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AUGUST 30, 2019 | VOL. 9 | ISSUE 17




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Llyn Strong discovered

her love for jewelry making while taking classes at Western Carolina University and now makes heirloom-quality jewelry, designed and produced right here in Greenville. For those who want to learn more about jewelry crafted in the Upstate, Llyn offers two unique opportunities in the fall with a Gem Stone Roundtable and Open Studios.

A former cotton warehouse on 42 acres in

the Historic Sans Souci area has hit the market as an investment property, with the potential to be an adaptive-reuse redevelopment project in an area of Greenville that is seeing large-scale development and growth.




“With the rapid changes in our industry, having leaders like Annette involved in all aspects of the school keeps the school up-to-date and relevant to today’s bankers.” – Fred Green, SCBA president and CEO

1553% 3-year growth percentage of the top ranked Upstate business, Maddox Industrial Transformers

More information on Upstate businesses that made Inc.’s annual guide to the top 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. on page 4 and online at


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By John Lummus | President & CEO, Upstate SC Alliance

South Carolina’s Upstate is a region of thinkers, and a region of doers. This spirit is evident when you track the region’s growth, and it is likely one of the reasons we’ve seen so much development within the last decade. In the last five years, we’ve seen an increase in population, jobs, employment at young firms, and gross regional product. On many of these measures, the Upstate and South Carolina track ahead of national growth rates.

3-year growth percentage of the top ranked U.S. business, Freestar in Phoenix, AZ

UPSTATE In fact, from 2014-2018, companies invested more than $10.5 billion in our region, and announced plans to create more than 27,208 jobs. And recently, 19 Upstate companies were featured in the 2019 Inc. 5000. These firm types include: human resources, business products and technology, financial services, real estate, construction, logistics, hospitality and even fitness. Each of these industries benefits from, and grows as a result of, our manufacturing and logistics wins. What’s the Upstate’s secret sauce for sustaining business across many industries? As with any recipe, it takes a combination of ingredients and the right environment. Let’s start with location: being right between the large markets of Atlanta and Charlotte gives Upstate businesses easy access to multiple growing cities and the 6.6 million people who reside within 100 miles of the region. Our logistics benefits include an integrated multimodal infrastructure, access to the Port of Charleston, and access to three international airports within 2.5 hours drive. We also have a world of opportunity for small-to-medium sized companies. For businesses who provide production or inventory solutions for the region’s 1,838 manufacturers, our region’s pool of potential customers is deep. The Upstate also has an entrepreneurial ecosystem committed to growing startups and young firms, such as NEXT Upstate, the Spartanburg Community College Spark Center SC, and several co-working communities. We also have a growing venture capital environment to fund their pursuits. For companies who connect employees with talent, there are more than 10,000 companies that have posted jobs within the region in 2018. And all of this growth creates tremendous opportunity for the business services providers who fulfill administrative needs, from information technology to financial services to health and wellness. Throughout the Upstate, businesses find a “can-do” attitude where new ideas are welcomed and explored, as well as public-private partnerships provide solutions for industry challenges also drives the Upstate’s success. For us within the region, it’s important to celebrate business growth of all sizes, across industry sectors. Economies tied to multiple sectors are better equipped to weather change, and they provide an array of career opportunities. These smaller businesses are often innovative and nimble, with higher earning potential.

4 UBJ | August 30, 2019




#1 in the UPSTATE

MADDOX INDUSTRIAL TRANSFORMER INDUSTRY: Manufacturing ABOUT: Stocks and ships electrical transformers to industrial and commercial clients in the United States. Focuses on immediate and short lead-time delivery. 2018 REVENUE: $13.7 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 1,553% LEADERSHIP: Camden Spiller FOUNDED: 2015 LOCATION: Simpsonville, SC EMPLOYEES: 23 Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#3) Camden Spiller got his start in the electrical transformer business at the age of 17, when he answered an ad in the local newspaper of his Texas hometown. He quickly showed a knack for process improvement, and over the next 17 years would work his way up to minority partner in Sunbelt Transformer, a company founded by Randall Maddox in 1981. Spiller relocated with the company several times, eventually landing in South Carolina to open a location in Simpsonville. After Maddox retired, the company was sold to an outside investment firm. “I involuntarily exited at that time,” Spiller says. “My plan was to stay on and ride it out and try and be a part of a turnaround, and that was not in the cards. It was a blessing, though, that — starting in the business as young as I did — I was able to kind of reach that low early enough to recover with some experience and some relationships that allowed us to regroup in what’s turned out to be a very successful way.” A key component of Maddox Industrial Transformer’s success is the ability to anticipate customer needs and maintain a stable of transformers that can be tweaked and out the door within 14 to 16 hours of receiving the distress call. “We try and position ourselves as the guys you call when the lights are out and you need something quick,” Spiller says. Read more about Maddox Industrial Transformers at




3-year growth percentage of the top ranked S.C. business, Factorial Digital


3-year growth percentage of the top ranked Upstate business, Maddox Industrial Transformers

3-year growth percentage of the top ranked Greenville business, ClearTouch





# 10




# 13




19 Upstate Companies ranked in Inc.’s annual guide to the top 5,000 fastestgrowing privately held companies in the U.S.


# 14 U.S. RANK






INDUSTRY: Human Resources

INDUSTRY: Business Products & Services

INDUSTRY: Logistics & Transportation

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

ABOUT: Provides interactive panel technologies used in classrooms and businesses.

ABOUT: Third-party logistics service offering warehousing, distribution, and related services.

ABOUT: Offers mortgage loan programs for real estate investors.

2018 REVENUE: $44.8 Million

2018 REVENUE: $17.1 Million

ABOUT: Recruits staffing for IT and engineering talent. 2018 REVENUE: $4.8 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 566% LEADERSHIP: Chris Yarrow, Brooks Israel FOUNDED: 2014 LOCATION: Greer, SC



2018 REVENUE: $31.8 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 339% LEADERSHIP: Jeff Tennyson



LOCATION: Greenville, SC

LOCATION: Greenville, SC

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#13)


Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#9)

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#10)

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #130

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #490

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #126

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#14)

With a vision for a technical staffing firm unlike any of the alternatives at the time, Chris Yarrow and Brooks Israel created The Hiring Group. Starting with only $200 worth of office furniture and an Excel spreadsheet they have built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up.

“We are beyond excited to once again place on the Inc. 5000 list this year,” said Keone Trask, President of Clear Touch®. “Being featured on the Inc 5000 list shows that they see the commitment we have to keep moving forward and to keep growing. To be considered among so many successful companies is quite an honor.”

“We are committed to forging strategic, lasting relationships with our customers through our superior service offerings and our focus on integrity in every interaction. By partnering with UCW Logistics, our clients can focus on growing their core business knowing that we are dedicated to delivering on our promises,” said Evan Cramer, President of UCW Logistics.

John Warren is the founder and Chairman of Lima One Capital, a specialty mortgage finance company. Currently lending in over forty states, the company has grown into one of the largest lenders for residential real estate investors and homebuilders. The company has raised over $1 billion in capital from institutional investors

Read more about their story at

Find out more about ClearTouch at

Find out more about UCW Logistics at

Find out more about Lima One Capital at

August 30, 2019 |




# 15 U.S. RANK





# 21 U.S. RANK


# 22 U.S. RANK







INDUSTRY: Business Products & Services

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

INDUSTRY: IT Management

INDUSTRY: Real Estate

ABOUT: Places highly qualified candidates in roles in high-demand fields that include software development and engineering.

