branched out and also turned her hand to fashion and accessories buying. Using her experience as an international sales director for Breitling watches, she has travelled far and wide to find a selection of cool, niche brands to bring to Marbella. Every brand tells a story, and Gunnel is always on hand to tell it over a coffee at the boutique’s contemporary bar-cum-counter. The designer Hanne Bloch, she tells us, worked at Missoni for 20 years and there is no mistaking the influence: the knitwear is Missoni-esque without the Missoni price tag. The three bikinis Gunnel bought from her collection sold out within days. Charlie Joe is another popular find. Gunnel has had to reorder from the brand seven times since she opened. The French label, which is simple, minimalist and chic, retails between 80euros for its t-shirts to 400euros for its dresses. We walked out of the store with a Charlie Joe jumpsuit that was simply irresistible at just 159euros and a slouchy sequin bag that was an absolute musthave. Gunnel has also picked unique jewellery brands to complement her clothes collection. You will fall in love with Nina Stockholm’s silver pieces that she mixes with bone, snakeskin and semi-precious stones. Stand out pieces from the collection include a snakeskin belt with brush silver heart buckle and a chunky, silver ring set with natural bone. Temple of Spirited Living jewellery is all handmade from recycled, natural or organic materials including precious stones, clay, pods, berries, beans soy, silk and hemp. The hippy chic pieces are all one-of-a-kind and come with a special message from the producers in a bag that is beaded with the materials used in your necklace. This is taking bespoke to a whole new level! If you buy a piece, three percent of the profit will be donated to Green Friends, a charity supporting the healing of the earth. There is something other-worldly about the Bjorg jewellery line. If you read some of the messages which are incorporated into their surreal designs, this sort of starts to make sense. Take for instance the pendant that says: “all you need is trust and a bit of pixie dust” or “reality is merely and illusion”. This Norwegian brand has been a big winner with Harvey Nichols – the buyer bought the whole set of rings from its last limited edition collection! Thanks to Gunnel we can now pick up all these brands right here in Marbella, and we’re sure that she won’t need any pixie dust to turn her new venture into an even bigger success. Tel: +34 952 785 602 /





Photography: Jayden Fa Model: Christina Ainsworth Make-Up: Deepak Ramchandani Hair: Jayden Fa & Ismael Lopez Accessories & Body-Art: Naomi Abudarham Art Direction: Guy Baglietto Styling: Jayden Fa & Naomi Abudarham Hair Colorist: Kristel-Lee Hook









Bright and playful colours: CHANELS latest eyeshadows ‘Lagoon’ is beautiful then just add a touch of thier new gloss ‘Nakkar No 149’ 68 TRÈS CHIC






C/ Dublin 21. Poligono Industrial San Pedro Alcantara T. 952 785 602 E. W.




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Jessica Simpson

“You can carry your new locks with confidence”

Crú is not only in the business of cutting hair but also making it longer… Sewing in the weft s

If you have been toying with the idea of having hair extensions this summer, but worrying about the damage you might do to your hair – fret no more. The answer is just a twist away at Crú in Nueva Andalucía. Sini Matalamaki – Crú’s extension guru – has 15 years of experience of working with all types of extension systems. These days she is a huge advocate of the now fashionable system of sewn in wefts. The reasons for choosing the weft option are endless: they are less damaging to the hair; they don’t tangle; they are quicker to put in; they are reusable when they are well looked after and they are cheaper to maintain. They are also resilient to chlorine, sun and oil, as they are made from natural hair. And, of course, they are less likely to fall out at an embarrassing moment, so you can carry your new locks with confidence. To book your consultation with Sini call: 952 813 328. Cru is located next to Terra Sana near the Casino in Marbella.


€400 for a full head (length and volume) of weft extensions up to 45cm.


Sini Matalamaki

Afterglow YSL, Versace and Givenchy show us how squeaky clean and glowing skin should look this spring. With beautifully fresh and flawless skin tones taking centre stage, we are provided with the perfect backdrop for playing up our lips and eyes (not forgetting our garments!). Dewy, radiant skin is difficult to achieve, but with a little help from some clever skin care, and a litre and a half of water a day, you will find yourself a little closer to your goal. Hydration is the key to exceptional skin, as is SPF; so if you want to look desirable before you have even reached in the wardrobe, get some factor 30 on that face and a great moisture-rich foundation. Très Chic cheat - A highlighter on your brow and cheek bones will have you shining, in all the right places. 74 TRĂˆS CHIC

Get Lippy Beautiful, defined, pouty red lips, with not a smudge in sight? We saw it at Temperley and Louis Vuitton this spring, but what everyone wants to know is how to achieve the look at home. The secret is a perfect base. Be sure to rub your lips with a hot towel to remove any flakes or undetected dryness. Next add a slick of Vaseline and wait five seconds, blot the lips, and then blot again with a minimal amount of foundation (this prevents the lipstick from bleeding). Line the lips with a slightly darker shade of pencil and apply with a lip brush. Mmm, sexy, bang on trend, and that pigment isn’t sliding anywhere! TRĂˆS CHIC 75

TRÈS CHIC Health & fitness


of life

Osteopath Hilary Maclise explains how PRENATAL CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY can help prepare pregnant women and their unborn babies for the big day


hen we watch an Olympic level gymnast perform their flips and aerials on a 10-centimetre wide beam, we are awestruck by the capacity of the human body! The levels of precision and calculations of the gymnast’s brain and body connection have to be perfect. And now, what if you found out she was exceptionally young? Say, 14 years old? How did she train her body to do such a thing? Practice. Practice. Practice. The first time this young gymnast had to perform great acrobatics was the day she was born. No practice, no coach, just pure nature and connection with her mother. To begin, she has to know it’s time to be facing down. Her head fits just between the mother’s pelvis and only has millimetres to rotate. The baby usually emerges facing the mother’s back so that the head passes through 76 TRÈS CHIC

the widest possible opening of the pelvic girdle. As the head meets the mother’s left hip, the craniosacral rhythm is initiated for a strong immune system. The head then turns so that the upper, and then the lower, shoulders slip through. With the next contraction, the baby slips out and voila! It’s time to breathe on her own for the first time. A perfect 10! On the subject of pre-natal and birthing methods, there is a bombardment of information that can leave an expecting mother confused and many times anxious. I am currently six months pregnant with my first child, and I find that everyone loves to give you their advice and usually the worst nightmare of their own experience. Preparing for this auspicious day, mums actually have amazing supportive “tools” that can be conducive to a smooth and ecstatic birthing experience for both mother and baby.


I have been working as a CranioSacral Osteopath for many years, and have had several pregnant mothers come to me to prepare their bodies and minds for the big day. One question I ask all my new clients (pregnant or not) is about their own birth. Coming into the world creates memory in the tissue and has a large impact on the health and overall well-being of each human life. Craniosacral Osteopathy is based on the belief that the body has an innate ability and capacity to heal itself when it is structurally and physiologically aligned. Craniosacral work is soothing, non-invasive, hands-on therapy that allows your body to enter a deep state of rest, relaxation and repair. By working with the client’s craniosacral system, the health to the body is restored, creating space and freeing restrictions held in the tissues. The craniosacral system includes the bones of the head, pelvis and spine, the connective tissue and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord, and the nervous system. Craniosacral work can help to relieve back pain, reduce stress levels and increase immune system function. By working with the cranial system, hormone levels can be balanced and soothed, helping to also alleviate postpartum depression. Each session is customised to meet the client´s specific needs, as pregnancy and childbirth varies between individuals. I always like to complement the process with therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the rebalancing process for mother and baby. If there are complications in the birth or the baby is born with a C-section, your osteopath can work on your baby as early as four hours after birth.


A few summers ago, Rocio came to our Osteopathy clinic. She was pregnant with her third little girl, Lola. Her two previous births had been one C-section and one natural birth with complications, where they had to use tools to release the baby. This time, she was determined and really wanted to have a natural birth. Because of the complications with the previous births, her doctor had told her she could only have the baby with a C-section. He said the structure of her bones would obstruct the birth. With this, I agreed, but with Osteopathy the bone structure can be realigned to its naturalbalanced state. What can not be easily “realigned” is the emotional impact she received from her doctor when she asked a simple question, “What happened in the old days when a C-section wasn’t even an option?” His response, “They wouldn´t make it.” Imagine the panic in which she came to see me that Monday morning. What does a pregnant mother do with that information from a doctor? Craniosacral osteopathy not only treats the structure, but also releases any emotional imbalances or stress from the tissues and system as a whole. With Rocio, I worked on the structure of her pelvis to create more space for her hips to rotate, relax the ligaments and muscles and relieve the emotional stress held in the lower abdomen and chest area. I also made sure that the neck and cranial bones were balanced, as there is a direct connection between the pelvis and occipital bone.

