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Mobile Applications for Business on an iPhone 10 Business Apps: 1. Microsoft Lync 2010-an interoffice instant communicator. iDialogPro is an upgrade to the Lync or the office communicator but cannot be used alone. 2. GoToMeeting-free app that allows you to join a meeting by just entering in a phone number and name. You can view slides, designs, spreadsheets and anything that is presented. The benefit of this app over FuzeBox is if someone cannot get to use of a PC, MAC or smartphone they can dial into the meeting from a standard phone. 3. Smart Office 2-free app allows viewing, creating, editing and sharing Office documents. This app allows you to work within Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Allows you to save to file without having to pay a fee like Office² Plus 4. Box-online file sharing app. This app gives you 10GB of storage and Dropbox only gives you 3GB 5. Go Payment-Allows for credit card payments to be made through the phone. Rates are as low as 1.7%, where PayAnywhere starts at 2.69% 6. Log Me In-allows you to access your desktop or laptop computer from anywhere. This app works with iCloud, MyPC does not. 7. JotNot Scanner-allows you to scan multiply documents and email them or upload to cloud storage. This app has automatic stabilization which is lacking in Scan Pages 8. Zoho projects- project management app. It allows you to plan and organize projects with several team members. PCO (Planning Center)-limits the pdf’s and documents that can be shared. 9. Adobe Reader-allows you to read and organize pdfs. PDF Reader does not allow for you to organize and sign your documents. 10. iCal-a calendar that allows to track your schedule and is integrated with MobileMe which allows you to share your calendar. The calendar that comes with the iPhone does not allow you to share the calendar.

Mobile Applications for Business on an iPhone  

Business Apps for an iPhone

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