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Volume 1 No. 2 2014

CJFI: 16 years of Giving


Rebuilding lives in Tacloban By Eunice L. Ambrocio


ive months after being ravaged by Haiyan (local name Yolanda), the world’s strongest tropical cyclone in recent history, Tacloban is slowly getting back on its feet. Athough rebuilding efforts were conducted in an immense scale in the province, there is still much to be done and many are still in desperate need.

The Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc., being one of the first organizations to respond to the needs the victims right after the onslaught of the super typhoon, continues to support the survivors to this day. Just recently, the foundation sent another team of volunteers and staff to conduct backto-back project implementations for the residents of most affected communities in Tacloban.

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Matigsalug Tribal Community receives a new day care center DAVAO CITY --- “Mupiya ne salamat kaniyu langun!” (Thank you so much everyone!) Flashing their winning smiles, tribal settlers of Sitio Upian in upland Marilog District Davao City expressed their warm thanksgiving to all the donors, supporters and volunteers of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) who visited their village despite of the steep hills and rocky roads. The Matigsalug Indigenous Community of Sitio Upian was grateful to CJFI for counting their village in as its official recipient of a newly


urges public to be vigilant on

calamities By Marian Ambrocio, Haven cub reporter

CAVITE CITY --- Be prepared as disaster never warns! This was the statement of City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) speaker Fred Caguiat during the Disaster Preparedness Seminar attended by Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. staff and beneficiaries, where he emphasized tthe proper attitude when calamities and emergency situations strike. CDRRMC Imus Cavite shed light on Disaster Preparedness by equipping the staff and the kids under the care of the CJFI with exact training and mitigating measures in responding to various types of disasters. During the activity the children were also taught how to get rid of possible accidents by learning the do’s and don’ts during catastrophes like earthquakes and fire incidents. The speaker also demonstrated first aid application to help treat injuries or casualties. Caguiat, who is a firefighter in CDRRMC, lectured fire safety precautions and initiated drills on how to use fire extinguishers properly and safely.



March - April 2014

constructed day care center project considering the fact that Marilog has plenty of villages that are more accessible to service providers. In partnership with the local government of Davao City and the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO), the turnover ceremony was formally graced by CSSDO Representative Evelyn Amion and Barangay Captain Purificacion Suyco. Sitio Upian is one of the small villages of Marilog that is situated along the hillside of the district where inhabitants predominantly belong to a cultural minority called Matigsalug or men of the mountains. H

CJFI believes that the activity will benefit the children in the Residential Care Centers in terms of their individual safety and security at times when disasters hit their respective locality. H

Development program boosts children’s personality By Marian Ambrocio, Haven cub reporter

Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Butuan imparts the importance of determination and hard work in realizing one’s dream in its Personality Development Program participated in by CJFI scholars. Dubbed as ‘Personality Development: Going Beyond’, the seminar aims to boost the children’s selfconfidence and determination in disclosing all their aspirations in life. Determined to make her dreams come true, a girl confessed that she wants to be a teacher someday, while a boy disclosed that he wishes to be a policeman. Targeting to mold children to become better individuals in the near future, CJFI Butuan equipped the children with the values of excellence and accountability coupled with proper values taught by the CJFI Founding President, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. The foundation promises to continue to support the CJFI kids in the realization of their ambitions in life. H

Back to Back continuation... The first area visited by the CJFI team was the Municipality of Dulag, Leyte on April 14. Fishing was the primary source of income in the said community. Dulag is far from the city proper and seldom gets aid from the government and other agencies. People in this municipality survived through the months by renting fishing boats to somehow sustain their daily needs, but their earnings still aren’t enough. As soon as Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. learned about their plight, the foundation immediately made the necessary arrangements to help the people of Dulag. And during the CJFI team’s visit to the said municipality, ten (10) fishing boats were distributed to fisher folks that were duly identified by the town officials. It was officially turned over to the beneficiaries through a short program organized by CJFI and the Local Government. The team’s next stop was the Municipality of MacArthur, Leyte, on April 15. And just like the first municipality, this town also suffered a lot during Haiyan’s fury and waited patiently for assistance to reach their area. They were a lot like the Municipality of Dulag, hardly getting back up on their feet until help from the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. came. In this municipality, which was much more affected by the typhoon, fifteen (15) fisher folks became recipients of the fishing boat livelihood grant of the foundation. The beneficiaries were delighted to receive the fishing boats. They were all really thankful for the assistance for it had given them a brand new hope and inspiration that there will always be a rainbow after every storm. April 16, 2014 – The Municipality of Tolosa, Leyte, Philippines was the third destination of the CJFI team. This municipality was situated by the seaside, where the official turnover of the fishing boats was conducted. Excited residents of the said municipality couldn’t wait any longer to receive the grant from the Children’s Joy Foundation Inc. Fifteen (15) fisher folks from the said municipality were selected receivers of the said grant. The town’s fisher folks were very much excited as they eventually started their very first voyage aboard the blue fishing boats from Children’s Joy Foundation Inc. and the generous donors of Global Giving. While they went sailing, their faces were with much hope and promises that they will once again get right back on track. In the afternoon, the CJFI team went to Mayorga, Leyte another town in the same province, with the same purpose of distributing new fishing boats to