“After the first session

with Hilary, I felt more relaxed and calm.


could breathe more freely and felt more optimistic,” explains Rocio.

“I booked

appointments for the whole week, which was all I

had before they were going to give me a scheduled C-section that Friday.

Early Friday morning, the contractions began and I was more than relieved to have a natural birth to a healthy little girl! I

was grateful to have had

Hilary recommended to me” Rocio Martin

Hilary Maclise, Marbella Body and Yoga, Centro Comercial Guadalmina / Tel: 637 564 031 TRÈS CHIC 77

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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR PREGNANCY Before, during and after pregnancy there are essential oils to prepare the body and protect against discomfort, nausea, itching and stretch marks. I only use pure therapeutic-grade essential oils such as Young Living Essential Oils because they are the highest quality and pure enough to ingest as remedies. A great example is peppermint for morning sickness or headaches. (If you use any other brand, I recommend you just stick to lavender only and do not take them internally even if it says organic.) In the final trimester, some essential oils should only be used on the feet as certain oils on the abdomen can cause a baby to turn from head down (delivery position). Likewise, using certain oils with the intent of preventing or reversing a breech birth have also proven effective. Diluted oils also may be applied to the abdomen to facilitate the birthing process, diffused in the room to calm the mother and the newborn baby. (As a general rule, mix one drop of oils with five to 10 drops of pure carrier oil.)

ng Living For more information on how to get You elle Mich with k spea , Essential Oil products 1076790) Julian (independent distributor number or om ail.c @gm ving michellejulianyoungli Tel: 695 845 416

Here are some great oils to have at home and for delivery time. Remember, when you are pregnant you should not take any medication. Here are some safe and natural remedies: Lavender: Promotes relaxation, deep rest, for cuts, burns Peppermint: Nausea, stomach disorders, constipation, fever, breech baby and other pregnancy discomforts Lemon: Coughs, immune system, Ph balance Frankincense: For colds, flu, bacterial and viral conditons, anointing at birth and the umbilical cord healing Myrrh: Helps prevent stretch marks and repair skin Thieves (a blend): For viral, bacterial fungal and mold conditions, also for cleaning the home safely including changing table and nursery sanitation Purification: Diffuse it to keep away mosquitoes and purifies the air to support respiratory system


Remember, you need only 200 extra calories per day during pregnancy. Here are some guidelines only. Trust your intuition.

erature) every day. • Drink two litres of water (at room temp rates. If you ohyd carb ed refin all and r suga • Cut out oons of teasp two have can you want something sweet day. per y hone or p syru le map tes with three portions • Balance every portion of carbohydra of vegetables. and a small glass • Only three fruits allowed per day mended, but I recom are juice (150ml) of pure fruit . more bit a eat lly usua


“I recommend that every pregnant mother take the following supplements”

• Wheat in your diet – use alternative s such as rye bread, corn, potato, barley, oats or Kamut. • Drink fizzy and commercial drin ks – too high in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Moreover, the carbonic acid in fizzy drinks depletes your body of calci um and you need all the calcium you can get during preg nancy.


• A general “pregnancy” vitamin, mineral and trace element supplement such as Lambert´s Strong Start MVM (found in chemists and health food shops) • Good quality probiotics for healthy digestion such as Lambert´s Acidophilus Extra 10 (found in chemists and health food shops) • Your body will need plenty of omegas and minerals for the development of the baby´s brain and your skin. I drink Simply Life Antioxidant Drink because it´s completely natural and packed with omegas, minerals, required folic acid and iodine (if you drink this, you don´t need to take the MVM supplement above)

Contact Joe Slaughter 952 798 295 or 626 488 454


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YUMMY MUMMY TUMMY! Post pregnancy workouts to get your tum back in shape by Sean McShea

Even though it may seem like a never-ending battle for most new mums, losing the pregnancy weight is totally achievable with a proper post-pregnancy workout routine. Prior to beginning any post pregnancy exercise programme, it is important to obtain clearance from your family doctor. A Caesarean birth, episiotomy, a difficult birth or other complications may require you to wait 12 weeks before beginning a workout regime. One of the biggest complaints women have after their pregnancy is their mid-section. Many women will try a post pregnancy workout but not see any results. That’s because they are usually doing the WRONG things when it comes to sculpting their tums back into shape.

I don’t want that to be you!

The name of the game here is being patient; “slow and steady” wins the race. It’s not a sprint. Your body just went through labour, so you’ll have to take it easy. Start by walking every day. You can include your baby by putting him or her in a stroller and walking with them. The important thing here is to be consistent and do it at least five times a week. From there, you can do gentle abdominal exercises such as crunches. Just make sure you DON’T stretch your abs, because this can just make the road to a flatter belly a lot longer. Recommended cardio vascular exercises: • Treadmill or hill walking – alternating periods of fast walking (up the hills) and slow walking (down the hills) • Boxing • High and low intensity training (all low impact)

• Stretch or strengthen the multifidus muscles • Re-educate the stabilising musculature It is very important that you are able to recruit the stabilising musclulature prior to attempting anything more advanced. STRENGTH TRAINING EPOC is short for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”. EPOC is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body’s oxygen debt. In order for your body to get back up to speed, it raises your metabolism levels for the next 24-48 hours.

That means your metabolism works harder to burn off your baby weight – automatically – no matter what you do after you work out. This can consist of strength training with a mix of bodyweight exercises and a few dumbbells. And no, don’t worry, strength training does NOT mean bodybuilder “bulking-up” type routines.

So go on ladies, reclaim your body!

Most women will try and add things like jogging and aerobics classes to their post pregnancy workouts, but this is a big mistake Usually these kinds of high-impact exercises can actually make that post pregnancy flabby mid-section even worse! (Crazy, right?) Most experts will tell you that women shouldn’t be doing exercises that are high-impact (ones that make that belly fat jiggle) until 20 weeks AFTER postpartum. ABDOMINAL EXERCISES: Your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have been overstretched and are therefore very weak. This is also caused by “loose” connective tissues in your belly. Exercise musts: • Isolate and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles • Retrain the stretched pelvic floor muscles with kegels and gentle ball exercises

by SEAN MCSHEA Personal Trainer

To book a session with Sean or for a free consultation contact:

T. 633 250 235 E. W.



Pure Romance

Il Salviatino was put on this planet purely and simply to serve at the altar of love; a more romantic location, in the heart of Italy, is hard to imagine. Oh yes, and the shopping is pretty amazing too!


Opposite page: Il Salviatino is located on the beautiful hill of Fiesole; Clockwise from right: The luxurious bedrooms are decorated with traditional art; The views from the hotel over the rooftops of Florence are breath-taking.

When you wake up in the morning and open your curtains to find yourself gazing out across the countryside to the rooftops of Florence, you know you have landed somewhere special. The sensation only increases as you climb into a sunken bath and continue to enjoy spectacular views while you soak away your sleep. As reality begins to take a hold, you realise that you aren’t still dreaming; that yes, you actually are in Italy staying in a top, luxury hotel and you haven’t died and gone to heaven after all. One cup of stong Italian coffee later and everything becomes crystal clear. This is Il Salviatino Hotel and you are here for some R&R – that’s romance and retail therapy in our dictionary. Let’s start with the romance. Il Salviatino is located in a quiet, tranquil setting in the hills outside Florence. Although you are only 10 minutes away from the town centre, you feel like you are miles from anywhere, lost in the Tuscan countryside. The backdrop could not be more ideal for a romantic weekend away in the country with the advantage that Florence’s historic sights and, more importantly, designer shops are just a hop away. The history of the hotel just adds to the romance. It was originally a medieval villa that was transformed into a palace by the Bardi family in 1427. Major restoration work was carried out by later owners, the Salviati family, who renamed

