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John deere 4630

John deere 567

10 Wheel V-Rake COMBINES (engine hours)


COMPACTS ‘09 JD 3520 MF, OS, Hyd, Rev, 300 CX Ldr, 409 Hrs.... Coming (F) '08 JD 2520 MF 62C, Dk, 280 Hrs ...............................$12,500 (F) ‘07 JD 3320 OS, MF, 1710 Hrs......... ............................$17,750 (O) '07 JD 2305 MF, 200 CX, Ldr, 235 HRs ....................... Coming (W) '06 JD 3720 MF, Cab, 72” Deck, 600 Hrs ....................$29,500 (F) '06 JD 3720 MF Cab, 300 CX, 1250 Hr ......................$25,9500 (O) '03 JD 4510 MF, OS, Reverser, 460 Ldr .......................$18,900 (O) ‘99 JD 4300 OS, MF W/72” DK, 1450 Hrs....................$11,500 (O)

Interest Free 'til 2012

'10 JD 1790 16/31 UMC CCS..............................................$110,000 (W) '03 JD 1790 16/31 CCS, UMC, 350 Mon ...............................$80,000 (W) '01 JD 1780, 8R15, 3 Bu, UMC, 250 Mon .............................$29,500 (W) ‘00 JD 1780 8/15 3 Bu, UMC, 250 Mon ................................. $28,500 (F) '08 JD 1770 NT, 24R, CCS, CC, 350 Mon ............................$129,500 (W) '07 JD 1770, 16R, 1.6, Liq Fer, 350 Mon ..............................$77,500 (W) '04 JD 1770 NT, 24R, CCS, RC, 350 ..................................... $112,500 (F) '03 JD 1770 NT, 16R, CCS, UMC ............................................ $67,500 (F) '03 JD 1770 16R30, CCS, UMC .............................................. $57,500 (F) '99 JD 1560 No Till, 20 Ft Drill W/Markers ........................... $29,500 (F) '97 JD 1770, 16R, 1.6, RC, 250 .............................................. $47,500 (F) '97 JD 1770, 16R, 1.6 RC, 250 ..............................................$42,500 (W) '95 JD 750, 15 Ft Drill, Rebuilt, New Openers ...................... $16,900 (F) ‘92 JD 7200, 8RW, WF, 3 Bu, 350 Mon.....................................$9,500 (W) '90 JD 750, 15 Ft W/Grass & Harrow ...................................... $9,500 (F) JD 520, 20’ Mnt Drill W/Markers ............................................ $3,500 (F)

GATORS '10 JD XUV 4WD, Diesel, Bedliner, 57 Hrs ............................ $11,200 (F) '09 JD XUV, Diesel, HD TIres, 120 Hrs ..................................$11,000 (W) '08 JD XUV Front Bumper, 127 Hrs ......................................... $8,950 (F) '07 JD XV 4WD, Diesel, Windshield, 400 Hrs .........................$9,000 (W) '07 JD XUV Diesel 4 WD, Cab W/Doors, 450 Hrs .................... $8,200 (F) '07 JD XUV Diesel, 4WD, Knobby Tires, 580 Hrs ...................$7,500 (W) '07 JD XUV Hyd Lift, Lights, 536 Hrs ......................................$7,900 (O) '04 JD HPX Bedliner, 4WD, 91 Hrs ..........................................$7,500 (O)

HAY EQUIPMENT '10 JD 568 MW, SW 21.5X16 ................................................$33,000 (W) '07 JD 568 MW, SW, 31x15...................................................$24,500 (W) '04 JD 275 Disc Mower, 9 Ft 2” .............................................$8,500 (W) '02 JD 567 MW, SW, 31.5.......................................................$19,500 (F) '96 JD 566 SW Push Bar .......................................................$13,900 (F) '91 JD 535 Baler SW, 540......................................................$12,500 (F) JD 930 11.6 Moco Impeller.....................................................$8,950 (F) NH 499 12’ Cond Rolls ............................................................$9,500 (F)

Worksaver 10 Whl V-Rake ......................................................$4,500 (F) New JF Stoll 9’ Disk Mower ..................................................... CALL (F)

LOADERS JD 840 Ldr, 8000 Mts ...........................................................$11,750 (W) Farmhand 285 with 4020 Mts ................................................$2,950 (F)


641-472-3868 319-653-6501 641-682-4683

Jerry 319-931-7000 • Chad 641-919-6800 • Jeff 319-461-3737 • Mitch 319-461-0097



Y ... ou

'07 JD Ct 332 Cab, New tracks, 1469 Hrs ..................$35,000 (O) ‘06 JD 328 SS, Cab, Heat, 480 Hrs ............................. $33,500 (W) ‘03 JD 260 SS, Cab, 1735 Hrs .................................... $19,900 (W) ‘02 NH LS 180, Cab Heater, 63 hp, 1290 Hrs.............. $21,500 (W) ‘00 JD 270 SS, New Tires, 1775 Hrs ........................... $18,500 (F) '00 Bobcat 773, SS, Cab, Aux Hyd, 2900 Hrs ..............Coming (W) ‘91 Case 1825 Diesel, 25HP, 3100 Hrs ......................... $6,250 (W) Bobcat 873 73 hp Diesel, 1400 Hrs ............................ $19,500 (F) Bobcat 543 Material Bucket, 1860 Hrs ....................... $8,500 (W) JD CT332 SS, Widetrack, C&A, 1100 Hrs .................. $39,500 (W)


Vol. 9 No. 28 July 15, 2011



* Special Low Rate Financing or Waivers

‘10 JD 9670 STS, 800x32, 2WD, 400 Hrs ...................... $259,500 (F) ‘10 JD 9570 STS, 800x32, RWD, 365 Hrs ...................... $216,500 (F) '08 JD 9670 20.8x42, 750 Hrs ...................................... $218,000 (W) '08 JD 9570 30.5x32, 742 Hrs ...................................... $187,750 (W) ‘07 JD 9660 STS 20.8X38 Dls, 2WD, 830 Hrs............... $198,500 (W) ‘07 JD 9860 STS, Dls, Rwd, 1200 Hrs .......................... $215,000 (W) ‘07 JD 9560 STS, 30.5x32, 2WD, 603 Hrs .................... $179,500 (W) *’06 JD 9660 STS 20.8X42 Dls, RWD, 1182 Hrs............ $190,000 (W) *’05 JD 9660, 20.8x38 Dls, RWD, 1300 Hrs ................... $185,000 (F) ‘05 JD 9560 20.8X38 Dls, RWD, 1110 Hrs..................... $169,500 (F) ‘05 JD 9560 STS, 800x32, 2WD, 1333 Hrs ................... $153,500 (W) ‘04 JD 9760 STS, 710 Dls, 2450 Hrs ............................. $142,500 (F) ‘04 JD 9560 STS, RWD, 1350 Hrs ................................. $169,500 (F) *’99 JD 9510 30.5X32, 2WD, 2800 Hrs ........................... $69,500 (W) *’97 JD 9500 30.5x32 2WD, 2730 Hrs............................. $49,500 (W) '93 JD 9500 30.5x32, 3463 Hrs ..................................... $43,500 (W) *’90 JD 9500 30.5x32 RWD, 3800 Hrs ............................. $49,500 (F)

REE Every Friday


S er To

Low Interest Available '10 JD 9430, 4WD, PS, 710 Dls, 385 Hrs .........................$237,500 (F) '10 JD 9230 4WD, PTO, 620x42 Dls, 380 Hrs ..................$219,500 (F) '09 JD 6430, OS, MF w/673 Ldr, 1680 Hrs ........................$54,500 (F) '08 JD 7730 MF, AQ, 3V, 746 Loader, 1600 Hrs ...............$119,500 (F) '08 JD 7730 MF PQ, 480x80x42, 230 Hrs.......................$102,500 (W) '08 JD 5325 OS, MF W/542 Ldr, 185 Hrs ...........................$39,500 (F) ''07 JD 7830, MF, PQ, 480X46, Dls, 972 Hrs ...................$112,500 (W) '06 JD 6420 OS, 2WD, PQ, 560 Hrs...................................$39,500 (W) '05 JD 6420 MF, OS, W/640 Ldr, 4350 Hrs........................$41,500 (W) '04 JD 7220, 2WD, Cab, QR, 2950 Hrs..............................$48,500 (W) '02 JD 9120, 4WD, PS, 20.8x42, 3 Pt..............................$126,500 (W) '00 JD 7810 2WD, AQ, 18.4x42 Dls, 6000 Hrs ...................$56,500 (F) '98 CIH 8930 MF, PS, 18.4x42 Dls, 3V, 5132 Hhrs .............$73,500 (F) '98 JD 9200, 4WD 620x42, 3 PT, 4339 Hrs ........................$79,500 (F) '97 CIH 9350, 4WD, 3 Pt, 4000 Hrs, OH Engine .................$72,000 (F) '95 JD 7800 MF, PQ, 480x42, 3V, 8000 Hrs ......................$52,500 (W) '93 JD 4560, 2WD, PS, 18.4x42 Dls, 6343 Hrs ..................$41,500 (F) '92 JD 8760 4WD, 18.4x42, New, Hitch ...........................$79,500 (W) '92 JD 4455, 2WD, QR, 18.4x38........................................$37,500 (W) '92 JD 4055, 2WD, QR, 16.9x38, 6939 Hrs .......................$35,000 (W) '91 JD 2955, 2WD, Cab, 16.9x38, 2919 Hrs .....................$22,500 (W) '83 JD 4450, 2WD, 2R, 18.4x38, 4200 Hrs, OH ..................$29,500 (F) '81 JD 4840 2WD, 20.8x38 Dls, 6000 Hrs .........................$24,500 (F) '81 MF 275, Diesel, 2WD, 2300 Hrs.....................................$6,500 (F) ‘80 JD 4640 2WD, PS, 20.8x38 Dls, 7070 Hrs ..................$24,500 (W) '75 JD 4630, 2WD, 2R, 9000 Hrs .......................................$17,500 (F) '74 JD 2630 OS W/48 Loader ...........................................$10,500 (W) '73 IH 574 Gas, 2WD, Hi-Low, L, 2050 Ldr, 5248 Hrs .........$7,500 (W) '69 JD 4020 2WD, 2 SCV ...................................................$12,500 (F) '69 JD 2020, Gas, SR, Rev, 16.9x28, 5876 Hrs ....................$7,500 (F) '66 JD 4020, 2WD, SR, DH, 18.4x34, 5724 Hrs..................$10,500 (F) '53 JD 60, 2 Cyl, 12.4x38 ...................................................$2,500 (W)

y Wa Go A Lo n g We


Davis County Fair Here We Come! Go To



Find the fair animals in our online edition and you could win $100!

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Soy Base Product Open & Close Cell Foam Commercial, Residential, Agricultural Free Estimates

Lancaster Lumber, Inc

Postframe Buildings 800-424-5071

CAMPBELLS GARAGE Eagleville, MO • 660-867-5412

New Westfield Grain Augers In Stock


JOHNSRUD TRANSPORT, a food grade liquid carrier is looking for Class A CDL tank drivers to work out of our Des Moines terminal running Midwest regional. Out 7-10 Days. 5 years driving experience required. Will train for tank. Great Pay & Benefit package. For further info: Call Shari Mon-Fri @ 1-888-200-5067

Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers In Stock

Last Years Prices

Knoxville, IA

Win Tickets to the Knoxville Raceway! Sign up at Click on the Contests Tab

Want To Win A $100?

TJ’s Auto


Portable Soda & Sand Blasting Upholstery, Paint Auto Restoration & Chrome

Shop: 641-864-2265 Cell: 641-750-2463 ~ JR (Owner) Cell: 641-844-4633 ~ Chris Hubbard, IA

DES MOINES DIESEL INC Servicing All Your Diesel Fuel Injection Needs Pumps, Nozzles & Turbos

TRANSMISSION & AUTO REPAIR 1001 S. Madison Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 641-682-8012

Centerville, Iowa

cell: 641-226-0401

Summer Savings For You! C

Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm • Sat: 8am to 12 Noon

owan 641-437-4666

Ag & Tr uck Performance Par ts 1-800-475-6086 • 515-265-7318 3211 Delaware Ave Des Moines, IA 50313 1 Blk E. of the ADM Soybean Plant

Don’t Have it...We’ll Find it!

641-895-3205 22900 Hwy 5, Centerville, IA

nterprises LLC

Mon-Fri 8-5 • Sat 8-12

2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Auto, Tilt Cruise, CD, 98K 2 Door, Silver $3,200

2006 Pontiac G6 GTP 4 Dr, 3.9 V6 Auto, Loaded Heated Leather, CD Panoramic Sunroof, 59K N.A.D.A. $10,500 Sale Price $9,500

2007 Chevy Cobalt 2 Dr, 4 Cyl, Auto Air, CD, 85K $6,250


2007 Pontiac G6 • 2008 Pontiac G5 • 2009 Pontiac G6

Over 200,000 Square Feet of Inside Commercial Storage (Campers, Boats, Etc.) Plus Fenced In Outside Storage

WAS $6,600 • NOW ONLY $5,900

WAS $6,800 • NOW ONLY $5,800

2001 Quest by Jayco, 253D Rear Kitchen, Sofa Slide, Stove Fridge, Air, Micro, Awning

1997 Jayco Eagle 36’, Super Slide, Front Kitchen, Rear Bed, 2 Drs, Elec Front Jack

'03 Vermeer Trencher

2001 Pontiac Aztek 135,000 Miles, Hail Damage

2000 Ford Ranger Ext Cab, 4 Dr, XLT, Flareside, 4x4 Off Road, Auto, Air, Nicely Equipped

1998 Ford F150 175,000 Miles, Ext. Cab, Automatic Todd Jewett, Owner • 24345 Dewey Road 641-437-1064 • 641-895-0319 Full Service Body Shop • Individual & Insurance Work Welcome

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Markhams Foam, LLC



Close Cell Foam, Ag, Residential & Commercial David Markham 641-295-4091

• New Ultra High Efficiency 95% (Eligible For Federal Tax Credit) Name Brand Furnaces Starting at $910 • 13 S.E.E.R. Air Conditioners Starting at $852

• All Units New in Box We Also Carry: Mobile Home Furnaces, Shop Heaters, Infra-Red Heaters & A Full Line of Service Parts



Helping Make Products Better®

Save Money!

FA R M • H O M E • L A N D • M A C H I N E R Y • E S TAT E S

Professionals That Get Results! Jeff Hoyer


WANTED Standing Timber Buying Walnut, Oak and Maple 15 Years In The Business I Pay Before I Cut RJ Forestry • Raymond Yutzy VM: 641-664-0203


CAT, ASV & TEREX OEM Tracks and Undercarriage Parts

Call Hackert Sales


AG RELATED FOR SALE: JD 2018 Batwing, $6,500 OBO. 641-799-0045 7-15

Corey Fraise

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 3


Specializing in Metal and Trim Double Bubble - 17¢ Sq Ft You Take 5000 Sq Ft or more for 16¢ Sq Ft

Serving the Midwest for 35 Years VOICE MAIL: 641-722-3692

WAGLER METALS 19049 Ice Ave • Bloomfield, IA 52537 2 Miles South of Drakesville

FOR SALE: Allis-Chalmers T-816 Garden Tractor & Trailer, Runs, Needs Battery and Solenoid, Trailer Has New Wood and Allis-Chalmers Paint, $600. 641-208-0374 7-15 FOR SALE: Apache Creep Feeder 3T, 8’, 3 Years Old, $2,000. 641-932-7466 7-15 FOR SALE: A Minne Moline M670 Super. 515-834-2184 7-15

11009 542nd Street Lucas, IA 50151 800-582-2788 • 641-766-6790 Fax: 641-766-6795


For the Best Truck Parts & Service For Your Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles! Inland Truck Parts & Service is Your Driveshaft Repair Facility

Driveshafts repair • Balancing Modification

Manual & allison transmissions in house rebuild shop

Clutch Kits & flywheel resurfacing ~ fast turn around We Have a Complete Inventory of Parts to Help You Make the Repairs Needed to Get You Back in Business Fast.

Power Train & Fleet Maintenance Specialists!

2007 John Deere Gator XUV 850D, New Tires, 4x4 Independent Rear Suspension Vetter Equipment Company Highway 92 • Indianola, IA 515-961-2541

Full Service Truck Repair Shop • Qualified Trained Technicians • Electronic, Gas & Diesel Engines • Transmissions • Driveshafts • Differentials • Brakes • Suspension

Put A Gehl To Work For You! On The Construction Site Or On The Farm!

Hackert Sales & Service

Sales & rentals - several new & used on hand, In business 36 years, 1/2 mile east of Sully, 641-594-3777

5678 N.E. 14th Street • Des MoInes, IA 50313

515-265-9901 • 800-362-2970 •

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

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Just In For Sale


Insulated Concrete Forms

CDL Licenses in 24 Hours

(641) 664-3806

St. Joseph, MO

Any State, Automatic Truck

The Hardy Outside Furnace

First On The Market, Best In The Field • No Smoke, Ashes Load Every Or Wood Transfer 12 Hours House Designed For Centrally • Inside Burns Up To 16 Inch Heated Homes Diameter Log 25 Years • Hotwater For Household Use Of Service • Use Present Cenral Duct Or Baseboard System • May Be Located 10100 Feet From House • All Stainless Steel Construction • 25 Year Warranty

Financing Available

For More Information Call: C&S Heating & Cooling RR2 Box 48 Farmington, IA 52626 660-877-3908 Or 319-520-7136


• Prevent Costly Front Collision Damage • Bumper Weighs Only 125 Pounds More Than Stock Bumper • Available in Black, Silver, Custom Colors, or Line-X


• Reduces Energy Bills • Reduces Noise • Will Not Mold Or Mildew

RetRofit ConstRuCtion Residential & CommeRCial

HUDNUT FOAM SYSTEMS, LLC Chris Hudnut, Owner Montezuma, IA Cell: 641-891-0461


FOR SALE: John Deere 325 Skid Steer Two-Speed Quick Attach, Turbo, 790 Hrs, Excellent Condition, $22,000. 641-792-8807 7-22

Call For A Dealer Near You

27427 Hwy B Oregon, MO


CENTRAL IOWA FEATHERLITE TRAILER SALES Safe. Secure. Smart. 1-800-240-8110 Check Out Our Website for Current Used Inventory Click Here: Phone: 515-967-8735 • Fax: 515-967-8736 P.O. Box 100, Hwy 65 • Bondurant, Iowa 50035

Model 1610 10' Thru 18' Available To Haul Your Valuable Cargo

Model 1694 Haul Your ATV In Style on A New Featherlite Trailer

Model 8127 Livestock Trailer W/New PerfectFit System We Can Tailer A Livestock Trailer For The Farm Or Your Show Stock

Model 8541 Can Be Built to Make The PerfectFit For Your Horse Hauling Needs

Post & Pole Frame Buildings

FOR SALE: Tractor Tires W/ Tubes, Unused, 14.9x26, $1,050; Aluminum Fuel Tanks W/Brackets, 100 Gal & 50 Gal. $40 - $30. 563-260-1549 7-22


• Post Frame Buildings (Up To 100' Wide Clear Span) Agricultural • Commercial Residential • Equine Using Metal Roofing & Siding With Lifetime Warranty QUALITY WORKMANSHIP BEST QUALITY MATERIAL

888-371-4710 18623 180th Street • Bloomfield, IA


FOR SALE: John Deere 2350 MFWD, 58HP, New Batteries; 245 JD Loader, Bale Stabber and Two Bucket Attachments Included, 3 pt, $16,000 OBO. 641-919-4968 7-29

FOR SALE: 1988 International Stahly Fertilizer and Lime Spreader, AWD Transmission, DT466, 12 Foot, L2020, Excellent Condition. 660-646-4256 7-15

FOR SALE: JD 4630, PS, 2300 Hrs., Reman Motor, Axle Mount Duals, New Interior, $20,000 OBO. 641-799-0045 7-15

FOR SALE: Case IH 8920 Tractor, MFD/Cab/Air, Rear Duals, Dual PTO, Powershift Transmission, $62,500. 641-344-2129 7-15

FOR SALE: Ford 340 Skid Loader. Runs But Needs Work, $900 OBO. WANTED: Buyers of Quality Straw in Big Rounds. Has to be Dry and Weed Free. $80 Ton Delivered. Drakesville. Gingerich Forage and Bedding 641-664-2744 7-22

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”



641-682-1300 1-800-250-4465 OTTUMWA, IA


712-249-4711 ANITA, IA


1 and 2 Place Motorcycle Trailers, 2 Tone, Single or Tandem Axles, Starting @ $3,785 Dumps

18 Ft +2 Car Hauler $2,675.00


8.5 x 20’ • 8.5 x 24’ Car Haulers - Screwless Sides, 5200 lb Torsion • 6 x 12’ Tandem W/Ramp • 7 x 12 Tamdem W/Ramp 5 x 8’ • 6 x 12’ • 7 x 16’ • 8 x 18’ 8 1/2 x 25’ & 8 1/2 x 27’ Combo Trailers Starting @$6,965


FOR SALE: 1969 IHC 756D, Cab, Good Tires, Paint, SN 14576, One Owner, German Diesel Engine, 76HP, Asking $6,500. Call 641-777-2967 7-15 FOR SALE: 1966 IH 424 w/ Ldr, Quick Hitch, Rear Weights, $4,500. 641-203-6293 7-22 FOR SALE: D7 17A Series Dozer w/Extra Blade. 641-680-0865 7-22 FOR SALE: AC WD, Runs & Drives Good, New Magneto, Good Rubber, Great Restoration Project, Straight Sheet Metal, $1,000 OBO. 641-691-9331 7-15 FOR SALE: Allied Loader Model 895 S, Mounts for Ford 8670 W/Super Steer, 8 ft. Bucket, Very Nice. 641-682-4023 7-15

FOR SALE: IH 1066 C,A,H, 4600 Hrs, Good Solid Tractor, Excellent Shape; 4x Plow; 13 ft Disc; 4R Planter165 Gravity. 641-895-2535 7-15

Pipe & Steel Tubing, Square, Round Rectangular Bale Rings for Cattle & Horses, 10 Gauge Gates Corral Panels & Continuous Fencing

ROUND CORRAL PANELS: 70 Lbs, 12’ 1 3/4” Pipe, Powder Coat Paint, $73 Each. Wes Sebetka. 641-990-1094 TFN

Floors W/12” Supp & Flashing

18’x18’ 4,195 Bu. $4,441 18’ $1,120 30’ $3,137 27’x21’ 11,265 Bu. $8,655 21’ $1,533 36’ $4,473 42’x24’ 32,245 Bu.$19,292 27’ $2,561 42’ $6,094

GMLS Industries, Inc. PH: 660-699-2179 Or 888-983-2136

Diamondz Pizza Restaurant Managers Needed: Nights and Weekends a Must, Experience a Plus! Will Train Qualified Persons. Serious Applicants Please! Serious People = Serious $$$ Bloomfield/Ottumwa

Used Honda Parts From 86-98 Drive Train & Body Parts Civic, Accord & CRX. We Also Buy Wrecked on running HondAs.

319-461-9005 AMEGA: USED, REFURBED DOUBLE-WIDE $29,000 $1,500 Down Financing 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath Hurry

BARNES CITY FIGURE 8 RACES Saturday, July 22, 2011 • 7:00 PM

Entry Fee $20.00 Registration 5:30pm to 6:30pm

FOR SALE: 1977 4630 JD Tractor, 5100 Hrs., Quad Range, 20.8x38 Rears, New Turbo, Paint, Interior, Seals and Bearings in Rear Axle, $17,500 OBO. 641-919-1265 7-15


Beverages And Lunch Served On Grounds (NO COOLERS PLEASE)

$8.00 $3.00 Free

Sponsored By:

Barnes City Betterment Club Crop Production Services Lights Insurance Agency Inc Call for Info 641-664-5233 Rain Date: Sunday, Aug 21 @ 1 PM

WINCO PTO GENERATORS: New & Used, Save! Wes Sebetka. 641-990-1094 TFN


1999 Daewoo G20E-3 #AV4199

LPG Air Pneumatic 2 Stage 83/127 Lever Shift,New Tires


Available Material Handling


Cut-to-Length Metal for Roofing Siding, Lining & Trim

$9,995 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243


Factory Direct Post Frame Building Pkgs Snap Lock Standing Seam Energy Star Rebates Interior Liner Steel - $2.23/LF

FOR SALE: JD 2955 MFWD 640 SL Loader With Joy Stick Control, $11,000 Spent in Shop New Clutch, New Motor, $20,000 OBO. 641-799-0045 7-15 FOR SALE: 1972 454 International Gas Utility Tractor, 1137 Original Hours; 1550 International Loader W/6ft Bucket. Good Rubber W/Chains $7,950. 319-759-7957 or 800-383-8409 7-15

1999 Road King, Backrest, Luggage Rack, Windshield, New Tires!

Swearingen Auto

114 E. Jefferson, Bloomfield, IA 52537 641-208-1166

Adults Children 11 and under Pre-School

Lowest Tuition In Midwest $1,610 Our Student CDL Success Rate Is over 99%

Chariton, IA 641-414-0808


FOR SALE: 1956 Pontiac V-8 Motor; 1966 200 6 Cyl. Ford Engine (Both Good); 1950 Ford 2 Dr Rolling Chassis W/Title; Also 2000 Ford Lightning, 60,000 Miles. 573-221-5116 or 573-795-4312 7-15 641-919-4968 7-22


Jim McKnight

Golden Grain Bins

Grain Bins

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 5

“Our Business is Rolling!”

AFTER 2340 Hwy 1 SW Kalona, IA 52247

Gingerich Stoves & Plumbing 19041 180th St • Bloomfield, IA 3/4 Mile East of Drakesville

VM: 641-664-2814


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

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McCalment Farms “Since 1941”

Harbison Brush Mowing Brush Mowing • CRP Fields • Timber • Trails Pasture Cleanup • Tree Shear • Fence Rows

2 Year Old Bulls 660-947-3149 Cell: 660-216-2430

2 TD-15C’s

One Has Sweeps and Ripper One Has New Undercarriage Both are Solid Working Machines With No Problems Delivery Available

New CF250T-5, CF Moto, Fully Automatic 250 cc, Water Cooled, 2 Yr Warranty, Stereo, GREAT Miles to the Gallon! Regularly $3,299!

Chris 970-485-4818

For Grain Bins, Legs, Dryers and all Accessories!



SALE PRICE ONLY $2, 495 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243


Replacement & New Construction Various Colors & Sizes Installation Available Also Vinyl Fencing & Siding Our Goal is Satisfied Customers

Nice Country Home For Sale

1 3/4A, 4 Bdrm, 2 Bath, Lg Laundry Rm, LR/DR Divided by Oak Pkt Drs, Newer Kit/BthRm, Cabinets, Newer High Eff Furnace/AC, Full Basement, Unfinished Attic, Outbldgs for Shop Use/Animals,

2 Mi E Pekin Schools


Qualifies For Tax Credit




613 E. Pennsylvania Ave Ottumwa, IA 641-684-6800 866-552-6800


“For All Your Fencing Needs” Barbwire • Woven Wire Silt Fence • Vinyl Fencing Hi Tinsel

319-694-2300 - Home 319-461-0376 - Cell


Troyers Vinyl Products

Rudd Geo Thermal

Ritchie • MiraFount Trenching • Backhoe • Skidloader Columbia, Iowa - Your Complete Farm Store Since 1919


Cell: 319-461-0376 Home: 319-694-2300

Weldon, IA • 641-446-6373 or 641-757-1794

CHATEAU: HOME BUILDING: Quote? Chateau Homes Ashland

Jeremy Harbison

319-397-2304 • Cantril, Iowa 52542 Randy’s Cell: 641-680-4720 • JR’s Cell: 641-680-0494

McCorkle Hardware

Where We Always Have The Best Priefert Prices!

SO1 Squeeze Chute One Man Operation

90˚-180˚Open Sweeps Durable, Adaptable Versatile, Portable Reversible/With No Tools Required


Various Sizes, Epoxy Undercoated, Powder Coat Finish

PANELS: Economy • Hoss Utility • Premier

Phone: 641-943-2315 • Mon-Fri: 7:30-5:30 • Sat: 7:30-3:00

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

SULLIVAN Auctioneers, LLC

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 7

In our 32nd year of conducting professional land & equipment auctions in IA, IL & MO! Contact your local rep

John Probasco:




METAL ROOFING Installing Metal Roofing On All types of Buildings


Jim Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

Jim Huff

Jerry Jones

John Probasco

Bill Fretwell

• WOW • WOW • WOW • WOW •

RON’S AUTOMOTIVE “We Finance everyone”

Drive Home Today From As Down Low As $


• WOW • WOW • WOW • WOW •



Ron Inman 1003 W. 2nd Avenue 515-962-1966 Indianola, Ia. 50125 • WOW • WOW • WOW •

Automatic Transmission Specalist Certified Technician

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal!

Hwy 92 East, Indianola, IA 515-961-3899 800-506-3899

• WOW • WOW • WOW •


New Sharon, IA Open Cell & Closed Cell Foam Call or Email Kevin



New Construction, Remodels, Pole Barns Crawl Spaces, Attics & More Free Estimates • Fully Insured


Houses & Barns Commercial & Residential



ZTR4515B 45”, 16.5 hp Briggs, Zero Turn, Headlights, Good Mower

Car Country Auto Wrecking • Quality Used Parts We Buy Junk Cars & Trucks No Charge For Disposal Of Appliances

$1,695 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

Scrap Metals, Waste Oil, Etc.

(641) 792-8854 Or 1-800-252-2886


2713 Hwy 14 South Of I-80, Newton, IA 50208 Just South Of I-80 @ Exit 164


Sammons Auto Sales

Used Cars & Parts

2718 Jefferson - Henry Avenue,

Rural Mt Pleasant, IA

800-371-7788 319-258-7712

660-423-5482 Fax: 660-423-5337

FOR SALE: ZOE Charolais Bulls This Fall. Very Thick, Stout, High Growth, 88 lbs. Birth Weight, Gained 4 lbs./Days., Curtis Plank 660-670-4721 Display Home Closeout! Top Quality Wisconsin Built Modular Homes! Starting at $81,900 Delivered.

Lincoln Homes

Hwy 30, Odgen, IA


$7,500 1996 Chevy 3500 Versalift Bucket Truck, 28', 454 Auto, Choice of 3

2000 Buick LeSabre Only 68K, Runs & Drives Great Red Barn Automotive Rutledge, MO • 660-216-2259 No Sunday Calls Call Us For Complete List Of Rebuilders!

Thorpe Auto Sales Hwy 30 Grand Junction, IA 515-738-2441 Cell 515-370-1200

LAN-DOW BUILDINGS “We Build to Suit Your Needs”

“Custom Built” Pole Barns Garages Utility Buildings


Deliveries Available - Call for Details -

Email: Website:

$5,900 1996 Chevy Ext. Cab 4x4 127,000 Miles, 350 Auto, Southern Truck, No Rust

$16,900 2008 Chevy, Reg Cab, 2500HD 4x4, 6.0 V8, 90,000 Miles Silver, Factory Warranty

“H“ Don or Dick Middleton

mphis Me mber Co Lu



Phone: 660-465-8595 Fax: 660-465-8596

$12,900 2004 Chevy, Reg Cab 2500HD, 4x4, 6.0 V8 56,000 Miles, White

$7,900 1999 Chevy 3500, 12' Stake Bed w/Hoist & Tommy Lift 90,000 Miles, 350 Auto

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 8 R E A D Y T O

Buhler Augers All Sizes



1998 Winnebago Brave Class A 35’ Motorhome 27K Miles, Real Clean, Non-Smoker, Dual Ducted, AC/Heat/Generator, 16’ Slide, Hydraulic Leveler, Basement

641-673-7030 Evenings New Cargo Mate, 6’x12’, Ramp Rear Door, Side Door, Rock Guard, Roof Vent

$2,995 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

“NEW” Kiefer Built Genesis S-340, Priced To Move! Call!

641-236-8115 or

AHRENS Trailer Sales 1807 West Street S • Grinnell, IA

Richland Equipment Hwy 78 • Richland, IA • 319-456-6611 an Affiliate of Hinshaw Trailer Sales


Serving NE MO & SE IOWA Over 120 Year EXPERIENCE

2003 Toyota Tacoma SR5


4x4, V6, 5 Speed, A/C, Tilt/Cruise, Tow Package



Call 660-341-4835 Ask For Mike DELINE FINANCE: 3% MORTGAGE MONEY: Purchase or refi, CALL


Sam’s Riverside

805 SE 30th St • Des Moines, IA • Phone 515-265-1212 • Toll Free 800-308-4096

SKU:504851 2005 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, 3.9L, 8 Cyl, Drives $17,900

SKU:702498 2007 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4, 4.0L 6 Cyl, Loaded, SRoof Tow Pkg, CD Player, 48K JUST IN

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SKU:702784 2007 Isuzu I370 Crew Cab Loaded, CD Player, EZ Rear, Drives, Bags OK $8,950

REPAIRABLES 515-265-1212

SKU:A65169 2010 Dodge Calber SXT 4 Door, Loaded, Satellite, CD Player, No Damage $13,900

SKU:A27470 2010 Toyota Corolla LE 4 Dr, Loaded, Sunroof, CD Player Frt Bumper, Drives, Bags OK $9,950

SKU: 955229


2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid, 4 Dr, 2009 Toyota Camry LE, 4 Dr, 2.4L, Loaded, CD, No Damage, 1.5L, 4 Cyl, 4 Cyl, Loaded, Leather, CD, Right $13,900 Doors/Fndr, Drives, Bags OK, $9,950

SKU:327346 2003 Dodge 2500 Crew Cab 4x4 Diesel, Loaded, CD Player, EZ Left Front, Drives, Bags OK $12,900

PARTS 515-265-8792

SKU:627597 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 LT Crew Cab 4x4, Loaded, Leather, Sunroof, Onstar, Tow Pkg., Heated Power Seats, Satellite, CD Player, Lite R Side Scrape. Drives, Bags OK, $10,900

HEAVY TRUCKS 515-265-1656

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You” MTMH: DOUBLE-WIDE-USED: $29,900 Complete refurb, 3 bdr, 2 bath, $1,500 Down Financing Mark Twain Homes


Casey Coates • 520 E. Jefferson • Corydon, IA


View Inventory At


Cumming, Iowa


1997 Toyota Corolla

See Our Website to View Inventory

Boles Auto Sales

1816Hst 18hp w/ loader & mower ....$14,900 2516Hst 25hp w/ loader .....................$15,425 3016Hst 28hp w/ loader .....................$18,075 3616Hst Cab 36hp w/loader ..............$26,900 4525 45hp 2wd ....................................$12,800 4035 40hp w/ loader ...........................$25,725 5525 55hp 2wd w/ loader...................$18,750 8560 85hp 4 wd w/ loader..................$36,750

3 miles east of Mt. Pleasant on Hwy. 34

Need Cash?

Lambir th Trucks & Par ts 1764 Hwy G76 • Attica, IA


1994 - 2009 Dodge Ram Parts & Repairs

'08 6.7 Bluetech Engine, 34K • '04 5.9 Cummins Engine, 100K

800-859-5518 319-385-7614

New TYM Tractors In Stock 5 Year Mfg. Warranty

T273Hst 27hp w/ loader ....................$15,700 T433shuttle 43hp w/ loader ..............$25,600 T503shuttle Cab 50hp w/ loader ......$30,700 T503hst Cab 50hp w/ loader .............$32,850 T723PS Cab 74hp w/ loader ..............$40,600

Used Tractors

AC WD45 nf, ps w/ loader ....................$1,500 AC 7050 ..................................................$6,500 SOLD AC 8030 PD ..........................................$11,000 IH H w/ belly mower ............................$1,800 Oliver 1650 gas wf ...............................$4,250 Oliver 1850 diesel .................................$4,250 JD 2840 w/ Westendorf Loader.........$12,000 JD 650 w/ finish mower .......................$4,000 MF 1010 hst 4wd ..................................$4,000 TYM T353 w/ loader ...........................$15,500

1992 Blue Calico Enclosed Trailer Use For Storage or Horses Needs Vents Installed Nice Low Mileage Trailer

See Me. Paul Boles For Your Next Car Deal!!!

New Mahindra Tractors In Stock 5 Year Mfg. Warranty

158,300 Miles, 4 Cyl, Auto, FWD, Remote Start, Cruise Control, Automatic Moonroof, Tinted Windows, AC, PS, PB, Power Locks, Airbags (Driver/Passenger), Child Locks,Reclining Front Bucket Seats, Spoiler, Removeable CD Player w/AM/FM, 14'' Tires, (4) 15'' Steel Rims Go w/Car,

$3,500 OBO 563-357-5638


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 9

$2,900 2005 Suzuki LT2 400 Sports Lots of Aftermarket Parts, Runs Great! MIDWEST AUTO 414 Garfield Otumwa, IA


$2,250.00 Jerry’s Truck & Equipment 1014 S. Madison • Ottumwa, IA







AC 190XT

Turbo Diesel, 3 Pt., Good Paint, Year Around Cab, Heat, Fresh Engine




JCB 214 SERIES 2 Loader, Backhoe, Perkins DSL, Cab/Heat, Good Rubber, 4000hrs


2000 WW 6.8X20

Steel Stock Brush Fenders Good Floor Center Gate


HAY HANDLER Self Unloading 6 Bale GN Double Latch Brakes No Tractor To Unload


'04 RAM 3500

Crew Cab Dually, Cummins 6 Spd, 4x4 Both Hitches 180K


HAY RACKS 8x16 All Treated, Good Gears & Tires

1805 Hwy 5, Albia, IA





'02 DODGE RAM 2500 Quad Cab, Gray Cab Lights, LB, 360, AT, 4x4, Alloys, Leather, 109K,





New, Exclusive 2-Year/30,000-Mile Standard CPO Maitenance Plan • Oil Changes: based on your vehicle’s Oil Life Monitor system • Tire Rotations • Multi-Pont Vehicle Inspections (MPV)

Two Warranties

'01 RAM 2500 Quad Cab, Long Box, Cummins, 5 Spd, 4x4, Both Hitches, Boards, Alloys


'98 RAM 2500

Quad Cab, SB, V10, AT, 4x4, Big Lift, 16'' 40's On 20's, Leather Done Right, 87K,


1998 RAM 2500 Quad Cab Short Box V10, Auto 4x4, SLT



3rd Row Seats, Rear Heat, Tow Pkg, 142K, 350 V8 Auto, 4x4, Full Power


We Buy Used Dodge Diesel Trucks Complete Or Wrecked! We Offer Full Service Diesel Repairs & Parts.