selected beneficiaries. And just like the first three (3) municipalities, residents in this area were all enthusiastic to receive their fishing boats. After the series of livelihood project implementations of the CJFI team in Tacloban, Philippines, the next few days of their stay were directed to the children’s education. On April 18, 2014 at Brgy. 77, Fatima, Tacloban, Leyte, a newly constructed, fully furnished Day Care Center was officially turned over for the benefit of the children from the said barangay. The turnover was done after a short program organized by the CJFI team. The Barangay officials and the day care worker were both happy about the project and were glad to finally receive it. There are more than eighty children enrolled in the Day Care Center who will benefit from the project. April 19, 2014 at Brgy. 74, Nula-Tula (Lower), Tacloban, Leyte, another newly constructed day care center for the Haiyan kid survivors was officially turned over. And smiles of hope and gratefulness were once again flashed on the faces of the beneficiaries as a never-ending expression of thanks for the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. and GlobalGiving. The CJFI team’s last day in Tacloban was spent at Brgy. Sabang, Daguitan, Dulag, Leyte where another newly constructed day care center was officially accepted by the barangay officials and the day care worker of the said area. And again, the residents were all thrilled to receive this great help from the foundation. Aside from the Day Care Center, CJFI and Global Giving also gave three (3) fishing boats to three families who were identified to have dire need of livelihood assistance. Indeed, there is no greater joy than seeing our fellowmen being relieved from the heavy burden of loss, pain and devastation that they carry. A single fishing boat could mean the whole world for a family who has lost everything in the aftermath of nature’s fury. As long as generous sponsors and donors are present, the Children’s Joy Foundation Inc. and GlobalGiving will continue giving hope, love and joy to those who need it most. And being part of a mission in helping individuals who are in need is a job that is not only fulfilling but also life-changing. H Haven

March - April 2014


Kids socialization and enjoy a day of

recreation By Hannah Jane Calderon, Correspondent

Sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation inspired young leaders during the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) socialization and recreation activity held on April 5 in Butuan City. CJFI officers and staff prepared various games for the children where building trust, strengthening

connection and developing values were integrated in the activities. Games like sack race, message relay, banana duel, calamansi throwing and bubble blowing were just few of the most exciting games played by the children during the recreational hour. In every game, children applied teamwork and cooperation to win the game. They also learned to accept both defeat and victory by knowing their strengths and limitations. The activity was meant to make children more sociable and confident in the community where they live. H

CJFI congratulates Batch 2014 In its 16 years of commendable service, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. once again reaps the seeds of hard work and determination as new graduates of Batch 2014 have proven their worth to succeed. Graduation doesn’t mark an end to one’s life but rather marks a new beginning; a new battlefield to face where another set of challenges to hurdle. On behalf of the CJFI, its Founding President Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the benefactors, partners and supporters wish to extend their warmest congratulatory greetings to all the graduates of Batch 2014.