“The backdrop could not be more ideal for a romantic weekend away in the country with the advantage that Florence’s historic sights and, more importantly, designer shops are just a hop away”


it Il Salviatino and remained the proprietors throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. Despite many different owners and many structural changes over the years, the villa never lost its alluring appeal and retains many original features. Today, the palatial 15th century villa captures an elegant 21st century take on its aristocratic past where frescoes, rich handcrafted leathers and works of art sit alongside sophisticated technology to give guests the best of both worlds – old and new. Il Salviatino also has what every loved-up couple dreams of for their perfect weekend away – divine bedrooms that you honestly don’t want to leave. Huge beds, 100% linen sheets, slick room service…if it wasn’t for the designer outlet stores tempting you out into the real world you could easily be forgiven for spending days on end chilling out in the palatial surroundings. Our favourite is the Affresco Suite, which totally lives up to its name; the ceiling is decorated with amazing affrescoes that were rediscovered in 1886 during the villa’s refur-


bishment. Staying in this room feels like having your own personal tour of the Sistine Chapel. And with the level of service that the hotel provides you will also feel as well looked after as the Pope. The hotel also provides ample opportunity for gazing at one another across candlelit dinners. The kitchen works 24/7 to bring you top class cuisine, which we’d suggest sampling at one of its outdoor tables on the terrace overlooking Florence. Could this be the perfect place for a proposal? We couldn’t imagine a better spot for dropping down on one knee and popping the question. The hotel won’t be averse to setting up your dining table in any of the amazing locations within the grounds so you could even find yourself sitting down


to dinner in the Italian gardens, orchards, on one of the balconies or beside the pool. The choice is yours! If you go a bit heavy on the vino in the evenings, don’t worry help is at hand. Nip down to the award-winning Thai Spa Devarana where you can try its signature After Wine Tasting Retreat therapy. Two hours of detoxifying bliss. When you walk out you’ll be ready to crack open another bottle of fizz! This is the first Devarana spa outside of Asia and its skilled Thai therapists offer a range of other treatments such as Florentine Romance or the Harmony of Tad Si. Bliss! So you have done the food and the spa, now it is time to shop. Ask your personal service ambassador to organise a trip to Florence’s amazing shops or to the nearby designer outlet boutiques where you are guaranteed to snap up some bargains. What more could a girl want? Prada and pure romance; the perfect combination. Il Salviatino. Via del Salviatino 21. Florence 50137. Italy T. +39 055 901111 F. +39 055 9041247 E. W. *Easyjet flies daily from Malaga to Milan (a two hour drive to Florence).


TRÈS CHIC Destination


for the

HILLS Cafeteria y Panaderia La Heredia

You will smell the “Dutch Bakery” as most people call it, before you see it! Especially in the morning when they are baking fresh bread. We dare you to try and walk by without following your nose into the bakery to buy some bread or croissants. And once you are in, it is game over! We guarantee you won’t be able to resist the delicious selection of cheeses and homemade chutneys. There is also plenty to tempt your sweet tooth, from cakes to desserts that are so good you will find yourself heading up to La Heredia on a regular basis to get your sugar fix. Drop in for breakfast or for lunch and sit in the sun on the terrace. T. 952 927 081

La Heredia is a hidden gem on the road to Ronda. This tiny enclave of delightfully-coloured houses is also home to one of Marbella’s top restaurants, a bakery that is out of this world and a bar to beat all bars. What more could you want from a village? When can we move in?

La Casita

TRÈS CHIC Destination

One of the most talked about restaurants on the coast is located right here in La Heredia. It is really La Casita that has put La Heredia on the map thanks to its dynamic owner and chef, Lawrence Otterburn who can be credited for almost single-handedly turning the village into a thriving hot spot. Having recently been refurbished and expanded, the popular dining destination still retains its unique, personal atmosphere, but now there is more chance of getting a table. Did we mention it also has valet parking? Happy days! T. 952 788 033

K Bar

K Bar is conveniently located right next door to La Casita, so it is the perfect place for a pre- or post-dinner drinkie or two. A fun meeting place where you can relax and chat to friends in intimate surroundings, K Bar is a destination in itself thanks to its lovely manager Kaye who makes everyone who walks in feel at home. And, if you are not planning to pop next door for the full Monty, order some of Kaye’s fabby snacks to go with your drink as you watch the sun go down from the bar’s pretty terrace. T. 951 787 763 TRÈS CHIC 85

TRÈS CHIC Restaurants


TRÈS CHIC Restaurants

THE FOOD WHISPERER What does it take to be one of Marbella’s top chefs? Daisy Omissi spends the day following La Casita chef/owner Lawrence Otterburn to get an insight into how he has turned a tiny, sleepy, hillside restaurant into one of the most popular dining spots in the south of Spain TRÈS CHIC 87

TRÈS CHIC Restaurants

Left and far left: Lawrence in action at the market. Above: The special of the day is morelle mushrooms.

8am: I have agreed to rendez-vous with Lawrence at the food market in Marbella first thing this morning. It seemed like a good idea when we were planning this, but now, as I drink my third cup of coffee, I am slightly regretting it. How does he do it? I know for a fact that the newly-furbished La Casita, which re-opened last week, is fully booked for a fortnight, so without a doubt he was up until the early hours of this morning with his team cleaning up the restaurant and laying up for today. Lawrence isn’t the kind of owner who minds getting his hand dirty; mucking in with the team is part of his philosophy and formula for making his restaurant run like clockwork. When Lawrence pulls up on his Vespa – very Jamie Oliver – he has got more than enough energy for the two of us. He bounces around like he has slept for a fortnight, not like someone who has just opened a new restaurant and has had very little sleep for the last few months. It is hard to keep up with him; he walks and talks at a hundred miles per hour as he whizzes around the market looking for fresh items for today’s lunch and dinner specials. “Coming to the market gives me a real buzz; I get dead excited and inspired about finding new produce,” he tells me as he picks out some delicious looking Iberican sausage. Lawrence’s passion for food is obvious; he 88 TRÈS CHIC

positively radiates enthusiasm as he strides from stall to stall chatting to the producers and tasting what they have to offer. Next up are boquerones (that’s anchovies to you and me). They are a permanent feature on the a la carte menu and are cooked with roast garlic and fennel ali-oli. “I got this recipe from a friend of mine whose Grandfather owns the busiest restaurant on the Amalfi coast,” says Lawrence who is justifiably proud of the eclectic selection of dishes available at La Casita. “We serve everything from Grandma to Gordon style recipes,” he adds, which makes sense as one of the many famous chefs he has worked with is Gordon Ramsay. Plus, the roast garlic croquettes, which are served with the breast of corn-fed chicken, come from a recipe given to him by his Catalan grandmother. The influences at La Casita come from far and wide. Last into the shopping bag goes a bunch of wild chanterelle and morelle mushrooms, and a new discovery by Lawrence – a low sodium salt spray, which he is very excited about. “We’ll use it to season the dishes, as it is a much healthier option than regular salt,” he explains. 10am: With the shopping done, it’s time to head back to the Heredia restaurant, which is located on the Ronda road out of San Pedro. On route we make a quick detour to check out the location of Lawrence’s new project opposite the Casino in Nueva Andalucía: La Fishita. Scheduled to open in July the informal dining concept will take fish and chips on the coast to a whole new level. Lawrence aims to funk up the traditional style fish and chips by offering a choice of chips, batters and sauces as well as more simple grilled fish. He’ll also be serving his now infamous “zucchini fries” and Malaga style seafood fritura. Guests will be able to sit in or take away their food in a La Fishita cone. Lawrence just can’t wait to see everyone walking around the Nueva Andalucía market on a Saturday with their cones in hand, and I’ll be the first in the queue! 11am: We’re back at the restaurant, and it is a whirlwind of

TRĂˆS CHIC Restaurants

Clockwise from left: The recently refurbished restaurant; Lawrence goes to work in the kitchen; The team in the kitchen at La Casita is calm and professional; Preparations in progress for the next sitting of guests; Don’t miss the amazing selection of wines.

