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Chet and Beth Smith are more than a working Real Estate Team – they are life partners and have been married for over 45 years. “Prior to working in real estate,” Beth says, “I worked with Chet at his consulting firm. There I learned about sales and negotiations from the Master-Negotiator!” 2017 marks their 20th year as the Chet & Beth Smith Group. The couple and their hardworking team have helped more than 4,000 buyers and sellers with the biggest financial decisions of their lives, and are the #1 Real Estate Team in the Upstate!

Chet and Beth pride themselves on their sincere concern for meeting the needs of all their clients to make sure they get the results their clients want and deserve.

Here’s to 20 years!

“We want our clients to be treated like friends,” says Chet. “It is the only way we know how to do business.”

When the Smiths have time to relax, they love to spend time at their farm in Marietta and with their five grandchildren, who are all under the age of seven.

EVERYTH IN G WE TOUCH TURNS TO SOLD If you are thinking about SELLING or BUYING or BUILDING a home…. call Chet and Beth Smith 458-SOLD (7653)

BENCHMARK MORTGAGE Thomas Ray started his career on the wholesale side of the

have happy customers, and build lasting partner relationships,”

mortgage business. He was working as a regional

Ray says.

manager for a large national company when he noticed files marked with green stickers coming through his office. Those stickers represented files from quality lenders, not based on volume, but on how well the file itself was put together. “When the underwriter had time to select one more file for the day, if it had a sticker on it, that one got picked up,” Ray says. “Those were people doing business right. They were more efficient, and because of that, ultimately more profitable.”

Focusing on people’s wants and needs turned out

If you focus on people, and start considering what they want to accomplish, you end up with good people who care about the work. That’s not just how we relate to one another here, it’s how we approach our customers and partners, too.

When Ray came to Benchmark Mortgage as manager of the Greenville branch, he vowed

to be the key to Ray’s success with customers and team members alike. He says it took a few years to realize the importance of the human equation, but that once he did he discovered it made everything easier and gave the team even greater motivation to come to work every day. “If you focus on people, and start considering what they want to accomplish, you end up with good people who care about the work,” Ray says. “That’s not just how we relate to one another here, it’s how we approach our customers and partners, too.”

to make it a “green sticker branch,” which to him meant making the loan process smooth from start to finish for everyone involved, from realtor partners to customers to underwriters. Ray and his all-star team must be doing something right – the Greenville office consistently ranks among the top of Benchmark’s more than 45 branches across the country when it comes to efficiency and profitability.

864.527.9980 |


“Thanks to our Green Sticker Process, we close more loans faster,

400 Executive Center Dr., #301, Greenville

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AJH Custom Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 All About Flooring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83 Allen Clardy Law Firm, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Anchorage, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130 AssuredPartners NL SC Employee Benefits Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 A.T. Locke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Atlantis Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living . . . . . . . . 86-87 Audi Greenville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Realty LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Bank of Travelers Rest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-45 BB&T Home Mortgage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 BB&T Wealth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside Back Cover Benchmark Mortgage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 BHHS C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS Commercial Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Blackstream Christie’s & SVN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Briggs Law Firm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 Bright+Co Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 C Dan Joyner North Pleasantburg Office . . . . . . . . . 103 C. Dan Joyner Property Management Co. . . . . . . . . . . 37 Carolina Active Health Chiropractic . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Cascades Verdae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68-69 Caviar & Bananas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 Chet & Beth Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside Front Cover Christopher Ashley Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Christophiillis & Gallivan PA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Clayton Tile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Comfort Keepers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 Communicating Results Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Conservus Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 Couture Cakes of Greenville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123 Cowart Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126-127 Crawley’s Party Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 135 Crossing at Five Forks, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Davis Audiology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Designed for Downtown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 DetailXperts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118 Dillard-Jones Builders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98 DJ Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 eMedia Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Emily Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Equip Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Exigent Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine . . . . . 38 Extreme Colors Auto Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Five Oaks Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Foster Victor Wealth Advisors, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . 74-75 Garrison Opticians . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 Gateway Mortgage Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Gateway Supply Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66-67 Golden Strip Glass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Graydon Thompson, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Greenhill Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Greenville Carpet One Floor & Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Greystone Antiques & Restoration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Guy Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112-113 Hands Thru Us Home Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Helen Hagood, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Holliday Law Firm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 IdealMD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121 Ike’s Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc. . . . 84-85


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Immediate Care –Pelham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 In Site Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Iron Tribe Fitness – Greenville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21 JB Watts Co. Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 JB’S Proof Alcohol Ice Cream . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 Jill Chapman, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Jordan Lumber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 Lana Smith, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Laura Simmons & Associates Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Maggie Aiken, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Martin Garden Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Massage Envy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5 Mathnasium Greenville Five Forks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Megan Diez Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Melissa Morrell, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Meyer Dentistry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 136 Michael & Co. Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Mobius Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Mountain View Clinical Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48-49 NAI Earle Furman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Nathalie E. Morgan, Attorney at Law . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 Nothing Bundt Cakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 On Q Financial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92-93 Orion Yorke Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 134 Palmetto Specialty Transfer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Paws & Claws . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 PMC Commercial Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Poinsett Bride, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114-115 Pretty Pots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 122 Quality Business Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Radium Architecture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Raymond James . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 RockerBelles Rocker Chic Boutique . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Ron’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72-73 Rosewood Communities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Roto-Rooter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132-133 Seasons Café & Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 128-129 Six & Twenty Distillery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Sixpence Salon & Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Smith & Webb, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Southeastern Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Southern Traditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124 Spaulding Group, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Spencer/Hines Properties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Stephanie Miller, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 Summitt Solar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-55 Taylors Mill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Tidewater Lumber & Moulding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Traveling Storytellers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 TruColor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 Two Men & A Truck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Upstate Event Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 Upstate Montesorri Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90 Vann & Liv . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Vida Gynecology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Vista Capital Management Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 Waterstone on Augusta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62-63 Wendi Ruth, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Wild Birds Unlimited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Wilson & Assoc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back Page


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said. “As soon as a patient is registered, we take them directly back to have Medical Group of the Carolinas (MGC) offers an innovative blend their needs assessed.” of medical care: both urgent care and primary care under one roof. This The facility provides physician coverage during hours of operation. type of hybrid physician office is called an immediate care center. Twenty-six staff members work at the immediate care center, MGC, a division of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare including three physicians and three nurse practitioners. System, has four of these practices: two locations in We are open seven According to Hammond, many of the patients utilize Spartanburg, and a third opened last June, Immediate days a week with physicians for all of their primary care needs. For patients Care Center – Pelham. A fourth location opens in Gaffney extended hours, so who often come in for urgent care, such as flu or a twisted this summer. being able to offer that ankle, “once they come here and have a great experience, Conveniently located on Pelham Road next to Super level of convenience if they don’t have a primary care physician, then we have BI-LO, Immediate Care Center – Pelham serves patients to our patients is very a conversation and let them know we are available for needing both urgent care and primary care services, important. preventative care and routine appointments.” according to Sara Beth Hammond, vice president of The unique combination of services was unheard of when operations. the first immediate care center was rolled out five years ago, though more “We can provide convenient access to medical care for a wide range healthcare providers are starting to catch on. of services; anything from unexpected illnesses to injuries needing “Patients really love this concept,” Hammond said. “It’s a very innovative diagnostic services such as X-rays,” Hammond said. “We are open approach to health care.” seven days a week with extended hours. Being able to offer that level of convenience to our patients is very important.” The center is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. With more than 8,000 square feet of space, the facility was designed to keep waiting at a minimum, with nine exam rooms, two procedure rooms, and lab and imaging services. “We spent a lot of time on the design of our facilities. Our goal is always 3611 Pelham Rd., Greenville | 864.530.3500 to provide our patients with the best experience possible, along with providing a very efficient work environment for our care team,” Hammond

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Everyone who walks through the door at Massage Envy gets treated like family. Whether you’re a new customer, a long-time member, or part of the staff, Don and Caroline Taylor want you to feel at home. “At a lot of places, you get your massage and facial and you leave. But we get to know our members, and really strive to provide total body care. That’s what sets us apart,” says Caroline Taylor, who owns three Massage Envy locations in the Upstate with her husband, Don. Massage Envy’s membership model aims to make professional massages and esthetics both affordable and convenient, and something everyone can fit into their busy lives. And the Taylors take that mission very seriously. Don says, “We have locations all over Greenville – Verdae, Pelham and Downtown. We’re open seven days a week, and weeknights until 10pm. We’re here for you, whenever you can get to us.” The family atmosphere extends to Don and Caroline’s staff as well. “We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other milestones together. Clients bring goodies for the staff. Everyone knows everyone, and it creates a real sense of community,” Caroline says. We have locations all The Taylors pride themselves on their staff and the over Greenville – Verdae, strong team they’ve put together. Pelham and Downtown. “This is a great place to work for people of all experience We’re open seven days levels,” Caroline says. “We help grow young therapists a week, and weeknights who’ve recently graduated, as well as seasoned therapists until 10pm. We’re here who continue to develop professionally. We love watching for you, whenever you can get to us. the growth we see in our staff.” And their employees agree. “When I came here as a sales associate two years ago, I was fresh out of school. Don and Caroline have allowed me to develop professionally, and I really appreciate it,” says Emily Archer, who’s now a Clinic Manager at the downtown location. The Taylors are always looking for ways to do more for their members. Their downtown location hasn’t even been open a year yet, but it’s already getting its fair share of traffic. “We’ve had a lot of new members join us since we opened our newest location. And some of our long-time members are delighted the downtown location is more convenient for them. That’s opened up some spots at our Verdae and Pelham locations, making it easier for people to schedule their appointments. So it’s a win-win.” Massage Envy recently added more advanced facial treatments, and the Taylors are looking to add some new IT technologies later this year. “We’re rapidly implementing new technology to provide the best experience possible for our clients and staff,” says Don. “We are on the cutting edge.” They’re in the process of going paperless. All therapists will have tablets and take digital notes, and the check-in process will be much faster and smoother, while still giving clients a customized session. Giving back is as important to the Taylors as going green. They’re big supporters of the Ride to Remember, a 252-mile ride from Simpsonville to Mount Pleasant to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. For the third year in a row, they’re looking for people to join their team in July. “At Massage Envy, our goal is to improve quality of life for people,” Don says. “The Alzheimer’s Association works to improve the quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s and their families. So teaming up to support them is a natural fit.” It’s also a very personal cause for Don, who lost his mom to early-onset Alzheimer’s when she was only 47 years old. If you’d like to ride, volunteer or donate, go to Verdae Village 101 Verdae Blvd. #900, Greenville • 864.675.1155 Pelham Hills 3714 Pelham Rd., Greenville • 864.288.1150 Downtown Greenville 120 N Laurens St., Ste. 100, Greenville • 864.520.1111 4

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EXTREME COLORS AUTO SPA Everyone loves to drive a new car, and Extreme Colors Auto Spa is Payne is the owner of two Extreme Colors locations—one in Greenville helping Upstate customers drive one every day. The owner, Doug Payne, and the other in Simpsonville. The company services the automotive and his crew are helping to protect customers’ cars from pride of the Upstate at BMW Manufacturing and Performance the wear and tear of everyday driving. Center. Extreme Colors Extreme Colors offers paint correction, glossification, “We’re their official paint protector,” Payne says. “That has offers paint correction, paint protection, ceramic coating, and window tinting. been huge for us locally.” glossification, paint One of the company’s specialties is its “clear bra” Payne has been a Greenville resident all his life. He’s seen protection, ceramic protection, which protects the paint on cars and keeps Greenville grow into a thriving city, and Greenville has seen coating, and them looking new. him turn his passion into a successful business. “The growth window tinting. Payne was brought to the car business by following in we’re having here is incredible,” Payne says. his father’s footsteps. His dad was a highway patrolman, What began as his father’s love of cars has become Doug and so was Payne for a while. However, it was his dad’s love of cars that Payne’s path to present success, and he is passing that passion along to the most piqued his interest. next generation. “My dad restored old Corvettes,” Payne remembers. “I used to help him as a kid. That’s what made me want to work on cars.” In 1995, Payne’s dreams of having his own business came true. Now, he’s giving back to the younger generation of car lovers, the way his dad did when he was young. “We’re taking these younger guys and teaching them a skilled trade,” Payne says. His own son, Blake, has joined the business as well. 700 Woodruff Rd. #6, Greenville When Doug and Blake are not improving and protecting local cars, they are spending time with their family. Payne and his wife, Laura, are also 864.283.0633 raising a daughter, Kayleigh, who is a student at Bob Jones High School. 6

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When it comes to high-end properties, there’s everyone else...and then there’s Joan. She’s more than an agent, she’s my advocate, and as much as I hate to admit it...she’s just plain smart. Joan understands “fiduciary responsibility” and takes it very, very seriously. She’s the best communicator I’ve worked with, in any business, period. I’ve done more real estate deals than I can count, but I’ve had the good fortune of doing my most recent transactions with Joan. I’m grateful she’s always on my side of the table! — F.M. / Mostly inside city limits ;)

After sitting on the market for over a year with our first Realtor, and another six months with the next Realtor, Joan came to our rescue and successfully sold our house promptly. Certainly wish we had had the insight and foresight to have chosen Joan to begin with. She was stellar in every way!! Thanks a million! — C.B. / Chanticleer “Joan is the hardest working real estate professional that

Trusted by Clients

I’ve ever met or worked with. She took on my listing after two failed tries with other firms with national affiliations. She is not afraid to tackle more challenging listings, is brutally honest and careful to set realistic expectations on marketing time, staging, and final pricing. I was most impressed by how often she showed the home personally and provided immediate feedback – good and bad. She took our family from listing, to contract, to closing, to moving into temporary housing, to new home purchase, while providing great recommendations on inspectors, mortgage lender, closing attorney, contractors, etc. I always felt like she had my best interest at heart, every step of the way. You get far more than a cool sign in the yard with!” — “W” / Parkins Mill Area

Respected by Realtors

Joan Herlong is the epitome of “client representation.” From moment one of my interaction with Joan, I knew that the process would be smooth and nothing would be missed. What I was unaware of, though, was the speed with which she would act and my house would sell. Within one week, pre-inspections were done, repairs were done, and the house was listed on a Friday at 5 PM. I could not be in my home on that Saturday because of the number of viewings. Offers came that evening. Sunday, I spent the day with her either in person or on the phone with 3 potential buyers. Despite what should

Revered by her Children* have seemed like mayhem, it was quite the opposite. Joan led me through the SHORT, eventful process and represented me and made every step of the way easier than should be feasible somehow. I consider myself to be fairly savvy, but have to say that Joan Herlong takes the cake. For anyone that has the opportunity to be represented by Joan, you would be remiss to choose someone else. — W.P. MD/Augusta Road Area “Joan was outstanding

in helping us with the preparation of our house for listing. We’d already tried for months, unsuccessfully, to sell with another agent/ company. Our time was very limited during the process, so the clear direction we got from her was invaluable. She gave us an exhaustive list of things we could do to help with sale, which is what my wife really needed. She was also so good with all of the sale details (e.g. price position, negotiation, closing, etc.) that we decided to have her assist us with the purchase of a new home as well. This turned out to be a good decision, especially since the seller listed without an agent. She was able to work very closely with him during the process and ensure the transaction went smoothly. In all possible measures Joan was superb. Her knowledge of the Greenville market is unparalleled, she was available by phone or in person virtually around the clock, and I could always count on her honest, straightforward opinion in any circumstance. She is the best agent I have ever worked with.” — R.E./Greenville’s East Side

“This lady was the MOST impressive real estate person I have ever had business dealings with in my entire life. Joan is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all details. She anticipates all upcoming details and prepared me for all the actions I needed to accomplish them in a proper time sequence. If I should ever need to buy or sell a house again, she would be my absolute first, and only choice.” — J.G./East side of Greenville *Two out of three ain’t bad. Realty LLC

Joan Herlong, Owner, BIC 864-325-2112

Greenville’s Number One Realtor, Four Years in a Row: 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012.

Source: Greenville MLS sales volume.

WENDI RUTH, REALTOR With more than 17 years of sales experience and knowledge about every aspect of the real estate industry, from construction through interior design, Wendi Ruth can offer clients guidance from start to finish and make their real estate experience painless – and even fun! “I’ve helped a lot of clients move here and find the perfect home in Greenville,” she said. “I’ve also helped people relocate in Greenville. I find out what schools they want, how much of a commute they want, and I do my research to make sure I find the home that makes people excited. That’s really what does it for me.” Wendi’s husband Matt Ruth owns Mobius Construction, and Wendi is the exclusive Realtor for Mobius properties. She works with Coldwell Banker Caine on the relocation team, and assists a variety of clients with buying and selling. If that wasn’t enough, she also has a side business called Dwell Home Staging. “I always stage my own properties, so I started staging for fellow Realtors as well,” she said. “Homes sell quickly

That knowledge of the area, combined with my knowledge about building materials and floor plans, really gives me the ability to narrow down the perfect house for clients.

around here, but if they are a bit more challenging, they might need a fresh look. It really helps.” Her eye for design has been a boon for her role at Mobius as well, as she often helps clients choose fixtures,

lighting and other selections. “There are so many choices these days, and after Matt creates the floor plan, I can help them navigate those choices without them having to hire a design firm to do it,” she said. Wendi grew up in Greenwood, graduated from the University of South Carolina and has been in Greenville almost 20 years. “That knowledge of the area, combined with my knowledge about building materials and floor plans, really gives me the ability to narrow down the perfect house for clients,” she said. Her clients notice the difference. A recent note from a satisfied customer read, “Your professionalism and expertise in your field was outstanding… I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.” That’s just the response Wendi hopes for as she lives by the motto “Make your clients happy and your success will follow.” Of the many hats Wendi wears, her favorite is Mom to two precious boys, William (5) and Harrison (8). She can often be seen at their schools and carting them around to activities. “They love baseball, so we are very involved with Little League,” she said.

111 Williams St., Greenville 964.979.3046 8

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MOBIUS CONSTRUCTION Whether you are renovating an older home or starting from the ground up, Mobius Construction is known for creating homes that fit right in with the homes of yesterday. “We try to make our houses look like they have always been there,” said Matt Ruth, owner of Mobius. From downtown neighborhoods like the Augusta Road area to homes at Lake Keowee, attention to detail is a hallmark of Mobius homes, and Matt pays close attention to nearby homes to create a seamless, classic look and feel. A great example is Augusta Walk, a new downtown neighborhood with timeless appeal, where Mobius is one of the preferred builders. Matt has been building homes for 20 years, starting as a brickmason while earning a civil engineering degree at Virginia Tech. Afterward, he came to Greenville to work in project management for a contractor, and he has experience in everything from custom residential construction to commercial work. “One of the more gratifying parts of the work is that there is a structure at the end of the rainbow,” he said. “There is something there that will be there for many years.” Mobius is known for creating livable floor plans, with high ceilings, simple lines, and classic details like arches and built-in storage. “A lot of our design starts as an old house

We try to make our houses look like they have always been there.

someone didn’t like, so we create a new design that keeps the beauty of the old with the benefit of a new, flowing floorplan.” Customers rave about their experience. “Our experience in working with Matt Ruth from Mobius Construction was amazing!” wrote a recent client. “Matt brought a vision of what our home could be and executed that vision with great detail and follow-through. He was a good steward who looked after our home as if it were his own. Not only does Matt have excellent technical knowledge of the home construction process, he also has wonderful taste. Matt is fair and made our home renovation project a very pleasant process.” Another benefit to Mobius customers is their attentive and personable real estate agent, Wendi Ruth (see facing page), who happens to be Matt’s wife. Wendi handles real estate transactions and also lends her talent with interior design, helping customers navigate the broad range of fixtures and accents as the final touch to their Mobius home. Matt likes to get to the lake as many weekends as possible, along with Wendi and their sons Harrison (8) and William (5). ”Other than kids’ sports, that’s probably our main hobby,” he said. 864.444.4263 PHOTOGRAPHY BY PARKKONEN PHOTOGRAPHY

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THE CLARDY LAW FIRM “If money didn’t matter, and I didn’t have kids to put through college, I’d spend my time on the water,” Allen Clardy says of his love of saltwater fishing. “If I’m not fishing, I’m reading books about fishing.” That is, when he’s not practicing personal injury law. And whether he’s out to sea or in his office at The Clardy Law Firm in Greenville, his trusty companion, Katie, is always by his side. “Everybody knows Katie,” Clardy says of his 12-year-old yellow lab. “Clients stop by to see her and bring her treats.” Clardy opened his personal injury practice in 2010; prior to that he was a partner in another firm for 10 years. Growing up he always assumed he would one day take over for his dad at Greenville Auto Auction. “My senior year of college he sold it, so I had to find something else to do,” Clardy says with a laugh. After graduating from Francis Marion with a political science degree, Clardy earned his law degree from Regent University in Virginia. He

You give better service to your client when you find your niche.

started his career working as an associate in a probate and construction law firm, where he was allowed to cut his teeth on two injury cases. He went

to trial and won both, and the verdicts caught the attention of some older lawyers around town who started throwing their overflow injury work his way. In the late 90s he was brought in to assist on the Duke Sandwich class action, and the die was cast. Clardy believes it’s important to know and capitalize on your strengths when it comes to practicing law. “You give better service to your client when you find your niche,” he says, adding that he enjoys the varied nature of his practice and the regular opportunities to unravel sticky situations. “No day is the same, you never know what a client’s issue is going to be,” he says. “And I help injured people. It’s not like I’m doing adoptions where we’re popping champagne and everybody’s happy. If you’re in my office, something’s gone wrong.” Clardy isn’t the only business person in his family. His wife owned and ran Childress Jewelers for more than 20 years before closing it to focus on their blended family.


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1001 East Washington St., Greenville 864.233.8888

BLACKSTREAM CHRISTIE’S AND SVN BLACKSTREAM BlackStream, LLC has had an exceptional year. The company affiliated with the prestigious, invitation-only Christie’s International Real Estate network. The firm is opening a brand-new office downtown at the corner of East North and East Stone Avenue this spring. Ford Elliott, CEO at BlackStream, heads a growing team of 40 members who will move into the new 7,000-square-foot, Class A office. There will be a significant growth in both divisions of the company, the SVN commercial division and the BlackStream Christie’s residential division. Christie’s, which serves both residential buyers and sellers, topped $118 billion in annual sales in 2015. BlackStream Christie’s is a luxury brand; however, it specializes in every price point. Close to 50 percent of the houses the company markets and represents will be under $500,000. When the opportunity arose to join the Christie’s International network, Elliott jumped at the chance. He said the proven track record of sales through SVN BlackStream made for a perfect pairing for Christie’s residential services. CNN ranks Greenville among the “10 Fastest Growing U.S. Cities,” which makes Christie’s affiliation

Ford’s commitment to exceptional client service is in line with these same core values that Christie’s has prided itself on for 250 years.

with BlackStream irresistible. “Christie’s International Real Estate is an international network that reaches 45 countries,” Elliott said. “They have 32,000 agents and 1,200 offices worldwide. We were honored to be chosen to be the local affiliate in the Upstate.” “Ford’s commitment to exceptional client service is in line with these same core values that Christie’s has prided itself on for 250 years,” said Rick Moeser, vice president of Christie’s International Real Estate. “Ford is also forward-thinking and has proven to be an expert in the luxury sector.” The BlackStream Christie’s advantage includes maximum exposure through worldwide offices, a highly-visited website (two million annual visits) and a magazine with circulation to a quartermillion prospective luxury homebuyers. When Elliott isn’t managing his business, he loves spending time with his wife Hillary and three children. He also enjoys playing


tennis, sport fishing and getting involved in the community.

7C Brendan Way, Ste 1, Greenville 864.637.9302 |

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COMMUNICATING RESULTS GROUP marketing companies: Creative Car Ads, an automotive advertising agency; He had an idea for a better ad agency – and one potential client – Total Influence, an interactive internet and digital advertising agency; when Rob Young’s wife handed him $50 for business cards and cleared off and HD Pro Production, an in-house studio that produces videos and a counter in the kitchen for use as a work space. That’s all this former TV commercials. Other divisions under the Communicating executive needed to crank up what’s become the driving Results Group umbrella focus on internet marketing and search force behind Greenville’s biggest automotive brands. We are a family business, engine optimization; newspaper insert printing; direct mail; “I definitely started small,” laughs Rob, CEO of showroom displays; and newsletters. and we treat our clients Communicating Results Group, “but this is a compelling While automotive is the agency’s bread and butter – Rob’s like family, too. concept, and I was confident it would grow quickly.” original client, Benson Automotive, remains with them to Indeed it has. Founded in 2003, Communicating this day – Communicating Results Group also serves the Results Group specializes in all forms of creative advertising professional sector, including medical practitioners and – traditional, digital, video production and more – getting clients on the road attorneys, as well as the manufacturing industry. They place well over a to success via the perfect mix of media for each individual brand. million dollars of advertising a year in local Upstate media. “We aren’t a niche advertising agency,” Rob notes. “We like to think Lindsey is active in the community, most recently serving as chairman of the board for Fall for Greenville. Family time is a big deal for them, Rob of ourselves as survival for our clients as they operate in an incredibly and his wife of 34 years. Lindsey, a newlywed, lives just one street over competitive environment.” from her parents in North Main, so they golf cart back and forth when Rob shares the wheel with daughter Lindsey Davis, who is the they are out of the office. company’s director of development. “I’m his mini-me – and together we are double trouble,” says Lindsey, noting her dad focuses on traditional print and broadcast advertising while she is geared more toward digital and social media outlets. Along with seven creatives and production staff, this father-daughter duo makes sure brands are represented in whatever mode of media best suits their needs. “We are incredibly nimble and extremely client-focused. We are a family business, and we treat our clients like family, too.” Communicating Results Group comprises a collection of full-service 12

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106 West Broad St., Greenville | 864.233.4237



over 1,800 cars last year. “We emphasize a customer-first approach so What’s driving the success of Greenville’s fastest-growing luxury that everyone who walks through our door has a good experience.” dealership? A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Marc learned the automobile Ask Marc White, Dealer Principal of Audi Greenville, and he’ll business from his father, Steve White. “He is a great dad AND a point to the fleet of sleek, stylish cars in a variety of trims great business mentor,” Marc says. “He has given me freedom to and colors; a customer-focused sales staff and expert Audi Greenville make my own decisions – and my own mistakes.” technicians; competitive pricing; and a service center ranks #3 out of 290 Marc and his wife, Macaulay, have two children – Marc Jr., complete with VIP lounge, coffee bar and café. Audi dealerships the company spokesman, and his 5-year-old sister, Morgan. The And the world’s cutest spokesman, too! across the country. family is active at Grace Church and spends many a weekend “Marc Jr. loves starring in our commercials,” says wakeboarding on Lake Keowee. this proud dad, who sits at the wheel of Steve White Community service is a family tradition, and the Whites Auto Group, the family-owned company his own father run a monthly Meals on Wheels route together. “That’s a great way to founded back in 1965 that now comprises Audi Greenville, Steve spend family time – we are helping others, but we get a lot out of it, too,” White Volkswagen in Greenville and Steve White Chrysler Dodge Jeep says Marc, who encourages Steve White Auto Group’s 84 employees in Hickory NC. “He’s a natural in front of the camera and a favorite to volunteer in the community as well and matches every dollar they amongst our clientele.” donate to United Way. It’s too early to say whether Marc Jr. will follow the same road as his dad and granddad – as of this moment, the 7-year-old wants to be a policeman and his acting career is strictly pro bono. “My spokesman is happy to work for a Sprite and a chocolate muffin,” Marc laughs. Both Marcs have plenty to tout. Audi Greenville was recently ranked the #3 Audi dealership in the United States, based on performance metrics such as customer service. Last year, it won the Magna Society Award in recognition of exemplary service and strong business practices. 200 Duvall Dr., Greenville “Audi Greenville ranks #3 out of 290 Audi dealerships across the 888.446.6010 | country – and that’s a big deal for us,” Marc says, noting his team sold

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“ EXPECT TO BE FLOORED!” Michael & Co. Interiors has been providing commercial flooring products and professional installation services to general contractors, architects, designers, facility managers and commercial realtors across the Upstate since 1988. Locally owned and operated by Michael Wilson, Michael & Co. Interiors offers a complete line of flooring applications for a variety of commercial settings from business and medical offices to light industrial and manufacturing facilities. The Michael & Co. staff includes designers, selections specialists and experienced installers – all dedicated to providing quality

products, expert advice and professional service. The 5,500-sq.-ft. showroom at 226 Pelham Davis Circle in Greenville gives you a firsthand look at the features and benefits of a wide range of flooring options – and a well-stocked 15,000-sq.-ft. warehouse shortens the installation process on many commercial projects. Whatever the job – whether office building, manufacturing facility, grocery store, church or any other business site – it’s all about incredible product and expert installation. This company provides a significant step up in quality, guaranteeing beautiful carpet, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile and hardwoods that are durable, too.

“No project is too big or too small,” says Michael, whose portfolio ranges from a single office to a 90,000-sq.-ft. facility. Waterstone Assisted Living, Erwin-Penland, Jarden Plastic Solutions, Draexlmaier Automotive and new restaurants Ruth’s Chris and Caviar & Bananas are some of the portfolio accomplishments. “We are passionate about working with a business,” says Michael, who attributes much of his company’s success to the steady leadership of Operations Manager George Summer. “We get a thrill working from start to finish on projects of all types and all sizes, and seeing the outcome and the unique difference quality flooring makes in a building.”

Family-Owned, Neighborhood Flooring Experts 226 Pelham Davis Circle, Greenville | Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6 | 864.281.0006 |





“ If the product quality and installation does not meet my expectations, I don’t expect them to meet yours!” Greenville Carpet One, locally and family owned, has been serving the Upstate market since 1988 and continues to offer the best quality flooring for your home! Michael Wilson, Greenville Carpet One owner, is a proud family man, as he says, “My family is my life! We are an active family, and we have a lot of fun!” The family are die-hard Clemson Tiger fans, where Michael’s two oldest sons, Garrison and Braxton, attend school. Lake Keowee is their home away from home year-round. Born and raised in Anderson, SC, Michael graduated from Wren High School and has been in the flooring/decorating business since 1977. He opened his first store, Clemson Decorating Center, then opened Michael & Company Interiors in 1987. It is only fitting that Michael would acquire Greenville Carpet One to expand his retail offerings in 2012. Greenville Carpet One has one of the largest selections in the Upstate, offering over 5,500 square feet of showroom space with unlimited choices of high-quality carpet, hardwood,

luxury vinyl tile, ceramic tile, vinyl, area rugs and much more. Greenville Carpet One is a part of CCA Global, which has over 2,800 stores, allowing them to compete with the buying power of big box stores. Greenville Carpet One sets the industry standard with exclusive brands, bringing beauty and quality to everyone. The expert staff advises on installation and design. Michael takes a ton of pride in his tenured installers, who are committed to doing the job right! Greenville Carpet One is an active member of the Greenville Home Builders Association, Greenville Chamber of Commerce, and Greer Chamber of Commerce. Greenville Carpet One is also part of “Building for America’s Bravest,” which builds smart homes for wounded soldiers. In addition, they are involved in the local community with Goodwill Industries and families in need. Michael is passionate about his business and truly believes, “If the product quality and installation does not meet my expectations, I don’t expect them to meet yours!”