ACHIEVEMENTS/AWARDS Elementary Corbo, Jericho March

College Most Responsible Most Creative Most Neat Most Honest Most Polite Best in Penmanship Best in Art Most Cooperative Best in Reading Best in Art Best in Penmanship Most Neat Best in Spelling Best in Attendance

Garcia, Dianne Rose Puechl, Sabrina Rosete, Michaela Sangkula, Precious Faith Fernando, Vanessa Aberte, Jeric Alvarado, Jericho Cabinte, Faye Haum, Princess Jamaica Santua, Mary Walter

De Gracia, Noelan AB Mass Com Balaguer, Beverly BSED – Major in English Calfoforo, Catherine BSA Jangad, Mon BSCE Ofamen, Jaime BSIT De Guzman, Jazzee BS Psych Roncesvalles, Rondet BSSW

High School Lacap, Kharmella Louise Fortuna, Paolo Angelo Batencila, Jhok Claire

Keeper’s Club Int’l Awardee Service Awardee Service Awardee


High School

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Arpon, Reyna Felicia Cariaga, Jericho Darasin, Jocel Mae Fuentes, Ryan Galola, Jonavy Kiamco, Olive Mae Mojica, Jacquelyn Napole, Ellah Mae Petorbos, Geraldine Pilotos, Kristel Anne

March - April 2014

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Alvarado, Jaybee Aparicio, Grace Asagra, Rebecca Balajadia, Michelle Ballon, John Carlo Canada, Christian Cariaga, Darreen Mae De Guzman, Anissa Dimagnaong, Ma. Gracia

Hajas, Camille Santua, Maria Mae Valdez, Charity

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Hornejas, Sweet Initay, Geno Laug-laug, Jendy Lustre, Patrick Maglaya, Kristine Mapili, Bryll Jeilord Morales, Jonah Marie Noval, Lorlie Grace Pingul, Michael Luis

Service Awardee Best in Demonstration Teaching Service Awardee Service Awardee Layout Artist of the Year Best Intern Best in Field Community Extension Service Field Instruction Excellence Best in Art Most Diligent Most Neat

19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Portugal, Blenda Requiso, Jaybee Rojas, Dannylyn Sanchez, Jayrick Sevilla, John Celester Sobrevilla, Victoriano Tagupa, Robert Duane Taperla, Christine

CJFIExplores the Old Manila

Foundation Promotes Peace in Mindanao

By Avovenjan A. Baruel Correspondent

Travel is a learning experience that cannot be taught inside the classroom nor any book or reference. More than what history books can offer, travelling from one historical place to another remains to be the best learning experience students can ever cherish all their lives. The Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) National Capital Region (NCR) visits Intramuros, the oldest district of Manila which is said to be the country’s depository of treasured cultural heritage. Intramuros, otherwise known as the Walled City, took its name from a Latin term which means “within the walls” as it served as the city’s defensive wall against the foreign invaders in the 16th century. The wall was built by Spaniards to protect their territory from possible invasion but unfortunately was damaged during World War II and was restored thereafter and became a National Historical Monument in 1951. Through the excursion, CJFI children discover Dr. Jose Rizal’s life and teachings as they are reflected on the walls of Intramuros. Beneficiaries are very grateful to the sponsors as they appreciate the country’s unique cultural heritage they only used to read from books. H

By Marian Ambrocio, cub reporter

End conflict now! This is what the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Butuan wants to inculcate in the minds of the young people emphasizing that conflict can be addressed through one’s own little way. Committed to its goal to end conflict and promote peace education, CJFI Butuan conducts a seminar to encourage the children of Butuan to help end conflict in their own little ways. CJFI believes that the activity is a big help as children are taught to establish healthy relationship and build communication to promote peace in their respective locality. The seminar is said to be of great help among the CJFI staff to keep the community a peaceful and desirable place to live in. H

Aspiring actors undergo rigid theater workshop LAGUNA --- Lights. Camera. Action. Children from the various residential centers of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) in Luzon area join a two-weeklong intensive theater workshop aimed at honing children’s acting prowess and social skills. The said worksop imparts various techniques meant to develop the participants’ physical, emotional, social and psychological aspects. Theater Arts Instructor Noni Calzo and CJFI Skills Development Officer Breana Mijares designed various acting exercises to harness the children’s God-given talents in dancing, singing and acting. “This is an avenue for children to develop selfexpression and enhance their abilities to master the art of acting”, Mijares discloses. Tired as they may seem the participants conclude the activity with smiles on their faces and express their heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the activity as they regard it as one of their most memorable summer activities. H Haven