ABOUT: Assists franchised auto dealerships with financing options for clients via a subprime lending platform.

ABOUT: Provides fullservice real estate brokerage, specializing in farm, ranch, plantation, timber, and recreational land.

2018 REVENUE: $238.2 Million

ABOUT: Custom Ciscopowered infrastructure, backup, and recovery services and help desk support to resellers, managed service providers, and consulting organizations.

2018 REVENUE: $3 Million


2018 REVENUE: $22.7 Million


LEADERSHIP: Steve Thibodeau






LOCATION: Greenville, SC


LOCATION: Travelers Rest, SC


LOCATION: Greenville, SC


Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#17)

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#21)

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #2500 | 2017 #992 | 2016 #195

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #1190 | 2017 #649 | 2016 #73

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#15) More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Woman-Owned Business

# 35 U.S. RANK



KOPIS INDUSTRY: Software ABOUT: Specializes in custom software development. Delivers software tools for both the private and government sector. 2018 REVENUE: $6.3 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 124%

More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Hiring for multiple positions


# 37 U.S. RANK


THE HARO GROUP OF KELLER WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY: Real Estate ABOUT: Operates a fullservice real estate firm. 2018 REVENUE: $2.4 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 122% LEADERSHIP: Haro Setian

LEADERSHIP: Andrew Kurtz



LOCATION: Greenville, SC

LOCATION: Greenville, SC



Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#37)

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#35)

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #1784

More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Launched KopisCares in 2015

6 UBJ | August 30, 2019


# 17

More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Top 1% of realtors in the Upstate

More information: INTERESTING NOTE: 6 Data Centers 5 Regional Offices

# 39 U.S. RANK



INTELLECTUAL CAPITOL INDUSTRY: IT System Development ABOUT: Provides technology assessment, consulting, strategic staffing, and custom app development. 2018 REVENUE: $6.1 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 117% LEADERSHIP: Traci Newkirk FOUNDED: 2003 LOCATION: Greenville, SC EMPLOYEES: 55 Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#39) Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #4976 | 2017 #2667 | 2016 #1091 | 2015 #834 More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Began in the basement

2018 REVENUE: $12.6 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 213% LEADERSHIP: Jason Walter FOUNDED: 2007 LOCATION: Greenville, SC Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#22) Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #2118 | 2017 #1108 More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Actively seeking brokers & agents

# 43 U.S. RANK



FORTIS RIDERS INDUSTRY: Travel & Hospitality ABOUT: Provides chauffeured global transportation services for business executives and high net worth individuals supported by Global Driver, its online booking platform. 2018 REVENUE: $18.8 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 107% LEADERSHIP: Jill Rose FOUNDED: 2014 LOCATION: Greenville, SC EMPLOYEES: 33 Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#43) Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2016 #4696 | 2015 #3975 | 2014 #3411 | 2013 #3302 | 2012 #3178 | 2011 #4287 | 2010 #3096 | 2009 #1907 More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Also has an office in Hong Kong




9 ROUND INDUSTRY: Consumer Products & Services ABOUT: Operates a chain of fitness centers that bring kickboxing fitness to the average person in an affordable, full body circuit format.

# 28 U.S. RANK



# 29 U.S. RANK




INDUSTRY: Business Products & Services

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

ABOUT: Develops and manufactures the world’s smallest and lightest FBIcompliant fingerprint scanners.

2018 REVENUE: $22.2 Million

2018 REVENUE: $15.4 Million

ABOUT: Offers accounting services, tax consultation, and more for both individuals, small business and corporations.



2018 REVENUE: $2.3 Million

LEADERSHIP: Shannon Hudson

LEADERSHIP: Stephen Thies




LEADERSHIP: Stephen Stokes

LOCATION: Simpsonville, SC

LOCATION: Spartanburg, SC




Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#26)

LOCATION: Greenville, SC

Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#28)


Previous INC. 5000 Ranks:

Previous INC. 5000 Ranks:

2018 #1649 | 2017 #915 | 2016 #413 | 2015 #471

More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Butler Road was the 1st location

# 52 U.S. RANK



OB HOSPITALIST GROUP INDUSTRY: Health ABOUT: Helps physicians find positions around the United States. Focuses on OB/GYN hospital programs that are designed to improve patient outcomes, while helping medical staff at those locations. 2018 REVENUE: $226.8 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 74% LEADERSHIP: Lenny Castiglione FOUNDED: 2006 LOCATION: Greenville, SC EMPLOYEES: 940 Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #3582 | 2017 #2761 | 2016 #2324 | 2015 #2191 | 2014 #1745 | 2013 #1246 More information: INTERESTING NOTE: 34,786 baby deliveries Apr. ‘18 - Mar. ‘19

2018 #940 | 2017 #3377 | 2016 #965

More information: INTERESTING NOTE: Scanner that fits in a shirt pocket

#35 53 U.S. RANK



Other INC. 5000 Honors: Top 50 SC Companies (#29) More information: INTERESTING NOTE: 2013 changed name to Stokes & Co.


# 57 U.S. RANK




INDUSTRY: Construction

INDUSTRY: Construction

ABOUT: Designs, builds, and manages the construction of commercial buildings, higher educational institutions, and large manufacturers.

ABOUT: Designs and builds hotels, churches, health care facilities, and offices.

2018 REVENUE: $52.2 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 69% LEADERSHIP: Dana Emberton FOUNDED: 2005 LOCATION: Greenville, SC

2018 REVENUE: $3 Million 3-YEAR GROWTH: 53% LEADERSHIP: Sims Key FOUNDED: 1981 LOCATION: Greenville, SC EMPLOYEES: 19


Previous INC. 5000 Ranks: 2018 #2194 | 2017 #1160

More information:

More information:

INTERESTING NOTE: Constructing Bastin Hall for The Citadel




INTERESTING NOTE: Specializes in Church design




INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing


BASED IN: Phoenix, AZ


ABOUT: Works with businesses to build brand awareness, establish marketing campaigns and increase revenue based upon content promotion. 2018 REVENUE: $36.9 Million LEADERSHIP: David Freedman, Chris Stark FOUNDED: 2015 EMPLOYEES: 40 More information:








Mount Pleasant, SC

ABOUT: Serves businesses ranging from startups to enterprise clients with digital marketing resources and tools. 2018 REVENUE: $2.7 Million LEADERSHIP: Corey Eulas, Sasha Dagayev FOUNDED: 2015 EMPLOYEES: 6 More information:


Companies on the 2019 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2015 to 2018. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2015. They must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent--not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies--as of December 31, 2018. (Since then, some on the list may have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2015 is $100,000; the minimum for 2018 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Growth rates used to determine company rankings were calculated to three decimal places. There were 12 ties on this year’s Inc. 5000. August 30, 2019 |





The Palms at Brushy Creek breaks ground, begins leasing n story by ARIEL TURNER | photo JOHNSTON DESIGN GROUP

The Palms at Brushy Creek, a 9,000-squarefoot retail strip center announced near Brushy Creek and Suber roads in Greer, has broken ground and is actively leasing two spaces in the development. Located at 3120 Brushy Creek Road, the development is owned by Venditio LLC. Jay Desai, part owner of Venditio, said the goal is to bring an environmentally conscious, modern retail and restaurant experience to the Greer community he’s called home for six years. Tenants who have signed multiyear leases for the end units include CKO Kickboxing and a 3,600-square-foot restaurant component that is a unique concept by the developer called Green Cafe Lounge and will include specialty drinks such as espresso, smoothies, and healthy farmto-table items. An organic wet-cleaning facility, like dry cleaning but without harsh chemicals, has also signed for the space next to the cafe. The Palms property will also include patio

space, a small park for children, picnic shelter, interactive water features, palms trees, and charging stations for electric cars, Desai said. The remaining two spaces are 1,200 square feet each with an option to combine the two, and the listed lease rate is $22 NNN.