Call Us Today For Your Parts & Repair Quotes!

• 12-Month/12,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty • 5-Year/1000,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty

24/7 Roadside Assistance and Courtesy Transportation 3-Day/150-Mile CustomerSatisfaction Guarantee OnStar® & SiriusXM Satellite Radio® Trial Offers

Ask your sales consultant for more details

I-80 & Hwy 14 Exit 164 • Newton, IA 50208


See At

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

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1997 Sea Doo XP Variable Trim, Suspension Seat, 110 hp

(In house financing for Iowa residents only)

414 Garfield, Ottumwa • 641-682-5700

(Directly Behind the Church St. Kum & Go) • 0% Interest! 0% Financing! Buy Here - Pay Here!


ONLY $2, 995 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

1994 Nitro Bass Boat

Like New Condition 160TF, 2 Fish Finders Trolling Motor, 40HP Mercury, Live Well





Trailer & Ranch

Equipment Sales LLC


2006 2005 2005 2004 2004 2004 2004 2002 1999 1999 1998





Hyundai Accent Gold 4 Door $700 $75/wk Ford F150 Gray $1,500 $100/wk Jeep Liberty Blue 4 Door $1,500 $100/wk Chevy Trailblazer Gray 4 Door $1,800 $100/wk Chevy Monte Carlo Red 2 Door $1,000 $100/wk Buick LeSabre Silver 4 Door $800 $80/wk Chevy Blazer Gray 4 Door $1,000 $90/wk Ford DIESEL-POWERED Mustang Red AND 2 Door $80/wk READY $800 TO ROAR GMC Sierra Black $1,000 $90/wk Dodge Ram Yellow $1,500 • Kubota 25hp diesel or Cat 28hp diesel engine option.$100/wk • Super tube, steel Dodge Ramtough 1500double White Ext.frame Cab construction. $1,000 $85/wk

• Ultra-low center-of-gravity and wide-track stability. TTL (Tax, Title & License Down) Weekly • Heavy-duty, double clamp drive shaft for reliable power 2003 Pontiac AMVelocity RedPlus4cutter Door $75/wk to aGrand 61” or 72” deck. TTL Tan changed Van TTL(1”- 6”). $75/wk 2003 Chrys.• Town/Country Cutting heights are easily from the seat 2002 Hyundai •Elantra White 4 Door TTLdealer. $65/wk Great financing rates and terms! See your drive today! 2000 Ford FocusTake a test Blue 2 Door TTL $65/wk

2000 Chevy Monte Carlo Blue 2 Door TTL $75/wk 2005 Suzuki LTZ 400 Sport, Lots Of After Market Parts, Runs Great, $2,900

1999 Clean Rental Calico, Tire & Glass Shop Cars Available 6'x16', 225 N. Moore At Great Rates New & Used Tires Divider Gate, Good See Us For a Great Deal on Your Next Vehicle! Condition $3,250

Allerton, IA • Call Kelly 641-344-6735

Mitsubishi 27 HP Gas Engine, Live Power, 5ft Finish Mower, 3pt, Good Tires, Runs Great! Hyd Lift and Blade Tilt Bed Trailer Also Available

Midwest Auto Sales

Want To Win $100?

FOR SALE: Hesston 14 Wheel V Rake, Model 3986, Hi Capacity, Walking Tandems on Rear, Very Nice. 641-682-4023 7-15

$2,850 OBO Jerry’s Truck & Equipment 1014 S. Madison • Ottumwa, IA


2000 Hyster S50XM #AV4069 LPG Cushion TSU 83/189 S/S Lever Shift



Available Material Handling

• Autos • Boats • Aircrafts • Farm Machinery • Wood Surfaces CDH: • Decking DOUBLE-WIDE-REFURBED: • Graffiti Removal $1,500 DOWN • Mold & Fire Restoration • Super tough double tube, steel frame construction. CALL




• Ultra-low center-of-gravity and wide-track stability. • Heavy-duty, double clamp drive shaft for reliable power to a 52”, 61” or 72” Velocity Plus deck. • Cutting heights are easily changed from the seat (1”- 6”). High Headlock or Systems • Various air-cooled liquid-cooled,Manufacturer gas, diesel or Of propane Dairy & Barn engine options from 25hp to 35hp.Quality Equipment • Great financing rates and terms! your MilkingSee Parlors dealer. Take a test drive today! Loop Stalls

2002 GMC ZR2 Sonoma

4x4, 50,036m Miles, 4.3 Litre, V6, SkyJacker Lift, Sprayed Bed Liner, Tinted Windows, Power Steering/Windows/ Locks, Air Bags (Drivers/Passenger), Theftlock, After Market 15'' Eagle Alloy Rims, New Tires, Tow Package

LEE KELLEY 641-777-9015

Gates• Headlocks Water Bowls Gutter Grates Bale Movers Bottom Release • Conventional Release Milker Cart Manure Push Off Dealer For: Guard Comfort Stalls


Cattle Control Equipment

Cantril Lumber Cantril, Iowa

$9,500 OBO 563-357-5638

Hours: Mon - Fri 7-5 • Sat 7-12 Phone: 319-397-2351 • 1-888-791-9273




New 7’ x 26’ Elite

Heavy Duty, Gear Driven, 6 • Low center-of gravity and sure-footed stability. Ft. $1,650; 7 Ft. $1,950; 8 Ft, $2,350, 10Ft. $3,850. Tiller/ • Choose from a 48”, 52” or 61” Velocity Plus cutter deck Seeders Available. with a powerful and efficient V-Twin engine. 1-13-12 • Mid-back Soft Ride seat and convenient 660-874-4455 cup holder. • Up to 10mph transport speed and operator-friendly twin WANTED TO BUY: 2 or 4 Row “Quick-Fit” steering controls for maximum productivity. • Strong Scag warranty coverage! Corn Planter. 641-226-2291 ETFN • Great financing rates and terms available!



Used 7’ x 24’ Sooner ‘00 New 7’ x 16’ Sharp cargo Visit our web site for all current inventory.


Used Sooner 4 horse ‘01



Used Sooner 7’ x 24’ ‘06


Used 6’ x 10’ Wells Cargo ‘01

Used 7’ x 16’ Elite ‘07

Pride of the Prairie

CountryTrailer Sales Parts, Sales, Service

• Easy maintenance and operator-friendly controls. • Choose from various powerful and efficient engine options. • Velocity Plus cutter deck options of 48”, 52” or 61” with cutting heights easily adjustable from the seat. • With up to 10mph ground speed, compact size and low center-of-gravity you can finish your job in record time. • Strong Scag warranty coverage! • Great financing rates and terms available!

New 7’ x 14’ Hillsboro dump

SALE: 1951 John Deere The Scag Wildcat features big FOR cutting capacity, MT Tractor. Completely Realong with maximum maneuverability. stored. $4,500 OBO. SHARP! Set up a test drive today! Bloomfield, IA. 641-208-5847 319-759-9172 ETFN

(785) 626-9200

Merlin & Regan Green

Since 1972

FOR SALE: 1450 Case Track Loader w/Ripper & Backhoe Attachment For Skidloader Or Tractor. Misc Concrete & Construction Tools. 319-470-0979 TFN WINCO PTO GENERATORS: New & Used, Save! Wes Sebetka. 641-990-1094 TFN TRACTOR PARTS: New Tractor Parts For All Makes Of Tractors. See Our Large Online Parts Catalog At www. Family Run Business With 30 Years Experience In Mexico, MO. We Ship UPS Daily. New Tractor Rims-IN STOCK. Used Tractor Parts Specializing In Ford & MF. Calls Welcome. 800-748-8168 TFN FOR SALE: Patz 16 - 20’ Rebuilt Silo Loader. Evenings. 319-397-2355 TFN

Grooming Chutes


The productive, reliable Tiger Cat delivers big performance in a small package. Drive one today!



12372 Hwy 163 West • Prairie City, IA 50228

515-994-3200 • 800-994-3202

Hours Price USED SCAG TURF TIGERS '10 STT61V-29KA-LC 220...$9,500.00 '10 STT61V-35BV 34..........$9,000 '09 STT61V-29KA-LC 400...$8,500.00 '07 STT61V-27CH 1200 $5,000.00 '07 STT61V-27CH 1065 $5,000.00 '07 STT61V-27CH 1300 $4,500.00 '05 STT61A-27KA 1050 $5,000.00 '01 577...$7,000.00 STT72A-31BSD


For 24 Months*

Hours Price USED SCAG OTHER '05 STC48A-20CV .........$2,500.00 '03 STC48A-19KA .........$2,500.00 OTHER RIDERS '09 Cub Cadet M72 37HP 160........$7,000 '05 JD GX345, 54'' 434........$4,000 JD 325, 54'' ..............$1,500 MFGC2300 w/Loader 230........$8,000 Gravely 34'' Stander 130........$3,000

*w/Approved Credit, See Dealer for Details

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”


Phone: 515-309-3000


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5330 NE 14th Des Moines, IA


#1 of 550



'09 Mercedes-Benz SL550 "Silver Arrow Edition", 11K $82,500

'09 BMW 535i, X-Drive, Fully Loaded Navigation, SHARP!!! 18K $42,900

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 11




'04 Newmar Mountain Aire 3778, 2 Slides, '08 Damon Astoria PE, 3772, 3-Slides, 8.1L, Gas, 4,749 Miles, $84,900 Auto Leveling, 7,551 Miles, $129,900

Need Extra Yield?

Foliar Nitrogen For Corn Foliar Seed Set For Beans Defender G4 Micronutrients Toll Free: 877-623-7710 Ladora and Homestead, IA

Jeff Buresh • 319-330-9805


Chris Adams, CCA • 319-929-4746

$12,500 #103721 '07 Chevy Corvette Convertible, Auto, Leather, Chrome Wheels, 15K, $45,900

#174167 '04 Cadillac CTS, Leather, M.R. Navigation, 74K, $15,988

#196174 '04 Chevy Limited Explorer High Top Van, 7 Pass, Lthr, TV, VCR DVD, 53K $24,900


'10 GMC Canyon, 4x4, Cloth FULL WARRANTY! 18K $25,900

2001 Ram 3500

Quad Cab, Dually 4x4, Cummins Dsl 6 Spd, Loaded, Leather, Full Power, Both Hitches



Classy Chassy

1993 Gulfstream Sun Voyager 102, 330 HP Cummins Diesel, Allison 643 Gen, Dual Air, Heat, HWH Hyd Levellers, Rear Bed, TV, Rear Camera


Des Moines, IA






'10 Hummer H3T, Luxury, Leather '06 Cadillac XLR-V Super Charged '05 Grand Prix GTP "Comp G", Leather '10 Lexus GX 460, Leather, M.R., Auto, M.R., Alloys $10,988 Navigation, DVD, 13K $55,900 Moonroof, Backup Camera, 4K $38,900 Covertible, Loaded, 20K $43,900

2005 GMC Sierra Denali AWD, Crew Cab, 100,428 Miles, 6.0L V8 Auto, White w/Gray Htd Leather, Loaded, Sunroof, 6 Disc Changer, Lots More, Clean Inside & Out

Could you use $100??

#207130 '10 Mazda MX5 Miata Leather, Auto, 3,694 Miles $25,900




'06 Mazda 3, Auto, AC, CLEAN! '07 Chevy Tahoe LTZ, Leather, Moonroof, '06 Toyota Tundra SR5, Double DVD, Chrome Wheels, 50K $31,900 Cab, Leather, Tow, 67K $19,988 60K, $11,988


Enviro-Foam Since 2007

Spray Foam Insulation Open-Cell & Closed-Cell Foundations, Floors, Walls, Roofing 40% Energy Savings Means Fast R.O.I. Gold Star Certified Applicators




'02 Ford Mustang Roush Stage 3, 360R, '09 Nissan Altima 2.5S, Auto, Cloth, Gray Leather, 5 Spd, 4,278 Mi $23,900 GREAT FUEL MILEAGE! 65K $16,988

'07 Chevy Tahoe, 4WD, Lthr, M.R., DVD, $21,900

'08 Dodge Ram 2500, 6.7L, Cummins Diesel, 4x4, Cloth, SHARP! 23K $32,900


641-216-FOAM (3626)

Xpert builders Licensed-Bonded-Insured 30x40x10

#673611 '08 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, Auto, Cloth, Power Top, 21K, $16,988


'08 Chevy Malibu, Auto, Cloth, M.R., 43K $17,988


'10 Chevy Equinox, Leather, Auto, Alloys, LIKE NEW! 23K $26,900

#124950 '08 Chevy 2500HD, Z71, LTZ, 6.6L, Duramax, Lthr, 20" Wheels, 56K $39,900

With Two Overhead Doors One Walk In

Spring Special $8,600 w/Concrete $11,600 All Sizes Available Lowest Rates Anywhere Custom Built To your Needs




'04 VW Beetle Convertible GLS '08 Dodge Charger SXT, Leather, M.R., '11 Nissan Juke, Full Factory Warranty, Turbo, Leather, Auto, FUN!! $12,988 38K, Spoiler, Chrome Wheels $21,900 Auto, Cloth, Only 3,311 Miles, $23,900

#B29271 '07 Ford F350 DRX, Auto, Cloth, Alloys, 4x4, 37K, $32,900

40 Yr. Warranty On Paint, Engineered Trusses All 2x6 Construction, All Sizes & Styles. Commercial - Residential Steel & Post Frame Construction

Call The Experts At:

641-295-5332 Or 641-295-4467

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

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1st Place Fair Deals At 1717Q

2004 Moutaineer

4 Dr., V6, AWD, FPWR, Heated Leather, T/C, CD/Changer, Alum, Tow, Retail $9,730

SALE $6,420*


2003 Durango SXT 4 Dr., V8, AT, 4x4, FPWR, AC, T/C, CD, Boards, Tow Alum, Retail $6,800

SALE $5,320*


1999 Grand Am SE 2 DR., 4 Cyl, AT, AC, FPWR T/C, CD, Alum Spoiler, Retail 4,200

SALE $2,820*



2002 Ram 2500

Quad, SLT, 4 Dr., V8, 4x4, AT, AC, PW/L, T/C, CD, Tow, Alum, Retail $9,425

SALE $7,588*


1999 Durango SLT

2004 Ram Quad 1500

SALE $4,420*

SALE $14,840*

4 Door, V8, AT, 4x4, FPWR, AC/RAC, CD/Infinity Alum Lug/Rac, Retail $5,880



SLT/SPI, 4 Dr., Hemi, 4x4, AT, AC, FPWR, T/C, CD, 20'' Chrome Tow, Retail $18,000


2004 Avalanche Z71 2007 F150 Crew XLT 2001 Ram 1500 Quad

4 Dr., V8, 4x4, AT, AC, FPWR, HTD/Leather, Moon, Tubes, T/C, Prior Slvg, Retail $19,270

SALE $14,920*


1999 Neon Sport

4 Dr., 4 Cyl, AT, AC, PW/L T/C, CD, Spoiler, Moon, Retail $4,360

SALE $2,990*


2007 Pacifica WP

2003 Grand Caravan

SALE $14,920*

SALE $4,920*

Touring, 4 Dr., V6, AWD, AT, AC/Rac, FPWR/Htd Lthr, DVD, Moon, Alum, T/C, CD, Retail $19,500


SE, 4 DR., V6, AT/RAC, PW/L T/C, CD, Sunscreen, Retail $7,435

4 Dr., 5.4, 4x4, AT, AC, FPWR, T/C, CD, Tow, Boards, Retail $20,100

SALE $16,420*


1995 GMC Suburban

SLE Conversion, 4 DR., V8, 4x4, AT, AC/ RAC, Htd/Lthr, TV,VCP, Boards, Retail $9,725

SALE $6,920*

1997 Sable GS


4 Dr., V6, AT, AC, FPWR, T/C, Alum Retail $3,950

SALE $2,840*

*Tax & Fees Extra • Sale Ends 07/31/11

SLT, 4 Dr., V8, AT, AC, PW/L T/C, TP, Tubes, Tow, Retail $7,985

SALE $4,960*


2004 Suburban LS

4 Dr., V8, AT, 4x2, AC/RAC, FPWR, TP/CD, T/C, Alum, Tow, Lug/Rac, Retail $11,525

SALE $9,440*


2004 Rainier CXL

4 Dr., i6, AWD, AT, AC, FPWR, Htd/Lthr, T/C, CD, Tow, Alum, Retail $11,250

SALE $9,842*

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 13

Clemons Oskaloosa 1734Q

2004 Town Car


2003 Tahoe Z71


2005 Trailblazer LT

Signature, 4 Dr., AT, AC, FPWR, Lthr, T/C, CD, Alum, Retail $13,200

4 Dr., V8, AT, 4x4, AC/RAC, FPWR, Htd/Lthr, Tow, Tubes, Alum, T/C, Retail $13,675

4 Dr., i6, 4x4, AT, FWPR, Htd/Lthr, T/C, CD/Bose/XM, Moon, Alum, Retail $10,450




SALE $9,720*

1999 Intrigue

4 Dr., V6, AT, AC, PW/L, T/C/TP/CD, Alum, Retail $4,750

SALE $3,420*


2003 Tahoe LT

4 Dr., V8, AT, 4x4, AC/RAC, FPWR, Htd/Lthr, Quads, Moon, Tow, Alum, Retail $14,640

SALE $11,920*

SALE $12,486*

2007 LaCrosse CXL

4 Dr., V6, AT, AC, FPWR, T/C, CD, Alum, Retail $12,000

SALE $9,460*


SALE $8,980*

2004 Freestar LTD

4 Dr., V6, AT, AC/RAC, FPWR, Lthr, T/C, TP/CD, Alum Quads, Retail $9,500

SALE $6,920*


2002 Blazer LS

2006 Silverado 1500

SALE $5,960*

SALE $12,920*

4 Dr., V6, AT, 4x4, AC, PW/L, T/C, CD, Alum, Tow, Sunscreen, Lug/Rac, Retail $7,690

EXT, 4 Dr., V8, 4x4, AT, AC, Tow, Retail $15,605


2001 CR-V

AWD, 4 DR., 4 Cyl, AT, AC, PW/L, T/C, TP, Tow, Retail $8,050

SALE $5,920*


2004 Tahoe Z71

4 Dr., V8, AT, AC, RAC, FWPR, Htd/Lthr, CD/Bose, Alum, Moon, On*, Retail $18,400

SALE $15,910*

See Ya At Our Fair Deals

OF OSKALOOSA 1601 A. Ave. West, Oskaloosa • 641-673-3447 • 800-798-3449 • *Tax & Fees Extra • Sale Ends 07/31/11

2007 Sundance 3200ES, Rear Living Room, 2 Chairs, 3 Slides, Free Standing Table & Chairs, Bed Slide, Fiberglass Ext, 1 Piece Roof, Very Clean Local Trade In - 1 Owner



1997 Excel Knoble Esquire, 3 Slides, Rear Kitchen, 37' 5th Wheel, Solid Wood Cabinets, Ducted Air, Fiberglass Roof, Washer/Dryer

2007 Outback 31 FBHS Quad Bunks W/Large Slide, All Alum Framing W/ Fiberglass Ext, Ducted Air, Awning, Stereo, Dbl Door Fridge, White Cabinets, Rubber Roof, Sleeps 10, Super Clean 5th Wheel That is Just In!



2004 Cougar 285,Rear Living 5 Wheel, Large Slide, Bay Window, Solid Oak Cabinets, Alum Framing, Dbl Door Fridge, Micro, New Awning, Elec Jacks, Gas/ Elec Water Heater, Very Clean - Stripes Are Good!

1979 Forrester, 30 ', Rear Living Room, 2 Entry Doors, Side Awning, Double Door Fridge, Front Twin Beds, Roof Air, Full Size Tub, Nice & Clean Older Rig

2001 Prowler 345L, Triple Slide LSI Model, Rear Living Room, Has Generator, Awning, Ducted Air, Microwaves, Ent Center, Slide Topper, Awnings, Elec Jacks, Leather Chairs, Hide-ABed Sofa, Free Standing Table & Chairs w/Dryer Hookups, Just In On New Montana

1998 Challenger 31RL, 1 Slide, Slide Topper Awnings, Ducted Air, Solid Oak Cabinets, Enclosed Underbelly, 2 Rear Swivel Rockers, Fiberglass Exterior

2011 Rockwood 8265WS, 28’ Triple Slide 5th Wheel, weighs only 7,290 Lbs Empty, 1/2 Ton Towable, Rear Ent Center, Htd Enc Underbelly, Pwr Awn, Ducted Air, Outside Speakers, Microwave, Alum Wheels, DVD, Surround Sound & More

Only $14,900





1993 Dutchmen, 26’ 5th Wheel Sleeps 6

2008 Nuwa Discover America BLOW OUT PRICING!

2001 Innsbruck 28’ With Large Slide, Local Trade-In, Ducted Air, Awning, Stereo, Rear Kitchen

1998 Jayco Designer 3510 5th Wheel, 2 Slide Outs, Sleeps 6, Rear Entertainment

2008 Outback 30BHS, Bunkhouse Ultra Light travel Trailer, Large Slide, Front Bedroom, Laminated Sidewalls, All Aluminum Framing, Clean! Clean! Sleeps 8, All The Goodies!





Only $18,900

2008 Fun Finder X210 Ultralite, Laminated Side Walls, Rear Bath, Front Queen Walk Around, TV, Microwave, Stereo, AC, Slide Out, Only Weighs 3620 lbs

2011 Monaco Crossover 19FS, Hy-Brid Travel Trailer W/Tent Ends. Roof Air, Awning, Stereo, LP/Gas Fridge, Microwave, Rubber Roof, Dinette, U-Shaped Couch, Very Clean Used Rig That is LIKE NEW!

2006 Flagstaff 831BHS, 2 Slides, 2 Bunks, 1/2 Ton Towable, Double Bed W/Single Bunk Overhead, Couch/ Dinette Slide, Aluminum Frame, Enclosed Underbelly, Ducted Air,




2006 Pilgrim 310RBS, 2 Slides, Bunk Slide, Couch/Dinette Slide, Super Clean, Ducted Air, Hide-A-Bed Sofa, Solid Oak Cabinets, Sleeps 8, Gas/Electric Water Heater

1993 Elk Ridge 9' Pickup Camper, Roof Air, Fridge, Furnace, Bath Clean & Solid!

2006 Wildwood 22FB, Front Bed, Rear Bath, Roof Air, Awning, Stereo, Microwave, Very Clean Lightweight Rig





2004 Sprinter 300KBS, Front Kitchen/Rear Bedroom, 2 Slides, Couch/Dinette and Rear Bed, Lots of Room, Ducted Air, Awning, Stereo, TV Entertain Center Area, Oak Cabinets


2006 Ameri-Camp 301, Rear Living Room With 2 Chairs, Large Slide, Fiberglass Ext, Alum Frame, LOADED With Goodies! Ducted Air, Awning, Stereo, Microwave, Oak Cabinets!

2000 Coachman Catalina, 24', Rear Bath/Bunks, Front Bedroom, Roof Air, Awning, Stereo, TV Antenna W/Booster, Microwave, Sleeps 6, Very Clean, Local Trade

2002 Skyline Century 25RKS Rear Kitchen W/Slide, Fiberglass Ext, One Piece Rubber Roof, Ducted Air, Side Awning, Gas/ Elec Fridge, Microwave, Stereo, Front Walk Around Bed, Clean Local Trade In

2007 Sierra 301BHD, 2 Slide Bunk Model, LOADED! Fiberglass Ext, Rubber Roof, Solid Oak Cabinets, Sleeps 8, Local Trade

1975 Wilderness 24’ Travel Trailer, Fear Bath, Front Living Room, Side Awning, Fridge, Side Air Conditioner





Only $1,500




2002 Ford Conversion Van, V8, Auto, 81K Miles, Leather, Raised Roof, TV, Pwr Bed, Rear Heat/Air, Vacuum, Full Power, Mood Lighting and More!

1996 Rexall Aerbus 33' Class A, Ford 460 Auto, 2 TV's, 2 Roof Airs, Hyd Levelors, 2 Couches, 2 Person Dinette, Huge Bath, L Shape Kitchen

2003 Damon Challenger 348 Model, 2 Slides, Ford Chassis, V10 Auto W/26K Miles, Super Clean Rig WLeveling Jacks, Back Up Camera, 2 Ducted Airs, Large Onan Generator, Side Awning, Slide Topper Awnnings, Solid Oak Cabinets, Electric Step

2003 Itasca Spirit Class C 29B W/2 Slides, Ford Chassis W/27K Miles, Roof Air, Awning, Stereo, TV, Switching System, Hitch, Ladder, Microwave, Sleeps 6, Very Clean!




JUST IN! $39,900

JUST IN! $36,900

2011 Cougar 29FKS, X-Lite, Travel Trailer, Front Kitchen 29, Beautiful Rig With Large Slide and Lots of Solid Cherry Cabinets, All Alum Framing With Enclosed Underbelly, Power Awning, Alum Wheels, Air Hide-A-Bed Sofa MSRP $30,295

2011 Cougar 32SAB X-Lite Travel Trailer With 2 Slides, Very Light Weight, Weighing Only 7125 Lbs, Outside Stereo Speakers, Alum Wheels, Pwer WAwning W/Remote, 2 Rocker Recliners, Private Side Aisle Bathroom MSRP $34,188

2011 Sprinter Select 26BH With Slide Out and Bunks. This is a Fiberglass Ext, Laminated Side Walls, Alum Frame, With One Piece Rubber Roof, Loaded With LCD TV, DVD, FM Stereo, Microwave, Dbl Door Fridge, Tub Surround, Skylight, Stab Jacks! Very Competitively Priced

2012 Cougar High Country 321RKS, Triple Slide Rear Ent W/Pop Up TV, Gel Coated Exterior, 2 Couches, Air HideA-Bed Sofa, Alum Wheels, Grey Body, Streamline Front Fiberglass Cap, Loaded! MSRP $36,421

2011 Montana 3750, Front Living Room, (5) Slide 5th Wheel, Side by Side Fridge, Central Vac, LCD TV's, DVD, Surround Sound, Convection Microwave, 2 Couches, Pwr Awning, Pwr Jacks, All Alum Framing, Enclosed Heated Underbelly

2011 Montana Mountaineer 295RKS, 2 Slides, Rear Kitchen, Hickory Edition, Pwr Awning, Outside Speakers, Alum Wheels, Gas/Elec Water Heater, Large Fridge, Heated Enclosed Underbelly, All Aluminum Framing MSRP $44,457

2012 Kodiak Ultra Light 241, Small Slide, 4400 Lbs Empty, Front Bedroom, Rear Bath, LCD TV, DVD/CD Stereo, Pwr Awning, Outside Speakers, Outside Cook Stove, Corian Countertops, 6 Sided Aluminum Cage, 5 Side Laminated, Enclosed Underbelly, Nice Cabinets

NOW $24,958!

NOW $26,308!


OUR PRICE $28,621


OUR PRICE $35,488

OUR PRICE $24,484

1997 Pace Arrow 36' Ford Chassis, 460, LCD TV, Leveling Jacks, 55K

Coming In This Week...... MSRP $62,369

Our Price $49,438


Only $25,900

2012 Cyclone 300, 2 Slides, Tandem Axle, Large Couch Slide, Bed Slide, Onan Gen, Fuel Station, Rear Screen, Ducted Air, Pwr Awnings, Hydraulic Front jacks, Tinted Safety Glass, Corian, 12' Garage, Alum Wheels, Outside Speakers

2009 KZ Sportster 3010, Toy Hauler W/ Slide Out, U Shaped Dinette, Front Bedroom, Wall Divider, Ducted Air, Triple Axle, Outside Speakers, Alum Wheels, large Fridge, Stereo, 12' Storage

MSRP $73,206

Our Price $59,890


Only $39,900

............WE GOT ‘EM!!

New Cougar Models In Stock...... 2012 Cyclone toy Hauler 3800, 3 Slides, Rear Patio, 5500 Watt Generator, Fuel Station, Sliding Patio Door to Rear, Hydraulic Jacks, Rear Power Beds, Alum Wheels, LCD TV, Outside Speakers & More! Just in! 2007 Weekend Warrior, 3 Slides, 5500 Watt Onan Gen, Fuel Station, Triple Axle, Stereo, Custom Wheels, Ducted Roof Air, LCD TV, TV in Bedroom With DVD, Awning, Elec Jacks, Cream Puff, Lots of Storage

• 2011 Cougar 296BHS • 2011 Cougar 32SAB • 2011 Cougar CG328 • 2011 Cougar 328QBS • 2011 Cougar 29BHS • 2011 Cougar 27SAB • 2011 Cougar 32SAB • 2011 Cougar 26SAB • 2011 Cougar 299RKS • 2011 Cougar 29FKS • 2012 Cougar 324RLB • 2012 Cougar 276RLS • 2012 Cougar 318SAB • 2012 Cougar 321RES • 2012 Cougar 27RKS • 2012 Cougar 26SAB


Page 15

Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors •

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

• 2007 Jayco Octane EX, 24’ Toy Hauler W/Power Beds, 4000 Watt Generator, Side Awning, Stereo, Outside Speakers, Microwave, Double Door Fridge, CLEAN! JUST IN! $18,900 • 2008 Springdale 298 - Quad Bunks • 2004 Sprinter 243, 5th Wheel Slide • 2006 Salem 24’, Bunks, Travel Trailer • 2006 Rockwood 2701, Ultra Lite Slide Out • 2009 North Trail 28’ Travel Trailer, Ultra Light 28’ • 2007 North Shore 34’ Travel Trailer With 2 Slides • 2007 Hornet 258 Bunkhouse 5th Wheel • 2009 Conquest Supreme 30’ Travel Trailer With 2 Slides, And Bunks • 2011 Hornet Hideout 27BHS, Bunk Slide Out • 2004 Springdale 266 Travel Trailer, Rear Living Slide Out

Toy Haulers......................

We're Giving Away A JD X300 Lawn Mower. Come See Us For Details! Drawing in July!

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

2007 Keystone Outback Sydney 30RLS, All Alum Frame, Ducted Air, Awning, Outside Cook Center, Stereo CD, Corner Shower, Skylight, Micro, Dbl Dr Fridge, Pwr jack, Stab jacks, Rubber Roof, Fiberglass Ext, Very Clean Inside & Out!

2006 Schwinn Moped 48cc, 111 Miles Super Clean! Sharp! Like New!

Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • •

2004 Jayco Designer, 31', 2 Slides, 5th Wheel, Rear LR W/2 Slides, Solid Oak Cabinets, All Alum Framing, Ducted Air, Awning, Stereo, Alum Wheels, Micro, Free Standing Table & Chairs, Htd Enc Underbelly, Pass Through Storage, 1 Owner Trade on a New Montana

Page 14

Sun Blu shine & 14270 Sycamore Rd • Ottumwa, IA • 641-682-5497 It’s C e Ski es... amp i ng T . Mon - Fri. 8:30 - 6:00 PM • Sat. 9:00- 3:00 PM Or By Appointment ime ! Proudly Serving Iowa Since 1959

Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • •

Bowling Motors

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors • • Bowling Motors •

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 16

Midwest Storage Barns

14 Color Combinations

Of Unionville, MO

Metal Has 40 Yr. Warranty

$3,000 12' x 16' Metal Barn w/Loft

12' x 20' Horse Shed w/6' Tack Room

14' x 26' Cabin w/Porch & Loft

16' Log Cabin w/Porch & Loft

Cabins New Sizes: Up to 16' Wide & Up to 40' Long


FOR SALE: 1999 GMC PickUp Extra Cab, 4x4, Black Topper, Lots of Extras, Cloth, 96,000 Miles, $8,350. Have to See to Appreciate! Call After 4:00PM. 319-397-2347 8-5 Want To Win A $100?

FOR SALE: 1950 Mercury Mild Custom 4 Dr. 351 C-6, PS, PDB, AC/Heat, 3,000 Miles Since Restored and New Paint and Interior. 573-221-5116 or 573-795-4312 7-15 FOR SALE: 1998 Ford Mustang, V6 auto, needs front clip, has sunroof. $800 573-219-7378 7-15

FOR SALE: Ford Jubilee, Good Shape. I Don’t Use Anymore. Need Space. 641-449-3226 7-15 FOR SALE: 2003 VW Jetta Wagon, Diesel, Excellent Fuel Mileage. Looks, Runs and Drives Great. Moon Roof, Alloy Wheels, etc. 641-919-3960 7-15

FOR SALE: 1996 Ford Mustang, 3.8 V6, cold air, runs & looks good, 148,xxx miles, $3,300. 217-653-7480 7-15 FOR SALE: 1999 Toyota Camry, 4 CYL, 4-Door, 113K, Full Power W/Seat, CD, Alloys, Spoiler, Garaged. 515-231-1991 7-29

641-682-5497 1977 Jeep CJ5 Built V8 Engine, Soft Top, Aluminum Wheels, Good Tires


Delivered To Your Backyard!


Ask About Our Rent To Own!

We Build Portable Garages

Unionville, MO

• Specializing In Pole Shed Packages • New Houses & Garages • Re-roofing w/ Metal Or Shingles

Quality Comes First & Very Competitive! 641-895-6344 641-898-2226

Toll Free: 866-226-8147 or 660-947-4391 Yoder Lumber, Bloomfield, IA • 641-772-3605 Lockridge Inc., Chariton, IA 641-774-2785

Hometown Animal Health, Memphis, MO 660-465-2967


2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE

3.3L V6 Auto, 2,385 Miles (That’s Right Almost New), Silver w/Gray Cloth Int, Like New & Out, Small V6, Great Fuel Mileage


*No Maintenance *Termite Resistant *Will not crack, splinter, warp, or rot *Will not Promote bacteria growth or mildew *Will not weather from natural elements *U.V. stabilized (fade proof) *Assembled with stainless steel hardware *Chairs, Gliders and Swings reinforced with aluminum angle braces *7 colors with a wide variety of variations

Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Announcing Our Customized Service Special!

Crops are Growing!! Fall is Coming!! NOW is the time to have your equipment inspected and repaired.

Blue Plastic 55 Gal Storage Barrels $20.00

Don’t wait until the last minute to have repairs made--With the terms we have available, there is no reason to wait! Mon-Fri 9-5 Saturday 9-3

 CUSTOMIZED SERVICE PROGRAMS  June 15, 2011 through August 31, 2011

We are pleased to offer a Customized Service Program for your Case IH equipment: Tractors, Combines, Platforms, Corn Heads, etc. We will inspect your equipment in the service center and prepare an itemized estimate for your approval. And, as always, no major repairs will be made without your consent.

Tub Shower SALE

1 pc. Standard T/S

1 pc. 60x36 T/S


Regular $630

Work Orders over $750 Receive:  Interest Free, Deferred Terms for 90 Days **  10% Parts Discount on repairs performed in our shop  Free Trucking One Way or Free Inspection on work orders over $2000

Sale Price

Sale Price



1 pc. 48x36 Shower With Or Without Seat Starting At

$219 Each

Whirlpool Tubs Up To 30% OFF Allen’s Prices

Your Home Improvement Warehouse Check Out Our Website At:

We hope you will take full advantage of this unique opportunity by scheduling your equipment today! Please contact Dave if you have special needs so we can customize a plan that works for you. Thank you for your continued support! The Service Center Staff

9983 Hwy 92  Indianola, IA  515-961-2541

For All Your Equipment Needs

 Parts  Sales  Service 

 Contact Service Manager Dave Nelson to Schedule Your Service Special 

** Deferred Interest & Payment Programs require $750 minimum purchase and use of CNH Capital Commercial Revolving Account. See store for details.

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 17


Quality Pre-Owned Harley Davidsons 2011 Heritage Classic Pipes & Tuner Remaining Warranty 1198 Miles

2008 Dodge Ram 2500, Turbo Diesel, 2WD, 4 Door, Auto, 21,919 Miles, Like New!

2009 Rocker Pipes & Extras 6334 Miles Like New


1997 “Bobber” 3618 Miles Custom

1999 Pontiac Bonneville SE 3800 V6, Loaded, Full Power, Spoiler, CD Graphic Equalizer

Click on the Contests Tab


Classy Chassy Des Moines, IA

FOR SALE: 1999 Trans AM, Formula, convertible, new top, auto, 5.7, 120,xxx miles, dark green, black top. $4,000 573-219-7378 7-15

R/J PERFORMANCE INC. 14231 Sycamore Road,

FOR SALE: 1947 Lincoln Continental Coupe. Project Car, 50’s Cadillac Engine, Interior Rough, Needs Light Mechanical, $11,500. Call After 5:00PM. 641-488-2449 7-22

Airport Exit Hwy 63 North Ottumwa, IA 52501


FOR SALE: 1994 Ford Cube Van With Heavy Duty Tommy Lift. Engine Has Been Replaced, Runs Good! 641-628-3333 7-15

2010 Ford Fusion SE 2.5L 4 Cyl, 6 Spd, Auto Great Fuel Mileage 24,665 Miles White w/Tan Cloth Interior Like New Inside & Out

FOR SALE: 2008 Ford Fusion SEL, Loaded, V6, 58,000 Miles, $7,950. Mt. Pleasant, IA. 727-452-7439 7-15


Greg Goldizen, Owner

613 Richmond • Ottumwa, IA • 641-684-5630 Toll Free # 866-881-4727 • HOURS: Mon-Fri 8-5 •Sat 9-Noon

BUY HERE - PAY HERE • 0% Interest - 0% Financing

Wants Your Complete Junk VehiCle! $200-$250 Complete Free pickup Within 20 mile radius of ottumwa!!