Family-Owned, Neighborhood Flooring Experts 226 Pelham Davis Circle, Greenville | Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6; Saturday 10-2 | 864.281.0006 |



TRUCOLOR PRINTING, MAILING & MARKETING Ray Truluck spent the first few days of his honeymoon interviewing for a job. “Mom’s a lucky woman,” says his daughter, Sallie Gold, with a slight hint of sarcasm. After graduating from The Citadel, Ray spent several years gaining experience in manufacturing and sales, with the ultimate goal of working for himself one day. He learned of an opportunity to purchase the local PIP Printing franchise and flew his brand-new bride to California to seek his fortune. “I got a wife and a business in the same week,” Ray says. Nearly four decades later he’s still running the business, now known as TruColor, and his wife, Shirley, is still by his side. From letterhead and envelopes to signs and banners, two-color, four-color, stapled, bound or folded – if it is remotely related to printing, TruColor can handle it. They also offer in-house design work and direct mail capabilities. “On the direct mail side we can take it from concept all the way to the post office,” Ray says. After graduating from J.L. Mann and College of Charleston with a business and mathematics degree, Sallie stayed in Charleston, married Casey Gold, and eventually opened her own accounting firm. Life was good in the Lowcountry – Sallie’s business was thriving and her husband was well established with Blue Ion, a Charleston-based web design and marketing agency. Sallie grew up at TruColor, spending summers stuffing envelopes and answering phones with her sister, Mary It’s turned out to be a Beth, but never entertained the idea of one day returning blessing for all of us. I’ve to help her dad lead the company. enjoyed having her here on a daily basis. And then her dad approached her with an offer she never expected but one it turned out she couldn’t refuse. “A year ago dad came to me and said he wanted to retire in five years and asked if buying the company from him was something I’d be interested in,” she says of that life-changing conversation. After weighing the pros and cons for several weeks, Sallie and Casey decided to go for it. Their leap of faith was validated when Casey met with his employers to resign and was instead asked to open a Greenville office for Blue Ion. Sallie has some interesting perspectives on local business. “Through owning an accounting firm, I was around the table for a lot of intimate conversations with business owners in a variety of industry verticals – non-profits, health care, retail, food and beverage – so I got a behind-thescenes look at the operations of many locally-owned businesses,” Sallie says. That experience is serving Sallie well in her new role as Chief Operating Officer of TruColor, where she’s spent the last six months revamping human resources, inventory systems, and accounting processes, as well as tackling the marketing end of things. The exposure and experiences in these cross-sections of the business are providing a nice foundational understanding of what is occurring on a daily basis, as well as preparing her for the next step in the transition process. “It’s turned out to be a blessing for all of us,” Ray says of his daughter coming on board. “I’ve enjoyed having her here on a daily basis, and having her in Greenville on a daily basis.” And Sallie agrees. “It has been really rewarding,” and the future looks very bright.

2107 Laurens Rd., Greenville 864.241.0644 | 16

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CHRISTOPHER ASHLEY SALON A carbon copy of the latest trend is the last thing to expect at Christopher Ashley Salon. At this elegant-yet-welcoming downtown spot,

The changes are not just good for the environment, but good for the health of staff and clients. “Ashley and I are into healthy eating, eliminating

“we want everyone to realize that they’re extraordinary

processed foods, and we’re carrying that into the salon,” he

and the ideas we share with them will complement that uniqueness,” said Christopher Maddox, who co-owns the salon with his wife Ashley. Christopher, Ashley and their team of experts recognize

said. Product lines carried are cruelty-free, and steer clear of

We listen to their needs then suggest the best look for them.

ingredients like PBAs and other harmful toxins. While health and environmental responsibility are priorities, they also make sure the products feel amazing, smell wonderful

that part of their job is to provide ideas. Just as a doctor

and – of course – work perfectly to give clients the look they want.

might offer medical guidance, a great stylist should offer

The Maddoxes have two daughters, Bella (11) and Alaina (9),

guidance and solutions with hair. “We listen to their needs, then suggest the best look for them,” he said.

so off hours are spent on activities like jiu jitsu and golf. “We like to just hang out as a family, maybe just chalk drawing on the driveway,” he said, or playing

Since opening in 2006, the salon has become known for its artistry in

with Golden doodles Mavis and Bodie. “Family time is a priority for us.”

hair painting and cutting. The steady stream of repeat clients appreciate the expertise, friendly staff and the relaxed pace. Christopher has honed his craftsmanship at workshops in New York, California and Miami. In addition to training his own staff, he also offers training to stylists from other salons, “because there is a strong need for that in our community,” he said. Lately, the salon has been working on becoming even more environmentally conscious, partnering with companies to avoid toxic chemicals and reduce items going to the landfill. Even trimmed hair can be used to assist with oil spills, Christopher said. “I’ve been really reading up on this for the past few months,” he said. 18

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101B West Court St., Greenville | 864.242.0777

HELEN HAGOOD, REALTOR Real estate is more art than science, and Helen Hagood is truly

Helen points proudly to a sphere of clients who cover generations –

a master at her craft. This Realtor-extraordinaire has been selling

she recently sold homes to several of her son’s friends, for example. Her

Greenville homes for more than 33 years, with a special talent for

in-depth knowledge of construction and a personal relationship with

pouring heart and soul into every transaction. “I list and sell all price levels throughout Greenville County,” says Helen, whose proven methods have made her a top producer at Coldwell Banker Caine year after

local builders make her the ideal connection for new home

Helen moves fast so you can move forward.

year, and the company’s #2 agent in 2016. “I offer personalized staging with every listing, as a complimentary

buyers. She has worked with countless relocation transferees and knows how the system works. She is a tough negotiator who looks out for her clients every step of the way. When she isn’t busy listing and showing houses, Helen

is busy showing compassion. She helped raise more than $100,000 for

service,” Helen says, explaining that she and a professional stager use

the new Cancer Survivors Park and is a leader in United Way’s Women

the homeowner’s existing furnishings and then add a few items of

in Real Estate. She also supports Dining for Women and Greenville

her own, such as towels, bedspreads, pillows and lamps. One neutral

Women Giving.

coverlet, for example, has been used to stage many homes over the years. “We call it our lucky charm!”

Helen and husband Al love to collect art. Their home is a backdrop of color and style with paintings from local artists to art from around

Once the home is staged, Helen continues to paint an appealing

the world. Learning to play golf is a recent hobby – she enjoys it so

picture with high-end photography, aerial, and video. As a long-timer

much, in fact, that her labradoodle is named Bandon, after Bandon

in a field bursting with new agents just starting out, she is confident

Dunes in Oregon.

her tried-and-true marketing plan, established skills and exemplary track record – along with a colorful personality – set her apart. “Experience matters,” says Helen, whose three decades of real estate savvy combine with an intricate knowledge of her beloved hometown. This Greenville native knows everyone – she has an enviable list of


subcontractors and knows just who to call to handle most any need.

111 Williams St. Greenville 864.419.2889

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IRON TRIBE FITNESS – GREENVILLE Passion is what drives Rob Jackman. And Iron Tribe Fitness is the perfect intersection of the things he’s most passionate about: fitness, business and ministry. “I got involved with Iron Tribe shortly after graduating from Samford University in Birmingham, and I knew I wanted to grow with the organization. One of the first conversations I ever had with my wife was about wanting to open an Iron Tribe gym in Greenville. Less than two We see fitness years later, we did it,” Jackman says. as an avenue He opened his first Iron Tribe Fitness on Augusta to create Street in May 2015, followed by a second location on relationships Woodruff Road in September 2016. Jackman has enjoyed that will impact the process of scaling from one location to two. people’s lives. “It’s been a continual learning process. And it’s been That’s really incredibly rewarding. It’s great to see two communities what drives us forming, on opposite sides of town. People are making and makes this friends in each location, challenging each other to be job fulfilling. better and getting stronger every day. Taking a step back and watching all of that develop has been amazing.” Iron Tribe Fitness adds a personal training feel to a group training model. Members get individualized attention and coaching, yet still have fun working out together. Recent programming changes offer classes that are more specific to an individual’s fitness goals. The PUSH program is a high-intensity workout with a focus on cardio and fat burning, while the POWER program has a more strength training bias. Members are able to mix and match both programs to tailor a program that’s just right for them. It creates a personalized offering, but with the same great coaching and individual attention. Iron Tribe coaches pride themselves on becoming a part of their members’ lives. “We care about our members. We keep our gyms small so we can get to know every single person in here. We want to know about their fitness goals and their life goals. We meet with them regularly to see how they’re doing. That’s what motivates us in everything that we do.” Jackman says there are lots of great coaches out there. But finding the ones who have exactly what Iron Tribe is looking for can be tough. “First, we want people who are fitness-minded and experts in the field. But, beyond that, you must genuinely care about people and have a passion for changing their lives to be a good fit in our organization. Obviously fitness is important to us. But we see fitness as an avenue to create relationships that will impact people’s lives. That’s really what drives us and makes this job fulfilling.” Jackman also gets fulfillment from the way his organization gives back. The founder of Iron Tribe Fitness is also one of the co-founders of Neverthirst, an international nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to bringing clean water to the poor. Iron Tribe locations all over the country raise money for Neverthirst through a fundraiser called Workout for Water. In the two years Iron Tribe Fitness has been open in Greenville, Jackman and his team have raised $34,000 for Neverthirst. That’s enough to build more than 10 clean water wells in countries like India, Nepal, Cambodia and Sudan. Iron Tribe also supports several local charities through 5Ks and other fundraising workouts. “People are always telling me, ‘There’s something different here and I don’t know what it is. Or, ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel more cared about than I ever have at another gym’. That means a lot to us. We’re really proud of that,” he says.

2227 Augusta St. | 1601 Woodruff Rd. 864.990.2020 | 20

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Photography bySTEWART carol boone stewart PHOTOGRAPHY BY CAROL BOONE

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EQUIP STUDIO Equip Studio takes the traditional architectural design process

work at non-profits like Piedmont Women’s Center. Equip Studio donated

and turns it on its head. While a traditional firm might use a lengthy six-

services to design the organization’s new facility because they know that

stage process, Equip Studio has simplifed the confusing

the organization’s vision is a great contribution to the city. “We

and overwhelming process used by firms.

believe in the city and want to invest in it,” Gibbes said.

“We start with the culture of the client,” said Sandy Gibbes, who co-owns the studio with Sims Key, Randy Key, Jonathan Edens and Dwight Troyer. “We let their story unfold in the design.” Whereas many firms might need

We start with the culture of the client. We let their story unfold in the design.

six to nine months, Equip can often shorten the process to three to five months.

Equip Studio always gets into the “story” of their clients

and their employees, and the story within the firm can be summed up with values like family-centric, generosity, highvalue and “spark, which is a high-energy, fun approach to the process,” Gibbes said. The family focus can be seen when employees bring children

Part of designing a building that exceeds their clients’ expectations is

by who play Legos as their parent draws details. The co-workers become

creating a fiscally responsible master plan that will allow goals to be achieved

family as well, with summer barbecues and occasional office outings to head

in a responsible way. “We want to hit that perfect balance between budget

to a Drive game. “We do a lot in and out of the office together,” he said. “It’s

and design, and we want to create something that will fit the client’s vision as

team building, but it’s also just fun.”

their story is told and retold, and as future chapters are written,” Gibbes said. Equip designs churches throughout the country in addition to an expanding array of commercial and mixed-use projects. The recent addition of architect Kevin Hyslop, who has a decade of experience overseeing large commercial projects, has allowed the firm to broaden its commercial reach into areas of retail, multi-family housing, office and municipal work. With a staff of 17, the firm has the power to work on projects of all sizes and locations. Local clients include Brio Internal Medicine, Parkside Pediatrics, Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Methodical Coffee, though you will also see their 22

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245 North Main St., Ste 200, Greenville 864.520.2086



– and uncrowded. She loves her space in the Village, where she ended up While everything about Sixpence Salon and Spa is special to owner with twice the square footage she originally intended - a perk that will Emily Pence, the unique shelving units made with beams from a 120-yearallow her to grow. With a staff of seven, including an esthetician and old barn are personal favorites. “My dad is a retired surgeon and an massage therapist, “I am slow in my hiring, because we want amazing woodworker, and we made those shelving units a talented, experienced staff and one that works well together together,” she said. My training in with no drama.” It was a family affair when Pence set out to build her Charleston taught me to When she isn’t at work, keeping busy is no problem for business, which opened last December in the artsy Village give each client a unique, Pence and her husband John, thanks to sons Boone, 4, and area of West Greenville. Her mom, sister, brother and high-end experience. identical twins Samuel and Thomas, 2. husband all pitched in as well. Greenville women In addition to growing her business, Pence values Sixpence offers full high-end hair services, nail deserve the same! supporting the community, and participates in events such services and a spa with massage, facials, makeup and as a recent fashion show that raised awareness and funds to more. Thanks to the spacious, unique environment and fight domestic abuse. She loves providing makeup and hair services for wealth of services, Sixpence has become a popular spot for bridal parties underserved teens for events such as prom, “and we’re working to figure and other groups, serving brunch or lunch in a gorgeous setting while out how we can offer haircuts for homeless people trying to get back into offering spa services and special touches. the workforce, as well as students for back-to-school.” “We’ve done pre-bachelorette parties with blowouts, girls’ nights and An art minor in college, she also supports local artists by showcasing other get-togethers,” she said. “We’re getting a lot of word-of-mouth for and selling their work in her well-stocked retail space. weddings.” Pence grew up in Laurens and went to Winthrop University, where her business degree required a thesis. She wrote hers about opening a salon. “That really cemented the idea that I could do it,” she said. She then went to 1241 Pendleton St., Greenville Charleston, where she worked at a top full-service salon for 13 years. 864.603.1633 “In Charleston, we focused on each client, giving them a different, higher-end experience,” she said. “I wanted to bring that to Greenville.” She prioritizes keeping the pace easy – no rushing, unless by client request

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EMEDIAGROUP Today’s Behind the Counter is brought to you by the letter “e” – and that gives us a number of just-right words to explain emediagroup

Everything, and enough of it that emedia is the only one-stop shop in South Carolina with offset, digital and large format capabilities all under one

It’s easy to describe emediagroup using only adjectives

roof. The staff, nearly 50 strong, is enthusiastic, eager to please

that start with the letter “e”: ethical, for business practices;

and ALMOST as energetic as the cycling and running events that

exemplary, for customer service; and exceptional, for print product results. The company enjoys a well-earned reputation for excellence … but what, exactly, does the “e”

sport the 20 million race bibs emediagroup produces every year.

The truth is, the ‘e’ stands for EVERYTHING!

stand for in emedia?

“Our employees have the expertise to provide what each individual client needs,” Bill says, noting that creative services are expressive while production is all about efficient turn-around

Co-founders Bill Bishop and Joel Hogg established

time and effective results.

emediagroup in the early aughts. They’d met whilst

One final word: emediagroup is engaged in our community,

employed at an old-school printer, where writing was soon on the wall that

volunteering and/or donating print collateral to a wide range of local

their complementary skillsets – Bill’s exuberant creativity, Joel’s exacting

nonprofits. There’s a corporate Meals on Wheels route, for example, and most

attention to detail – would work well in a new digital-era print enterprise.

every Monday morning finds someone from emedia on the floor at the Meyer

“People ask us all the time what the ‘e’ is for in emedia,” says Bill, explaining

Center, sitting amongst some very special kids.

that he and Joel made a conscious decision back in 2004 NOT to put “print”

“It’s easy to write a check and it’s hard to give away your time,” says Bill,

in their new company’s name. Oh, they could call themselves a printer – after

“but oh my, you will be blessed, now and in eternity, if you invest your time in

all, that’s what they do: they print – but that word implies something too one-


dimensional. “We put ink on stuff – all kinds of stuff, not just paper,” Bill says, and the company specializes in not just conventional printing but also digital printing, large format printing, vehicle wraps and runners’ numbers. “We’ll put ink on anything – Fluor Field, Clemson Memorial Stadium, BMW and the Downtown Trolley – so the truth is, the ‘e’ stands for EVERYTHING!” 24

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615 Worley Rd., Greenville 864.232.4604 877.866.RACE

BB&T HOME MORTGAGE In the new world of apps, sites and clicks, BB&T Home Mortgage

Community Ministries, and then use the allotted time and funds to

prides itself on local people building relationships with local customers.

complete the project together.

“The bank has been here since 1872,” said Bruce Lee, South Carolina

“It’s a pretty big investment,” Lee said. “But so many projects are

regional mortgage manager. “You never see us on the

completed and it’s also great for team building.”

news and that’s a good thing. Even during the financial crisis, we are a trusted part of the community, and our kids are here, and we go to church here. It’s local people doing business, and that’s what separates us.” While BB&T offers full online capabilities, Lee said

This spring, the team is excited to be moving to the One

It’s local people doing business, and that’s what separates us.

building on Main Street from its former home on College Street. “It’s going to be a great move,” Lee said. “It will be great to have that presence right in the middle of everything.” Lee, who has worked with BB&T for 11 years and

he finds that people often prefer a face-to-face meeting,

oversees 11 employees, loves to spend his off hours with his

especially when making what is typically the largest

kids, Parker, 7, and Andrew, 4. “I coach a basketball team,

purchase they will ever make. “You can make sure you are getting the right product that meets your family’s needs,” he said.

they are both playing baseball, they swim in the summers,” he said. “That’s pretty much my life.”

As mortgage rates have risen recently, Lee said the business is moving away from the refinancing that has been so popular for years. “It’s moving more to a purchase market, as people are looking to buy that first house, that next house or that dream home,” he said. Clients and staff members appreciate that BB&T stays active in the local community, supporting the United Way and other organizations. One of Lee’s favorites is the Lighthouse Project. Each year, funds are set aside for each market to pick a cause. “Not just money, but time is set aside for teams to do the project,” Lee said. Teams select a cause dear

Branch Banking & Trust Company is a Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender


to their hearts, from yard work at a shelter to building a fence at Greer

ONE Greenville, 1 North Main St., Greenville 864.242.8068 |

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DAVIS AUDIOLOGY Originally a business major at the University of South Carolina, Davis met Kristin Davis has always taken a proactive approach, educating patients, an audiologist during a physics assignment “and the rest is history,” she said. She healthcare providers and the community about the importance of taking care wanted a service-oriented job, ideally in the medical field, but “without the of their hearing. “There is this trend toward wellness, but a lot of blood-and-guts side,” she said with a laugh. people take their hearing for granted,” she said. We are really Audiology has been an ideal fit, and she loves hearing from patients General practitioners have so many areas to focus on, including helping them that her team has improved their lives. Most patients admit they didn’t illnesses and other pressing needs, and therefore may not spend reconnect with realize how much they were missing. their limited time on hearing. “But as doctors of audiology, that’s our their families and Davis also spreads that same joy through her work with mission area of expertise, and we are covered by most insurance,” she said. loved ones; we organizations like Give Hope Global and Songs for Sound. She has It seems the community is getting the message, as Davis understand the traveled to Haiti and Jamaica to fit children with hearing aids or conduct Audiology opened its third location in Simpsonville this March, importance of that hearing tests. “I love it, and my daughter has been able to join me, so that’s and the private practice enters its ninth year in business. The process. a blessing,” she said. main office is in Greenville and a second is in Travelers Rest. Dr. Off duty, Davis and husband Christopher have daughter Landry, Alexander Tarvin and Dr. Lynda Clark have joined the team, and 17, and sons Sawyer, 15, and Boone, 11, who keep them busy with sports and Dr. Maggie Robertson will join this summer. activities. They also enjoy hiking, kayaking and doing community service. The steady growth is due in part to patients recognizing the importance of having their hearing checked – especially at age 55 and older – but also the patient-centered philosophy at Davis Audiology. “We pride ourselves on that,” she said. “We spend quality time with patients to listen to their needs. We are really helping them reconnect with their families and loved ones; we understand the importance of that process.” Thanks to technological advances, patients have numerous options, including hearing aids so small and unobtrusive that friends and coworkers don’t even know patients are wearing them. 4318 E. North St., Greenville To further educate the community, she hosts meetings every fourth Thursday 135 Botanical Cir., Travelers Rest in her office – free and open to the public – on far-ranging topics such as 11 Five Forks Plaza Ct., Simpsonville Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. 864-655-8300 | 26

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Gallivan said she and Christophillis have been focused on building the A boutique law firm that focuses on quality over quantity, perfect team to provide the best service for clients, “and we feel we have that Christophillis & Gallivan has carved out a niche in family law, offering in place.” clients the benefit of their experience. The team participates in the young lawyers division of “While we do handle other types of cases, being familythe South Carolina bar, and Gallivan has completed training law focused means we know the issues, the players, the Our experience in the and served as a Guardian ad Litem, allowing her to advocate process, and our experience in the family court goes a family court goes a long for children in the Family Court. Jessica is a South Carolina long way for clients,” said Amanda Gallivan, who co-owns way for clients. Family Court Certified Mediator, which allows many couples the firm with Jessica Christophillis. to mediate their case to successful resolution without a The practice focuses on core areas including divorce, lengthy trial. Catherine is a certified mediator/arbitrator and a marital separation, child custody, and termination Guardian ad Litem, and in the past has headed numerous projects for the of parental rights. The team believes in aggressive advocacy that never Attorney General’s office. sacrifices efficiency or compassion. The family law firm is also exceedingly family friendly – a must since Amanda and Jessica were friends at the University of South Carolina Gallivan has three children ages five and under and Christophillis recently School of Law. Following law school, Jessica earned an LLM in tax and then had twin boys. joined PriceWaterhouse Coopers, where she focused on tax compliance and planning for individuals, LLCs, partnerships and corporations. Gallivan started as a judicial law clerk and then assistant solicitor, prosecuting criminal offenses in Spartanburg. Four years after starting their own firm, they have grown to seven total staff members, including a third attorney who recently joined the team. Catherine Christophillis – Jessica’s mother-in-law – joined the firm after years of having her own family law practice. “We’re happy to have her, because she brings a lot of additional experience and skills,” Amanda said. 420 E. Park Ave., Greenville The knowledgeable staff also includes paralegals Joanna Fuller, Cherrie Roberson and Rachel Mazzaferro, and office manager Barbara Rheney. 864.233.4445 |

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GREYSTONE ANTIQUES AND RESTORATION Greystone Antiques offers a unique combination of fine antiques and full restoration services. Owner Trey Sherman believes these

Along with the personal services Greystone offers, Trey works with architects, designers, builders, and business owners to complete the

aspects of his business complement each other and

projects they need. “I’ve studied furniture my whole

offer his customers a richer and more rewarding

life. Since I was old enough to walk, I’ve been in a

experience. Greystone Antiques was founded by Trey’s father in 1972. Trey joined the family business after finishing his degree from Furman University. He continued to offer an eclectic mix of antiques and collectibles from local estates as well as far away places. And, perhaps because he was raised in the workshop, Trey developed a particular passion for

Perhaps Trey most enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge of antiques and use his restoration and building skills to help his customers appreciate the value of their pieces and give them the care they deserve.

workshop assembling (or disassembling) something. And I still enjoy the challenge of solving different problems every day!” Greystone has become one of the South’s premier go-to resources within the trade for furniture repairs and restoration. At the end of the day, Trey enjoys spending time with his wife, Natalie, and their 12-year-old twin

building and restoration. He earned a reputation

daughters, Olivia and Greyson. The Sherman family

for restoration and building custom pieces such

loves to camp and travel and hopes to visit all the

as folding farm tables and high-end range hoods. Available on his

national parks. The Dry Tortugas off of Key West, Florida are next on

website, Trey’s custom farm tables are made from antique lumber and

the list. Of course, their tiny Aussie, Stella, has already packed her bag.

have been popular pieces, shipping to customers across the country. Perhaps Trey most enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge of antiques and use his restoration and building skills to help his customers appreciate the value of their pieces and give them the care they deserve. Trey likes to remind everyone that Greystone Antiques offers quality and craftsmanship for the most discerning collector at a

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101 Piney Mountain Rd., Greenville 864.233.3424 |

price anyone can afford. 28

1500 Augusta St., Greenville





pick-up/delivery for regular prescriptions, compounded orders, even overHe worked an after-school job at an old corner drugstore in Queens, the-counter needs. “This is a convenience for everyone, whether they’re NY – and that’s where Tommy Martincic got the first dose of inspiration too sick to drive to the store – or simply too busy.” for his grown-up career. Compounded prescriptions are ideal for patients who “I was the kid who hand-delivered all the prescriptions,” require individualized dosages and/or alternative delivery recalls Tommy, who today owns GreenHill Pharmacy in We are bringing the devices. Compounding can adjust the strength of a medication, Simpsonville. “Many of our customers were elderly, so tradition back to eliminate unwanted ingredients to make it allergy-friendly, making a delivery sometimes also included sitting down traditional pharmacy. re-create discontinued medications, or create more palatable for a chat about their health, or even taking out the trash versions of, say, hard-to-swallow pills. if they were too frail to do it themselves.” “Compounding can help solve people’s healthcare problems,” Thus he learned, early on, that sincerely-delivered Tommy says, noting that one-size-fits-all medication doesn’t necessarily fit service makes for a healthy business. all. “We customize treatment, because every patient is different.” “I loved that environment,” Tommy says, and it motivated his decision Away from GreenHill, Tommy stays busy being daddy to four to move south for pharmacy school at the University of South Carolina. daughters ages 3, 6, 8 and 10, and he especially enjoys coaching their Whilst there, he met and married a fellow PharmD student, Amanda, and soccer and basketball teams. Family time, he says, is the remedy that upon graduation they settled in her native Upstate. He spent a successful balances out the challenges of being a small business owner. decade with a national drugstore chain, but his heart’s ambition was to make medicine, rather than simply dispense it. “My goal was always to open my own independent pharmacy – the way pharmacies used to be.” So in 2013, Tommy and Amanda wrote out a business plan that prescribed old-fashioned customer service, industry-forward compounding techniques, holistic offerings ranging from hormonal testing to nutraceuticals, and the latest pharmacy technology. The goal was to be small but mighty, offering competitive pricing and accepting most major insurance plans, with big emphasis on re-creating the best of a bygone era. 2531 Woodruff Rd. #107, Simpsonville “We are bringing the tradition back to traditional pharmacy,” Tommy 864.520.1550 | says. Just like his boyhood employer, for example, GreenHill provides free

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MAGGIE AIKEN, REALTOR For Maggie Aiken, selling real estate is more than just a job. It is

Greenville for helping her rapid ascent as a top real estate agent. “You have

an ongoing relationship that doesn’t end when the sale is complete.

to be able to read people well to figure out how to best care for them. I

“Part of why I love what I do is the relationship aspect. Buying a house

love the excitement of looking into someone’s eyes and knowing this is the

is an emotional process, and it can be stressful, so I make sure my clients have an advocate that makes it as seamless as possible. By the end of the process, my clients become family.” Home Happy Home is more than a tagline for Aiken, but an expression of her desire to help people find the best place for their life story to play out. “Your home is part of each phase of life: first home, newlywed, children,

perfect house for them. It is that moment that makes me tick.”

Home Happy Home is more than a tagline for Aiken, but an expression of her desire to help people find the best place for their life story to play out

downsizing. It is more than your house, but it’s your entire

After graduating from Clemson, she worked in corporate marketing before deciding to pursue real estate. “It was a big leap of faith, but once I landed, I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be.” Born and raised in Greenville, her knowledge of the area and love for the city helps her find the ideal place for her clients to plant roots. When she isn’t working, she is involved in student ministry

lifestyle – your neighbors, your school, your swim team, your bridge club.

at Grace Church, United Way’s young philanthropists, and loves anything

Everybody’s journey looks a little bit different, and I love helping people

involving Clemson sports.

find the perfect fit no matter which phase of life they are in.” Aiken is in her fifth year with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS, and was named the #2 agent overall for the company in 2016, and #3 agent for 2014 and 2015. She was named Best REALTOR for Greenville News’ Best of the Upstate in 2015 and 2016. She has also been in the top 2% for BHHS nationwide for the past four years and served on the Berkshire Hathaway National REThink Council with 12 of the nation’s top agents under 35 for 2014-2016. She credits her outgoing personality, love of people and love of 30

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C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS 745 N. Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville 864.616.4280



Thinking “outside the box” is no mere buzzword in the moving business. “We just keep on going and growing,” says Rebecca, “but we still believe Just ask Bryan Feldman, who worked his way through the University every customer’s move is THE most important one.” of South Carolina doing the heavy lifting – also not a buzzword – for Thinking outside the moving box has moved the business forward. The Two Men and a Truck in Columbia. He settled into Feldmans added an extra layer of service by providing storage, management with one of the moving company’s Atlanta both short- and long-term, as an option that takes a load off locations after graduation, then moved from employee to many a customer’s mind. We still believe every business owner when he and his wife, Rebecca, bought “We are always looking for ways to make sure we’re customer’s move is THE providing the best service in town,” says Rebecca, noting the Greenville franchise in 2002. most important one. that Two Men and a Truck will carry a single piece of heavy Bryan picked up more than furniture and boxes furniture into a different room or an entire household across during his early days with Two Men and a Truck; state lines – and everything in between. The company provides interacting directly with customers, he picked up plenty commercial services, too. of insight into how people experience the moving process. This hands-on Since adopting Greenville as their hometown 15 years ago, Bryan and experience is packed into the Feldmans’ management philosophy, ensuring Rebecca have grown a family as well as a business. Their kids, Caroline and Greenville’s Two Men and a Truck embodies the slogan “Movers Who Reid, attend Augusta Circle Elementary, and they stay busy with dance, Care.” soccer, basketball, swimming and other activities. “It all comes down to service,” Rebecca says. “We are a customer service “Coming to Greenville,” Rebecca says, “was our best move ever.” company that just happens to move people.” Customers, the Feldmans understand, are totally thinking INSIDE the box – wondering if it’s packed properly, worrying things might break; people wonder and worry, too, about all the many moving-related things that aren’t in boxes – things like price, punctuality, trust-worthiness and respect. Heavy emphasis on exceptional service has yielded steady growth. What began with two trucks at the local Two Men and a Truck has 107 Sandra Ave., Greenville burgeoned into a total of 44 trucks at four franchise locations – Greenville, with a Spartanburg satellite, as well as Tallahassee FL, Richmond VA and 864.329.1228 Chesterfield VA. A fifth franchise is in the works.