TRÈS CHIC Restaurants

activity. Lawrence hands over his new purchases to the team, and immediately gets locked into a discussion with head chef Andreas about what they are going to do with the fresh produce. They quickly agree on a wild mushroom risotto for the mushrooms, and then launch into a debate about the day’s specials. Lawrence and Andreas obviously make an amazing team; complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and constantly bouncing ideas off each other. “I have wanted to work with Andreas for years, but previously our operation wasn’t a big enough challenge for him. Now we have expanded, it is the perfect opportunity to get him on board,” says Lawrence, who has a huge amount of respect and admiration for Andreas’ talent in the kitchen. “I think he is the best chef on the coast. He has got the ability to turn my ideas into a reality. He is 10 years younger than me so he is more progressive in the way he approaches food.” 1pm: It is action stations as guests start arriving for lunch. 90 TRÈS CHIC

The team in the kitchen are calm and collected – they have to be organised and disciplined as the kitchen is open to the restaurant floor – there’s no room for any diva-esque antics. Andreas is the antithesis of the stereotypical screaming chef; he quietly and efficiently sends out dish after dish of delicious looking food. The new menu, which was launched with the re-opening of the restaurant, has retained some of its original dishes; favourites such as the La Casita Pie (circa 2006) have retained their rightful places. Other dishes, such as the chargrilled white tuna, rocket and roast pepper makie with nam jim dip, and the seared scallops in yellow Thai curry lobster crepe with tempura asparagus, are the new stars; quickly gathering a following of devoted fans. It is a sunny day and the terrace is packed with diners enjoying the amazingly good-value lunch menu, which at just 15euros includes two courses and a drink. “My motto is good food, good price, good people,” reveals Lawrence, and nowhere is this more apparent than on the lunch menu, which today includes dishes such as sautéed chicken livers and flaked duck citrus salad, and fillet of cod with a herb crust, new potatoes and minted pea puree. 4pm: Lunch is over and it is time to start getting ready for dinner service – it really is non-stop, and I am exhausted just watching Lawrence go about his daily tasks. Since re-opening, the restaurant has more than doubled in size and he has increased the size of his team from eight to 15, so he really has his work cut out keeping everything running smoothly. But he seems to have it all under control as he and Andreas work out what style steak they will be serving this evening – it changes each day – and decide to go for a spinach soup with poached egg and nutmeg foam for the evening soup. 8pm: There is a brief lull – the calm before then storm – and then the evening’s first guests start arriving. Lawrence welcomes old faces and new. He has built up a very loyal following since first opening just over four years ago. The new décor of the restaurant hasn’t put off his old regulars, as it still retains the intimate, personal feel that has made it so popular. However, he is now pulling in new clients as the restaurant’s reputation draws in people from further along the coast; La Casita has become a real dining destination. One of Lawrence’s best customers even travels every Sat to the restaurant from Gibraltar. “We have never had to advertise the restaurant,” admits Lawrence, “Our business has been all word of mouth. We don’t like to shout about La Casita, we just like to whisper about it – loudly.” It must be really satisfying for Lawrence to see the restaurant so packed. He took a huge gamble giving up his steady, well paid job with one of the area’s leading commercial restaurant groups where he was the Executive Chef, and remortgaging his house to open La Casita. Having spent the day with Lawrence – it is now 1am, and I am on my knees – it seems only natural that the restaurant has succeeded. With his energy, passion and enthusiasm, how could it have gone wrong? La Casita: Ctra de Ronda, Km43, La Heredia, Benahavis 29679. Reservations: 952 788 033

TRÈS CHIC Destination

La HEREDIA ESTATES If you are tempted by all the delights that La Heredia has to offer (we know we are!) then book an appointment with La Heredia Estates they are the village’s go-to-place if you are interested in property sales and rentals, holiday rentals and property management in La Heredia. The office is located in the village square and is open from 9.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. The La Heredia Estate team is always on hand with friendly faces and spot-on advice about finding the right property to suit you in the area. Once they’ve shown you a few places you are guaranteed to fall in love with this awardwinning village, which not only has amazing views across the Med to North Africa but also has a real community atmosphere. The La Heredia Estate team will make you feel at home before you even move in. Property Sales, Long Term Rentals & Holiday Lets. Property Management Specialists in La Heredia Properties T 952 780 966 TRÈS CHIC 91



Billy, the labradodlle.

Sarah´s Kitchen


June is a wonderful month; everything is coming into full bloom in our sunny gardens or on our terraces. Herbs are at their best, mint, tarragon, rosemary, sage and thyme, to name but a few. If you don´t have these growing already it’s time you started; there is nothing better or tastier than fresh herbs from your garden. And it’s so easy to pop them into a pot as a small plant, water them when dry and within a week or so they will grow like Topsy. And of course the more you use the tops for your cooking the more they will grow. In my biscuits, I used lavender, which is a great aromatic plant to grow and used for many things, including encouraging the scarce bumble bee back into the environment. Should you like the idea of starting your own herb garden or enlarging the one you already have, there is a super stall at the Saturday market in Nueva Andalucía, run by Ellen. Her plants are the best and are all grown locally. (Mobile: 619178011) I do hope you enjoy this month’s delights, they are all very delicious.




1 cup of seafood stock 1 cup of double cream 1/2 cup of white wine (a chablis is good) 3 tbs of tomato purée 1/2 teaspoon saffron threads 250 g raw large prawns, peeled and deveined 250 g raw halibut, cut into chunks 250 g of cooked lobster meat, cut into chunks 7 tbs of unsalted butter divided 1tbs plain flour Salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 good size leeks julienned, using both the green and white parts 4 large carrots also julienned 1 cup of dried brown breadcrumbs 1/3 cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese 2 tbs of flat-leaf parsley 1 tbs of chopped tarragon leaves 2 good size cloves of minced garlic

1. Preheat your oven to 190c / 375f / gas mark 5. Place four individual dishes on a baking sheet. 2. For the sauce, combine the stock, cream wine, the tomato purée, and the saffron in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil, lower the heat, and add the prawns. After three minutes, use a slotted spoon to remove the prawns to a bowl. Add the halibut to the stock for three minutes, until just cooked through, and remove to the same bowl. Add the cooked lobster to the bowl. 3. Continue to cook the sauce until it’s reduced by half (about 12 minutes). Mash 1 tbs of the butter together with the flour. Whisk the butter mixture into the sauce along with 1tsp of salt and1/2 tsp of pepper. Simmer, stirring constantly, until thickened (about 5 minutes). Set aside. 4. Melt 3 tbs of the butter in a medium frying pan. Add the leeks and carrots, and cook over a medium heat for 5 minutes, until softened. Add the remaining 3 tbs of wine and a little salt and ground pepper and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, until tender. Set aside. 5. Combine the breadcrumbs Parmesan, parsley, tarragon and garlic. 6. Melt the remaining 3 tbs of butter and mix into the crumbs until they are moist.


7. Divide the seafood between the dishes, then pop some leeks and carrots on top of each dish. Pour the sauce equally over the seafood and vegetables, and spoon the crumbs on top. 8. Bake in your oven for 20 minutes until the top is browned and the sauce is bubbly. 9. Serve hot with a crisp, green salad and maybe some fresh crusty white bread to mop up your sauce.

a sharp tap, then simply lift the cutter and the piece will drop out. Arrange the biscuits on a lightly greased baking sheet and gently prick each biscuit with a fork. 4. Bake for 10-12 minutes then leave on baking tray for about 10 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely. 5. Finish off with a light dusting of icing sugar and store in an airtight container.




500 ml natural Greek style yogurt 4 garlic cloves, very finely chopped 2 medium cucumbers, peeled and very finely diced (optional, seeded) 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil 3 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp chopped fresh mint leaves Salt and pepper Pinch of paprika, to garnish To serve: Celery stalks, washed and cut into sticks Carrots, washed and cut into sticks Pitta bread, cut into triangles

1. Put the yogurt, garlic, cucumber, oil, lemon juice and mint into a serving bowl and stir together until well combined. Season with salt and pepper, cover with cling film and chill for at least two hours or until required. 2. When ready to use, garnish with a pinch of paprika. Serve with warm pitta bread, celery and carrots for dipping.


150 g softened butter 60 g icing sugar, plus extra to serve 60 g ground rice or rice flour,sifted 150 g plain flour, sifted 1 heaped teaspoon of dried lavender flower heads

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180c / gas mark 4 / 350 f 2. Cream the butter and icing sugar together until light and fluffy, then gradually work in the sifted flours and lavender flour heads. 3. Roll out onto a lightly-floured board to a thickness of about 5mm (1/4cm ) then stamp out 16 biscuits by placing a 9cm round pastry cutter on the pastry. Give it

Ingredients for the base 250g butternut biscuits 50g flaked almonds 125g butter,melted

Ingredients for the filling

2 tsp gelatine 2 tbs water 250g cream cheese,softened 75g caster sugar 90g golden syrup 300ml double cream,whipped

Ingredients for the roasted pears 4 conference pears,peeled and halved lengthways 115g golden syrup 30g butter

1.Grease 11cm x 34cm rectangular loose-bottomed tin. Process biscuits and almonds until they are fine. Add butter,process until well mixed. Press mixture over the base and side of the tin and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 2. Make the filling by sprinkling gelatine over the water in a small heatproof jug; in a small saucepan of simmering water. Stir until gelatine dissolves. Cool for 5 minutes. 3. Beat cheese, sugar and golden syrup in a small bowl with an electric mixer;now fold in the cream. Pour the filling into the tin,and refrigerate overnight.