Buying Scrap Metal & Catalytic Converters. Roll Off Services Available

641-682-4161 • 800-682-4161

No Credit? Bad Credit? And You Want to Buy A Camper? We Sell Central States Metal

We carry a large variety of lumber Economy - OSB - Drywall 5/8'' To 1/2'' Insulation - Shingles - 5/8'' TI-II Siding Plyco Doors - Window - Overhead Doors Metal Roofing & siding - ALL Colors Concrete Perma Columns Available

104 East 2nd St.,

We CarryPurchase A LargeA Mini Cantril, IA & Cantril Lumber Barn Mon-Fri 7-5; & Hardware Variety of Receive LumberA Free Rake, Sat 7-12 319-397-2351 Free Delivery Edgeguard® 104 East 2nd St., • Cantril, IA In A 50 Mile Radius Mini Broadcast Mon-Fri 7-5; Sat 7-12$ 50 Spreader




6.5-Gallon Portable




18-Volt Compact Cordless Drill/Impact

5'' And 6'' Seamless Gutters Do It Right, The Seamless Way!




2003 Wide Glide Anniversary Edition 16,141 Miles


Knoxville, IA

Win Tickets to the Knoxville Raceway! Sign up at

Tammi Will Help You! Call: 641-455-4443 800-246-5497

You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Spray Foam Insulation Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Applications 3 Certainteed Factory Trained Applicators Roof Foam • Closed Cell Foam Open Cell Foam • Roof Coating Proof Of General Liability & Workman’s Comp Insurance Dennis 641-799-0398 Aaron 641-777-0449

Spray Foam Insulation

Owens Corning Lifetime Duration Shingles

$80.25 Square

While Supplies Last

YODER LUMBER Located 4 Miles South of Drakesville on Ice Ave or 4 Miles West of Bloomfield, Iowa

Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm Closed Sat & Sun Owners: Joe Yoder & Daniel Yutzy


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 18 $14,600

Early 80’s Case 2390

Approx 5200 Hrs., Power Shift, Always Shedded, Cab, Heat, A/C, Rado, Has Lundell Single Stage Snow Blower, Extra Set Of Duals, Updated Rearend

$14,900 OBO 515-231-8959 • 515-231-6414


Best Insulation in The World!

Save Up TO 40% On Your Heating and Cooling Costs!

2010 Chevy Malibu LT 29,543 MIles, 2.4L 4 Cyl 6 Spd Auto, Great Fuel Mileage, Silver w/2 Tone Gray Cloth Int Lots of Options Like New Inside & Out



Serving the Area For 5 Yrs

Spray Foam Experts

Sturdy Buildings Post Framed Buildings


FOR SALE: 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, Remote Start, Pwr Seat, Windows & Locks, CD, Spoiler, 89,400 Miles, $8,250. 641-891-5062 7-22 FOR SALE: 2007 Ford Focus, 2 Dr, Auto, Loaded, Runs Great, 32 MPG, 82,000 Miles, $4,950. Mt. Pleasant, IA. 727-452-7439 7-15


2-9x7 Overheads 1- Walk Door 2- 3x2 Windows 4” Concrete Floor


FOR SALE: 2001 Ford F350 XLT, Crew Cab, Dually, 4x4, Blue/Silver, V10, 53K Miles, Great Shape, $12,500 OBO. Pictures Available. 319-750-3281 7-29


2- 10x8 Overheads 3- 3x2 Windows 1- Walk Door 4” Concrete Floor

FOR SALE: 2009 H&H Car Equipment Trailer, 9,400 GVW, Less Than 1,000 Miles, $2,600. Ottumwa, IA. 712-308-2577 7-15


Tax & Labor Included In These Prices. All Other Buildings On Sale As Well! Call For Estimate. Call Today To Get Scheduled! web:

FOR SALE: 1992 Ford F-150 pickup, 302 V8, 2WD, auto, cold air, good tires, runs good, sell for $950 cash. 217-653-7480 7-15 FOR SALE: New/Used Parts, Cars, pickups, semis, farm equipment, construction. (Body parts, paint to match). Transmissions, engines, any related automotive part. Delivery direct or your mechanic/ warranteed payment plans. 800-807-9612 7-29

Closed Cell Foam, New Homes, Pole Barns Crawl Spaces, Commercial or Residential Tons of References • Fully Insured 641-683-FOAM • 641-799-0479


FOR SALE: 2000 Ford Taurus SES, 4-Dr, Full Power W/Seat, 116K Miles, Same Style as ’07, SHARP! 515-231-1991 8-5 FOR SALE: 1980 Chevy Luv, 4 cyl. 4 spd., blue with blue interior, runs great, good body, Brookfield Auto Sales, 412 State St. Brookfield, MO 660-258-7309 7-15

213 W. Pleasant Knoxville, Iowa 50138

(641) 842-2822

2- 9x7 Overheads 1- Walk Door 2- 3x2 Windows 4” Concrete Floor

FOR SALE: 1956 Pontiac V-8 Motor; 1966 200 6 Cyl. Ford Engine (Both Good); 1950 Ford 2 Dr Rolling Chassis W/ Title; Also 2000 Ford Lightning, 60,000 Miles. 573-221-5116 or 573-795-4312 7-15

FOR SALE: 2002 Chevy 1500, 2x4, Single Cab, Long Box, Air, Cruise, 134K Miles; ’89 Dodge Dakota Short Bed Parts. 641-895-2535 7-15


641-856-7898 • 641-642-8300 Moulton, IA

CORBY WARNER 641-919-4676 CURT WARNER 641-919-4677

FOR SALE: 2002 Ford Escape, 121,000 Miles, Excellent Condition, $4,400 OBO. 641-939-7054 or 641-750-6575 7-15 FOR SALE: Truck Bed Trailer, with tilt bed, ideal for hauling scrap steel. Sell for $375. 217-653-7480 7-15

FOR SALE: 1987 Chrysler New Yorker, 4 Dr, 111K Miles, Electronic Voice Alert, Full Power, Digital Gauges, White, Runs & Drives, $750. 641-295-3079 7-15

FOR SALE: 2001 Ford F-250, 2WD, Super Duty truck, 5.4L V8, long bed, ext. cab, tow package, camper shell/racks and much more. 67,500 original miles. $9,400. 314-420-4950 7-15

FOR SALE: Pickup Seat, Driver’s Side, Electric, Fits a ’97 Dodge Extended Full Size Pickup. 319-677-0500 ETFN

FOR SALE: 2002 Ford Focus SE, 4 Cyl, 4 Door, Auto, Keyless, CD, Clean & Nice. 515-231-1991 7-29



Indianola, Iowa Wednesday, July 27th Thru Monday, Aug 1st “Makin’ Memories”

Free Front Gate • Free Parking

Daily Carnival Nick’s Kid Show - 3 Times Daily Chainsaw Artist Shows Daily

Mechanical Bull!

Grandstand Entertainment Wednesday, July 27th

Ray Thompson, Hypnotist 7:00 pm Sponsored by Heartland Co-op Downey Tire

Thursday, July 28th

John Beatty, Strongman 7:00 pm As Seen on America’s Got Talent $5 Admission - 12 Years & Older Sponsored by: Elite Expediting Read With Me - 12 Noon Marcus McIntosh, KCCI TV

Friday, July 29th

IAMO Truck & Tractor Pull

7:00 pm $10 Admission - 12 Years & Older Co-Sponsored by WC Corn Growers, WC Farm Bureau Insurance, Tractor Pullers, Miller Electric, Sternquist Construction, Norwalk Tire & Auto Center, Herold Trailer Sales, Rick Pitt Auctions

Saturday, July 30th Local Truck Pull & Garden Tractor Pull

5:00 pm • $5 Admission -12 Yrs & Older Sponsored by Iowa Tire, Vanderpool Construction, G&D Auto Repair, The Radiator Shop, Agri-Tech Aviation

Veteran’s Recognition Ceremony 4-5 pm Sunday, July 31st

Kids Sanctioned Pedal Pull 4:00 pm • Registration Begins At 3:00 pm

$11,950 2005 Ford F150 4x4, Super Crew XLT, 117K Miles Ready 2 Go!





2005 Ford F150 FX4, 2004 Ford F150 4x4 2005 Ford F-150 Q-Cab, 2004 Ford F-150, Crew Cab, Lariat, 4x4, 114K Standard Cab, 4x4, 4 Super Cab Lariat, 49K FX4, 4x4, 96K Miles, Miles, Loaded, Leather, Wheel Drive, Step Side, Miles, Loaded w/All The Leather, Loaded, never Wrecked, Good Title 49K Miles, Nice Truck Ready 2 Go! Options, Ready 2 Go


Cattlemen’s Steak Fry - 5 - 7 pm at the Show Ring

Grandstand Tickets Regular $25 - $20 for Early Tickets Carnival tickets Regular $15 - $12 for Early Tickets Early Tickets by July 23, 2011 •

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

WANTED TO BUY FOR SALVAGE Combines and Straight Trucks Running or Not Running Paying $500 - $1,000

CALL PHILLIP AT 319-931-9991 2009 Yamaha 450 Rhino, Aluminum Wheels, 4x4, Low Hrs, Diff-Lok, Low Range, Dump Box

ONLY $7,295 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

BUYING: Junk Car batteries for limited time. Paying $7.00 each delivered to us or pay $6.00 each we pick up in IA, IL, MO, NE. 217-653-7480 TFN

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 19

Rottweiler Puppies 4 Sale

660-385-7877 FOR SALE: ’97 Buick Skylark Limited, Only 72K Miles, 3.1, V6, 4 Dr, Auto, Full Power w/ Seat, Real Clean and Nice. 515-231-1991 7-15

You Want To Win $100

HERSHBERGER’S H Vitamins Minerals E R B S Food Supplements



3/4 mi. E. of Drakesville, IA on 180th St.

HOURS: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Sat

VM: 641-664-2661

1# White Potatoes, 10#..........................$2.49 Golden Delicious Apples.........................$.79# Frozen Dark Sweet Cherries, 28# ..........$28.95 Ground Beef, 80% .....20# Case 1.79# or $1.89# Frozen Fish Sale While Supplies Last Approx 10#-16# Cases................. $20-$25 Case Also Sold in Smaller Retail Packed Quantities

FOR SALE: 2004 Kenworth Semi Truck, W900L areo cab, 684k miles, (6) new tires, (4) 1/2 tread tires, new clutch & pressure plate, new starter & batteries. Cummins motor ISX 470hp, 10 spd. trans., color black cherry. $25,000 660-295-4538 or 660-676-2208 7-15

Cod Fillets • Orange Roughy Fillets Salmon Wellington Fillets Arrowtooth Flounder 30# $45 Whiting Fillets • Ocean Perch Fillets Flounder Fillets Breaded Shrimp • Breaded Scallop Breaded Tilapia • Breaded Grouper Breaded Flounder

FOR SALE: 2002 Ford Escape, 121,000 Miles, Excellent Condition, $4,400 OBO. 641-939-7054 or 641-750-6575 7-15

Georgia #1 Peaches ..... $.89# or 25# for $14.50

Southern MO Peaches Expected Soon Taking Orders for Fresh Mich Blueberries

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable PreSale 3rd Order By July 25th

2011 Wayne County Fair Wayne County Fairgrounds Corydon, IA

July 27-August 1

Admission: Season Pass: $20.00 • Daily Ticket: $7.00 Tuesday July 26

6:00 PM - Ice Cream Social 6:30 PM - Music by “Just Family” No gate admission - free will donation

Wednesday July 27

6:30 PM - Queen Coronation - Center Stage Prince & Princess Contest - Center Stage 7:00 PM - Bill Riley Talent Search - Center Stage 8:00 PM - Watermelon Feed (Sponsored by the Dodson Family) 8:00 PM - Tractor Rodeo sponsored by Farm Bureau - Main Arena

Thursday July 28

6:00 PM - Local Truck Pull - Main Arena 6:30 PM - Pedal Pull (Center Stage) 7:00 PM - Ray Thompson, Hypnosis & More - Center Stage 7:30 PM - IAMO Truck & Tractor Pull - Main Arena 9:00 PM - Ray Thompson, Hypnosis - Center Stage

Friday July 29

6:00 PM - Mutton Busting - Main Arena 7:00 PM - Ray Thompson, Hypnosis & More - Center Stage 7:30 PM - Heartland Rodeo Company - Main Arena 9:30 PM - Ray Thompson, Hypnosis - Center Stage

Saturday July 30

6:00 PM - Junior Steer Riding - Main Arena 7:30 PM - Heartland Rodeo Company - Main Arena 9:30 PM - “Justice” Band - Center Stage

Sunday July 31

8:30 AM - Church Services - Center Stage 9:00 AM - Horse Show 7:00 PM - Summer Slam Demo Derby

Monday, August 1

5:00 PM - Buyers Supper - 4-H Building 6:00 PM - 4-H & FFA Livestock Auction - Show Ring For More Information on Livestock Shows, Activities & Entertainment Check Out Our Website:

Coy’s Boatworks, LLC

2615 E.Illinois St. • Kirksville, MO 63501 Toll Free: 1-866-605-4447 •

$4,500 1989 JLG 50HT Boom Lift Stk #AV4251 LPG Boom Lift 50 Ft Reach, 1000K 2WD, Foam Filled Tires, Remand by JLG 8/99


Available Material Handling


2000 Ford Explorer Limited AWD

93,500 Miles, 4.0 V6 Power Everything, Heated Leather Seats, CD W/Premium Sound Rear Heat/Air


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

For Sale

Page 20


The City of Moulton is selling a 1975 Ford 1500 gal. Tanker Fire Truck.New Tires, V8 534, 10,984 Miles, In Good Working Condition $3,000 A 1976 Ford, 750 gal Pumper Fire Truck, F750 V8 391, w/ 12,400 Miles, New Tires, New Radiator & Total Rebuild On Brakes, In Good Working Condition, $3,000

1999 Komatsu FG20STLP-12 #AV4241 LPG Cushion 2 Stage 83/128 S/S Fork Positioner Lever Shift Available Material Handling

You may contact Moulton City Hall at, 111 S. Main St., Moulton, IA 52572 Ph/fax 641-642-3328 or for more information or pictures call

FOR SALE: 2004 PT Cruiser, 95K, 4 Cyl, 4 Dr, Auto, CD, Cold Air, Nice. 515-231-1991 7-15




FOR SALE: 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis, Dark Blue, New Tires, 77,000 Miles, Nice Car, $4,500. Call After 3:00 PM. 319-397-2347 7-22

o aut ing ail Det

Are you stocked up for the upcoming harvest? Special! Bale Net Wrap

2003 Chevy Impala LS Sport Appearance Package Black w/Tan Leather All Options Red Barn Automotive Rutledge, MO • 660-216-2259 No Sunday Calls Call Us For Complete List Of Rebuilders!

120 Acres Dairy Farm

Want To Win $100?

H&L RepaiR inc.

John Wm. Schrock 16660 240th St. Bloomfield, Ia 52537

VM 641-664-1964

complete car & Truck Repair

1989 Ford Maroon F450 34ft Bucket Truck Diesel, 5 Sp, Runs Good! All Hydraulic, No Outriggers

408 3rd Street, Belle plaine, ia 52208 Alignment • A/C • Brakes Mark Hupfeld Engine Repair • Tune - Up Computer Diagnostics 319-444-4422 Shocks & Struts • Tires

51" x 9,840' = $180 per roll 51" x 11,800' = $215 per roll CALL ABOUT OTHER SIZES & PRICES!!!

Poly & Sisal Twine • Net Wrap • Plastic Bale Wrap Bale End Caps • Silage Bags • Bunker Covers Tape Grain Covers • Hay Tarps Mold Prohibitors & Preservatives Dealer For Dohrmann Applicators Available From:

$3,200 '98 S10, 2WD, Ext. Cab, 72,000 Miles


$3,950 OBO

Jerry’s Truck & Equipment 1014 S. Madison • Ottumwa, IA


Over 80 Used Harleys in Stock! New Trades Arriving Daily! We want your Metric Trades!

$14,000 '05 Ford 350 Crew Cab, 4x4, V10, Auto, 132K, Local Trade

Hwy EE • Memphis, MO

Office 660-328-6699

$0 Down w.a.c.

Dairy and Agriculture Supplies ~ Call Before Coming ~ Closed Sunday

Also Available From Our Affiliated Company:

Midwest Ag Supply, LLC


Your Local Bagged Feed Dealer ~ Closed Sunday

'08 Chevy Avalanche, 4x4, LTZ Package, Sunroof, 53K

Phone: 660-341-0486 • 660-328-6278 We deliver Mineral Tubs

C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243



Davis County Fair


Bloomfield, Iowa

Wambold’s Amazing Animals

Robinson Carving Company


All at the




s riend

Hagerman the Entertainer

'04 Chevy Impala, 107K, Runs & Drives Good

Fiberglass chevy pickup Topper ..............................................................$100

Now handling Fescue Fighter plus others.




July 20 - 24, 2011


Antique Classic Tractor Show • Antique Tractor Pull • Art Hall Exhibits • Baby Contest • Bingo • Bottle-Bucket Calf Show • Chicken Bingo • Draft Horse Pull • Games for Everyone • Genealogy Exhibits • Goat Olympics • Harness Races • Horticulture-Floriculture Exhibits • Local Talent Showcase • Minute to Win It • Novice Sheep Showmanship • Open Class Dog Obedience • Open Horse Show • Open Lamb Show • Pedal Pull • Photo Scavenger Hunt • Photography Contest • Pie & Cake Baking Contest • Prize Giveaway • Quilt Block Contest • Steer Showmanship for Adults • Threshing Demonstration • Turtle Races • Youth Livestock Judging Contest







1:00 pm Harness Races

7:15 pm Car Races

1:00-4:00 pm Insect Zoo

10:00 am Antique Tractor Pull

7:00 pm Demo Derby

7:00 pm Queen Contest

United States Modified Touring Series, Dart Iron Man Challenge PLUS B-Mods, Hobby Stocks & Hornets

6:30 pm Draft Horse Pull

hot laps 6:45 pm

hot laps 7:00 pm

7:30 pm Twin States Truck & Tractor Pull

7:30 pm Sprint Invaders

8:30 pm Steel Magnolia Advance Tickets: or 10 AM Saturday at the Ticket Office

Tickets on sale and doors open at 5:00 pm

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 21


When You Buy From Jim Cordes Motors in New London, IA, He Will Make Up For the Additional Amount You Are Being Asked to Pay for Gasoline Today w/Discounts of Up to $6,000. In Addition You Save on Interest Rates As Low As

Toll Free 877-918-7663 • 319-367-2271

Regardless of Make, Model or Age


205 E. Cleveland St, Known As Old Hwy 34 • New London, IA

2003 Ford Windstar 4 Dr, 7/8 Passenger, Just Traded & this Unit is Especially Nice. Fully Equipped Including Power Driver’s Seat, Power Windows, Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Factory Stereo w/Both CD & Cassette, Central Air Conditioning and More, Low Mileage. This Week Only $5,990.

2002 Ford Sport Trac Explorer Pickup 4 Dr, Fully Equipped Including Leather Interior, Power Driver’s Seat, Power Windows, Door Locks, Tilt Wheels, Cruise Control, Stereo w/CD, Nerf Bars, Premium Wheels, Excellent Tires & Low Mileage. This Week Only $10,990.

1995 Chevrolet Silverado C1500 Fleetside Pickup w/4WD & Fully Equipped. NADA Value $5,375. Save $1,385. This Week Only $3,990.

2002 Cadillac Seville SLS 4 Dr, Lady Owned & Lady Driven, Fresh Trade In & Fully Equipped. Exceptionally Nice Both Inside & Out. NADA Value $5,925. Save $1,100. This Week Only $4,825.

1999 Chevrolet Lumina LS 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Sedan, Balance of Factory 4 Dr w/Only 69,534 Actual Miles & Full Equipped Including Power Bumper to Bumper New Car Warranty at No Extra Cost & Just 28,040 Driver’s Seat, Windows, Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise, Premium Certified Miles. Fully Equipped Including Leather Interior, Dual 6 Wheels, Excellent Tires Plus More & in Mint Condition Inside & Way Powered Front Seats & Many More Options Including Remote Out. talk to the Former Owner. Asking NADA Retail Value. Start System. Like New Inside & Out. NADA Value $17,100. Save Over This Week Only $5,650 $2,000. This Week Only $14,990. Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

2007 Ford Escape XLT Series 4 Dr, w/Only 25,502 Carfax Certified Actual Miles Well Equipped & Ready for Your Driving Pleasure. Options Include Power Moonroof, Power Driver’s Seat, 6 Disc CD, Premium Wheels, Plus More & Like New Tires. NADA Value $17,075. Save Over $3,000. This Week Only $13,990.

2007 Ford Mustang Coupe, 2 dr w/only 44,863 certified miles. This like new sporty automobile is loaded including leather interior, 6 way powered driver’s seat w/lumbar control, full power & factory stereo w/ CD, premium wheels, excellent tires plus more. This one was built for the young at heart. NADA Value $17,075 Save $3,000. This Week Only! $13,990

1998 Dodge Ram 1500, Quad Cab Pickup w/Power Windows, Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Chrome Nerf Bars, Stereo w/CD, Power Rearview Mirrors, Complete Tow Pkg, Premium Wheels, Low Mileage & More. Retail Value $7,175. Save $1,185. This Week Only $5,990

2008 Ford Explorer 4 Dr, XLT, 4WD w/the Iron Man Pkg Plus 4.6 V8, Leather Interior, Heated Seats, Power Driver’s Seat, Trailer Tow Pkg, Full Power & a Lot More. June NADA Value $22,875. Save $3,000. This Week Only! $19,825

2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Sport Just 60,973 Miles, Brand New Tires, 6 Way Power Driver’s Seat w/Recliner, The Popular Stow Away Seats, Front & Rear Central Air Conditioning, All Power Assists, Don’t Miss This One! June NADA Value $11,200. Save $2,300. This Week Only $9,990!

2006 Chevrolet Equinox LT, 4 Dr w/Just 32,538 Carfax Certified Miles, 3400 V6 Motor for Both Performance & Good Gas Mileage, FWD, Fully Equipped Including Premium Wheels & Excellent Tires. Don’t Miss This Hard to Find Very Popular Unit. Retail Value $15,825. Save $3,000. This Week Only! $12,875

1999 Olds Alero GLS Coupe, 2 Dr & Fully Equipped Including Premium Wheels, Leather Interior, Power Driver’s Seat, Power Sunroof, Excellent Tires, Lady Owned & Driven. This Week Only $4,990

2000 Cadillac Eldorado Loaded, mint condition, low mileage Like new tires. Loaded and lovely. June NADA Value $10,275. Save $2,285. This Week Only $7,990

2001 Ford Mustang Convertible, 2 Dr w/Just 68,910 Carfax Certified Actual Miles & Fully Equipped Including Premium Leather Interior, Power Driver’s Seat, Windows, Door Locks & Power Convertible Top, Custom Wheels, Like New Tires, Keyless Entry System, Plus More and...June NADA Value $8,575. Save $1,000. Right now $7,575

2006 Mazda Miata MX5 Convertible, Just one owner & only 42,216 well cared for certified actual miles. Bose stereo system w/CD, premium wheels, 6 speed transmission, brand new low profile tires & much more. One of a kind & retail red w/black leather interior. NADA Value $15,600. This Week Only $13,990

2007 PALOMinO PuMA SERiES, Fully Self Contained w/10 Ft Power Slide Out & 20 Ft Awning Plus Central AC, Furnace, Water Heater, Stabilizer Jack, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator & Freezer, CD Player, Much More & in Excellent Condition, Hardly Used. June NADA Value $18,015. SAVE Over $5,000. This Week Only $12,990

2000 Lincoln Town Car Sedan, 4 Dr, Signature Series w/the Equipment You Will Want at No Extra Cost. Every Available Option & This Automobile Has Had Excellent Care Since New. The Curent Carfax History Report Bears This Out. Just 90,017 Certified Actual Miles. The Opportunity to Keep Up w/the Jones’ at a Low, Low Price. June NADA Value $7,825. Save $2,000. This Week Only $5,825

2003 Lincoln Aviator, V8, AWD Utility, Premium w/Just 81,781 Certified Actual Miles. All the Options Including Power Sunroof & a Lot More Including Brand New Tires! This Week Only $11,990

2003 Ford Expedition XLT 7 Passenger, Fully Equipped Just 78,495 Carfax Certified Miles. Retail $13,900. Save $3,000. This Week Only $10,900

2001 Buick LeSabre Sedan, 4 Dr, Fully Equipped & Just 63,972 Certified Actual Well Cared for Miles. In Excellent Condition Both Inside & Out and Like New Tires Plus the Famous 3800 V6 Engine Producing Excellent Performance & 28 to 32 Miles Per Gal Highway. June NADA $8,300. This Week Only! $7,490

1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, 2 Dr, JX Series w/Lots of Extra Equipment & Just 80,880 Certified Actual Miles. Convertible Season is Almost Here & w/This Dandy, You Can Be Able to Fully Enjoy the Great Weather Ahead. This Week Only $4,990

1995 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 4 dr, one owner. Lady owned & driven. Very well equipped including the 4.0 liter V6 high output engine, auto, premium wheels & excellent tires. Don’t let this one get away. Asking NADA book value. This Week Only $4,550

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 22 2005 Ultra Classic, Gold & Black, Backrest, Corbin Seat, Tour Pak Rack, Security Hwy Pegs

$14,495 2 Story 4 Brm., Full Basement, Finished Attic, Central Heat & Air, On 10 Acres, Paved Road 4 Ways, New 4 Car, Older One Car, Plus New Carport, Extensive Restoration South Central Iowa, Decatur County, Close To State Park & I-35,

$128,500 FIRM

Dan • 641-442-3600 $4,495

2002 Town & Country V6, AT, Auto Loaded, Runs Great 641-777-9843 (Day or Night)

John’s Used Cars

6229 Hwy 63 • Ottumwa, IA

C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

Who: Jean Stogdill What: 16th* Birthday Where: Get to Gather Room North Side of Square Bloomfield, IA When: Sunday, July 24 2 PM to 5 PM No Gifts Requested Just Your Presence *64th Anniversary of Her 16th Birthday


Aiming for Adventure Wednesday, July 20 - Monday, July 25, 2011

Wednesday, July 20 Dog Show, Open Class Judging .......................................... 9:00 AM Thursday, July 21 Pet Show .............................................................................. 8:00 AM Poultry Show followed by Rabbit Show ............................... 9:00 AM Livestock Judging Contest ................................................. 12:00 PM 4-H and FFA Horse Show..................................................... 4:00 PM Family Fun Evening ..................................................5:00 - 10:00 PM Hot Dogs served by American State Bank, Pedal Pull, Pie Eating Contest, Balloon Man, Games and More!

Tae Kwon Do ........................................................................ 6:30 PM Friday, July 22 Sheep Show followed by Goat Show ................................... 8:00 AM Minute to Win It .................................................................... 4:00 PM Pick-up Pull .......................................................................... 7:00 PM Gate Admission $5.00 · 6 and Under FREE Saturday, July 23 Swine Show .......................................................................... 8:00 AM Farm Bureau Cook-out Contest ........................................... 2:00 PM Judging .......................................................................... 5:30 PM Aiming Toward the Treasure ................................................. 4:00 PM Demo Derby ......................................................................... 7:00 PM Gate Admission $5.00 · 6 and Under FREE Prize Money - Large Cars 1st - $1000 · 2nd - $500 · 3rd - $250 Small Cars 1st - $500 · 2nd - $250 · 3rd - $100

Sunday, July 23 Cattle Show ........................................................................ 12:30 PM Dog Trail Exposition .............................................................. 4:00 PM Exhibitor Dance ........................................................9:30 - 11:30 PM Monday, July 24 Exhibitor & Buyer Barbecue ................................................. 4:30 PM Livestock Sale & Drawings ................................................... 6:00 PM Exhibit Building Open Daily Raffle for Balloon Rides by Clarke County State Bank

Food Vendors: FFA Alumni, Sweeties, Lion’s Club, Boy Scouts

FOR SALE: 2010 ZonE Electric Car, White, Driven 20 Miles. Has Shade Top. Play Golf or Drive on Road, $5,000. 641-226-1984 7-15 BLT RECYCLERS: Wants Junk Vehicles of Any Size, Grain Bins & Farm Machinery. Larry 319-461-2013 or Gene 319-461-1657 TFN WANTED: 1962-1973 Fairlanes, Mustangs, Torinos, Cougars, Chargers, GTXs, Comets, Falcons, Coronets, any shape, no title, parts cars. 636-566-8081 TFN FOR SALE: ’01 Kia Rio, 4 Dr, 4 Cyl, Auto, Air, CD, Great on Gas, Clean and Nice. 515-231-1991 7-15

We’ll Get You On The Road With Our... Complete Trailer Repair & Accessories. Wood Rot, Rubber Roofs, Siding Repairs, Insurance Work.

Boat Repairs • Boat Accessories • Pickup Accessories

Whitney RV & Marine 641-684-8284

9418 151st Ave., Ottumwa Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

$35,200 OBO

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, 6.6 Duramax, LTZ, 4x4, Leather, Sunroof,

Navigation, DVD, Spray on Bedliner, Ranch Hand Bumpers, 5th Wheel Hitch, Only 31K Miles


BUYING: Junk Car batteries for limited time. Paying $7.00 each delivered to us or pay $6.00 each we pick up in IA, IL, MO, NE. 217-653-7480 TFN


2x6’S Clean/Clean CALL


Breaded Chicken Patties .......... $1.29# Pre-Cooked Italian Sausage.....$1.59# Chicken Wings ..............................$.69# Chicken Thighs ............................ $1.75# Whole Fryers ...............................$1.99# Ketchup .............................$1.35/36 oz.

2.9% to 4.9% Available To Qualified Buyers

2010 Chevy Impala LT: Leather, Dual Power Seats, Remote Start, Full Power, 8,000 Miles 2010 Chevy Malibu LT: 4 Cyl, AT, Full Power, 32,000 Miles 2010 Ford Escape XLT: 4x4, 4 Cyl, AT, Full Power, 22,000 Miles 2010 Honda Accord LX: 4 Dr, 4 Cyl, AT, Full Power, 28K Miles 2010 Chevy Malibu LT: 4 Cyl, AT, Full Power, 31,000 Miles 2010 Chevy Cobalt LT: 4 Dr, 4 Cyl, AT, Cruise, Tilt, PW, PL, 35,000 Miles 2009 Toyota Tacoma SR5: Crew Cab, 4x4, V6, AT, Full Power, 35K Miles 2009 Chevy Silverado LT: Ext. Cab, 4x4, 5.3 V8, Full Power, 17K Miles 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT: 4 Cyl., AT, Full Power, XM Radio, 32,000 Miles 2009 Chrysler Town & Country Van: LX, V6, Full Power, Flex Fuel, 39,000 Miles 2009 Honda Accord EX: 4 Dr., 6 Cyl, AT, Full Power, Moonroof, 12,000 Miles 2008 Chevy Equinox LT: AWD, V6, AT, Full Power, 70,000 Miles 2008 Chevy Impala LT: V6, Full Power, 30,000 Miles 2008 Mercury Milan Premier: 4 Cyl, AT, Leather, Sunroof, Full Power, 32K Miles 2008 Chevy Malibu LT: 4 Dr., V6, AT, Heated Seats, Moonroof, Remote Start, Full Power, 87,000 Miles 2008 Chevy Malibu LS: 4 Cyl, AT, Full Power, 30,000 Miles 2008 Chevy Impala LT: 3.5 V6, Full Power, Remote Start, 22,000 Miles 2007 Saturn Ion: 4 Dr., 5 Spd., 4 Cyl., Full Power, 23,000 Miles 2007 Chevy Trailblazer LS: 4x4, V6, AT, Full Power, 38K Miles 2007 Chevy Colorado LT: Ext. Cab, 4x4, Off Road Pkg., Full Power, 76,000 Miles 2006 Dodge Dakota SLT: Crew Cab, 4x4, 4.7 V8, Full Power, 38,000 Miles 2005 Chevy Silverado: Extended Cab, V8, AT, Full Power, 80K Miles 2005 Pontiac Grand Am GT: V6, AT, Moonroof, Full Power, Chrome Wheels, 45K Miles 2005 Ford F150 Reg Cab XL: 4.6 V8, AT, Air Tube Bds, 33,000 MIles 2005 Ford Explorer XLT: 4x4, 3rd Row Seating, Full Power, 82,000 Miles 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6: Leather, Dual Pwr. Sliding Doors, Full Power, 86,000 Miles 2003 Chevy Blazer LS: 4x4, 4 Dr, V6, AT, Full Power, 94,000 Miles 2001 Chevy Prism: 4 Dr, 4 Cyl, AT, 77K Miles 2000 Ford Explorer: 4x4, XLT, 4 Dr, V6, AT, Full Power, 140,000 Miles 2000 Buick Century Custom: V6, Full Power, 160,000 Miles 2000 Buick LeSabre Custom: 3.8 V6, Full Power, 136,000 Miles 1998 Toyota Sienna XLE Van: Full Power, Leather, 148,000 Miles, Very Clean 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE: 4 Dr, V6, Full Power, 186,000 Miles 1999 Chevy S-10 LE: Ext Cab, V6, AT, Cruise, Tilt, Air, 91,000 Miles 1999 Chevy Tracker: 4 Dr, 4x4, 4 Cyl, AT, Full Power, 162,000 Miles

Come Check Us Out!

Hwy 63 North, Bloomfield, IA 18786 200th St • Bloomfield, IA 52537 VM: 515-830-2971 Mon - Sat 8-5 Closed Thurs & Sun

Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm • Sat: 8am-2pm

Pre-Owned Auto Sales Oil Change, Brake Jobs, Mechanical Repair, Etc

641-664-2331 • 800-303-3321

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

2005 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab, 4x4, 6 Spd, 4.0 V6, AC Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, 76K $13,600

2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.0 Vortec, 4x4, AT, Reg Cab, Longbed Dual Climate Control, 74K $12,900

2008 Chevrolet Aveo LS, 4 Cyl, AT, 48K, Clear Title, Black .....................................................$7,450 2007 Chevy K2500, 6.6 Diesel, Crew Cab, LT, Leather, On Star, 20” Wheels, New Tires 139K, Black ................................................................................................................ $20,500 2005 Toyota Corolla LE, AC, 1.8L, AT, FWD, Cruise, PW, PL, PM, Keyless Entry, Est 38 MPG Hwy, Silver, 76K ....................................................................................... $7,425 2004 Silverado K1500, 4x4, 5.3 Vortec, 8 Cyl, AT, AC, Htd Leather, Cruise, Loaded Clear Title, 38K ........................................................................................................... $17,950 2003 Nissan Frontier, 4x4, 3.3, V6, Supercharged, AT, AC, Htd Leather, Cruise, Loaded Clear Title, 96K ........................................................................................................... $13,600 2002 Chevy Silverado K1500, Ext Cab, 4 Dr, 4x4, 5.3, AT, AC, Power, Topper, Clear Title 96K, Nice Truck .......................................................................................................... $10,550 2001 Bonneville SE, 3.8 V6, AT, 116K, Black ......................................................................... $3,495 2001 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, 6.6 Duramax Turbo Diesel, 4x4, AT, A, 5th Wheel, New Tires, 122K $12,250 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, 3.8 Series II V6, PW, PL, P Seat, Dual Climate Control Radio Controls on Steering Wheel, Red w/Charcoal Int, 134K ................................. Only $4,600 1999 Toyota Tacoma SR5, 4x4, AT, AC, TRD Off Road Pkg, Power Windows/Locks, 133K ..........$9,950 1998 Buick LeSabre, V6, FWD, AC, Power, 90% Tires, 98K, Gray .......................................... $4,995 1988 GMC Sierra 3500, Dually, 454 Rebuilt, 4 Spd, Ext Cab, 97K ................................$2,175 OBO

ZEISET AUTO SALES 660-397-9970

To See Our

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 23

WANTED: Chevelle-CamaroNova, 1972 & Older, CASH. 515-360-3859 TFN

6 Mi. East of Baring MO on Rt K Hwy complete Inventory & Other Great Buys go to

WANTED: Your Starter, Alternator, Generator, To REPAIR OR REBUILD. Quality Motor Parts, 110 E Franklin, Bloomfield, IA. 641-664-2012 or 800-664-2012 TFN ATTN TRUCK OWNERS: Rhino Linings Offers You The Worlds Number One Sprayed In Truck Bedliner. Also Works On Livestock Tanks, Creep Feeders, Horse Trailers, Etc. Call For An Appointment & More Info. 641-799-5672 TFN

Tim’s Auto Supply 204 East Franklin Bloomfield, IA 52537 Mon-Fri 7:00-6:00 PM Sat 8:00-3:30 PM 641-664-3991 TFN BUYING: Junk Cars, trucks & vans. 217-653-7480 TFN

Belzer Equipment, Inc.


600 Hwy 34 W. Albia, IA.


8 Miles South & West of Pulaski, IA OR 6 Miles West Of Memphis, MO & 13 Miles North On Hwy B



2006 Polaris Ranger XP 700 Good Condition

2009 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 700 Miles Like New Many Extras

Now Selling & Servicing KINZE

Check With Us For Preseason Discount

(888) 717-2966

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 24


Want To Win $100?



FOR SALE: Dorset Rams and Ewes, Most Are Sired by Top Stud Ram, Two Stud Rams For Sale, Also Southdown Rams. 641-449-3226 7-15

2005 JCB 506C HL Forklift 6000#, 42' Height, 1,602 Hrs., Foam Filled Tires, Perkins Dsl Red Barn Automotive Rutledge, MO • 660-216-2259 No Sunday Calls Call Us For Complete List Of Rebuilders!

