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SENIORS. TOP ROW: C. Yung. T. Lauferswiler. R. Horvalh. B. Koepnick. L. Buller. C. Searle. FIRST ROW: B. Parker. L . Siaub. B. Monahan. J. Raitt. J. Mack. ABSENT: D. WaH. B . Brennan .

T he ultimate goa l of eve ry ath le te at C haminad e is to merit admission to the Nat io nal Athl etic Honor Socie ty. To qualify fo r membership in th is select gro up, a student mLlst win an Athl etic monogram, maintain an above average in his stud ies and possess a high degree

of sportsmanship anel citizenship. The purpose of the Socie ty is to foste r high scholasti c standings among athle tes, stimulate a desire for balan ced training and to d evelop leade rship as well as the spirit of good sportsman ship in all school activit ies.

UNDERCLASSMEN . TOP ROW: E . Sanders. C . Vahle. H. Molsch. B . Bennin!>" E. McInlosh . H. Bonbrighl. D . Evans. FIRST ROW: J. Keleman. J . Hagan, C. Ginn. J. Koenig. G . Pflaum . ABSENT: G. Axe. D. Albro. J. Kenney .


Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949