Project partners include Johnston Design Group, Cely Construction, Arrowood & Arrowood, and Zuendt Engineering. Target completion is spring 2020. Contact Alex Campbell of NAI Earle Furman for leasing inquiries: 864-232-9040.

Ten counties. Eight cities. More than 170 investor companies. The Upstate SC Alliance brings all of these together to spur innovation and investment in the region. Using our collective resources, #TeamUpstate fuels our rise. Join Us.


Team U pstate

... Because TOGETHER, WE accelerate our dreams.

8 UBJ | August 30, 2019

The Upstate SC Alliance is an economic development organization that draws on the shared wisdom of universities, technical colleges, and Local Economic Developers who bridge the gap between industry and education. Working together as a team, we have the drive and the institutional support to create opportunities for today and tomorrow.

UpstateSCAlliance Because TOGETHER, WE Can.




The Hub Townhomes announced near Hincapie Sportswear n story by ARIEL TURNER | photo PARKER GROUP REAL ESTATE

A new downtown residential project called The Hub has been announced for the intersection of Echols Street and Pete Hollis Boulevard. The Parker Group, a full-service real estate and development firm based in Greenville, will be the exclusive developer, marketing, and sales team for The Hub. The development, with architecture by Project+ and civil engineering by Darrohn Engineering LLC, will consist of 14 urban townhomes priced from the $300s. Site work will commence in September, and the project completion date is expected to be early fall 2020. The Hub will be a short distance from Unity Park and within walking distance from the newly announced Cook’s Station and Heritage Green urban arts and cultural center. “We care deeply about our commu-

nity and are passionate about leading positive housing development in Greenville. In fact, we named this project The Hub because of its central location and its proximity to all that downtown has to offer,” says Drew Parker, founder and broker-in-charge at The Parker Group. Each urban townhome will include features such as granite countertops, 9-foot ceilings, and private two-car garages. Additional features include modern Scandinavian architecture, stainless steel appliances, shaker-style cabinets, and double-sink vanity in master baths. Preconstruction reservations have begun. For more information about The Hub, visit or contact Robert Boozer at rboozer@


14 urban townhomes priced from the $300s Two and three bedroom plans Private two car garages Project Completion date early fall 2020 Pre-construction reservations now being accepted

You’re going to need a

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Greenville: (864) 335-2400 | Greer: (864) 331-2190 Additional Information: Account approval, conditions, qualifications, limits, timeframes, enrollments, and other requirements apply. $100.00 minimum deposit is required to open the account. One monthly Direct Deposit or ACH credit, at least 10 POS debit card purchases post and settle to your account, enrollment in online or mobile banking, and enrollment in eStatements are conditions of this account. Limit of 1 account per social security number. There is no Monthly Service Fee to open or close this account. Contact one of our bank service representatives for additional information, details, restrictions, reward calculations, processing limitations, cycle dates and enrollment instructions. Trademarks: Kasasa and Kasasa Cash are trademarks of Kasasa, Ltd., registered in the U.S.A.

August 30, 2019 |




greenville M




Llyn Strong’s love for jewelry goes back to college n story by JESSICA MULLEN | photos PROVIDED

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO LEARN MORE about jewelry crafted in the Upstate, Llyn offers two unique opportunities in the fall:



November 8-10

Dinner, drinks, and admission are all free, and so is the chance to handle Llyn’s jewels and learn about her award-winning process. She’ll be joined by James Alger, a dealer who supplies many of the gems Llyn uses in her work. Place your reservation by emailing! The event will be held three times on October 19-21.

Llyn is participating in the Metropolitan Arts Council’s Open Studios November 8 through 10. You can step into her workshop and see how her jewelry is made!

10 UBJ | August 30, 2019

Llyn Strong discovered her love for jewelry-making while taking classes at Western Carolina University. ”I thought, ‘Oh, that’d be a lark,’ and it’s still a lark. That was in 1971, and I took five classes in jewelry at college and decided that’s what I wanted to do.” Like the gems she works with, Strong’s early career was formed under pressure. “The industry was considered ‘a man’s work’ in the ’70s. Despite my experience, I couldn’t find work in Greenville. I wasn’t used to this because I was coming out of art school.” Strong was undeterred. She took a job as a bridal consultant, but still worked in a studio on the side. She later became a bench jeweler, cutting gems for another designer, which helped her cultivate her technical skills. In October 1989, Strong finally opened her first store in downtown Greenville. “A retail store downtown? People thought I was crazy.” There were many empty buildings and one good sandwich shop, as she recalls, but it didn’t look like the urban center Greenvillians enjoy today. “It was a little scary at night. Today, there’s a lot more people downtown. Greenville is very sophisticated and very cosmopolitan.” Strong is proud of the city’s advancement but hopes it keeps its small-business-friendly atmosphere. For Strong, the “man’s work” of opening a retail shop on the wrong side of town became her crowning achievement. Thirty-five years later, she’s won multiple awards from the American Gem Trade Association. Her daughter, Sydney Strong, works alongside her as the store’s manager while finishing her graduate degree from the Gemological Institute of America. They work together at Llyn Strong’s Main Street store and keep the doors open to interested buyers and curious minds alike.














You’ll meet the artist herself and discuss your fancies when it comes to custom jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

After putting down your deposit, Llyn’s team takes your ideas and crafts a 3-D rendering of your piece. You receive a “hyper-realistic color rendering of your jewelry” from CAD drafting software.

For those who like to be extra sure of fit and appearance, Llyn’s team can make a metal model of the piece to be tried on.



Three to 12 weeks after the piece is agreed on, your work is finished and appraised.




Wells Fargo Advisors Milliken announces Singapore Wells Fargo Advisors is pleased to announce that manufacturing facilityis pleased to announce The Fallsthat Park Group Spartanburg-based Milliken &