FOR SALE: 6 Ponies, wheel, new tack, ponies broke, ready to work, coggins and health papers, lots of ponies, mares and babies. 217-593-7218 7-15

FOR SALE: 2 Purebred White Dorper Ram Lambs, $300.00 Each. Knox City, MO. 660-434-5546 7-15 FOR SALE: Unbroke, Grade Horses, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse Mix. Leave Message. 660-866-2434 7-15 FOR SALE: Columbia Rams, bred for fast gainability, open faced, raised without creep, hand fed, make money with premium Columbia wool again. 660-947-3404 7-29

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Travel Trailers For Sale By Bid • 1997 Jayco Eagle, Pop-up Model 10EU w/Air, Hail Damage • 1998 Keystone Springdale Lite, Model 245 FBL, 24' Suspension Damage • 1986 Jayco J Series, Model 2450, 24', Tree Damage • 2003 Skyline Nomad Scout, Model 299, 30' One Slideout, Hail Damage • 2001 Forest River Sierra, Model 33FKSS, 33' One Slideout Tree Damage • 2011 Forest River Wildwood, Model 26TBSS, 27' One Slideout, Hail Damage • 2005 Keystone Montana, Model 3400RL, 37' 5th Wheel, Four Slideouts, Slight Odor • 1994 Fleetwood Terry, Model 33 5M, 36' Gooseneck, One Slideout, Wind Damage • 1988 Peterson Excel, Model 30 5R, 33' 5th Wheel, Hail Damage • 2009 Jayco Jay Flight, Model 668H, 27', Hail Damage 2006 Jayco Jay Feather, Model 19H, 19', Tree Damage 2003 Forest River Sandpiper, Model 30RLSS, 33' 5th Wheel, One Slideout, Wind Damage 1995 Hitchhiker, Model 30.5RLUG, 30' 5th Wheel, Hail Damage 1992 Companion Sunchaser, Model 25PF, 26', 5th Wheel, Hail Damage These Travel Trailers Are For Sale As Is By Bid. Please Submit Your Bid to Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co by 10:30 AM, Friday, July 29, 2011. GMRC Reserves the Right to Reject Any or All Bids. Pictures Are Available at Contact Brian at 641-990-8529 or

FOR SALE: Registered Quarter Horse Mare, $500 OBO; Gelded Halflinger, Broke, $400 OBO. 641-208-6513 ETFN FOR SALE: New Heavy Iron Corral Panels, $60. Free Replacement If Panel Gets Damaged. 816-507-3116 or 816-898-0234 ETFN

Think of it as riding on a cloud. A nice, comfy red one. The ergonomic new Massey Ferguson© 1600 Series. Make yourself comfortable. Just climb aboard this entirely new generation of compact tractors and discover how we’ve refined the creature comforts that matter to you most. You’ll enjoy a wider, uncluttered platform, plenty of leg room, spring suspension seat with standard armrests and innovative, right-hand fender-mounted controls. All six models, from 35 to 60 gross engine horsepower, come with a cab option. The MF1600 Series. The completely comfortable compact. See your dealer soon or visit

Hwy 6 East • Edina, MO Dealer Imprint Here 660-397-3550 ~ 660-397-3103

Massey Ferguson is a worldwide brand of AGCO. © 2009 AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 (877) 525-4384



2009 AGCO 3010 Disc Mower, 10’6” Cut, 8 Cutter Discs ......................... $8,200

FOR SALE: Long Yearling Polled Shorthorn Bulls, One Proven & 1-2 Yr Old. LEMS Polled Shorthorns. 641-680-0892 641-675-3421 ETFN


2008 AGCO Hesston 7433 Baler, 1700 Bales .......................................... $70,000 2004 Vermeer 605M, Net Wrap, Ramp, 540 PTO ..................................... $21,500 2003 BH 2720, 20' Cutter, 1,000 RPM ....................................................... $11,500 2003 Vicon RV1901 Round Baler, Net Wrap ............................................ $15,500 1999 Hesston 856 Baler ............................................................................. $16,500 1998 Land Pride RCR3515 Batwing, 15’ Cut Chain Shields Front & Rear ........................................................................................ $6,250 1995 Hesston 1120 MoCo, 9’3” Cut, Stub on Stub Guards ...................... $4,400


2009 Killbros KB110 Grain Cart, NEW, Roll Tarp ........................................CALL 2009 Gleaner 3000 Corn Head, 8 Row ...................................................... $36,500 2007 Gleaner A75, RWA, SmartTrac, 520-42 Michelin Duals, MAV Chopper, FieldStar II .............................................................. $185,000 2004 Gleaner R65, 1,795 Hrs, 1,271 Sep Hrs ......................................... $145,000 2000 Gleaner 3000 Corn Head, 8 Row ...................................................... $24,500 2000 Killbros 575 Grain Cart, 23.1x26 Tires, 1000 RPM PTO, Rolltarp . $12,500 1998 R62, RWA, LTM, (2) ...............................................................................CALL 1998 R72, RWA, LTM, (2) ...............................................................................CALL Hugger, 6 Row, 30, (3) ..............................................................$8,500 - $12,500 UFT 500 Grain Cart, 23.1x26 Tires, Small 1000 RPM PTO ........................ $6,200


FOR SALE: Dogtra PL Bird Launcher System With Remote and Bumper Boy 4 Shooter Dummy Launcher. Excellent Condition, $900. 641-919-7468 7-15 RENT A HORSE: And Ride a 2 1/2 Hr Guided Forest Trail Ride. $30 Each. Reservations. 319-878-3596 7-15


1998 Pace Arrow Class A Motorhome Clear Title, Sleep 6, Large Slide, Queen Bed, Lighted Cedar Wardrobe, Full Size Corner Shower, Full Basement Storage, Like New Tires 2 AC Units, Well Maintained, Call Today!!

BARING RV • 660-892-4545

Baring RV Sales & Salvage

25-30 Units In Stock! See Complete Inventory At: Full Service Shop for Cars & RV’s 2004 Sunseeker LE E450 Class C Motorhome 23K, 2 Slides Prior Salvage $28,500


2010 Case-IH Turbo 330 True Tandem Vertical Tillage Tool, 25', Only 600, Local Trade ................................................................ $41,500 2009 Phoenix H14 42' Harrow, Side Hill Kit ............................................. $19,500 2009 MF 6495, 365 Hrs ............................................................................. $105,000 2009 Great Plains Planter YP2425, Twin Row No-til, Martin Row Cleaners, Keetons ...................................................... $108,000 2009 Great Plains Yield Pro No-Til Planter, Twin Row 16 & 32, Precision Meters, Cleaners ............................................... $99,500 2008 Case IH Farmall 105U, 93 Hrs, 105HP, MFWD, 4WD, Cab, Heat, AC, 2 Remotes, 193 Hours ............................................................... $51,500 2007 MF 7480, 2,800 Hrs, 115HP, MFWD, 4WD MF 960 Loader ............. $85,500 2007 Blu-Jet AT5000, 19 Knife, No-till Coulters, 55 Gal Tank, Monitor . $40,900 2003 MF 1235, 1,022 Hrs, 4WD .................................................................... $7,500 1997 MF 4255 w/Loader .................................................................................CALL 1996 MF 8120, 2,375 Hrs, 128HP, MFWD, FWA ....................................... $47,500 1978 MF 2745, Cab w/AC & Heat, 3 Remotes, V8 Perkins ........................ $8,500 AC 7080, Duals, 7,700 Hrs ........................................................................... $9,500 DMI Ecolo-Tiger 730, 7 Shank Ripper ...................................................... $16,600

GUINEAS: Get Rid Of Ticks, Fleas & Other Insects. $35.00 Pair or 3 Pair $100.00. Will Have Keets Coming Soon. North Of Des Moines, IA. 515-669-2449 ETFN

2006 Jayco Jayflight 27’ 5th Wheel Lg Slide, Sleeps 9, Bunkhouse Prior Salvage Like New! $15,500


1999 Cedar Creek 5th 27’, Lg Slide Sleeps 4 Clear Title $8,500 2006 Cougar 30’ TT, 2 Slides Full Size Corner Shower 2 Swivel Rockers Sleeps 6 $14,500

• 1999 Signature 30' 5th, 2 Slides, Prior Salvage..........................................$8,500 • 2005 Dutchman 26' TT, Prior Salvage .........................................................$7,900 • 2005 Nomad 27' TT, Slide, Prior Salvage ..................................................$10,500 • 2005 Jayco Jayflight 24' TT, Prior Salvage ..................................................$7,900 • 2006 Springdale 30’ TT, Quad Bunks, Lg Slide, Prior Salvage Title, ........$11,500 • 2008 Nomad, 27’ TT, Sleeps 8, Clear Title, Bunkhouse, ............................$8,500 • 2011 EZ Traveler, 16’ TT, Sleeps 4, Bunks & Queen Bed, Easy Tow With SUV, ........................................................................................................Only $10,900

Full Line Of Sunset RV’s In Stock NOW! 14', 16', 22' & Toy Hauler All Models Have Optional Floor Plans To Suit You & Your Family Needs.

Ralph Burkholder, Owner • Baring, MO Most Units Have Prior Salvage Titles “Will Do Order Buying-Call Us With Your Need”

660-892-4545 or 660-341-1927 • No Sunday Calls! Ask For Ryan Or Ralph

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 25

Woodworth Trailer Sales

Reece enteRpRises


5898 Hwy 190, Chillicothe, MO 64601

1997 Pontiac Montana Transport, 4 Dr, V6 Auto, Well Equipped Quad Seats, CD


1991 Ford Aeromax 9000

1996 Volvo Detroit


Cummins, 10 Spd, Great Truck! $5,750

10 Spd, Air Ride Cab & Suspension

Classy Chassy Des Moines, IA

2011 Mauer 24' Steel • 2002 Jet 34' Steel • 2003 Jet 34’ Steel 2009 Jet 34' Steel • 2000 Hawkmaster 32' • 2000 Jet 26’ Steel 1997 Timpte 32’ Aluminum • 2003 Jet 42' Aluminum, Aluminum Wheels

Visit Us on our Website!

Call Us For Your Truck & Trailer Parts Needs! Hwy 14 North • Chariton, IA

(641) 774-2882

Come See Us For All Your Trailer Needs


$4,990 Bumper Hitch $5,695 Goose Neck

1996 Dutchman Camper

27’ Long, Large Slide, Great Condition

Ready to Go! Priced to Sell! 641-208-3649

FOR SALE: Pole Building to be Removed by Oct. 1st, 48ft x 160ft With 8ft Sidewalls, 8 Miles SW Oskaloosa. $4,000 OBO by July 30th. 641-660-1824 7-22

WANTED: 4 Sided Large Climbing Cube With Slide (Little Tykes). Will Pay $50-$75, Depends on Condition. 660-323-5638 or 660-216-0653 7-15

LICENSE PLATE MEET: 1000s of plates, American Legion Post, 520 E Maple, Shelbina, August 6, 8AM-12PM. Contact Fred 573-588-8887 or Danny 573-822-5917 7-29

FOR SALE: 78 1086 9 Bolt Duals, Firestone Tires, Near New. 660-867-5765 7-15

FOR SALE: 12HP Briggs & Stratton Motor With Vent Shaft, Electric Start, $100. 319-752-5694 ETFN

FOR SALE: Complete New Hives With Bees. Will Deliver. 319-392-4392 7-15

Tilt Bed Trailer

10 Ply Tires, Gravity Tilt, 2-7000 Lb Axles Hydraulic Cushion, 16 Ft Tilt + 6 Ft Stationary Bumper Hitch Available Also Parts, Sales & Service

Do You Feel Lucky?

5636 NE 14th Street Des Moines, IA


800-362-2092 • 7:00-5:00 M-F • Saturday by Appointment Only

Over 400 Trailers In Stock! • Iowa’s Largest Trailer Dealer! New Aluma 7800 Car Trailer

Stehl Car Dolly

All Aluminum, Aluminum Wheels, 4 Tie-Downs Brakes on Both Axles 16' $3,955 18' $4,055 20' $4,255

with Tie-down Straps 26 in Stock

Starting at $997

Midsota Dump Trailer 15,400 lb. GVWR, LED Lights, 7-Gauge Steel Floor, Rugby 8-ton Truck Hoist, 17'' Stock

Take It EZ Mini Toy Haulers Only 2 Left $9,500

Big Tex 14-LX-14

8 6 Available


Snowmobile Trailer

ATV, Motorcycle or Mower Trailer

$7,992 Aluma 5410T 54''x10' Tilt Bed, All Aluminum, Aluminum Wheels, LED Lights 6 Remaining



Aluma 8220 Tilt Bed Car Hauler

LOOK 7'x16' Enclosed Trailer Wedge Front, Ramp Door, Side Door

82'' x 20' 7K GVWR, Brakes On Both Axles, All Aluminum Construction, Aluminum Wheels


Doug’s 4-Wheelers • 641-628-2755

1 In Stock


$385 For Sale

Steel Wheel Wagon, New Box


Ed’s Machinery Consignment Sale

August 16, 2011 Accepting Consignments Now!

Aluma 7'x14'+V Front & Rear Ramps 6' Interior Height 2 Ski Bars

New Aluma 8112 81''x12'

1 In Stock

2000 Ram 3500

Quad Cab, Dually, 4x4, Cummins Diesel, 6 Spd Ice Cold Air, Both Hitches, Runs Out Good! Loaded Silver w/Gray Cloth, 220K

80''x12' $7,495 80"x14' $7,995


83” x 14’ Dump Trailer 14,000# GVWR Scissor Hoist LED Lights 3 Way Gate Skidloader Ramps

$8,900 or Pickup Trade

Let Us Help You Sell Your Equipment Folks!


Ed’s Used Machinery

Memphis, MO • Ed Lynn 660-883-5501 • No Sunday Calls •

Consignment Auction August 16th

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 26

“Over 100 Pre Owned Cars, Trucks & SUV’s To Choose From”





Get Your

ONLY 59K Miles


2003 Ford Ranger Ext Cab, 4 Dr XLT, FX4, Off Road 4x4, 6 Cyl, Auto Loaded, CD, 59K $13,995

ONLY 52K Miles

2007 Chevy HHR LT 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, Heated Leather Sunroof, CD, XM Radio $9,995


2002 Mercury Sable GS 6 Cyl, Auto, Air Well Equipped Only 52K Miles $6,995 2002 Ford F150 Ext Cab, 4 Dr, XLT FX4, Off Road 4x4, 5.4 V8 Auto, Nicely Equipped, CD $5,988

2000 Chevy C2500 3/4 Ton, Ext Cab 3 Dr, LS, 6.0 V8 Auto, Air, Tilt Cruise, Windows & Locks, 83K $8,995

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Special Edition, Quad Seating, Leather DVD, Power Moonroof, Only 63K $11,995

5701 E. University Pleasant Hill, IA

2008 Ford Focus SE 4 Cyl, Auto, Air, Cruise, Tilt, Power Windows, Locks & Mirrors, Only 55K $12,995

2004 Dodge Durango Limited Hemi V8, Auto, Loaded, Heated Leather, Full Power, CD/DVD, 3rd Row Seating, NICE! $10,988

ONLY 77K Miles

2001 Ford F150 Ext Cab, 4 Dr, XLT, 4x4, V8, Auto, Air, Cruise, Tilt, PW, PL, CD $8,995

2007 Chevy Impala LT 3800 V6, Loaded, Heated Leather, Sunroof, CD, Super Nice! 52K Miles $14,900

2004 Cadillac Deville 4.6 V8, Auto, Loaded, Heated Leather Full Power, Super Nice! $9,995

2007 Chevy Equinox LT AWD, Leather Moonroof, Alloys $13,900

2004 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab, SLT, Z71, 4x4, 5.3 V8, Auto, Loaded, Leather, CD, Bose System, Tonneau Cover, $15,995

2003 Chevy Trailblazer Extended LT, 4x4, 5.3 V8, Auto, Loaded, Heated Leather, CD, 3rd Row Seating, Power Sunroof, $12,995

2010 Ford Taurus Limited V6, Auto, Loaded, Heated Leather Sunroof, CD, Super Nice! 84K $14,900

2006 Chevy Impala LTZ Loaded, V6, Auto, Full Power, Sunroof, Only 68K Miles, Nice! $12,995

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Stow-N-Go, Quad Seating Rear Air & Heat $9,995

2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali AWD, 3rd Seat, Loaded, Leather Full Power, Sunroof, CD, DVD Bose System, $9,995

2007 Chevy K1500 Ext Cab, Z71, 4x4, 5.3 V8, Auto Nicely Equipped $16,995

2004 Dodge Neon SXT 4 Cyl, 5 Spd, Air, PW, PL, CD Great Fuel Economy $5,995

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 27

Zimmerman auto LLC

319-397-2406 Call 641-680-9035

101 North Street Cantril, IA 52542

2011 PJ 10x60 Channel Utility w/Fold Up Ramps $1,050

2011 PJ 18x6 Channel Carhauler 2-7,000# Axles, Slide In Ramps $3,950

2011 PJ 25’ Low Pro Flat Deck w/Duals, 2-10,000# Axles, 5’ Dovetail w/3 Flip Over Ramps $8,750

2011 PJ 20x6 Channel Equipment Tilt, 2-7,000# Axles $4,950

2011 PJ 16x83 Channel Utility, 2-3,500# Axles, 2’ Dovetail w/4’ Fold Up Gate $2,250

2011 PJ 40’ Classic Flat Deck w/Duals, 2-10,000# Axles, 5’ Dovetail w/3 Flip Over Ramps, Torque Tube $9,750

2011 PJ 22’ Deckover Tilt, 2-7,000# Axles Plate for Winch $5,650

2011 PJ 25’ Gooseneck, 2-7,0000# Axles 5’ Dovetail, 3 Flip Over Ramps $5,995

2011 PJ 20’x8” I-Beam Deckover, 2-7,000# Axles, 3’ Dovetail w/2 18x60 Fold Up Ramps $4,495

2011 PJ 14’x83” Channel Utility, 1-3,500# 2011 PJ 12x77 Channel Utility, 1-3,500# Axle, 4’ 2011 PJ 18x5 Channel Carhauler, 2-5,200# Axle, Straight Deck w/4’ Fold Up Gate $1,650 Fold Up Gate, Side Mount ATV Ramps $1,499 Axles, 2’ Dovetail, Slide In Ramps $2,950

2011 PJ 28’ Classic Flatdeck 2-7,000# Axles $6,250

2011 PJ 18x83 Qwick Tilt 2-3,500# Axles $2,850

2011 PJ 12x83 Dump w/Split Spread Gate 2-7,000# Axles $6,350

2011 PJ 14x96 Deckover Dump Gooseneck 2-7,000# Axles $6,795

2011 PJ 12x83 Low Pro Dump, 2-7,000# Axles, Tarp Mounting Bracket $6,650

2011 PJ 10x60 Dump w/Split Spread Gate 2-3,500# Axles $3,995

2011 PJ 18x5 Channel Carhauler, 2-3,500# Axles, 2’ Dovetail, Slide In Ramps $2,650

2011 Chaparral 7x24 All Aluminum 2-7,000# Axles $14,695

Hay Express Big Round Bale Hauler 6 Bale $3,950 • 7 Bale $4,050 • 8 Bale $4,250

2011 H&H Cargo CA Series 7X16, V-Nose, Ramp Door, 2-3,500# Axles, $4,650 2011 H&H Cargo XL Series 7X14, 2-3,500# Axles, Ramp Door, V-Nose, $4,795 2-2011 H&H Cargo CA Series 6x12, 1-3,500# Axle, Ramp Door,V-Nose, $2,995 2011 H&H Cargo CA Series 6x10, 1-3,500# Axle, Ramp Door, $2,695 2011 H&H Cargo CA Series 7x14, 2-3,500# Axles V-Nose, Ramp Door, $4,450

Price As Is. Not Responsible For Printing Errors.

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 28

IT’S COUNTY FAIR TIME! We Have Lots of Blue Ribbon Specials To Fit Everyone‛s Budget!!

2011 Brookstone 366RE

2011 Big Country 3250TS

2011 Elkridge 29BHCK

2011 Cruiser 28RL

2011 Cougar 323MKS

2012 Cougar 322QBS

2011 Raptor 30FS

Thermo-pane Windows, Leather, 12 cu’ Fridge, 4 Slides, Fireplace, 3 TV’s, Hickory Wood Int, Rear Ent MSRP $75,960

Gray Gel Ext, 3 Slides, 4 Seasons, 42” TV, Fireplace, Electric Awning, Loaded! MSRP $61,540

Bed Slide, Large Slide, Gel Coat Ext, 15- A/C, Electric Awning, Alum Wheels, Fully Equipped and 1/2 Ton Towable! MSRP $42,210

OUR PRICE $37,779

OUR PRICE $34,995

V-Nose Very Aerodynamic, Generator, 3 Queen Beds, Slide Out,TV, DVD, Electric Awning, 12’ Toy Box MSRP $53,290

OUR PRICE $49,311

New Floor Plan, 3 Slides, 2 Recliners, 36” LCD TV, Cherry Wood Interior, Fully Equipped Unit MSRP $51,500

4 Bunks W/Slide Out Kid’s Room, Large Slide, Bedroom Slide, Fully Loaded, #1 Family Floorplan! MSRP $48,799

OUR PRICE $43,995

Outside Kitchen, Electric Awning, Bunks, Upper Flush Floor in Bath & Bedroom, “Kids Also Have Their Own Room” MSRP $47,490

2012 Zinger 29BHS

Large Slide, Outside Kitchen, 3 Bunks in Kid’s Room, Leather Interior, 2 Year Warranty, MSRP $32,560

OUR PRICE $23,995

OUR PRICE $36,940

OUR PRICE $33,995

OUR PRICE $27,339

2011 Elkridge E25

2011 Flagstaff 26RLSS

2010 Sunset Trail 17CK

2012 Zinger 30RK

2012 Zinger 30KB

2012 Zinger 31SB

Rear Kitchen Layout, Side Aisle Bathroom, Large Slide W/Sofa & Dinette, Great 1/2 Ton Unit! MSRP $27,995

SUV Towable, 2 Lounge Chairs, Large Slide W/Dinette & Sofa, TV, DVD, Enclosed Underbelly, Lite Weight! MSRP $32,680

Rear Kitchen, Large Bay Window W/2 Leather Lounge Chairs, Side Aisle Bath W/Front Bedroom MSRP $30,996

OUR PRICE $23,795

Outside Kitchen, 3 Bunks, Large Slide, Sofa & Dinette, Front Bedroom, Cherry Wood Interior MSRP $30,513

Bunk Room W/Slide, Outside Kitchen, Large Slide Out, U Shape Booth & Sofa, Enclosed Underbelly, 2 Door Entrance, To Bthroom MSRP $32,940

OUR PRICE $23,795

2 Queen Beds, Expandable, Large Fridge, Stove/Oven, Microwave, Large Bath, Sleeps 6, SUV Towable, MSRP $22,695

OUR PRICE $12,995

OUR PRICE $22,795

OUR PRICE $23,500

OUR PRICE $21,995

Pre-Owned Units...........ALL TESTED AND READY TO GO CAMPING! 1996 Nomad 26’

2001 Sportsman 31’

2003 Trail Cruiser 27’

2003 Salem 27LE

2003 Jayco 27’ RKS

2002 Coachman 24’

Bunks, SUV Towable $6,195

Front Kitchen, Large Slide $8,995

Rear Kitchen, Slide Out, SUV Towable, $9,930

Bunks, Queen Bed, SUV Towable, $9,995

Lg Slide, Rear Kitch, Tons of Storage Very Clean! $12,995

Bunks, Queen Bed, Full Kitch, Bath, AC, SUV, Towable, $8,195

2005 Wildwood 29’

2004 American Star 34’

2005 Zinger 30’

2006 Cougar 30’

2006 Rockwood Roo 23’

2006 Laredo 30’

Bunks, Slide Out, Clean, $13,695

Rear Living Room, Bed & Lg Slide, Perfect! $21,995

Bunks, Large Slide, Clean, $12,895

Bed & Large Slide, Rear Liv Room, Perfect, $19,995

3 Queen Bed, Expandable, SUV Towable, $10,995

3 Bunks, Lg Slide, Tons of Storage, $20,995

2007 Challenger 34’

2007 Land Roamer 30’

2007 Road Runner 23’

2008 Cruiser 28’

2008 Cougar 31’

2008 Cruiser 29’

Bunks, Large Slide, Super Nice, $24,995

Bed & Lg Slide, Rear Living Room , Super Nice, $21,995

Super Lite, Slide Out, Very Clean, $12,995

R Living Rm, Bed & Lg Slide, Perfect! $23,995

Rear lounge, Lg Slide & Bed Slide, $24,995

3Slides, Very CLean, Like New ! $24,900


Discover Summer.......... On A New ATV!

2011 Stealth 7x14 V-Nose, Side Door, Ramp Door, Radial Tires, Quality Constructed Our Price $4,195

2011 Arctic Cat 350 CR

2011 Arctic Cat 425

2011 Arctic Cat 550 TRV GT

2011 700 TBX PS

2010 Prowler 550

2011 Prowler 700 HDX

2011 CF Moto 500

4x4, Automatic, 350cc

4x4, Auto, Choice of Color

500cc, Power Steering, 4x4, Auto

Great Chore Unit W/Power Steering

4x4, Dump Box, 550cc, Automatic

700 W/ Pwr Steering, 4x4, Alum Wheels, “Bench Seat”

500cc, Auto, 4x4 Winch Dump Box, Color Choice

Our Price $5,450

Our Price $5,999

Our Price $8,995

Our Price $9,150

Our Price 9,600

Our Price $11,699

20 Miles East of Des Moines on I-80 to Exit 159 • 877-674-3573

Our Price $5,995 • • • • • • • •

Summer Hours: Mon: 9 - 7 • Tues - Thurs: 9 - 6 • Fri: 9 - 5 • Sat: 8:30 - 2

P 1st Pr lace ice s!

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 29

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way To Serve You”

400 1st St• Perry, IA

1-800-248-4489 or 515-689-3864 Up to 240 Month Financing With 90 Days Until Your First Payment Available With the Best Interest Rates Out There!

2011 Damon Daybreak 34SS, Large L/R Slide, 50 Amp Service, Dual Air, Ford V10 Generator, Queen Bed, LCD TV, Fully Body Paint w/Power Awning! Show Special $89,988

New Thor Avanti 31 Ft.

Front Engine Diesel, 220HP Cummins, Living Room Slide, Queen Bed, Paint & Power Awning, Rated At 15 MPG! CHOOSE FROM TWO!

2005 Escalade 5th Wheel, 2007 Newmar Cypress 33 RLSH, Triple Slide w/ Bay Window, Recliners, 5th Wheel, Diamond Pkg., 3-Slides, Couch, 4 Door Fridge, Cherry Woodwork, 6 King Bed, 1Owner, Like New! $41,998 Pt. Leveling, Sale Priced At $39,988

2007 Damon Astoria,38' Diesel Pusher, Cummins w/ Allison Auto, Freightliner Chassis, Triple Slide, Mid-Ship TV, Rear Window, Queen Bed, Couch & Lazy Boy Recliner, One Owner Unit We Sold New! CALL FOR MORE INFO!

2003 Dodge Ram Hi Top Conversion Van Quad Captain’s Chairs, DVD, TV, VCR, Cooler, Rear Fold Down Bed, Super Clean With Only 70K Miles! Sale Priced At $14,988

1995 Itasca Sunflyer, 35’ Diesel Pusher 230 Cummins, Queen Bed, New Tires, Only 56K Miles! Runs Great! Needs a Little TLC! Sale Priced At $12,988!

New Tuscany, Front Kitchen, 42 Ft Tag Axle, Quad Slide, Polished Floors, King Bed, Every Option! 450HP Cummins! Choose From 2 Floor Plans w/Year End SAVINGS

NEW 2011 Damon Challenger 35BD Dual Slide, Full Body Paint, Power Awning, Queen Bed, Tons Of Storage, Our Best Selling Floorplan! Sale Priced At $114,988

2012 Thor Astoria, 40 Bunkhouse Diesel 1999 Forest River Sierra 5th Wheel Pusher, Cummins w/Freightliner Chassis, 4 32’, Lg Living Room Slide, Queen Bed, Nice Slide Outs, Full Tile Floor, Leather & More! Big Open Floor Plan! One Owner Local Trade! Sale Priced At $8,988 Let’s Make A Deal!

1993 Fleetwood Terry 5th Wheel 2004 Thor Colorado 5th Wheel, Triple 2004 Damon Escaper 3979, Diesel Pusher, Cat C7, 1996 Nu-Wa Hitch Hiker Premier, 33' w/ Chassis, Dual AC, Ceramic Tile, Full Body Living Room Slide, Queen Bed, Good Solid Slide, Sunken Living Room, Fireplace w/ Enter- Freightliner Paint, 2 Slides, Rear Kitchen, Queen Bed, Nice Local 30’, Lg Rig That Needs a Little TLC! Local Trade! In Motion Sat & More! Trade! $13,988 tainment, Super Nice 5th Wheel! $21,988 Sale Priced At $4,988 Sale Priced at $87,988

1995 Fleetwood Bounder 32’, Ford 460, Rebuilt Generator, Twin Beds Couch & Booth, Very Clean Local Trade! Sale Priced At $16,988

2009 Chevy Silverado 3500HD 2007 Chevy Impala LTZ, Gray w/Gray Dually 4WD, LTZ, Leather, Duramax Leather, Moonroof, Super Sharp Car w/Only Crew CabDiesel, Super Clean, Like New! 50K Miles! 3.9L V6, Sale Priced at 16,988 Sale Priced AT $41,900

2009 Pontiac G8 GT Sedan White w/Black Leather, Moonroof, Navigation, Super Clean w/Only 19K Miles!

2007 Hummer H3 SUV Yellow w/Black Leather, Moonroof, Only 86K Miles On This Super Clean SUV!

2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS Custom, Exhaust, Headers, Paint, Tail Lights, Air Ride, Grill, Stereo & Much More!

2007 Chevy Equinox LT AWD, Leather, Moonroof, Alum Wheels Very Nice SUV! Gas Saver!

2003 Mercury Moutaineer AWD, Leather, 3rd Row, V6, Power Everything! Very Clean w/Only 100K Miles! Sale Priced at $10,988

2009 Chevy Malibu LT1, Silver Moss Metallic w/Gray Interior, 4 Cyl, Automatic, Super Nice Local Trade w/Only 50K Miles! Sale Priced at $16,988

Sale Priced at $28,988

Sale Priced At $15,988

Just In Call For More Info!

Sale Priced at $28,988

2008 Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD, Cloth, 3.7 6 Cyl, PW, PL, CD, Super Clean w/ Only 24K Miles! Sale Priced At $18,988!

2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ 4WD, 3rd Row Seat w/Middle Buckets, Moonroof, DVD, 20” Wheels, Nice Local Trade! Sale Priced At $24,988

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 Dr Sahara, Crystal Red w/Charcoal Int Super Clean w/Only 49K Miles! Sale Priced At $23,988

2008 Cadillac DTS, Black w/Black Leather, Moonroof, Front & Rear Park Sensors, Chrome Wheels, Ultra Clean w/Only 26K Miles! Sale Priced at $26,988

1973 Olds Delta 88 Convertible 455 Rocket W/Only 72K Miles! White Interior, Runs Like A Top! Super Clean! Sale Priced At $10,988

1939 Buick Special, 4 Door, Inline 8, Three on the tree, Restored 15 Years Ago! Two Owner Car! Runs Great! Sale Priced At $10,988

2006 Buick Rendezvous CX, Cappuccino

2005 Honda CR-V, 4WD, Cloth, Moonroof, 6 Disc CD, PL, PW, Great Gas Saver! Sale Priced At $13,988

2010 Ford Focus, 4 Dr Sedan, Auto, Bright Blue w/Gray Int, Alum Wheels, Remote Start, Only 27K Miles on This One Owner Local Trade! Sale Priced At $17,988

2004 Toyota Camry SE, V6, Cloth Moonroof, Clean Local Trade w/116K Miles! Sale Priced At $11,988

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT Turbo Bright Blue w/Gray Leather Int, Moonroof, Chrome Wheels, Super Nice Local Trade! Sale Priced At $7,988

2007 Ford Ranger Sport Ext Cab, 4 Dr, 4WD, Flares, Alum Wheels, Pioneer Stereo, Sirius, Bedliner & Cover, Like New w/66K Miles! Sale Priced At $17,988

Frost W/Tan Interior, 3rd Row Seating, V6, Super clean SUV! Sale Priced At $10,988

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 30

Reduced Price $4,900

Real Estate!

18 Ft Super Deep Super Wide w/Freshly Overhauled 40HP Merc

Thursday, July 21, 2011 • 6:30 PM 3824 8th Pl, Des Moines, IA

As Always Lots of Bait ~ Large & Small Always Cash for Any Gun

Look Us Up On The Web At Use Bing Or Google

Jon Boat, Wide & Deep, 9.5 Evinrude Motor ...................................$1,750 Case of 45 ACP Hand Gun Ammo 1,000 Rounds .............................$389 9mm 50 Count .................................................................................... $12.99 9.5 Evinrude Motor ............................................................................... $450 New Briggs & Stratton, 5hp, 4 Cycle .................................................. $550

Chassis Liner Truckin Special Frame Machine 18 Ft Base, 360 Degree Rotation on Towers, Lots of Attachements, 5 Yrs Old, Used Very Little, $12,500 OBO





641-777-4004 General Description: Offering this 3 bedroom, 1 bath home w/a detached garage. This home has been updated with a ramp attached to the front porch for handicap accessability. This home is located in a quiet neighborhood. Legal Description: LOT 6 BLK 9 NORTH OAK PARK Lot Size: 132x50 Living Area: 1,112 sq. ft. Net Taxes: $938/year

Lollipop Bait Shop

Feed • Bait • Ammo

201 N. Madison • Ottumwa, IA

Aaron & Hilary Hurley •

641-683-1917 • 641-895-4480

1997 Honda Gold Wing 1500 Trike Has some missing or damaged parts, would make a good parts trike to build one, did run until we took Please run this ad in parts off of it. Salvage Title, $1500.00

YOU ARE SPECIAL: Ladies Retreat! Hats Off to Ladies Called; This is a “HATS ON” Event – Wear your Favorite Hat and Let’s Have Fun and Fellowship. Sponsored by God’s Way Christian Center – Milton, IA (Pastor Debra Muntz) WHERE: Heartland Ministries, Ozark Lodge, 400 New Creation Road North, Newark, Saturday, July 23, 2011 • 11:00 AM MO 63458 1603 Greene St., Adel, IA WHEN: July 22-23, 2011, Friday, Antiques & Collectibles: Burgundy power lift chair (like new) July 22….7:00PM Worship, Caned seat rocker, drop front pine secretary Saturday, July 23….9:00AM – Pattern & pressed glass, camel back trunk Lawn & Garden/misc tools: 4:00PM Pitcher & bowl, bell collection, Avon collection John Deere L120 lawn tractor the following Oak rocker, Trutone radio (floor model) PleasePlease runRSVP thistoad in the (automatic, w/grass catcher) Address Harvest Refractory dining room set Noma 6 speed snowblower (27”, 10hp) Seth Thomas (table, hutch, server, chairs) Lawn & garden tools, 2 wheel cart Pastor Carolyn Armentopillar mantle clock Plus much more!! Magna combination lathe - scroll saw Clark Household: Craftsman tool chest (floor model) AC Family Outreach Brinkman Pro Series SS 6 burner gas grill Craftsman 10” radial arm saw 2490 – 270th Street Pine corner cupboard, glassware Craftsman professional table saw Kitchen table w/4 swivel chairs Great River Country Village (w/extensions) Bedroom sets, hutches, treadmill #19 Craftsman air compressor 2 door lateral file, end tables 6” bench grinder, power tools Montrose, IA 52639 (319-931Kenmore 80 series washer & dryer Plus much more!! 2377) Kenmore side by side refrigerator Emperor Call for Tour Information and (w/ice & water) Grandfathers Oak 3 section stack Reservations Plus much more!! clock bookcase w/drop front 660-284-6212 7-15 w/ walnut case

Want To Win A $100?


desk & pigeon holes

Real Estate Sells @ 12:30 PM!!

General Description: Offering this 3 bedroom, 1½ bath ranch. It has an enclosed porch in front & sliders to the wood deck in back. There is an attached garage & also a heated detached garage/shop. This home sits on a corner lot and is located right across the hwy from the bowling alley. Legal Description: MAIZEFIELD ADD LOT 7 Lot Size: 120x115 Living Area: 1,104 sq. ft. Net Taxes: $2,314/year

Terms: Terms: Sold in ‘As-Is’ condition & w/no contingencies. Announcements sale day supercede printed material. Cash, 10% down payment day of auction w/balance due at closing on or about 30-45 days. Possession at closing. Pre-auction offers can be submitted for consideration until Saturday, July 16, 2011. Broker Participation Invited!! Please see our website!

George & Doris Miller Estate

Daugherty Auction & Real Estate Services, Inc.