Method for the roasted pears 1. Preheat your oven to 200c /400f / gas mark 6 5. Place pears in a single layer, in a large shallow baking dish, drizzle with golden syrup, dot with the butter, then roast uncovered for about 30 minutes, turning occasionally or until the pears are soft. Cool to room temperature. 6. When ready to serve, pop the pears on top of the cheesecake.


Thank you for photographing our wedding so beautifully, you captured the spirt, love and emotion of the day. Luke & Sarah



622 227 006


ART ATTACK It’s a busy month for art in Marbella; don’t miss the 3rd Festival de Arte International or Luis Urculo’s exhibition at the Poligono Art Gallery GLOBAL GALLERY

Calling all art lovers! Don’t miss the 3rd Festival de Arte International Marbella from June 23-26 in central Marbella. This festival, which has grown in leaps and bounds since its launch in 2009 and attracted over 20,000 people in 2010, is already making a name for itself on the international art scene. This year, 80 high-calibre artists from all around the world are confirmed to participate in this exciting event, which offers visitors the opportunity to view an impressive range of styles from impressionism, to hyperrealism, in every media from painting, photography and sculpture to digital art. The festival will take over the Alameda and the Avenida del Mar in the heart of Marbella between the quaint Old Town and the Paseo Marítimo, where artists will display their work in an attractive line up of individual white tents. An innovative entertainment schedule will bring the area to life in an explosion of colour, street performance and music over the three days. For more information please visit:

diculous, almost poetic. Luis has taken his traditional architectural background (he is licenced by the ETSAM Technical School of Senior Architecture, Madrid) and manipulated it; twisted it into something rare and unqualified. He has worked on diverse design projects for Philippe Starck, Davidelfin and Sybilla, among others. Thanks to Poligono Gallery for giving us the chance to view the work of such a leading, international design talent right here on our doorstep. A must see. April 15 - June 15 2011. Viewings by appointment only. T. +34 615 381 119 E.


The Poligono Gallery in the Marbella Poligono is bringing some of the most innovative and exciting exhibitions to the city. The latest artist to showcase his work in this unique warehouse environment is Luis Urculo, whose work is on display in the gallery until June15 2011. His exhibition, The Thrill Is Gone, is an exploration of the casual, accidental, essential and complex; it is a slowdown of contemporary life, everyday life in slow motion, almost parodied, almost riTRÈS CHIC 97



With summer just around the corner, not only is the weather starting to get hotter but so are the music charts and the world of showbiz. This month, it’s all about girl power, celebrity fashion and the hottest headlines. My name is Ashton and I am your celebrity junkie!


This month, I took a long time deciding which artists to feature. Ellie Goulding was a contender due to her latest gig singing at the Royal Wedding. With Adele still riding high on the album charts in the UK and US she was another option, but after turning down the opportunity to sing the first dance song at Will and Kate’s royal wedding because she had a BBQ, I decided against her. Rihanna was also up there, as she has ruled our charts for the last 12 months with lyrics that just keeping getting hotter! However, finally I decided to go back in time and shine the spotlight on a star who has been in our music charts for years and has made a comeback in 2011 with an edgier sound and looking better than ever. Britney Spears. I put my hands proud into the sky and admit I am a massive fan of Britney, and I have been from the beginning. And yes, ok, she went off the rails. So she may not be that great a singer, but as a celebrity and a performer she is fantastic, and she knows how to make a catchy song! She has given us number one hits and number one headlines: the boy band love story, the disaster marriage and, of course, the shaving the 98 TRÈS CHIC

head, but after all that she has come right back where she belongs at the top. Her new album Femme Fatale is filled with catchy, edgy and extremely infectious songs. So far she has released just the two songs from the album: Hold it Against Me and Till the World Ends, and those are just a taste of what is yet to come. Hold it Against Me gave Britney her fourth number-one single and made her only the second artist in history to have two consecutive singles debut at number-one, after Mariah Carey. The album peaked at number one in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and made into the top 10 on every other chart. The album’s peak in the United States ties Britney for the third-most number ones among women with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. Recently, Britney released a third single but this one had a little bit of a twist as she appeared in a remix of the song S&M by Rihanna, after Rihanna asked her fans via Twitter who they wanted her to collaborate with. The song reached number one in the US in mid-April 2011. So you can’t really argue with me that Britney is hot property, and right now she is rehearsing for her tour, which will start this summer. With Nicki Minaj joining her as the support act, this will be a tour all about bringing sexy Esperanza Spalding back! The only thing I think Britney hasn’t got right yet is her hair exten-

Fun facts about Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer’s nickname at the gym was “La Guitarra” because her body curved like a guitar. Her twins are named Max and Emme and they are three years old. and It was rumoured that Jennifer had her body insured for US$1 billion, had her rear protected with a US$300 million policy. Jennifer was named People magazine’s Most Beautiful in 2011.

charts worldwide and also dominating my iPod. When talking about Jennifer Lopez people may think about her bottom or her diva demands, but she has also made an impact on the music industry as well as the film industry. Jennifer’s achievements include two Grammy award nominations; two Latin Grammy award nominations; three American Music awards, from her six nominations; and the estimated sale of over 55 million records worldwide. It doesn’t stop there; Jennifer is also the highest-paid Latina actress to date for her performances in The Wedding Planner, and Selena. Pick up Jennifer’s album Love? I think there is something for everybody on this album. You will Love it!

Ellie Goulding sions. Apart from that Miss Spears is back on track being the Princess of Pop. Opps! She did it again. Jennifer Lopez, also known by her nickname J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer and television producer. She is also my hot pick for this month’s hot music. Since giving birth to twins back in 2008, Jennifer Lopez has kept herself out of the spotlight, and it wasn’t until she scored the gig on the judging panel of Season 10 American Idol alongside Steven Tyler that we got to see her beauty and talent once more. Jennifer instantly became a hit with American Idol fans who loved her downto-earth personality and the open emotion she showed towards the contestants and the viewers. It’s only now, after years that people saw the real Jennifer Lopez and not the diva she has been branded. With American Idol ratings and her status on a high, now seemed the perfect time for Jennifer to release her new album. Returning to music with a new record label, Lopez was scheduled to release her seventh studio album, titled Love? on April 19 2011 but it was only released in May. Its single On the Floor is currently impacting TRÈS CHIC 99

which is influenced by the country and also served as the setting for Cannon’s proposal, while Scott is Cannon’s middle name and their baby girl’s name is a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe. After a terrible time in 2008, when the Grammy award-winning singer had a miscarriage, the birth of her twins comes as a special anniversary gift. Big congratulations to the couple. Pippa Middleton – Rear of the Year With Kate getting the prince, the crown and the happy ending, the attention was actually all on her sister Pippa. And it is Pippa who has been making the headlines since. While making her official debut as maid of honour at the royal wedding, her beauty caught the attention of the world and, according to one report, it was also her bottom. Yes, apparently Pippa Middleton’s bottom caused a massive stir and also prompted Facebook sites to be set up in homage to her behind. Pippa’s derriere is hot favourite to win the “Rear of the Year” title. The 27 year old won widespread compliments when she wore a white, Sarah Burton-designed dress as Maid of Honour, and William Hill has now made Pippa 6/4 favourite to scoop the accolade, ahead of glamour model Lauren Pope and singer Adele. With people also speculating about a potential romance between Pippa and Harry, I am sure we will be seeing and hearing a lot from more Pippa Middleton. Rob Pattinson’s Latest Confession. Rob Pattinson likes to keep his private life private, and with his recent rise to fame playing Twilight hunk Edward Cullen he is doing a pretty good job of doing just that. Is he really dating Kristen Stewart? Who knows? Will we ever know? Rob has just finished filming the two last Twilight films and is busy promoting his new movie starring Reese Witherspoon – Water for Elephants. His latest confession comes from one of many of his promotional duties for his latest blockbuster. Rob stated it was

s Sarah Burton-designed dres

Pippa’s derriere is hot favourite to win the “Rear of the Year” title


Mariah gives birth to M&Ms. Not literally. Mariah Carey has finally popped and become a mum for the first time. After confusion about which hospital she was supposed to be delivering in, Mariah Carey finally gave birth to a healthy boy and girl in LA on Saturday April 30. Her husband Nick Cannon Tweeted his happiness about the news, which came on the day of their third year wedding anniversary. This prompted the couple to renew their wedding vows in the hospital just a day after Mariah gave birth. Mariah had previously teased on Twitter that the children had both been given names beginning with “M”, inviting followers to guess the monikers. She finally revealed their names: The boy has been named Moroccan Scott Cannon, while the girl is called Monroe Cannon. According to reports the name Moroccan is in reference to the decor of a room in Carey’s New York apartment, 100 TRÈS CHIC