Company, recognized as a worldhas joined our wide leader of plastic additives and Greenville, South Carolina Office colorants, announced plans to construct a new, state-of-the-art chem“We are deeply honored to welcome the Falls Park Group ical manufacturing plant and knowledge center in Asia. to Wells Fargo Advisors. The team joins our South Carolina Expected to begin operations in Q1 2021, the facility expands MillikComplex with over 20 years of experience in the financial en’s chemical manufacturing footprint to support increasing demand services industry and an unwavering commitment to their across Asia, including rapidly growing markets in India and China. The andthe their community. Their depthFargo of knowledge, focus company currently operates an applications lab and service “We technical are deeply honored to clients welcome Falls Park Group to Wells Advisors. The and sales office in Singapore, and recently celebrated 20-year pres- Carolina on exceptional service, dedication to helpingintheir teamitsjoins our South Complex with overand 20 years of experience the clients ence in the region. financial services industry succeed and an unwavering commitment and their make them an excellent fittofortheir our clients firm. We look “Milliken’s commitment to our growing markets in Asia is unwavering. community. Their depth offorward knowledge, focus on exceptional service, and dedication to to supporting this team and their clients for many years With this investment, we hope to expand the positive impact innovative helping their clients succeed make them an excellent fit for our firm. We look forward to come,” said Scott Spang, South Carolina Complex Manager. chemical manufacturing can contribute to the region and to the world,” to supporting this team and their clients for many years to come,” said Scott Spang, said Allen Jacoby, senior vice president of the Plastics Additives business South Carolina Complex Manager. within Milliken’s Chemical division. The new plant will have the capability to manufacture several integral The Falls Park Group Milliken plastic additives that bring sustainability and production benof Wells Fargo Advisors efits to the global plastics industry. Primarily, the location will produce “We are deeply honored to welcome the Falls Park Group to Wells Fargo Adviso the company’s Hyperform® family of nucleating agents for polypropylChristhopher A. Hallmark team our South Carolina Complex with over 20 years of experience in the ene (PP) and polyethylene (PE); as well as specialty colorants forjoins a broad Managing Director – Investments financial services industry and an unwavering to their clients and range of product applications, including home and laundry care, personPIM Portfoliocommitment Manager al care, industrial and institutional cleaners, and polyurethane foams. community. Their depth of knowledge, focusJohn on exceptional service, and dedica Thomas “TJ” Way The Singapore plant will be staffed with a skilled workforce including helping their clients succeed make them an excellent fit for our firm. We look fo Financial Advisor research and development chemists, chemical engineers and technical to supporting for many years to come,” said Scott Sp Francine Bergmann support. Those interested in joining the innovation company may search this team and their clients Senior Registered Client to Associate “We are deeply honored to welcome the Falls Park Group Wells Fargo Advisors. The South Carolina Complex Manager. for employment opportunities at the location using the company’s cateam joins our South Carolina Complex with over 20 years of experience in the reers website, during Q1 2021. Liz Albers financial services industry and an unwavering commitment to their clients and their Senior Client Associate community. Their depth of knowledge, focus on exceptional service, and dedication to The Falls Park Group helping their clients succeed make them an excellent fit for our firm. We look forward of Wells Fargo 35 W. Court Street, Suite 100 to supporting this team and their clients for many years to come,” said Advisors Scott Spang, Greenville, S.C. 29601 South Carolina Complex Manager. Christhopher A. Hallmark

The Falls Park Group

hasWells joinedFargo our Advisors Greenville, South Office is pleased to Carolina announce that

The Falls Park Group

has joined our Advisors Wells Fargo Greenville, South Carolina is pleased to announce that Office

The Falls Park Group

has joined our Greenville, South Carolina Office

Grant will help Soteria provide more resources to previously Chris (864) 370-5312 | TJ:Group (864) 370-5314 The Falls Park of Wells Fargo Advisors Toll-Free: (800) 929-0380 Managing Director – Investments incarcerated citizens Fax: (864)Christopher 370-2936 A. Hallmark PIM Portfolio Manager | n photo by WILL CROOKS

The Falls Park Group

Managing Director – Investments, PIM Portfolio of Wells FargoManager Advisors

Thomas John “TJ” Way Soteria Community Development CorporaChristhopher A. Hallmark Thomas John “TJ” Way Financial Advisor tion (Soteria CDC) provides financial planning Director – Investments Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC,Advisor MemberManaging SIPC, a registered Financial broker/dealer and nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. © 2018 Wells Fargo Clearing LLC. Manager PIMServices, Portfolio skills, job training, affordable housing, and Francine Bergmann All rights reserved. CAR-0819-03657 A1255 IHA-552373_A1 Francine Bergmann more to formerly incarcerated and low income Thomas “TJ” Way SeniorJohn Registered Client Associate Senior Registered ClientFinancial Associate citizens. The goal is to empower individuals Advisor with self-sufficiency. Liz Albers Liz Albers Francine Bergmann The SunTrust Foundation recently recogSenior ClientClient Associate Senior Registered Associate Senior Client Associate nized Soteria CDC’s efforts with a 2019 Lighting Liz Albers the Way Award and a $75,000 grant. Senior100 Client Associate 35 W. Court Street, Suite “The SunTrust Foundation is proud to recognize and support our loGreenville, S.C. 29601 cal nonprofit that empower and strengthen the communities they serve,” 35 370-5312 W. Court Street, 100 370-5314 Chris (864) | TJ:Suite (864) Stan Little, president of the SunTrust Foundation said in a press release. Greenville, S.C. 29601 (800) “Soteria CDC is making a meaningful impact with their programs to imChrisToll-Free: (864) 370-5312 | TJ:929-0380 (864) 370-5314 prove the financial well-being of the people who need it most.” Fax: (864) 370-2936 Toll-Free: (800) 929-0380 Fax: (864) 370-2936 Soteria CDC is one of 36 nonprofits across the Southeast and Midwest | | presented with a 2019 Lighting the Way Award from the SunTrust FounInvestment and Insurance Products: ➤NOT FDIC Insured ➤NO Bank Guarantee ➤MAY Lose Value dation, which gave a total of $2.7 million in grants to these nonprofits. “We are honored to partner with the SunTrust Foundation,” said Jerry Wells FargoWells Advisors is a trade usedused byby Wells Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered Fargo Advisors is a name trade name WellsFargo Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker/dealer and nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo&& Company. Company. © © 2018 WellsWells Fargo Fargo ClearingClearing Services, LLC. Blassingame, Soteria CDC founder. “This funding will be used to seed broker/dealer and nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo 2018 Services, LLC. All rights reserved. CAR-0819-03657 A1255 IHA-552373_A1 All rights reserved. CAR-0819-03657 A1255 IHA-552373_A1 our matching savings program for participants in our program.” August 30, 2019 |



A casual networking event in a relaxed atmosphere. No pressure. No presentations. Bring your friends, grab your business cards and meet interesting people who have new ideas to share.




with Upstate Professionals

at Fluor Field

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Wednesday, September 25




Countybank’s Scott will take the helm as chair of S.C. Bankers School The South Carolina Bankers School announced that Annette L. Scott, EVP and CFO of Greenwood-headquartered Countybank, will serve a one-year term as program chair. The South Carolina Bankers School is the premier educational and professional development program sponsored by the South Carolina Bankers Association.

n photo PROVIDED

With the rapid changes in our industry, having leaders like Annette involved in all aspects of the school keeps the school up-to-date and relevant to today’s bankers.”

Scott will chair the 59th annual session for the school, which will be held for the eleventh year at Lander University. The school is designed for junior- and mid-level officers or administrators. In addition to the classroom component, the three-year program includes home - Fred Green, SCBA president and CEO study problems, completion of a bank simulation program, exams and more. “Our Bankers School has over 3,000 alumni that have benefited from an outstanding curriculum,” Fred Green, SCBA president and CEO, said in a news release. “With the rapid changes in our industry, having leaders like Annette involved in all aspects of the school keeps the school up-todate and relevant to today’s bankers.” The SCBA is the trade and professional association representing more than 70 financial institutions across the state. The association’s mission is to provide legislative, regulatory, and educational leadership on behalf of its members.


����� TO

��������� Businesses that use a PEO get back


����� ����

a WEEK by outsourcing timeconsuming HR-related Administrative Tasks

Invest that time back in your business and watch the Benjamins roll in.

South Carolina Bankers School Admissions requirements

• Be an officer, director or an employee of a commercial bank or other approved financial institution. • Have a college degree and two years of banking experience, or a high school diploma and five years of banking experience. • Be recommended by the bank’s CEO or executive management. • Participate in all three resident sessions of the School, to attend all classes and evening sessions and to complete the home study problems.

