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Denver 2017

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RFD minihereforfds - rick debbie flohr bear grove beef - daniel robin faidley alex mary ryan faidley adam jordan charlotte Lickliter

old School Genetics - Jeff Bash Trumbull genetics - rick trumbull kld mini-herefords - steve sanders brian daydree kodie karsen kanyen dopps darrin barbour

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Special Terms and Conditions All transfer of embryos is between the Buyer and the Seller.

HOW TO ACQUIRE YOUR PURCHASES • After you, the BUYER, have made payment for your embryos or semen, the sale staff will notify the seller that your purchase has been paid in full. • Once the embryos or semen have been paid for in full by the BUYER, they will be released in the BUYER’S name, by the SELLER, at the storage facility for the said purchase. • It is the complete responsibility of the BUYER to call the SELLER and request shipping, or call the storage facility and extend the storage contract under your name. • It is the complete responsibility of the SELLER to release the embryos and semen into the name of the BUYER, once they have been notified of full payment, and to arrange this understanding with the storage facility. • The sale staff is not responsible for any semen or embryos not secured into the name of the new owner within one year of the sale. • As a BUYER, we suggest that you make contact with the storage facility or the SELLER to make clear your intentions of shipping or leaving the embryos or semen in storage. • THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING COSTS and/or INSURANCE on EMBRYOS and SEMEN. GUARANTEE OF EMBRYO PURCHASES The sale staff guarantees that each embryo package consists of Grade One and/or Grade Two embryos that have been frozen by a reputable source. All embryos selling are either ET or IVF direct thaw. We will guarantee Grade Two embryos just like Grade Ones and feel that the eggs we are representing are of the best quality. On behalf of the seller, we will not represent low grade embryos or embryos that are not collected through reputable facilities. Sellers acknowledge that they understand they are responsible for guarantees made by the sale staff and that they will help take reasonable actions to insure that the buyers of their lots are satisfied with their purchases. SPECIAL GUARANTEE Unless otherwise noted, sellers of embryo lots will guarantee the establishment of at least one 60-day pregnancy per three embryos transferred, if the following conditions are met: A. The transfers must take place in the calendar year of the sale date. B. Transfers are performed by a licensed embryologist. C. Buyers of embryo packages that fail to establish at least one pregnancy will be given credit in next year’s sale, or additional embryos from the seller from the same mating, or if the buyer chooses another of similar value.

MINI MAFIA SALE SCHEDULE SALE REGISTRATION and PAYMENT Friday January 20th, 2017 Double Tree by Hilton

3203 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80207 303-321-3333

Doors Open — 6:00 p.m. MST Pre-sale Social — 6:30 p.m. Trans Ova Information Session Sale Time 7:30 p.m. MST Premier Consigner Award Following Sale Auction Management Spence & Co Auctioneers 830-534-8229 voice/text

Buyer Numbers will be issued with a valid I.D. and credit card number. Settlement is preferred the night of the sale. Payment in full is due prior to January 23, 2017 Noon CST (First Banking Day following the Sale) See Special Terms and Conditions for more information. Any person not completing payment will be pursued legally. The auction will be video taped, and any legal action will be supported by video tape.


If you will be bidding online through,you must be registered for a buyer number prior to 4:00 p.m. MST. If you require a bidder number after the sale begins, please call a member of the sale staff listed.

LIVE ONLINE VIEWING & BIDDING View and bid live at Questions? 402-316-5460

RING SIDE STAFF C Jason Spence 830-534-8229 Auctioneer Kent Jaecke 405-408-2440 Ring Side Alan Sears 970-396-7521 Ring Side


Rick Trumbull 308-530-3035

Nominations & Evaluation Jeff Bash 308-991-0903 C Jason Spence 830-534-8229 Event Coordination & Sale Catalog C Jason Spence 830-534-8229

Dylan Felger 830-708-6419

1271 Old FM 306 New Braunfels, TX 78130

INTERNS Morgan Weinrich 970-630-5395 Colorado State Quay Owen 806-683-5975 Texas Tech

The Mini Mafia Family is a Network of Exclusive Breeders that recognize the need for Promotion and Marketing of Elite Genetics. It is our goal to identify Superior Programs that are Progressive and Relentless in their Pursuit of Perfection. Quality is the Driving Force behind our Family Members. We recognize the need for a Family Enviroment and Support the National Jr Miniature Hereford Association activites.