Kelly Daugherty, President Daugherty Auction and Real Estate Services, Inc. Chad Daugherty, Brad Jones auctioneers Adel, Iowa (515) 993-4159 ~

See Us on the Web at

PUBLIC ESTATE AUCTION: Saturday, July 30th, 10:00, (Merchandise Inspection 8:00AM-10:00AM) 4509 62nd St., Urbandale, Iowa – Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Newman. Savage Model 220D Single Shot 410, Remington Model 1100Automatic 12 Gauge, 5 Air Rifles, Lots of Fishing Poles, Tools, Garden Equipment, Several Pieces of Unique Wire Art, Scooter, JD Lawn Mower, Bedroom Set, Several Antiques & Collectibles, Large Tool Shed, Corn Hollers, Ice Auger, Miter Saw, Large Wood Work Bench, Antique Horse Collars and Other antique Horse Items. THE LIST GOES ON FOREVER! Visit our Website to See all of the Photos and See the Full Listing! www.AuctionOffIowa. com 515-288-7355 7-22

Terms: Sold in ‘As-Is’ condition & w/no contingencies. Announcements sale day supercede printed material. Cash, 10% down payment day of auction w/balance due at closing on or about 30-45 days. Possession at closing. Pre-auction offers can be submitted for consideration until Thursday, July 14, 2011.

the Hawkeye Trader on Rex 7/15Fuller Estate Robert

Daugherty Auction & Real Estate Services, Inc.

Kelly Daugherty owner auctioneer . Chad Daugherty, Brad Jones auctioneers Ed Skinner ~ Closing Attorney Adel, Iowa (515) 993-4159 ~

See Us on the Web at



BURLINGTON, IA - Located at 905 Franklin.


Hawkeye Trader

Open House Monday, July 18th from 5-6pm

2 Story 4 Bedroom Home on 35’x71’ lot 1,536 sq.ft. Original woodwork, lead glass windows and some hardwood floors. Open stair case and ½ bath on the main level. Kitchen w/appliances. Upstairs - 4 bedrooms on &7/15 full bath. New carpet in bedrooms. Full basement, GFA furnace & 100 amp breaker box. Wood privacy fence.


RICHARDAUCTION.COM 319-385-2000 Richard Realty & Auction, Inc. - Mt. Pleasant, IA



LOCKRIDGE, IA - ½ mile south of Lockridge on W40, then east on 225th St.

MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011 AT 10:02 AM POSITIVELY SELLS TO HIGHEST BIDDER! Subject to Court approval


FSA INFORMATION: CSR 60.4 Approx. 66 acres tillable of which approx. 7 acres in CRP 94 bu. corn yield w/ 66.1 acre corn base; 31 bu. bean yield w/ 4.1 acre bean base 31 bushel wheat yield with a 3.9 acre wheat base (all combined w/other land) Located in Section 1, Round Prairie Township, Jefferson County, IA.

Buyer to receive the second half of the 2011 cash rent! More Info & Pictures on website.


Seleta A. Bainter - Attorney

RICHARDAUCTION.COM 319-385-2000 Richard Realty & Auction, Inc. - Mt. Pleasant, IA

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 31

2002 Misty Harbor

The Stutzman Family Gospel Singers Will Be At Lacey State Park In Keosauqua, IA On Tuesday, July 19 @ 7:30 PM

20' Pontoon With A 40HP Mercury, Low Hours, Super Clean

Bring Lawnchairs Refreshments Provided For More Info Call Jim @ 660-342-3650

ASKING $9,800

Can Be Seen At Twin Anchors RV In Colo, IA


ad in the Hawkeye Trader on 7/15



MT PLEASANT, IA - Located at 909 East Monroe.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3, 2011 AT 4:02 P.M. Open House on Wednesday, July 20th from 4-5pm


More Info & Pictures 3 Bedroom Ranch Home on website. 1,384 sq. ft. The main level has an L-shaped living room w/fireplace. Office located off the living room. Eat-in kitchen w/breakfast bar. Large master bedroom and two more bedrooms. Full bath. Partial basement w/Heil high efficiency GFA furnace/ central air. Situated on a 67’x163’ lot w/ two car OWNER: ROSS ANDERSON detached garage. Utility shed and HawkeyePhil Trader on 7/14 nice backyard. McCormick - Attorney VEHICLE – GUNS – REFIGERATOR – FURNITURE – GLASSWARE – TOOLS

RICHARDAUCTION.COM 319-385-2000 Richard Realty & Auction, Inc. - Mt. Pleasant, IA


AUCTION #1 BURLINGTON, IA Located at 1620 Spray Street

WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2011 AT 5:02 P.M.

ELIMINATE YOUR HEATING BILLS: Classic OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE From Central Boiler. Call Today. 641-722-3641 7-15 FOR SALE: Dressed Ranged Fryers, $5.75 Each. 319-392-4392 7-15

IRAQ DINAR CURRENCY: Due to escalate in value very soon, small investment could make you wealthy. Free information. Also for sale: 1 oz. US minted gold & silver eagle coins. Call for price. 217-653-7480 7-15 MAKE OFFER: 1972 AC Riding Mower, Model 416, Engine Needs Rebuilt. Pulaski, IA. 641-675-3268 ETFN

OSKALOOSA ANTIQUE TRACTOR PULL: Sat, July 23, 2011. Starts at 9:00 AM. Scales on Grounds. Farm, Antique & Classics. 641-295-3293 7-15 MAKE OFFER: 1972 AC Riding Mower, Model 416, Engine Needs Rebuilt. Pulaski, IA. 641-675-3268 ETFN

More Info & Pictures on website.



Located at 2624 Avenue O

THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2011 AT 5:02 P.M. TRACT #1 – 2 STORY HOME

Adjoins Tract #1


2011 Yamaha 950 Tourer

DUKE’S Yamaha KawaSaKi • Exit 210 • Fairfield, Iowa • 641-472-5600

701 West Jefferson (Hwy 2 West) • Corydon, IA

Owned by Burton & Linda Prunty

See Us For ALL Your Real Estate & Auction Needs We Need Your Listings Because We Have BUYERS for All Kinds of Real Estate.

Office 641-872-2462 Cell 641-344-9595 REAL ESTATE AUCTION LINDA PALMER ~ CORYDON, IA

FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 5, 2011 ~ 6:00 P.M. LOCATION ~ 512 N. West St. - Corydon, IA

2007 Chevrolet 1500 LTZ Crew Cab, 4x4, 5.3 Auto, Loaded, Leather, Heated Seats, 49K, Good Title $19,750 • 641-777-4004

Come See Us July 20 - 24th At The Madison County Fair Winterset, Iowa

Lot 2 Blk 1 & TRADJ 19-69-21 ~ 5 room home, 1092 sq ft. 1/2 basement, entry way, kitchen, full bath, 2 bedrooms, large living room, city water, gas, sewer, central air, gas furnace, handicap accessible with ramp & deck. Will sell w/washer, dryer, side by side refrigerator & electric stove. 22’ x 24’ garage w/door opener. Gross taxes $1,156.00. Taxes prorated to date of possession. Earnest money $5,000.00 day of auction balance due at closing. Verle Norris closing attorney. Possession at closing on or about Sept 1, 2011.

Large 2,212 sq. ft. 2 story home. New in 2010 - roof, gutters & furnace. Detached garage. Situated on approx. 50’x125’ lot.

TRACT #2 – 85’x125’ CORNER LOT




Excellent building for office or retail space!! This building is move in ready with new carpet, paint, bathrooms & newer roof. Attached heated garage. Zoned C1.

2000 Cushman Turf Truckster Koehler Engine, Sprayer, SKS Foam Marker, 150 Gallon Water Tank, Runs Good $3,500

House needs a little TLC. - Real Estate Sold “where is as is” w/no warranties expressed or implied by the seller or auction company. Verbal announcements the day of auction takes precedence over anything in print. MOWER ~ Snapper riding lawnmower More Info & Pictures on website.

Rande A. McAllister - Attorney

RICHARDAUCTION.COM 319-385-2000 Richard Realty & Auction, Inc. - Mt. Pleasant, IA

WAGNER-PRUNTY AUCTIONS, LLC Don Wagner, 641-870-0212 or 641-344-0020 Burton Prunty, 641-873-4262 or 641-344-9595 www.missouri-iowa

We Will Be Happy To Answer All Your Questions About These Mowers!

Air Cooled Engines “Where Service After The Sale Counts” 322 W Summit • Winterset, IA


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 WANTED: Customers and Vendors for a 3 Day Auto Swap Meet/Flea Market to be Held on July 15th,, 16th & 17th, 2011 at 702 S. 3rf Ave., Marshalltown, IA. Indoor and Outside Spaces Available. For Information call 641-485-0007 or 641-485-9943 7-15

Page 32

OZARKS HORSE EXCHANGE: Buy/Sell Your Horses, Saddles, Trailers, Trucks, Pets, Consignment Items, Property, Business Listing. FREE CALENDAR OF EVENTS. 7-27

1997 F250

2003 F150

2004 Chevy 3/4 Reg

2005 F250 Ext




4x4, 7.3 Diesel

Crew, 4x4, Lariat

2009 Silverado

2009 Ranger

2011 Colorado


4x4, 40K Miles, Diesel

2007 Silverado

2007 Silverado



4x4, Lariat, Diesel

3/4, Ext. LTZ, Diesel, Sunroof, 4x4

3/4, Ext. LTZ, Diesel, 4x4

2002 Chevy

2006 Pontiac G6

2002 Suburban




T233 , 4x4, Hydro w/ Loader, 43 Hrs., Warranty Now $10,900


Crew, 4x4, LT


3/4 Ton, Ext., 4x4, LS, PW, PL, PS, 97K Miles, We Sold NEW!

2003 Ford Escape

2003 Suburban

2004 Suburban

2004 GMC Envoy



2005 Chevy Impala

2010 GMC Acadia SLT

LTZ 1/2 Crew, 33K Miles

Ext, 4x4, 8K Mles, Sport



Red, Automatic $10,995

4x4, 88K Miles, Z71, Clean!

T350 4x4, 12 Spd w/Loader ......................$14,987 T503 4x4, Cab w/Loader ...........................$25,668 T723 4x4, Cab, Power Shuttle Self Level Loader .. ............................................................. Reduced T1003 Power Shuttle & Self Level Loader............. ............................................................. Reduced



(6 Miles S of Davis City on the MO Line)

4x4, XLT

4x4, $8,995

4x4, 69K, Very Clean!

2008 Mercury Mariner Premier

2006 Ford Freestyle


4x4, Sharp!


4x4, Sharp! We Sold New, Sharp!

2007 Lexus RX400H

2010 Chrysler Town & Country

2010 Buick Enclave CXL

2011 Chevy Traverse





3rd Seat, 58K, 7 Pass #9302A


AL’S AUTO & EQUIPMENT Blakesburg, Iowa 641-777-4004 • 641-938-2222

Only 66K Miles! Good MPG! #9307A

23K, Leather, AWD P11-4152

Hybrid, AWD, Very Sharp! P11-4168A

2008 Ford Explorer

2011 Suburban

2011 Ford Escape




4x4, XLT

LT2, Leather, 4x4

Limited, 4x4

Stow & Go!

AWD, Navigation

2005 Ford 2010 Chevy Mustang GT Camaro LT

AWD, LT1, 17K Miles

2009 Cobalt

Only 22K, Adult Driven

V6, Auto, Sunroof, 20K Miles

2 Dr., Red, Great MPG!




2006 Kia Sorento V6, Auto, Fully Equipped, 4x4, 83K, Prior Salvage Title, $9,500

2010 Dodge Charger

2011 Malibu LTZ

2011 Ford Fusion Sport

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix

2007 Cadillac CTS

2010 Buick LaCrosse







R/T, Hemi, 6K Miles, Like New!

V6, Sunroof, Sporty

V6, Leather

SE, V6, 41K

Leather, 46K Miles, Nice Luxury Car

CXL, Leather, Must Drive!

Vacation In Style With A Vehicle From 2002 Chevrolet 2500 HD, 6.0, Auto, 4x4, Quad Cab, 109K, Fully Equipped, Nice Truck, Local Trade, Good Title, $10,900

Hwy 34 West, Fairfield • 641-472-3121 • 800-422-5269 • OPEN: Mon-Fri 8-5 • Sat 8-3 •

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You” $10,900

2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD 6.0, 114K Red Barn Automotive Rutledge, MO • 660-216-2259 No Sunday Calls Call Us For Complete List Of Rebuilders!

For Sale

The City of Moulton is selling a 1975 Ford 1500 gal. Tanker Fire Truck.New Tires, V8 534, 10,984 Miles, In Good Working Condition $3,000 A 1976 Ford, 750 gal Pumper Fire Truck, F750 V8 391, w/ 12,400 Miles, New Tires, New Radiator & Total Rebuild On Brakes, In Good Working Condition, $3,000 You may contact Moulton City Hall at, 111 S. Main St., Moulton, IA 52572 Ph/fax 641-642-3328 or for more information or pictures call


FOR SALE: Roose 4x8 Tilt Bed Trailer; 6’ King Kutter Mower; 2 T-25 75R15 Steel Belted Radial Tires With Wheels; Black Rhino Front Tubular Bumper; 2 Aluminum Stepsides for C.J. 7 Jeep; Motorcycle Helmet; 8’ White Aluminum Garage Door With All Attachments; Almond Color Metal Sheeting; Gray Metal With Roof Cap and Gray Corners; RCA 36x30 Full Screen TV in Black Cabinet. 641-208-2197 7-15

FOR SALE: New 3 Pt Tillers, Heavy Duty, Gear Driven, 5 Ft. $1,350; 6 Ft. $1,550; 7 Ft. $1,850; 8 Ft, $2,050. Tiller/ Seeders Available. 660-874-4455 1-13-12



Poweshiek County, Iowa 160± Acres

FOR SALE: Coleman Furnace, 56,000 BTU output, like new, used 3 years, propane, natural gas. $300 or make offer. Quincy IL 217-617-6270 7-15

NICE BRICK HOME ON 25 ACRES NEAR BROWNING, MO. Lovely 3 bedroom “Earth Contact” brick home located just one mile west of Browning, Mo. on Blacktop “MM” and featuring 25 acres of ground, more or less, in northern Linn County. Beautiful farm setting with spectacular view of open pasture, but mostly timber, with abundant deer, turkey & other wildlife. A creek runs through it. Also has 24x48 metal building. Home was built in 1995 and measures 78x33, all on one floor, no steps, features large open living room, spacious kitchen, den, utility room, rec room, 2 baths and many other features. City water, central air, propane furnace, REC, school bus route, on paved and maintained blacktop. For more information or inspection of property, contact auction firm at 660-646-1179. TERMS: 10% down sale day with balance due within approx. 30 days or less upon delivery of clear title. 2011 taxes prorated to closing. Real Estate contracts signed sale day. Have your money in order.

FOR SALE: 8ft Regulation Pool Table, Needs Reslated, $500. 319-470-0251 ETFN


1:00 PM • Saturday, July 30


1608 470th Avenue, Montezuma, Iowa

REAL ESTATE: This property consists of a 2-story, 3-bedroom home, with eat-in kitchen, living room, full bath & one bedroom down and 2 spacious bedrooms up. This home has a full walk-out basement, newer furnace & central air and an attached single-car garage. Situated on a corner lot with fenced-in yard, this property is located in an excellent North location.

Great family retreat with improved camping facilities - a unique blend of work and relaxation!


At the property:

2 Blocks North of Shaffer Field, Corner of Cooper & Center Streets Auction Signs Will Be Posted

REAL ESTATE WILL SELL AT 1:00 PM For further particulars or an appointment to inspect the property, please call the auction company: 641-682-5465. APPLIANCES, FURNITURE & PERSONAL PROPERTY: Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer; Near new Maytag gas oven/range; Crosley gas oven/ range; Near new Amana front-loading matching washer & elec. dryer, w/ pedestals, approx. 1 yr. old; Near new Vizio 42” flat-screen color TV w/ remote; Zenith 25” color console TV; Magnavox 25” color port. TV; Magnavox 12” color TV; Sony 4-head VCR; Near new 3-pc. living room suite, brown microfiber suede , w/3-cushion sofa, matching loveseat w/end recliners & center console & matching Lazy Boy recliner – this set is near new; Square oak dinette table w/4 chairs; Near new full-size bed w/mattress & box springs; King-size waterbed; King-size bed, complete w/mattress & box springs; Twin-size bed, complete; Wooden 5-place gun cabinet; Double door armoire cabinet; 3-drawer chest; Lane cedar chest w/padded top; Near new square oak end table; Upright dirt Devil vacuum cleaner; Asst. of kitchen items incl. pots, pans, Dishes, coffeemaker, toaster, Pyrex, knife sets, George Foreman grill, 12-place setting of Corelleware, 12-place setting of stoneware dishes, Corning Ware, elec. roaster oven, silverware & other kitchen items; 20-gal. aquarium; Large asst. of blankets, bedding, linens & sheets; Curio cabinet w/mirrored top; Metal shelving; TV stand; Asst. of home healthcare items incl. wheelchair, walker, canes, crutches, massage cushion. AUTOMOBILE & TOOLS: 2006 Chrysler Pacifica, 6-cyl. auto., full power, silver in color, approx. 32,000 1-owner miles – this car is like new inside & out; Toro snowblower; 20” gas-powered lawn mower; Porter Cable rechargeable drill; Battery charger; Sabre saws; Reciprocating saw; Wood plane; Makita circular saw; Hoes, rakes & shovels; Fiberglass stepladder; Shelving; Asst. of other hand tools. AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Be sure & attend this sale of high-quality, near new appliances & furniture. TERMS: CASH / GOOD CHECK MASTERCARD/VISA POSITIVE ID REQUIRED DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS All property must be settled for before removal All items sold as is where is – Not responsible in case of accidents

Announcements made day of sale take precedence over any advertising.



Sale conducted by Mike Miller Auction Service 660-646-1179 660-646-6919 fax

For additional information, contact:

John and Kathy Van Zee Agents L-1000548

TERMS: 20% down day of sale, balance in cash upon delivery of a Court Officer Deed, accompanied by Abstract of Title showing merchantable title. Real estate taxes will be pro-rated to possession date, possession given upon settlement.

Auctioneers: Jim Kosman Roger Clingan Todd Carroll

Due to the deaths of Trudy Deihl, the following will be sold at the farm located 1 mile west of Browning, Mo. on Blacktop “MM”.


SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2011 • 12:00 Noon

Patty Bunnell, Executor

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 33

AMEGA: USED, REFURBED DOUBLE-WIDE $29,000 $1,500 Down Financing 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath Hurry

Mitchellville, Iowa (641) 521-0151 or (641) 521-5305

Farm and Management • Real Estate Sales • Auctions Appraisal • Insurance • Consultation • Oil and Gas Management Lake Management • National Hunting Leases

WANTED: Buying WWI, WWII Military Items, German, Japanese, American, Helmets, Uniforms, Knives, Medals, Patches, Guns, Etc., Call Paul. 515-967-4979 8-5-11 FREE HEAT & WATER: Eliminate Monthly Heating Bills With Classic Wood Furnace. No Sunday Calls. 660-707-3866 TFN QUALITY HARDWOOD FURNITURE: Check with Us for All Your Outdoor Needs. Large Variety of Outdoor Lawn Furniture Available in Treated Pine, Cedar & Maintenance Free Poly Wood in a Variety of Styles and Colors. Yoder’s Indian Creek Furniture Hours Mon – Sat 8 am – 5 PM 4 Mi North of Cantril, IA or 3/4 Mi South of Lebanon, IA on Rt V64 TFN

WANTED TO BUY: Nice Table Saw & Woodworking Equipment. 319-470-0979 TFN FOR SALE: 2-Rail, 3-Rail, 4-Rail, Vinyl Fence, Vinyl Decking & Railing. 641-722-3641 TFN

Antique Auction Leah Rosenstangle

Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 1:30 pm A.V. Spillman Building, Jamesport, MO

From 4-way stop in downtown Jamesport, 1 block south, turn right, to sale sight. Watch for sale signs. Antiques & Furniture: walnut spindle rocker; oak rocker; oak pressed back rocker; oak pressed back sewing rocker; walnut dressing chair on porcelain casters; wicker bottom chair; tiger oak library table; serving table; small oak stand w/turned legs; walnut smoke stand; kidney shaped desk w/chair; claw foot table w/ornate top; 45” round oak pedestal table w/4 pressed back chairs; 7’x4’ oak china cabinet; 7’6”x39” kitchen china cabinet; 55”x30” oak oval shaped library table; 28”x16” unusual marble top storage table w/turned legs; oak gate-leg table; 5’poster bed; walnut dresser w/marble top & hankie drawers; oak frame for mirror; 31 day pendulum clock. Pictures: very ornate framed picture of child (24”x28”); 3 Fox framed pictures; framed Streckenbach picture; beautiful 48”x32” ornate framed winter scene; Andrew Gunderson hand painted pastel in original frame. Dishes & Glassware: cup & saucer collection (France, Bavaria, Nippon, etc); blue glass collection; hand painted tankards; cut glass; leaded crystal; hand painted Limoges lemonade pitcher; hand painted lemonade pitcher, signed “E. Lemons 1909”; several hand painted cracker jars including marked M-Z Austria, Prussia, Limoges, signed “Royal Rudolstadt”, J.S. Germany V, Whislock Prussia; hand painted R.S. Prussia bowl; IPS Germany hand painted bowl, signed “Hubart”; hand painted R.S. Prussia sugar bowl; 14 hand painted salt & pepper shakers; large lot of hand painted cream and sugar sets; large lot of hand painted plates & platters; hand painted powder dish (1901); Moon & Stars collection; amber glass (3 pitchers); Haviland Germany china (Rose Pattern), service for 8, plus platter, creamer & sugar; Fostoria glasses; 4 Berta Hummel plates, 1972,74,76 &78; Fenton Christmas plates (blue), 1970, 73 & Mother’s Day 1973. Lamps & Misc: Stiffel lamp, hand painted lamps; 2 sets dresser figurine lamps; hobnail dresser lamps; Tiffany style lamps; floor lamp; large brass candle holders; costume jewelry; Cleveland/Roosevelt buttons; Afro-American porcelain figurines; Karastan Oriental rug, 6’x9’; White treadle sewing machine w/original certificate of warranty. Auctioneer’s note: This is a collection you won’t want to miss. Beautiful antique furniture and collectibles. For more information call Arnold Auctions at 660-789-2365 or 660-358-4900. Terms: Cash or good check only. Statements made on sale day take precedence over any printed materials. No items removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents. Lunch available. Restrooms provided.

Arnold Auctions

Ed Arnold ~ 660.789.2365

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 34


Real eSTaTe aUCTION ThURSday, JUly 28Th aT 7:00 PM

Public Auction

Sat. July 23rd, 2011 9:3O am

Quote? Chateau Homes Ashland

573-657-7040 WANTED TO BUY GUNS: Old Unwanted Guns, Ammunition, & Reloaders. 319-470-0979 TFN FOR SALE: Metal Bunk Beds With Mattresses. Crayola Color. $150. 319-470-0251 ETFN FOR SALE: Model 67 Winchester Pre-64 .22 Single Shot; Also Boys Rifle, Model 68 Winchester Pre-64 .22 Single Shot. 641-680-0892 641-675-3421 ETFN WANTED CUSTOM SAWING: We Turn Logs Into Lumber With A Woodmizer Portable Sawmill. 319-494-5546 TFN

Ketcham Center - 1322 Mable St. Trenton, MO Owners - Andrea, Lindsey & Dorothy Porter

This is a large auction featuring antique furniture, outstanding glassware, stoneware & primitives, guns, knives, tools & household. The following is a partial list including: very fancy walnut marble top parlor table, solid oak spoon cut washstand, nice walnut marble top parlor table w/carved legs, walnut 3-drawer chest w/marble top, walnut 3-drawer dresser w/marble top & hankies drawers, plus 30-35 more pcs of nice furniture, Mother of Pearl 10” stick vase w/swirls, Aladdin Lincoln-drape kerosene lamp, 2 pcs of Mount Washington & 1 pc of Wavecrest, 19 pcs of cut glass, 4 guns, at least 15 pcs of stoneware, 4 Dazey churns, 2 old tube radios, some nice prints & frames, plus lots more nice antiques & primitives.

To view pictures & the list of lots, go to or

403 N. 2Nd aVe • WINTeRSeT, IOWa

Ranch Home Built in 1961, 4 Bdr, 2 Bath, No Basement, Double Attached Garage, New Roof in 2005, New Furnace in 2010, New Carpet & Tile in 2009. This Home is Located 2 Blocks North of Town Square on a Corner Lot. TERMS: 10% Down the Day of Auction w/Remainder Due at Closing.

Hartman auctioneering Steve Hartman 515-468-7857 • 515-462-4584

L & B Auction (660)359-1070


FOR SALE: German Shorthair Pups, AKC Registered, 10 Wks Old, Male, Shots, Tail Docked, Dew Claws Removed, Parents Hunt Great, $125. 641-414-8919 7-15

2005 Ultra Classic, Screaming Eagle Heads, 95 Big Bare, 6 Spd, Chrome Forks, Much More!

$15,495 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

Weekly Auctions Thursdays • 5:45 PM

Wilson Auction Center - Main Street, Colo, IA Early Bird Boxes Approx 5:15 PM.

Selling Household • Estates • Antiques • Collectibles Real Estate • Farm Machinery • Etc “Service Minded w/Your Interest at Heart” Check Website for Sale Dates, Updates & Many Pictures. Doors Open Thurs 4:00 PM Auction Conducted By:

Wilson Auction Service - Colo, IA Auctioneer - Bob Wilson

Home Office 641-377-2755 Auction Center 641-377-2200 By Chance Terms: Cash or Check-We Do Not Accept Credit Cards

Bob Duff, Broker

The Sale Barn Swap

Community Swap & Flea Market

Kalona Sales Barn: 121 9th Street • Kalona, IA

Saturday, July 23rd 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

No Admission Fee ~ Held in Sales Pavilion Indoor/Outdoor spots available - 10x10 $10.00 ~ Larger Spot $25.00 Rochelle Mullet 319-656-2222 Email: • Website:

2011 Upcoming Dates: Sept 23-24 (Kalona Fall Festival)

Gerald Ewalt Estate Auction

Sale to be held at the Menke-Hoyer Auction Complex in New London, Iowa

Saturday – July 23 – 10:30 A.M. 1937 Hart Avenue – State Center Marshall County Iowa

Located NW of Marshalltown ½ Mile South Of Blacktop E-29 On Hart Ave. Combine, Tractors & Skidloader Gleaner R-60 combine in exc cond used in the 2010 harvest season, 6R corn head, 18’ bean head; Case 2470 Traction King 4WD tractor in good running cond, Ser #8762263; Oliver 1800 dsl tractor WF, cab, has new head gaskets, runs good; Farmall 450 tractor, good & straight; Farmall 400 w/dual hyd loader, has new cylinders, 3 pt & fast hitch; Massey Harris No. 40 tractor WF, good & straight, runs good, 3 pt; Farmall M tractor also good & straight; Case skidloader Ser #7920695. Truck & Vehicles - Freightliner 13 Spd Dual Tandem Axle truck w/16’ steel box, runs good, has a 425 HP CAT engine, truck V.I.N. 1FV94049XJP32168; 2001 Olds Aurora 4 dr sedan like new cond, 62,300 orig miles, all leather, loaded, interior, V6 engine; 1994 Cadillac Seville SLS also w/all leather, exc interior, 125,300 actual miles, 8 cyl engine; 94 Ford Explorer Limited, 161K miles, runs good. Farm Equipment - JD 7000 planter 6R 30” used in 2010, comp w/ liquid & dry fertilizer boxes; Vermeer 605-F baler; IH 480 Wing Disk, Kewanee field cult; IH bale mover Model 30 power load & unload; Uni-Harvester wi/all attach; JD 4R planter; New Holland 1R chopper; Hesston PT-10 hay binder; MF 750 combine Turbo II 38”-4R corn head & bean head used in 2009 harvest; 3 older flare box wagons, 1 w/an end gate seeder; other older farm equip including cultivators, Ford sickle mower & more! Shop Equipment, Mowers & Misc - Campbell Hausfeld 6.5 HP 60 gal vert air compressor like new; Waterloo rolling toolbox, socket sets & wrenches of all kinds & sizes; exc air tools, chop saw; gear pullers, bench vise, older arc welder; Oxy-acetylene torch w/tanks & heads; homemade overhead chain hoist w/rolling track; homemade press; lg rolling cherry picker; many shop accessories & hardware; Gerald was the neighborhood mechanic so he was well supplied w/ tools; Dixon 11 HP ZTR mower; older Yazoo commercial mower w/ Wisconsin 2 cyl engine; older IH garden tractor to restore; Wards T555 3 wheeler; PTO powered generator & a 2 wheel trailer; asst cattle panels, steel fence posts, scrap iron & much, much more! Auctioneer’s Note: Gerald enjoyed farming & working on equip. Although some pcs may need repainted they are mechanically sound. Don’t miss this rare old fashioned farm sale!

Van Metre Auction Co.

Visit For Photos & More Details



606 Bel Aire Drive, West Point, IA ● Nice Ranch Home

Attractive ranch style home w/3 main floor bedrooms, living room, full bath & eat-in kitchen with ample cupboards and pantry closet. Full poured concrete basement with a possible 4th bedroom & an attached 1 car garage. Maint. free vinyl siding, seamless gutters, rear concrete patio & open front porch.


ft. refrigerator. Newer GE smooth top elec. stove. New Frigidaire dehumidifier. Whirlpool extra large capacity washing machine. Amana elec. dryer. Goldstar 110V window AC. Oak drop-leaf table. Vintage oak school nurse’s couch. Maple rocker. Kitchen table w/4 chairs. (2) 3 pc. bedroom suites w/full size beds. Usual pots, pans & baking dishes. Countertop appliances. Pyrex nesting bowls. Old Curiosity Shop dishware. Bissell vacuum. Bedding. Hand & bath towels. Oneida flatware. Few model cars. Remington Wingmaster 870 12 ga. shotgun. Pellet rifle. Looney Toons character glasses. Old sports pennants. Metal 18 Wheeler lunch box. Antique Sessions Regulator No. 2 wall clock w/Paule Jewelry Co., advertisement. Speed Storm remote control race boat. Hundreds of cassettes. Car stereos, amplifier and speakers. Life vests. Lincoln 14.4V power luber. Ladders. Hedge trimmer. Misc. hand tools & hardware. Lawn chairs and much, much more. Carol M. Munford – Seller ● Timothy J. Munford—POA ● Brian J. Helling—Attorney

Sizzling Summer Savings Your Area Discount Dealer

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 35



2011 Ford F150 XLT Super Cab 4x4

2011 Ram 1500 Quab Cab 4x4

SALE $17,883

SALE $29,883

2011 Ram 2500 Reg Cab Hemi, Automatic, A/C

All Factory Rebates Applied Including, Farm Bureau, Military Discount, On The Job

SALE $26,883

2006 CHrYSLEr PT

2007 Ford F150

1995 dodGE rAM 1500



CrUISEr ToUrING 4 Cyl, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Was $9,990 NoW oNLY $7,983 #113015

V6 Automatic, Air Conditioning, only 47,000 Miles, VErY NICE!

LArAMIE 4X4 V8 Automatic, Air Conditioning, Another one-owner Trade!

3.5 V6, Automatic Air Conditioning Loaded & Luxurious!

LIMITEd 4X4, V6, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Leather Seating, Moonroof, 84,000 Easy Miles!

2005 Ford FoCUS SES ZX5


2008 Ford F250

2005 Ford FrEESTAr SEL

2008 MErCUrY MArINEr

4 Cyl, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Leather Seating & More!

Supercab Lariat 4x4, 6.4 4 Cyl, Automatic, A/C, Fully Powerstroke diesel, Auto, A/C, Loaded, Nice Local Trade, Great Leather Seating, Fully Loaded, only Fuel Economy, Was $6990 10,000 one-owner Miles! NoW oNLY $4,983 #280246B $AVE THoUSANdS

V6 Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, Nice Local Trade!

V6, Auto, A/C, Moon roof, Fully Loaded, Extra Nice, only 20,000 Miles!

2006 Ford F-350 XLT


2007 JEEP GrANd

2010 Ford ESCAPE

4x4, dually Cab & Chassis, Powerstroke Turbo diesel, Auto, A/C, Fully Loaded, New Tires, Nice one owner Truck, Was $21,990 NoW oNLY $18,883 #930046A

2.4 4 Cyl, Automatic, Air Conditioning, only 64,000 Miles, Nice Car! GAS SAVEr!

3.6 V6, Automatic Heated Leather, Air Conditioning Fully Loaded Beautiful Crossover

CHEroKEE LIMITEd 4X4 4.0 6 Cyl, Auto, A/C, Leather Seating, Extra Nice oneowner Trade!

XLT, 4 Cyl, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, SAVE BIG!



2008 dodGE GrANd


2010 Ford FUSIoN SEL

LTZ71 4x4, 5.3 V8, Auto, A/C, Leather Seating, remote Start, dVd System, New Tires, WoW! It’s Nice! $15,883 #116505A

4X4, V6, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, only 47,000 Miles, Great MPG! GAS SAVEr!

CArAVAN SE, Automatic, A/C, Fully Loaded, only one-owner Miles! $AVE BIG!

4x4, v8, Auto, A/C, Leather Seating, Moonroof, dVd, Navigation & More! Super Nice onw-owner Trade

2.5L Automatic Air Conditioning, 34 MPG Leather, Heated Seats & More!

2006 Ford F350 XLT 4x4

2002 Ford rANGEr XLT


2003 Ford EXPEdITIoN

6.0 Powerstroke diesel, Automatic, Air Conditioning, 2008 dew-Eze remote Control Bale Bed, Nice Local Trade!

Superb 4x4, 4.0 V6, Automatic, Air Conditioning

CXL, V6, Automatic Air Conditioning, Leather Seating, only 39,000 Easy Miles

EddIE BAUEr 4X4, V8, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Leather Seating, Nice Local Trade

2003 Ford F250

2004 Ford F350


2007 Ford EdGE

oUTLANdEr, 4 Cyl, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, Nice Local Trade!

3.5 V6, Auto, A/C, Fully Loaded! one-owner, Was $15,990 NoW oNLY $13,333 #113033A

1998 Ford WINdSTAr

2008 ToYoTA AVALoN

V6 Automatic, Air Conditioning, 7 Passenger, Was $5,990 NoW oNLY $2,999 #113013B

XLS, V6, Automatic, A/C, Leather Seating, Moon roof, Navigation, WoW! Save Thousands! $18,683 #103153A

CrEW CAB XLT/FX4 4x4 SUPErB LArIAT 4X4 Powerstroke diesel, Auto, A/C, Powerstroke diesel, only 108,000 one-owner Miles! Was $19,990 Leather Seating, Extra Nice, NoW oNLY $16,983 #103102A one-owner Trade!

Service Specials To Protect Your Investment Fuel Service $107.95 Transmission Flush $179.95 (some vehicle slightly higher because of fluid prices)

Coolant Flush $109.99 Power Steering Flush $69.95


2006 Ford MUSTANG

4 Cyl, 5 Spd., Air Conditioning, only 55,000 Lady driven Miles, Great Condition, $AVE

V6, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, only 35,000 Miles, Extra Nice!

2006 dodGE dUrANGo


2008 Ford TAUrUS

2008 Ford FUSIoN SE

2006 GMC SIErrA

SLT 4x4, 4.7 V8 Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, Extra Clean, Local Trade!

V6, Automatic, A/C, Vista roof, Leather Heated Seats, dVd, It’s Got It All! one-owner ! WoW!

LIMITEd Super Nice & Loaded w/Equipment

4 Cyl, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded, FroM! SAVE THoUANdS!

4x4, V8 Automatic, Air Conditioning, Fully Loaded

Stop by or call and ask Jay about Factory recommended maintenance that prolongs the life of your vehicle!

For Pre-Owned Vehicles Prices & Photos Check Out

We Buy Used Cars! Call Jim Perry 660.665.2828

Stop by or call and ask for Jay or George 1801 N. ELSON • KIRKSVILLE, MO

1-800-500-4966 • 660-665-2828

rick JohnSon - 660-342-2936 • JaMeS wiLLiS - 660-341-1644 • chuck hayeS - 660-299-0700

Guy McLin - 660-296-9919 • JiM Perry 660-665-2828 • Steve SwindLer - 660-379-2624

SAVE $10,000

2011 Ford Ranger Super Cab XLT



Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 MTMH: DOUBLE-WIDE-USED: $29,900 Complete refurb, 3 bdr, 2 bath, $1,500 Down Financing Mark Twain Homes


FOR SALE: AKC Black Labrador Puppies, Three Black Females, 8 Weeks, Shots, Wormed, Pointing Lines, $200. 641-919-7468 7-15 FOR SALE: APRI Boxer Puppies, Shots & Wormed, Brindle, Ready by End of July. 660-945-3148 7-22 FREE PUPPIES TO GOOOD HOMES: Beagle Mix Puppies, Should be Beagle Sized Dogs. Leave Message. 660-866-2434 7-15 FOR SALE: 2 Great Dane Black Male Puppies, All Shots & Wormed, From $150-200. 641-722-3337 7-22 FOR SALE: AKC Registered English Bulldog puppies, ready now, Champion bloodlines, vet checked and health guarantee. $1,250. For Pics bullies2@mark 573-478-2060 7-22 FOR SALE: AKC Registered St. Bernard puppies, farm & family raised, quality, excellent dispositions. have pictures! $500-$700. Macomb, IL 309-221-8484 7-15 FOR SALE: Registered Siberian Huskies, shots & wormed, ready July 16, red & white, $250; white $150. 573-549-2592 7-22 FOR SALE: Great Pyrenees LG AKC Registered Puppies. Available August 6, 2011, Only 2 Females Left. Puppies Vet Checked, Shots, Health Guarantee. Parents are also AKC Registered. Call for Pricing. 515-265-5062 7-15

Page 36

FOR SALE: AKC Lab Pups, Pointing Bloodlines from Proven Hunting Stock. These Pups Have the Potential and Pedigree to Become Incredible All Around Hunting Machines. Born 4-30-11. Only $500! 573-289-7578 7-15 Want To Win A $100?