To learn more about SCBA, visit

To learn more, call (800) 446-6567 or download your FREE E-Guide at

��������������������������� August 30, 2019 |






Area manufacturers work alongside Greenville Tech apprentices to build workforce n story by JOE TOPPE | photos by DOVE LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY

As Upstate South Carolina continues its rise in the global manufacturing market, industry-related professionals and local educators are making the most of the opportunity to create a better learning environment for college students while developing an unbreakable supply of local, skilled hands. With recent additions including the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CMI) and the fouryear bachelorette program at Greenville Technical College, regional CEO’s are beginning to take advantage of the school’s efforts to meet industry needs. Jason Premo, CEO at Acclaim Aerospace in Greenville, said his new startup company “sought out an incubator partnership with Greenville Tech’s CMI to identify potential students as future employees.” The students are prototyping and testing new products and processes, leveraging the school’s CNC machines in a rental-style arrangement during available hours outside classroom time, he said. “The arrangement provided our company new product opportunities to gain customer approvals while in the process of securing a new factory as permanent home.” Acclaim Aerospace was opened in October last year and recently moved into a 20,000 square foot facility off Pelham Road in Greenville as a Tier 2 supplier of machined components in the aviation, defense and space industries. The Upstate firm’s list of global clients includes Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus and SpaceX, with work ranging from prototypes and high and low-mix volumes to contract manufacturing with inventory management programs. As part of CMI and the two-year and new fouryear program, Greenville Tech students can serve as an apprentice on a working manufacturing floor around the Upstate to not only gain exclusive knowledge from the marketplace, but to ensure a lasting relationship with industry executives and potential landing spot after graduation.

The Student Perspective After learning how most metal products are made today, Will Baker, a Greenville Tech student and apprentice working at Acclaim Aerospace, said the complexities of parts going into products around the world inspired his career path. While most of the components in the Upstate plant end up on airplanes, “some of what we

14 UBJ | August 30, 2019

make goes on rockets,” he said. “After getting into the program and learning about all the advancements in industry, I knew I’d found an interesting career to pursue while remaining on the cutting edge of technology.” Currently, area firms are not only supporting Greenville Tech’s apprenticeship program by utilizing their students to build parts, they’re also buying from those who do. Davin McRoberts, CEO at SCTool Corp, said the company is purchasing threaded adapters built at Acclaim Aerospace for shank drills they manufacture for the defense and commercial aerospace industries.

We rely on (local employers) involvement to ensure we remain current in our curricula while meeting the training needs of local industry.” - Susan Gasque, Director of Greenville Tech’s Experiential Learning program

SCTool Corp manufactures and reconditions solid carbide cutting tools to meet the demands of high-speed machining. Susan Gasque, Director of Greenville Technical College’s Experiential Learning program, said coop, technical scholarship and apprenticeship “students are more likely to remain with their sponsoring firms after graduation rather than a new hire because of their history and investment from the company. Employers can now identify students attaining the necessary skills and develop relationships with them while they are just beginning their careers, she said. “More importantly, the program offers apprentice students ‘real world’ experience by taking part in engineering and machining actual

Jason Premo, CEO Acclaim Aerospace components, while also learning the methods and procedures of the aerospace quality system.” Other South Carolina companies like GE, Bosch, Michelin and BMW have partnered with Greenville Tech CMI within the two-year associate degree program, ranging from career days and job fairs for students, to full “scholars” work-study apprenticeship style programs with paid tuition. “Involvement of our local employers is vital to Greenville Technical College,” Gasque said. “We rely on their involvement to ensure we remain current in our curricula while meeting the training needs of local industry,” She continued. Employers can also assist the college in recruitment efforts by promoting career opportunities in the technical disciplines.



Growth inspires company name change For nearly 25 years, Charlotte-based Development Advisors (DAI) has provided site selection and incentive negotiation expertise to clients worldwide, offsetting capital costs while optimizing business locations for maximum profit and competitiveness. Now, DAI is changing its name to Maxis Advisors. “This new brand position reflects who we’ve been for the past 25 years but also where we are going and how we intend to serve our valued clients,” said Patric Zimmer, president. The company has identified optimal sites and buildings, and negotiated incentive packages for clients whose projects have represented more than $9.1 billion in capital investment and 7,500 jobs in 42 states. Its client list features Fortune 500 and middle-market organizations, both nationally and internationally based, who represent a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, office, data centers, technology, and

real estate development. As its menu of services expanded, the Maxis Advisors team recognized the need to develop a stronger, more comprehensive brand to accompany that growth. The name, logo, and look evolved out of the company’s aspiration to proactively move forward. Over the years, Maxis Advisors has expanded its menu of services to include not only incentive negotiation, but also site selection, compliance, and real estate advisory services. “This new name allows us to grow and serve our clients at a higher level and to stand out in the marketplace with the experience we offer,” said Tom Croteau, senior managing director. “What is not changing is the dedication and service we provide to our clients from growing companies in more than 40 states and countries across the globe.” To learn more about Maxis Advisors and how they are helping companies and communities grow and prosper, visit or contact Tom Croteau at 704-521-5240.


Michelin partners with PlayStation’s Gran Turismo franchise Michelin’s motorsports heritage will lend a new dimension of strategy and competition linked to tire performance in Sony PlayStation’s Gran Turismo franchise. Michelin is now the “official tire technology partner” for Gran Turismo and “official tire supplier” of FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships, the company announced on its YouTube channel.


Professional Party Rentals has spent more than two decades bringing Upstate events to life. First Community Bank financed their most recent expansion.

We party. Meet the bank behind Professional Party Rentals.


FCB Upstate_masterUBJ.indd 1

2/6/19 4:47 PM August 30, 2019 | 15




Sans Souci Cotton Warehouse hits the market

n story by ARIEL TURNER | photos PROVIDED

A 100,000-square-foot former cotton warehouse on 42 acres in the historic Sans Souci area has hit the market as an investment property, with the potential to be an adaptive-reuse redevelopment project in an area of Greenville that is seeing large-scale development and growth. Located at 201 Old Bleachery Road, the property spans 2,600 feet of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, borders the Reedy River, and is one mile from Hampton Station, also a former cotton warehouse that was redeveloped into a gathering space with restaurants and retail. Among other newly announced

nearby projects, a four-story, 200-unit multifamily development named Riverside has been proposed for a stretch of the Reedy River between 201 Old Bleachery Road and Hampton Station. According to Greenville County property records, the cotton warehouse property is owned by Bleachery Road Warehouse LLC, which is registered to Richard W. Hills of Greenville. According to the listing by SVN Blackstream, the property may qualify for potential tax credits, including New Market, Textile, and Abandoned Building. The layout and interior are similar to other area warehouse projects, such as the former warehouse on Welborn Street that is nearing completion with retail, The Commons food hall, and office users. For more information, view the full listing at or contact Ryan Robertson, Joey Weinel, or Jonathan Kessler at 864-706-8740.

When it’s time to put the toys away... Choose Take Cover Storage. ®

Premium Indoor Climate Controlled Storage for your

BOAT CAMPER RV Take Cover Storage knows your time is valuable. Our Virtual Marina® concierge services also take care of your off-season needs! We offer in-house maintenance and repairs, and transport is available. No need to winterize means you can be on the water any time without a hassle. Come take a tour and see for yourself what makes us the best!