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VIDA GYNECOLOGY Holloway adds, “We hire all of our own employees. We have someone Dr. Kimberly Holloway and Dr. Denise Broderick go way back. answering the phone when people call. We even get to pick our own They’re not just business partners and co-workers, they’re also good paint colors. It sounds silly, but that matters to us.” friends. They did their residency together, and they’ve worked together Vida Gynecology is focused on women’s care. “We provide for most of their careers. generational care. We can see women from the time they’re After years of delivering babies together, they teenagers until they’re golden-aged. So you can build that both decided to make a change and shift their focus We provide generational strong bond with your gynecologist,” says Holloway. to gynecology only. For 11 years, they were part of a care. We can see women Dr. Elizabeth Haswell recently joined the Vida team. gynecology practice owned by a hospital. In July 2016, from the time they’re She sees patients on Wednesdays while Drs. Holloway and they went out on their own to start Vida Gynecology. teenagers until they’re Broderick are in surgery. Both partners say they’re excited And they haven’t looked back. golden-aged. So you can to have Dr. Haswell on board. “There are so many changes going on in the build that strong bond Vida Gynecology offers everything from annual exams healthcare industry right now. We felt like we wanted to with your gynecologist. and ultrasound procedures to hysteroscopies, contraception have a little more control over the decision-making for and STD counseling, and hormone replacement therapy. our practice,” says Holloway. They also offer emergency care for those who need to see a doctor “This was a faith-led mission for us,” says Broderick. “We’d been right away. talking about it for years, and we explored some opportunities that didn’t work out. But God put every single stepping stone in our path for this endeavor to work out. I’ve had a sense of peace every step of the way.” Being independently owned gives Vida the ability to care for patients in a model that’s more about teamwork and a personal approach. “This is not corporate medicine. We are a team-centered, patient-focused 274-A Commonwealth Dr. practice. We provide special, quality care for our patients,” says Holloway. Greenville “We don’t get called away to deliver babies, so our time is set to be with 864.720.1299 patients,” says Broderick. “We have the freedom to schedule the way we want to. If we know a patient is going to need more time, we can give it to them.” 32

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MELISSA MORRELL, REALTOR Melissa Morrell has a lot to celebrate! She has been the No. 1 Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner REALTORS© for six years running. But this year, she added a new accolade to her list. She was named the No. 1 Realtor in all of Greenville, at any company, based on 2016 MLS sales volume.* “It’s been gratifying and humbling all at the same time,” Morrell said. “I am so blessed to love what I do.” Melissa excels in the luxury home market and is also an expert with Corporate and Destination Relocation clients who have chosen Greenville as their next home base. “I have a proven system, yet a customized and sophisticated approach to selling and buying real estate regardless of the price range,” explains Melissa. In fact, in select neighborhoods, her reputation and word-ofmouth recommendations are so strong that she might sell Her clients aren’t several houses in the same surprised by her success, community, annually. and their comments Her clients aren’t surprised about her work convey by her success, and their similar descriptions such as: determined, comments about her work responsive, and convey similar descriptions dedicated. such as: determined, responsive, and dedicated. Integrity and passionate are also common themes. “My mom was a school teacher followed by becoming a Realtor and my Dad was a high school football coach,” she said. “They both taught me how to work hard and treat everyone with respect and fairness. They also gave me a competitive spirit!” Now entering her 14th year in real estate, Morrell is also approaching a family milestone as daughter Ashley, 18, is headed off to college in Tennessee. Daughter Hannah, 14, will be starting high school and son Ty, 10, will be in fifth grade. “It will be a new normal for our family,” she said. Morrell is dedicated to eradicating breast cancer, raising $7,000 for the 2016 Race for the Cure in honor of her mother Sammie Ferrigan, who died of the disease in 2014. Her newest fundraising venture was teaming up with two close female friends who, like her, run successful local businesses to host a “Day of the Dead” party near Halloween, honoring and remembering those lost to the disease. “We hope the event will grow larger and more pervasive in the coming years,” she said. It was just one more way for Morrell to celebrate another sweet year.

864.918.1734 |

*Based on 2016 MLS Sales Volume.

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ASSUREDPARTNERS NL SOUTH CAROLINA EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TEAM AssuredPartners NL planted the flag in South Carolina in 2012 and AssuredPartners NL is all about challenging the status quo. since has grown to eight offices with approximately 150 employees, As employee benefits advisors, they take a data-driven, tactical approach and has been recognized as the fastest-growing insurance to renewal planning and negotiations versus the operation in the state. Taylor says the rapid growth can traditional methods practiced by many brokers that seem Our transparent be attributed to attracting well-established and respected to have lost their effect. approach removes most agencies throughout the state with solid foundations and an “Businesses are paying more than they have ever paid of the unknown and entrepreneurial spirit that can do nothing but grow. before for health coverage, and the unknown seems to be brings credibility to The investment in human capital allows AssuredPartners the key behind employers’ frustrations,” said Mack Ward, the process. NL to deliver a high-quality finished product to their clients an employee benefits advisor and broker for 16 years. that sets them apart from others in the industry. “Our transparent approach removes most of the unknown Founded in 1991, AssuredPartners NL specializes in and brings credibility to the process.” commercial property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, risk AssuredPartners NL represents local businesses to maximize health management and individual insurance coverage. With more than 500 coverage and minimize costs. They typically work with employers with as licensed agents and more than 850 employees in 35 offices, Assured few as 50 employees up to 3,500 employees, acting as advocate and advisor STANDARDS & GUIDELINES: COLORS Partners NL offers the resources of a large firm and the personal service and helping to navigate the increasingly complex world of employer of a local, independent office. Contact one of three local offices to find out healthcare and benefits. what their expertise can do for you. Mack a Wofford College graduate, began in the business by joining AssuredPartners NL (formerly AssureSouth) in 2001. Steve Epps Jr., a Greenville native and avid Clemson alumni, also has a long career in benefits and is serving as employee benefits advisor. Managing Partner Jon Taylor joined the AssuredPartners NL Kentucky operation in 2003. He 1306 South Church St., Greenville spent three years with AssuredPartners NL in Nashville before relocating 291 South Pine St., Spartanburg to South Carolina in 2013 with his family. Jon is a recipient of several The logo colors are important to portraying a uniform look and style. Do not stray from the guidelines awards – the most notable being recognized as a top employee benefits consultant in 2011 by Risk & Insurance magazine.

shown. Do not allow colors to be picked “by eye” or give vendors instructions as “make it blue and 1007 Crestview Rd., Anderson grey.” Use Pantone color identification numbers or color equivalents as listed below: | 800.277.6724 PRINT SPECS


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2017 Pantone® 281

CMYK C 100





on-one with customers. It makes it a whole lot easier.” Barbara Carlton may not have been born into the Clayton family, Their repeat business lets them know they are giving customers service but she certainly feels like part of it. That’s only logical, since she has been that exceeds expectations. “We really enjoy what we do,” she working as showroom manager at Clayton Tile for 28 years. said. “When you feel that way, it reflects in your work, and our “I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of What sets us apart is customers see that.” The team at Clayton enjoys working with a products available,” Carlton said. “Tile has come a long the service we offer. variety of customers. way since when I started.” Choosing can be a little “I find it very special that the company is family-owned, Though 28 years is a long time, Clayton has been overwhelming, and we and I have to tell you, they make everybody feel like family,” around even longer – since 1961, when the company was work one-on-one with she said. “They are so good to us. Employees want to stay here founded by Marvin Clayton and his wife Violet. “They customers. It makes it a because it’s a great place to work.” taught me so much,” Carlton said. “Everyone loved whole lot easier. And that translates to expert staff members who want to them.” The company has since added three locations to excel in their roles. Carlton enjoys working with customers, its flagship on Woodruff Road, with stores in Anderson, including DIY homeowners as well as builders, designers, architects, Spartanburg and a second Greenville location. contractors and anyone looking for beautiful tile and a great customer Clayton Tile is a family-owned and operated ceramic, porcelain, experience. natural stone and mosaic tile distribution company, and offers one of the largest in-stock inventories in the Carolinas. The company is now owned by Marvin and Violet’s sons, Lonnie and Lannie Clayton, with many family members – including the third-generation of Claytons – working in the business. In the past year, Carlton is seeing an increase in natural stone and marble, and has noticed an uptick in the popularity of classic subway tile 535 Woodruff Rd., Greenville | 864.288.6290 and wood-look porcelain tile. 7 Task Industrial Ct., Greenville | 864.297.1496 What Clayton can offer in the new world of tile is guidance. With so 1718 Pearman Dairy Rd., Anderson | 864.225.0884 many beautiful, unique products, a knowledgeable salesperson is the key 530 S. Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg | 864.587.9732 to finding the perfect product. “What sets us apart is the service we offer,” Carlton said. “Choosing can be a little overwhelming, and we work

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BHHS C. DAN JOYNER, REALTORS® – COMMERCIAL DIVISION Keeping pace with the commercial real estate market in a town

With nine Upstate C. Dan Joyner offices totaling nearly $1 billion in sales,

as booming as Greenville can be a daunting task.

the Commercial Division has a lot of resources to draw upon.

That’s why local investors and business owners rely on the considerable talents of Joyner Commercial, the Commercial Division of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS®, to assist with buying, selling, leasing, and managing their commercial property.

Carter has been with the C. Dan Joyner commercial team

We love seeing the community growth. We’ve represented everybody in town at one point or another.

“We love seeing the community growth,” says Matt Carter, broker-in-charge. “We’ve represented almost everybody in town at one point or another, and growth, for most, means financial success.” Joyner Commercial has had a front row seat for that growth from a bit of prime downtown real estate of their own, nestled between Fluor Field and Greenville High School. The over 20 agents that make up Joyner

since breaking into the commercial real estate business in 1997 – eventually succeeding Danny Joyner as broker-in-charge. “We’re still the same family-owned company,” Carter says. “Danny Joyner and his family are heavily involved, as always.” And Stedman, a beloved golden retriever and office mascot, continues to live out his golden years as a daily fixture in the Vardry Street office.

PICTURED: Top Row: Caleb Boyd, Hays Reynolds, David Dempsey, Steve Greer, Joe Teague, Leah Carter, Wayne Smith, Ted Arnold, Danny Joyner (CEO), Denise Frederick; Lower Row: Joey Burton, Charlie Timmons, Tracy Greer, Nelson Garrison, Matt Carter CCIM (Broker in Charge), Michael Joseph, Hope Tz Schmalzl, Craig Leduc, Greg Huff CCIM, Tracy Underwood; Not pictured: Susan Dodds, Ernest Crosby, and Stedman (actually sleeping in the background to the left).

Commercial know just what makes Greenville such a special place to live and work – many of them are Upstate natives who take pride in the role they’ve been able to play in shaping the future of their hometown. The firm’s Upstate presence has grown with a recent expansion in Anderson, and they have plans for reinforcing their Spartanburg presence as well. Their property management services continue to broaden, and nationally, Berkshire Hathaway continues to invest in commercial

864.233.7724 |

brokerage at an increasing rate. 36

Behind The Counter

24 Vardry St., Greenville





their own clients, whether investors in search of opportunities or Finding a good mentor is key to building a career – and when Alex potential homebuyers who turn out to be better-positioned to rent. Crigler decided to get into property management, he didn’t have to “There are so many ways we can support our colleagues and look very far for a trusted advisor. Or two. Or three … clients,” Alex says. “We’re here to help people achieve their “Real estate is in my blood,” says Alex, whose real estate dreams through our strong commitment to grandfather, C. Dan Joyner, founded an eponymous We’re here to help relationships, family and the community.” real estate company back in 1964. “My whole family people achieve their real Away from the office, Alex can be found working out is in the business,” he says, listing his father, mother, estate dreams through with F3 and running with “Poets and Pirates,” a group that uncle, siblings, even his wife, Ellis, “and every one our strong commitment meets up in the wee hours of every weekday … and that of them serves as an example to follow, a source of to relationships, family keeps him in shape to chase after his three kids, ages 5, 3 wisdom and experience. There’s a line between real and community! and 1. estate sales and property management, though, so Alex believes the Golden Rule is the true key to success. while I can lean on them, I still have to focus on my “My primary goal is to treat everyone the way I want to be treated,” he niche.” says. “That’s how my grandfather built this company – and that’s how And work he does. In the five years since Alex was named brokerI’m running the business today.” in-charge of C. Dan Joyner Property Management Co., the business has burgeoned to a portfolio of 500 single-family homes in a variety of price points and 50 Home Owners Associations. “I’m proud of how we’ve grown, in the right way and with the right people,” says Alex, who credits Best of the Upstate awards in 2015 and 2016 to the incredible efforts of his 11 employees. Alex and his property management team generate solid numbers by focusing, not on numbers, but on people. They work hard to make life easy for renters and landlords alike, advertising properties, screening potential residents, collecting rent, handling repairs and manning a 24735 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville hour emergency call line. They service HOAs by providing everything from financials to covenant enforcement. And they help realtors help 864.678.5278 |

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EXIGENT URGENT CARE & OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE Dr. Tom Maskell, MD, and Dr. Jim Alexander, MD, former ER

Average turnaround time for a visit is less than one hour. The office is

doctors, partnered together and decided to open an urgent care

open all holidays for those unexpected illnesses or injuries.

practice where patients could seek medical care in a

Decades of experience in Occupational Medicine

whole new way. Their vision was to give patients the

provides expert healthcare for those on-the-job workers’

medical care they need promptly, with the respect and compassion that patients look for in a doctor. While not treating patients at the Upstate’s first and finest Urgent Care facility for more than 30 years,

Where patients can seek medical care in a whole new way…

Exigent’s two owner/doctors may be found pursing

comp injuries. Exigent offers DOT and pre-employment physicals, breath alcohol testing, hearing and vision tests, and drug screenings. Give Exigent a call today to set up a company account; walk in and the staff will be glad to give you a tour of the facility.

their outside interests… On their days off, these docs are regular people just like me and you. All year long Dr. Jim is a diehard Clemson sports fan. He enjoys antiquing with his wife Judy, grandparenting, and lake activities. Dr. Tom has a passion for horses and golf. He enjoys spending time at his farm on his tractor and with his wife, Beth. Both doctors live and work in Greenville and know the importance of giving to the community. They


are supporters of their local schools and small businesses in the area. Dr. Alexander and Dr. Maskell, along with Dr. Lynn Owens, have many years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, and Occupational Medicine that is invaluable when it comes to treatment of illnesses and injuries. The Exigent facility provides on-site lab and X-ray services. The doctors feel it is important for patients to walk into the office without an appointment seven days a week and without a long wait time. 38

Behind The Counter



2310 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville 864.292.5915

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED They say it takes a village to raise a child, and for birds, humans

baths and nesting boxes. They also stock a variety of bird-related gift

are an important part of that village.

items for the bird-lover in your life.

“Parents need as much assistance with food as they can get because they’re busy raising sometimes five children at one time,” says Abbie Pressley, co-owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Greenville. “And water is crucial year round.” Abbie grew up in the country in Laurens and spent much of her childhood playing outside and

“We enjoy working with people and helping them

We enjoy helping people establish their yard so they can have the enjoyment that comes from bird watching.

witnessing bird activity firsthand. She was drawn to the vibrant colors and different behaviors, and a lifelong love of birding was born. It was this affinity for our feathered friends that led her to purchase

establish their yard so they can have the enjoyment that comes from bird watching,” Abbie says. The shop is closed on Sundays, but Abbie and Melanie rarely take a day off from keeping a watchful eye over their beloved birds. The pair are best friends and spend much of their time away from work doing things together, from their daily walks to taking day trips to Biltmore and nearby mountain villages.

“Along the way, you can always pull over and stop to watch birds,” Abbie says. “Neither of us ever gets tired of birds.”

the local Wild Birds franchise nearly 20 years ago. Abbie was working in healthcare at the time and looking to make a change. She wanted to find a career path that held greater interest for her. Having grown up in a retail family, Abbie decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and take the leap into business ownership. She was joined a year later by her own daughter, Melanie Moore, who inherited her mother’s affection for winged creatures, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit. Melanie had a background in retail, and like her mother she wanted to align her work more closely with her personal interests. The Congaree Road store sells everything you might need to


support the birds around your home, from feeders and seed to bird

626 Congaree Rd., Greenville 864.234.2150 |

Behind The Counter





VANN & LIV Sisters Stephe Ebert, Kristina Teague and Jenny Hall knew they all

Pink Chicken, Southern Tide youth and Egg, while the Augusta Road

loved fashion, they were all creative and they all shared an entrepreneurial

store is slightly more traditional, with Beaufort Bonnet, Bailey Boys and

bent. But when Stephe and Kristina were both expecting

Tea Collection. “We have some brands no one has in this area,

baby girls eight years ago, they hit on the perfect idea to

including U.S. brands as well as specialty brands from Europe

combine their skills and talents: a children’s boutique. “We were traveling to get the clothes we wanted,” said Jenny, who along with twin Stephe was a retail major at

We like to celebrate the store and our customers.

and Australia that are hard to find.” The personal touch is important to the sisters, so they offer monthly events with champagne, treats and more. “We like to

the University of South Carolina. “We had considered

celebrate the store and our customers,” she said. They provide

opening a women’s shop until we realized the need for

adorable gift wrapping and personal service. “We make it a

children’s clothes.”

priority to make everyone feel special when they shop with us.”

So Stephe and Jenny, along with Kristina, who attended Savannah

Outside of work, the sisters love spending time with family, enjoying

College of Art and Design, hatched a plan to create Vann and Liv, named

Sunday dinners at their parents’ house. “We always ask for the specialties

for the two newborn daughters Savannah and Olivia. After six years in

from dad’s restaurant,” Hall said. Kristina and Stephe now have two kids

online-only sales, they opened their first brick-and-mortar store two years

each, and Jenny has a popular fashion blog called

ago in the ONE building.

discussing fashion, lifestyle and interiors.

While the sisters grew up in Greenville – their father is famed local restaurateur Vince Perone – they did their research to decide where to open their first shop, and it just so happened that their hometown had the best response. “We had grown a following through the website, so when we opened, we already had a huge following,” Hall said. The shop was so successful that they’ve already opened a second shop in the former Moppet’s store on Augusta Road. Hall said the two shops carry different brands, with the downtown store a bit more modern, selling 40

Behind The Counter



1 N. Main St., Ste N, Greenville | 864.520.8118 1803 Augusta St., Ste G, Greenville | 864-233-6261

THE CROSSINGS AT FIVE FORKS A new senior living community is taking shape in Simpsonville. The

planning and patient care to landscaping and driving the bus. As she

Crossings at Five Forks is owned and operated by Harmony Senior

rose through the ranks she established a strong background in sales

Services, a family-owned company based in Roanoke, Virginia, and will

and operations.

be home to 100 independent living, 48 assisted living, and 24 memory care apartments. Anna Cain, a Clemson native and Presbyterian College grad, was recruited to join the Harmony team as executive director and build the Five Forks facility from the ground up. “I love taking care of people,” Cain says, remembering how helping to care for her grandparents came naturally at a young age. “As a

“That’s why we make a good team,” Cain says. “I’m not

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none in Greenville, and a passion for providing the best care and best services possible.

child I told my parents this was what I wanted to do when I grew up.” In turn Cain sought out highly qualified department heads – both

going to ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself.” And at the end of the day, Cain says, that team will be the key to success. “You can have all the bells and whistles, but if you don’t have a good staff you really have nothing.” Rest assured, The Crossings at Five Forks has its fair share of bells and whistles, as well, like round-the-clock concierge service and farm-to-fork dining supplied by

local farmers. The state-of-the-art facility is expected to open for occupancy in late Spring 2017.

her nursing and dining services directors bring 30 years of industry experience to the table – to help her assemble a dedicated team of caregivers. “Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none in Greenville, and a passion for providing the best care and best services possible,” she says. Cain has a good bit of experience herself. After earning her psychology degree from Presbyterian College, she accepted a position

864.412.4700 |


with an adult day care facility, where she did everything from activity

345 Five Forks Rd., Simpsonville

Behind The Counter




MEGAN DIEZ SALON “For as long as I can remember, I was always very passionate about the hair and beauty industry,” says Megan Diez. With motivation, support and encouragement from her husband, she took a leap of faith and opened her own full-service salon. Since opening four years ago, Megan Diez Salon has outgrown itself and is now in the process of expanding. The new space will be custom designed and built to be the flagship salon. Megan fell in love with Greenville about ten years ago, when she came here to pursue her Cosmetology Management and Business Administration degrees. Having lived in New York City, she appreciates how international Greenville is becoming and enjoys meeting people from all over the world. “I’m happy to have a business in the heart of Downtown Greenville, I’m happy to have where there is access to a business in the theater, music and fine heart of Downtown dining.” Greenville, where Megan has traveled there is access to for trade shows and theater, music and classes to New York, Los fine dining. Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and Toronto. She loves seeing new places and exploring different environments. She is often invited to teach at local cosmetology schools to encourage future professionals and share her experience and knowledge with those that share her passion for the industry. When she’s not working, Megan spends every available moment at the construction site of her new salon. She adds, “It takes all of my extra time, but I love being so involved with every detail. Seeing it go from my vision to a reality is so rewarding and exciting!” The new salon will be four times larger than the current location on River Street and will offer state-of-the-art conveniences that Megan cannot wait for her clients to enjoy. “Keeping up with technology is very important to us. Our website offers convenient online booking and clients can take advantage of charging stations for their electronic devices,” she says. Her salon offers a welcoming environment where clients can be sure they are receiving the most professional, fashion-forward services in a stylishly modern salon.


Behind The Counter




100 East Stone Ave., Greenville 864.271.4503 | Instagram: @megandiezsalon


PALMETTO SPECIALTY TRANSFER Tyler Fairey launched Palmetto Specialty Transfer in Columbia customers navigate what is typically a highly stressful life event. in 2004 – a company that specializes in moving and storage as well “We meet so many interesting people and at a time when they as receiving and deliveries for interior designers. His may not be at their very best. Moving is stressful.” Fairey vision was to provide a “white collar twist to a blue says. “Folks, sometimes, look at moving as a daunting If you enjoy helping collar business” – detail oriented with considerate project, and we just try to break it down into smaller, people, this is a great communication meets moving and storage. Things manageable pieces and communicate that to them. “Every business to be in. were going just fine in Columbia until a visit from his move is different, so we approach every client and wife’s brother over project differently. We are not perfect but no one is more Christmas prompted the Faireys to make a big move. conscientious.” Palmetto Specialty Transfer has moving Said brother in law was in the process of moving his family to down to a science – well maybe just 1 important philosophy. Treat Anderson, and their excitement over living in the others the way you’d like to be treated. “If you enjoy helping people, Upstate turned out to be contagious. this is a great business to be in.” “I told my wife, I love Columbia, but I had always wanted to open another location in Greenville, and the next morning we put our house on the market,” Fairey says. That was 2012, and the leap of faith has landed the Fairey family in good stead professionally and personally. Tyler’s wife, Jill, found a home teaching preschool at Westminster Presbyterian, and the couple’s eight-year-old twins, Mary Mac and Davis, walk to their neighborhood school each day. “It’s like something out of a storybook,” Fairey says of the life his family has built in Greenville. “I couldn’t dream a happier life for my family with so many wonderful friends.” 103-A International Ct., Greenville Business is pretty good, too, as Fairey finds fulfillment in helping 864.286.5062 | 46

Behind The Counter



MARTIN GARDEN CENTER “One of my goals when I bought this company was to convert it

In addition to acres of flowers, shrubs, trees, and herbs, Meehan

to an employee-owned corporation,” says Reggie Meehan, who is

this year added off-site consultation and installation services to Martin

entering her third year as the new owner of Martin

Garden Center’s offerings.

Garden Center. That goal is coming to fruition this year as Meehan puts in place a system to allow her employees to acquire a piece of the Martin Garden Center pie. Meehan has also empowered her employees to take charge of their future through a 401(k) savings plan. Only two of her staff took advantage of this program

“We’ll go to a client’s home and take a look at their beds,

We’ll go to a client’s home and take a look at their beds, their sun tolerance, and provide a written plan based on our recommendations.

their sun tolerance, and provide a written plan based on our recommendations,” Meehan says. Going forward Meehan has plans to draw on her environmentalist roots, working in conjunction with local organizations on developing opportunities to reuse treated wastewater.

when it was first introduced, but Meehan is pleased to

“That’s one of my goals for next year,” Meehan says.

report nearly everyone is participating this year, even

“Along with continuing efforts to make Martin Garden

the part-timers.

Center a Greenville destination.”

“It’s important to me that they be planning for their retirement even though they may be in their twenties,” Meehan says. “One of the reasons I was able to buy this business and capitalize it was because I saved a lot of money when I was younger.” Meehan is trained as an environmental engineer, and during her career worked on staff and as a consultant for the Environmental 198 Martin Rd.

environment for her, Meehan started looking around for something


else to do. Instilled with a love of flora by her mother, a master gardener,


Meehan found Martin Garden Center to be a perfect opportunity.


Protection Agency. After discovering semi-retirement was not a suitable

Behind The Counter




MOUNTAIN VIEW CLINICAL RESEARCH We live in an age when doctors can fix almost anything that ails you. This embarrassment of medical riches can make it easy to lose sight of the fact that none of it would exist without clinical research, and the willing participation of countless patient volunteers who have gone before. Every last capsule and elixir on the shelf of your local pharmacy was put through years of rigorous testing before it could be made readily available to lower your blood pressure or tackle your migraines. The team at Mountain View Clinical Research is well versed in what it takes to bring a new therapy to market. Since 2001 they have been on the front lines of developing new treatments for chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity and COPD. “We do clinical research trials on chronic conditions that are affecting people in our community,” says Elizabeth VanBenschoten, recruitment manager for the practice. “When people think of clinical research they often think of cancer or Alzheimer’s and they don’t realize that here in our community the biggest killer of people is really diabetes.” Mountain View Clinical Research is one of the largest diabetes research companies in the country, and through their work with patients they have learned that many people don’t realize how their lifestyle contributes to their condition. To that end MVCResearch has certified diabetes educators on staff who conduct monthly classes, as well as one on one education in English or Spanish, at no charge. Our volunteers are “People come here and receive education on their medical heroes – without disease and individualized attention they might not their participation get otherwise,” says VanBenschoten. in clinical trials new medications and While many of the volunteers who participate therapies would be in trials through MVCResearch do so out of an impossible to develop.” altruistic desire to advance medical science, they also benefit from top-notch medical care throughout the course of the trial, led by their Medical Director, Endocrinologist Dr. Ronald Mayfield and Managing Director, Ann Limbaugh. Each trial is managed by Dr. Mayfield and one of the specialist or family medicine physicians on staff, and each patient is matched with a dedicated nurse. Patients typically spend two hours with the nurse for initial screening visits, and a minimum of one hour at follow-up visits. During these visits nurses are closely monitoring the patient’s condition through extensive lab and diagnostic work, while gathering crucial data to submit to the trial sponsors. “The fact that many sponsors reach out to us to conduct their trials speaks to our reputation for thoroughness of care and the quality of data we are able to provide,” says Bunny Phillips, marketing manager and 25-year veteran of the clinical research industry. A physician referral is not necessary to participate in a trial, but many area doctors refer their patients to MVCResearch in hopes they may qualify for a trial that will give them access to treatment or medication that would be otherwise unavailable. The MVCResearch staff works closely with their patients’ primary caregivers, sharing lab results and other findings that may be relevant to their care. The high quality care volunteers receive at Mountain View Clinical Research has many eager to enter a new trial once theirs comes to an end. The parameters to qualify for a study are often quite stringent, however, so continuing to recruit new volunteers is vital to their mission to provide research today, health and hope for tomorrow.

405 Memorial Dr. Extension Greer 864.334.0141 48

Behind The Counter





QUALITY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS When asked if she could do any job in the world, just for fun,

was the top honoree at the 2016 Enterprising Women’s Conference and

Pamela Evette said she’d love to scoop rocky road behind

she recently received the ATHENA® Leadership Award from

the counter of a beachfront ice cream stand one day.

the Greenville Chamber. As a strong advocate for business,

But for now, she is taking the world of women-owned businesses by storm. Pamela joined forces with her then business colleague, now husband, David, to launch Quality Business Solutions in 2000. The Travelers Rest based company is

There’s not one person in this building whose job is more important than another. We all sink or swim as a team.

an outsource provider of human resources and benefits solutions that processes payroll for companies in 48 states, the largest of which has roughly 48,000 employees. And it all happens from the idyllic, rolling hills of the Evettes’ horse

Pamela was also recently appointed to South Carolina Small Business Regulatory Review Committee. But no matter how high her profile gets in the industry, Pamela knows the value of building strong relationships here at home. You’ll frequently find her and David rolling up their sleeves and getting in the trenches with their team to meet a deadline, even if that means sealing envelopes in the

mailroom to get checks out the door and to clients on time. “There’s not one person in this building whose job is more important

pasture. After making their personal partnership official, Pamela and

than another,” Pamela says of her management style. “We all sink or

David built a house, a small office, and a beautiful barn for their beloved

swim as a team.”

horses and set about growing their business. And grow it did; the barn eventually gave way to more QBS office space, and the principals are currently in negotiation with the horses over future plans for the riding arena. “We’re hoping we won’t have to move, but the horses keep losing more and more space. They may just decide to leave,” Pamela jokes.