FOR SALE: English Redtick Coonhounds. Puppies To Fully Trained. Excellent Bloodlines. Larry Marshall. 641-680-0892 641-675-3421 ETFN FOR SALE: Sun Conure, To Go To Good Home; With Large Cage on Wheels With Storage Area $900 OBO. Call 319-592-3214 TFN

FOR SALE: 16x80 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Brand New, Northern Insulation, Delivered and SET-UP for Only $38,195. Financing Available. 660-665-3704 7-29 FOR SALE: Mobile Home, 10x50, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. $1,300 OBO. 217-653-7480 7-15


HOUSEHOLD ~ ANTIQUES Frigidaire sm freezer; Sharp microwave; China cabinet; Zenith TV; other small TVs; VHS tapes; matching rocker, loveseat & arm chair; couch; round kitchen table w/leaves; Duncan Phyfe table & chairs; commode; double bed; dresser w/mirror; nice brass bed; cedar chest; chest; twin bed; drop leaf nightstand; card table & chairs; hide-a-bed; wicker lawn furniture; glass front stand w/side shelves; medal cabinet; corner chair; walnut round end table; small desk; desk & chair; prints; frames; mirrors; wall decorations; 3 old wood rockers; wood folding rocker; old rolled top desk; stack tables; marble top coffee table; marble top round stand; Haviland China; Noritake China; Nippon; decorative dishes & bowls; cups & saucers; hand craved cup & saucer shelf; usual pots, pans & bakeware and sm appliances; bread machine; old peculator; iron skillets; tupperware; privacy screen; magazine stand; Roseville vase; figurines; Christmas decorations; crock bowl; butter churn paddle; quart butter churn; Sleepy Eye pitcher; Flo blue dishes; Set of blue Frankcoma dishes; cut glass dishes; material; Nelco sewing machine; basket; towels; bedding; baritone horn; erector set; games; carom board; elec football game; toy service station; cast iron Mack gas truck; Thomas Edison cylinder player; old windup record player; old records; child’s potty chair; old ice skates; old adding machines & typewriter; old grain dealer license plates; old baseball glove; old hand cranked seed cleaner; some very interesting pcs to numerous to mention. OUTDOOR ITEMS ~ TOOLS ~ MISCELLANEOUS Wheelbarrow; stepladder; kerosene heaters; jet pump; pressure tank; planters; coolers; porch swing; garden tools; hand tools; charcoal; grills; squirrel cage fan; Craftsman snowblower; bike; lumber; steel post; old Mechanic Illustrated magazines; heating pads; outboard motors. Terms On Personal Items ~ Cash or good check ~ Not responsible for theft, accident or inadvertent errors in advertising. Lunch on grounds.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 • 11:00 A.M. 54223 IA Hwy 210 ~ Huxley, IA

From I-35: Take IA-210/330th exit West for about 2 ½ miles

Displays & shelving to include: Brass & glass display shelves Glass displays Counter displays

Dietz Deals is Closing It’s Doors!! Household & Miscellaneous Items: Tabletop poker tables, Halex wireless dart board, bush hutch Iron & wicker baker’s rack, Stanley chest of drawers Elec pant press, Marcy workout equip, weight benches Bunn coffeemaker, Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven, microwave chandelier sets, office desks & chairs Vanities, area rugs, mirrors, room dividers, lamps Medicine cabinets, mannequins (most w/stands) Dressing screen, drapes, slipcovers, blankets, comforters Military style coats & shirts, jewelry boxes, couch, sm fridge Dell computer w/printer, bamboo coffeetable & tables Leather motorcycle jackets & vests, spring jackets Illuminated Christmas trees, curling irons, cordless phone Fountain pop machine, cash registers, TV’s Plus much more too numerous to mention!! Outdoor Equipment & Miscellaneous Items: 8 x 10 greenhouse, 16’ x 20’ log cabin (kit form) 10’ x 10’ x 8’ storage shed, 48” x 48” dog kennel Precision dog house, wrought iron patio lounger Patio table, patio umbrellas (misc colors) Upright stainless steel patio heater, lawn sprinklers Patio foot rests, summer toys & water related items Many planters, soccer goals, plus much more!! Warehouse Equipment & Tools: Pallet jack, hundreds of feet of industrial pallet racking Pallet of barn board, metal shelving, rack system 277 V 400 amp warehouse lights, elec pallet jack Craftsman edger, Dewalt compound mitre saw & stand Power nailer w/compressor, 6 step warehouse ladder Air tools, area rug display rack, plus much more!! Many hunting & fishing items to include: “The Dream Seat” deer stands Hunting & safety harnesses Cots & sleeping bags Glass gun cabinet

Don Wagner, 641-870-0212 or 641-344-0020 Burton Prunty, 641-873-4262 or 641-344-9595

Polaris 2000 Trail Boss 325

2005 Suzuki 4x4, 400 Eiger Quad Runner

Yale Warehouse Reach Lift w/Charger 24V (Ser#5377979)

80 Gal Aquarium

Ashley & Woodcrest Bedrails & Headboards

Elec Fireplace Mantle

Daugherty Auction & Real Estate Services, Inc.

Kelly Daugherty: President, Daugherty Auction and Real Estate Services, Inc. Chad Daugherty, Brad Jones ~ auctioneers Adel, Iowa (515) 993-4159 ~ www.missouri-iowa 2001 Cadillac Deville Light Front Deer Damage Bags Good Brand New Tires Leather, Loaded Runs & Drives



See Us on the Web at

Sam’s Body Shop & Repairables

This is only 15% of the variety of items you will find at this auction!!!

2008 GMC Sierra 2500 4x4, 6.0 Auto, 82K, New Western 8 Ft Pro Plow, UNI Mount, Western 1000 Salt/Sand Spreader, Hitch Mounted. Everything Is $12,500 or Fixed

Hwy 34 • New London, IA 1-800-313-1652 • 1-319-367-5214 $3,650 AS IS

FOR SALE: Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Cross Puppies, Blue Merles & Black Tris, Shots, Wormed, $150. Leave Message. 515-249-1457 7-15 FOR SALE: English Bluetick Coonhound, 5 Months. These Are a Proven Cross Plus Being Self Starters. Bloodline Kellers Mike, Swamprooster, Hard Time Gun. 816-401-8232 7-29



Ready To Go 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ext Cab Short Bed, 5.3L Auto, 4x4, Lft Frnt & Rt Rear Bed Side Dmg, 58K Miles, Fixed & Ready to Go $15,200 No Trade

2001 F650 Cab Chassis With 1998 GMC C70 Dump Truck, 16 Ft Box, Single Axle, 8 Ton Capacity 366 Sleeper Box, 7.3 Diesel With Allison Engine, 40K Miles, Never Wrecked. Automatic, 184K, Ready To Haul, $9,800 $28,000

2007 Chevy 3/4 Ton 4x4, Duramax Diesel, Auto, Left Side Damage, 100K Miles AS IS $15,600

2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab Diesel, Auto, 4x4, Right Side Dmg, 120K Miles, Nav., 6" Suspension Lift AS IS $14,950

2004 Chevy Silverado, 6.0 Liter, Auto, 4x4, 112K Miles, Left Side Damage Runs & Drives AS IS $6,950

2005 GMC SIERRA 2500 HD Crew Cab, Short Bed Diesel Auto, 4x4, Leather, Loaded, Light Front Damage AS IS $10,100

FOR SALE: Ragdoll Purebred Kittens, Variety of Colors, Shots, Wormed, Litter Trained, $300 to $375 Cash. Pella, IA. 641-780-2566 7-15 FOR SALE: Registered Veterinary Checked Shiba Inus. $50 Deposit Holds Your Puppy. Will be Ready Aug 1-11, Two Creams and Three Reds. 217-440-4989 7-15

2003 Chevy 1/2 Ton Reg Cab 4x4, 5.3L, Auto, 103K Miles, Good Title, Light Front Damage, Runs & Drives AS IS $6,495

2007 GMC 2500HD 4 Dr, Shortbed, 4x4, 6.0 Auto 40K, Right Front Dmg, Bags Good AS IS $12,500

2005 Chevy 2500, Reg Cab, Duramax Diesel, Auto, 65K Miles, Right Front Damage, Bags & Coolers Good AS IS $12,900

Repaired Price Available On All Vehicles!

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 37


Sales: Contact Randy or Don

Marshfield 3 BR, 2 Bath, 1535 Sqare Feet

Fairmont 28x52, 1,296 Sq Ft 3 Br, 2 Bath, Lots of Cabinets

68054 US. 30, Colo, IA 50056 • 641-377-2244 Fairmont 32x42 Modular 1,140 Sq Ft, 3 Br, 2 Ba Basement Ready

4' Tall x 8' Long Metal Security Fence For Sale 17 Panels Total

“Why Buy From The Rest When You Can Buy From The Best?”

Hart 28x60 Modular 1,459 Sq Ft, 3 Br, 2 Ba Basement Ready

KOEHLER HOME SALES Hwy 36 E Across from Airport 14092 LIV 251 • Chillicothe, MO 64601 Office: 660-646-0311 • Cell: 816-262-6912

“Where Integrity Meets Quality”

KARZ 2007 Chevy 1 Ton, V8, AT, Dual Tank, Dual Wheels, 86K $8,750

2003 Grand Prix 4 Dr, SE, 3100, V6, AT, Air, 65K $4,850

The Lazy Days Of Summer Are Great For Camping!

2007 Kia Rio Hatchback, 4 Cyl, AT, AC, 29K, 30 mpg, $6,250

2004 Ford Taurus SE V6, AT, Air $3,250

Cash in on Big Country Factory Rebates Receive Above NADA Book Price for Your Trade • 2011 3500 RL • 2011 3355 RL • 2011 3250 TS • 2011 3450 TS • 2011 3595 RE • 2011 All New Floor Plan 3650 RL

All Sundance 5th Wheels on Sale!

• XLT287 RL, Rear Living Room Slide • 3200 RD, Rear Ent, 3 Slides w/Wardrobe Slide • 3300 CK, Triple Slide, • XLT 285 BHS, Rear Bunks, Living Room Outside Camp Kitchen Slide & Wardrobe Slide • 2900 MK, Triple Slide, Rear Living Room

2007 Mountaineer by Montana 342 PHT Quad Bunks, Triple Slide

SALE PRICE $28,900

2001 Prowler 30-5G Bunkhouse Slide


2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible, 4 Cyl, PS, PB, AC, Leather, 50K, $7,250

2005 Malibu LS 3500, V6, AT, AC, Sunroof, PW, PL, Cruise, Tilt, 68K, $7,550

2000 Hitchhiker 2

2006 Dutchmen Lite 28G-SL

2006 Streamlite 22FB

SALE PRICE $15,500



2004 Sprinter 307 BHS

2006 Dutchmen Express

1999 Layton 26’

SALE PRICE $11,900

REDUCED $39,900

31 RLGB, One Owner, Double Slide, Great Rear Living Floorplan, Loaded w/Options

Bunkhouse Slide

Lite Weight, Easy to Pull 22’, Has All The Options

1120 S. Madison Ottumwa, IA

2002 Ford Focus Station Wagon, 4 Cyl, AT, 84k $3,950

1994 Ranger Splash 4 Cyl, 5 Spd $1,800

641-777-8090 641-684-4382


One-Owner, Bunks, Big Slideout

2 Slideouts, One-Owner



Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 $15,900

Page 38

2010 Chevy Impala LT Black w/Black Leather Only 3K Red Barn Automotive Rutledge, MO • 660-216-2259 No Sunday Calls Call Us For Complete List Of Rebuilders!

ATTENTION LANDOWNERS: Need Listings for Fall Hunters. Call for a Free Market Analysis. Whitetail Properties Derek Grimsrud, Agent – IA & MO 515-468-0663 8-26

LINE-X of Ottumwa

Bring In This Coupon & Receive

$50 OFF

With Purchase of a Bedliner.

Good Thru July, 2011 One Coupon Per Customer

Brad Lisk Kevin Webster


15514 BlackHawk Rd Ottumwa, IA 52501

FOR SALE: 37 Acres, Woods, Pasture, Old House, Barn, All Utilities, Pond, Good Hunting, Nice Quiet Area, Cainsville, MO, $65K. 712-308-2577 7-15

Kollision Korner 504 S. Drake Street • Bloomfield, IA 52537



FOR SALE: E-Z Quality Manufactured Housing. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15 FOR SALE: Newer Small home and 10 fenced acres. New roof, porches, concrete, paint, flooring. Low utilities. Highway 6 Lewistown, MO $75,000 217-242-4815 7-15

$8,250 2003 Ford Ranger FX4, Low Miles

FOR SALE: Must Sell 32x80 Custom Kitchen, Stainless Steel Appliances, Save $10,000. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15


Directions: South of Winterset on Clark Tower Road approximately 4.5 miles (Booster Station), turn East approximately 1.4 miles on G53. Signs will be posted. HOUSEHOLD: Amana HD washer; Bow-flex; New XTL T-Max 3.3 gas remote control car in box; E-Max battery remote control car; Two 2-drawer metal file cabinets; 4 drawer file cabinet; desk; couch; chairs; Two LazyBoy recliners; 2-drawer horizontal file cabinet; sev pcs very nice office furniture; bookshelves; sm fridge; Eureka vacuum; baby items…swings, jumper, bathtub, pack-n-play, crib & more; wine making equip & bottles; Power Juicer; a lot of DVDs; caulking; paint; tube glue & other misc; metal 2’X 12’ sign & a lighted 2’X12’ sign. TOOLS: Sev wheelbarrows; sev empty 55 gal metal drums; 55 gal drum of 15 W-40 All Fleet Champion Oil w/oil pump; lg acetylene torch & tanks; lg air tank; shop lights on stand; Bowlens 3HP 22” gas snowblower; new elec hoist; 2 metal detectors; Poulan gas chainsaw w/8’ pruning pole; Eight Shindawa gas chainsaws w/12” to 32” blades; 24” Shindawa gas hedge trimmer; lots of log chains & binders; over 25 bags of Portland Cement; 4 bags of surface bonding cement; Various dimension lumber… white pine & green treated; Lg plastic industrial job box on wheels; 2 drill bit sharpeners in cases; 2 gas powered posthole diggers, 6” & 8” augers; Fiberglass handled axes, malls, spades, round point & flat shovels and more; sev jobbers; 20+ new lightweight 5’ steel posts; Other HD steel T-posts; newer HD cast-iron Glacier Bay wood burning stove; 100,000 BTU A-Maize-Ing Heat corn burning shop stove w/lg hopper; New North Star pull-behind yard sprayer w/10’ coverage; New 42” pull-behind yard rake; Hot Rod Work Bench on wheels; Two Hot Rod 3-drawer, 2 dr tool chests on wheels; Hot Rod 7’ storage shelves; Hot Rod 4-dr wall cabinet w/base; 14 & 18V cordless tools; 6” ½ HP bench grinder on stand; New 30 lb propane tank; HD drop cords; Concrete tools; folding sawhorses; screw jacks; sev Handy Man jacks; Piston jacks; creepers; New Lincoln AC/DC Arc Welder; hand tools, sockets, pipe wrenches, etc; Metal livestock tank; cement mixers; kerosene heater; Bosch Extreme Hammer Drill in case w/bits; squirrel cage; box of 24” white coil stock; Four LT 245/75 R16 Wild Country tires (near new); 3 pt drag bucket; 5 new metal boundary posts; sev orange cones; many cinch straps; roll of 1” nylon rope; 4” & 6” Diamond Core Drill & bits; sev cans of Misty White powder marker; lg ratchet straps; New 15 gal fuel station w/hose; Lietall 2500 lb capacity Grab-n-Lift; Target 12/50 Quickie Saw; 3 commercial double-wheeled moving carts; new booster cables & more. HUNTING & FISHING: Sev nice gun cases; 2 gun racks; New England Fire Arms Company Pondner Tracker 12 ga 3” bore shotgun; Topper Junior Model 490 Single Shot 20 ga shotgun; Victor Injector 12 ga single shot shotgun; Nice leather holster; Remington SPR 220F 12 ga double barrel shotgun; 1935 German AnKarr rifle; Browning 12 ga pump camouflage Turkey gun; Kel-Tec 9mm Luger; Ammunition….357 mag, 22-250, 9mm shotgun slugs, 12 ga 7 ½ shot, 12 ga 5 & 6 shot…MANY BOXES; Hand-held 2-way radio; Aqua View Underwater Viewing system; Bushnell binoculars; shell belts; Metal 2-dr stack-on-stack gun safe w/locks; sev new scopes; Walkie-Talkies; GPS I Finder; gun cleaning kits; depth finders; gun books; fishing lures w/boxes; Metal ammo boxes; new pocket & hunting knives; 2 Minn-Kota trolling motors; Fish Finding Sonar & Mapping GPS; fishing rods & reels; boxes of misc fishing items; 2 new buoys; clay targets & more; Over 200 traps…Connabears, Blake & Lamb 1 ½ traps, Victor 1 ½ traps, No 4 traps, Large Live Trap; 2 pairs size 9 hip waders; Industrial Stainless Steel meat mixer; 1HP Stainless steel meat cutting saw on stand (like new); meat slicer; 30 qt Alum Turkey frying pot; Ducks Unlimited Camouflage Case w/radio, decoys, clothes & more. VEHICES & TRAILERS: 1983 Ford 370-4V flat bed w/side lift & cement mixer (doesn’t run); 1987 Ford Diesel cab-over flatbed w/side lift & cement mixer; 7 ½’ X 16’ flatbed trailer w/ball hitch; 6’4” X 12’ flatbed trailer w/drop ramp & 2 5/16” ball; parts or fix 1973 IH pickup; 1982 Silverado K-10 Diesel (runs great) rough body. Sev cords of Firewood. Lunch Served Kybo TERMS OF SALE: We need to see proper ID in order to give out bid numbers. We accept cash & good checks and we are not responsible in the case of accident or theft. Thank You.

Hartman auctioneering Steve Hartman 515-468-7857 • 515-462-4584

IH 684 Tractor With 2250 Loader, Diesel Engine, 3 pt. Vetter Equipment Company

2503 Hwy 2 • Corydon, IA • 641-872-2000

For All Your Equipment Needs •

$3,750 2001 Ford B3000 V6, 95K, $3,750

©1997 Case Corporation Visit Case’s Website at CaseIH and Case Credit are registered trademarks of Case Corporation.


FOR SALE: 1999 Dutch 28x80 Doublewide, 2x6 Walls, Vinyl Siding, 3 Br, 2 1/2 Bath, AC, Fireplace & New Skirting, Moved & Set Up on Your Location, Only $41,990! Lincoln Homes, Hwy 30, Ogden, IA. 515-275-2717 7-15 FOR SALE: Lowest Prices, Best Plans, E-Z Financing. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15 FOR SALE: 1977 Marshfield Mobile Home, 924 SF, 3 BR, Built in Dressers, 1 1/2 Bath, Partially Furnished. Must Move, $9,500. 641-660-6342 or 641-295-3079 7-15 FOR SALE: New Homes, 6” Walls, Thermo Windows, Starting At $25,995, AC, Set-Up. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15 FOR SALE: 1988 Double Wide Mobile Home, 28x48, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, $16,000 OBO. Buyer Moves the Home. Home is in Fairmont, MO Near Wyaconda, MO. For More Info e-mail or call Ask for John or Linda 573-228-0887 7-15

$32,680 2010 Ford F250 Ext Cab, 4 Dr, FX4, 4x4, XLT, 6.8 Triton, Auto, Full Power, CD, Spray In Bedliner 1 Owner, Local Trade! 15K Miles

2008 Ford F250 Ext Cab, 4 Dr, XLT, 4x4, 5.4 Triton, Auto, Nicely Equipped, Full Power, CD, Both Hitches, Local 1 Owner, 44K Miles


$34,870 2010 Ford F250 Crew Cab, XLT, FX4, Off Road 4x4, 5.4 Triton, Auto, Lots of Equipment CD, 40/20/40 Split Front Bench Local 1 Owner Trade, 12K Miles

FOR SALE: New Doublewide, 6” Walls, Thermo Windows, $38,995, Delivered. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15

2005 GMC Sierra K2500HD Crew Cab, SLE, 4x4, Duramax Diesel Allison Trans, Full Power, CD, Loaded Local Trade! 99K Miles

2010 Chevy K1500, Ext Cab, 4x4 2008 Dodge Ram Hemi 2008 Toyota Tacoma 2008 Ford Ranger, Ext Cab 2008 Ford F150, Ext Cab 2008 Lincoln Mark LT 2007 Chevy K1500, Crew Cab, 4x4 2006 Chevy K1500, Ext Cab, Z71, 4x4 2005 Chevy K1500, Ext Cab, Z71, 4x4

COMMERCIAL BUILDING FOR SALE: 1618 Main St, N Side of the Square, Unionville, Mo. 20’x100’ Full Basement, 2nd Floor, AC, Natural Gas Furnace, Price Reduced. 641-799-2000 7-22 FOR SALE: 370 acre farm in northeast Missouri, 230 acres tillable, very productive hunting farm. Cash rent $135/acre. $2,395/acre. 636-578-5987 7-22


TAKING CARE OF YOU 1130 West 16th Pella

641-628-2184 Or 800-359-8209

Exit 40 On Hwy 163

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

'86 Winnebago Class A 28'

Only $2,195

FOR SALE: Used 16x80, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 6” Walls, $189/Mo. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15 FOR SALE: 20 Acres (Mostly Timber), 2 Bedroom Home, 4 Car Garage, Includes Updated Septic, Large Heated Workshop, Abundant Wildlife, Stocked Pond, Secluded, $149,900. 641-684-3891 7-15


'00 Chevy Venture Van Runs Great, Was $2,495

'94 Chevy 1/2 Ton 350, AT, PW, PL Runs Great

Trading Post 701 W. 2nd, Ottumwa, IA • Larry Meixner

Parmak Fencers • Tank Heaters • Jack Links • Tie Down Straps Hot Shot • Mufflers • Battery Cables

Tuthill Fuel Pumps

Animal Health Supplies Calf Pullers • Vaccines Colostrum • Ear Tags Lariats

Culvert & Field Tile Farm Duty Electric Motors

12 -Volt

12 -Volt

Solar Fencer

Battery Fencer


Solar Fencer



Bulldog Jacks H158451

PLEASE NOTE! All Items ARE NOT Located in Greenfield Please call for location. DO NOT be afraid to leave a message! I’m a 1-Man Show!

Tillage Sale

Disc Blades Sweeps • Plow Parts Hydraulic Cylinders Depth Control & Pre-Made Hoses

42” Cattle Fence



We Carry Foam Markers

48” Cattle Fence


'10 Foton 404, Cab, 4x4, 300 Hrs., + Loader, $18,500

Don’t Forget Our Applegate Gates 16 Ft Red $13995 Green or Galvanized

Chisel Spikes

JD 4630 QR, 8800 hrs., Lots Of Work Done, $13,500

'88 JD 4250 MFWD, 7900 hrs., Had Bottom End, New Inside Rubber, $35,900


Spot Sprayer

Get Your Show Supplies Here!



GR2 • GR5


Hwy. 92 & 10th Street • Winterset, Iowa 50273

FOR SALE: Farmland, 75 Acres, 55 Tillable & 20 Pasture, 4.5 Miles West of Ottumwa, 1 Mile South of 34. 641-799-4859 7-15


Totally Enclosed ~ Fan Cooled

The Following Sizes Available 1/2HP • 3/4HP • 1HP • 1 1/2HP 2HP 3HP • 5HP • 7 1/2HP • 10HP

We Carry Red Brand Ruthless Barbed Wire

Tile & Fittings In Stock.

FOR SALE: Doublewide 1568 Sq Ft 3 BR, 2 BA, Living Room and Family Room. New Roof and Appliances in 2009. Large Eat In Kitchen, Woodburner, 2 Decks. Needs to be Moved. Call After 3PM. 641-203-0326 7-15

Check Out Our Specials Come on Down

Tile Now Before It Gets Too Wet!

FOR SALE: New 2 Bedroom, 6” Walls, Thermo Windows, $199/Mo. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15

641-684-4472 • 777-8476

In Store Pink Ribbon Items

We Now Carry Iowa Hydrants. 5' & 6' Bury On Hand. Other Sizes Available

1 BR APTS: Available in Bonaparte, IA, Rental Assistance. Contact Jen at jen@ Equal Housing Opportunity/Provider. Jen 319-664-3002 7-22


'90 GMC 1/2 Ton 4x4, AT, PW, PL Sharp

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 39

FOR SALE: Used Doublewides, 3 To Choose From, Save $1,000s. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15



Located 1-1/4 Miles North Of Greenfield on Hwy. 25 At Airport Rd.

Hamilton Produce Co.

Hamilton Produce Co. 105 W. Franklin • Bloomfield, IA

641-664-2459 or 1-800-469-7749


NEW LISTINGS: Walsh 500 gal. Sprayer; 1000 gal. Water Tank On Gear, Pump; MC 9' Rotary Scythe; JD 2440; '09 Rice 18' Car Trailer; Much More Coming In Daily!

515-707-7577 • GREENFIELD, IA • Ask for Wayne

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 40

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 41

Mahaska County Oskaloosa, IA July 18th - 24th

2011 Fair Schedule

Antique Tractors & Engine Display 7:30 - 10:00 Swine Weigh-In (Scale Area) 8:30 - 2:00 All 4-H “Non Livestock” Judging (Except Horticulture) 10:00 Sheep Weigh-In (Scale Area) Bottle Lamb Check - In Following Sheep Weigh-In (Sheep Barn) 4:00 Fair Opens 4:30 - 7:30 4-H & FFA Dog Show (Pavilion) 4:30 - 5:30 Meat Goat Weigh-In (Scale Area) 5:30 Meat Goat Check-In (Meat Goat Barn) 5:30 Sheep Exhibitor Meeting 5:00 - 7:00 Key Co-Op BBQ (West of Free Stage) 5:00 - 8:00 Bike Night and Car Show 5:30 Sheep Exhibitor Meeting (Sale ring) 6:00 Queen Contest Queen Contest 7:00 Mangini Brothers Big Band 7:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn)

July 19th - Tuesday

Antique Tractors & Engine Display Quilt Show & Raffle (DAV Building) Jones & Company Carnival 3:00 - 11:00 Wrist Band Hours: 6:00 - 10:00 Doggies of the Wild West: 12:00 3:00, 6:00 Pony Go Round Pony Rides Laser Alley 4:00 7:00 - 8:00 Advanced Feeder Pen Weigh-In 8:00 - 10:00 Poultry Check-In (Poultry Barn) 8:00 - 10:00 Beef Weigh/Check-In (Scale Area) 9:00 Apple Pie Contest (Free Stage) 9:00 - 1:00 4-H Horticulture Judging (4-H Building) 10:00 - 12:00 Rabbit Check-In (Rabbit Barn) 10:30 Care Facility Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 11:00 - 1:00 4-H Communications Event Judging (Educ Pres/Share-The-Fun/Extemp Spkg) (Free Stage) 11:00 Quilt Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 11:00 Hobby Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 12:00 - 2:00 Bottle Lamb Interviews (Fair Office) 1:00 Junior Arts Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 1:00 Needlecraft Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 2:00 - 5:00 Communications Event Judging (Educ Pres/Share-The-Fun/Extemp Spkg) (Free Stage) 2:00 - 4:00 Bucket Bottle Calf Check In (in B/B Calf Barn) 2:00 Holidays Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 3:00 Fine Arts Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 3:30 - 5:30 Horse Check-In 5:00 - 7:00 Lion’s Club “Kids Sight” (Free Stage) Free Vision Screening For Kids 6 Months - 7 Years 5:00 Channel Bio Seed Kids Night (East Of Pavilion) Serving Sandwich & Drinks To The Kids 6:00 4-H & FFA Swine Show (Pavillion) 7:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn) 7:00 Twin States Tractor Pull (Grandstand) Sponsored by 1st Credit Union & Ottumwa Radio

Tractor Pull Tuesday Night

USRA Race Featuring the USMTS Modifieds Wednesday Night

July 20th - Wednesday

Antique Tractors & Engine Display Quilt Show & Raffle (DAV Building) Jones & Company Carnival: 3:00 - 11:00 Wristband Hours: 6:00 - 10:00 Doggies of the Wild West: 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 Pony Go Round Pony Rides Laser Alley: 4:00 8:00 Pancake Breakfast for 4-H & FFA Kids Sponsored By: Agriland FS 9:00 4-H & FFA Sheep Show (Pavilion) 9:30 Children’s Coloring Contest (Free Stage) 11:00 Culinary Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 11:00 - 1:00 Bible Quiz (Free Stage) 11:30 Floriculture/Horticulture Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 1:00 Family History Open Class Judging (Exhibit Hall) 1:00 - 4:00 Communication Event - Working Exhibits (Exhibit Hall) 1:00 - 2:30 45-H & FFA Dairy Show (Pavilion) 2:30 Cinnamon Roll Contest (Free Stage) 3:00 - 5:00 Chicken Washing (Behind Sheep Barn at Wash Rack) 6:00 4-H & FFA Rabbit Show (Sale Ring) 7:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn) 7:15 USRA Races Featuring the USMTS Modifieds

July 21st - Thursday

Antique Tractors & Engine Display Quilt Show & Raffle (DAV Building) Jones & Company Carnival 3:00 - 11:00 Wristband Hours: 6:00 - 10:00 Doggies of the Wild West: 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 Pony Go Round Pony Rides Laser Alley: 4:00 9:00 Horse Show (Pavilion) 9:00 - 11:00 Bible Quiz (Free Stage) 11:30 Children’s Cookie Stacking Contest (Free Stage) 12:30 Bubble Gum Blowing Contest (free Stage) 1:00 - 5:00 Livestock Judging Contest (Pavilion) 2:00 Pigtail Contest (free Stage) 3:00 - 4:30 4-H Pet Show (Free Stage) 6:00 - 7:00 Chamber BBQ (Pavilion) 7:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn) 7:00 Auto Cross Extreme Featuring Tough Trucks Sponsored by: Bank Iowa & Klyn’s Tire Service

Auto Cross Extreme Featuring Tough Trucks! Thursday Night

July 22nd - Friday

Antique Tractors & Engine Display Quilt Show & Raffle (DAV Building) Jones & Company Carnival 3:00 - 11:00 Wristband Hours: 6:00 - 10:00 Doggies of the Wild West: 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 Pony Go Round Pony Rides Lazer Alley: 4:00 Rocking H Chuckwagon Display 8:00 - 4:30 Youth Scavenger Hunt (4-H Building) 9:00 4-H & FFA Horse Show (Outside Arena) 10:00 Children’s Cookie Decoration Contest (Free Stage) 11:00 - 2:00 Bucket Bottle Calf Interviews (Fair Office) 11:00 - 1:00 Bible Quiz (Free Stage) 1:00 - 4:00 Poultry Show (Poultry Barn) 2:00 Children’s Joke Telling Contest (Free Stage) 3:30 - 4:30 4-H Style Show (Free Stage) 5:30 Dressed Up Livestock Show (Pavilion) 6:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn) 6:00 Piercing the Darkness Concert (Free Stage) 8:00 Terry Lee Goffee In Concert - The Ultimate Johnny Cash Tribute Opening Act: Midnight Blues Band 9:00 - 11:00 4-H/FFA Youth Event - 4-H & FFA Members ONLY (Free Stage)

July 23rd - Saturday Antique Tractors & Engine Display Quilt Show & Raffle (DAV Building) Jones & Company Carnival 12:00 - 10:00 Wristband Hours: 12:00 - 4:00 and 5:00- 9:00 Doggies of the Wild West: 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 Pony Go Round Pony Rides 2nd Annual Backyard BBQ Contest Lazer Alley: 12:00 Rocking H Chuckwagon Display 8:30 4-H & FFA Beef Show (Pavilion) Bucket Bottle Calf Judging - During Beef Show (Pavilion) 8:00 Antique Tractor Pull - Grandstand 9:00 Diaper Derby Followed By Decorated Diaper Contest (Free Stage) 9:30 - 11:30 Mashaska County Farm Bureau Ag In The Classroom (West Of Free Stage) 11:00 - 12:00 Monster Arm Wrestling Weigh-In (Free Stage) 12:00 Monster Arm Wrestling (Free Stage) 2:00 - 3:00 Pine Wood Derby Registration 3:00 2nd Annual Pine Wood Derby (Free Stage) 4:00 4-H & FFA Meat Goat Show (Pavilion) Open Meat Goat Show (Following 4-H & FFA Show) 7:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn) 7:30 Demolition Derby (Grandstand)

Terry Lee Goffee The Ultimate Johnny Cash Tribute Friday Night

Doggies of the Wild West

July 18th - Monday

July 24th - Sunday

Antique Tractors & Engine Display Pony Go Round Pony Rides 10:30 Non- Denominational Church Service By Lifehouse Community Church (Free Stage) 12:00 Fun Activity 12:30 Kiddie Tractor Pull Check-In (Free Stage) 1:00 Kiddie Tractor Pull (Free Stage) 1:00 Harness Races (Grandstand) 3:00 Bill Riley Talent Show (Free Stage) 3:30 Draft horse Barnyard Pull/Obstacle Course(West Of Antique Area) 4:00 Livestock Re-Weigh 5:00 - 7:00 Supreme Showmanship Contest (Pavilion) 7:00 Exhibits CAN Release (Not Required) 7:00 Bingo (Bingo Barn) 7:30 - 10:00 All Animals NOT GOING To Auction CAN Be Released (Not Required) 8:00 Cospel Concert Featuring “The Loynachans” and “Headin’ Home Quartet” (Grandstand)

July 25th - Monday 7:00 8:00 - 10:00 8:00 1:00

Buyers Breakfast (Pavilion) Exhinit Hall & 4-H Bulding Exhibits Released (Required) 4-H & FFA Livestock Auction Harness Races (Grandstand)

Jones & Company Carnival July 19th - 23rd

Open 3:00 Daily - Sat. 12:00 Wristband Hours: Tues - Fri 6:00 - 10:00 Sat. 12:00 - 4:00 & 5:00 - 9:00

Every Night

Demolition Derby Saturday Night

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 42

R.S. Auto

47,755 Miles

33,588 Miles

(3) '05 - '09

Hwy 34 Mile Marker 223, Lockridge, IA


$12,600 6,185 Miles


'07 Pontiac G6 GT, 3.5L, Hard Top Convertible, Heated Leather

37,012 Miles

'08 Toyota Prius, 1.5L, Cloth, CD, Info Screen, Back Up Camera, Loaded

51,297 Miles

Coming In and Many More Under $4,000 Call

'10 Ford Focus, 19.618 Miles, Loaded............... $9,985 '09 Pontiac G5, 2 Dr, 31K, Spoiler, Sharp ......... $8,850 '09 Pontiac G6, 4 Dr, 43K, Alum Wheels, CD .. $10,750 '09 Toyota Prius, 20K, Cloth, Loaded .............. $15,850 '09 Chevy Aveo LT, 6,185 Miles, 5 Spd, Leather $10,850 '08 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, Leather, Sunroof .. $10,750 '08 Honda Civic EX, 39K, Leather, Sunroof ..... $11,900 '08 Ford F250 Cargo Van, 26,266 Miles .......... $14,800 '08 Chevy Trail Blazer 4x4, 28K....................... $28,260

'07 Dodge 3500 Crew Cab, 6 Speed ............... $20,900 '05 Buick Terraza CXL, AWD, 4x4, 3rd Row .... $9,850 '05 Chevy 2500 HD Crew Cab 4x4, 6.0 Gas ... $16,650 '05 Dodge Crew Cab 4x4, 5.9 Cummins Dsl ... $16,850 '05 Dodge 2500 Crew Cab 4x4, Diesel, 6 Speed Texas Bumper, Long Box, 130K .................. $17,750 '04 Chrysler 300M, 35K, Sunroof, 3.5L .............. $9,350 '03 Neon, 4 Dr., 4 Cyl, Auto, 93,160 Miles ......... $3,900 '02 Pontiac Grand Prix, Sunroof, 63K ................ $6,450

57,215 Miles

56,119 Miles

85,582 Miles

(4) To Choose From

3rd Row



'09 Chevy Aveo LT, Alum Wheels, 5 Spd, Leather, Sunroof, 4 Dr., CD/Aux, Loaded

'09 Chevy Impala 1LT, 3.5L, Alum Wheels, CD/Aux, 4 Dr., Loaded, Tilt

'06 Buick LaCross CX 3800, Alum Wheels, Cloth, CD, 4 Door, Loaded, 30 MPG


Extra Clean

81,672 Miles

119,009 Miles


(4) '07-'09, 35 MPG $5,650


'06 Ranger Super XLT, 4.0 Alum Wheels, CD, '03 Chevy s10 LS XCab, 4.3L, Rally Rims, 4x4, Sprayin Bedliner, Reese Hitch 3 Door, New Tires, CD/Cass, Bedliner, Loaded 70,639 Miles


'02 Chevy 1500 reg Cab, 4x4, DVd, Bed Liner, Cloth, Hitch, Loaded, 1-Owmer

118,880 Miles

18,078 Miles



'04 Grand Am SEL, 3.4L, Alum Wheels, CD,Spoiler, Fog Lights, Loaded

'03 V.W. Jetta, 2.0L, Hubcaps AFter Market Sanyo Cd/Cass, 4 Dr.