Old School Genetics Spence & Co Auctioneers Trumbull Genetics

Harmon Show Cattle RFD Mini Herefords

Fleener Show Cattle Sandy Hills Farm

X’s 2 Miniature Herefords DTR Show Cattle

Bear Grove Beef

KLD Mini-Herefords * Founding Members

Jeff Bash*

C Jason Spence* Rick Trumbull

Larry Harmon

Rick Debbie Flohr

Kyle Jen Hudson Fleener Bob and Julie Sandstrom

John Cassie Preslie Mallie Henkhaus

Ryan Nancy Grathwohl Josie Ryder Heter

Daniel Robin Alex Mary Ryan Faidley Adam Jordan Charlotte Lickliter

Steve Sanders Brian Daydree Kody Karsen Kanyen Dopps Darrin Barbour

Steve Sanders Brian, Daydree, Kodie, Karsen and Kanyen Dopps 1621 W 140th Milton KS 67106 Mgr. Darrin Barbour 816-898-8990

KAP Cady Sampson SS Turtle 43386373 x KAP Cady Sampson 42949363 Lot 1 Heifer Calf Pregnancy

Lot 2 Three Heifer Embryos


imply the best genetic’s in the Breed! Cady is the “Pinacle” cow in the breed! She has set a the production standard for what all Miniature Hereford cows strive to be!  She has produced the 2 most dominating show heifers this breed has seen, KLD Cally and KLD Kit. This sale is supposed to be the “elite” Miniature Hereford genetics in the country, and you can’t have an elite sale without the most proven and powerful cow in the breed “Cady”! The Best of the Best!


oth Kit and Cally won the National Junior Miniature Hereford Show. Both were crowned Grand Champion in Louisville and Kit ran thru the largest and most competitive Mini world show like a buzz saw and was named Grand Champion in Denver in 2016. Mating Cady to the dominant SS Turtle was simply a no- brainer. We used Turtle very heavily due to his soundness, massive rib shape and a phenotype that is “easy on the eyes”.  We have about 10 Turtles on the ground and are extremely happy!   KLD mini-herefords steve sanders, brian, daydree, kodie, karsen and kanyen dopps darrin barbour - mgr. 816-898-8990

KL D Cally KAP Orson Hunter x KAP Cady Sampson 2014 Louisville Grand Champion Female 2014 National Jr Show Grand Champion Female

maternal sibs to Lots 1 & 2

KL D Kit

KAP Orson Hunter x KAP Cady Sampson 2016 National Western Grand Champion Female 2015 National Jr Show Grand Champion Female 2014 Louisville Res Grand Champion Female

maternal sib to Lots 1 & 2

S Lot 2 S Lot 1

elling a HEIFER CALF PREGNANCY (SS Turtle 43386373 and KAP Cady Sampson 4249363) due March 10, 2017. Calf sells in a 7 year old,1400 lb black commercial recip cow.  You talk about a quick return this breed leading heifer calf will be on the ground soon! elling 3 HEIFER CALF EMBRYOS by (SS Turtle 43386373 and KAP Cady Sampson 4249363) guaranteeing 1 pregnancy if work is done by a certified embryologist.  

KLD mini-herefords darrin barbour - mgr. 816-898-8990

KL D Sven - KAP orson Hunter x ss miss halie

3 Time Undefeated Steer: Iowa Beef Expo, Mini Hereford Jr Nationals and American Royal


alie was the most dominant show heifer in 2012, She was named Grand Champion female at Kansas City and Reserve Grand Female in Houston. Now her calves are following in her footsteps, KLD Sven, owned by Paisley Lautner is undefeated at 3 of the Major Steer Shows in 2016. He won the Iowa Beef Expo, Mini Hereford Jr Nationals and the American Royal in Kansas City. The 3 Embryos we are selling by Orson will be full sibs to the undefeated KLD Sven. If you are new to the Mini Hereford breed and don’t know much about Orson, he has sired more Grand Champions at the major shows than any other bull the last 4 years and it’s not even close! We don’t sell semen on Orson, we shut semen sales down 4 years ago, so these eggs by Halie are the only way to get a direct daughter or son in your program. elling 3 Embryos by KAP Orson Hunter 43000287 x SS Miss Halie 43141677. These will be Full Sibs to the undefeated KLD Sven. G uaranteeing 1 pregnancy if work is done by a certified embryologist.