Edward Cullen’s Twilight hunk

Is he really dating Kristen Stewart?

the opportunity to work with animals that persuaded him to work on the movie and he also confessed he likes animals more than people! During the recent interview he also added, “I think I have more of an affinity with animals than I do with people. I had a dog for 18 years called Patty and she was great, and I just got another dog a couple of days ago in Louisiana, a rescue dog, from a shelter. He was going to get put down. For some reason, I was feeling in a very sensitive mood and I decided I needed a dog. He’s a kind of mix of everything. He looks like a hyena. He’s a cool little thing and really relaxing to have around.” During the shooting of the movie it was also reported he was nearly crushed by an elephant. So ladies if you ever get up close and personal to Rob Pattinson you know what to do? Growl! Who is the best dressed woman in the world? It’s that time of year where Glamour magazine names the world’s best dressed women and it’s no surprise that the Brits rule the list once again. With Cheryl Cole taking the top spot last year, the lovely Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has taken her crown and been named this year’s best dressed woman in the world with Miss Cole taking the second spot. Third in Glamour’s rankings is Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, 21. Youngest on the list is Suri, the five-year-old daughter of TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES at No 21. Editors said, “she has the most covetable wardrobe in Hollywood.” PM’s wife SAMANTHA CAMERON “seamlessly marries classics with fashion-forward pieces,” to make it to No19. As for the worst dressed list, it’s no surprise but taking the crown this year was Katie Price followed by the weird Lady Gaga.

Emma Watson has taken her crown and been named this year’s best dressed woman in the world

“During the shooting

of the movie it was also reported he was nearly crushed by an elephant”

FASHION FIGHT who wore it better?

There is nothing worse than getting ready to go out, making the effort to buy and pick your outfit, style your hair, do your makeup and be out enjoying yourself and then seeing someone in the same outfit as you. What makes it worse is if they look better than you, and yes this does also happen to celebrities. Who do you think wears it better?




Ashley Greene Donna Karan dress, Judith Leiber clutch, Brian Atwood shoes and jewellery by Lorraine Schwartz, Ashley Greene’s stylist has done a great job mixing up a selection of classic and chic pieces from some our favourite designer brands.

Ginnifer Goodwin


Ginnifer proves that high street brands can take on the big boys of couture with this emerald green Top Shop frock. Go girl! She looks as hot as any of the girls dressed from head to toe in designer gear.

This ice blue and white, strapless, feathered gown with a sweetheart neckline from the Prabal Gurung Fall 2011 collection, looks stunning on Ciara’s curvaceous figure. Leaving her hair down adds to the overall effect of her simple but chic outfit, which she accessorized with a stack of statement bracelets by Lorraine Schwartz.

BEST DRESSED At The Met Costume Institute Gala 2011 102 TRÈS CHIC


Isabel Lucas Isabel looks hot in this Louis Vuitton halterneck, tangerine, greek-inspired gown. We love the Lorraine Schwartz necklace, which is worn as a headpiece – a top style tip that we also use in our fashion shoot!


Renee Zellweger Romance has been a huge influence this summer, and Renee Zellweger’s soft silhouette, nude dress is the perfect example.

This is one of the most stylish events of the year. It even has the A-lists stars pulling out all the stops and bringing out their best dresses and most expensive jellewery. This year was also extra special as the theme was “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” – a tribute to the late designer. This impressive, and very stylish, event was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC on May


Rihanna embraced the dress code “Savage Beauty”; her emerald earrings, fire red hair and black lace look fabulous.

2nd. This star-studded event brought out celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Kanye West, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé plus so many more. The A-list guest list really is never ending and so is the incredible fashion that walked this year’s red carpet. Take a look at my Best Dressed for the 2011 Costume Institute Gala. TRÈS CHIC 103

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Pan-Seared Fillets of Sea-Bass, served on a bed of crispy Vegetables and Rice Noodles with Saffron Butter Sauce … or …

Lamb Shank slow-braised in a Red Wine Sauce served with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables


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Apple Strudel with Zabaglione Cream … or …

Layered Fresh Fruit Liqueur Trifle topped with Whipped Cream … or …

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Cream or Ice Cream …………………………………………………………………. Choice of Coffee

€ 1 3.50 Children Under 10 - Half price


What We Do... Our meals are lovingly prepared and then delivered to you with care. They don’t just taste home made....They are homemade! Whether you are here on holiday, catering for streams of visitors, or simply have too much to do, juggling family and work, Mealtime Marbella will provide you with a delicious range of home cooked food, which will give you time for the more important things in life!

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TRÈS CHIC Movies Some popcorn please!

For those lazy afternoons or quiet nights when all you feel like doing is putting your feet up and enjoying a good two hours of escapism, here are three films out on DVD this month, which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy!

TITLE: Morning Glory GENRE: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Ambitious Becky Fuller, played by Rachel McAdams, is fired from her local TV network but quickly finds a new job as the producer for a failing morning show called Daybreak. Her first move is to fire copresenter Paul McVee (brilliantly played by Ty Burrel). She goes about trying to hire veteran TV journalist Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to star alongside ex-beauty queen Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). Incredibly insulted at the mere mention of working on a “fluffy” morning show, he growls,“No”. Undaunted, Becky reads the fine print of his contract and coerces him into her show. The film takes a turn when Becky learns that the show is about to be cancelled. Pulling out all the stops she decides to dumb things down, and guess what? The audience loves it. Having made the show a surprise success she is offered a job at a bigger network. Realising that he might lose his annoying yet endearing producer, Mike comes around and plays ball. Becky returns and the film has a happy ending. TITLE: How Do You Know And, of course, in the midst of all of this Becky bags the cutie from GENRE: Comedy Lisa, played by award-winning Reese Witherspoon, has just been the office! cut from her pro-softball team. A little at odds with what to do with herself, and at times wondering what she’s doing with her TITLE: The Way Back current boyfriend – a major league baseball player played by Owen GENRE: Drama/Adventure Wilson, who takes on the supporting role of insensitive jock with After seven years of absence, the director of great films such as Master his usual ease and charm. In one of her moments of relationship and Commander is back to tell the story of how a group of Russian doubt she agrees to a blind date and finds herself meeting up with prisoners break out of one of the world’s most brutal prison systems George, played by Paul Rudd. He’s also going through his fair and walk their way to freedom. share of problems; his company is under federal investigation, but The film is adapted from the book A long walk: The true story of it’s his neck on the line, although at times we wonder if it’s his a trek to freedom by Polish writer Slavomir Rawicz. Set in 1941, the overbearing father (Jack protagonist Janusz (Jim Sturgass) a young Polish man is sent to a Nicholson) who should Siberian Gulag after his wife, who endured extreme torture, falsely be taking the blame. implicates him to the Soviets as a spy. Once there, he meets the men Despite all of this, who he will make his escape with. They escape into the Siberian there is a definite spark wilderness and from there plan to trek all the way to China. However, between the two, and once they make it off Russian soil they see a statue of both Joseph Stalin Lisa finds herself in a love and Mao Tse-Tong. Wondering if Communism has poisoned the triangle. The question is: whole world, they agree will they make a go of it, to continue onwards to when they’re so obviously British India. perfect for each other? So if you’re looking A funny film, with for something a little fantastic performances more gritty and real, by Reese Witherspoon yet at the same time and Paul Rudd, this is a uplifting, this is the movie you can kick back DVD to watch! and relax to. 106 TRÈS CHIC

TRÈS CHIC Books By Natalia Lutz

And we’re back! For this month’s issue, I have chosen two books from two completely different genres in the hope that if the first one isn’t your cup of tea you’ll enjoy the second. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll love them both! However, what they do have in common is their size; they are both big books, with big stories, so set some time away to really get into them. Enjoy!

The Passage

by Justin Cronin


by Leila Meacham Although the story begins with our heroine in her 70s visiting her life-long friend and lawyer, the story of her life, heartache and struggle are told in a series of long flashbacks, seamlessly intertwining past and present. The novel follows the stories of the three founding families of Howbutker. The Tolivers, Warwicks and DuMonts. Mary Toliver is only sixteen when she inherits the family cotton plantation, Somerset, which in turn leaves her mother feeling resentful and her brother torn. Her father’s dying wish will tear this family apart. Peter Warwick and Mary, lifelong friends, fall in love, but fate has other plans for these two. A difference of opinion as to whether Mary should keep Somerset or not cause them to argue and separate, a decision and regret that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Now, in her old age Mary will stop at nothing to prevent her great niece, who has been groomed to take over the cotton plantation, from repeating her past mistakes. Will she succeed or will the Toliver family curse prevail?