Pamela’s star also continues to rise in the arena of women-owned

280 Hindman Rd., Travelers Rest

business, where her business success is consistently honored. She’s been


named number 3 among the Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs in America,

Behind The Counter



HANDS THRU US HOME CARE They say you never truly know someone until you live with them

thoroughly assess a client’s needs and tailor their services to meet each

– or run a business together. Lisa Parsons and Deana Dillard felt sure they


were the exception to that rule when they put their 15-year friendship to

Lisa and Deana know the major contributor to their early success is

the test and launched Hands Thru Us Home Care last year. “We had tons of people tell us we weren’t going to be best friends anymore when we opened this business, that it never works,” Deana says. “It works for us because we had the same vision for our company and how we wanted to impact our community,” Lisa says. “When you share the same philosophy and

their team of exceptional caregivers. They hire caregivers who

We took a leap of faith starting our business to jump from what we were to what we wanted to be.

values, things go pretty smoothly.” Deana and Lisa, both registered nurses with more than 20 years experience in home health, set out to make a difference in the

are passionate about their work and dedicated to enriching the lives of others. “We took a leap of faith starting our business to jump from what we were to what we wanted to be,” Lisa adds. That risk has come with big rewards as Hands Thru Us continues to grow and make a name for itself. “We feel we are becoming established in the community,” Deana says. “As the community uses our services, they see we

truly do what we promise we’re going to do, then the word just travels.”

home care industry. They wanted to fill a gap they discovered when their own families needed quality home care. “We have learned that yes, we can make a difference,” Deana says. “As a true locally founded and owned business, we have the versatility to adapt to our clients’ needs.” Hands Thru Us primarily serves elderly clients and those impacted by illness who need assistance with day-to-day tasks. That can mean providing support or companionship during chemotherapy; help with light housekeeping or laundry; assistance with bathing, dressing or meal preparation; transportation; or simply keeping clients actively engaged 864.609.4336


during the day. Lisa and Deana’s clinical expertise allows them to

25 Mills Ave., Greenville

Behind The Counter





THE SPAULDING GROUP Carole Atkison has lived in and loved Greenville for nearly 40 years, and this affection has played a key role in her real estate success.

Carole and her team have managed sales for many of Greenville County’s finest communities, such as Cobblestone, Claremont, KingsBridge,

“I absolutely love Greenville,” she says. “Telling people about Greenville

Hammett’s Glen, The Glens at Roper, Greywood at Hammett, and The

and all it has to offer, showing them different areas, and helping newcomers and Greenvillians decide what best meets the needs of their family, is the part of the job I like best. But, there is a lot more to selling real estate than showing and listing houses.”

Oaks at Roper Mountain.

Real estate is not just a job for me – it’s a passion.

Carole got her start in real estate when she decided to reenter the workforce after stepping away while her two daughters were young.

Spaulding Group’s experience and reputation for excellence have earned the team a number of accolades. Some of these include #1 Team of the Year since 2009 (Pelham Road office), Top 100 in the country and Top ½ of 1% worldwide for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices since joining BHHS.

“I am extremely proud of my team’s expertise, dedication to the business

Prior to that she was a school teacher in special education, and decided to make

and outstanding sales record,” Carole says.

a career change. A family friend developing Spaulding Farm suggested she get

Front Row seated: Pam McCartney, Susan Waters, Carole Atkison, Margaret Marcum, Leigh Irwin, Pam Childress; Back Row: Katie Reid, Shelby Jordan, Emily Fayssoux, Susan Dodds, Alicia Bryan, Hilary Hoke, Kem Swenson, Cynthia Rehberg, Kate Anderson, Keri Hall, Lois Leder; Not pictured: Laura Burgess, Becky Orders, Kristy Tarallo, Lillian Lever, Kimberly Bunnell.

her real estate license and handle the sales and marketing of the neighborhood. Carole served as sales manager for Spaulding Farm from 1990 until lot sales were completed in 1997. From there she became partner, broker-incharge, and then owner of Spaulding Company. This led to the transition to a full-service real estate company. In March 2009, Spaulding Company merged with Prudential (now Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices) and

3539 Pelham Rd., Greenville

today Carole leads Spaulding Group, a team of 22 agents, several of whom


consistently rank as top producers in the Greenville market. “I have always loved houses and new construction. Real estate is not just a job for me – it’s a passion!” Carole says. “Just like any other business, if you don’t truly enjoy what you do, you won’t excel at it.” 52

Behind The Counter



A.T. LOCKE When it’s time for your business to take a bow, enjoy your ovation – you can rest assured A.T. LOCKE is behind the scenes making sure all of your accounting needs are handled. Molly Fortune, executive director of the renowned Newberry Opera House performing arts center, relies on A.T. LOCKE for financial expertise and appreciates that the company offers a flexible, team-based approach to outsource accounting management. Molly is shown here on the right, center stage with Anna Locke, owner of A.T. LOCKE. The building, an historic Newberry landmark completed in 1881 and fully restored in 1996, is owned by the City of Newberry and operated by the Newberry Opera House Foundation. The 462-seat theater has more than 100,000 attendees to its full slate of shows each year. Fortune, who was with the Fox Theater in Atlanta for 15 years, relies on A.T. LOCKE to help the Newberry Opera House make sound financial decisions. Anna Locke is happy to crunch the numbers in the wings while her clients take their curtain call. “We can be the accounting

We can be the accounting manager, controller and CFO without the price tag.

manager, controller and CFO – without the price tag,” Locke said. The group can be as hands-on and involved as clients need. “We can participate in monthly management and board meetings, project cash flow, make suggestions for clearing out old inventory,” she said. “We consider ourselves problem solvers and we bring the unexpected to accounting.” A.T. LOCKE is passionate about being closely involved with clients month after month and, because of that close relationship, being able to advise them on how the numbers can help their business. The company works with startups, restaurants, retail, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing and nonprofits. “As a team, we celebrate the diversity of the topics we get to cover,” she said. Anna, a graduate of Clemson University, had been a bank teller, auditor and CPA when she recognized the need for an outsourced “part-time accounting department” for many local companies and nonprofits. She knew that approach would allow clients to start PHOTOGRAPHY BY CAROL B. STEWART PHOTOGRAPHY

small and then pull in more resources from her team as needed, or downsize if circumstances call for it.

68 Pointe Circle, Ste. 2202, Greenville 864.908.3062 Behind The Counter




Josh Williams and Derek Landino are in the business

companies in the industry. With a combined 12 years of industry experience, the two decided to join forces under the banner of Summit Solar. Williams married a Georgia girl and the couple had plans to eventually settle in the South. The moment solar became available in South Carolina, they made their move. The Williams and Landino families now call the Upstate home, and couldn’t be happier. “We fell in love with the city, and it seemed like a great place to raise our families,” Williams says of their decision to base Summit Solar in Greenville.

of selling people on an idea that sounds too good to be true. “Most people rent power from the utility every month,” Williams says. “And with Greenville’s large population of engineers and forward-thinkers, we “For no money out of pocket, they can own solar.” found a lot of our target market here, too.” Williams and Landino are partners in Summit Solar, a residential and Summit Solar is the only local company that offers Tesla batteries, which commercial solar company installing solar systems throughout South Carolina, allow customers to store excess power. In the case of an outage, these batteries North Carolina and Georgia. Solar customers pay nothing upfront and their act as a generator, but one that charges through the sun and requires no monthly power bill is replaced with a monthly payment to purchase the panels diesel fuel. over the course of 10, 15 or 20 years. This fixed monthly payment Solar is still relatively new down South, and Williams and is lower than the average monthly power bill, and once the panels Landino recognize that it can be somewhat confusing. The are paid for, it’s free power for life. There are also significant state “For no money Summit Solar team puts their experience to work educating and federal tax incentives available that put 55% of the cost back consumers and walking customers through the entire process, out of pocket, in consumers’ pockets, not to mention the home equity boost. from installation, to dealing with utility companies, to they can own Summit installs both rooftop and ground mount panels, and maintenance. solar.” thanks to strong relationships within the industry they are able “Our mentality is not ‘more money, more customers.’ Our to provide customers with the best, most aesthetically pleasing focus is on the customer experience,” Williams says. “We’re a product at highly competitive prices. local company. We have to see our customers in the grocery “We want people to drive through neighborhoods, see our product, and say store in five years, so we want them to be happy.” ‘I want mine to look like that,’” Williams says. Business partners and best friends, Williams and Landino met while Greenville | 864.250.0026 | working in the home security industry. When solar started to catch on in the northeast they both made the transition, eventually leading two of the largest

“Excellent service!”

“A wonderful experience.”

Paul Nichols

James Stowell

Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC

“Very easy and installation was ahead of schedule.” Judy McQuan Freeman Greenville, SC

“No brainer.” Craig Meier

“Seamless and fun!”

Travelers Rest, SC

Jes Garner WIlliams Travelers Rest, SC

“I would HIGHLY recommend them!” Cindy Meier Greenville, SC




MATHNASIUM GREENVILLE FIVE FORKS Most of us grew up thinking math is one of those things you either get or you don’t. Mathnasium was founded on the idea that math can

Most of the instructors at the Five Forks location are students themselves – high school or college kids who excel at math and have a

not only make sense to every student, but it can actually be fun. The key is finding a teaching method that clicks with each student’s individual learning style. Dawn Sheriff discovered the Mathnasium curriculum

cool factor kids gravitate towards. These kids are going places,

Math rock stars are born here every day!

while seeking help for her own daughter who was struggling with math. She felt she had exhausted all her options – private

so Sheriff says she always has an eye out for good instructors. Mathnasium serves students in grades 1-12, and not just those struggling in math – kids who are behind their peers catch up and gifted students are given the tools to move ahead.

“Kids don’t actually hate math, they hate the way not understanding

school for smaller class sizes, homeschooling – and still wasn’t seeing

the math makes them feel. Once we give them the tools they need, they

results. An online search turned up a Mathnasium facility in Lexington,

not only begin to excel in math, they have the confidence to do well in

and it seemed to be just what she was looking for.

all subjects,” Sheriff says. “Math rock stars are born here every day! It’s a

“The owner of that franchise said, ‘you could drive down here

beautiful thing and I’m blessed to be a part of it.”

every Saturday, but you sound like you have a real fire for this, and the Greenville territory is available…’” Sheriff remembers, adding she and her husband, Eric, were intrigued enough to fly out to L.A. to learn more, and fell in love with the program. An educator herself – Sheriff has taught at nearly every level since graduating college – she views the Mathnasium curriculum as an additional means of support for teachers in traditional settings. “We don’t spend time on concepts students have already mastered, and we don’t move on until they’ve got it,” she says of the customized learning plan each student works through. “Classroom teachers don’t always have that luxury.” 56

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1756 Woodruff Rd., Greenville 864.626.3030

SOUTHEASTERN PRODUCTS John and Ann Burgess started Southeastern Products out of their garage 38 years ago by boldly going where no one else wanted

business or she would put it up for sale. “A lot of our people have worked here since I was a kid. They’re

to. John was working for a company that did some

like family,” Tyler says of his decision to carry on with his

of what Southeastern does today – designing,

father’s legacy.

manufacturing and installing retail environments – and Food Lion was one of his accounts. The grocery chain bought a store and wanted to flip it to a Food Lion in a week’s time. John’s boss said, not going to

A lot of our people have worked here since I was a kid. They’re like family.


Southeastern Products outgrew the garage and today employs more than 100 people in 120,000 square feet in Fountain Inn. Their customer base has grown, too, and now includes the likes of Whole Foods, RaceTrac, Goodwill and Ahold. Now that he has nearly a decade

“Dad said yes,” says Burgess’s son, Tyler.

of leadership under his belt, Burgess has discovered

While Tyler disputes his father’s account of buying

his inner retail nerd and can admit his affection for the

a chainsaw at Sears and banging it out, the upshot is he got the job done and gained his first loyal customer. “That’s still what we do,” Tyler says. “We say yes and figure it out

house his dad built. “This was my destiny,” Tyler says. “I tried to avoid it, but I always knew it.”

later.” When his father passed away nine years ago, Tyler took over the family business by reluctantly going where he didn’t want to. He grew up working for Southeastern because, he says, they paid well, and at one time or another has held every job in the building. “Except accounting. I’m not allowed in there,” he jokes, adding that were it not for his mother’s expertise in that area the company would not be approaching 40 years in business. 864.233.9023


Ann gave Tyler a choice – he would join forces with her to run the

145 Southchase Blvd., Fountain Inn

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LAURA SIMMONS & ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE After 20 years of experience in real estate, Laura Simmons decided

agents who focus on quality, never quantity. Their boutique approach is

to open her own company on March 25, 2014 – fittingly, on her mom’s

much more personable than the big box agency model, and it leads to

birthday. “She made me the woman I am today,” Laura said.

happy clients who return again and again to sell or buy older homes, new construction and everything in between. The results speak for

With a solid reputation for knowledge and responsiveness to clients, it was time to be her own boss. Now with 15 independent agents at the company, Laura Simmons & Associates represents all the Rosewood communities. In addition, Laura and her agents specialize in providing a personalized experience to new home and

To this day, I get excited right along with them when we are making their dreams come true.

resale. “We serve everyone from first-time homebuyers to empty-nesters to people moving here to retire,” she said. After all these years, Laura has never lost the fulfillment that comes

themselves: the company has been in the top three percent in the Greater Greenville area since it opened. Born and raised in Greer Laura is committed to giving back to the community, lately focusing her efforts on Meals on Wheels. Married for 28 years, mother of four children and two

grandchildren, Laura is proud to run her company with Christ at the center. “You never have an issue as long as you live morally and ethically,

from connecting a client with the perfect home. “To this day, I get excited

with Christ first,” she said. “Everything comes from the Lord, and all of

right along with them when we are making their dreams come true,”

our agents feel the same way. I consider them the best agents in town.”

she said. “Nothing makes me happier.” Her friendly, outgoing personality is what drew her into the field in the first place. As she and her husband, Bennie – then both in their 20s – began looking for their first home, their real estate agent immediately recognized her potential. “You should be in real estate,” the agent told Laura. When another friend told her the same thing, Laura decided to give it a try. “I don’t meet strangers, and I care about people,” she said. The career choice ended up being a perfect fit. Now, Laura Simmons & Associates Real Estate is home to a personable and skilled group of 58

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103 Regency Commons Dr. Greer 864.630.7253 864.655.7145

ROSEWOOD COMMUNITIES When Mark Nyblom started building maintenance-free cottages,

proceeds go to Hope International, a Christ-centered microfinancing

in 2008, the recession was in full swing. He grew up in Finland and had


followed his two older brothers to the United States. Nyblom founded

Hope International helps people in 17 third-world countries by

Rosewood Communities in 1999, focusing on real estate

giving entrepreneurs $200 start-up loans. In four years,


Rosewood and its trade partners have donated $331,000,

In 2007 he hit on the idea for developing cottage communities and is now on his ninth project. Bluestone Cottages opened in Taylors in January 2008 to more than 300 people lined up to tour the model home. Mark knew he had hit on a concept that there was a need for in the

Mark’s idea was to offer top quality homes with modern amenities and style in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range.

Upstate and that resonated with buyers. “Cars were lined up creating a traffic jam,” he said. “It was the first time this concept had been offered at this price level.” Mark’s idea was to offer top-quality homes with modern amenities

helping 2,700 families. “This is a huge impact,” Nyblom said. “The plumbers, electricians, framers, roofers, etc...we are all so excited to be a part of something so huge by just doing what we do every day. We have a slogan for this. ‘We build locally to fight poverty globally.’” Outside of work, Mark and his wife, Sandra, keep busy

with their family and try to get to Lake Keowee as often as possible. “That’s our happy place,” he says.

and style in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range. His most recent project, Stonefield Cottages, opened this summer and three-fourths of the lots have already sold. “This concept is for anyone from a young professional to an empty nester that seeks low maintenance living and no worry about mowing their lawns,” Nyblom said. “Style comes in the curb appeal of the home along with interiors boasting high ceilings, hardwood floors and luxurious kitchens and baths. Buyers don’t have to compromise on that upscale feel.” Outside of real estate development, another of Nyblom’s greatest


passions is Homes for Hope. “Every year we build a home and all of the 864.630.7253

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SMITH & WEBB Smith & Webb, LLC is an upscale residential design-build firm serving

We try to always remember that it can’t be just another project to

the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or totally transform an existing structure, Jarrett Smith and Brad Webb can combine their talents to make your dream home a reality. Brad and Jarrett met while attending Clemson University. They were fraternity brothers and eventual roommates who took separate but similar career paths after their graduations in 2005 and 2006. Jarrett, a second generation licensed residential builder, was working with

us because at the end of the day, it’s someone’s home, so it

We try to always remember that it can’t be just another project to us because at the end of the day, it’s someone’s home, so it needs to be right.

his dad in Augusta, while Brad was putting his licensed

needs to be right,” Jarrett says of the company’s mission to provide their clients with a better building experience. Rolling their years of friendship into a business partnership has been a seamless transition. Jarrett and Brad’s complementary skill sets, shared work ethic and attention to detail have made for early success. This is both good and bad news. The company has experienced significant growth over the last year, which has proved out the partnership, but unfortunately doesn’t leave much

landscape architect skills into practice doing sports facility design with a

time for those shared vacations. Luckily, their passion for what they do

firm in Birmingham.

outweighs vacation any day.

The two kept in touch, even vacationing together thanks to having married a pair of lifelong friends, and had long talked about going into business together. They collaborated on a few projects here and there, and in February 2014 officially hung out their shingle as Smith & Webb. After a few moves, they’ve settled into an office in Clemson’s up-and-coming Patrick Square. The true art behind the company is that the homes are truly custom tailored exactly to each client’s wants and needs. Planning, design and construction work together to provide that. “We can meet the client on their vacant lot and go from there,” Brad says. 60

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133 Thomas Green Blvd., Clemson 864.509.7727 | 864.710.9527 |

FIVE OAKS ACADEMY They’re teaching more than just the three Rs at Five Oaks Academy.

Children need a safe environment to go through the process of failure.

This Montessori school is committed to developing independent and

Current research indicates it is not test scores that are the most accurate

critical thinkers who can problem-solve, manage their time, and express

indicators for success of a person, but rather a child’s resilience or “Grit”

themselves creatively. It’s an exciting process of discovery leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline and a love of learning – and sometimes, it even means young students get to build log cabins! In the featured picture, Lower Elementary students

factor, the willingness to fail and start over again.

Our goal is for students to develop an intrinsic love of learning.

“Academics are incredibly important and we have a cohesive research-based curriculum that exceeds state standards in every subject, but interpersonal skills are equally as important,” Jessica says, elaborating that today’s students will enter a 21st Century

at Five Oaks participate in Innovative Creative

workforce where they will be expected to provide effective

Opportunities (ICO), an idea created by researcher Daniel

solutions to problems and present creative ideas. “This isn’t an

Pink and detailed in his bestselling book, “Drive.” ICO is a time set aside

overnight process. It takes time and consistency to cultivate original thinkers.

every Friday to allow young learners to make their own way through the

Our goal is for students to develop an intrinsic love of learning.”

creative process. The parameters for ICO are that it can be done with a partner, has to

Five Oaks Academy students have a different outlook when they graduate, because they have been empowered by the opportunity to make

have a connection to the classroom, is meaningful, and has a final product

choices, be independent thinkers, and have successful failures. Students

for students to present to their peers – but beyond that, there are no rules.

graduate with an incredible confidence in who they are, in their unique

Students have access to an array of materials such as cardboard boxes,

abilities, and in the contributions they can make to the world.

feathers, sewing machines, glue, paint, glitter, tape: you name it! The goal is to build true creativity. “In addition to creativity, ICO provides opportunities for problem-solving,

1101 Jonesville Rd.

ideas – and if/when those ideas don’t work, they’re encouraged to try again,”


explains Jessica Greer, Executive Coordinator of Five Oaks Academy. “It


teaches them that it is okay to fail and how to persevere through failure.”


collaboration and conflict resolution. Students are encouraged to try new

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WATERSTONE ON AUGUSTA Ideal location. Resort-quality amenities. Apartments, designed for beautiful living. But it’s the people who set Waterstone on Augusta at the pinnacle of American senior living. “We are a locally managed staff of serving hearts,” said Ginger Shiflett, Director of Community Relations. Housekeeping and maintenance, the nurses, the chef and the executive director – they all share the same motivation and the same goal: creating a premier assisted living and memory care community. A place where seniors enjoy exceptional care and optimal quality of life. “Seniors are a true blessing,” Shiflett said. “We learn more about living by serving seniors than any other time in our lives.” Each member of the team is passionate about their work and excited to enhance the quality of life for the seniors they serve through teamwork and unity. “The opportunity to help guide the team directly caring for seniors is a great honor and responsibility that I look forward to,” said Chad Bredderman, Director of Nursing. Waterstone’s Executive Director Edward Burton, an Upstate native, brings more than 20 years of experience to his role and is devoted to serving residents and empowering his experienced team. Ginger Shiflett is also a South Carolina native with 20

“We learn more about living by serving seniors than any other time in our lives.” — Ginger

years of experience. She draws great fulfillment working with seniors, educating and serving their community. Executive Chef and Director of Dining Services Brandon Lemieux is the former executive chef at the Hyatt Regency downtown. One of the most fulfilling aspects of his job is continuing the story for seniors, helping create special memories. “My passion is to create those ‘wow’ moments at Waterstone on Augusta with

food and taking the best local ingredients to create dining experiences that people are going to remember,” he said. The 114 available apartments include 31 designed for memory care patients. Allison Brown, Lead Charge Nurse for memory care, agreed with her co-workers that she jumped at the chance to be part of a team with a passion to help others. “Waterstone on Augusta employees have serving, caring hearts for what they do,” she said. Residents can age in place, from those who live independently to those who require nurses available 24 hours. The bright, airy layouts include living rooms with gas fireplaces. Residents enjoy outdoor dining and courtyards, a salon, the full-service dining room, wellness equipment, transportation and much more. More than just a community, Waterstone is a neighborhood within a neighborhood, creating an entirely new pathway to senior living. Despite all of the special touches, Waterstone does not require buy-in but simply requires a monthly rental rate that includes all of the amenities, including concierge service and security. Concierge Rhonda Ratcliff is thrilled to be a part of the Waterstone team. “Each team member here has a special desire to work with seniors,” she said. Her fellow Concierge Sara Hix agreed that every employee is working to ensure the community is “the best place to work and live.” Jessica Jordan, Community Life Director, said it’s a joy to be a part of residents’ families and stories. “It’s great to be a part of their life journey and to be able to share in creating new memories.” With its stunning location between the heart of Augusta Street and downtown Greenville, its beautiful design, exceptional care and a staff that takes pride in what they do, Burton hopes interested community members will come out and see what the buzz is all about. “You don’t have to leave home to come home,” he said. “This is Waterstone!”

1004 Augusta St., Greenville 864.605.7236

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IN SITE DESIGNS designers who together can design, specify and furnish any residential or boutique After studying design in New York, Paris and Germany, the last place commercial project that comes their way. Pictured here, from left, are accountant Katie Skoloff thought she would live was in South Carolina. But a short-term and office manager, Cindy Tilley; residential and multi-family project plan transformed into a chain reaction of positive events – manager and designer, Chisana Hice; Katie Skoloff, center; Ashton including marriage, a family, and an independent interior We don’t have “a Capps, high-end residential and hospitality designer; and Heather design firm, In Site Designs – and now Skoloff is happy to call look.” Our look is Herbsleb, who specializes in CAD and construction design. Greenville home. the life and personality “We practice high standards that we hold true not only by “I never thought I would move back South, and then I found of our clients at our values and office practices but also through our material and Greenville. My business and family embrace everything about their best. furniture selections,” Skoloff says. this city and love it unconditionally,” says Skoloff, who serves as Skoloff and her staff work together as a family who share a passion for Vice Chairman of the Arts in Public Places Commission for the helping clients translate their story into beautiful living and work spaces. City of Greenville and is a founding board member for We Are “Our goal is to help people see that a house or their office can be an Families, a foundation created to raise awareness and change social perception of extension of themselves,” Skoloff says. “We don’t have ‘a look.’ Our look is the blended families for the good of the children and their step-parents. She and her life and personality of our clients at their best.” husband Eric are also owners of Cyclebar on McBee Avenue. Skoloff runs In Site Designs out of her home, but will soon move her team to a new studio in The Northpointe Standard on Mohawk Drive, located behind the Community Tap in a hot new part of downtown. “It is the building at the end of the old Shinola salvage shop that was once The Regency Barber Shoppe,” says Skoloff. “It was after almost a year of trying to find the perfect combination of natural light, high ceilings, parking, and just the right size, that we were fortunate to find this new redevelopment,” she says. “And we are a touch particular about our spaces!” The new studio will open in early summer and In Site Designs will book 14 Ridgeland Dr., Greenville consultations by appointment only. The talented all-female staff of In Site Designs is made up of degreed interior 864.607.3153 |



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JILL CHAPMAN, REALTOR Jill Chapman’s story is truly a Cinderella tale to be told! through her profession. “I don’t look at my business as a company. I Growing up in the Woodside mill hill community in Greenville, look at it as an opportunity to help others. It changes the way I look at Jill knew hardship and what it meant to really scrape by. She took on a everything,” she says. very adult responsibility as a 15-year-old by getting a job She and her husband have been active members of their at Bojangles to help her family pay for utilities and to be church for 17 years and are also both ordained pastors. Jill able to bring home food from the restaurant. has become really good friends with her clients, and has even I don’t look at my had the privilege of marrying three of her clients over the last On May 20, she and her husband, Danny, will business as a company. year. celebrate 28 years of marriage. Jill says, “Getting married I look at it as helping Jill always goes the extra mile with her clients. When a at a young age was one of the best things to ever happen others … It changes the client buys a home, she’s ready to throw them a party and pay to me, because my husband taught me to have goals and way I look at everything. for it all, including: invitations, decorations, subs, cake, and a believe in myself.” Danny was very instrumental in Jill’s sign in their yard to celebrate them. role as a real estate agent, being her rock of emotional Jill gives God the glory for everything He has given and financial support, especially in the beginning of her her. She keeps constant reminders of where she came from, with her career. “My husband taught me to go after my dreams, and he supported Bojangles badge in her truck’s console, and a picture of their first mill me strongly during the market crash,” she says. home displayed in her current home. Growing up in a poor community had Jill dreaming of nice houses from an early age. In February 2007, she and her husband put their house up for sale as “For Sale by Owner.” Her husband saw her enthusiasm and how easily selling came to Jill, so he gave her his blessing to go after her dreams as a real estate agent. She received her license in June 2007 with C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS© and has been with them ever since. 705 West Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer Chapman eats, sleeps, and breathes her business. She sees it as a 864.918.9508 ministry and an opportunity that God has given her to give back to others, especially the community she grew up in. Jill wants to keep


Also on Facebook and LinkedIn


making a difference in people’s lives and she feels that she can do that

Chapman homes

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GATEWAY SUPPLY CO. Explore the exciting world of Gateway Supply Co.: In 1964, there were three gentlemen sitting at a coffee shop, thinking of a way to begin a plumbing supply warehouse that was superior to any other warehouse through outstanding customer service, consistent inventory, and a staff with vast product knowledge. After jotting some ideas down on a napkin, that is exactly what they did. “Over 53 years later, we are still family-owned by the Williams family, we now have 14 branches and nine showrooms in South Carolina, and we are blessed to have a dedicated staff with extensive product knowledge,” says Aimee Williams Garrett. Gateway Supply Co. has been proudly servicing Greenville for almost 30 years. Gateway in Greenville has been managed and operated by Bill Fitts, Lonnie McCall, Mike Wade and Marshall Collins since the doors first opened in 1989. It is even believed that Bill Fitts still holds original Kohler price books that he first obtained in 1989. The wealth of information and product knowledge these men possess is unmeasured, and they, along with their staff and manager of HVAC, Jack Christian, are able to effectively assist customers with all their plumbing and HVAC supply needs. Not only does Gateway have an amazing staff, but the company recently updated its 5,000-square-foot showroom to include all the latest trends, such as marble-look and gray-toned vanities with matte black and brushed gold fixtures, and so much more. Garrett says, “We added working whirlpool tubs that are equipped with BubbleMassage Air, Chromatherapy and Aromatherapy features. We have fully functioning

We make a great team because serving our customers is what’s most important.

showerhead and faucet displays that offer the ability to experience spray patterns (with their hands) before purchasing. We also offer a full-service plumbing supply counter and HVAC supply counter.” A strong foundation in customer service means the Gateway team doesn’t put much stock in job descriptions and focuses on teamwork. Pictured is Gateway’s Greenville showroom team: Stephanie Goitz, Chasidee Knapke, Natasha Smith and Tabitha Nelson-Cuyar (not pictured), who specialize in understanding a customer’s wants and needs and strive to meet those needs of every customer who walks through the door; Jennifer Smith, who focuses on business development, cultivating relationships with local builders, designers and architects; and Aimee Williams Garrett, who is the marketing director. Together, the sales team bring an abundance of industry experience to the showroom. At the end of the day, they each wear whatever hat is necessary to get the job done and that attitude permeates through the entire company. Shopping local strengthens our community. “We make a great team because serving our customers is what’s most important,” Garrett says. “We want people to leave here happy, feeling like they’ve been helped, and wanting to come back. If that means we sometimes work outside of our job titles, then that’s what we do.”