Diesel 4x4



'09 Ford F350, 6.4L, Power Stock Diesel, Loaded & Steel, 4x4, Reese Hitch

'09 Chevrolet 2500LT Reg. Cab, 8' Duramax Allison Transmission, One-Owner, 4x4, Loaded, Nerf Bsrs

Many Extras

50% OFF

64,631 Miles

(3) To Choose From $8,950

'07 Jeep Compass Sport 4x4, 4 Cyl, Auto, Economical, Loaded, PW

'05 Pontiac Grand Prix, 4 Door, 3.8 V6, Burnt Orange, Alum Wheels, Super Sharp, Loaded

28,709 Miles

Diesel 4x4

Diesel, 4x4

(2) To Choose From



4x4, 4 Cyl, Auto, 27 MPG

30,160 Miles

Diesel 4x4

'08 Dodge Avenger R/T, 3.5 Leather, 4 Door, Chrome Wheels, CD, Loaded

67,330 Miles


'08 Chevy Cobalt LT, 4 Cyl, New Tires, Tilt CD, Steering Wheel Controls, Cloth, Loaded

6.4 Diesel, 4x4


'07 Chrysler Pacifica, 4.0L, Alum Wheels, CD/MP3, New Tires, Info Buttons, Loaded

71,072 Miles

Quad Cab, 4x4 $8,900


'06 Chevy Impala LT, 3.5L, Alum Wheels, Cream Cloth, CD/AUX, 4 Dr., A/C, Loaded



'05 Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab, Cummins '07 Dodge 2500 Quad SLT Laramie, Auto, Polished Alum Wheels, New Tires, Cummins Diesel, 4x4, Chrome Trim, Loaded Diesel B&W 5th Wheel Ball, Extra Clean, Loaded

Clearance Special

Clearance Special


(2) To Choose From $2,995

'07 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT, Quad Cab, 5.9L Cummins Diesel, 6 Spd., Loaded

$11,900 - $14,900

'03 Pontiac Sunfire, 2.2L, Sunroof, Cloth, Tilt, CD, AC, Fog Light, Loaded

45,680 Miles

50% Off

''06 Harley Davidson, Road King 1200, $4,000 Of Extra Paint, Chrome, Too Many To List

92,372 Miles

$2,650 OBO

Velocity 150, $1,195 - Xingyue, $1,895 Silver 250B, $1,595 - Red 250B, $1,595

89,504 Miles

74,060 Miles

(3) To Choose From $7,350


3rd Seat 4x4

New Motor

(2) To Choose From $5,900

4x4, V6 $2,850

'01 - '03 Dodge Durango 4x4, Leather, 3rd Row Seat, Alum Wheels, Loaded

'96 Ford Explorer Sport, 4.0L, Control Trac, 4x4, Luggage Rack, Loaded

60,943 Miles

Hemi, 4x4, Sharp $14,650

4x4, Leather $18,800

85,582 Miles

24,543 Miles

'08 Ford Econoline E250 Super Duty Extended, AC, Tilt, 4 Door, Rack

121,170 Miles

4x4, Leather, Sunroof

$11,450 NOW $9,995


'09 Chevy Cobalt, 2.2L, Hubcaps, CD, Cloth, 4 Dr., Spoiler, Economical


Hemi, 4x4

6.0, Gas, 4x4


4x4, 6.0L, Gas



'08 Dodge 1500 SLT Quad Cab, 5.7 Hemi, 4x4, '07 Chevy Quad Cab 2500 4x4, 6.0 V8 Auto, '05 Chevy 2500 Crew Cab, 6.0L, Leather, 4x4, Chrome Wheels, Loaded, Sprayin Bedliner Aluminum Running Boards, Extra Clean Nerf Bars, 8' Bed, Alum Wheels, CD, Loaded 126,378 Miles

93,913 Miles

$12,800 '02 Dodge Ram B3500 Van, 360 V8, Auto, OD, 15 Pass, Leather, Tilt, Cruise, AC

138,907 Miles

4x4, Long Bed



'03 Chevy 1500 Quad cab Sport Step Side, 4x4, Z71, 4 Door, CD, Reece Hitch

'03 Dodge Crew Cab SLT, 1500, 4x4, Hemi, Nerf Bars, Bedliner, Extra Clean, Loaded

'96 Dodge 1500, 5.9L, Alum Wheels, Cloth, 4x4, CD/Cass, Steel Steps, Loaded

Clearance Special

Clearance Special

Clearance Special

50% OFF

(2) To Choose From


50% OFF

50% OFF

$3,200 NOW $1,595

Was $2,495 NOW $1,195

Was $1,895 NOW $895

'01 Ford Focus ZX3, 2.0L, Sunroof, CD, 2 Door Hatchback, Cloth , Loaded

Silver Scooter 250, 16.6HP, 70 MPH, 80 MPG, Motorcycle Radio, Turn Signal, Luggage Compartment

Pink Scooter Bahama 9.3 HP, 150cc, 2 To Choose From

50cc Scooter, NEW, No License Required, 35-40MPH, 150 MPG

63,460 Miles

56,400 Miles

81,852 Miles

Conversion Van Leather '03 Chevy Venture LT, 3.4L, Alum Wheels, Cloth, Dual Sliding Doors, Captain Chairs, Rear Climate Control, Loaded

83,950 Miles


160 Actual Miles


'02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Heated Leather, 4x4, Sunroof, Loaded

52,885 Miles

4x4, Quad Cab


102,341 Miles

4x4, 3rd Row Seating

7,628 Miles

4x4, Hemi

'04 Dodge 1500 4x4, 20'' Aluminum Wheels, Rumble Bee Package, 5.7 Hemi

'99 Chevrolet Tahoe LS, 5.7L, Alum Wheels, 4x4, Running Boards, Reese Hitch, After Market Pioneer CD/MP3, Loaded

123,219 Miles

‘06 PT Cruiser, 2.4L, Cloth, Chrome Trim, A/C, CD, Loaded, Rear Defrost & Wiper

20,498 Miles



'06 Chevrolet Malibu LT, 2.2L, Hubcaps, CD, 4 Door, Rear Defrost, Loaded

Cars Coming In Daily, If We Don’t Have It We Will Find It At Wholesale Price. Call Rick Or Stephanie

56,110 Miles

'05 Dodge 1500, 5.7 Hemi, 4x4, Factory, Hood '05 Cadillac Escalade EXT, 5.3, Htd Leather, Scoop, Over Size Tires, Daytona, Pkg., Loaded Sunroof, Loaded, Crew Cab, 4x4



'03 Saturn Vue, 3.0, CD, Loaded, '03 Jeep Liberty, 3.7L, Alum Wheels, Step Bars, 4 Door, Cloth, Temp & Compass 4x4, Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Loaded

50% OFF

$11,850 '07 Ford Freestyle SEL, Leather, 3rd Row, 6 Disc, Dual Climate Controls, Loaded


'05 Club Car Golf Cart, Gas Powered, Good Shape, Runs Great

50% OFF



50% OFF

Diesel, 4x4


$5,950 '02 Mercury Villager Estate, Loaded, CD/ Cass, New Tires, Heated Mittors, 3rd Row

47,781 Miles

3.7 V6, 2WD



'04 Chevy Express 3500, 6.0L, Running Boards, Cloth, CD, 3rd Row, Loaded

'05 Saturn Ion Level 3, V6, Tilt, 4 Dr., Tilt, 4 Dr., Cloth, Loaded, Suroof, Spoiler

$10,850 '06 Dodge Dakota 3.7L, 4 Door, Good Tires, CD/Aux, Cloth, Hitch, Crew Cab, 2WD

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 43

Your Best Choice for Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Motorcycles & More in the St. Joseph Area!

M A R Y V I L L E ,

6501 S. Memorial Highway • St. Joseph, MO

816-238-5900 Cell 816-752-7800


Visit Us Online 24/7 At: • 2017 S. Main • Maryville, MO • 800-504-0546 “I’m Todd Hill, I want to EARN your business.”

2008 Chevy Trailblazer 2010 Chevy Impala LT 2007 Ford F150 XLT

2009 Ford Explorer 1991 Ford NEW 7.3 NEW Banks Turbo

2003 7.3, 4x4 106K



LT, Stk #2652A


Stk #5387


Stk #2658A


2011 Ford Fusion

2010 Ford F250

2009 Ford F150 KR

2010 Ford F250

Stk #2590A

Supercrew, CERTIFIED,Stk #3665


1995 F250 Diesel Auto

2007 F150 58K






2002 Chevy 4x4, 73K

1994 Ford F150 Looks New

Loaded, CERTIFIED, Stk #3598


2011 Ford Taurus LMT

2007 Toyota Camry

2004 Ford 85,000 Miles Loaded

2005 Trailblazer LT Loaded

CERTIFIED, Stk #3629

Hybrid, Stk #3616A





Rustys Auto sales




1994 Ford F150 4x4 Single Cab, Longbed, Cold A/C, A Good Tight Truck, $4,750

2004 Ford F150 Lariat 4x4 Super Crew, 119K Miles, Very Nice Truck! $14,750

2001 Ford F250 XLT V10, 4x4, AT, Crew Cab w/Contractors Topper, Excellent Condition, $11,900

2002 Kia Sportage 4 Cyl, 4x4, 4 Door, PW, PL, 5 Spd., Nice Smaller SUV! $4,900

2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71 4x4, Leather, Heated, DVD, Clean As A Pin! $9,250


Conv. CERTIFIED, Stk #3621




2008 Ford Escape XLT 2010 Ford Explorer XLT

CERTIFIED, V6, 4WD, Stk #3641

CERTIFIED, Stk #3647

2007 Chevy 3500

2002 GMC Envoy SLE

Duramax w/Allison, Stk #2597A

Extended, Stk #1184B


LTD, Loaded, CERTIFIED, Stk #3660

CERTIFIED, Stk #3624




2006 Honda Accord 2010 Honda Pilot EX-L 2008 Jeep Wrangler X 2009 Kia Optima EX

V6, Loaded, Stk #2644A

4WD, Stk #3625

6-Speed, Stk #5360

V6, Loaded, Stk #2665A

2008 Lincoln MKX

2008F350 Mazda 5 Ford 4x4

2007 2008Toyota ChevyAvalon 2500

2008 Toyota Camry

CERTIFIED, Stk #3630

Stk #3617 Auto, Diesel, Dew Eze Bale Bed, Stk 3675 Just In!

XLE, Loaded, Stk #5367 4x4, 5370


2008 Chevrolet 2500HD, 4x4, 87K Miles, One-Owner, Out Of The Great State Of Texas! Loaded, Hard To Find! $15,900


2008 Ford Focus SES 2008 Ford Expedition


Since 1994 We Pay Cash For Cars!

Stk #2634A


2007 Ford Edge SEL 2010 Ford F150 XLT 2008 Ford Mustang GT 2010 Ford Flex SEL


Platte City, MO • 816-858-4220


$25,971 Certified Rates From




$19,989 $19,996


LE, Stk #5239

$15,988 *Must Finance through Ford Motor Credit. Term(s) may be limited. Not all buyers will qualify. See dealer for complete details.


Come In & Visit With Our Friendly Sales Staff

2000 Chevrolet Express Cutaway One-Owner, Fleet Maintained, Start Making Money Today! $4,900

1990 Ford F150 XLT Lariat 4x4 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Loaded, 120K Miles, Financing Available, 300 6Cyl, 5Spd., Matching Topper, Just A Good All Around Truck, $4,188 Trades Welcome, $8,200

Todd Hayes 660-853-8964

1985 Ford L9000 Boom Truck, Low Miles, Cummins, 9 Spd., Twin Screw Hendickson Susp Ready To Work, Call For Price

1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 61,000 Original Miles! Mint Condition, $5,850

1996 Dodge Ram 4x4, V8, AT, Good Solid Strong Running Truck, 150K Miles, Call For More Details! $4,900

John Turner 816-596-0216

Josh Hayes 660-541-5674

Rich Minton 816-351-0993

Bret Crowley 816-807-7420

We’re Available 24/7 365 Days A Year! 816-596-0216 After Hours

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Gravely ZT 1640 $1,200

Page 44

Cub Cadet LT 1042, 19 HP Kohler, 42”, Hydrostat Drive $800

Yamaha 4 Cyl Golf Cart $1,100

Gravely Commercial Zero Turn, 60” Deck, 22HP $3,200

Dixon ZTR W/ Power Bagger $2,500

641-799-1657 1994 Honda 1500 Aspencade W/Champion Trike Kit, 34K, Runs & Drives Great! $12,750

Wanna Win $100? Gravely 1840 XL, Zero Turn, Kohler 18HP $2,200

Ed’s Lawn Equipment

706 Sunnyside Lane • Atlantic, IA 712-243-5566 • FREE - 90 DAY WARRANTY W/PURCHASED AS MARKED!!!

The Judge Says




'01 Dodge Caravan SE, Super Sharp! Runs & Drives Perfect $3,995

STARCRAFT Boat w/Trailer & 70 Johnson WATER READY ONLY $1,695

'96 Ford Ranger 4x4, V6 Auto NICE CLEAN TRUCK!!! $3,995

'03 PT Cruiser, 4 Cyl, 5 Spd, Super GAS SAVER!

'89 Chevy Silverado S.B. Stepside, Auto, No Rust, No Dents

'00 Dodge Ram 1500, Posi Rear End, 4x4, Near New Mickey Thompson Tires, READY TO GO! SALE! $7,495

Clean! ONLY $3,995



'03 Ford F250 Super Duty Powerstroke Low Miles Lots of Power, NICE & CLEAN!


'94 Chrysler Lebaron, V6, Auto, Nice Clean Car! $1,495


'02 Ford Escort, 5 Spd, Super MPG! SHARP! $1,595 '00 GMC Sonoma, 4 Cyl, Auto, Cold AC, Super GAS SAVER! Long Box


$3,995 '02 Eclipse G5, 4 Cyl, 5 Spd, NICE CAR! GAS SAVER!


$5,495 '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, Super Nice! Leather, AWD, Climate Control $5,495


Adel, IA • Mark Cadwell 515-993-4478 Hwy 6 515-993-3378 Hwy 169


Most Cars Have Warranty •

s Have Warranty • Most Cars Have Warranty • Most Cars Have Warranty • Most Cars Have Warranty • Most Cars

Gravely ZT 2148 481 Hrs $2,500

Snapper LT, 48”, 180 H, Hydrostat, 18HP, Briggs Vanguard $1,000


Need Parts For Your Car, Pickup, Or SUV?

2696 Highway 63, Oskaloosa,IA

641-673-8459 • 800-245-2336 Save 50% To 75% On All Parts 90-Day Warranty

2004 Ford F250 Super Duty 110K, 6.0, Cloth, AT $14,950

2008 Pontiac G5, Good Tires, AT, Super Clean, 55K $8,495

2006 Grand Prix 80K, AT, Cloth $7,950

2005 Buick Rendezvous AWD, 164K, Leather, AT $5,995

Cars Have Warranty Most Car

Ariens Zoom 1840 With Snowblade $2,800

Most Cars Have Warranty • Most Cars Have Warranty • Most Cars Have Warranty • Most Cars Have Warranty Most

Encore Prowler P-K 650 541 Hrs, Liquid Cool $4,500

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 45

2005 Road King Hard Bag, Gear Drive Cams, Nice Clean Bike!

ONLY $10,995 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

Farm King Grain Vacs

Hi Boom Self Contained Hydraulics

Richland Equipment Hwy 78 • Richland, IA • 319-456-6611 an Affiliate of Hinshaw Trailer Sales

Public Auction HouseHold - Antiques & MACHineRY

As We Have Sold Our Farm & Are Moving Out of State, We Will Sell the Following Household, Antiques & Farm Machinery. Directions: At Casey’s Store in Lancaster, MO, Go North on Rt C 4 Miles to Rt CC Then North 1 Mile, Then East 1/2 Mile on Gravel (Watch for Signs)

SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011 • 10:00 AM HouseHold: Kenmore Auto Washer, Like New & Elec Dryer; Philips 27” Color TV; Glass Front TV Cabinet; Sungale DVD Player; VCR; Maple Kitchen Table w/4 Chairs; 2 Recliners; Futon Couch; 3 End Tables; Lamps; Lg Cabinet; China Hutch; Sm Spool Cabinet; Oak Wall Quilt Rack; Hand Stitched Quilt; Spool Frame Daybed; Washstand; Antique 3 Pc Bedroom Suite; Antique Wicker Bottom Rocker; Antique 3 Drawer Dresser; Bowback Chair; Wood Ironing Board/ Stepstool Combo; Antique Kerosene Lamps; Lg John Wayne Picture; John Wayne Plates; Old Pictures; Ertel Pictures; Lg Horse w/Stagecoach; Hall Tree; Folding Table; 2 Wood TV Trays; Western Books; Biblical Books; Dolls; Misc Wall Hangings & Knick Knacks; Handicap Equip; Exercise Bike; Elec Super Broom. MACHineRY: Allis Chalmers 5040 3 Pt; 1991 Dodge Pickup 2x4, 5 Spd, Dsl, 20m; UB Minneapolis Moline Model 283B-4 SN#06109867; Allis Chalmers CA, WF, Motor Stuck; Husqvarna LGTH2454 Riding Mower 54” Deck, Like New; Craftsman 16.5HP Riding Mower; 6’ 3 Pt Blade; Gehl Running Gear; JD 50 Series Ground Driven Manure Spreader; Old Wood Axle Barge Wagon; Misc Pipe Gates; Stihl Weedeater; Husqvarna Weedeater; Lincoln 225 Amp Welder; Welding Table; Torch Set, No Tanks; 25 Gal Upright Air Compressor; EverStart 200 Amp Battery Charger; 3-8’x16’ Open Front Building on Skids; Sm 2 Wheel Trailer, Needs Floor; Plastic Bottom Feed Bunk; 2 Rubbermaid Water Tanks; Metal Water Tank w/Hog Drink; Moorman Hog Feeder Plastic Lid; Plastic Barrel Salt Feeders; Horse Bale Ring; 2 Bale Rings; Used Steel Posts; Elec Fence Posts; Barbed Wire; 8” & 10” Horse Collars; Fly Netting; Bridles & Halters; ATV Sprayer; Wood Workbench; Hyd Cylinder; Chain Binders; Handyman Jack; Wheelbarrow; Bench Vise; 14’ Alum Ext Ladder; 7’ Fiberglass Stepladder; Pitchforks; Shovels; Prybar; Bolt Bins; Misc Hand Tools; Wrench Set; Pipe Wrenches; Pulley Puller; Log Chains. teRMs: Cash or Good Check, Photo ID Required. Not Responsible for Accidents. Announcements Made Day of Sale Take Precedence Over Printed Material.

Mr & Mrs Delbert Jones (owners) SALE CONDuCTED By:

WeAveR AUcTionS

Larry Weaver ~ AuCTIONEERS ~ Tanner Weaver Lancaster, MO 63548

660-457-3846 - 660-216-9773

Aplington Livestock Sales Aplington, Iowa

Horse Sale on July 16th

Tack @ 11:00 am Hay Sale @ 3:00 – Horses to follow Early Listings:

11 yr Blk TN Walk Gelding- trail horse deluxe 14 &15 yr Hackney Pony Mares-drive 5 yr AQHA Mare, started 6 yr Team Big Sorrel Pony Mares 6 yr Team Big Sorrel Pony Geldings 12 yr sor Mare, 4D barrel horse 2 yr AQHA Red Roan Filly - Started 19 yr APHA Gelding - well broke 11 yr Dun Gelding – Ranch Horse 3 yr POA Mare - Started 7 yr Gray Gelding, cow & family horse deluxe 12 yr Bay Pony Mare, 52”, broke & safe 7 yr Sorrel Gelding – Ranch & Trail Horse 6 yr Sorrel Gelding, show horse deluxe 8 yr Sorrel Overo Gelding – Ranch & Trail Horse Big Gelding w/reining/cutting training, broke 18 yr B&W TN Walker Gelding - BROKE 11 yr MO Fox Trot Gelding - dog trial horse

Consignments accepted until sale time! Please call Lynn @ 641-373-2468! More info, pictures & listings on website!

Sale Barn 319-347-2357 Trent’s Cell 641-640-0492

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 CDH: DOUBLE-WIDE-REFURBED: $1,500 DOWN CALL

Page 46


We Will Sell the Following at Auction Located at Van Buren County Fairgrounds, Hwy 1 North of Keosauqua, IA. WATCH FOR THE AUCTION SIGNS ON

SAT. JULY 23, 2011 • 10:00 A.M.

573-442-4444 FOR SALE: New 3 Bedrooms, Vinyl Siding, Shingle Roof, $187 A Month, Delivery & Set Up Included. Hamilton Homes. 816-583-2177 7-15 FOR SALE: 16x80 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Brand New, Northern Insulation, Delivered and SET-UP for Only $38,195. Financing Available. 660-665-3704 7-29 FOR SALE: 120 Acres, 78 Tillable in CRP Program Until 2018, Excellent Hunting, Davis Co. Iowa. Asking $4,000/Acre. 641-675-3218 TFN

ANTIQUES - PRIMITIVES - COLLECTIBLES & PARTIAL LISTING Wooden toy chest – Wicker rocker – Printers tray – Mantel clock - Silver serving sets – Crockery canning jars – 6 Gal crockery butter churn – U.S. brass spittoon – Wooden block plane – Coffee grinder – Copper tea kettle – Blow torches – Wilton metal soup tureen – World globe – Scales – Adv yard sticks – Costume jewelry – Pr Hurricane lamps – Old G.E. radio – Metal cream cans – Walnut stand – Oak chopping block – Captain chairs – Director chair – Cane bottom chairs – Old books – Numerous primitive pcs not listed. COLLECTIBLE GLASSWARE Lg & very unusual pcs of Jewel Tea dishware collection (Autumn Leaf pattern) – Collection of Tea Leaf (tea pot, platters, plates, covered veg dish, gravy boats, etc– Child’s dish set – Hair receiver & compote – Pink depression pcs – Child’s punch bowl set – Salts – Cruets – Silvertop syrup pitcher – Lots of glass stemware – Lighted Christmas villages & crystal decorations. LAWN – GARDEN – TOOLS – HOUSEHOLD ITEMS – MANY OTHER ITEMS ON OUR WEBSITE Amana 18 cu ft refrigerator – Haier apartment size refrigerator – G.E. auto clothes washer – Estate gas dryer. AUCTIONEERS COMMENT: The above merchandise is clean and well cared for. Plan to attend. CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR AUCTION FLYERS or TERMS: Cash or Approved checks • Proper ID • Not responsible in case of accidents • Lunch by K & L Lunch Box Porta Potty available • Any announcement made day of sale over the auction block holds precedence over any advertising.




FOR SALE: 1981 Honda GL1100 Goldwing Interstate, Full Dress, 44,000 Miles, Dark Blue, New Battery, Needs Carburetor Work and tires, $1,250. 641-208-0374 7-15

FETT REAL ESTATE & AUCTION SERVICE AUCTIONEERS: Col. Gary Fett, 319-878-3391 • Col. Curt Fett • Col Cody Fett BROKER: Sharon Fett

New Hammerhead GT 250 Go-Carts Water Cooled, Forward & Reverse, Full Suspension Regular Price $3,695

1992 Kiefer

One Divider, 6'8"x 20'

Call For Price

SALE PRICE $3,195 C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

Richard & Sherri Winter 19957 US HWY 175 Hubbard, IA 50122 641-864-3275

Visit Or Website For A Complete Listing Of Our New & Used Trailers

FOR SALE: 2006 YZ 250, Full Dr. D Exhaust Valves Adjusted, Runs Great. Must Sell. 641-660-3722 7-29 FOR SALE: Mud Hog mud race or drag 95 S-10 orange, 421 SBC, 38” tires, cuts and dot, very fast. 217-985-4535 7-15 FOR SALE: 26’ Hi-Line Camper Trailer. $2,250. 217-653-7480 7-15

Real estate auction

saturday July 16th, 2011 • 10:00 a.m. sale to be held at the property located

203 N. 15th St. Centerville, Iowa

just one block west of Hwy 5 and one block north of Hwy 2 Auction Signs will be posted

GaY BaileY estate

REAL ESTATE: This property consists of a single story, 2-bedroom home situated on a double-corner lot in a great neighborhood. The home has 1 full bath with toilet, lavatory, tub and shower with large linen closet, another ¾ bath w/toilet, lavatory, and shower. It also has a spacious living room, 2 good sized bedrooms one w/a double closet, rather large kitchen with adjoining dining area. It also consists of a full service laundry & utility room complete w/lots of storage, a sink & counter space. It has crawl space under the house w/newer furnace & new hot water units. The crawl space is dry & has a full concrete floor and easy access from the attached single car garage. The home has central air & individual room thermostat controls. A screened & covered porch to the back of the house gives a good view of the large back yard. TERMS: 20 % down day of the sale, balance in cash, upon delivery of a warranty deed & updated abstract of title showing merchantable title. All real estate taxes will be pro-rated to the date of possession which is upon complete settlement. REAL ESTATE WILL SELL AT 12:00 P.M. For more particulars on the real estate or to make an inspection appointment please call Ryan Reed: (641)777-8348 PERSONAL PROPERTY: broach pins, political button pins, Japanese military currency, jewelry, McCoy planters, small advertisement pieces, television, entertainment center, new tan sofa (excellent shape). Many quilting and crochet items, lamps, wall décor, many antique glass ware items, canning equipment, outdoor gardening and lawn items, many many kitchen items ( glass ware, flatware, pots and pans, bake ware, storage containers, refrigerator, books, lawn furniture and much more. TERMS: CASH, CHECK, OR MAJOR CREDIT CARD WITH POSITIVE I.D. All property must be settled for before removal – All items sold as is where is. Not responsible in case of accidents. All announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any advertisements.


Rick Pitt Auctions Farm Machinery Auction

Donald Lynch Winterset, IA Saturday, July 23 @ 10:30 AM

Hello Folks: I have a number of photos up for your viewing. We are still lining up equipment & getting more items out of buildings. Don's tractors are in good shape, the tin is good on them & they all run. The Buhler 595 loader is like new & will be offered separately of the 986. ScrapperS Don't MiSS tHiS Sale! Directions: From Hwy 92 @ Bevington, travel north on Mad/Warren Co line Rd 4.6 miles to St. Patrick's Church, turn west on 155th St, travel 1.5 mi to Upland Trl, turn south on Upland Trl travel 1.8 mi to auction. The auction will be held directly across the road from Don's old place in the hay field on the south side. From Cumming HWY travel south to St Patrick's Church then west on 155th as stated above. Watch for signs day of sale. Following iS a partial liSting oF tHe equipMent being oFFereD: Note: All tractors run good! IH 986 w/cab, 6600 Hrs, WF, 3 Pt; IH 756 gas, open, 9155 Hrs, WF, 3 Pt; IH 656 gas, open, 5263 Hrs, WF, 38" rubber, 3 Pt; Buhler 595 quick attach loader w/stabber & bucket (like new); Kewanee 20' flex wing tandem disk; IH 950 planter 6R narrow (new disk openers/will offer sep); NH Mod 679 manure spreader ser#436888 tandem axle w/hyd gate (good); Blair G/N stock trailer 7'x20' center gate & good floor; Tandem axle flatbed lowboy 7'x16' w/ball hitch; Barge wood box silage wagon on Kewanee gear w/hoist (good wagon); Galv barge box wagon w/hoist; Parker 350 Bu gravity flow; Lundell 3 Pt snowblower (8' wide); 3 Pt fast hitch; Hyd cylinders; 3rd links for 3 Pts; (6) 11-R24.5 truck tires (good tread); (2) 900-20 truck tires on rims; 34" duals w/bolt-on hubs. Salvage equipment: NH 15' grain table; Grainovator feed wagon; Woods 5' rotary mower; IH 5/14 semi-mtd plow; Case 14" tandem disk; Bale stabber; Hog feeder; Bale rings; IH 14" straight disk; Scrap iron pcs. antique: IH hand corn sheller. Vehicles: (titles will be available for all vehicles) 1990 Buick LeSabre; 1973 Silverado 1/2T pickup; 1973 Scottsdale 1/2T pickup. auctioneers note: More items are being added as this sale bill is being printed. If possible I will continue to add photos and information as the sale date gets closer. Thank you for your visit. terms of the sale: All bidders must register with proper ID day of sale. All items are to be settled for day of sale, prior to removal, with cash or GOOD CHECK. Not responsible for accidents, theft or inadvertent errors in printed advertising. Announcements day of sale take precedence over printed advertising. For Pictures go to Food & restroom will be on site during the sale.

Sale Conducted by: Rick Pitt Auctions For more information Contact Rick Pitt @ 515-201-8652 or Dwayne Dykstra @ 515-669-4784 Thank you for letting us say “Sold”!

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”



WIN $100 CASH!


Due to the death of Dr. Robert Campbell DVM & Mary “Campbell” Turner & Robert “Bob” Turner having moved to retirement center sale held 26446 Jewel Dr. Brookfield Mo. 1/2 mile North of Brookfield Country Club.

REAL ESTATE: 40 acres M/L with 2 story home, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, fireplace, nice one owner home, small lake stocked, 45x65 Morton barn, concrete floor, great location. HOUSEHOLD& COLLECTIBLES: Collectables - Bavaria - China Fenton - RS Poussia - Germany Painted dishes - Silver - Brass - Alum Grindle - Cost. Med & School Books - Walnut dresser - Lamp Tables Carved Chairs - Appliances - Dolls - Military Uniforms - Advertisment. OLD AUTOS: 1941 Cadillac 95% Restored, speedometer shows 19,600 miles, Complete - 1949 Chevy Pickup, new rebuilt 6 cyl motor, need finished several parts. PICKUP - TRACTOR - TRAILER - MISC.: 2004 Chevy 2500 HD 4X4 18,000 miles - IHC 656 wd ft. w/IHC 2250 loader - J.D. Gator 4X4 Cab J.D. 757 Zero turn mower - J.P. 16 ft elec hyd dump - J.P. 18 ft. Trailer w/ ramps - Rino Gehl 135 PTO. Manure Spreader - Trailer load, Hand Tools & Small Equipment. Pictures & Full Listing

Sayre Auction

Bill Sayre Shawn Sayre Cell: 660-734-8782 Cell: 660-734-0827


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 47



Dillon, Iowa

SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2011 • 10:00 AM

SALE JULY 19, 2011 5:00 P.M.

LG ASST OF HOUSEHOLD ITEMS FROM MERLE LEISE ESTATE OF MARSHALLTOwn FURnITURE: 3x5 ft oak dining table & 4 swivel chairs on casters, blue swivel rocker, Blue lift chair, Gold recliner, neutral hide-a-bed queen, bookshelves, stepstools, printed sofa, bar stools, end tables, commercial Healthometer scale, blue leather recliner, dinette table, loveseat, glider rocker, folding game table, 6 ft folding table, 2 small folding tables, Bissell power steamer, Hoover Power Max, Yamaha keyboard, Bicor sewing machine. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: sheets, linens, coke glasses, Corelle ware, Pyrex dishes, sm kitchen electrics, knives, utensils, Blue Willow service of 4, pressure cooker, brass bells, office supplies, Sunbeam Skillet, blankets, King comforter, sheets, towels, fans, many turntables & stereos. Far too many items to list all, don’t miss this large household auction. All nice useable merchandise. VIEw THIS SALE JULY 18, 2011 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. Directions from Marshalltown, 3 miles East to Dillon Rd then south 2 miles. The auction is conducted by

Doug West, Auctioneer 641-750-5216

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Motorcycles For Sale By Bid • 2003 Harley Davidson, Road King Flhr, 88 Cubic Inches, 27,499 Miles, Salvage Title, Front End Damage • 2009 Harley Davidson, FLHX, Red, 4,291 Miles, Salvage Title, Damaged • 2004 Harley Davidson, XL883C, Blue, 5.406 Miles, Salvage Title, Damaged • 2009 Harley Davidson, Flht, 86 Cubic Inches, 4,109 Miles, Salvage Title, Front End Damage • 1994 Suzuki, GSX-R750W, 750cc, 4,691 Miles, Salvage Title, Right Side Damage • 2005 Polaris Sportsman, 500 ATV, 1,340 Miles, Suspension Damage These Items Are For Sale As Is By Bid. Please Submit Your Bid to Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co by 10:30 AM, Friday, July 29, 2011. GMRC Reserves the Right to Reject Any or All Bids. Pictures Are Available at Contact Brian at 641-990-8529 or

COMBINED MOVING AUCTION Thursday Eve, July 28 – 5 p.m.

EvEnt CEntEr, 404 WEst PlEasant or Bus. HWy. 92/5, KnoxvillE, ia Inside Climate controlled building w/seating & restrooms.

largEr itEms BEgin sElling at 7 P.m.

The following vehicles w/the exception of the Isuzu truck, were all purchased new by the Kville Comm. School District & were maintained regularly.

2001 Buick Century, 6 cyl, auto, elec wind, air, most opt, rebuilt trans, 164,387 mi., blue 1997 Chev Lumina V-6, auto, air, cruise, 195,500 mi, red 1992 Isuzu NPR 14 Ft Van Body Trk, 4 cyl, Dsl, auto, air doesn’t work, elec over hyd, 1T tommy gate, 218,595 miles 1991 GMC Suburban 350 V-8, auto, air, cruise, 158,791 mi, white 1988 Chev Suburban 350 V-8, auto, air, cruise, 181,904 mi, green Antiques & Collectibles Royal Doulton plate, Pottery including Roseville, McCoy, Royal Copley, Hull & Frankoma, Tonka toy car carrier w/cars, glassware including corningware, Fireking, Pyrex & Anchor Hocking, Longaberger pitcher, signed glass birds, metal duck, old hats, hat boxes, old skates, level, old metal pieces including cow bell, pulley & horse shoes, yolks, milk bottles, milk bottle carrier, printers tray, various types old glass bottles, linens, alum cake carrier, old baby shoes, tin farm toys, paper items, collectors plates & more surprises yet to unpack. Appliances & Furniture Hibriten Bernhardt lighted hutch, dining room table w/2 leaves, 6 matching chairs w/cane backs & small buffet, hallway stand & matching mirror, nice wingback upholstered chair, Cochrane kitchen table w/2 leaves & 6 matching chairs, sm pie safe cabinet with tin punch doors, large executive style computer chair, full size bed w/white headboard, wht 6 drawer dresser w/mirror, wht small stand, lg living room chair, round end lay cherry table, striped couch & matching loveseat, sev stuffed chairs, TV stand, bookshelves, metal file cabinets, sev cabinets including wardrobe cabinet, full size wht bed frame w/headboard, wht desk w/hutch cabinet, older GE stove, patio table w/4 chairs, card table w/chairs, game table & end tables. Tools & Equipment Lawn Boy Snowblower 320R 3HP, wheelbarrow, Snow King Tecumseh Snowblower 5HP, asst of various hand tools, wood flower pot wheelbarrow, plus the usual items found in a garage. Household - Electronics 21” RCA Colortrak TV, JVC DVD player, Sony stereo system, sev vacuums, World globe, Smith-Corona typewriter, 7 rolls of new gutter guard, CD’s, movies, games, figurines, wall deco, glassware, pots/pans, toolbox, Tyco RC toy, Bratz Doll bedding, Disney books, baseball bat, Pfaltzgraff dishes, stools, pictures, lamps, coffeemaker plus additional household items too numerous to mention.

Dr. & Mrs. Ted Eller & others

see for photos & more information Find us on Facebook at van Donsler auction Company

Call rick or Joy at 641-842-3055



OR From the Indian Hills/Dahlonega Exit, on US Hwy. 63, go North 1 Mile Auction Signs Will Be Posted

REAL ESTATE: This property consists of an acreage, approximately 5 acres in size. Situated on this property is a large, 2-1/2-story country home, with huge living room, eat-in kitchen with pantry, formal dining room, 1 bedroom & full bath, all on main level. Beautiful open staircase leads to second floor, which contains 3 huge bedrooms plus full bath. This home has a full basement with newer high-efficiency gas forced-air furnace and central air, with vinyl-sided exterior. Beautiful, ornate woodwork can be found throughout the Brooks residence, which has been in the family for over 100 years. This original home is in a superb location and would make an excellent family home. Outbuildings consist of a 36’x70’ machine shed with shop and a 40’x44’ open-front newer pole barn. Located on a paved road, close to town, just off of the 4-lane. Be sure & make an appointment to inspect this property. TERMS: 20% down day of sale, balance in cash upon delivery of a Court Officer Deed, accompanied by Abstract of Title showing merchantable title. Real estate taxes will be pro-rated to possession date, possession given upon settlement. REAL ESTATE WILL SELL AT 12:00 NOON For further particulars or an appointment to inspect the property, please call the auction company: 641-682-5465. Watch future publications for a complete sale ad of furniture, antiques, tractors, farm equipment & tools to be sold also.

Announcements made day of sale take precedence over any advertising.