March - April 2014




Pampanga holds

Teaches Kids to love



Sports By Hannah Jane Calderon Correspondent

In order to promote the value of team work and sportsmanship among children, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Pampanga initiates a sports clinic for its beneficiaries. Children of different ages participate in a number of sport events and are divided into two teams. Few of the games include Badminton (single and double category), sack race, message relay and other popular ball games. Parents and sponsors also come to support their children. “I am glad that my child participated in the event. I recognize the foundation for initiating this kind of activity as it truly enhances our children physically,” quips a parent who is truly amazed with her child’s abilities. Team A bags the first prize and is declared as the over-all champion. H

Mother By Avovenjan A. Baruel Correspondent

Promoting environmental awareness begins early for the kid representatives of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (National Capital Region). In a guided tour at the Quezon City’s Wildlife Park, the CJFI beneficiaries learn that ‘preserving Mother Earth is a shared responsibility’. The children are also taught environmental protection. During the tour, the kids understand that environmental issues are a serious concern that needs to be addressed especially that more species are getting endangered due to the abusive acts of men. They also recognize the duties and responsibilities of men as stewards of the environment. “This is one way of urging young minds to participate in the preservation and protection of our environment especially that today we get to encounter environmental dilemmas,” Rondet Roncesvalles, a CJFI Staff explains. The field trip does not only offer children with opportunities to acquaint themselves with the wild life but also recognizes the role of man in the continuous effort in preserving the animals’ natural habitat. H

Mind Museum By Marian Ambrocio Haven cub reporter

Amazes CJFI Kids

Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. academic scholars marvel at the wonders of Science as Dell Philippines treats them to an educational tour at the Mind Museum in Taguig City. Being one of the CJFI’s loyal supporters through the years, Dell Philippines exposes the children to the realms of biology, botany, medicine and latest scientific breakthroughs.



March - April 2014

Aside from gaining knowledge, the CJFI kids also get to interact with other people. “Noticeably, children become so interactive and inquisitive with everything they see in the museum,” concludes a Dell staff. “We are also amazed by the the kids’ eagerness to probe the world of advanced Science,” she adds. H

CJFI Laguna receives Level 1 Accreditation By Joenel Garciso Correspondent

Driven by the objectives of meeting the standards set by the government and being able to deliver programs and services within the set of standards, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. Laguna receives level 1 accreditation from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Ms. Marlene Beringuel, a Social Welfare Officer IV from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Standard Bureau validates the CJFI’s submitted documents through an on-the-spot visitation of the Barangay Hall in Canlubang where they facilitate an interview with the key personnel and the San Ramon Elementary School with the principal respectively. Beringuel also gathers the staff to clarify the benefits given to them as part of the provision stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement; and to check the feasibility of the Staff Development Training. Moreover, the accreditor also conducts a focus group discussion with the children as part of the method in determining the quality of the programs and services rendered by the foundation. As per the Exit Conference Result, CJFI Laguna garners 196 out of 214 must indicators, 70 desired indicators out of 118 and 41 exemplary indicators out of 90 which granted the foundation a level 1 accreditation status after the two-day visit. H

IP community

receives another

day care center By Hannah Jane Calderon Correspondent

Good news! Barangay Salumay, one of the most depressed communities in Marilog, Davao City as declared by the Department of Social Welfare and Development XI (DSWD), acquires another new day care center for its children. Through the support given by the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Davao, a new center for learning was built in the midst of Sitio Contract Barangay Salumay in Marilog District. The new center is indeed a big help for young children to have access to basic education without having to walk several kilometers. Parents are happy about the project endowed to their community. “My eyes got teary when I saw people constructing the school for our kids,” Mrs. Joy Martorillas, one of the mothers confesses. CJFI Davao, an organization that caters to the needs of the children, recognizes the importance of a day care center in the midst of the community as children have to wake up early in order to walk going to their schools. Aside from the day care center, CJFI Davao also hands over hundreds of pairs of slippers, toys and school supplies to the children of Salumay. H

The turnover program of the new CJFI day care center Haven

March - April 2014



checkups ensure children’s


Making sure that the children under its care are at the top of their health, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Laguna conducts an annual laboratory and medical screening. The kids’ health conditions are gauged through complete blood bount (CBC) and other blood screening tests aside from free physical examination and consultation conducted by Dr. Michelle Banzon. The CJFI has always been committed to monitoring the health status of its beneficiaries all over the country by providing proper medical intervention. H