70 Chrome Dr., Greenville 864.235.7800


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Photography by carol boone stewart PHOTO PROVIDED


NAI EARLE FURMAN The headquarters of NAI Earle Furman is perched above the bustling NAI Earle Furman is not just bringing young agents on board, they streets of downtown Greenville, a city the firm’s agents have played a pivotal are bringing them into the fold – seeking out their fresh perspective, role in shaping, and the growing company has extended its including them in decision making, and offering opportunities influence to the entire Upstate, assisted by the addition of for ownership in the company. There currently are 17 shareholders, two of whom are women, and nearly half joined offices in the cities of Spartanburg and Anderson. Our structure has really “We were excited, in the past year, to bring a new been what’s led us to the the company as trainees. developer to renovate the Montgomery Building “There’s no doubt that we were in the right place at the success we’ve had. in Spartanburg and another group to take over the right time, but we really worked hard to make sure we did development of the former Matrix Industrial Park, now the right thing for our people, which in turn meant we were able to do more for our clients,” says Good, who joined the Augusta Grove,” says president, CEO and broker-incharge Jon Good. “It’s gratifying to us to be able to add to the community company nearly 20 years ago as a fresh-faced 24-year-old. “We’ve got this and have some part in many good things.” momentum going now, and it’s hard to slow us down.” “Our structure has really been what’s led us to the success we’ve had,” Good says. “Earle has always provided opportunities for everyone on the team to grow and take on more responsibilities.” Commercial real estate is not for the faint of heart, and not many people stay in the game as long as Earle Furman, the company’s founder and chairman. It’s a business that thrives on youthful energy but one that takes years to learn. Furman recognized this conundrum early on and realized the only way for a company to thrive was to continually refresh the ranks with young 101 East Washington St., Greenville talent. “We want to grow, we want to evolve, we want to get better at every task we have, and that certainly includes me,” Furman says. “If I don’t learn something every day, then I might as well go home.” 864.232.9040 70

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JORDAN LUMBER COMPANY If you need hardwood flooring – whether traditional or exotic, retail has responded to the increased demand for specialty hardwoods and or custom – Jordan Lumber Company has it all. installations. “We install a wide array of hardwood floors to meet the most The family-owned company, flourishing since its founding in 1934 discriminating of tastes,” says Keith, who joined the family business in by C.G. Jordan, specializes in hardwood flooring – and 1997 after graduating from Clemson University. “Now wood is only hardwood flooring – serving builders, independent being used through the whole house, even in basements.” If you need hardwood installers, and homeowners. David has found his work as part of the Jordan family flooring – whether “There are a lot of years of experience in the family,” satisfying. “We have a great relationship, and I enjoy dealing traditional or exotic, says David Sweeny, who joined the family and the with clients, helping them beautify their homes.” business after marrying a Jordan, his wife, Kerry. It was a With three children, David would be delighted to see a fourth retail or custom – natural fit for him, having spent time at his grandparents’ Jordan Lumber has it all. generation join the family business. “But I’m not pushing that,” lumber company near Lake Wylie growing up. Now a he says with a laugh. vice president, he has been working with pride for 15 Keith, who has a hobby of wood-working, sees steady years alongside his brother-in-law, vice president Keith Jordan, and his growth ahead. “We have very loyal employees who have been with us for father-in-law, president and owner Gary Jordan. “When you’ve got a a long time. We have high-quality employees across the board that are family-owned and operated business, the service is different. We have an very respectful of our customers and their homes. We treat them well interest, we’re all in the business together, and that creates a trust and a and they treat us well. We really enjoy operating in the Upstate market,” connection with our customers,” David says. Keith says. The office on Rutherford Road encompasses showrooms and a large warehouse. Customers who buy retail hardwood flooring know that Jordan Lumber uses reputable suppliers, and homeowners or builders who use 104 Rutherford Rd., Greenville the company for materials and installation can count on Jordan Lumber to ensure top-quality work. 864.232.9686 As with any long-successful company, Jordan Lumber has adapted to


meet the market demands. Still dedicated to its core business, the company

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POWER WASHING – RON’S PRO WASH Residential | Commercial | Industrial Whether you need to spruce up the entrance to your office building or you need to clean the mildew off of your vinyl siding, Ron’s ProWash has the premium equipment and the experience that you need to get your pressure washing done right!

CARPET CLEANING – RON’S CARPET & AIR DUCT CLEANING Oriental Rugs | Air Ducts | Tile & Grout | Carpets | Hardwood Floors Only Ron’s has this revolutionary hydraulic VORTEX® Cleaning System. At twice the power and much higher temperatures, it cleans deeper than other methods. Our oriental and area rug cleaning services include white glove pickup and delivery, as well as the best urine treatment available. Cleaner is BETTER! You can see the difference!

24/7 FLOOD RESTORATION Water Damage | Water Removal | Flood Restoration Don’t be caught unprepared when disaster strikes! If you need emergency water removal services, call Ron’s immediately! Our emergency flood response team provides immediate water removal service to prevent contamination and minimize water damage.

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FOSTER VICTOR WEALTH ADVISORS Essentially, our main goal is to be the quarterback of our clients’ financial team.


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Rob Victor, a principal at Foster Victor Wealth Advisors, majored in accounting at Furman but didn’t want to go the public accountant route. An internship in wealth management set him on a new course, and when Paul Foster took Victor under his wing, something clicked. “Through that mentoring relationship came a partnership, and the idea to build a team of professionals committed to concierge quality services,” said Kylie Felker, chief operating officer. Foster Victor Wealth Advisors specializes in comprehensive financial planning that aligns clients’

future goals with their current financial situation, Victor said. “The first step in our process is to put together a true written financial plan that takes everything into account, looks at all of the moving parts, and develops a road map. Then we identify planning gaps and strategies to help clients achieve their goals by making small tweaks while time is on their side.” The expertise and services are designed to be delivered to the client as conveniently as possible. “Essentially, our main goal is to be the quarterback of our clients’ financial team. We do this by bringing trusted specialists together

to meet specific needs as well as help with a long-term strategy,” said Rand Baughman, chief investment officer. Since launching the company in May 2016, the team has experienced the fulfillment that comes from bringing a positive financial impact to families. “In today’s world, with the debt crisis, people need to be educated about planning, savings, and budgeting,” Victor said. “People don’t like talking about money, but generally if they make a few changes, they can accomplish great things.” And because the team is relatively young, they are excited to maintain client relationships throughout different life

phases. “We can be the financial planning team that navigates now, retirement and generational wealth transfer,” said Felker. The Foster Victor team loves giving back to the Upstate community and prides itself on encouraging employees to be involved. From the GHS MedEx Academy to the Forum Board at St. Francis and local non-profits like the Humane Society and Emrys, you can always find team members out and about in Greenville. “Our goal is to make a lasting impact by providing a great place to work, helping families meet their financial goals, and continuing to invest in a thriving Greenville,” said Paul Foster.

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GOLDEN STRIP GLASS Matt and Michael Abbate spent many a weekend afternoon doing odd jobs in the back of their dad’s glass shop.

operating out of his driveway. What set him apart was his hands-on approach, Matt says. He was a

“We cut as many pieces of three-foot weather stripping

regular on job sites, putting in long hours out in the field, and

as we could until we complained enough that he sent us home,” Matt remembers. At the time taking over the family trade was probably the furthest thing from their minds, but the glass business gets in your blood. The Abbate brothers are now

the result is a solid reputation for doing everything possible to

That’s the kind of integrity and reputation we strive to uphold.

keep his customers happy. “That’s the kind of integrity and reputation we strive to uphold,” Matt says of his father’s legacy. Dominick is still involved with the business, but now that

five years into running Golden Strip Glass, founded by

his boys are running the show he has plenty of time to indulge

their father Dominick in 1991.

his love of hiking. He took a crack at the Appalachian Trail,

Golden Strip Glass provides a full range of glass services, for both

covering 1,600 miles in 100 days, and has walked some of the world’s

commercial and residential customers. Residential options run the

most beautiful woodlands. The travel bug bit Matt, too, though he prefers

gamut from shower doors and tabletop glass to a variety of antiqued glass

to get around by plane, train and automobile. He and his wife try to visit

patterns for wet bars and cabinet glass. Their commercial glass work can

a new place once or twice a year – they’re currently planning a trip to

be found throughout the Upstate, particularly in downtown Greenville

Thailand. Michael likes to get creative with glass in his spare time, creating

in projects like the Liberty building, Project One, Wells Fargo and Bank of

commemorative art for friends and family.

America. They also contract with the city to assist property managers and business owners with repairing windows broken as a result of burglary or vandalism. Dominick, a native of New York, got into the glass business right out of high school and found work with a local company when he moved to the Upstate in 1980. That company eventually shut down and Dominick struck out on his own, starting with one truck and 76

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Bringing comfort to the community is more than a job for this awardThe group can offer care from a few hours daily to 24 -hour assistance. winning company. At Comfort Keepers, providing home care for seniors In addition to helping seniors with everyday household needs, caregivers in the Upstate has been a passion for more than a decade. can assist clients with shopping, attending local theatre productions, and Erin Couchell, owner and lifelong resident of socializing at local senior citizens centers. Spartanburg, has earned the trust of seniors in the Erin and her husband, Chris, own both the Greenville and communities surrounding Greenville and Spartanburg. Spartanburg locations. When they are not helping others, they My passion is helping Her business is keeping the elderly living in the comforts enjoy traveling to new places and playing with their two dogs. others and making of their own home. They are also raising three daughters. people happy. “I think home is always the best place,” Couchell says. “My greatest joy ever is being a mother,” Couchell says. “My “Home is where your memories and possessions are – girls have taught me the biggest lesson in life, which is to both physical and emotional. Someone that can be healthy in their own choose joy each day.” home is going to see a higher quality of life.” The Couchells and Comfort Keepers were recently awarded the Leader Couchell opened the Spartanburg location in 2006 with her motherin Excellence, Provider of Choice, and Employer of Choice awards in 2017 in-law, Kiki Couchell. She noticed a need for non-medical in-home senior by Best of Home Care. care after her own mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “I love coming to work each day and finding a fit between clients and “I was working full time and struggling with caring for my mom and caregivers. We have wonderful caregivers that bring joy to people every day,” working,” Couchell recalls after her mother was diagnosed. “We found Couchell says. “My passion is helping others and making people happy.” there were very few in-home care options, and we didn’t have anything like that in Spartanburg.” Comfort Keepers offers many services to its clients, including light housekeeping, respite and end-of-life care, help with hygiene, transportation and companionship. With over 300 well-trained caregivers, Comfort Keepers has the ability to match caregivers with clients whose needs and personalities fit. 26 Rushmore Dr., Greenville “Everybody at Comfort Keepers is great,” one reviewer wrote, giving 945 East Main St., Ste. 5, Spartanburg the company a five-star rating. “They truly care about every staff member, 864.268.8993 | caregiver, and client.”

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TAYLORS MILL Taylors Mill is scenic, off the beaten path and full of a diverse group

offices and studio options within the mill. Lewis and Cotton bought the

of people and businesses – and that’s exactly the way owners Caleb Lewis

mill in 2015, to continue creating a community-driven space that is a

and Greg Cotton want it.

destination for area residents and offers flexibility for tenants.

“We’re a good mix of artists and entrepreneurs,” Lewis said. “We have painters, a yoga studio, woodworkers, potters, a brewery.” Offering options – for tenants and for visitors – is what separates the Mill, and they are working on expanding those options and seeking entrepreneurs to open a barber shop, retail shops, restaurants and more.

Lewis grew up in Taylors, as did his parents and

Taylors Mill was established in 1924 as the Southern Bleachery before adding Piedmont Print Works in 1928.

Popular draws are the Taylors Farmers Market, held every Thursday from May 4th – August 31st; Southern Bleachery Events, hosting corporate parties, weddings, and craft fairs; and 13 Stripes Brewery, a craft beer brewery, set to open in April 2017. Taylors Mill was established in 1924 as the Southern Bleachery before adding Piedmont Print Works in 1928. The 700,000-square-foot building

grandparents, and said it’s gratifying to see something exciting happening in his hometown in a building that played such a key role in the community – but he never knew about growing up. And while repurposing old mills is nothing new, the owners say their gradual approach is allowing them to retain the beauty and charm of the space while also keeping it affordable for tenants.

“What’s driving this place is the community aspect,” Cotton said. “Artists are telling us they are inspired and creating their best work. Everyone is getting together for a coffee or beer. It’s like a giant Cheers – everybody knows everybody.”

once employed more than 1,000 people. The mill closed in 1965 and sat vacant for more than 40 years until Kenneth Walker purchased it, hoping to create low-rent options for business owners. One of those business owners was Caleb Lewis, who owns Carolina Recycling Company and became a tenant in 2012. Cotton’s wife, makeup artist Katie Cotton, also opened a studio at Taylors Mill, and Greg, a former casting director in Los Angeles, found himself spending a lot of time there. Cotton later developed WRK GRP, a unique community of 78

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250 Mill St., Taylors 864.335.9913

LANA SMITH, REALTOR Lana Smith has worked in Upstate real estate since 2001. She knew

Born and raised in the Upstate, Lana met her husband Jeremy while

that the combination of the respected local company BlackStream with the

they were both students at Mauldin High School, where Jeremy now

global Christie’s International Real Estate would be a winning combination.

teaches social studies and coaches golf after obtaining his degree from Clemson University. Lana earned a BS in Marketing from

BlackStream is expanding its residential offerings through its affiliation with Christie’s, and Lana was among the first agents to come on board. Christie’s International Real Estate is an invitation-only affiliate network with 32,000 real estate professionals in 45 countries and a combined annual sales volume of approximately $118 billion. Lana works by referral and she is proud to say that 100% of her business is built on a referral-based system.

Lander University.

Your biggest advocates are people you know and who have worked with you before, so it’s about nurturing those relationships.

Outside of work, the Smiths are active at Greenville Classical Academy, where their children, Ava (11) and Jack (8), attend school. They teach the 6th and 7th grade girls Sunday School at Rocky Creek Church. Jack plays soccer and Ava has found her niche in swimming and swims year-round. Lana is also an advocate for the Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2006.

She focuses on building relationships through each transaction by being intentional, having a plan and serving her clients.

She raised over $5,000 for Team Challenge/CCFA to qualify to run in the

Her one-on-one relationship with clients will continue to be her focus, an

Disney Half Marathon in 2016. Lana enjoys running and early morning

approach that has allowed her to become a multi-million dollar producer

workouts at 4 Balance Fitness in Mauldin. The Smiths are renovating a

with a long roster of satisfied clients. Lana also has her brokers license.

family home that Jeremy’s father built in 1973 and hope to be able to move

Since joining the company in October, she has already met with

in by April.

numerous new clients using her referral-only system. “Why cold call people that don’t know you?” she said. “Your biggest advocates are people you know and who have worked with you before, so it’s about nurturing those relationships.” Past clients tend to comment on her organization, availability, hard work and efficiency, as well as her passion for the area and her ability to


put the client’s needs first.

7 C Brendan Way, Greenville 864.608.8313

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TIDEWATER LUMBER & MOULDING important to architects to have local material that is not trucked in from Though most people aren’t aware of it, Louis Voorhees takes great three states away,” Louis said. pride in seeing his company’s products throughout the Upstate. He sees Taking the family business concept even further, Ed’s Tidewater Lumber’s work in the wall paneling in homes at daughter Valerie Cherrier does bookkeeping for the company, the Cliffs, in the trim at Greenville Country Club, and in the office flooring at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport. while her husband David is plant manager. Today, Tidewater Today, we’re the “Our products are woven into many buildings on Main has a staff of 24. largest unfinished Street such as restaurants and churches around town,” he For Louis, who oversees purchasing, sales, and day-to-day flooring company in said. “We sold products in 15 states, but it’s been nice that management, wood is not just his career but his hobby as well. South Carolina “My hobby is woodworking,” he said with a laugh. He builds as Greenville has grown, we’ve been able to grow with it.” hunting and getaway cabins – only using square logs. He also Tidewater Lumber is a true family business, started by Louis’ father Ed Voorhees in 1980. Ed worked for a builds furniture such as farm tables and Adirondack chairs. lumber company by day and was moonlighting creating teak parts for “It’s tough to get away from it once you’ve got sawdust in your blood,” he boats. When the boat business dried up during a recession, he started said. Away from his wood pursuits, Louis and his wife Regenea have three doing more interior trim such as door casings and crown molding. Ed created a catalog called Tidewater Colonial Moulding Series that children and stay active with lacrosse, basketball, hunting, fishing and became well-known among local builders. “anything outdoors,” he said. After Louis graduated from Clemson University in 1994, he joined the company and built a house two years later. People kept noticing the wood floors he put in himself, and before he knew it, he was adding a new product line – flooring. ‘Today, we’re the largest unfinished flooring company in South Carolina,” Louis said. 596 Anderson Ridge Rd. Now, the company sells lumber, plywood for cabinets and hardwood Greer floors, often supplying custom builders as well as dealers. At age 80, Ed 864.987.9663 still comes to work every day to source local wood to run through the dry kiln, creating flooring, paneling or trim from 20 different species. “It is 80

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AJH CUSTOM HOMES He discovered his life’s work early – as a teenager doing construction

services from initial architectural drawings all the way through to interior

during a mission trip to Miami – and Ariel Hartman has been building

design. Keeping the design/build process under one roof sets AJH Custom

hearth and home, some simple, some simply exquisite, ever since.

Homes apart from many other local builders who sub out all their work.

“The mission projects piqued my interest in construction,” says Ariel, whose hands-on skill soon transformed into a heart-felt calling. “It’s amazing what we can do with our own two hands.” Thus Ariel built a business at the age of 18 – before even finishing his construction management degree at Greenville Tech – laying the foundation for what’s grown,

“Employing our own carpenters, who do the majority of our

My goal is to create a home that captures a client’s vision while staying within their budget.

work in-house, ensures consistent craftsmanship,” Ariel says. “It provides a smoother process for us, and a better finished product for our clients.” Ariel’s wife, Deborah, is also part of the AJH team, handling payroll, insurance and bookkeeping for the three companies. Away from work, the Hartmans stay busy parenting three

over the past dozen years, into a trio of complementary

children – ages 11, 8 and 2 – and volunteering through

design/construction companies.

Fellowship Bible Church. Hiking is a favorite hobby, as is

The cornerstone for all three – AJH Renovations, AJH Custom Homes, Designed for Downtown – is impeccable craftsmanship; the keystone, a commitment to communication. Each one offers “Something Uncommon.” “There’s one thing every homeowner needs, whether they want a remodel

mountain biking. They’re convinced there’s no better place to live, work and raise a family than their vibrant hometown. “What I love about this industry is the ability to give people what they want,” says Ariel, whose portfolio includes everything from in-fill projects

or a new custom home – and that’s a builder who will listen to them

downtown to luxury lake homes. “My goal is to create a home that captures

throughout the entire process,” says Ariel, who today heads up AJH Custom

a client’s vision while staying within their budget.”

Homes while sharing leadership of AJH Renovations with his father, Chuck. “Residential construction requires so many varied skills – carpentry, masonry, welding, it’s a long list – but a good builder also knows how to communicate.” AJH Custom Homes is based on a traditional corporate structure, with

215 East Belvue Rd., Taylors 864.320.1599

and a sister company, Designed for Downtown, that provides creative


its own on-staff carpenters who do everything from frame up to trim out,

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HOLLIDAY LAW FIRM Hayes Holliday knew back in law school that real estate law was the life for him. Most of his classes were training him to think in terms of

“Our core value is exceptional customer service,” Holliday says, adding that it’s his top-notch staff that makes the magic happen for his clients.

worst-case scenarios and adversarial situations – it’s not hard to see why law school is an unhappy time for many aspiring barristers. A favorite professor introduced him to the world of real estate law, and a career path was born. “Real estate is one of the few areas of the law where everybody can leave happy, and people can have a good

“Anybody can do it, but not everybody does it. We understand

Our core value is exceptional customer service. Anybody can do it, but not everybody does it.

what today’s buyers are looking for and what they need, and we try to provide that for them.” Holliday earned his law degree from the University of South Carolina, but his blood runneth orange – he and his wife Katelyn, a fellow Clemson graduate and pharmacist with Greenville Health System, followed their beloved Tigers to

experience with a lawyer,” Holliday says. “It’s fun to be a

Tampa for the National Championship game earlier this year.

part of an exciting time in people’s lives.”

Hayes and Katelyn are parents to 2-year-old “Little Hayes,”

After graduating law school, Holliday clerked for a state circuit court judge and from there accepted a position as Assistant Solicitor,

and are looking forward to recycling baby clothes with another boy expected later this spring.

prosecuting DUIs and drug crimes within the 7th Judicial Circuit in Spartanburg. After three years of public service he returned to Greenville and found his way to private practice, where he has been helping people close real estate deals since 2014. At every turn the Holliday Law team is looking for ways to make life easier for their clients. They recognize that a real estate closing is something that may happen only once or twice in their clients’ lives, and do whatever they can to make it a special experience. Clear and constant communication is key to keeping the process stress free for buyers and sellers. 82

Behind The Counter

135 South Main St., Ste 301, Greenville 864.232.3541 |



ALL ABOUT FLOORING A native of Northern Maine, Lew Grass came to Greenville in 1961

All About Flooring offers hundreds of styles and thousands of colors

to attend Bob Jones University. After graduation he did a tour of duty

to choose from in a 6,000-square-foot showroom in the Bi-Lo shopping

in Vietnam.

center on North Pleasantburg Drive. There’s also a showroom on

“I came back and married a lovely girl from Greenville and stayed,” Grass says of his official planting in the South. Grass met that lovely girl in college choir, and the

Highway 11 – open by appointment only – to conveniently

Your feet deserve our floors.

serve homeowners in Travelers Rest and the Cliffs communities. Whether you’re looking for carpet, wood flooring or

two of them are still active in the music program at

ceramic tile, All About Flooring has you – and your floors

their church. Mrs. Grass will soon be retiring after

– covered. Luxury vinyl that lends the look of wood or tile

more than 51 years teaching at Bob Jones, which will free up time

with a highly durable and easy to maintain finish is particularly popular

for spoiling the couple’s 13 grandchildren, nine of whom live locally –

at the moment.

eight of those are boys. Mr. Grass will still be going to work every day, as the proprietor of All About Flooring in Greenville. He has 30 years of industry experience under his belt, as do many of his salespeople and installers. A certified interior decorator and two degreed interior designers are at

“We can reproduce on vinyl anything you can take a picture of,” Grass says. “The high-definition reproduction capability is so good you can’t tell it’s not real wood or real tile.” No matter what you’re in the market for, Grass wants you to know, “your feet deserve our floors.”

the ready to help you make just the right choice for your home or office. Customers receive free estimates and expert measurement from one of the best in the business. “Experience does make a difference,” Grass says. “When you come to All About Flooring you’re not talking to somebody that worked in

All About FLOORING of SC 2111-K North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville

We are floor covering professionals.”

864.241.3636 |


the garden department yesterday and may work in plumbing tomorrow.

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Evaluation, Pre-Prep, and Color Testing

Dry Soil / Dander Removal Produces a Deeper, More Thorough Washing

When Quality and Care are Your Highest Concerns As a local family-owned company, we are dedicated to giving our customers prompt, reliable professional service. We use only the best cleaning products available as well as state-of-the-art in-plant rug cleaning equipment to ensure your complete and total satisfaction. We promise to give you the best cleaning possible at a fair price.

“I have to be the best. My name depends on it.”


In-Home Carpet, Upholstery And Rug Cleaning In-Plant Rug Washing And Decontamination Licensed and Insured Residential And Commercial

In business for over 40 years


Decontamination Soak, Wash & Rinse

Final Rinse / Centrifugal Spin Dry Extraction

Hang/Forced Air Dry/ No Heat


Company President I.I.C.R.C. Certified Master Cleaning Technologist Master Restoration Technician

If you want it done right, call Ike’s Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning! Call today for a free estimate or to request service!

128 Poinsett Highway | Greenville |


ATLANTIS LUXURY POOLS & OUTDOOR LIVING Stephen Smith got his feet wet working in the family pool business, where he learned the industry inside and out. So when the time was right to launch his own venture, this energetic entrepreneur dove deep. “I wanted to focus exclusively on luxury pools and outdoor living spaces,” says Stephen, who built his first luxury pool at the age of 24 and immediately fell in love with the challenges and complexities of custom projects. While he remained mostly on the high-volume side of the market for several more years, “my passion became the high-end pool. So my goal was to create a company that would help clients ‘Discover Your Own Paradise.’” Thus in 2011 Stephen launched Atlantis Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living, making an immediate splash in an upscale niche with creative design, flawless craftsmanship and impeccable customer service. “Everything Atlantis designs and builds is completely custom,” says Stephen, estimating his average project comes in around $125k, with an extra emphasis on subtle extravagance. “What sets us apart is design, features, finishes and attention to detail.” Stephen’s design process incorporates the latest technology. “If you can dream it, we can do it,” he says, and Atlantis encourages clients to dream big. A luxury, gunite pool with, say, a water feature or tanning shelf might be complemented with an outdoor kitchen, cabana, fire feature and patio. Favorite pool options include vanishing edges, that appear to disappear over the horizon; raised hot tubs that spill into the We build your own personal pool; and swim-up bars that guarantee to keep the party in the pool. paradise. Two-thirds of Atlantis’ business coincides with new home construction, Stephen says, and repeats/referrals from local builders and landscape architects keep his staff busy with 15-20 luxury pool and outdoor living projects per year. Atlantis has become the go-to for new pools at existing homes as well, as homeowners take the opportunity to transform a standard backyard into a beautiful, private sanctuary. An Upstate native, Stephen studied computer science at Anderson College and later studied construction/engineering at Greenville Tech to supplement the quarter century of hands-on experience he gained, from his tween years on, working in the family pool business. He pours all this – and more – into creating the ideal outdoor environment for his clients. “We build your own personal paradise,” he says. “A place you can escape the stress of life and lose yourself in your own backyard.” Every unique design is created to fit the client’s backyard – and budget – via a process that includes an initial consultation that captures the client’s wish list, assesses the construction site, and considers all the myriad options for shape, size, equipment, finishes and features; a design phase that includes AutoCad drawings, blueprints and colored renderings; a proposal review and contract; and, finally, the construction phase, which typically takes 6 to 12 weeks. “My favorite part of every project is hearing my clients say ‘Wow!’ – we are all about exceeding expectations,” Stephen says. “We don’t miss a single detail. We plan well upfront, provide an accurate budget, and follow through on exactly what we say we’ll do, so you don’t end up with anything less than exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.” Away from work, Stephen is dad to two grown children and three grandkids. Family time is always a favorite, and he volunteers through his church, Fellowship Greenville. Stephen likes hanging out by the pool – of course – and he has a special affinity for all things lake, like boating, wakeboarding and skiing. He loves riding motorcyles, whether Harleys or sport bikes, and sometimes he changes gears by riding his bicycle on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

130 Johns Rd., Greer 864.346.6955 | 86

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RAYMOND JAMES Anthony Panuccio and Emory Hendrix are in the business of providing

“We try to serve as a wall between our clients and any financial set-backs that could occur,” says Anthony, who earns his financial expertise every financial confidence. day with a laser focus on the investment market. “We attempt Personal financial advisor Anthony Panuccio brings to protect them.” 26 years of experience to providing financial advice to Our goal is to be the wall Anthony, an economics major at Clemson, serves as the his clients. And it isn’t the standard financial advice – between our clients and principal of the group, but relies on his partner Emory for but carefully customized and personalized for each of any financial set-backs creative ideas, analytics, and critical personal interaction with his clients. that could occur. clients. “Our clients need to have conversations about their “This is our life’s work,” Anthony, Managing Director of goals with someone who has experience and compassion,” Investments with Raymond James, says of himself and his says Anthony, who specializes in retirement planning for retirees or those team, which includes partner and financial advisor Emory Hendrix, service planning their retirement. P&H Consulting keeps its client base relatively assistant Kathy Muilwyk, and event planner MacKenzie Kondos. The team small to maintain the quality and integrity of its work. They work primarily works as P&H Consulting of Raymond James. with individuals and families with $1 to $10 million in liquid assets. Anthony found his niche in the financial world when he saw the need The two men share a love for Clemson sports, especially football. for the kind of careful financial advice that requires daily attention to clients’ Emory is a golfer and a hunter who enjoys spending time with his wife, personalized portfolios. For Anthony and Emory, that means building longMartha, and his two-year old son, Guy. Anthony enjoys working out term relationships with clients who trust them enough to allow them to help regularly and spending time at the beach with his wife, Lesesne, and manage their financial futures. daughters, Lori, Alexandria, Keitt, and Gabriella. “You want to be able to look yourself in the mirror every day and be proud of what you do,” Anthony says. “Our clients become our extended family, and we care about them.” In order to keep in touch, continue to educate, and bring their clients


112 Haywood Rd. Greenville

through the rough patches in the market, Anthony and Emory hold monthly


socials with clients in addition to their frequent contact.

