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Through past yea rs the Chaminade annual


been ,undergoing a process

of evolution. Since the day when the first "Eagle" met its deadline to the present day, the class yearbook has changed from a pamphlet of pictures to a masterpiece of print and photos: This year the staff took up the ever existin g challenge to compile an "All American" annual. Combining imagination with initiative, the "Eagle" staff has pieced the achievements and even ts of the school year into a treasure-chest of memories, which appears to be the fruit of a job well done . The business staff under the guidance of Brother 'W illiam Anderson assured the success of the ann ual by co nducting a record-breaking drive previous to the Christmas holida ys. Uncler the tutelage of Brother Albert Kozar, the ed itorial staff based its literary project on the th eme of "O ur Christian Patterns" and raced against time to put their production into th e h ands of the stud en ts before th e en d of May.

STANDING: C. Yung. N. Siefert. L. Bruns. SEATED: T. Schneble. R. Pribel<. P. Hilg:eford.

Business Staff: STANDING: D. Young. W. Monahan. J . Holler. . â&#x20AC;˘ SEATED: L. Buller. T. Abele . C . B ir t!e .

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  
Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949