Benefactor throws beach birthday bash

By Avovenjan A. Baruel Correspondent

Celebrating his birthday with charity and simplicity, one of Children’s Joy Foundation’s loyal benefactors treats CJFI kids to a whole day beach party in Guagua, Pampanga. The said summer getaway is a celebration made for children as Ocampo and his friends prepared sumptuous meals, exciting games and prizes for the participants. Ocampo, who has been one of the loyal benefactors of the CJFI for several years, says in an interview that he wishes to share his blessings to the kids and wants them to experience simple happiness on his special day. H


Roles of Gov’t Agency introduced to

CJFI kids By Marian Ambrocio cub reporter

Raising up well-informed children, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. ties up with the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) in teaching young students the duties and responsibilities of government agencies during a seminar-workshop held at the CJFI NCR Residential Center. PSA Director Lourdes Homicilla together with Richard Tolentino sheds light on the topic which includes census, population survey and methods of collecting data. The children are also taught proper ways of data sourcing and gathering. CJFI-NCR, through its seminar-workshop activity, firmly believes that the activity can help boost the children’s understanding of the government’s roles in the society. H

Splash Kids unwind at

Mountain Resort

Summer could not be more fun as the beneficiaries, staff and volunteers of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. take the plunge and unwind at the renowned Splash Mountain Spring Resort in Los Banos, Laguna. Famed for its hot and cold springs, Splash Mountain Resort reinvigorates everyone as they experienced the relaxing cool swimming pools and hot springs. “It’s nice to be here. The place is very relaxing, there’s so much fun,” exclaims a CJFI beneficiary while enjoying the cold water of the Summer Splash Resort. Everybody partakes of the sumptuous meals enjoyed with the grand panoramic view of the place. H



March - April 2014

Livelihood workshop prepares children for the By Hannah Jane Calderon Correspondent


Children and adolescents alike enjoy a day of learning new crafts and livelihood through the U Happy Event initiated by the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc.

The beneficiaries are taught how to make accessories such as bracelets and anklets, including art and design for streamers, which according to De Baron, can be a good source of livelihood.

Chairman Harvard Uy de Baron, a craftmanship expert, serves as the resource speaker of the said seminar.

During the activity, participants learn the values of teamwork, interaction, unity and excellence as they express their heartfelt gratitude for another worthwhile learning experience. H

De Baron teaches the children how to harness their creativity in accessory-making and designing.

CJFI Davao

reinforces children’s


By Avovenjan A. Baruel Correspondent

In order to maintain children’s good grooming and proper hygiene, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Davao initiates a whole day seminar called ‘Performing Proper Personal Hygiene’ to educate children under its care. The participants are given lectures on several good grooming habits such as proper hand washing, tooth brushing and bathing. CJFI Davao expresses in an interview that children should be conscious about proper hygiene as it frees an individual from acquiring different diseases brought by certain bacteria and viruses. The children are asked to demonstrate what they have learned from the seminar. CJFI Davao Chapter believes that educating the children at an early age with proper grooming makes them responsible adults in the future. H

Davao beneficiaries join


By Avovenjan A. Baruel Correspondent

DAVAO CITY---Sportsmanship and Companionship rolled into one. This is how the Children’s Joy Foundation Incorporated (CJFI) Davao kids describe the outdoor camping activity held at Purok 8 San Miguel Indangan in Buhangin Davao City last April. Divided into two boys and girls’ groups, each team actively participated in the tent-making contest, cooking and sash-making competition. Popular parlor games like hide-and-seek, stop dance and trip to Jerusalem also delight the participants. Motivated to win, participants take the center stage and showcase their God-given talents as the encampment activity culminates with the Little Mr. And Ms. Summer Camp 2014 highlighting the good looks and brains of CJFI Davao children. Awards like Best in Talent, Most Resourceful and Leadership Award are granted to the deserving campers after the program. Parents are grateful to the facilitators as they are able to notice the development of their children in terms of creativity and leadership skills. H Haven

March - April 2014


Cebu kids beat the heat

with a

pool party By Denver G. Manatas

Kids from the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) Cebu Center conquer the heat of the summer season by immersing themselves in the fresh cool waters of Tubod Flowing Water Resort in Minglanilla, Cebu City. Known for its cold spring water source, Tubod Flowing Water Resort revitalizes the children of Cebu as they experience swimming and diving through the pool together with the CIJF staff.