JOHN BROOKS ESTATE, OWNER Linda C. Brooks-Goudy, Executor

Box & Box, Attorneys

Auctioneers: Jim Kosman Roger Clingan Todd Carroll

T CATTLE H .com E SHOP Featured Listing Of The Week

109 Head of Fall Calving Cows 3-7 Yrs Old 1175-1225 Lb Avg

$1,325 Each Cows Bred To Angus Bulls Have Been Worked & Read To Go The Simple Way To Buy & Market Cattle The Shop Helps Buyers And Sellers Make Simple Cattle Transactions Online. Visit To Learn More. If You Would Like To Speak To A Cattle Shop Representative Contact Us At 660-641-9945 or

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 QPH: USED DUTCH DOUBLE-WIDE:

2x6’S Clean/Clean CALL

573-499-9993 FOR SALE: 17’ Lowe Jon boat with 50hp Evinrude and trailer, excellent condition. $4,200. 217-430-2275 7-15 FOR SALE: 2007 Harley Davidson Sportster, 1551 Miles, Pear White, Never Ridden & Pristine! Still Has Nubbies on the Tires. $5,800. Call Dean 712-250-0845 7-22 FOR SALE: 2008 Polaris Ranger 500, Polaris Hard Cab W/Doors & Tip Out Windshield. Very Good. 641-682-4023 7-15 FOR SALE: 2003 Coachmen Catalina CSX, 30’ 5th wheel, gas/electric hot water heater, ceiling fan, super slide, nice. Asking $15,500. Centralia, MO. 573-682-2306 or 573-881-5245 7-15 FOR SALE: 2006 Yamaha YZ 250f, Dr. D, Exhaust, Fresh Tune Up, Excellent Condition, $2,500 OBO. 641-660-3722 7-22 FOR SALE: 2001 Prowler Lynx 829T, Front Bedroom, Small Couch Slide, Bunks, Excellent Condition, New Tires, Spare Tire, Air, Awning, Everything Works, $7,995. 641-777-9139 ETFN FOR SALE: 2008 Harley Davidson, Heritage Softail Classic, 7200 Miles, Crimson Metal Flake, Several Extras. One Owner. $16,000. 563-659-1913 319-759-9172 ETFN WANTED: 18FT- 28FT Travel Trailer, Preferably Bumper Hitch, Would Consider 5th Wheel, In Good Condition, Reasonably Priced. 641-777-9139 ETFN QUALITY POWER SPORTS: Hwy 5 South, Albia, IA. Lund Boats, Can-Am ATV’s SeaDoo, PWC’s & Sport Boats, Service/Parts/Winterization Of All Makes & Models. 641-932-2628 TFN WHOLESALE SPA LIQUIDATION: 30 Models Must Go. 1/2 Price Of Retail-No Reasonable Offer Refused. 641-226-5154 TFN FOR SALE: Golf Carts, Yamaha EZGO, Club Car, Lift Kits, ATV Tires, Rear Seats, We Have It All!! We Service All Brands & Everything Is Guaranteed! See Pictures & Prices at or Call Centerville, IA. 641-895-0075 TFN QUALITY POWER SPORTS: Hwy 5 South, Albia, IA. Lund Boats, Can-Am ATV’s SeaDoo, PWC’s & Sport Boats, Service/Parts/Winterization Of All Makes & Models. 641-932-2628 TFN

Page 48

Public Auction

tuesday, July 19th• 5:30 PM located at Sinnif Auction barn, 226 E. Main, Fremont, iA

APPliAncES & FuRnituRE: White Refrig; Hotpoint Upright Freezer; Sm Upright Freezer; Hide-a-Bed Couch; Lg Divider; Microwaves; Twin Daybed, Comp; 3 Drawer Dresser; 2 Drawer File Cabinet; 2 Office Chairs. collEctiblES: Oak Rocker; Beer Signs; Old Hamilton Beach Malt Mixer; Old Scales; Dishes; Desk; Primitives; Special Edition Texaco Truck in Box; JD 5020 Toy Tractor in Box; Ertl Skidloader; Mr. Peanut Serving Set; Coal Miner’s Lunch Bucket; Comic Books; Bobsey Twins Book; Old German Statue Clock Strikes on Hour; Banjo Clock; Porcelain German Clock; Gruen Veri Thin Band Pocket Watch; Old Cylinder Records; Griswold Skillet; Longaberger Basket; Ertl JD Model E, New in Box; Coca Cola Carrier for 8 Bottles; Broquiere’s Milk Bottle; Gun Stock; Turkey Roaster; Auto Repair Manual; Child’s Books; Draw Knives; Postcards; Adv Tins; Shaving Brushes; Display Case. coinS: Proof Sets & Mint Sets From 1965-1991; 1971 & 72 Brown Ike Silver; 1982 Proof Washington 1/2 Silver; 1882D $1.00 Silver; 1921 & 26 Morgans; 1976 3 Pc Silver; Barber Dimes; Steel War Cents; V Nickels; Merc Dimes 1/2 Dimes; 1839 1/2 Dime Rim Damaue; 1887 Seated Dimes; 2-1865 3¢ Nickel; 1869 2¢ Pc; 1892-1893 Col Expo 1/2; 1844, 45 & 49 Eagle Cent; 1858 Flying Eagle Cent; Walking Lib 1/2’s; 1950D Jeff 5¢ Key Coin; 1931’s Buffalo 5¢; 7 Silver $1.00 Cert. HouSEHolD, MiSc: Paper Shredder; Copy Machine w/Stand; Garden Hose on Reel; Sm Elec Appliances; Stainless Bowls; Pyrex; Circular Saw; Craftsman 3/8 Drill; BD Jig Saw; Misc Tools; Bench Vise; Toolbox Set; Garden Tools; Many More Small Items. SEllinG At 7:30 PM: C Farmall, WF w/Belly Mower; JD 797 Zero Turn, 72” Deck, 32HP, Fuel Injected, 1710 Hrs; JD L110, 42” Deck, 19HP. tERMS: cASH oR GooD cHEcK FooD & SEAtinG AvAilAblE DooRS oPEn At noon.

SinniF Auction SERvicE AuctionEERS: J.D. Sinnif - Don Zook cell: 641-799-3615 b: 641-933-4557

website at We Sell it All At Any location


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Lots Scheduled to Close at 10:00 AM CT NO BUYERS PREMIUM FEE & NO RESERVES!! Marvin Klinefelter Estate & Denise Klinefelter - Craig Klinefelter 515-745-4978, Marshalltown, IA '80 AC 7080 Tractor, 5722 Hrs Hiniker 6R30" Cultivator '73 AC 7050 Tractor w/96 Allied 795 AC 1300 29.5' Field Cultivator Loader w/8' Bucket Deutz Allis 2500 Disk W/Noble Harrow AC WD Tractor Landoll 2220 Weatherproofer II Deep '87 Ford LTL 9000 Tri-Axle Truck, 21' Kann Tillage Ripper Aluminum Box AC 6 Bottom 20" Moldboard Plow '80 Ford LNT 9000 Tri-Axle Truck, 21' AC 4 Bottom 16" Moldboard Plow Kann Aluminum Box JD 400 15 Ft Rotary Hoe H&H Utility Trailer '91 Nissan Forklift (2) GSI 15,000 Bu Grain Bins '00 Polaris Magnum 325 4X4 ATV Butler 3000 Bu Grain Bin M-4-324T-670 Phase Converter Butler Grain Bin 18' Width/Diameter Aladin 12-325 El Hot Water Power Washer GSI 2900 Bu Grain Holding Bin Black Machine w/White Units 6300 12R30" Planter Horizon Equipment - Ray Nepple - 712-653-2574, Manning, IA '10 JD 9770STS Combine, 618 Eng '10 JD 612C 12R30" Corn Head 460 Sep Hrs '06 JD 893 8R30" Corn Head '07 JD 9660 STS Combine, 930 Eng '02 JD 893 8R30" Corn Head 666 Sep Hrs '97 JD 893 8R30" Corn Head The following equipment is owned by various owners, visit for owner names, items locations & phone numbers. '94 Timpte Super Hopper Grain Trailer '80 AC Gleaner LM20 20’ Platform '98 Trail King TK60SSD 392 Side Dump '91 Deutz Allis Gleaner R324 24’ Platform Trailer '86 Deutz-Allis Gleaner LM322 22’ Platform Cat Lexion 465 Combine, 2284 Hrs. '89 Deutz Allis Gleaner R430 4R30” Cornhead White Field Boss 2-105 Tractor '78 AC Gleaner R630 6R30” Cornhead '98 Krause 5520 20’ Drill '75 AC Gleaner FG430 4R30” Cornhead Unverferth Mfg. Co. Brent CPC 7 Shank Disc Avco New Idea 846N 6R40” Cornhead Ripper '88 Deutz Allis Gleaner R436 4R36” Cornhead '93 Case IH 1020 25’ Head '97 Cleveland Steel Tool Co. 55T Ironworker '96 Case IH 1020 16.5’ Head Graco 800-062 Cold Water Pressure Washer (2) '94 Case IH 1020 17.5’ Heads Washhop Portable Hot Water Pressure Unit '78 AC Gleaner R438 Cornhead Hotsy 550B Portable Pressure Washer '90 Deutz Allis Gleaner R436 Hugger Cornhead

455 Items selling on this auction!

Check out Employment Opportunities,

The next Big Iron auction is on August 10!! is a division of Stock Auction Company, 1-800-937-3558


MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE TRACTOR & EQUIP COLLECTORS AUCTION Located at 5 miles East of Williamsburg, IA on I-80 to Exit 225 (Little Amana), then 1 mi North on Hwy 151 (U Ave), then 1 mi East on 210th St & ¼ mi North on V Ave.

Saturday – July 23, 2011 – 9:00 am



Auctioneers: Dwight Duwa - 319-646-6775 Harold Bohr – Jeff Wille Terms: Cash or ck w/ID


Not responsible for accidents or theft

Lunch-Hershberger Catering


MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011 • 10:00 A.M. 201 E. Second Street • Lock Springs, Missouri Across 190 Highway, North of the Grain Elevator Follow Auction Signs Day of Sale

As I am moving out of state, we will sell the following at a Public Auction located at 201 E. Second St. in the town of Lock Springs, MO 64648 across the Hwy, north of the Grain Elevator.

Real Estate (to sell at 12:00 Noon) Tract #1: A nice square lot containing a 1978 Marshfield 14x70 single wide mobile home w/6” walls throughout the home. This tract will sell w/all the following amenities & appliances: large air conditioner, Speed Queen elec washer & dryer, elec stove & refrigerator, new floor & carpets, 2 bathrooms, new tile, all redone in 2007. Also new septic & laterals. Easy to heat & cool. Marshfield 14x70 single wide mobile home Bungalow style Ma & Pa Restaurant Building. Tract #2: Consisting of a bungalow style Ma & Pa Restaurant building w/5 rooms & 220 hookups, easy to heat & cool. Has a bathroom & a very large storage room attached to the back. This tract is on a corner lot directly west of tract 1. Both properties will sell separate & will not be tied together to sell. Buyers to sign a legal binding Real Estate contract on day of Auction. Buyer to pay 10% down on day of sale. The 10% down is non-refundable & will be escrowed at Grand River Title in Gallatin, MO. Seller will furnish Title Insurance for clear insurance on both properties. All Real Estate will sell as is, where is. Come out & spend the day w/us as this may be selling in your price range. Closing in 30 days or less. All taxes are prorated to closing date. Thanks Norman. Complete Restaurant Equipment Dispersal 15.1 GE elec upright freezer; old refrigerator; new Frigidaire refrigerator, 18.2 cu ft; Hot point 18.2 elec refrigerator; Frigidaire large chest freezer; Frigidaire apartment size 6.2 freezer; Gibson 18.0 cu ft refrigerator; Haier 18.2 cu ft refrigerator; Frigidaire upright freezer; Frigidaire chest type freezer; Toastmaster 36” elec griddle; Maytag LP gas cookstove; 3 elec coffeepots; 1 canister commercial coffeemaker; sev 3 & 4 shelf plastic stands; 5 drawer kneehole desk; wooden utility cart w/towel bar & knife block; 4 newer crock pots; 3 elec fryers; sev microwaves; white side cabinet w/elec outlets; 2 dr white kitchen cabinet; M&W 21.2 cu ft upright freezer; small table w/ gallon size can opener; elec wok; single compartment togo boxes; Styrofoam cups w/lids; sev large stainless steel mixing bowls; sev elec food warmers; 2 five compartment metal bins; sev large cookie sheets; 5 restaurant tables; 15 highback chairs; maple child’s high chair; Royal 215 MX cash register; sev calculators; candy bar display rack; pictures of Lock Springs 1936 & 1898 School; sev small stock pots; sev hamburger & bacon presses; 4 slice toaster; stainless steel mixing bowls; sev steak platters; small table w/3 pedestal legs; 4 booster seats; sugar & creamer dispensers; napkin holders; sev to go 3 compartment boxes; 1 large compartment to go boxes; Pyrex glass measuring cups; sev strainers; kitchen cabinet base w/cutting board; large lot of kitchen utensils; Taylor counter scales; large storage container; 2 waffle irons; large stock pots; sev smaller cookie sheets; granite roaster; Clear Fry oil; step stool; 2 Menu dry eraser boards; Continental shake maker; large lot of to go cups; ice tea glasses & spoons; dinner napkins & tall napkins; large lot of new candy; large lot of water glasses; sev bookshelves; new drinking straws in boxes; roll around utility cart; small table with drawer; small table w/4 chairs; large lot of coffee cups; large lot of silverware; oak paddle side table stand; large lot of Bubble Gum; sev tea pitchers; hand tools; 5 gallon bucket sliced pickles; large lot of new canned goods; 1 1/2 boxes to go salt packets; 33 China plates; 34 China salad plates; 20 soup bowls; 23 dessert bowls; 9 cases new jelly jars; sev metal shelves; large lot of plastic buckets; elec counter griddles; Clary elec cash register; resin chairs & loveseat; old shake maker; bookcase; 21” TV; small air conditioner; bagless vacuum sweeper; salt & pepper shakers; new picnic table 5’x9’; 6’ wooden ladder; brand new recliner; Davenport clicker couch; queen sized bed, new Uniden scanner. AUCTION NOTE: This is only a partial listing of merchandise. Many boxes have not been gone through. Restrooms on grounds. Brenemen’s Roadside Grill serving lunch. Not responsible for theft or accidents. Any and all announcements made sale day take precedence over any and all printed material.

CLETA AHLSTEDT, OWNER Sale Conducted by Ropp Auctions Auctioneers: NORMAN ROPP ~ 660-247-1914 LARRY FOSTER ~ 660-868-1124

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”


1643 S. G Ave Nevada, IA 50201

515-382-3258 800-944-8037 SALES • SERVICE • RENTALS -

5/5 SALE!

all 5th Wheels/5% off Sale price Listed Through July! 2006 Copper Canyon ST276FWrL

27’ 5th Wheel, Sleeps 6, Rear Living Room, Interior Like New, Lots of Room, Must See!

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 49


2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible, Supercharged, Leather, Full Power, CD, 6 Spd, LOADED! NICE!

WANTED: Motel Manager. Duties: Front Desk, Scheduling, Supervising Staff, Light Maintenance, Some Bookkeeping & Laundry. Apartment, Utilities & Cable TV Included. Ideal Occupant Would be 2 Person Team. 641-799-4166 7-29


WIN $100 CASH!

C&C Cycle Chariton, IA • 888-475-2243

CDL LICENSES: In 24 Hrs, Training & Automatic Truck Furnished. CDL For All States. Guaranteed To Pass American CDL Training, LLC. www., St. Joseph, MO. Now Accepting Visa & Mastercard. 660-254-2541 TFN


FOR SALE: JD 2018 Batwing, $6,500 OBO. 641-799-0045 7-15

FOR SALE: Allis-Chalmers T-816 Garden Tractor & Trailer, Runs, Needs Battery and Solenoid, Trailer Has New Wood and Allis-Chalmers Paint, $600. 641-208-0374 7-15 FOR SALE: Apache Creep Feeder 3T, 8’, 3 Years Old, $2,000. 641-932-7466 7-15 FOR SALE: A Minne Moline M670 Super. 515-834-2184 7-15

Was $19,495 SALE PRICE $18,995 2007 GuLF STream prairie SChooner 34FLr 34’ 5th Wheel, Sleeps 4, Great Floor Plan W/4 Slides, Well Cared For Was $46,995 SALE PRICE $39,995

2007 monTana mounTaineer 307rkd 30’ 5th Wheel, Sleeps 4, Sharp Unit, Rear Kitchen, 2 Slides, Must See! SALE PRICE $27,995 2007 GuLF STream Canyon TraiL Sedona 30rLFW 30’ 5th Wheel at a Great Price! 2 Slides, Too Many Extras to List! Come See it! Was $33,500 SALE PRICE $24,995 2000 Skamper uLTra 8524 rLSS 24’ 5th Wheel, Sleeps 4-6, One Slide, Great For a New Cmping Family! Don’t Let it Get Away! Was $10,995 SALE PRICE $9,800 1995 aLFa ideaL 30 rkT 30’ 5th Wheel, Bedroom Slide W/Queen Bed, 2 Super Slides That Open to a 14’ x 16’ Room, Was $16,500 SALE PRICE $11,895 Check Out Our Complete Inventory At:

'07 Chevy Tahoe LT 4WD, Rear DVD, Pwr Sunroof, Remote Start, 102K $19,900

'02 Chevy S-10 LS, Crew Cab, 4x4, 4.3, V6, ZRS Sport Package, Local Trade $7,900

3 Trailblazers, 4x4 •2007 LS •2006 LS •2004 EXT

'97 Ford F-150, S/Cab, Flareside, 4x4, SHARP! $3,995

1998 Dodge Dakota Ext Cab, V6, Auto Local Trade, 77K $3,995

2007 Ford XLT Crew Cab, 4x4, 4dr, Loaded Nice! Clean! $17,995

2001 Ford Ranger V6 Auto, 2WD, 134K Miles, Local Trade $4,250

Hwy 116 & Latigo St. Lathrop, MO 64465

'96 Ford F250 XLT, 4x4, 351 V8, Auto, AC, Tilt, Cruise, PW, PL, Very Clean & Sharp! Only 89K $7,500

CHARITON FORD Toll Free: 1-866-283-8731 Chariton, Iowa • 641-774-2586

Call Karl Stone • Mike Scieszinski CELL: 641-774-6735

2009 Dodge Charger SE 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.5 V6, Auto, AWD 3.8 V6, Auto, Loaded, 96K Loaded, 91K $10,995 $13,995

2007 Chevy Silverado 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ 1500, Ext Cab, 5.3 V8, 5.3 V8, 4x4, Auto, Loaded, Htd. Leather, DVD, Nav., 75K 4x4, Auto, Loaded $25,995 1 Owner, 127K, $15,995

'98 Lincoln Town Car, Fully Equipped, Only 68K $6,950


R/T MOTORS 2009 Chevy Impala LT 3.5 V6 Auto, Loaded, Bright Red, 74K $12,995

641-774-6735 2008 Kiefer 3 Horse Slant B.P., XLA With Gold Pkg, Aluminum Skin, Dressing Room With 3 Saddle Racks, Collapsible Rear Tack. EXCELLENT CONDITION, $11,000

2003 Chevy Silverado 2500LT, Ext Cab, 4x4, V8 6.0, Leather, Loaded, 75K, $15,995

'05 Ford Focus Hatchback, 3 Door Zx3, 5 Spd, PW, PL, AC, 1 Owner Trade, Only 62K, $8,450

2005 Ford Escape XLT V6, Auto, 4x4, Loaded 6 Disc, 75K


Now Offering Bank Financing

1310 E. 7th Street (East Hwy 6) Atlantic, IA 712-243-1222

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT V6, Auto, Loaded, PW, Pwr Drs, 77K


2006 Dodge SLT Quad 2003 Ford Windstar LX Cab, Long Bed, Heavy 3.8 V6, AT, Full Power Duty, Big Horn Edition Cloth Seats, 97K Miles! 5.9 Cummins, AT, 4x4 Cold Rear Air! CD, Very Nice Unit Very Clean Unit!


1993 1999 2001 2002 2002 2002 2002


Ford Ranger 4x4......................$2,295 Chevy 1500 ..............................$3,995 Chrysler Sebring Conv. ..........$3,995 Dodge Neon .............................$3,995 Kia Spectra ..............................$2,995 Dodge Intrepid SE ..................$4,995 Chevy Malibu ..........................$5,995 “See Website For Pictures”

2004 Chrysler Pacifica 2003 Chevy Silverado 2004 Mazda 6 3.5 V6, Auto, AWD, 3.0 V6, Auto, Loaded, 1500, 4x4, Ext Cab, LS, 5.3, V8, Bedcover, 98K Leather, Moonroof, 113K Loaded, Leather, DVD, $12,995 108K $9,495 $9,495

2005 Chevy Monte Carlo 2004 Ford Explorer XLT 2002 GMC Savana V8, RWD, Passenger Van LS, V6, Auto, Loaded 4.0 V6, Auto, Loaded Leather, 2 Drop Down VHS Local Trade, 133K 4x4, 114K 105K, $6,995 $5,495 $6,995

2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 Ext Cab, 4x4,

2003 Chrysler Town & Country, V6, Auto, Dual Slide Doors, Quad Seating, 122K, $5,295

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 5.9 V8, Quad Cab, 4x4 Loaded, 111K $11,995

2004 Chevy Silverado 2002 Chevy Silverado LT Crew Cab, 4x4, 5.3 V8, 4x4, Short Box, 4.8 V8, Auto, Auto, Loaded, Leather, 123K NICE! Rust Free South114K Miles $13,995 ern Truck $9,995

2007 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 V6, Auto Loaded, 76K $8,295

5.3 V8, Loaded, Auto, 83K Miles, $15,995

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

Page 50




523 W. WILLIAMS, OTTUMWA, IOWA Auction Signs Will Be Posted

$4,500 2004 Polaris Sportsman EFI 700 4x4, Blade, Winch & Radio, 260 Hrs

1998 Western Star 60 Series Detroit Engine, 9 Spd Trans, 486,000 Miles, 15 Ft Summit Alum Box Double Frame, 20,000 Lb, 3rd Axle, Elec Tarp Heavy Duty Truck, Ready to Go to Work Selling Because of Health Problems



2001 Rockwood Signature $2,000 First Cash Series Popup Camper, Slideout, Sink Indoor/Outdoor Stove, Fridge, Hot Water & Furnace, Sleeps 6-8, Needs Some TLC Red Barn Automotive Rutledge, MO • 660-216-2259 No Sunday Calls Call Us For Complete List Of Rebuilders!



Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 • 9:00AM Downtown, Dexter, IA • I-80 Exit 97 or 100 Customer Appreciation Breakfast Provided From 7:30 - 9AM to Our Many Great Consignors and Valued Customers No Minimums, No Reserves, No Buy Backs Every Item Sells To The Highest Bidder

SPECIAL 1/2 OFF COMMISSION FOR CONSIGNOR APPRECIATION! EARLY LISTING: Large collection 1/16 scale farm toys, 95% are new in the box, more than 100, to include: JD: A w/Fenders, Waterloo Boy, AW, 70, 720, 630, LA, Gold A, G, MI, BW, 420 w/Disk, D Heritage, 420 Crawler, 12A Combine, 720 Prestige, 4010, 3020, 4020 w/Cab, 4320 Iowa State Fair, 4620, 4430 w/ Duals, 7810, 8310T, 8330. INTERNATIONAL: F-20 Precision, C Iowa FFA, B, M Precision, Super M Iowa FFA, Super MTA, Historical Set, 350, 504, 460, 560, T-340 Crawler, 340, 340 Utility, 706, 806, 706 Iowa FFA, 966, 1066 White 5,000,000, 1086, 1586, 1086 Precision, 5088, 5250 Maxum, 5120, MX125. CASE: 2594, L, VAC, DC, 800, 1070 Black Knight, 1270. ALLIS-CHALMERS: WD-45 Iowa FFA, D-15, D-19, 9150 Orlando. OTHERS: Steiger Cougar, Bearcat II, Wildcat II, MF 1155 Spirit of ‘76, 44, 55, Pacemaker, 4880 4WD, Minneapolis Moline U Farm Show, 4 Star Iowa FFA, Oliver 88 Gas, 660 Iowa FFA, 770 Gas, G-1355 w/Duals, White 2-155, Ford 981, Graham Bradley, Bobcat Vera Handler, Mobile Oil Semi, Jim Beam Pickup, Coop LP Gas, Plus Many More. TRACTORS, DOZERS, SKIDLOADER & EQUIPMENT: IH 756, gas, 3pt, WF; AC 7060, bad shifting rail; MH 22; Farmall A w/belly mower; Farmall W-9; JD D; Ford 335, dsl, w/cab & loader; Oliver 1550, gas, NF; JD 4010, dsl, standard; Farmall 400, dsl, NF; Case Vac; Case 1150B dozer, dsl, 6-way blade, rear ripper, runs good - bad shifting rail; Farmall Cub w/belly mower - as-is; Farmall 460, gas, WF; Case 1816B skidloader - very nice; JD 7100 12-30 3pt planter; JD 201 28’’ trailer; JD 1000 field cult.; Hesston 1014 windrower; JD L spreader; several gravity, flare & barge box wagons; IH 3pt blade; JD 37 sickle mower; ‘98 Chevy 3/4 ton, reg. cab, 2WD, 5.7L Vortec, 99K miles.

  Consignments Are Still welcome Until Sale Day

REAL ESTATE: This property consists of a 34’x94’ barn, with 18’x42’ open-front lean-to. This building, which was originally constructed as a horse barn with stalls, has concrete floor with 2 new electric overhead doors and is currently used for storage. Situated on a large, level lot, with 120’ of frontage on West Williams Street that extends back 157’ in depth. Also located on the real estate is an older 18’x42’ storage building. This property has limitless possibilities & could be used as either storage or for new home construction. REAL ESTATE WILL SELL AT 12:00 NOON For further particulars or an appointment to inspect the property, please call the auction company: 641-682-5465. TERMS: 20% down day of sale, balance in cash upon delivery of a Warranty Deed, accompanied by Abstract of Title showing merchantable title. Real estate taxes will be pro-rated to possession date, possession given upon settlement. CARPENTER TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: Craftsman 8” table saw w/long feed; Craftsman 6” & 8” joiner/ planers; 36” scroll saw; Lincoln 225 elec. welder; Craftsman band saw; Acetylene torch w/hoses, gauges & tanks; Battery charger; Large port. air compressor; (2) Port. concrete mixers; 8’ alum. siding bender brake; Chipper masonry saw w/diamond blade; Chain hoists; Large asst. of steel scaffolding w/leveling jacks, wheels, alum. & wooden walk boards; House jacks; Roof jacks; Material roller; Block & tackle; Bench grinder; Large asst. of hand tools incl. saws, pipe wrenches, drills, vise grips, trowels, pipe cutters & pipe threaders, 36” pipe wrench, saw guides, flooring tools, grinding wheels, levels, drop cords, clamps & squares, metal crimper, “C” clamps; Several sets of saw horses; Paint sprayer; Wood planes; Wood chisels; Hoes, rakes, shovels, spades; grease guns; Crow bars; Conduit benders; Concrete tools; Drills & drill bits; 2-wheel dolly; Basement post jacks; Several ladders-extensions & stepladders; Wheelbarrows; Old carpenter’s tool chests; Painter supplies; Canvas tarps; Table saw; Bar clamps; Soldering irons; Hand grinder; Roller; Pipe vise; Scroll saw & bench; Trolleys & hooks; Hand-powered winch; Power forge; Log chains. LUMBER, SUPPLIES & HARDWARE: Large asst. of used lumber-4x4’s, 6x6’s, 2x10’s, 2x12’s, plywood, bridge plank & oak flooring; Old wooden & glass doors; (5) Rolls of new concrete wire; Rebar; Copper & galvanized pipe; Several I-beams; Roll of cable; Asst. of pipe; Asst. of copper pipe & flashing; Large asst. of hardware-boxes of nails, bolts, screws; Hardware cabinets; Alum. flashing; Electrical supplies; New lock sets; Several boxes of new glass block. ANTIQUE TRUCK & EQUIPMENT: 1948 Chevrolet 2-Ton Dump Truck with 12’ steel dump box & hoist, 6 cyl., 4-spd., this truck is 1-owner, has always been garaged, runs good, recently repainted; Murray self-propelled 6hp lawn mower; Toro snowblower; (2) Gas-powered tillers; John Deere 9hp rear engine riding lawn mower; Small 2-wheel trailer. AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Be sure & attend this auction if you are a contractor, carpenter or handyman. There are many unadvertised items to be found in this sale. We will be running 2 auction rings at least part of the day. Check our pictures and/or call the auction company for Shutterfly link to additional pictures.

SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011

11:00 AM


719 GLENWOOD, OTTUMWA, IOWA Auction Signs Will Be Posted REAL ESTATE: This property consists of a 2-story, 3-bedroom dwelling, with main level consisting of kitchen with loads of cabinet space, formal dining room, living room with fireplace, main level bedroom and full bath. Upper level contains 2 bedrooms with lots of storage space. This home has a full basement with gas forced-air heat and central air & attached single-car garage & is situated on a large, level lot, measuring 75’ wide x 206’ in depth. Excellent South location. REAL ESTATE WILL SELL AT 1:00 PM For further particulars or an appointment to inspect the property, please call the auction company: 641-682-5465. TERMS: 20% down day of sale, balance in cash upon delivery of a Warranty Deed, accompanied by Abstract of Title showing merchantable title. Real estate taxes will be pro-rated to possession date, possession given upon settlement. APPLIANCES, FURNITURE & HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Amana 18 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer; Like new Caloric elec. oven/range; TruCold upright deep freeze; Maytag auto. washer & matching elec. dryer; Dehumidifier; Zenith 15” color TV; Orion 19” color TV; (2) RCA VCR’s; Small combination safe; Art deco chrome dinette table w/4 chairs; 3-shelf glass-front bookcase; Oak glider/rocker w/matching ottoman; Tan upholstered swivel rocker; Like new blonde oak drop-leaf dinette table w/extra leaves & 4 chairs; Drop-leaf sewing table; Coffee & end tables; Floor & table lamps; 4-pc. oak bedroom suite incl. full-size bed w/mattress & box springs, 4-drawer chest, 2-drawer nightstand & dresser w/mirror; 3-pc. waterfall-design bedroom set incl. full-size bed, 4-drawer chest & 3-drawer dresser w/mirror; Twin-size bed w/mattress & box springs & bookcase headboard; Window fan; Maple sewing rocker; Electrolux vacuum cleaner; Singer sewing machine, in cabinet; Roll-away bed; Zenith console stereo; Large asst. of kitchen items incl. pots, pans, dishes, crockpot, mixer, mixing bowls, cookbooks, coffeemaker, toaster, pressure canner, silverware & other kitchen items; Hand-painted plates; Pressed glass; Collectible glassware; Creamers & sugars; Antique painted pie safe w/tin front; Old kitchen clock; Old vintage postcards & greeting cards; Clarinet & violin; Old table radio; Old vintage toys & games; Old dolls & doll buggy; Child’s blackboard; Wooden park bench; Large asst. of linens; Fabric & quilting pieces; Blankets & bedding; Old wooden stool; Metal shelving; Folding card table. TOOLS: Small Craftsman bench-top metal lathe w/12” bed, needs repair; Machinist’s tool chest; Asst. of machinist tools incl. calipers, micrometers; Craftsman grinder & stand; Black & Decker pad sander; Elec. drills; Clamps; Drafting arm; Socket set; Asst. of hand tools incl. saws, files & squares & other hand & garden tools; Mitre box saw; Bench vise; Hoes, rakes, shovels; 2-wheel dolly; Weedeater 20” 4-1/4hp mower; John Deere snowblower; Gas-powered leaf blower; Brace & bit; Battery charger;


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Be sure & attend 2 days of outstanding tools, antiques, collector’s items & real estate. Brooks Darner is 90+ years old & moving to retirement living. Most of the contractor tools were owned by his father, Phil Darner. You won’t be disappointed with the inventory & condition.

FOr mOre inFOrmatiOn, questiOns, Or tO cOnsign, please cOntact:

TERMS: CASH / GOOD CHECK MASTERCARD/VISA POSITIVE ID REQUIRED DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS Announcements made day of sale take precedence over any advertising.

713 Marshall St., PO Box 277, Dexter, IA 50070

Steven Maynes, Auctioneer 515-229-5312

Office 515-789-4144 • Fax 515-789-4145 terms: Cash, credit, debit cards or good check. Announcements on sale day take precedence over written bill. Not responsible for theft or accidents. Some items are subject to arrival or previous sale prior to auction. Please call ahead. No buyers premium. Free loading and unloading. Trucking is available. All items need to be removed and settled for day of sale. All items are sold “as-is”.

MARTIN BROOKS DARNER, OWNER Auctioneers: Jim Kosman Roger Clingan Todd Carroll

“Your Trader Goes A Long Way to Serve You”

Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011 Page 51

Financing Available


1806 W. 2nd Hwy 92 West, Indianola, IA Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat 8-12

1300 West Washington Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

800-634-4885 Get more Information on anything in this ad on our website

Don’t Miss This Sale 515-961-7405

hh We’re Financing Vehicles Everyday!

Interest Rates As Low As 3.99% **With Qualified Credit

See Us on the Web at We’re Located at the Vine Street (John Deere) Exit Off of Hwy 34.

JD XUV just 280hrs!



hyd dump


2009 Hyundai Accent GLS Silver w/Gray Interior, AC, PS, PB, PL, CD, Cruise

2007 Buick Lucerne, Gold w/Beige Int., 6 Cyl, Auto, AC, PS, PB, PL, CD, Tilt, Cruise, Dual Air/Heat, OnStar, PS, 1-Owner

2007 Ford Fusion Maroon w/Gray Cloth Int., 4 Cyl, Auto, A/C, PS, PB, PL, PW, CD, Tilt, Cruise

2009 Mini Cooper, Silver w/Black Leather Int., 6 Cyl, Auto, AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, CD, Heated Seats, Sunroof

2006 Dodge Stratus SXT Silver w/Gray Int, 4 Cyl, Automatic AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, CD, Tilt, Cruise

2008 Chrysler Town/Co Touring Swivel/Go, Blue w/ Gray Leather Int., 6 Cyl., Auto, Loaded, Backing Camera, Sirius Radio, Htd. Seats, DVD Player

2005 Prowler Regal, 29', 295 RLTS, White w/ Beige/Blue Int., 3 Slides, Awning, AC, Middle Kitchen, Rear Living Room

2009 Mini Cooper Silver w/Black Leather Int, 6 Cyl, Automatic, AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, CD, Heated Seats, Sunroof


JD 3038 NEW 2011



Clark 5K, triple LP, auto $3995.00 IH 574



4WD Hydro IH 574 GAS 38HP, 3pt, NEW PAINT PTO, loader SYNCRO TRANS




CLARK C300Y50 5K,130”

$3495.00 75 HP NEW PAINT





JD 2305 JD Z Trac 777 60” DECK 62” deck 27hp Kaw 4WD, HYDRO 3PT,CLEAN liq cooled


2006 Chevy Equinox LT, White w/Gray Leater Int., 6 Cyl, 3.4L Auto, AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, Power Seat, CD, Cruise, Tilt, Sunroof

Bobcat 553D JD 317 HY REACH OH engine 05,1954hrs TREE SHEAR Kubota diesel 61hp 1700lb. 12” CAPACITY

Toyota 06 GP25K 6FGU25 5K CAP 5K 1999, LP,5472hrs triple side shift $9995.00 $9995.00

Many Other Makes & Models - Bank Financing 965 S. VINE ST OTTUMWA (641) 684-6537


APR for 60 months



You Are Going to Save Thousands of $$$$$ Don’t Wait Until They Are All Gone Come TODAY & SAVE BIG





JD 1420 front mount mower water cooled




2007 Nissan Maxima SE 4 DR, Silver w/ Dark Gray Int., 6 Cyl Auto, AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, Power Seat, CD, Tilt, Cruise, Sunroof

2004 Chevy 4x4, S10 Crew Cab LS, Blue w/Gray Int., 6 Cyl, 4.3L Auto, AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, Tilt, Cruise, CD

1996 Ford F350 XLT, 1 Ton, Crew, Cab, Dually, 4x4, White/Green w/Blue Int, 7.3 Auto, AC, PS, PB, PL, PW, Pwr Seat, Cass, Tilt, Cruise, Powerstroke Dsl, Toolbox, CD



JUST $649.00


Hawkeye Trader, July 15, 2011

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Your Iowa Dealor For All Aluminum Trailers By Legend 330 NW 49th Place, Des Moines, IA • 888-988-0123 • 515-282-0123 BUY IT FOR LOOKS, KEEP IT FOR LIFE! "Want an all aluminum trailer at a STEAL of a price. Look no further. Here at BrownMotorCars we are proud to offer to you the entire line up of Legend All Aluminum Open and Enclosed trailers. You won't find a finer trailer out there. The trailers speak for themselves and are backed by the industry's best warranty. We are your area Legend Dealer so stop in today and take your new trailer home today."

2011 Legend Low Rider 7x14, Tandem 3500# Axles w/ Brakes, Drop Down Jacks, Round Top, Aluminum Wheels, All Aluminum Construction, Smooth Sides, Perfect For That Trip To Sturgis!

2011 Legend Trailmaster 8.5x26 VNose Combination, Two Tone, Studs 16" OC, Front & Rear Ramp, 5200# Axles, LED Lights, Perfect for whatever your hauling!

2011 Legend Explorer 7x23 V-Nose, 2011 Legend Flat Top V-Nose 7x15, All-Aluminum, Tandem Axle, Elec- All-Aluminum, Tandem 350# Torsion Axles, 15" Aluminum Wheels, One tric Brakes, 77" Interior Height, 15" Piece Aluminum Roof, 3/4" Aluminum Wheels, 3/4" Advantech Advantech Floor w/ 12" Kickplate, Floor, 3/8" Walls, 3500# Torsion Ales, Front And Rear Ramp w/ Spring Must See Assist, RV Door, L.E.D. Lights

2011 Legend 6x10 Open Deluxe Utility Trailer, Aluminum, LED Lights, 48" Ramp, Aluminum Tube Rails 16" Tall, 5/4 Treated Floor

2011 Legend 6x10 Open High Side Utility Trailer, Aluminum, 22" Tall Side Walls w/ 3 Boards, 5/4 Treated Decking & Side Boards

2011 Legend Deluxe V-Nose 7x19, Two Tone, 110V Package, 48" Flourescent, 7' Interior Height, RV Door w/ Screen, 3500# Axles w/ Brakes Prevost Siding & Tons More!

2008 Pleasant Valley 5x8 Tear Drop Travel Trailer, Camp in Style, Sliding Windows, Rear Kitchenette, Nostalgic Look, Very Sharp!

2011 Legend Deluxe V-Nose 7x19, 7' Interior Height, 110V Package, Finished Interior, Vinyl Floor, 30x15 Windows, Stainless Steel Cam Bars, Loading Lights, No Better Way To Trailer!

2011 Thunder 7x29 Enclosed V-Nose, All Aluminum 15" Aluminum Wheels, Front & Rear Ramp Doors w/ Spring Assist, 3/4" Plywood Floor w/ 12" Kickplate, Perfect Toy Hauler

2011 Legend 7x16 Open Tandem 2011 Legend 7x14 Open Deluxe Axle Trailer, Aluminum, Rear & Side Utility Trailer, Aluminum, LED Ramp, LED Lights, 5/4 Treated Deck, Lights, 48" Ramp, 16" Tall Aluminum Smooth Fenders, Endless Tube Rails, 5/4 Treated Deck Possibilities

Hawkeye Trader - July 15, 2011  

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