864-608-9270 · 1448 Blue Ridge Blvd, Seneca, SC 29672

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Stephen Grant to lead new MassMutual South Carolina office in Greenville n story by REBECCA HOWERTON | photo by WILL CROOKS

Sometimes taking on a new challenge is the best way to evolve and grow. After 37 years with Northwestern Mutual, Stephen Grant knew his strength was in building relationships, especially with clients who depended on him for guidance on how to help protect their personal and business assets. Although he was happy in that role, when offered the chance to create something new, he was intrigued. After more than a year of consideration, he acceded to MassMutual South Carolina General Agent Ry Hudnall’s recruiting efforts and became the managing director of a new office in Greenville. “I realized the time I was happiest was the 12 years I coached baseball at St. Joseph’s [Catholic High School], building relationships that went beyond baseball. So when this opportunity was offered to mentor, train, and retain advisors, and build a firm, I wanted to give it a try,” Grant said. Since its opening January 10, the business has employed eight advisors, and Grant welcomes others interested in a career in financial services to contact him. Although he enjoys sharing his experience with them, he continues to sell insurance to his own clients, and they to theirs. “I’m more like a partner than a boss; they are all in business for themselves,” he said. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) was founded in 1851 as a mutual

company, without shareholders, operating for the benefit of its members and participating policy owners. It provides a range of products for individuals, including life, disability income, and long-term care insurance. Grant and other representatives can advise business owners regarding key-employee insurance, deferred compensation, buy/sell agree-

Offering investment and protection products provides added convenience and service for our clients.” - Stephen Grant, managing director

ments, succession planning, salary continuation, long-term care planning, and executive benefits. “Our job is to provide products that protect you if you die too soon, become disabled, or if you live too long,” Grant said. The office at 665 North Academy Street also houses Northbridge Wealth Management, a firm founded by another advisor, Matt Miller. The businesses will work in tandem to provide financial services for their clients, Grant said. “Offering investment and protection products provides added convenience and service for our clients,” Grant said. “We’re excited about the opportunity for this firm to grow here in Greenville.”

665 North Academy Street | Greenville, SC 864.900.2895 | |

Local firms are sales offices of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), and are not subsidiaries of MassMutual or its affiliated companies. Registered representative of and securities offered through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC OSJ: 40 Calhoun Street, Suite 310, Charleston, SC 29401 (843) 856-3411. Offices operating under an alternative marketing name may offer products, services, or guidance outside of their relationship with MassMutual, MML Investors Services, or their affiliated companies. Any such offices are not subsidiaries or affiliates of MassMutual, MML Investors Services or their affiliated companies.

August 30, 2019 |

17 1




New voting machines arrive at County Square ahead of November elections Last week, seven tractor-trailers arrived at County Square heralding a new era of voting for Greenville County. The 1,300 new voting machines and 160 optical scanners will be uncrated and certified in the next few weeks and could be used as early as the Nov. 5 municipal and public service district elections.” The new system, called ExpressVote, is part of a $51 million purchase authorized by the state to replace the state’s 15-year-old cache of outdated direct recording electronic devices (DREs). The new machines are ballot-marking devices: Voters will make selections on an electronic screen. The machine will produce a printed record of the vote for the user to verify and then feed into an optical scanner. The scanner will tabulate and record all the votes, while keeping the paper receipts secured. Both the old and new machines come from the same vendor – Election Systems & Software – a fact that rankles some who fear the too-cozy relationship between the company and the state Election Commission’s Executive Director Marci Andino presented a conflict of interest. Conway Belangia, the county’s director of voter registration and elections, and his staff have been busy preparing for the new equipment and have a lot of work to do. Belangia, who has 35 years of election administration experience, has connected with Nashville, TN, which uses ExpressVote and is similar in size and geography to Greenville. That relationship has helped identify some areas to target for both staff training and voter education. The biggest adjustment for voters, according to Belangia, will be the threestep process: marking your choices, reviewing your ballot, putting your ballot into the scanner, which is the step necessary for your vote to be cast. “Some people will want to walk out with the ballot. We hope to catch them before that,” he says. That may mean more poll workers, better signage, and demonstrations to any organization of any size that requests one. One goal of those demonstrations could be to counter some of the attempts to dissuade voters prevalent LAURA HAIGHT


on social media. Belangia, who has spent a majority of his professional life ensuring the right to vote, fears the role of social media in planting seeds of doubt in voters’ minds. “The rhetoric of social media is attempting to affect voters. Don’t believe everything you hear. It is and has been a secure system,” Belangia insists, admitting that state actors have probed and, in two cases in Florida, breached

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT AT THE POLLS FOR THE NOV. 5 ELECTIONS (potentially the first time Greenville County will use the new machines)

MORE POLL WORKERS + BETTER SIGNAGE + DEMONSTRATIONS All to help ensure the voting process with new machines runs smoothly

voter registration systems. But “no vote has been changed that we are aware of.” While that is true, there is plenty of concern about ongoing attempts to infiltrate voter registration systems, and the exposure of older voting equipment still in use. Belangia says the community group demos will serve two purposes: familiarizing voters and community leaders with the new system, and countering the social media fear-stoking with information about the security of the vote and the security features of the system such as encrypted data that can only be read by a companion decryption key. One of the organizations most interested in the new machines and their security is the Greenville County chapter of the League of Women Voters. Its president Lawson Wetli agrees with Belangia. Yes, she says, the new system is a big improvement over the old. But it’s not as good as it could have been. “The league lobbied hard for a hand-marked paper ballot system,” she ex-

Step-bystep guide to voting on the new machines Insert the provided blank paper ballot

Make your selections on the touch screen

Review your choices, make changes if necessary, and print. Review your printed ballot

Deposit your printed ballot in the secure scanner

HOW THE NEW VOTING MACHINES WORK: The new system, ExpressVote, are ballot-marking devices • Voters make selections on an electronic screen • The machine prints a record of the vote that the user/voter verifies and then feeds into an optical scanner • The scanner tabulates and records votes while keeping the paper receipts secure 18 UBJ | August 30, 2019


plains as she delineates the reasons: The optical scanner reads the printed barcode on the top of the ballot, not the choices listed below. You have to trust that the barcode accurately represents your vote. Belangia noted that standard auditing post election will involve “a random sample of votes chosen from all precincts will be hand counted to be sure the printed ballots matched the totals.” “Will voters really verify their ballots,” she asks. “It looks like a receipt. We’re used to getting those and we rarely look at them.” A bottleneck may be created because we will be limited by the number of terminals at each polling place. Where hand-marked ballots are only limited by number of pencils and partitions at a table. Voting on the new machines may take longer and, with two big elections in front of us, that bottleneck could cause delays and voter abandonment. Belangia plans a rigorous testing process to “ensure that machines are counting the way we are voting.” That testing, he explained will include “several test decks of all the scanners and all the ExpressVote terminals before we put any of them into an election.” County staffers have been to training in Columbia, and will have onsite training with ES&S reps once the equipment is ready. ES&S will have company reps available to the county on Election Day in November (potentially the first time the new machines may be used), Primary Election Day in February and Election Day 2020 to be sure things are done right and address any issues that may arise. Wetli also has ideas on things we can do to make the system work. The first is to volunteer to be poll workers. More trained staff will almost certainly be needed in the next few critical elections. The second is to spread voting out to reduce bottlenecks on Election Day. “If you qualify for any of the broad areas to vote absentee, do it. Either in person or by absentee ballot.” But Wetli and Belangia are in lock-step agreement on two things: The best way to protect our democracy is to participate in it.