PARTY By Denver G. Manatas

CEBU CITY --- Cheers for the graduates! Aside from its cascading waters, children are also impressed with its breathtaking view and lofty mountains surrounding the place. H

Proud and honored, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) of Cebu City recognizes the hard earned efforts of the graduates through a thanksgiving party held at the CJFI Residential Center in Cebu. CJFI, a child-friendly organization, is forever grateful and proud of their children in terms of academic performances and achievements. One of the purposes of the celebration is to instil in the minds of the young people the value of education in their lives and the importance of becoming responsible citizens of the country. The graduates also express their heartfelt gratitude to the CJFI and its Founding President, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, for supporting them and providing their needs during their studies. “We have truly felt the love and care of the foundation. We feel that we are indeed important to them,” discloses a high school graduate during an interview.

CJFI kids partying under the summer heat at Tubod Flowing Water Resort

10 Haven

March - April 2014

The CJFI continues to reckon its goal and fulfill its promise to feed, clothe and send to school children from difference races, of different places to become better individuals when they grow up. H


' K R A P E M 'THE

e u r T


A poor child can only dream of spending a day in a theme park. He can only imagine what it is like ride a Ferris wheel, to buy an extra-large popcorn or ice cream and or to see his favorite cartoon characters for real. But when amusement parks charge P500 for a single ticket, the dream, alas, remains a dream and as he grows up, becomes nothing more than a wishful thought.


ut for 20,000 children in Mindanao, amazingly, the wish has come true!

and indigent communities all over the island, to enjoy a theme park he calls “Sonshine Land.�

On April 25, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, a known television evangelist, opened his 18ha compound in Davao City to children from different welfare groups, shelters, orphanages

Apparently, this theme park has been opening 1x a year for the past nine years to celebrate Pastor Quiboloy’s birthday, but he has given the day to indigent children as their very


March - April 2014


own birthday celebration. The park’s slogan reads, “The happiest children’s birthday party ever!”

In partnership with Global Giving, the organization also granted brand new fishing boats to 300 fishermen all over Leyte.

Quiboloy’s Sonshine Land has all the elements of a true-blue theme park without the exorbitant entrance fee.

Quiboloy also currently supports more than a thousand academic scholars in Davao City through the Apollo C. Quiboloy’s Gift of Education Program.

It has a parade of real princess and superheroes—even the sisters Anna and Elsa from the animated film, Frozen—a carnival, a movie house, rides, plenty of games, unlimited food in huge tents, candies and sweet treats in bulging loot bags, a puppet show—all for free! And at the end of the day, a gigantic birthday cake for all! Quiboloy, also the executive pastor of the worldwide Kingdom of Jesus Christ says that growing up in extreme poverty made him promise that if the Lord blesses him, he would never forget the poor, especially the children. “I wanted every Filipino child to have a memory of being loved and cared for, and (for them to know) what it is like to celebrate a birthday,” he says, “so that when these children grow up, they will have that beautiful memory of goodness in their heart.” Pastor Quiboloy firmly believes that this single joyful and unforgettable experience can change a child’s life. He replicates this experience for thousands more children simultaneously in 10 other major cities in the Philippines, around Asia, the Middle East, North America, Europe and as far as Africa. All of these children are beneficiaries of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. a nongovernment and non-sectarian organization that spearheads residential care services, grants educational and athletic scholarships, operates disaster relief, medical and feeding programs, which Quiboloy created in 1988. Along with this year’s Sonshine Land, Children’s Joy Foundation also built and furnished new day care centers in typhoon-hit Tacloban.

12 Haven

March - April 2014

He initially built the Jose Maria College (in honor of his late parents Jose Quiboloy and Maria Carreon) to provide quality education for poor children regardless of culture and religious belief. Together with his army of volunteers, the pastor has been quietly doing these good works for almost two decades. His goal is simple: give joy to every child. And for the thousands of children who look forward to the 25th of April every year, summer brings the merriest birthday party ever, where everything is free and unlimited, and where love knows no bounds. H

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March - April 2014



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Haven Mar-Apr 2014 Issue  

Haven is the official publication of the Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.

Haven Mar-Apr 2014 Issue  

Haven is the official publication of the Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.