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Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC



Graydon Thompson’s address has changed, but their commitment clients plan for their future and their kids’ futures and the future of to serving Greenville with their accounting expertise remains the their business.” same. Phyllis Graydon and Greg Thompson recently made the move The Graydon Thompson team also enjoys giving back to from downtown to the Woodruff Road area, which Greenville. Last year the whole staff participated in the puts them closer to most of their clients in a fresh, Light the Night Walk in support of the Leukemia & new space. Lymphoma Society and finished as the second leading We think we’ve found Keeping things fresh is important to these two fundraising company. our sweet spot in the accountants who resist being pigeonholed as stuffy or Work/life alignment is important to Graydon and market, and we serve boring just because they happen to excel at crunching Thompson. They each have varied interests outside of that market well. numbers. Somebody has to do it, and a number of the office and believe allowing time to indulge those Greenville’s small business owners have benefited interests makes them better inside the office. They work from Graydon and Thompson’s willingness to ride to hard to make sure that philosophy trickles down to their the rescue. employees, and subsequently have little turnover. “We think we’ve found our sweet spot in the market, and we serve “We don’t work 80 hours a week,” Graydon says. “We’ve tried to that market well,” Graydon says of their stable of clients primarily build a niche that allows us to do what we do well, get paid for it, and made up of local business owners. not spend all our time in the office.” And the idea that the accounting game is boring couldn’t be further from the truth. Preparing financial statements and tax returns might not get the average person’s motor running, but the road to that final product is paved with an ever-expanding network of clients who bring something unique to every interaction. “The tasks we do every day are the same, but the people we work 401 Parker Ivey Dr., Greenville with are different every day,” Graydon says. “The fun part is helping 864.232.1545 |

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UPSTATE MONTESSORI ACADEMY In building a school, the Kellys have built a community. “We have a Education takes a unique form at Upstate Montessori Academy (UMA). wonderful sense of family at UMA and our parents are the foundation of the Students at this school are taught using the Montessori approach that was school’s success,” Jennifer says. One four-year-old’s parent said, “As developed 120 years ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. The a parent you want a learning environment that is stimulating, safe classroom uses Montessori materials with real-world teaching in a collaborative and stimulating environment, Imparting knowledge and fun for your child and Mrs. Kelly has done a great job creating that with Upstate Montessori Academy. My son has loved UMA thus developing children ages 3-6 into inquisitive and and promoting curious young learners. self-independence to since his first day, which is the best review in my opinion. When I drop him off, he’s often so excited to start the day that he doesn’t Jennifer and Chris Kelly, founders and owners, started secure your child’s even stop to tell me goodbye. And when I pick him up he usually UMA in June 2016. Opening with only two children last educational future. lingers not wanting to leave; then chatters all the way home about summer, their school has blossomed to 21 students with the day’s lessons and events. I’m so happy to have found UMA.” expectations to exceed 30 in the fall. One unique feature at UMA is that Jennifer has correlated the Montessori materials to meet state When Jennifer is not shaping Greenville’s young minds, she and Chris standards, something many private schools are unable to provide with their enjoy hiking in the mountains with their dogs or completing do-it-yourself curricula. projects around the school. They are currently working on adding a garden Jennifer’s desire to teach Montessori education began early in her so students can start growing their own fruits and vegetables for snacks. career. “I went to a session on Montessori at Lander University during At UMA the Kellys have created a place for students, parents, and my sophomore year in college and knew that’s where I needed to be,” she Jennifer to grow. She says, “It doesn’t seem like work anymore. I’m doing remembers. “After attending my first Montessori class, my heart raced with something that I love, and it just comes naturally to me.” excitement and a fire was lit inside of me that has only grown stronger as my years in a Montessori classroom have passed.” 109 North Leach St., After graduating from Lander with her Elementary Education and Lower Greenville Elementary Montessori degrees, Jennifer taught in Laurens 55 and Anderson 4 districts for 14 years, 10n of which were in a Montessori classroom. While at Anderson 4 she also obtained her Primary Montessori certification. 90

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become our friends.” Since 1974, Garrison Opticians has been known for “that Garrison The staff is so skilled, some people who purchased frames elsewhere look.” It’s the look people notice, because at Garrison’s, you won’t find end up bringing them into Garrison’s for an adjustment. Once they see eyewear available in chains or other stores around town. Phil Silberman, the selection – not just hundreds of frames, but hundreds of the optician who has owned Garrison’s for 14 years, great frames – they realize they should start there next time. travels far and wide to bring his loyal customers the best Phil grew up in New York, moved to California and then of the best. I love the interaction “I go to trade shows in New York and Paris to find with the clients, building headed to South Carolina because family told him about the beautiful, unique eyewear,” he said. Frames from France, relationships. Our clients beauty and growth here. “Greenville had what they didn’t have in Santa Barbara – opportunity,” he said. “It worked out England, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, really do become our well.” from numerous top brands, abound in the shop, along friends. Now, Phil brings a touch of Europe to the Upstate – not with timeless and fashion-forward styles from American just in frame styles, but with a European way of doing brands like Kate Spade and Oliver Peoples. Athletes can business. “In Europe, they have optical shops everywhere. We are like browse offerings from Rudy Project, and there is a huge assortment of those shops – no eye doctor, and offering high-fashion eyewear.” sunglasses. Client vision is also important at Garrison’s, which is why Away from work, Phil is a member of the Downtown Rotary Club they now specialize in low vision aids. and the Temple of Israel, and enjoys spending time with his wife Bonnie No matter what your style, the key to finding the right pair is a helpful and daughters Rebecca and Danielle, watching sports, movies, reading, consultant, and the three staffers at Garrison’s have a combined 65 years biking and hiking. of experience finding perfect frames and handling any problems. Phil has 38 years of experience in the field, while Mignon Borchert, an ABO certified optician, has been in the optical business for 20 years. Nikki Jones has seven years experience and is known for helping people find 1922 Augusta St. #109 and express their personal style. Augusta Village Their clients – a veritable who’s who of Greenville’s business, political Greenville and community leaders – keep coming back for the personable, 864.271.1812 knowledgable staff and the unbeatable selection. “I love the interaction with the clients, building relationships,” Phil said. “Our clients really do

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ON Q FINANCIAL We are always seeking to provide the most efficient and simplified mortgage experience possible.


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There’s no place like home – and On Q Financial helps get you there. In an industry otherwise filled with complex equations and cumbersome processes, these Mortgage Consultants make it easier to navigate the road toward homeownership. On Q brings a Simplified approach to the home loan process and extensive experience to homeowners all across the Upstate, making the mortgage process as quick and easy as possible. Located in On Q’s Greenville office, Branch Manager Billy Davis works alongside Ann Davis to bring this experience to homebuyers and referral sources. Mr. Davis says, “We are Mortgages Simplified; we offer support and transparency to our clients every step of the way.” The Coley Team – Greenville is also home to The Coley Team, Becky and Jim Coley, who want folks to know that On Q Financial offers an extensive line of home mortgage products coupled with aggressive pricing and seasoned Mortgage Consultants to help you determine the best product |


for your home purchase or refinance. Mr. Coley states, “Becky and I have worked with several lenders over our careers and we both consider On Q to be the best of the best. It is energizing to be surrounded by such dedicated colleagues – from Operations to Management, On Q hires only the best.” The Miller Team – Our neighbors west of Greenville are Branch Manager Shane Miller and Mortgage Consultant Mark Vehaun. Miller and Vehaun bring a breadth of combined industry knowledge and experience to Easley’s referral partners and homebuyers. Miller states, “I love that I get to come to work each day and truly serve the community I live in. At the end of the day, we’re getting people into homes and we couldn’t be more grateful for what we get to do for a living. We couldn’t do it without the talented and supportive team that is On Q.” The Anderson Team – Down South, dynamic duo Kin Anderson and Brian Cartee bring Mortgages Simplified to the City of Anderson and surrounding areas. These Mortgage Consultants bring comprehensive


experience to the mortgage lending arena. “Our Mortgage Consultants are experts in today’s ever-changing home lending industry,” says Anderson. “We are all experienced, licensed and highly trained by industry leaders to structure a home mortgage to best benefit your individual needs. Plus, as a mortgage lender, On Q is able to pass competitive rates on to our clients.” “We are always seeking to provide the most efficient and simplified mortgage experience possible,” Davis says, describing a streamlined system that eliminates the confusion, stress and delay that unfortunately characterizes some other mortgage companies. “We provide incredible diversity,” Davis says, listing loans such as traditional, FHA, USDA, VA and Jumbo. He goes on to name adjustable and fixed rate mortgages, as well as down payment assistance programs. On Q also offers construction and renovation loans, refinance and reverse mortgages. “At On

Q, my colleagues and I have the resources to provide every client with whatever’s most beneficial to their circumstances. We have access to a broad spectrum of options, so we can find one that gives them the highest probability of success. Whether it’s easy or complex, we will get you to closing – on time.” Nationally, On Q Financial is a fast-growing, retail-focused mortgage lender licensed in over 40 states with more than 600 employees in over 70 offices, boasting over $2.8 billion in funded loans in 2016. On Q is committed to doing the right thing for their clients. Davis states, “Lenders can offer competitive interest rates – but what sets us apart is our integrity, outstanding counsel and guidance.”

1088 North Church St., Greenville 100 Miracle Mile Dr., Ste E, Anderson 1824 East Main St., Ste J, Easley

Billy Davis, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 69773 | SC# MLO-69773 | NC# I-171144. Jim Coley, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 565697 | SC# MLO-565697. Becky Coley, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 568771 | SC# MLO-568771 | NC# I-173019. Kin Anderson, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 267491 | SC# MLO- 267491 | TN# 125268. Brian Cartee, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1409897 | SC# MLO-1409897. Shane Miller, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 986246 | SC# MLO-986246. Mark Vehaun, Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1535466 | SC# MLO-1535466 | GA# 52925. On Q Financial, Inc. is an Equal Housing Lender NMLS# 5645 | SC# MLS-5645 | NC# L-151336 | GA# 22050 | TN# 111827. OnQ032017068i0000002Dqay

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DESIGNED FOR DOWNTOWN us apart is that we stay with clients throughout the entire process,” Lenzi says. When the young designers at Designed for Downtown say “We’ve “We draw the plans – then stick around to help select all the interior finishes. got you penciled in,” it means your plans are anything but tentative. That’s We are the whole shebang!” because Lenzi Waits and Emily Michko do design the While the name implies an in-city focus, Designed for old-school way – with pencil and paper and T-squares What sets us apart is Downtown has a portfolio of projects throughout the Upstate. – hand-drafting their fresh ideas into big, bold plans for that we stay with clients “No matter where a home is located, it should be unique,” Lenzi residential construction projects. throughout the entire says. “We don’t believe in drawing the same house over and over “We’re millennials, but we still use pencils for all of our process. We draw the again – every one of our designs is different.” construction-grade drawings,” says Lenzi, explaining that plans – then stick around Designed for Downtown specializes in new custom homes, Designed for Downtown embraces all styles, working to help select all the residential remodeling and additions, and interior design directly with homeowners to get a sense of what they need in interior finishes. a new or renovated home. “Before we start designing, we ask services. “Hand-drawing allows for a more in-depth design.” ‘What will fit this family best? What will work with how they live Graduates of Clemson University’s School of their lives?’” Emily explains. Architecture, Lenzi and Emily are both well-versed in AutoCad – but they Even away from the studio, the Designed for Downtown staff is all believe creativity is more readily transferred when there isn’t too much about creativity. Emily likes to paint, for example, and Lenzi is into technology in the way. thrifting and restoring/re-purposing old furniture. They enjoy hanging out “We don’t want to draw lines on a computer,” says Emily. “Using a pencil downtown and indulging their inner-Foodies by trying new restaurants and keeps an artistic flair in everything we do. Clients love to highlight the cooking classes. charm of their home and hand-drafting adds old-world charm to the design process. We love melding the old with the new.” Designed for Downtown was seeded through AJH Renovations in 2012, and has since grown into its own business, with Chuck Hartman as president. Services include everything from plan and elevation drawings all the 803.351.1385 or 770.862.5341 way through interior design, with extra emphasis on creating a home that captures their clients’ vision whilst staying within their budget. “What sets 94

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SPENCER/HINES PROPERTIES Bobby Hines started his career selling sporting goods, going to work

team of six commercial agents – including his son and partner, Zach,

with his father at O’Neal Williams Sporting Goods on Greenville’s Main

and daughter, Evan – in providing hands-on, highly attentive service to local property owners in the purchase, sale, lease and

Street after graduating college.

management of their holdings.

“To this day I have people tell me they bought their first pair of tennis shoes or first baseball glove from my dad Bentley, partner Alva Phillips or me,” Hines says. After selling the store to sporting goods owner Sam Wyche, Hines built a successful career in the textile machinery parts business. When the textile industry headed south of the border, Hines decided it was time

We’ve built a reputation for honesty and integrity and treating every client with the same level of respect, no matter the size of the deal.

for a new direction. He had dabbled in commercial real estate over the years, making some investments

Rounding out the Greenville team are Taylor Fisher, who came to Spencer/Hines from Subway Development Corp. with a wealth of experience in site location and lease negotiation; and Hayes Faulkenberry and Jason Klue, who bring to the table strong backgrounds in sales, development and investment properties. The Greenville office is also home to a boutique property management company, run by Matt Foster, that offers its

with his brother, Ben and Lynn Spencer, co-owners of Spencer/Hines

services to buildings small and large at extremely competitive prices – as

Properties in Spartanburg and Greenville.

low as $50 per unit in some cases.

In the late 1980s he and his brother, Ben, bought the former O’Neal

“We run our business on Christian values,” Hines says. “We’ve built

Williams building from their dad and Alva Phillips, and put Greenville’s

a reputation for honesty and integrity and treating every client with the

first Fuddruckers in it.

same level of respect, no matter the size of the deal.”

“That was my first investment and it was a really good one,” Hines says. “It got me interested.” That interest eventually led to joining forces with his brother and

245 North Main St., Ste 201 Greenville

buildings down close to the same prime spot, across from the Hyatt


downtown, where he once traded in balls and bats. Today he leads a


opening a Spencer/Hines office in Greenville. Hines is back a few

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TRAVELING STORYTELLERS Everyone has a story – and there’s a dynamic group of creatives going the This story-driven agency was founded four years ago by Tom Dillard, a Greenville entrepreneur with many a chapter in his business-building distance to be sure those tales get told. book. “Tom is an incredible mentor,” says Jennifer, whose own “Stories matter,” says Jennifer Jeffries, vice president of story includes a creative background in marketing and business Traveling Storytellers, a full-service marketing/advertising We help our clients development. She and Tom were colleagues in the past, so when agency that partners with companies big and small to create become known, used he approached her with the idea for Traveling Storytellers, Jennifer bold, inspiring brands. “We help our clients become known, and valued by telling knew it promised a challenging but intriguing future. “He has an used and valued by telling their stories in a compelling way.” their stories in a incredible vision for this agency on all levels.” Consumers don’t want to be sold to anymore, but they’re compelling way. That vision goes well beyond the bottom line – indeed, Traveling interested in learning about a company’s legacy – what it Storytellers has philanthropic pages to fill, too, as the agency stands for, what makes it unique. So rather than simply launches its new “Stories Matter” series. This pro bono venture seeks promoting a product or service – the “what we do” – out Greenville’s artists, activists, nonprofits and small businesses, sharing the Traveling Storytellers shares all about the “who we are” and “why we matter.” previously untold stories of people in Greenville who are doing things worth “We’ll go anywhere for a great story, and we take these stories everywhere,” talking about. Jennifer says, noting Traveling Storytellers gets its innovative messaging out “We want to give voice to local organizations that are currently under the via traditional as well as digital and social media. With a portfolio comprising radar,” Jennifer says. “We are passionate about telling their stories, too.” local, regional and Fortune 500 companies, the group takes a uniquely holistic approach to marketing and advertising with a full page of services including strategy, branding, creative, public relations, web design/development, video and photography. Traveling Storytellers boasts an innovative team of “brilliant strategists, visionary designers and pixel-perfect developers” who reject a one-size-fits-all approach to branding, even for clients who may be similar in nature. Instead, these brand biographers tease out tales unique to each organization, showcasing 16 North Main St., Greenville the backstory that impacts a company’s products/services and finding creative 864.412.3331 | ways to foster engagement and brand loyalty within the hearts of consumers. 96

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CONSERVUS REALTY Matchmaking so good, it feels like magic! Indeed, Conservus Realty has mastered the art of matching clients with the perfect home.

Known for having the “Best Dog Water Bowl on Main Street,” the Conservus staff keeps a ready supply of fresh water and dog treats available

“We are all about sensible home buying and selling for every stage of

for their 4-pawed friends. “We are avid pet lovers and proponents of pet

life,” says Broker-in-Charge Debra Owensby. “The magic is in finding the perfect home and seeing lives transformed into a wonderful new adventure.” And it works like a charm.

adoption and rescues, so if our new homeowners don’t have a

Matchmaking so good, it feels like magic!

“Greenville is such an amazing place – everyone wants to live here,” Debra says, noting the boutique firm’s

pet, we can help them find a slurpy little furrball to love, too,” Debra says. “Our dogs are part of our families, too, and we want to make sure they feel the love at Conservus.” Conservus Realty can find the perfect place for you – and your pets – to call home.

charmed location on Main Street. “People who are visiting downtown

“From farms to condos to cottages to gated communities, Conservus

stop by our office all the time to tell us how wonderful the Upstate is –

covers them all throughout the Upstate,” says Debra. “We feel so lucky and

how much they love the art and culture, the recreation, the lakes and

blessed to be a part of the home buying and selling process in this amazing

mountains, the energy of downtown. I’ve heard our town described as,

community. It really does sometimes feel like magic!”

‘magical,’ and we say ‘It is!’ And, how fun that we have the opportunity to help create magic for so many people!” Conservus Realty serves everyone from millennials buying their first home to baby boomers searching for the perfect empty nest. “We cover a wide range,” says Jessica Smith, VP of Sales. “We are so fortunate to have such a great team of 17 professionals of all ages who not only know Greenville so well, but also all the surrounding communities. The strength of Conservus is in having an amazing team who believe the home buying process should be client/family-specific, it should fit all of their needs



and be the home in which they will spend years creating happy memories.”

16 North Main St., Greenville

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DILLARD-JONES BUILDERS Dillard-Jones – include a real estate firm, an interior design studio and a The crew at Dillard-Jones Builders finds it fitting to walk through marketing/advertising agency. All this, after earning his chops over two Brown Street’s iconic arches on their way to work every day. decades as a mechanical engineer at large multi-national These bronze gateways, symbolic of Greenville’s past and companies. future, have garnered national awards along with plenty “Everything he learned in the corporate world – about more unofficial recognition as favorite public works of art – We don’t merely build sound business principles, process-centered procedures and much akin to the builder’s award-winning projects that also high-end homes, we customer service – now goes into building our markets’ most earn many a kudo for their own artistic flair. build lasting relationships beautiful custom homes,” says Jessica, listing an array of Inspiration is all in a day’s work for the architectural with our clients. accolades including Pinnacle Awards from the South Carolina designers, interior designers and build teams at DillardHBA, Bridge Awards from the HBA of Greenville, a Business Jones. “We are a design-build firm capable of taking of Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau, and the clients from a blank slate all the way through to their Cornerstone Award for Outstanding Leadership from Southern furnished home,” says Jessica Smith, Vice President of Living, just to name a few. In addition, Dillard-Jones Builders is the nation’s Sales, explaining a turn-key approach that streamlines the design-build plus only two-time winner of the Southern Living Custom Builder Member of interiors process for homeowners while also reducing costs, minimizing the Year Award. change orders and – without a doubt – improving the final product. “Along the way, we don’t merely build high-end homes – we build relationships with homeowners, most of whom happily refer us to friends and family.” Complementing company headquarters under the Brown Street arches are satellite offices on Lake Keowee and in Asheville NC. Dillard-Jones Builders stays busy with on-your-lot projects and is a preferred builder in multiple upscale communities including Hartness, Bella Grove at Verdae and all seven Cliffs Communities. Dillard-Jones Builders was founded in 2003 by Tom Dillard, a 115 North Brown St., Ste 200, Greenville self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur who loves building new businesses as 864.527.0463 | well as new custom homes. Tom’s other ventures – all sister companies to 98

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DJ INTERIORS Word on the street is Allison Detmer decorates Greenville’s most beautiful homes.

furniture,” Allison says. “The look you love never goes out of style.” A classically trained singer, Allison is a choir member at Second

Indeed, this creative interior designer connects living spaces to the people who call them home. She’s proven savvy in an array of styles, guiding clients from pure imagination all the way through to finished reality. “My inspiration comes directly from my clients,” says Allison, the Principal Designer at DJ Interiors LLC. “If

Presbyterian Church. This Greenville native believes there’s

I design spaces to form a lifetime relationship for my clients and their homes.

no place like home – and wherever she goes, her mind is never too far from work. “Design is my hobby, too,” says Allison, who’s never met a DIY project she didn’t like. “I love traveling abroad – getting distracted by beautiful architecture, finding inspiration

it inspires you, it inspires me. The first thing I always

in other cultures – and bringing new ideas back to DJ

ask is, ‘How do you want to feel when you are in your


home?’” A graduate of Bob Jones University’s Interior Design School, Allison worked with Greenville’s leading design studios for many years before helping to form DJ Interiors to focus on new construction and renovation. DJ Interiors doesn’t work exclusively for builders, but having the new construction experience of creating spaces from the ground up helps Allison with smaller projects as well. “It’s a privilege to help people build, furnish and decorate their dream home or spaces,” Allison beams, explaining her role as a lifetime dream. “I design spaces to form a lifetime relationship for my clients and their homes.” The focus of DJ Interiors is crafting flexible and efficient layouts complemented by beautiful interiors. “Your home surroundings should | 864.729.4148


impact you visually and physically with textures, colors, fixtures and

115 North Brown St., Suite 201, Greenville

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CAROLINA ACTIVE HEALTH CHIROPRACTIC In the game of Jenga, one small piece out of alignment can send the whole

grandparents who just want to walk without pain. “Thanks to the variety of

structure crashing down. Michael and Kelsey Nelson, owners of Carolina

tools we have in our toolbox, we’ve been serving a pretty broad spectrum,”

Active Health Chiropractic, see the human body in a similar way. “Just like Jenga, if you have structural issues, then you can’t have proper function, and that can lead to a catastrophe,” Michael said. The team at Carolina Active Health Chiropractic can keep you functioning optimally, zeroing in on the spine – the foundation that forms the structure and function

Kelsey said.

Just like Jenga, if you have structural issues, then you can’t have proper function, and that can lead to a catastrophe.

Michael started out as an athletic trainer for Ohio State, Clemson, and the Buffalo Bills before returning to school for a chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. Kelsey majored in biosciences at Clemson before graduating Palmer as salutatorian of her class. The Nelsons, who opened the practice in November 2015,

of every movement. Combining traditional chiropractic

celebrated their first year in businesses in a big way - they

techniques with a variety of soft tissue work and

welcomed William Draper Nelson to the family. Now three

therapeutic exercise, the Nelsons can help patients keep doing the activities

months old, little William has already hung out in the office while his parents

they love. Their techniques allow them to treat not only spinal conditions,

worked and even had a couple of adjustments.

but also other orthopedic complaints. “With our backgrounds, we are able

If chiropractic care can stop a newborn from being fussy, imagine what it

to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues as well, from plantar fasciitis to

can do for your sore back or aching knee. From adjustments and functional

shoulder problems,” Michael said.

rehabilitation, Graston and Active Release Techniques, whatever your next

Michael and Kelsey have extensive experience working with athletes, and

move, Carolina Active Health Chiropractic can keep you in the game.

Michael is currently the team chiropractor for Clemson University Athletic Department – including the National Champion football team. “It was a great year to be a part of that,” he said. The Nelsons, avid athletes and outdoors-lovers themselves, focus primarily on treating the active population, but quickly found that their techniques benefit everyone, from people who sit all day for work to great100

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16 Mills Ave. Ste 3, Greenville 864.881.2242



It started in grandma’s kitchen as a custard recipe, and now JB’S business. Residents of Spartanburg, Ryan and Leigh Anne have helped build PROOF Alcohol Ice Cream is available all across South Carolina. the product’s reputation in the Upstate. JB Langley began experimenting with ice cream and bourbon in the “What I respect most about Leigh Anne and Ryan is what they give back 1980s, handing out samples from the back of his Jeep. to the community,” Collins said. “Those two people have the For decades, he tried to find a way to freeze the alcohol biggest hearts of anybody I’ve ever met.” into the ice cream – something similar companies have Collins and the Langleys have created a team that has a family It all starts with always struggled to do. Finally, in April 2014, JB had feel to spread their product through the state and, ultimately, the our customers in a breakthrough, his product was perfected, and JB’s nation. Collins says the company “has brought everyone together South Carolina. PROOF Alcohol Ice Cream was born. to achieve one common goal: to get this product to market.” Invented in Kentucky, JB’s PROOF is now exclusively But the team is well-aware of their greatest asset as a company available in South Carolina. CEO Jennifer Collins decided – their local customers. to move the company to Columbia, an area she is familiar “The biggest thing I am so grateful for is how welcoming all with from her time playing college basketball for the Gamecocks. the customers of South Carolina have been,” Collins says. “We have a lot of “I basically got on the road by myself and did tastings in bars and people working to make this business successful and it all starts with our restaurants,” Collins says, describing the early days of JB’s PROOF. She customers in South Carolina.” always got the same two reactions from tasters. The first was, “You can’t freeze alcohol,” and the second was, “Where can I buy this?” The ice cream can be found in over 100 locations in the Upstate, including restaurants, liquor stores, and convenience stores. It is unique from other alcoholic frozen treats because their patent-pending process actually freezes alcohol into the ice cream as an ingredient, featuring a 7% alcohol content per serving. 2651 Shop Rd., Columbia The company has strong ties to the Greenville-Spartanburg area. JB’s 803.409.8324 | son, Ryan Langley, has brought in his wife, Leigh Anne, to help with the the

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EMILY AUSTIN treated personably,” she said. “That’s where we come in. We provide a lot of “Every day is like Christmas,” said Emily Austin Fowler of running her service. We’ll carry it to the car if you’d like.” gift shop, Emily Austin. Surrounded by beloved co-workers, customers While Emily and Chelsea are the faces of the store, her husband Randy that have become friends, and boxes of treasures, it’s no wonder Fowler Fowler is the “brains behind it, the financial guy who does all keeps coming back to the retail business. the work we don’t want to do,” Emily said, laughing. She got her start in 1981 in Spartanburg, and then I try to get things that opened a shop in Greenville in 1988. By 2002, she had sold Emily was working in New York City in the 1970s when are one-of-a-kind, or both locations, but she couldn’t stay away for too long. In she decided to move South to be closer to family. Before made locally. June 2016, she opened her newest venture on Pelham Road opening the original Emily Austin, she became the first and has loved the location, the space, and her ability to add person in South Carolina to apply for and receive a business more home decor selections to the gift-shop mix. loan designed for minorities – in her case, a business owned And her favorite “bright spot” at her new shop? Working alongside by a single woman. her daughter Chelsea Daniels. “She has a marketing degree from Elon, Now, she’s enjoying her work more than ever, with her family by her and she brings different things to the table,” Fowler said. “It’s been a lot of side. “I’ve been so blessed to do something I like doing,” she said. “My fun.” Chelsea often brings her miniature golden doodle, Brady, who has concern is to entertain you and make you smile. Whether someone buys or developed a following by greeting customers. not, if they smiled, that makes me happy.” It’s easy to find a gift for anyone at Emily Austin, with cards, jewelry, wedding gifts, serving pieces, wall art, books, pillows, clothes and much more. Smaller shops can have many advantages over department or big box stores, she said, because the selection has been narrowed for you. “Everything has been hand-picked,” she said. “I try to get things that are one-of-a-kind, or made locally.” She also prides herself on stocking the store with laughter-inducing towels, plaques and other items. “Everyone needs something humorous 3604 Pelham Rd., Ste. C, Greenville sometimes,” she said. “Plus, people get tired of parking far away, waiting in line, and not being 864.568.5124 | Facebook: @EmilyAustinInc 102

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expectations to factors such as on-going skills training, peer mentoring for What’s a sure sign of a good realtor? One that says “SOLD!” young agents, and a proven combination of tried-and-true methods enhanced There’s plenty of both – top agents AND sold signs – at the North by forward-leaning technology. Pleasantburg location of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner, “Our agents have access to a robust set of tools,” Fritzi says, REALTORS®. This is, after all, the #1 office of the #1 real pointing to in-house programs designed to move agents of all estate company in Greenville. “The North Pleasantburg office is home to the best Our #1 goal is to get that experience levels to their fullest potential. “There’s a lot of good synergy here. Success breeds success.” agents in town,” says Fritzi Barbour, Broker-in-Charge of SOLD sign up in front of Committed to honoring – and continuing – the Golden Rule C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS’® flagship location, where a your home! legacy of founder C. Dan Joyner, the North Pleasantburg office team 75 strong generates the kind of numbers – in gross loyally supports United Way and the American Heart Association. sales and units sold – that have ranked this office amongst Community service is encouraged on an individual level as well. the 10 best Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices groups in the nation and, this “C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS® has been the #1 firm in our market for more year, as #2 in the Southern region. “We consistently earn industry accolades, than a generation,” says Fritzi, and the affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway but that’s not our focus. We are all about earning results for our clients. Our HomeServices further enhances the brand. “Our tagline is #BestMoveEver – #1 goal is to get that SOLD sign up in front of your home!” to which I always add #BestAgentsEver!” North Pleasantburg is a powerhouse filled with many of C. Dan Joyner, REALTORS’® most successful agents, including the top-ranked solo agent AND the top-ranked team. Overall, this office produces about 39% of the company’s business. “We can boast big numbers – our per-person productivity is incredible,” Fritzi says. “But the bottom line is people, not numbers. We are here to help homeowners meet their objectives. We get the job done.” C. Dan Joyner’s dynamic agents specialize in effective services for both Fritzi. B. Barbour, Broker in Charge buyers and sellers. Clients benefit from extensive experience – combined with deep knowledge of the local market – in everything from staging to pricing 745 North Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville to marketing, as well as negotiations, contracts and close of transaction. Fritzi attributes the consistent ability to meet – indeed, exceed – homeowner 864.242.6650 |

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VISTA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP “While technological advances have led to quicker, more proactive Frank DuPree founded Vista Capital Management Group in 2007 response times and enabled aggregated analysis of portfolios and trending with a goal of creating a boutique multifamily property management capabilities, the underlying foundation of property management company that brought the sophistication of institutional has remained constant. The nuts and bolts of the industry grade management together with the accessibility and Having the right people haven’t changed,” says Frank DuPree, CEO. “Our goal is always maneuverability of a smaller firm. Frank and his president in the right place is to maximize the gross income, to control property expenses, of operations, Wayne Redding, have both been in the paramount to the and thus, drive the net operating income.” With a staff that is multifamily management business for more than 40 success of real estate extremely attentive to detail and committed to deriving the years. Frank and Wayne worked together at both Boston investments. Financial Company and later with AIMCO and its full potential of their assets, Vista is able to focus on these predecessor, Insignia. Prior to leaving AIMCO to start fundamentals. In addition to a platform that delivers successful results, Vista Vista Capital Management Group, Frank was regional emphasizes strong relationships with top-tier service providers in each of its vice president of AIMCO, overseeing almost 20,000 apartment units under markets. Vista Capital Management Group is headquartered in Greenville with management. regional offices in Myrtle Beach and Waldorf, MD. Frank and Wayne believe that Vista’s strongest asset is its people. Through Frank likes to say, “To be successful in life, you have to do what you say the expertise and commitment of their staff of Certified Property Managers, you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.” This dependability and Vista has earned the designation of Accredited Management Organization transparency is what Vista’s clients experience every day. (AMO) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). “Having the right people in the right place is paramount to the success of real estate investments,” says Wayne. With this vision, Vista provides the unparalleled service that their clients deserve. Vista currently provides property and asset management services for more than 2,500 units throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions and is dedicated to providing the best in service to each and every one. Because of that commitment, Vista’s clients now include five of the top ten largest 207 Whitsett St., Greenville | 864.404.3500 affordable multi-family owners in the country. 104

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serves cakes that are made with fresh, real ingredients, baked in-house, and Diane Hardy went looking for the best cake she had ever tasted, and she topped with “our signature cream cheese frosting.” Nothing Bundt Cakes ended up buying the franchise. After tasting a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes serves nine flavors plus a seasonal flavor. at a party in Michigan, Hardy hoped to find one near her home in the Upstate. Her goal is to make buying a cake an enjoyable experience. “I just fell in love with the taste of this cake,” Hardy says. She promises, “We’re committed to baking the best cake. I love “I saw that bakeries were all around us but not in Greenville, the OMG look on people’s faces when tasting our cake for the which was really disappointing.” I love the OMG look on first time. We want our guests to have a welcoming, convenient When she realized there wasn’t a location nearby, she people’s faces when experience from the moment they walk in.” Their bundts are decided to buy a franchise and bring the best cake she’d tasting our cake for the a delicious part of any special occasion and are also perfect for ever had to the Upstate. But Hardy’s story doesn’t start first time. business to business. They offer easy online ordering and local with the opening of Greenville’s location last Halloween. delivery, or you can go in and browse the unique cards and gifts She grew up in Michigan and attended Michigan State while enjoying a free sample of cake. The community has shown University. its support for Hardy’s ambition. Greenville made Nothing Bundt Cakes’ first “As soon as I graduated, I took my savings of $200, and I headed to South holiday season a tremendous success, and Hardy is grateful for it. “Greenville Carolina because I always wanted to live here,” Hardy remembers. She is a fantastic city. I really love the people in the Upstate,” she says. “Our guests went to the Medical University of South Carolina and worked as a nurse in have been very supportive. And, just as importantly, we’ve been blessed with a Pediatric Intensive Care. After completing graduate school to become a nurse great manager and great staff. I think that all comes from the strong feeling of anesthetist, Hardy continued her nursing career until her third child was born, community here in the Upstate.” when she became a stay-at-home mom. Her children are now grown, and after having graduated from Christ Church Episcopal School, they now attend Clemson University and the University of South Carolina. In addition to raising her children, Hardy enjoys playing tennis and visiting Lake Keowee. She also serves the Upstate community by educating citizens about the responsibilities and opportunities each person has while living in a republic. “I love South Carolina,” she says. 101 Verdae Blvd. #1300, Greenville “I’m doing what I can to help strengthen our state.” 864.288.2212 | It wasn’t until last year that Hardy tasted the best cake of her life. Now she

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ROCKERBELLES ROCKER CHIC BOUTIQUE Just a Southern Belle with a Rocker Soul! This is the slogan and

For now, RockerBelles clothing is available online, but Asheton hopes

heart behind Asheton Reid’s new boutique, RockerBelles. Though this

to open a storefront soon, preferably on Main Street. RockerBelles will also

store may be new to the public, it has been a long time

be available in various pop-up shops throughout the year as

coming for Asheton, who has had her mind set on owning

well as Fashion on the TOWN in October.

a clothing store since she was a little girl. As a child growing up in Piedmont, SC, Asheton would create “clothing stores” for her Barbie dolls. This

When Asheton isn’t investing time into her business, she

Be who you truly are.

enjoys lifting weights and doing anything outdoors with her husband and two dogs. She is definitely one who loves being

became such a common activity that her dad even made

unique and wishes to celebrate this diversity through her

a sign with the title “Asheton’s Fashions” to be used for


such occasions. Since then, Asheton has set out to make “Asheton’s Fashions” a reality.

