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The 1970 FA Cup Final took place on 11 April 1970 at Wembley Stadium and ended 2–2. The replay game at Old Trafford was played on 29 April. It was the first such replay since the 1912 final. It was also the only time between 1923 and 2000 that an FA Cup Final game was played at a stadium other than Wembley.

HERE come the two teams to be greated by 60,00 fans!

Jack Chalton last of the leeds players. The substitues behind him.

Chelsea, red to the left.

There is the Chelsea team, wearing their tracksuits. The team has a 4-3-3 look to it with Baldwin, Osgood and Hutchinson looking up in midfield.


WELL this will be a battle of two great teams.

There will also be some intreguing personal battles.

Leeds to kick off into a very strong wind.

Mick Jones the pair of feet right in the middle.

Giles number ten.


KICK OFF! Hutton. Harris. Charlton. Sensibly using the wind.

Harveys first feel of the ball. His first feel of the ball in the European Cup semi final was when he picked it out of the net, he came on as a substitute.



CLARKE! Lorimer! Oh!

Alsmost an own goal by Dempsey! Throw to Leeds. Bremner, Lorimor. Leeds feel like they’ve got it right from the start. Chalton, appeal for offside, not given.

Lorimer, Clarke, offside, but didnt interfere with play.

10. 04’

HUNTER to Cooper. Giles number ten, to Charlton.

Hutchinson for Chelsea to Osgood, now number seven Baldwin. Cooper, as magestic as he was at Wembley. Bremner. Gray,

15. 20’

FOUL. Gray was brought down. Eddie Gray was tripped by Webb.

So once again Gray is torchering Webb. Seemed like Gray chased Webb! Bremner to take the free kick. He can hang this one in the wind.

Not even a ball in the wind can upset Banetti.

21. 08’

TWENTY minutes from half time.

Mr Jennings, not very popular with the chelsea fans. Giles with the kick, Bremner! Goal kick.

Its hoting up now. And Mcready and Hunter having a wee bit of fifteen, three minute rounds. Leeds doing all the work at the moment.

25. 00’

LEEDS have a chance now to capitalise, they’ve got to put Banetti under pressure.

Houseman, to Osgood, Cook to Baldwin, to Housman! Hutchinson, Baldwin to Cook, Goal!

And Bennetti couldn’t get across to that even if he’d been fit!

35. 35’



DOWN by one goal to nil. Chelsea kick off for the second half. Now, Hollins,

Chelsea now are facing the strong wind.

Number three, Cooper, Clarke, Giles has gone through so much work, good tackle by Mcready.

Eddie one of the strong men of Chelsea’s defence.

45. 04’

OSGOOD Chalton, oo Chalton on Osgood! And theres going to be trouble now for sombody.

Cooper has all his trousers ripped. Theres Cooper getting a new pair of pants. But let’s, let’s see what happens with the referee. And Chalton and Osgood got away with it!

So the referee having sorted out that spot of bother to his satisfaction.

60. 48’

TERRY Cooper having a personal battle with Peter Bennetti this evening.

Loriman with the corner, and Jack Chalton limping, It’s Jack Chalton who’s got a bother, he’s not praying, he’s got an ankle injury I think.

Let’s se what happened to Chalton, he must of got a bang on his right thigh.

45. 04’

HARRIS Balwin now Hollins again, Osgood, now Hutchinson, Cook, and Osgood! Goal!

Ran brilliantly off the ball! And Charlie Cook the man who made it!

Osgood running on the blindside of the defence, landing the ball with his head!

78. 12’

NOW it’s Bremner there! He’s taken it right in his face! Mcreadys feet in Bremners face!

Mcready trying to help him back up.

And the trainer comes on to Bremner.

And the leeds players are saying surely that must of been dangerous play! Mcready was in full flight!

83. 44’

DON Revie lighting another cigar, whether its celebration or worry, we dont know.

Osgood, Osgood again to Harris, and Harris looking for Hutchinson, and here’s Hollins!

Hollins so often comes through like that to join the front runners!

90. 54’

EXTRA-TIME now. Hunter again needs Les Cocker.

Now, it doesnt meen hes getting himself comfortable when he gets his hands behind his neck like that, that is the poistion you’ve got to lye in when your being treated for cramp.

And Mcready deciding hell rest in his own way.

Chelsea starting to feel like their side is on top.

98. 07’

HUTCHINSON building up the position for one of his famous long ones near to the penalty box, and up go Dempsey and Webb, as Hutchinson prepares to take the throw. And its a goal! Yes! A goal! Webb! Webb has scored!

What a throw that was! And just just look at it! It’s, it’s a free kick look, not a throw!

104. 01’

BEFORE the kick off let me remind you that the news will follow at 10 o’clock.

After this FA Cup semi final replay which Chelsea leed two goals to one. throw to Leed United.

Giles, Grey, now Grey, Giles, up goes Jones!

110. 15’

INJURY time here in the FA Cup.

What a epic, menerable, cup final this has been, great game at Wembley, great game here! Chelsea coming from behind to win.

And that’s it now! Chelsea have won it! Chelsea have won it!

120. 00’



A small booklet based on the 1970 FA Cup Final replay between Chelsea FC and Leeds Utd. All the words contained are from the original match...

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