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The Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony commemorates the achievements of students who perform exceptionally well in their academic or athletic pursuits, to encourage the cohort to continue striving for excellence.

The Annual Awards winners truly represented Thinkers with a Mission, Leaders with a Heart.

This year’s Guest of Honor, a CJC alumnus and past Student Council President, Mr Victor Lye, delivered a rousing recount of the setbacks he faced throughout his life and how he had overcome them, then challenged the JC2 cohort to perform to the best of their abilities.

The ceremony then paid tribute to students who excelled in their studies and exhibited strength of character. Some of the awardees shared their thoughts on their win: The Bernard Chen Award recipient, Sherman Koa (2T11), President of the 37th Student Council, was a prominent figure in the college who was highly regarded and respected by the student body in his time. Sherman shared his experience of serving the college, “Stepping up to be the President of the Student Council was something I never thought I would do. However, the faith that many people placed in me was what kept me going, and also humbly taught me the value of respect and trust. In order to earn respect, you will have to first respect the people you lead. It is

One of the many proud alumni of the night, Brian Thian.

through this mutual respect that your followers are willing to listen to you, and not because you are of a "higher rank" than them.” Brian Thian received the Father Gerard Keane Award for his significant contributions to the continuing development and strengthening of the Catholic spirit in the college. “I embarked on a prayer and song project. It was difficult because I had Defying gravity, the Dance Club brought their to organise my project when I performance to great heights. stepped down from my CCA, which was the period everyone else started to study intensively,” Brian said. “But I really like music and when you are interested in something, the work seems to be lighter.”


The Guitar Ensemble strummed a melodious interlude for the audience.

To round off the Award Ceremony, past and present CJCians were treated to a performing arts showcase, CJC Celebrates: The Concert. Seniors returned to their alma mater to cheer on their juniors who performed their winning CJC’s Chinese Dance members captivated the items from the Singapore Youth audience. Festival (SYF) Arts presentation. The night ended on this high note of excitement and inspiration, evoked by the challenge to follow in the footsteps of those who had excelled in their performances as students.

Our Guzheng Ensemble gave a strong performance during CJC Celebrates.


CJC Flame 2013 - Issue 3  
CJC Flame 2013 - Issue 3