The amount spent by the state for the new voting machines.


The approximate number of new voting machines in the state of South Carolina.


The number of new voting machines in Greenville County.


The number of new optical scanners in Greenville County.


The age of state’s outdated stock of voting machines


The new system is expected to be in place statewide for all elections beginning January 1, 2020. Some voters may see the system in use prior to that date in local elections.

THE 2019


LENS PHOTO C ON T E S T The Greenville Journal invites you to share your best photos of what the Upstate has to offer. Each month one lucky winner will win a $250 gift card to be used at any Rick Erwin’s Dining Group restaurant. Three honorable mention photos will also receive a $25 gift card to an Upstate business. Winning entries will be published in the Greenville Journal.



The panel considered a total of seven proposals from three voting system providers. Each vendor submitted proposals for systems that feature hand-marked ballots and ballot-marking devices.


The decision to award the contract to ExpressVote was made after a six-month procurement process overseen by the S.C. Department of Administration and the State Fiscal Accountability Authority.

Calling all foodies, wine drinkers & music lovers! If you think the Upstate has some of the best restaurants and events around, you’re not alone! We want you to show off some of your favorite events, local dishes & drinks from around the Upstate, just make sure to tell us where the food came from!

For details on each month’s contest and to submit your photo, visit August 30, 2019 |





On the Move

Some of the Upstate’s most recent hires, promotions, awards, and appointments

APPOINTED Calvin Calhoun SVP and SBA

Regional Markets Team Lead with SunTrust Bank, will serve as the chair person for United Way of Greenville County’s annual giving campaign.This year’s campaign kicks off on Sept. 12 with a breakfast rally celebration. United Way of Greenville County partners with more than 70 organizations to support programs, connect volunteers with opportunities and collaborate with key stakeholders to facilitate change.Calhoun has been actively involved with United Way since moving to Greenville in 2012. He says he’s passionate about helping under-resourced children have access to quality education and out of school time resources, as well as promoting financial stability for the community.Calhoun earned his B.A. in financial economics from the University of Virginia. In addition to his work with United Way, Calhoun has served as board director and treasurer for the Urban League of the Upstate and he recently joined the Institute for Child Success board. To learn more about United Way of Greenville County, go to


We Know What Matters. Our success as a bank comes from understanding what matters to our customers.

Little things, such as being greeted by name, receiving quick responses to requests and enjoying friendly, professional service. Big things, such as local decision making, sound advice and a strong commitment to the community. And the most important thing – knowing their bankers are always willing to go the extra mile. What matters to us is serving our customers the way they want to be served.

HIRED Jamie Lever

recently joined Jackson Marketing, Motorsports & Events as dealer and product portfolio manager serving the company’s motorsports clients. In her new role, Lever will drive efforts centered on brand growth and customer acquisition and awareness, with a special focus on KPA’s digital presence.

HIRED Katie Brown recently joined FinTrust as client services

administrator. Brown will focus on maintaining client relationships and assisting clients with their service requests. She holds a bachelor of science in Psychology from Liberty University.

PROMOTED Maegan Taylor was recently promoted to senior

accountant at SuggsJohnsonLLC. Currently working towards her CPA certification, her practice is focused largely on tax preparation, planning and consulting for individuals and closely held businesses with a specialization in multistate and foreign reporting.

HIRED Scott Hutsell recently joined THS Constructors, Inc.

as assistant superintendent. He will work with current THS Constructors Superintendents on various project sites throughout the Southeast.

HIRED Billy Lockwood recently joined ADC Engineering, Inc. as a civil engineering project designer. Lockwood received his bachelor of science in civil engineering from Clemson University. He previously worked as an engineering intern at Maser Consulting.

We know what matters and we hope you’ll allow us to prove it to you.

HIRED Dr. Suhail Kumar Member


864-775-3480 •


20 UBJ | August 30, 2019

recently joined the staff of Piedmont Arthritis Clinic, PA. Kumar is board certified in rheumatology and internal medicine. He is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians and American College of Rheumatology.




New to the Street Recently opened businesses in the Upstate

Your CBD Store Your CBD Store franchise recently opened a third location in Greenville. You can find CBD hemp oil, cannabidiol edibles, skin care, pet products and more at the store. Where: 2111 Augusta St., Ste. B, Greenville Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday and Noon – 5 p.m. on Sunday For more information: or call 864-534-1139

Goodwill Goodwill recently opened a Piedmont location. Goodwill is a not-forprofit organization committed to helping people become independent through education and training leading to employment. Where: 7861 Augusta Rd., Piedmont Hours: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Saturday and 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Sunday For more information: or call 864-315-2910

Spinx Spinx recently opened a new store and tunnel car wash in Taylors. Spinx is passionate about fulfilling people’s everyday needs by providing quality services and products in a clean, safe, and convenient environment. Where: 3475 Wade Hampton Blvd., Taylors Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Amenities: Free wi-fi, a car vacuum, air for tires, and an ATM For more information: or call 864-438-0817

West End Law Group West End Law Group recently opened in Greenville. This firm’s team consists of C. Lance Sheek and September S. Crawford and they specialize in real estate law. Where: 400 Augusta St., Ste. 120, Greenville Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday For more information:, email, or call 864-248-0308

August 30, 2019 |





Business Events Planner SEPTEMBER 3



Healthcare Issues Update

Leads Group

Links Group No. 1

8:30-9:30am | Greenville Chamber

Noon-1:00pm | Mauldin Cultural Center

8:45-10:00am | Greenville Chamber

A monthly meeting of the Healthcare Issues Committee.

For anyone looking for business leads.

This leads group meets to offer business networking and referral marketing.

Contact the Mauldin Chamber at (864) 297-1323.

Open to any Greenville Chamber member who is interested in health care issues or works in the health care industry. Contact Madison Hall at (864) 239-3748 or


Contact Ebony Austin at (864) 239-3730 or



First Friday Luncheon

5:30-8:00pm | Larkin’s Broad Street

11:30am-1:00pm | Greer City Hall

An evening networking event hosted by the Greenville Chamber. Bring your business cards and meet other professionals in the area.

Monthly networking luncheon featuring a guest speaker.

Contact Nika White at864-239-3727 or

Contact Nikki Crabtree at $10 for Greer Chamber members, $15 for nonmembers.


Upstate Entrepreneur Support Providers Network Workshop


Chamber Connects Referral Group 2 Noon-1:00pm | Simpsonville Chamber of Commerce Monthly series featuring a guest speaker and information to help grow your business. Contact Josh Wiseman at Free to Simpsonville.


Pelham Power Breakfast 8-9:00am | HomeTrust Bank (Pelham Road)

11:30am- 1:30pm| Ten at the Top

A breakfast networking event hosted by the Greer Chamber.

A networking event for Upstate entrepreneurs hosted by Ten at the Top.

Contact Josh Shaffer at Free to Greer Chamber members.

More information at



SEPTEMBER 11 Small Business Development Center standOUT Symposium

9:00am - 3:00pm | University Center Greenville | 255 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville A small-business event for minority-owned and/or woman-owned businesses. Some of the topics will include: how to do business with Clemson University, Fluor, and S.C. airports; how to get certified by the S.C. DOT, federal government, and S.C. MBCC; how your business can benefit from the services of the Small Business Administration; and more! $60 per person / $150 for up to 3 people. Sponsored by the Simpsonville Area of Commerce. Register at

22 UBJ | August 30, 2019

LaunchGVL Reception 5:30-7:00pm| The “Front Porch” at Fluor Field

2020 Legislative Agenda Listening Tour

A reception recognizing our LaunchGVL summer interns. Parents, students, partners, and participating businesses welcome.