The Passage is the first book in a science fiction trilogy, for movie buffs I am Legend springs to mind, and for book lovers think Stephen King’s The Stand to 28 days later. The story begins in the not-so-distant future where things are similar but different. America is still raging its “War on Terror”, gasoline prices have sky rocketed, and, most importantly, the US government is developing a weapon of destruction. Their hopes lie with 12 death-row inmates who are being engineered into a race of super-beings. Of course, things go wrong and the 12 “virals” escape, massacring everyone in their path. Those who do not die, become one of them. Their only weakness is light. Fast forward almost 100 years into what is called “First Colony” – a community of survivors. They have high walls and lights that are turned on from dusk till dawn keeping the virals at bay. But the batteries won’t last forever, and when the lights go off their world is finished. Hope comes in unexpected packages; a young girl called Amy arrives at the walls of the First Colony. She has in-explicable powers and keeps the virals away. In hope of finding more survivors and answers, a group sets off across America to find, something, anything that will help them live another day. “Before she became the Girl from Nowhere - the One Who Walked In, the First and Last and Only, who lived a thousand years - she was a little girl in Iowa, named Amy Harper Bellafonte.”

If you liked Gone With the Wind you will enjoy this epic novel, which follows three family generations and spans over 100 years, with Why will you enjoy this book? a backdrop of the First World War and the Simply because it’s great entertainment, I couldn’t put this one down and kept on reading into the night just to see what happened next! consequent years of depression. Why will you enjoy this book? Because of its power of escapism and its old-fashioned charm!


1 Ocean Club La Rocca Party

Where: Puerto Banús When: June 21 Tel. +34 952 908 137 Belgium’s number one club La Rocca comes to Ocean Club to celebrate the Belgian national day! You can book your V.I.P bed for the La Rocca at Ocean Club party by contacting and expect a royal treatment!

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2 George Benson plays live!

Where: Puente Romano hotel When: June 25 Tel. +34 951 082 134 Performing at Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella on June 25th is George Benson, a multi Grammy Award winning American musician. He is quite simply one of the greatest guitarists in Jazz history and he is back 108 TRÈS CHIC

by popular demand, entertaining us with his greatest hits including Never give up on a good thing, On Broadway, Give me the Night and many more. At various points along the four-decade continuum of George Benson’s career, he has been heralded as a jazz guitarist of unparalleled talent, a vocalist with great emotional range and sophistication and with 14 Grammy´s in his pocket, another spectacular performance is guaranteed in Marbella.

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World famous Sundays at Nikki Beach

3 Festival Internacional Arte Marbella

Where:Parque de la Alameda Avenida del Mar When: 23 June to 26 June Tel. +34 677 167 310 Three days of celebration bring together many different nationalities who live in and visit Marbella, uniting through the passion of creativity and art. There will be over 100 artists of varying mediums exhibiting in elegant tented village with more than 30 free live events for all to enjoy and much, much more!

Where: Nikki Beach, Playa Hotel Don Carlos When: Every Sunday Tel. +34 952 836 239 Join the hip, sexy and elite at the best beach party in

Spain. Enjoy our legendary all day Sunday revelry with early afternoon resident and guest DJs playing the best dance beats and house music together along with Nikki Beach Signature Entertainment, Energy Dancers and Live Performances and champagne spraying! Don’t miss this amazing, mesmerizing beach party for the time of your life.

4 Buddha Beach Gold & White Party Where: Puerto Banús When: June 10 Tel. +34 952 813 882 Buddha Beach’s annual Gold and White summer party kicks off Marbella’s summer season in style with live music, fantastic DJ’s and surprise acts all making it one party you can’t afford to miss. It is strictly invitation only with a Gold or White dress code, there are also a limited number of VIP tickets available for what promises to be an unforgettable evening. Tickets are priced at €50 which includes two hours of free bar and a small number of VIP tables are also available upon request.


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TRÈS CHIC Restaurants

Based in San Pedro, Passion Café is a great place to meet for a glass of wine, a family dinner, or just a relaxed meal. They serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week including traditional sunday roast. An added bonus is their fantastic homemade bakery, which offers fresh, delicious cakes made every day from the finest ingredients available to dine in or take away. 952 781 583 /


Wednesdays: live jam sessions in skybar from 21:00 til late. Thursdays: soulkitchen, sexy soul,urban classics,r&b in skybar from 22:00 til late. Fridays & Saturdays live music in restaurant(20:00 til 23:00) Sunday Jazz Lunch @ GUEY

GUEY LUNCH TIME MENU 9€,12€,15€ Monday to Friday - 1pm til 5pm


Monday to Friday 7pm till 11pm 5€ COCKTAILS Monday to Friday 7pm till 11pm

C o ck t ai l L o u n g e S k y b ar 7 P M T I L L AT E F o r Tab l e R eser v at i o n s:

R est au r an t



A modern, cozy, relaxed, yet sophisticated environment. An unpretentious, industrial-chic deco with a nostalgic New York loft vibe. Big portions of quality, fresh, daily produce at low prices. t. 952 771 046 w. 110 TRÈS CHIC

952 929 250 / 661 006 510

w w w. g u ey b an u s. co m

TRÈS CHIC Restaurants

Bollywood Restaurant & Bar offers a unique dining experience, serving innovative Indian cuisine in a elegant and stylish setting, situated in the heart of Nueva Andalucia minutes from Famous Puerto Banus and Aloha Golf courses. Avda del Prado, Local 4 - Urb. Fuente Aloha, Nueva Andalucia. t. 952 90 67 48

We all know T.G.I.s, and there’s now one of their wacky restaurants in Puerto Banus. Burgers, steaks, ribs all the good ol’ american favoutites. It is located just behind the port, next to the cinema and has a good bustling atmosphere in the evenings. A great place for a party for children and adult’s alike as they have a pretty extensive cocktail list t. 952 815 993 e.

Joakim & Jennifer Nerman and the whole team at Nermans would like to welcome back friends, family and customers for our second year. We are looking forward to sharing another great year with you all in 2011. WELCOME!! Monday/Lunes: Closed/Cerrado Tues-Sun / Mart-Dom: 12:30 - 16:00 / 19:00 - till late Avenida del Prado, Urb. Los naranjos Country Club t. 952 815 398 / m. 607 942 167 w. e. TRÈS CHIC 111

Inside Urb La Alzambra, Puerto Banus, T. 952 907 090 /



uber chic multi brand store

STOCKLIST 338A Centro Comercial La Cañada, Marbella. T. 952 779 016 A&G Rock N Roll Couture, Puerto Banus, Marbella. T. 952 907 960 / Daisy. Nueva Andalucia, nxt to the casino. T. 952 815 317 Elite Boutique, Puerto Banús Email / T. 952 82 97 69 Elle Morgan Boutique at Sisu Hotel, N-340 Puerto Banus T: 637 870 457 Elle Morgan Boutique, Laguna Village, N340 Estepona T: 647 869 831/952 803 481 Gunnel’z Fashion, C/ Dublin 21. Poligono Industrial San Pedro Alcantara. T. 952 785 602 E. / Nina B, Nueva Andalucia, / T. 952 907 020 Itsomi, Blue Sotogrande Marina Shopping, T. 956616584 / M. 620555927 Kings & Queens. Puerto Banus Marbella T. 952816289 / Manuel Spinosa. Avenida Miguel, Marbella. T. 952 82 30 77 / Motek, Plaza Antonio Banderas S/N, Marina Banus 1 Local 10. T 952 816 601 Motek, Avendia De España, 4, Fuengirola Center. T. 952 476 088 Nur Designs. Laguna Village, Estapona. T. 952 79 43 85 Stephen Webster. Puerto Banus. T: 952816976 E: Vivarini, Marina Banus



GET YOUR HOLIDAY LOOK FOR LESS Please fill in your details below & take to ELLE MORGAN at SISU BOUTIQUE HOTEL to receive your 20% discount. available until June 30th 2011 NAME: EMAIL:

Elle Morgan Boutique at Sisu Hotel, N-340 173 Puerto Banus. T:637 870 457 / open every day:11.00-14.00/18.00-22.00 Elle Morgan Boutique, Laguna Village, N340 Estepona TRÈS CHIC 113 T: 647 869 831/952 803 481 open every day: 11.00–20.00



Hard Rock Cafe, Puerto Banus. 952908024 Jacks, Puerto Banus. 952813625 Yanx, Nueva Andalucia. 952818861 TGI Fridays, Puerto Banus. 952815993 Tony Roma’s, Marbella. 952765533


Buenos Aires South, Marbella. 952779297 Clerico, Marbella. 952765683 Tango, Puerto Banus. 952812358


Nestor, Puerto Banus. 952929020 Valderrama, Sotogrande. 956791200


Red Pepper, Puerto Banus. 952812148

Steak House

Asador Criollo Grill, Cancelada 952784463 Asador Guadalimina. 952883003 El Carnicero, San Pedro. 952867599 El Coto, San Pedro. 952786688 El Gaucho, Sotogrande. 956795528 El Rancho del Puerto, Banus 952816252 Grill Del Puerto, Puerto Banus, 952811686 Marbella Club Grill, Banus. 952822211 Old Town Grill, Marbella. 952867306 Puente Romano Beach Club. Marbella 952820900


Bollywood, Nueva Andalucia. 952906748 Indian Dreams, Marbella. 952820096 Jaipur Purple, Estepona. 952888353 Khans, Puerto Banus. 952814371 Khans 2, Marbella. 951319161 Little India, Calahonda. 952931829 Mumtaz, Puerto Banus. 952812090 114 TRĂˆS CHIC

Saffron, Marbella. 952830146 Taj, Estepona. 952880288 Taj Mahal, Nueva Andalucia. 952814719


Alminar, Estepona. 952809500 Amanhavis, Benahavis. 952856026 Arete, Marbella. 952777334 Auld Dubliner, Marbella. 952886338 Baboo Lounge & Restaurant Benalmadena, 902102675 Beach Club Restaurant Grill Marbella, 902343410 Beach House, Marbella. 952839458 Boulevard, Marbella. 952860583 Brunings, Alcantara. 952786156 Bubbles, Puerto Banus. 606070979 Buddha Beach, Marbella. 952813882 Calima, Marbella. 952764252 Casa Mono, Marbella. 952774578 Casanis, Marbella. 952900450 Chic Brunch & Cafe, Nueva Andalucia, 952929411 Deli-icious, Nueva Andalucia. 952907876 Don Leone, Marbella. 952811716 Don Quijote, Marbella. 952834748 Pan Y Mermelada, Marbella. 952829308 El Bolero, Cadiz. 956613030 El Campanario, Estepona. 952880126 El Corzo, Cadiz. 952771700 El Lago, Marbella. 952832371 El Mirador, Estepona. 952809500 El Olivo, Marbella. 952830500 El Patio De Los Perfumes, Marbella. 952828650 EL Relicario, San Pedro. 952788686 EL Restaurante Del Casino. Marbella, 952814000 El Rincon de Gvadalpin. Nueva Andalucia, 952929001 Fabiola, Sotogrande. 956695114 Galeria San Pedro, San Pedro. 952780927 Hotel Marbella Club Buffet. Marbella, 952822211 Ivy, Marbella. 952831989 Khala, Marbella. 952899600 La Biznaga, San Pedro. 951275750 La Cabana Del Mar. Estepona, 952809500 La Cantina Del Golf. Benahavis, 951318815 La Esencia, Marbella. 952831303 La Fonda De Marbella. Marbella, 952903288 La Hacienda, Marbella. 952831267 La Loggia, Benahavis. 952889150 La Menorah, Estepona. 952792734 La Terraza, Guadalmina. 952882211 La Veranda, Marbella. 952889150 La Veranda Lobby Bar. Estepona, 952809500

Los Arcos, Marbella. 952762000 Los Bandidos, Puerto Banus. 952815915 Marbella Club Beach Club. Marbella, 952822211 Messina, Marbella. 952864895 Montecarlo, Estepona. 951273994 Nikki Beach, Marbella. 952836239 Ocean Club, Marbella. 952908137 Ocho, Fuengirola. 952460232 Oyarbide, Marbella. 952772461 Passion Cafe, San Pedro. 952781583 Polo House, Marbella. 952900380 Polynesian’s Cocktail Bar, Puerto Banus. 952816100 Puente Romano Beach Club. Marbella, 952820900 Puro Beach, Estepona. 952316699 Roca Tranquila, Fuengirola. 952196067 Rojo, Marbella. 952227486 Salsa Marinera, Puerto Banus 952816940 Schilo, Marbella. 952937800 Sentidos, Marbella. 952765732 Small World Cafe, Marbella. 952771046 Starz, Marbella. 952816313 Suave, Fuengirola. 952866627 Sui-To, Marbella. 952820900 Swing, Estepona. 952796320 Tanino, Estepona. 952883259 Terra Sana, Estepona. 951901050 The Clubhouse Bar & Brasserie. N Andalucia, 952908844 The Far Isle, Marbella. 952935039 The Orange Tree, Marbella. 952924613 Tikitano Beach Rest. Estepona, 952792820 Trocadero Playa, Marbella. 610704144


Paste Cafe, Nueva Andalucia. 952906070 Pasta Piazza C.C La Canada. 952901186 Pasta Piazza C.C Miramar. Fuengirola, 952593733 Al Dente, Puerto Banus. 952906181 Amore Fantasia, Puerto Banus. 952813464 Aretusa, Puerto Banus. 952812898 Caruso, San Pedro. 952782293 Casa Nostra, Marbella. 952861108 Da Bruno, Marbella. 952860348 Da Paolo, Puerto Banus. 952816453 Dalli’s Pasta Factory. Puerto Banus 952818623 De Medici, Estepona. 952884687 Gold Restaurant, Puerto Banus. 952929055 La Brisa, Estepona. 952809500 La Pappardella Di Estepona. Estepona. 952802144 La Pappardella Sul Mare. Estepona, 952807354 Luna Rossa, Puerto Banus. 952810543

Made In Sardinia, Puerto Banus. 952906608 Marco Dallis, Marbella. 952776776 Pizza Marzano, Puerto Banus. 952810448 Pizzeria Picasso, Puerto Banus. 952813669 Portofino Laguna Village. Estepona, 952820900 Rosmarino Della Piazza. Marbella, 952850148 Terraza Dual, Marbella. 952925250 Saleto, Nueva Andalucia. 952818112 Villa Tiberio, Marbella. 952771799 Zafferano, Marbella. 952863125


Asia Food, Marbella. 952850060 Asiatico Zen, Nueva Andalucia. 952817691 Kaede, Marbella. 952762059 Kaiden Sushi, San Pedro. 952896508 Meca, Marbella. 952830365 Naga, Puerto Banus. 952815319 Naruto Tokyo, Puerto Banus. 952811827 Osaka, Benavista. 952885751 Parlez Moi D’Amour Estepona, 672730126 Asiatico Bangkok, Nueva. Andalucia. 952813603 Sakura, Puerto Banus. 952817536 Sapporo, Estepona. 952888710 Sushi Des Artistes, Marbella. 952857403 Sushi Katsura, Marbella. 952863193 Tai Pan, Marbella. 952777893 Thai Gallery, Nueva Andalucia. 952818392 Wok Away, Puerto Banus. 952907304 Wok Buffet, Estepona. 952887092 Wok Wang, Marbella. 952925478


Asador Santiago, Marbella. 952770078 Cipriano, Puerto Banus. 952811077 El Barlovento, Sotogrande. 956790370 La Torre, Puerto Banus. 952811561 Marisqueria La Pesquera. Marbella, 952765170 Eddy & Marisa’s. Marbella, 952824534 Restaurante El Bote. Fuengirola, 952660084


Buenaventura, Marbella. 952858069 Casa De La Era, Marbella. 952770625 Casa Fernando, San Pedro. 952853344 La Miranda Del Alabardero. Marbella, 952776190 La Moraga, Puerto Banus. 952817448 La Taberna Del Alabardero. San Pedro, 952786265



Mellior Vasari La Alzambra Local 3-1 Puerto Banús - Marbella - 29660 Spain +34 951 319 728 UK +44 0800 112 3027


LUXURY HOME BUILDER “Formed in 2007 by experienced property developer John May, Quay Property Group is a luxury building contractor for clients in Marbella and London.”

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Take it from us this summer in Marbella is going to rock. The atmosphere around town is buzzing with anticipation as the bars and clubs star...

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