Asheton’s belief is that your style should represent your individualism, as this is something to be celebrated! She hopes that

RockerBelles is a clothing store that features pieces inspired by the art of Rock, another huge passion for Asheton. She recalls being so immersed

RockerBelles will inspire women to express themselves and not be afraid to “be who you truly are.”

in the music of ZZ Top, AC/DC, and other Rock artists for most of her life. It became so much a part of her soul and her personality that even her wedding was “rocker-themed.” It was always difficult to find clothing that fit her specific sense of style, so she wanted to make this available for others with the same interest. After years of hard work and the support of her husband, parents, and step-parents, RockerBelles opened for business in September 2016. Asheton says that it has been very rewarding to see how proud her family is of her success. Husband, Gary Piotrowski, would cheer her on saying, “You really need to go for this!” 106

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2017 Facebook: rockerbelles Instagram: @rockerbelles



“Everything is made from scratch,” Margaret said. “We love what we do, A routine coffee break saved Kris Furniss’s life on September 11, 2001. and we love bringing it to you.” The concept was a hit. Margaret and Kris The co-owner of Caviar & Bananas was once in the finance industry but went on to open three locations in Charleston and were followed his fate and turned to his passion for food. plotting their next move when fate struck again. By taking a big leap and making an even bigger career After heading three hours north to Greenville, they took change, Kris set out to learn everything about the food From breakfast one drive down Main Street on a sunny day and they were industry from the ground up. In the process, he found and coffee in the sold. “It was another one of those things,” Margaret said. “We his calling and his future wife. morning through wine, fell in love with it.” Margaret Furniss started out in marketing and brand appetizers and dinner Last August, they opened Caviar & Bananas at ONE creation but after meeting Kris, both admitted foodies, in the evening, Caviar City Plaza in a beautiful 4,700-square-foot space, and the the pair often found themselves out and about in New & Bananas prides itself community has already embraced the unique mix of offerings. York City, visiting gourmet food markets and restaurants on having something to From breakfast and coffee in the morning through wine, while making plans to create a concept of their own. please any palate. appetizers and dinner in the evening, Caviar & Bananas As they continued to succeed in their separate careers prides itself on having something to please any palate. they realized they had the opportunity to do something The couple lives in Charleston with their two young sons, but spent last unique together by combining Margaret’s creative background with Kris’s summer in Greenville and continue to visit each week. “Getting to know industry experience. The couple decided to relocate to Charleston–the the community was such a great experience,” Kris said. “It’s become our city they wanted to call home where they were married, and Margaret second home.” Now that the Greenville location is established, a fifth is in attended college. the works, slated to open in Nashville this summer. “It’s funny, I was the New Yorker who never thought I would live in the South but my wife told me, just wait. And it’s true, I fell in love,” he said. “We saw the food culture in Charleston, the growth, and there was nothing like our concept there, so it was a perfect fit.” In May 2008, Caviar & Bananas opened its doors in downtown Charleston on George Street, offering a coffee shop, gourmet sandwich spot, wine bar, specialty 1 North Laurens St., ONE City Plaza, Greenville retailer, caterer, and all-around delicious hangout. It’s all part of offering everything from the ordinary (bananas) to the extraordinary (caviar). 864.235.0404 |

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BRIGHT+CO MARKETING Jennifer Sutton and Andy Mendelsohn believe in the power of people.

discipline, so that clients benefit from the most strategic and creative minds

So their first task when launching a new kind of marketing agency was to

at a great value relative to more traditional firms.

gather smart, passionate and collaborative talent from all over the globe.

“Our team is vetted carefully,” Andy says. “We bring top talent – in both

“BRIGHT+CO brings together the most dynamic group of creative, strategic, business and media minds in order to make our clients’ brands and dollars work harder, smarter and more efficiently,” Jennifer says. “This agency is where art and science come together seamlessly, so we can be more innovative, more nimble, and more idea-generative.

the art and the science of marketing – together as one unified,

BRIGHT+CO is a value brand offering more modern thinking for the money.

collaborative team, where we all understand the meaning of client advocacy.” In addition to the full suite of advertising, marketing, public relations and digital services, the BRIGHT+CO team is expanding its custom social management and listening

BRIGHT+CO is a value brand offering more modern

dashboard by incorporating a voice of the customer program

thinking for the money.”

that ties with online reviews.

Indeed, BRIGHT+CO provides big city thinking at small market pricing. Consumer buying habits change, market conditions change and media

Jennifer, Andy and their BRIGHT+CO team share a vision of helping organizations, big or small, develop strategies that place the customer at its

consumption habits change – and brands that want to remain relevant

core – and they’re committed to doing so in a much more contemporary, agile,

need partners who can navigate these ever-shifting norms. “It’s our job

cost-efficient and technologically savvy way than any other agency in town.

to understand a constantly changing landscape,” says Jennifer, noting

“BRIGHT+CO plans to be one of the largest agencies in the Southeast

BRIGHT+CO’s business model provides for agility and flexibility. “We have

within the next three to five years,” Andy says. “Our goal is to make brands

a keen eye for talent identification and stay on top of innovations in media

work harder, smarter and tougher.”

tools and software, all while constantly monitoring market fluctuations. Our goal is to bring modern solutions that maximize the benefit to our clients.” As with all marketing and advertising firms, BRIGHT+CO is the culmination of the talents of its contributing members. The agency team and its expanded network comprise the best and brightest people in every 108

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118 Williams St., Greenville 844.81.SMART (844.817.6278)

JB WATTS CO. INSURANCE Bubba Watts isn’t just in the insurance business; he’s in the people

JB retired in 2009, knowing that Bubba would continue the valuable

business. Bubba learned early in his career the importance of treating

tradition of providing an excellent caliber of service and continue to

people with the utmost respect. His father, JB Watts,

maintain the relationships that had been established for

started the agency with the vision of building strong

many years.

relationships and providing excellent service to each and every client, and Bubba shares that same vision. JB Watts Co. is an Independent Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, specializing in Personal

My clients know that they can call me any day, at any time.

“Before I learned anything about the insurance business from my dad, I learned about his passion for people and how much pride he took in taking care of his clients,” he says. “My clients know that they can call me any day, at any

and Commercial Insurance. The team at JB Watts

time,” Watts says. “It’s usually the calls after hours when

Co. has over 100 years of combined experience in the

they need me the most. I’m so happy that they are confident

insurance industry. “I am extremely fortunate to be a

calling me and know that I’ll be there for them. I’m grateful

part of such a professional and hard-working team. We pride ourselves in our efforts to make doing business with us a pleasure. We are family

each and every day for everyone who does business with us.” L-R in picture are Suzanne Reid, Linda Bristol, Peg Whalen, Wanda Smith.

here,” he says. Bubba was born and raised in Greenville and graduated from the University of South Carolina. He and his wife of 25 years, May Beth, have a son, Chandler, and a daughter, Mills. “We love Greenville and think it’s a wonderful place to live,” Watts says. “Above anything else, the people of the Upstate are what make it such an amazing place to do business.” When Bubba returned to Greenville, he went to work in the steel business for several years before joining his dad’s company in 1996, and

516 Pettigru St., Greenville 864.271.0009 |


he has been insuring Upstate clients for more than two decades now.

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33 Market Point Dr., Greenville 864.448.0024 110

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Gateway Mortgage Group has arrived in Greenville – and that gives local homeowners access to an incredible combination of mortgage lending service, innovation and flexibility. “Gateway is here, bringing value to every stage of the mortgage process,” says Branch Manager Jody Phillips. “We are a full-service national mortgage Lender dedicated to providing expert solutions with a client-first approach.” Gateway also provides incredible career opportunities with a competitive benefits package to include comprehensive insurance and retirement plans. “We are hiring talented industry professionals, originators, managers, and processors to staff Gateway Mortgage Group’s planned expansion in the Upstate,” says Jody, who opened the Greenville office this summer and is excited with growing the company’s regional presence in the coming months. “This is a dynamic, well-established company. Gateway believes in building strong communities through homeownership.” Jody has been in the Upstate Gateway believes mortgage scene for 17 in building strong years, and now he’s able to communities through pair his local market savvy homeownership. with Gateway Mortgage Group’s national strengths – everything from competitive pricing and robust product options to streamlined underwriting and reliable loan closings. “Joining Gateway was a positive decision for me, because the company’s vision and values align so closely with my own,” Jody says, and they share a long-established commitment to exemplary customer service. “At Gateway Mortgage Group, we believe it’s all about people, families and homes.” As one of the largest, privately-held mortgage lenders in the country, Gateway offers a full complement of lending products for home purchases, new home construction and refinancing, with customizable options to meet each client’s specific needs. Loan programs include conventional, FHA, VA and USDA as well as a single close construction-to-perm and other in-house portfolio products. Gateway Mortgage Group is building strong relationships with local builders and real estate professionals. “We are committed to helping get their clients to closing quickly,” Jody says, and that’s possible because Gateway has in-house underwriting, processing and closing. “Nobody likes delays, and they don’t like surprises. We close on time, all the time.” Jody lives in Simpsonville with his wife, Esther, and their 9-year old daughter, Juliana. The family is active at Brookwood Church.

PAWS & CLAWS “Getting our first dog really changed our lives,” says Christy Jordal of her and husband JJ’s first baby, Tucker. “We couldn’t find what we were looking for as pet owners when it came to products and services.”

The do-it-yourself dog wash is another popular feature, with elevated tubs, entry ramps, and all the supplies needed to get Fido fresh and clean. “And then you walk away from the mess,” Jordal says.

At the time Jordal was nearly 10 years into a successful and rewarding career as a chemist for C.H. Patrick in the textile chemical division. As textile jobs were moving overseas, she says she began to see the writing on the wall. On a night out with girlfriends, discussing their futures over a glass of wine, Jordal mentioned that she hoped to somehow work with

Jordal is passionate about helping foster the sense of

We’ve worked hard to listen to what customers want and pets need, and we’ve developed a reputation for being the best place to bring your dog.

community among pet owners. They were involved in starting the dog park in Cleveland Park and are regular participants in fundraisers for the Greenville Humane Society and Greenville County Animal Care. Paws & Claws also sponsors three resident therapy dogs at GHS Children’s Hospital.

animals one day. Another friend happened to know Paws & Claws was up for sale, and serendipity ensued. “We happened to be the perfect owners they were looking for,” Jordal says. The Jordals took ownership of Paws & Claws in March 2005. JJ kept his day job as sales manager at Bradshaw Acura, but is still deeply involved with decision making and the philosophy behind the brand. Paws & Claws has loyal customers across the state and across state lines who drive the distance to let their dogs belly up to the bone bar for highquality, all-natural treats, or to be pampered by certified groomers. “We’ve worked hard to listen to what customers want and pets need, and we’ve developed a reputation for being the best place to bring your 864.242.3738


dog,” Jordal says.

1803 Augusta St., Greenville

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COVERED! Meet the best Guys in the roofing business! Whatever the project – residential, commercial or industrial – Guy Roofing has you covered. This full-service roofing contractor is on top of its game, with a reputation of excellence built on a foundation of uncompromising workmanship, safety, service and value. “We are driven to be America’s most trusted and professional roofing contractor,” says Marketing Director Raven Guy. “Guy Roofing is successful thanks to our team of hardworking, certified specialists.” The family-owned company was founded in 1970 by Raven’s grandfather, Herbert, whose approach to business was simple: be honest and reliable while providing a quality product with exceptional customer service. He’d learned this formula whilst working for his own father’s construction company, and has since passed it along to the second and third generations who help run the business today. Herbert remains at the helm – “I can’t imagine him ever slowing down or retiring,” Raven says – while his son, Jeff, serves as company vice president. We are driven The executive leadership team also comprises Tim Sparrow as CFO. to be America’s “This is a family owned and operated business, most trusted and but we definitely have a corporate influence,” says professional roofing Raven. “It’s a good mix of professional workplace enhanced by a family feel. Many of our employees contractor. have worked here for years.” With a 135,000-sq.-ft. headquarters facility in Spartanburg and satellite offices in multiple locations, including Charlotte and Myrtle Beach, Guy Roofing employs the best team in the industry. The company offers a range of service to customers throughout the Upstate and across the country, including commercial, residential and industrial roofing services, repair and maintenance, gutters, siding, and windows. Guy Roofing has a top-of-the-industry safety program. “We are committed to the health, safety and security of our employees,” Raven says. “Our goal is to have ZERO work related accidents.” To that end, Guy Roofing employs a Director of Safety and maintains an in-house, state-of-the-art educational facility – Guy University – where employees undergo safety training as well as sales training and career development. JEFF GUY, VICE PRESIDENT; HERBERT GUY, PRESIDENT

Guy Roofing has been recognized with a variety of industry awards. Some of the most recent include: • Firestone Building Products Master Contractor Award and Inner Circle of Quality Award – for excellence in roofing system installation, quality of work and customer service. • Firestone Building Products Inner Circle of Quality Award – for consistently providing the highest level of workmanship. • Johns Manville Pinnacle Award – for ranking in the top 2% of Johns Manville Certified Roofing Contractors in North America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. • GAF Master Elite Contractor – for meeting strict professional qualifications and committing to superior standards; fewer than 2 out of every 100 contractors earn this factory-certified status. • GAF Training Excellence Award – for exceptional commitment to ongoing technical training and continuous improvement for superior roof installation. • Better Business Bureau Business Integrity Award – for maintaining high ethical standards that build trust in the Upstate marketplace. • Turner Construction Company’s Outstanding Subcontractor Award – for excellence in various criteria such as safety, quality of work, project management, estimating and purchasing support. • Best of the Upstate – for recognition as “best roofing company” in a reader poll conducted by Greenville’s daily newspaper.

Guy Roofing has been recognized with a variety of industry awards. Some of the most recent include: Firestone Building Products Master Contractor Award, Inner Circle of Quality Award, Johns Manville Pinnacle Award, GAF Master Elite Contractor, GAF Training Excellence Award, Better Business Bureau Business Integrity Award, Turner Construction Company’s Outstanding Subcontractor Award and Best of the Upstate. Guy Roofing is committed to giving back to the community. The company sponsors the Carolina Panthers Community Captain program, Clemson University’s Hero of the Game program, and Rebuild Upstate, just to name a few. “We are committed to giving back to the community where our family and employees live and work,” Raven says.

201 Jones Rd., Spartanburg | 800.771.0778 | GUYROOFING.COM

The Poinset tBride

VIKKI SLAVIN WENT FOR SIMPLE BUT ELEGANT WHEN PLANNING HER STORYBOOK WEDDING 24 YEARS AGO. “Everything was so wonderful – I’d love to do it all over again!” says Vikki, mom of three and owner of The Poinsett Bride. “I had so much fun when we got married, and now I get to help other brides enjoy the same experience.” The Poinsett Bride is a full-service boutique and continues to offer designer wedding gowns, evening gowns, cocktail dresses and accessories that have made it the go-to place for brides, debs and their families for a dozen years. “I am proud of the reputation of The Poinsett Bride,” says Vikki. “We are here to help women look and feel beautiful for weddings and other special occasions. And, with our in-house alterations, this is THE place to find your perfect dress AND make sure it fits perfectly.” The Poinsett Bride carries fashion-forward bridal wear – with styles ranging from classic to contemporary – and options for every budget. In addition, the boutique has a large selection of debutante gowns, attendant dresses, evening wear and accessories, including the loveliest hand-made veils. “Debutantes are a very important aspect of this boutique,” says Vikki. “Our staff is up-to-date on all the rules and regulations for our area clubs. Our personal touch on the big day makes our debs feel confident, beautiful and pampered.” Another unique feature of this boutique is the in-house alterations. “At The Poinsett Bride, we don’t just do alterations,” she explains.

“The Poinsett Bride is committed to making beautiful memories. We are celebrating 12 year of gorgeous – and plan for many more! ”

“Our talented designers and seamstresses actually customize gowns, creating looks as unique as the brides themselves.”



Behind The Counter



– Vikki Slavin, who vows that every bride will have a wonderful experience, from the moment she walks in the door to the moment she walks down the aisle.

1 2



G O R G E O U S !

WEDDING GOWN DESIGNERS INCLUDE: Alvina Valenta Allure Romance Eddy K

Justin Alexander Signature

Marisa Mikaella

Kenneth Winston

Paloma Blanca

Ella Rosa

Ramona Keveza - Legends

Steven Birnbaum

Enzoani Blue

Lillian West

W-TOO Brides

Madison James


Kay Unger


Alberto Makali


Teri Jon

Jade Couture


Yolanda Arce


Sue Wong

1 0 1 C We s t C o u r t S t . , G re e n v i l l e




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STEPHANIE MILLER, REALTOR “I’ve always loved helping people, and real estate is perfect for that!” have become clients and clients who have become friends.” Stephanie Miller has felt a passion for real estate ever since she was a child and When she’s not busy helping others buy and sell homes, she enjoys would insist on going through open houses with her mom spending time with husband, Justin, and their two Great Danes, on Sundays. She loved walking through the different types of Grady and Cooper. They love going for walks and visiting local I have friends who have homes and seeing what each one had to offer. shops and restaurants in downtown Greer, where they purchased become clients, and Born and raised in Lyman, SC, Stephanie attended USC and renovated a 1930’s home two years ago. clients who have Upstate where she received her Bachelor of Arts in nonWhether you’re a first-time home buyer or not, Stephanie become friends! profit administration, and minored in psychology. loves walking her clients through the home-buying and homeBefore starting her business, Miller was the executive selling process every step of the way. Her slogan is “It feels good director for a non-profit in Greenville. She originally wanted to get into the to be home!” Stephanie believes there is an ease and comfort that comes with real estate industry after graduating college in 2009, but was talked out of it being at home, and that going through any real estate transaction should due to the market at that time. After a friend of hers in real estate gave her the provide that same comfort. “When my clients know what to expect and have nudge and encouragement she needed, Stephanie dove right into the business an understanding of the process, with a timeline in place, it eliminates a lot with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, C. Dan Joyner, and has been making of worry and unnecessary stress. The way that I run my business allows my a name for herself ever since. clients to carry-on with their everyday life, while I am working diligently to Not only does she take such pride in building relationships with her ensure we are on track.” clients, but Stephanie recently earned the honor of being part of Leading Edge, Her favorite part about working in the Upstate is the beauty that this area putting her in the top seven percent of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices lends to homes and homeowners, as well as the generosity of the people. network nationwide. She has also been a part of the company’s agent council, where she serves as the voice of agents within the company and assists in 705 W. Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer putting together ideas of ways to grow and improve. 864.915.6076 Stephanie sets herself apart by keeping in touch with clients and being a part of their lives long after closing. She goes on to say, “I have friends who 116

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PMC COMMERCIAL INTERIORS She’s vice president of sales at a thriving commercial furniture company, Dealer. “No two companies are alike – so why should their offices be alike?” but Shannon Sowers isn’t about selling desks or chairs or workstations. Shannon’s family worked in the furniture industry and – after earning “We focus on building environments that enable people to do their best a degree in interior design from Appalachian State – she has followed in work,” says Shannon, who leads the Greenville office of their footsteps. “This industry is in my blood. Furniture is PMC Commercial Interiors. “We take a holistic approach my heritage,” says Shannon, who launched PMC’s Greenville We focus on building to design spaces that bridge aesthetics with our clients’ presence in 2015 and is also focused on further expansion environments that enable business goals.” throughout South Carolina. She is intrigued by the challenges of people to do their Commercial interiors must be conducive to the tasks at this growing market. “There are so many corporate headquarters, best work. hand – one department requests privacy, peace and quiet, start-ups and small businesses here – and more on the way – and while another requires a setting that facilitates creative whether they build new or move into existing buildings, they all engagement and collaboration – and PMC’s strategic design need dynamic work environments,” she says. process identifies, and accommodates, this entire spectrum of needs. Away from work, Shannon loves to paint – oil and acrylic are favorite “Today’s workforce wants a choice. Employees want to pick the setting media – and a few of her pieces hang in PMC’s office. She hopes to show more where they can be most productive,” Shannon says, explaining that her work in more varied venues as a member of the Metropolitan Arts Council. team partners with architects, designers and facility managers to identify “Art enhances the work space,” she says. “PMC Commercial Interiors opportunities, design concepts, integrate new technology and complete layers in pieces that make a space feel cozy and warm – artwork, lamps, project installation. “Our goal is a future-proofed environment that enhances pillows – and we act as curators for more of a warm, inviting atmosphere employee performance as well as satisfaction.” that is still sophisticated and businesslike.” PMC Commercial Interiors takes a boutique approach, starting every project from scratch to provide interior solutions specific to each client’s identified needs. 18 South Markley St. Sometimes this means soft-seating within a Starbucks-like setting, whilst other Greenville times it ensures everyone in a cubicle can see out of a window. Customization is a PMC specialty. “We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all plan,” 704.606.6631


says Shannon, noting that PMC Commercial Interiors is a Preferred Haworth

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DETAILXPERTS consultant, I have seen and helped companies grow. But I want to have a more DetailXperts is changing the car detailing industry with a full head of direct impact in my community and DetailXPerts affords me this opportunity,” steam. Lizette Pirtle opened the business in the Upstate in January 2017, making Pirtle says. it the newest addition to Greenville’s environmentally friendly Lizette hopes that bringing this innovative service to the Upstate businesses by hand washing and detailing vehicles with a I want to have a will help the community in more ways than one. She wants to help fraction of the water required by traditional methods. more direct impact in other companies implement environmentally sustainable practices, Pirtle has been in franchising all her career, helping companies my community, and and she hopes to provide new employment opportunities to the create franchise systems. Eight years ago, she helped franchise DetailXPerts affords Upstate as her business grows. Having previously lived in Greenville, DetailXperts – a company from Detroit that wanted to expand me this opportunity. she knew this was the place she wanted to be. across the country and overseas. From the first moment she met “I have been welcomed with open arms by other business owners the founders, she knew that one day she would own a franchise. in the community and by everyone at the Chamber of Commerce,” “I have always wanted to make a difference in the environment Pirtle says of the Greenville area. She has recently joined the Minority Business and my community. I am also a bit of a perfectionist. DetailXPerts appealed to these Accelerator program as one of its coaches to help minority businesses grow in the values. Not only do we save the precious resource of water and use eco-friendly Upstate. “I just love to help people and companies grow. When I previously lived products but, most importantly, our patented technology produces superior results,” in Greenville, I was a mentor in the YWCA’s Dream Catchers program. I am still Pirtle says. “We restore the finish of vehicles and sanitize their interiors. DetailXPerts in touch with the some of the women that participated in the program,” Pirtle adds. is consolidating a fragmented industry and bringing it to a professional level. I Pirtle and DetailXPerts are excited to bring the best in car detailing, simply had to be part of this initiative and bring it to the Greenville area.” environmental sustainability, and friendly professional service to people’s home The mobile aspect of DetailXPerts makes it convenient for Upstate and work as well as to businesses. customers, whether individuals or companies. The DetailXPerts team, led by “We can’t wait to show you what our team can do for your vehicles or fleet.” Marketing and Operations Manager Mary Holcombe, can clean and detail a vehicle with only one pint of water, using steam proprietary technology. Instead of reusing water like many car washing services, they use steam to prevent tiny microns of dust from scratching the finish on clients’ cars. They also provide detailing services to fleets of cars, trucks and other vehicles. “I have lived in many areas of the country and overseas. As a franchise 864.729.4177 | 118

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SIX & TWENTY DISTILLERY the Six & Twenty guys can be found at the local Albino Skunk Bluegrass These two local veterans didn’t know each other when they Festival, providing samples to artists and locals alike. were stationed only twenty miles apart in Georgia. It wasn’t until Robert As for DR, he enjoys the outdoor adventures in surrounding areas, saying, Redmond and David Raad met on a rugby field at Clemson University that “I’m always wetting a line in the mountains around here.” He they became friends and eventual business partners. admits that he takes some of his Six & Twenty product with him Redmond and Raad, better known as Farmer and DR, to take the sting away when the fish aren’t biting. believe that “the best things in life are fermented.” They Whiskey’s been around These two have found a balance between fun and focus are the co-founders of Six & Twenty Distillery, a local for a long time, but when it comes to distilling. “We want to make things better producer of handcrafted whiskey, bourbon, gin, and nobody’s doing what than the last time we made it,” says Raad. “We want to put it in vodka in the Upstate. we do with it. more mouths than the last time we poured it, and we want to “We came into this business to make something cool have more fun today than we did yesterday.” and different and, frankly, something we enjoy,” says Raad. Besides Six & Twenty’s unique techniques and products, The two have brought innovation and excitement to Upstate customers praise the local zeal that Farmer and DR bring to the the liquor business. According to Redmond, “Whiskey’s been around for a community. long time, but nobody’s doing what we do with it.” “When people see that we’re passionate, people really appreciate that,” Six & Twenty makes the world’s only five grain bourbon, and what Raad says. “They really start to believe in it.” makes it even more unique is that all five grains are grown in South Carolina. Their signature liquors are made with wheat and corn from the Upstate, rye and barley from the Midlands, and rice from the Lowcountry, making them the ultimate spirits of South Carolina. Opening the business in 2012 and distributing their product all along the East Coast keeps Farmer and DR busy, admitting, “We’re always at 3109 Highway 153 work. This is something you’ve got to live and breathe.” Piedmont 864.263.8312


But the two find other ways to enjoy their local community. “Farmer is one of the biggest music hounds I’ve ever known,” Raad says of his partner. “If it’s good music, he knows about it before anyone else.” That’s one reason

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NATHALIE M. MORGAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW Nathalie Morgan believes clients deserve an attorney who is aggressive,

world of immigration law, including special juvenile immigrant eligibility cases,

prepared and qualified to deal with their legal proceedings – someone

visas, green cards, deportation proceedings and waivers as well as citizenship

experienced enough to handle any circumstances, expected or unforeseen, that may arise. “I represent everyone – male, female, all socio-economic levels – anyone who needs legal help,” says Nathalie, an attorney who focuses her practice on family law, divorce proceedings, custody litigation and immigration law. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Loyola University

petitions and naturalization issues.

Clients deserve an attorney who is aggressive, prepared and qualified to deal with any proceedings.

College of Law, Nathalie has an incredible depth and

“Because of my multi-cultural background, I have incredible understanding of people’s struggles with immigration issues right now,” says Nathalie, who is chairman-elect of the Hispanic Alliance. “I’m a big advocate for human rights, and I believe diversity is a beautiful thing.” While she’s working hard as an attorney and activist, Nathalie’s favorite role of all is being Mommy to 7-year-old Chloe. This

breadth of experience dealing with the South Carolina Family Courts. As a

mother-daughter duo adores riding horses, hosting sleep-overs and hanging

single mom, she brings an extra measure of empathy to her work regarding

out with friends. Chloe is growing up multi-lingual – just like her mom – and

divorce, legal separation, child support, child custody, visitation, alimony,

attends the Spanish immersion program at Blythe Elementary. An avid world

equitable division, step-parent adoptions and birth certificate amendments.

traveler, Nathalie loves being able to introduce her daughter to other cultures

“My goal is to be a good mix of aggressive, reasonable and empathetic,” Nathalie says, noting that while she explores the option to settle divorce and custody proceedings amicably and out of court whenever possible, she is always ready to take her cases to trial. “I strive to minimize the cost while maximizing the results for my clients. Making the divorce process as easy and cost-efficient as possible allows everyone to move on with their lives, with minimal negativity from the divorce proceedings.” Nathalie is Belgium-born, Europe- and US-raised, world-traveled and tri-lingual – all of which informs her expertise in the increasingly complex 120

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now that Chloe is old enough to travel, too. “I’ve been all over the world, but I always love coming back home to Greenville,” Nathalie says.