8:30-9:30am| Greenville Chamber

More information call (864) 239-3702 or email

Contact Madison Hall at (864) 239-3748 or

A “listening tour”, where the Greenville Chamber staff meets with businesses and listens to your concerns.






upstatebusinessjournal. com/submit.

Susan Schwartzkopf

EDITOR Claire Billingsley

COPY EDITOR Rebecca Strelow

STAFF WRITERS Melody Cuenca, Ariel Gilreath

EVENTS: Submit event information for consideration to events@




MARKETING REPRESENTATIVES Heather Propp | Jessica Schwartz | Liz Tew

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

UBJ milestone

UBJ milestone jackson Marketing Group’s 25 Years 1988 Jackson Dawson opens in Greenville at Downtown Airport




Meredith Rice Chairman larry Jackson, Jackson marketing Group. Photos by Greg Beckner / Staff


1997 Jackson Dawson launches motorsports Division 1993

1990 Jackson Dawson acquires therapon marketing Group and moves to Piedmont office Center on Villa.

Jackson Marketing Group celebrates 25 years By sherry Jackson | staff |

Solve. Serve. Grow. Those three words summarize Jackson Marketing Group’s guiding principles, and according to owner Larry Jackson, form the motivation that has kept the firm thriving for the past 25 years.

Jackson graduated from Bob Jones University with a degree in video and film production and started his 41-year career in the communications industry with the U.S. Army’s Public Information Office. He served during

Vietnam, where he said he was “luckily” stationed in the middle of Texas at Fort Hood. He left the service and went to work in public affairs and motorsports at Ford Motor Company in Detroit. After a stint at Bell and Howell, where he was responsible for managing Ford’s dealer marketing and training, the entrepreneurial bug hit and he co-founded Jackson-Dawson Marketing Communications, a company specializing in dealer training and product launches for the auto industry in 1980. In 1987, Jackson wanted to move back south and thought Greenville would be a good fit. An avid pilot, he

learned of an opportunity to purchase Cornerstone Aviation, a fixed base operation (FBO) that served as a service station for the Greenville Downtown Airport, providing fuel, maintenance and storage. In fact, when he started the Greenville office of what is now Jackson Marketing Group (JMG) in 1988, the offices were housed on the second floor in an airport hangar. “Clients would get distracted by the airplanes in the hangars and we’d have to corral them to get back upstairs to the meeting,” Jackson said. Jackson sold the FBO in 1993, but says it was a great way to get to know Greenville’s fathers and leaders


with a majority of them utilizing the general aviation airport as a “corporate gateway to the city.” In 1997, Jackson and his son, Darrell, launched Jackson Motorsports Group. The new division was designed to sell race tires and go to racetracks to sell and mount the tires. Darrell Jackson now serves as president of the motorsports group and Larry Jackson has two other children and a son-in-law who work there. Jackson said all his children started at the bottom and “earned their way up.” Jackson kept the Jackson-Dawson branches in Detroit and others in Los Angeles and New York until he sold his portion of that partnership in 2009 as part of his estate planning. The company now operates a small office in Charlotte, but its main headquarters are in Greenville in a large office space off Woodruff Road, complete with a vision gallery that displays local artwork and an auditorium Jackson makes available for non-profit use. The Motorsports Group is housed in an additional 26,000 square feet building just down the street, and the agency is currently looking for another 20,000 square feet. Jackson said JMG has expanded into other verticals such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing and pro-bono work, but still has a strong focus on the auto industry and transportation. It’s

2003 motorsports Division acquires an additional 26,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space

1998 1998 Jackson Dawson moves to task industrial Court

also one of the few marketing companies in South Carolina to handle all aspects of a project in-house, with four suites handling video production, copywriting, media and research and web design. Clients include heavyweights such as BMW, Bob Jones University, the Peace Center, Michelin and Sage Automotive. Recent projects have included an interactive mobile application for Milliken’s arboretum and 600-acre Spartanburg campus and a marketing campaign for the 2013 Big League World Series. “In my opinion, our greatest single achievement is the longevity of our client relationships,” said Darrell Jackson. “Our first client from back in 1988 is still a client today. I can count on one hand the number of clients who have gone elsewhere in the past decade.” Larry Jackson says his Christian faith and belief in service to others, coupled with business values rooted in solving clients’ problems, have kept

2009 Jackson Dawson changes name to Jackson marketing Group when larry sells his partnership in Detroit and lA 2003

2009-2012 Jackson marketing Group named a top BtoB agency by BtoB magazine 4 years running

him going and growing his business over the years. He is passionate about giving back and outreach to non-profits. The company was recently awarded the Community Foundation Spirit Award. The company reaffirmed its commitment to serving the community last week by celebrating its 25th anniversary with a birthday party and a 25-hour Serve-A-Thon partnership with Hands on Greenville and Habitat for Humanity. JMG’s 103 full-time employees worked in shifts around the clock on October 22 and 23 to help construct a house for a deserving family. As Jackson inches towards retirement, he says he hasn’t quite figured out his succession plan yet, but sees the companies staying under the same umbrella. He wants to continue to strategically grow the business. “From the beginning, my father has taught me that this business is all about our people – both our clients and our associates,” said his son, Darrell. “We have created a focus and a culture that strives to solve problems, serve people and grow careers.” Darrell Jackson said he wants to “continue helping lead a culture where we solve, serve and grow. If we are successful, we will continue to grow towards our ultimate goal of becoming the leading integrated marketing communications brand in the Southeast.”

2011 Jackson marketing Group/Jackson motorsports Group employee base reaches 100 people

2008 2012 Jackson marketing Group recognized by Community Foundation with Creative spirit Award

pro-bono/non-proFit Clients American Red Cross of Western Carolinas Metropolitan Arts Council Artisphere Big League World Series The Wilds Advance SC South Carolina Charities, Inc. Aloft Hidden Treasure Christian School

CoMMUnitY inVolVeMent & boarD positions lArry JACkson (ChAirmAn): Bob Jones University Board chairman, The Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center board member, Gospel Fellowship Association board member, Past Greenville Area Development Corporation board member, Past Chamber of Commerce Headquarters Recruiting Committee member, Past Greenville Tech Foundation board member David Jones (Vice President Client services, Chief marketing officer): Hands on Greenville board chairman mike Zeller (Vice President, Brand marketing): Artisphere Board, Metropolitan Arts Council Board, American Red Cross Board, Greenville Tech Foundation Board, South Carolina Chamber Board eric Jackson (Jackson motorsports Group sales specialist): Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Advisory Board

November 1, 2013 Upstate bUsiness joUrnal 21

20 Upstate bUsiness joUrnal November 1, 2013


NOVEMBER 1, 2013

CLIENT SERVICES Anita Harley | Rosie Peck


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GRAPHIC DESIGNER Laura Allshouse, Kimberly Collier





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August 30, 2019 Upstate Business Journal  

Published biweekly by Community Journals in Greenville, South Carolina. Visit us online at

August 30, 2019 Upstate Business Journal  

Published biweekly by Community Journals in Greenville, South Carolina. Visit us online at

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