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SEATED: Mrs. Waller Heberle. Mrs. Anthony Kauflin. STANDING: Mrs. Carl Heck . Mrs. Joseph Hinders.

* * * * * T he exce llent turn out of the Dads' Club a t a ll PTA mee tings exempli fied their willingness to coopera te on all school ac tivities and to do all in their power to further a grea ter und ersta ndi ng between the students, teachers and parents. T hrough th e su pe rvision o f its Presiden t, Mr. H erman R aiff, th e Fath ers met each mo nth to di scuss pro blems a nd to pla n va ri ous social ac ti vi ties. SEATED: Mr. William Glynn, Mr. Herman Raiff, Mr. Robert Janning. STANDING : Mr. Be rna r d Thill, Mr. Car l Heck, Mr. Louis Deininger.

* * * * *

STANDING : Mrs. Katherine Day, Mrs. Leo K nox . SEATED : M r s. Edwa rd Scha af.


Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949