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Preparing Students for NJASK  


Recipe for Writing a 4pt Open Ended Response    


R –  Restate  the  question   in  a  creative  way   A  –  Answer  the  question   C  –  Cite  examples   E  –  Extend  your  response   with  an  opinion  


R – Restate the Question in a Creative Way Writing a “lead” When teaching students how to restate the question, remind them that all writers write a good lead. Writing an answer to an open-ended response question is not unlike any other form of writing. TTQA (turn the questions around) is a good way to start teaching students how to answer an open-ended question because it ensures they will be on topic. However, a good lead for an open- ended question is not simply restating the question and adding “because” - doing so, guarantees your student sounds like every other student in the state of NJ. **Tip: Avoid the word “because” in your first sentence. Instead try one or a combination of these leads: 1. Answer the question with a why statement.


2. Use a synonym for a word in the question. 3. Emphasize one word with bold or all caps if appropriate. 4. Consider opening with a question or using an exclamation point. 5. Use good word choices and an interesting or complex sentence structure. Varied sentences will stand out to a scorer. One way to write a more powerful first sentence is to link two actions that are happening at the same time. For example “When Harold realized that he did not have something to bring in for the 100th day of school, he began to panic.”


New Jersey Ask  

Manual for teachers preparing students for NJASK

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