Nathalie M. Morgan, LLC. Attorney at Law

201 West Stone Ave., Greenville 864.242.6655 |



preventative care. “This is health care that works for you,” Bryce says. Bryce Kaspar (left) and Shawn Fox want to cure the waiting and “There’s no insurance middleman dictating what, when, where and how wanting in primary health care – and they make no bones about the best much primary care you can have, and that puts you and your way to do so. doctor in charge of your health.” “We need to remove medical insurance from the primary IdealMD is surprisingly affordable. “For less than the cost of care equation,” says Bryce, CEO of IdealMD, a Direct Primary This is health care a monthly cable bill, you can control your health care and reduce Care (aka Concierge medicine) services company. “Nothing that works for you. your need to utilize insurance,” Bryce says. should come between patients and their primary doctors.” Members still need to maintain a medical insurance policy. Bryce grew up in a family of doctors – his father, “It’s important not to confuse ‘coverage’ with ‘care,’” Bryce explains. stepmother and brother are all physicians – and IdealMD “Insurance covers you for the ‘big stuff ’ – surgical procedures, specialists, solves the problems they describe with an increasingly complex insurance hospitalizations – any expensive, unforeseen event. But insurance is not an process, patient quotas, claims coding, and everything else that moves the effective way to access or pay for every day care.” focus away from patients and onto paperwork. As entrepreneurs themselves, Bryce and Shawn are committed IdealMD’s approach is simple and proven. Effective health care saves to making health benefits work better for small businesses and their businesses and employees money; it boosts productivity and morale, too. employees. “Through all the noise and hysteria about health care, IdealMD IdealMD manages Direct Primary Care membership programs that give offers something positive,” Bryce says, explaining that Direct Primary Care employees fast, unfettered access to primary care doctors. gives business owners a way to control both the cost and the quality of These doctors are independent from the insurance system, so members employee care benefits. “We simplify the equation by putting people first.” don’t have to worry about co-pays, deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses. Doctors work with fewer patients, thus providing more attentive care. “A positive doctor-patient relationship can have a profound effect on good health,” notes Shawn, co-founder of IdealMD. “We’ve seen major reductions in costly prescription overuse and unnecessary testing, and increased prevention of often avoidable chronic disease.” 107-3 Sloan St., Suite C, Clemson IdealMD services include comprehensive annual exams, wellness coaching, nutritional guidance, coordination of specialist care, and 844.433.2563 |

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PRETTY POTS enjoys the outdoors. “He hunts and fishes, and I collect moss and twigs for Pretty Pots is bringing unique planting arrangements to the Upstate. arrangements while he’s doing that,” Joy says. This mobile service creates custom arrangements and brings the garden Joy and Francis also enjoy taking their children—both center to customers’ homes. students at Christ Church—for adventures at the lake. Chloe Joy Gregory started Pretty Pots three years ago after plays lacrosse and church basketball. Cog plays football and finding that many Greenville residents would enjoy a We go out of our way baseball for the school, and his mother expects him to help with service that creates unique garden creations, customized to to make sure everyone Pretty Pots this summer. their own yards. gets the best service. What sets Gregory and her business apart from others is her “I did a job for a friend of mine and put some pictures on ability to provide exceptional service to her customers. “We carry Facebook,” Gregory remembers. “I got six emails that day, the service through from start to finish,” Gregory says, adding that and that’s when I saw the need for this service.” she recently covered all her customers’ plants up to protect them from the Pretty Pots creates arrangements based on the specific needs of each cold. “We go out of our way to make sure everyone gets the best service.” customer. While home improvement stores guess at what plants might Born and raised in Greenville, Joy knew doing business with Upstate work for customers, Gregory and her team—including Fabio, her rightresidents and businesses would be a tremendous experience. “I think the hand man—actually go to residents’ houses to see what they truly need. people are just super nice and so complimentary,” she says. “People are “I can make it more custom when I can see someone’s house and yard,” very gracious for what we do.” Gregory says. “We go beyond the call of duty to make it super custom and not like anybody else. I incorporate a lot of natural elements to make it more custom.” Joy’s love of gardening came from her mother, Dianne Cook. When she was young, Joy would help her mom as she did planting jobs on the side. “My mom is the one who taught me how to do everything with plants,” Gregory says, adding that her mom still helps with the business during the 864.991.5511 busy spring season. When she is not putting together creative planting ideas, Gregory is Instagram: @prettypotsgreenville spending time with her family. Her husband of 18 years, Francis, also 122

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was a 4’x4’ confection designed to serve 1,500 people. One Earth Day She spent many a teen-year afternoon in her great-aunt’s kitchen, request turned into a 4-foot-tall tree made entirely of rice crispy treats and sitting on the counter amidst a bustling home-based bakery business. chocolate. Unique orders are often job-related – a cake designed to look “I loved watching her work,” recalls Susan McMakin, “and she loved like an anesthesiology machine, for example. letting me help.” “We take all kinds of requests,” Susan says. “We like quirky. Thus knowledge, skills and long-secret recipes passed And we like people with creative vision, too.” between generations, and before long Susan – who today Because she inherited her craft from her great-aunt, love of owns Couture Cakes of Greenville – was baking up her We have fun turning our family is baked into the business. own spending money while in high school and college. customers’ ideas into “Couture Cakes loves sharing our clients’ milestones,” says “I was studying architecture at Clemson University and edible works of art. Susan. “We watch them grow up – we bake their birthday baking cakes on the side,” Susan says. “It became pretty cakes through the years, and then before you know it, we’re obvious what my true calling was when I’d work on a making cakes for their graduations, then their weddings, then design project and think ‘This would be so much easier to their baby showers. It truly makes us feel like we’re part of their family.” do in cake!’” When she isn’t busy running her bakery, this Newberry native stays So instead of designing buildings, she built her career around designing busy running her 13-year-old daughter, Eleanor, to activities such as sweet memories for customers as they celebrate birthdays, graduations, Greenville County Youth Orchestra and soccer. Family time is important, weddings, and other special occasions. and the McMakins especially enjoy playing board games together. “Couture Cakes is a family business,” says Susan, “and we love being part of your family’s memories.” Couture Cakes takes pride in baking cakes that taste as good as they look. They boast 20+ flavors of cakes, fillings and icings – but buttercream frosting is a definite favorite. “We love the opportunity to be creative – cake is an incredibly artistic 1325 Miller Rd., Suite H, medium,” says Susan, noting that many of their intricate birthday cakes are Greenville often more time-consuming than wedding cakes. “We have fun turning 864.288.6610 our customers’ ideas into edible works of art.” Unusual requests are all in a day’s work. Couture Cakes’ biggest bake

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SOUTHERN TRADITIONS local interior designers and custom home builders. “More than 65 percent This window fashion trend won’t ever get stale! When Southern of our business comes from repeats and referrals,” Matt says, “and we are Traditions design consultants and installers visit clients, they show up with more particularly proud of that statistic.” than the latest window décor – they always bring fresh-baked cookies, too. As a Clemson University grad, Matt’s also proud of a recent “A little extra customer service never goes out of style,” commercial project. While the Tigers were on their way to says Matt Cobb, managing partner of Southern Traditions becoming National Champions, Southern Traditions was busy Window Fashions. “Our creative window styles make your installing window treatments – lots of orange drapery and home more beautiful and more affordable than any similar A little extra customer customized shades – at Clemson’s new football operations complex. investment. We add special touches – like cookies, freshly service never goes The Southern Traditions team makes affordable homes more baked daily by the company owners – to be sure our out of style. beautiful, too – the company donates blinds for about a dozen clients have the best experience possible.” Habitat for Humanity projects per year and sends product to Matt co-owns Southern Traditions along with Stephen Habitat’s ReStores as well. Wisdom and Sandy Williamson. These three partners “People have so many options when they want to update their were employees of the company’s previous owners – Matt décor,” Matt says, acknowledging that new window treatments often compete in sales, Stephen in installation, Sandy in office management – and their with new furniture or floor coverings in existing homes whose owners are complementary skillsets create an ideal synergy that’s moving the venture trying to decide where they’ll get the most bang for their design buck. “We forward with a vision that focuses on quality product and top-notch service. stay on top of the latest trends. We believe well-dressed windows add In just five short years, they’ve expanded Southern Traditions from three to incredible value when beautifying your home.” seventeen employees. “That’s incredible growth,” Sandy says, and in the process the company has garnered recognition including Angie’s List Super Service Award, Best of the Upstate, Best of Houzz and the Better Business Bureau Applause Award. “A lot of our success has to do with our emphasis on service. We have a great team – good design, good installation – and satisfied customers refer us to 319 Garlington Rd., Ste B2, Greenville their friends and colleagues.” Southern Traditions works with individual homeowners as well as | 864.286.0044 124

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BRIGGS LAW FIRM Growing up in a family of attorneys, Sam Briggs loved hearing

“We embrace the challenge of advocating for our clients to the best of our

anecdotes about the circumstances and situations that are all in a day’s

abilities,” says Sam, noting that he and his dad work with clients of every

work for private practice lawyers. His favorite stories revolved around

background – individuals as well as corporations. “Everyone deserves to be

people finding the help they need via competent and

diligently represented. We make every case our top priority.”

compassionate legal representation. “I admired my dad’s professional standards, and I always dreamed of working with him,” says Sam, whose father Larry has been practicing law in Greenville for 29 years. “I went to law school with the intention of one day joining his practice.”

Briggs Law Firm covers all legal needs, from general

Everyone deserves to be diligently represented. We make every case our top priority.

The father/son partners recently hung a new shingle as The Briggs Law Firm, focusing on Family, Criminal and Personal Injury cases as well as Real Estate and Business

practice and business law to mediation. “Our goal is to protect your interests and exceed your expectations,” Sam says. Larry earned his law degree from the University of South Carolina and Sam did his undergrad there before heading to Charleston School of Law – so they share a passion for all things Gamecock. Sam was raised in Greenville by parents who hail from

law. Sam’s mom, Marsha, is the Briggs’ paralegal. “This truly is a family

Minnesota and Florida – “they met in the middle,” Sam laughs – and he

affair,” Sam says.

played basketball for the Yellow Jackets before heading to college. Sam still

The Briggs Law Firm provides a complimentary, one-hour consultation for anyone seeking legal counsel. This “meet-and-greet” helps determine whether

loves to shoot hoops and do CrossFit, and he indulges his love of music as a baritone in the Greenville Chorale.

legal counsel is necessary and, if so, whether the Briggs firm is a good fit. “What sets us apart is our accessibility,” Sam says. “We communicate directly with our clients, rather than making them go through an assistant. People call me at all hours – and I always answer.” While the Briggs Law Firm is a new entity, it’s a continuation of Larry’s three-decade legacy of impeccable ethics. The father/son partnership practices in a downtown building that’s home to nearly a dozen other

819 East North St., Greenville | 864.242.4995


attorneys – a vibrant environment that’s especially conducive to collaboration.

Briggs Law Greenville Law Firm

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EVERY TROPHY HAS A STORY FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS, the Cowart family has been “Making Awards That Make Winners Smile.” Cowart Awards has been around long enough to understand that there is more to winning than just receiving the trophy. In fact, every trophy has a story. Any time someone receives a trophy they also receive a memory that will last a lifetime. The Cowart Awards team is proud to use technology and techniques that are innovative within the awards industry to present their customers with the best quality and service. Cowart Awards is a family business, and the community is an extension of that family. Cheryl Taylor likes to say that when she married her husband, George, in 1970 she married into the trophy business. The couple ran Cowart Awards together for more than 30 years until George passed away in 2005. Today Cheryl continues his legacy with the help of her son George Jr., daughter Erin, and brother Raji. George and his brother, Tom, started the business as Cowart Engravers in 1965, operating out of the family garage in West Greenville. A few years later they added trophies to the mix, relocated to Laurens Road, and changed the name to Cowart Awards. George’s commitment to quality and customer service built the foundation for success the company still enjoys today. Because “Every Trophy Has a Story,” Cheryl invites you to share your award-worthy story with photographs if available. Send them to and the stories shared on their Facebook and website will beautifully preserve those memories for a lifetime.




SEASONS CAFE & CATERING As they head into their third year in business together, Julie Ellis and Mark Bergstrom of Seasons Cafe & Catering are on a mission to continue sharing their delicious food with as many people as possible. “We take simple, ordinary food and serve it in an extraordinary way,” says Bergstrom. “We take pride in making sure it looks good, tastes good, and makes you happy.” Seasons Cafe & Catering is on Butler Road, just off I-385. “We chose this location because we wanted to offer people good, fresh food they didn’t have to go downtown for,” says Ellis. “We have great regulars, and we’re proud of the growth we’ve seen so far. But a lot of people still don’t know we’re here. And we get new customers coming in every day.” All of the food at Seasons Cafe is made from scratch, and sourced from local ingredients whenever possible. “We want people to know that healthy food really can taste good,” says Ellis. The selection includes everything from fresh soups, salads and sandwiches at the cafe, to chicken salad, shrimp & grits, steak crostinis and fried mac & cheese bites at catered events. Seasons also prepares healthy, clean meals that customers can order online and pick up for weeknight meals or lunches at work. Everything is fully cooked and ready to eat. Since opening in January 2015, most of Seasons’ business has come from corporate catering. But Ellis says they’ve been doing a lot more weddings and community events recently. “People celebrate with food, and we love being a part of that,” she says. We have so much to At the cafe, the focus is on family. “We aim to create a look forward to as we family-friendly environment where you can have a good continue to grow. We’re meal at a reasonable price. Come as you are, eat with your in this for the long haul. kids and feel good about it,” says Bergstrom. When it comes to their partnership, Ellis and Bergstrom run the business 50/50. “Mark is the brains behind the outfit,” says Ellis. “He can’t be here every day because he’s the director of a culinary arts school. But we’ve structured the business together, and we’re on the same page with everything. We see each other’s vision, answer each other’s questions, finish each other’s sentences.” “Julie runs the day-to-day operations. She makes sure everyone has what they need and the catering gets out the door,” says Bergstrom. “She’s a jack of all trades. And she’s very structured. Everything is organized with Julie in charge.” It takes a lot of teamwork to run a successful catering company. “Our staff is great,” says Ellis. “We all work together and everyone has their ‘thing’. We have chefs who do meticulous cuts and make things look pretty. Some work the line and do fabulous presentation. Others are speedy and make the catering in mass quantities work.” Bergstrom adds, “A lot of restaurants have high turnover. But we have people who’ve been here from day one and are still with us. It’s an eclectic group of people with different skills who all work together to create something amazing.” Bergstrom and Ellis say they’re proud of how the business has come together and grown over the last three years. “We started with an idea,” says Bergstrom. “It continues to evolve, and we’re evolving with it. And we’re having fun doing it. That’s what makes me the most proud.” “We’re just getting started,” says Ellis. “We have so much to look forward to as we continue to grow. We’re in this for the long haul. We’re looking to build long-term relationships with the community and continue to make great food.”

1054 East Butler Rd., Ste. A 864.297.6516


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THE ANCHORAGE Would you like to come and try something new? If so, then Greg and Beth’s restaurant, The Anchorage in the Village of West Greenville, is the

The inspiration behind their restaurant is very unique. Greg says, “We are fortunate to be in a very unique space and we’ve been meticulous about each

place for you! The music may be a little louder, the food

and every detail. When it comes to the food, we try to balance

is built for sharing, and the drinks are eclectic. Greg McPhee has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. He grew up in Stamford, Conn., and received his associate of science degree in Culinary Arts and his bachelor of science degree in Food Service Finance at Johnson & Wales University. Beth is originally from Atlanta and earned her bachelor of arts degree in communications at the College of Charleston. She also has a master of arts degree in fashion market from Parson School of Design.

lighter flavors using ingredients that can speak for themselves.

We love getting to meet so many people who somehow have ended up in the Upstate. Whether it’s producers, employees or guests, we enjoy the patchwork that is Greenville and is helping to build a unique community.

Couple that with a wood-burning grill, and I don’t think there are any other places like us in town.” Their favorite part of doing business in the Upstate is the people. “We love getting to meet so many people who somehow have ended up in the Upstate. Whether it’s producers, employees or guests, we enjoy the patchwork that is Greenville and is helping to build a unique community.” Their goal is to provide an experience to the public unlike any other in Greenville!

The Anchorage opened to the public on January 17th of this year. It seems as though everything fell into the right place at the right time for the village to be the right spot for them. Before opening the Anchorage, Beth worked in marketing for Zac Posen, Lacoste, Scoop NYC before moving back South and buying Mommas Jewels, a silver jewelry company. Greg was the Executive Chef at Hotel Domestique and Restaurant 17. Before that, he opened Husk Restaurant in Charleston, and previously worked at the Cloister at Sea Island. In their spare time, they enjoy spending time with their dogs, traveling, and enjoying all of the wonderful amenities that Greenville has to offer. 130

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The Village of West Greenville 586 Perry Ave., Greenville 864.219.3082 |

UPSTATE EVENT SERVICES looking to expand. “Greenville is growing and our business is growing along David and Patty Revels just celebrated their 25th anniversary. They with it. We are involved with 400-500 parties per year,” David says. met at Winthrop University, where David ran the food service operation for In 2012, they were blindsided by Patty being diagnosed with ARAMark, and Patty was studying Food and Nutrition. One breast cancer. Building the business became secondary as they night, while both were out at a bar, David saw Patty through We truly enjoy concentrated on Patty’s health. This year marks five years cancer the crowd, walked over to her, picked her up (literally) and working with the free. From this Patty and David try to give back for the kindness walked out of the bar. They have been together ever since. brides and event and blessings they have received, offering discounts to non-profits David was transferred from school to school with coordinators in that help others. “We look at our business as a ministry that God ARAMark, eventually being transferred to Clemson Greenville to create has given us to share with others,” he says. University. After seven moves in three years, they grew just the right look and David and Patty enjoy the family values, great quality of life and tired of moving. So in 1999, David and Patty decided to feel for their events. the growing diversity here in the Upstate. open Edible Insights Catering in West Greenville and begin Here’s to you, Greenville! life as entrepreneurs. In 2006, Patty was presented with an opportunity to purchase the inventory of an existing event rental business. Pictured from left to right: Ansley Ellis: Office Manager, Patty and David Revels: It complemented the services of the catering business beautifully. Upstate Owners, Jonathan: Warehouse Manager, Jason: Warehouse Manager. Event Services was launched. By 2007 David saw how his degree in Theater Arts and Design translated to transforming event spaces. Creating breathtaking backdrops, designing themed events, draping fabric and lights from ceilings and walls. The possibilities for creativity were endless. He had found his passion! As luck would have it, Chef Shane Clary was ready to launch Good Life Catering. SOLD! David and Patty surround themselves with other passionate people. On staff, they have 2 event planners, a florist, photographer and bartender. 1225 Pendleton St., Suite 6, Greenville Having been in the hospitality industry for so many years, they have 864.220.1220 | professional contacts to service any size event for any occasion. | Instagram: @Upstate_Event_Services


Now, they occupy 8,500 square feet in West Greenville Plaza and are

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ROTO-ROOTER Roto-Rooter is a nationally-known name, but many people aren’t aware that the local Greenville Roto-Rooter is family-owned and headquartered right here in a spacious new facility on Tanner Road. Michael and Abby Zaffuto own and manage the business that was started by Abby’s parents, Gary and Patricia Eckberg, in 1984. After graduating from Clemson, Abby joined the family business in 1996. Michael joined the business in 1998 and they both assumed leadership roles in 1999. The company has seen steady growth ever since, expanding to five locations and eight franchises. “We’ve had a lot of growth this year, and it was great to complete our new operations center and move in,” Zaffuto said. With 48 employees, Zaffuto said she could employ even more if she could find the highly-qualified plumbers she is seeking. To address that problem, they created a space for a training center in the new operations center so they can run their own plumbing school, though that’s still in the planning phase. Another change at Roto-Rooter is the addition of Dustin Littrell, who relocated to Greenville from Louisville, Ky., to join the company as marketing director in January. He completes an already strong team. “I met Abby and her business had gotten larger, and we talked about It’s really a marketing,” Littrell said. “She’s a hands-on business owner and had one-stop-shop, been handling marketing herself, so she brought me down. They are because we do absolutely the best people to work for.” everything. Littrell wants to let the community know more about the local RotoRooter business and all that it offers. “People think it’s drain cleaning, and may not think of us as a plumber,” he said. “We pump septic tanks, install sewers, we have people certified in crawl space encapsulation and leak detection. It’s really a one-stop-shop, because we do everything.” With Littrell on board, the Zaffutos have been able to shift their focus to operations, boosting efficiency, creating the ideal team of employees and, most recently, updating all company software. The new facility and systems are so successful that other Roto-Rooter franchisors fly in to see the best ways to run their operations. When Roto-Rooter was founded in the 1930s, it focused on drain cleaning, but now people can often take care of that on their own. Plumbing, however, is a more complex field that requires experience, knowledge and a license. That’s where the expert staff at Roto-Rooter can really make a difference, Littrell said, for residential clients as well as large commercial operations. Thanks to the family-oriented nature and local focus of the company, the Zaffutos and their team place a large priority on giving back to the community in a variety of ways. Recently, the company has donated plumbing services to the Bi-Lo Charities Children’s Cancer Center, and have also donated labor valued at $10,000 to the U.S Military History Museum and Education Center being built at the Greenville Downtown Airport. The company recently donated iPads to Brushy Creek Elementary’s Special Education Program and proudly supports the Langston Foundation, Dabo’s All in Team Foundation and will again be the presenting sponsor for the March of Dimes Tigers for Babies 5K in November. “I look for things that have a local impact, and help local organizations,” Zaffuto said. Organizations and hospitals that help children mean a lot to the Zaffutos, especially since their son Matthew, 8, was diagnosed with ADNP Syndrome. One of only 101 diagnosed cases in the world, the genetic abnormality causes a variety of problems including sleep apnea, intellectual disabilities and lack of muscle tone. The Zaffuto family stays active with Matthew and his big sisters Katie, 15, and Allie, 13. The family loves traveling, and as Clemson alumni, they particularly relished recent trips to watch their beloved Tigers play – and win – post-season games.

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ORION YORKE MEDIA At only 19 years old, Orion Yorke is an incredibly talented videographer and editor, who just-so-happens to be the man behind those fabulous GVLMade videos from GVLToday. His father was a videographer, so Yorke has been behind a camera for as long as he can remember. He started making movies with his dad’s VHS camera when he was only 10, and writing his own scripts and screenplays by the age of 12. “I would get the boys in the neighborhood to help me with sketches and skits. At the time, I didn’t have anywhere to post them, so I’d just share them with friends,” he says. Originally from New Jersey, Yorke’s family moved to Greenville when he was seven years old. He was home-schooled, but he also took classes at Greenville Tech during his junior and senior years of high school. Some of them were film classes, which further fueled his passion for videography. Yorke finished high school in three years. After graduating in 2015, he took a gap year to focus on videography and hone his craft. He advertised his services on Craigslist and began shooting

Yorke says he’s thankful for his parents, Regina and Bob, who’ve always encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

weddings, birthday parties and football games to get his feet wet. Business was good, so Yorke decided to keep working instead of going to college.

Now he’s working on dozens of different projects with both local and international companies. “I shoot corporate videos, sponsored videos with product placement and all kinds of other stuff. It’s a huge mix. The variety here is crazy,” Yorke says. Yorke does a lot of freelance work, which means he’s often working alone. But he prefers projects where he can collaborate with other creative people. Yorke credits his faith for a lot of his success. “God has really led me through everything,” he says. “A year ago, I was shooting birthday parties and not really getting many gigs. Now I’m doing what I love, without the burden of college or debt, and turning my God-given talent into a full-time job at the age of 19.” Yorke says he’s thankful for his parents, Regina and Bob, who’ve always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. “They believed in me before I ever did,” he says. “My mom always knew I would be making movies. And my dad kickstarted it all by buying me my first ‘real’ camera.” When he’s not busy working, you can find Yorke riding through the woods on his four-wheeler, or exploring Greenville with his friends and capturing the adventure through his lens.


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Roland Crawley has had a variety of jobs in his 65 years, from drug counselor to restaurant manager, but every job has had one thing in common – a focus on his love of people. His latest venture, Crawley’s Party Services, certainly fits the bill, offering a variety of services for parties, from basic bartending to a full turn-key service that includes beverage planning. purchasing, layout and more. “Anybody can serve drinks, but it takes a certain person to have the personality that people are looking for,” Crawley said. “Ninety percent of my customers over the years have become personal friends, so it’s not just a customer-type relationship, it’s also a friendship.” Crawley opened the business two years ago, and has built up a steady clientele made up of many repeat customers who keep coming back to him for help. He’s overseen the drinks at small parties of 10 to more than 350 people, and across Greenville to Charlotte, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and even St. Petersburg, Fla. “We travel, and I’ve stayed as long as five days for a wedding,” he said. “Anybody can serve Repeat customers know that drinks, but it takes a no matter how large the event, certain person to have or how many days, they can the personality that count on expert service with people are looking for.” the personal touch. Crawley grew up in Greenville and graduated from Beck High School. After his years as a drug counselor, he enjoyed a stint running his parents’ restaurant, Burn’s Place. But when they retired, he wanted to go in a different direction and joined his older brother providing bartending services for events. After his brother passed away, Crawley continued and expanded the business. When he isn’t working, Crawley can often be found belting out 70s classics by Earth Wind & Fire or Smokey Robinson while singing karaoke. He also loves going dancing – another reason his business has been a perfect fit. “Parties are the perfect place for me to work,” he said. “It blends right in with the things I like.” Though he is approaching the age many retire, Crawley said he is having so much fun that he sees continuing for at least another decade. “I just appreciate the customers I have had,” Crawley said. “I love the personal aspect of it. When I’m sick, my customers reach out to help me. The most rewarding thing about this profession is the personal friendships I’ve created with customers.”



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MEYER DENTISTRY After more than a quarter century in practice, he’s never questioned his Making people smile is all in a day’s work for James Meyer, DDS. decision. “I made the right choice,” he says. “I’m so happy to say that I still “There is always laughter here,” says Dr. Meyer, explaining that everyone love my job after all these years.” at Meyer Dentistry goes out of their way to create a Meyer Dentistry is committed to giving back to the happiness-infused atmosphere. “I want to see my patients community. They volunteer their services at the Free smile. Humor is a big part of my life – and a big part of Medical Clinic, through Dental Lifeline Network, providing the healing process, too.” We want everyone to leave our office with a complimentary services to elderly, disabled and/or medically This family-friendly dental practice combines personal genuine smile. fragile people who cannot otherwise afford dental care. The touch with the latest technology to ensure patients are as Meyer staff also volunteers every quarter at local nonprofits calm and comfortable as possible. In addition to general such as the soup kitchen. dentistry and restorative work – one-appointment crowns, Dr. Meyer follows a “Smile More, Live More” philosophy root canal therapy and dental implants – Meyer Dentistry provides comprehensive cosmetic and orthodontic treatment. Committed at home as well as the office. His family lives on a “hobby farm” filled with to continuous training, Dr. Meyer keeps current on progressive methods horses, goats, chickens, rabbits and more, and he loves nothing more than in the ever-evolving field of dental medicine. As a result, his breadth of working outside on landscaping and building projects. Dr. Meyer and his ability allows patients with varying needs to receive specialty services in a wife, Anne, have three teenagers – Jacob, 18; Ella, 17; and Kate, 14 – and familiar environment. they thoroughly enjoy the busy-ness of an active family. “I love making my patients comfortable. Whatever their needs, I’m here to help them feel better,” says Dr. Meyer, who has been practicing dentistry for 27 years. “We want everyone to leave our office with a genuine smile.” Dr. Meyer inherited his passion for helping others – indeed, he believes he was born to do it. “I have dentistry in my bloodline,” Dr. Meyer says, noting that his father, 1212 Haywood Rd., #300, Greenville uncle, brother, and two cousins are all dentists. “As a kid, I never wondered what I’d be when I grew up – I always said I’d be a dentist, just like my dad.” 864.213.4442 136

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PhotograPhy by Carol boone Stewart

From left to right: Seated: Shane Kendrick, Wealth Advisor, Melissa Fritz, Wealth Advisors Regional Director, Todd Harward, Wealth Advisor Standing: Bam Gressette, Regional Director of Portfolio Management, Missy Brown, Personal Trust Specialist, Jason Howard, Insurance Strategist, Bob Taylor, Regional Portfolio Manager, Judy Schoemer, Personal Trust Specialist.

BB&T has grown inTo one of The mosT sTaBle and successful financial insTiTuTions in The naTion.

Clients know the real value of doing business with BB&T is building relationships with experienced advisors who are deeply rooted in a culture of personal service and integrity. That service culture drives BB&T’s approach to wealth management. Our Wealth advisors in Greenville provide affluent clients and their families with comprehensive financial planning and advisory services that are objective, understandable and actionable. Their clients have access to a dedicated wealth advisor supported by a team of specialists in the areas of financial planning, strategic credit, banking, insurance, investments, trusts and estate planning. This team approach extends beyond BB&T. They connect and coordinate with your attorney, CPA and tax advisor so each professional has the benefit of the big picture – your overall financial picture – as they make recommendations in their areas of expertise. The result is a team approach that integrates decisions within all areas of your financial life. While personal service is at the heart of the BB&T philosophy, a four-step process provides a practical approach to wealth management. The four steps of the BB&T Wealth customized financial plan focus on assessing your needs, structuring your plan, assembling your team and monitoring your results. This process begins with in-depth conversations and results in an integrated action plan that evolves as your financial needs and objectives change.

“We enjoy getting to know our clients and their families, and understanding what is important to them. Often, our advisors and clients discover mutual interests, especially when it comes to community involvement. These shared interests result in deeper, more meaningful connections and relationships that continue for years, decades – even generations,” says Melissa Fritz, regional director. Traditional banking services are provided by Branch Banking and Trust Company, Member FDIC. Only deposit products are FDIC insured. Investment solutions are provided by Branch Banking and Trust Company, and BB&T Investment Services, Inc. BB&T Investment Services, Inc., is a wholly owned, broker-dealer subsidiary of Branch Banking and Trust Company, Member FINRA/SIPC. Securities, Investments and Insurance products or services are: • NOT A DEPOSIT • NOT FDIC INSURED • MAY GO DOWN IN VALUE • NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY • NOT GUARANTEED BY A BANK

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Behind The Counter 2017  

A photo essay of local entrepreneurs. See the people behind some of Upstate South Carolina's finest businesses. Get a behind-the-scenes look...

Behind The Counter 2017  

A photo essay of local entrepreneurs. See the people behind some of Upstate South Carolina's finest businesses. Get a behind-the-scenes look...