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Colin O'Reilly creates his wares from a Spruce Pine, N.C., studio, but he was part of this year's Indie Craft Parade, connecting him with Greenville shoppers. . The Aloft bud vase is part of TER•RANE’s home collection.


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Colin O’Reilly is a Southerner by birth, but he found his calling while attending college in New Mexico—more specifically, while he was on spring break and looking for jobs in the Santa Fe area. He was hoping to land a job at a local bronze foundry doing fine art casting. But on his way to that foundry, with his parents in tow, the family dropped by a small, glass studio that had been around since the 1970s. “We stopped in to see what was going on, and I was immediately drawn to the action taking place in the studio,” Colin recalls. “Watching someone shape and blow molten glass was unlike anything I had seen.” Turns out, the foundry was closed, but after touring the glass studio, his imagination was wide open to a new possibility. “I asked, begged, the studio how I could learn,” he says. “They finally gave in after a few days.” He moved into an Airstream trailer in back of the studio, sweeping floors and manually turning down ovens at night. “I helped any way I could in exchange for a couple hours of hot shop access a day.” He was hooked. “I was able to play around with glass without knowing its history or context in the art/craft worlds,” he recalls, an experience that would inform the rest of his career and his craft. Colin transferred to California College in 2009 and graduated in 2011 with a BFA in their multidisciplinary glass program. In the midst of earning his degree, he moved back East for a summer to complete an apprenticeship with Pablo Soto in Penland, N.C., where he honed his skills in glass craftsmanship. After graduating, he logged time in various art centers and studios, doing everything from refilling furnaces with glass when they run low to running the front end of the studio business. Cutting, grinding, and polishing glass to a high finish were just a few of the skills he honed during those early years. The year before he founded TER•RANE he worked as an assistant to Kenny Pieper, a North Carolina glass blower whose work is in the collections of Corning Museum of Glass, Museum of Fine Art Boston, Asheville Art Museum, and New Orleans Museum of Art, among others. Colin shared studio time and space with Pieper. TER•RANE, now based out of Spruce Pine, N.C., specializes in home, bar, and lighting designs, and was a popular stop for shoppers at this year’s Indie Craft Parade. “We design around the idea that our objects should enhance the experience for which they’re being utilized,” Colin says. “We want people to truly use our glasswares, not just put them away in a cabinet to be looked at.” With barware, for example, clear glass allows a beverage like whiskey to color the glass so the drinker can see it. Subtle alterations and enhancements in the form of the glass are made to bring comfort and sturdiness. “We mostly work with clear glass because I love the depth and optics you can get out of it,” Colin says. TER•RANE is inspired largely by Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains and its “unadulterated beauty,” Colin says. Thoughtful yet reserved designs allow form and function to blend beautifully. Says Colin: “We try to replicate that natural beauty in our designs. To let the material speak for itself without altering it in too many ways.” at Home

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At Home Magazine is now published four times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall) by Community Journals LLC located in Greenville, SC. Fo...

At Home Winter 2017  

At Home Magazine is now published four times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall) by Community Journals LLC located in Greenville, SC. Fo...

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