Lot 3


KLD mini-herefords steve sanders, brian, daydree, kodie, karsen and kanyen dopps darrin barbour - mgr. 816-898-8990

Steve Sanders, Brian, Daydree, Kodie, Karsen and Kanyen Dopps 1621 W 140th Milton KS 67106 Mgr. Darrin Barbour 816-898-8990

SS Miss Halie - Dam to Lot 3 Embryos SS King Charles ET 42534267 x LS Miss mo Le Husker 816n 42942850


nother unique opportunity awaits in the 3 Heifer Calf eggs by SHF Disco Thunder! We leased Disco Thunder from Sandy Hill Farms 2 years ago to breed our Fall cows, that was a good decision as we sold 2 heifer calves last spring by him for $16,000 and $10,000. Another Thunder daughter we sold went on to be Grand Champion at the Indiana State fair for the Ringer family. The resulting heifer calves will be as fancy and predictable as you can make Mini heifers. Only because of our commitment to this unique sale that we offer such elite genetic packages! elling 3 HEIFER CALF EGGS by SHF Disco Thunder 43112516 G uaranteeing 1 pregnancy if work is done by a certified embryologist. Â

Lot 4


Trans Ova genetics is the exclusive genetics services provider for KLD Mini-Herefords. Ask the KLD crew about their experience wtih Trans Ova. Trans Ova is also supporting that National Jr Miniature Hereford Association by donating an IVF Flush that will be sold at this sale. KLD mini-herefords darrin barbour - mgr. 816-898-8990

Daniel & Robin Faidley Adam, Jordan, Charlotte, Alex, Mary, and Ryan Lickliter 7128 S 52nd Ave W Colfax, Iowa 50054


CRF Maggie May- kap viking shafer x poe miss dee

ear Grove Beef is offering the choice of flushes between two of Bear Grove Beef’s most proven cow families to the bull of buyer’s choice, or double the bid to flush both. Option #1(Lot 5) is the opportunity to flush CRF Maggie May. Maggie is out of the legendary Dee cow, who we lost last year at the age of 14. Dee’s last two calves were Maggie and BGB Ben Dover. Maggie was division champion at the 2014 Iowa State Fair and American Royal and the 2015 National Western Stock Show. Ben was reserve champion bull at the 2015 Iowa State Fair and division champion at the 2015 American Royal and 2016 National Western Stock Show. Dee was a cow with no KAP genetics in her pedigree that stamped Maggie and Ben with tremendous depth of body and overall mass wrapped around sound structures. Maggie’s heifer calf, Dee Dee, looks like she’ll continue the legacy of the Dee cow family. If you’re trying to put high quality cows in the pasture that will make you proud every time to check the herd and still give you a fighting chance to put some in front of the backdrop, this is a one time chance. We will not offer flushes to Maggie again after this sale. By the way, Dee was 13 when she calved Ben and she raised him with a perfect udder. We all know this breed could use a lot more of that. Maggie is following in her mom’s footsteps in that department, too.

Lot 5


elling the opportunity to Flush CRF Maggie May 43370167. 3 Embryos and 1 Pregnancy guarantee if work is done by a certified embryologist. This is the only opportunity for CRF Maggie May’s genetics on the open market! Option Lots 5 & 6: Choice or Double Down for Both!

bear grove beef daniel & robin adam jordan charlotte faidley alex mary and ryan lickliter colfax, IA 515-635-1960


ption #2 (Lot 6) is a flush to KAP Lil Rockin Becki. Becki is the dam of BGB Cannonball. Cannonball was reserve champion bull at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. He’s a breed changer of a bull, ultra square on all four corners, truly unique for the breed in how his neck ties into the top of his shoulder, and massive topped. This guy also strapped on a pair, if you know what we mean. We believe great bulls come from great cows and Cannonball is built like his mama. Becki is extremely level through her topline and hip, cool fronted, and has some nice pigment, to boot. We think this cow is just hitting her stride in making her mark on the breed. She comes from some throw back genetics whose time has come again. Like Option 1 (Lot 5), we are offering this as a one time flush opportunity and will sell no more flushes to Becki after this sale.

Daniel & Robin Faidley Adam, Jordan, Charlotte, Alex, Mary, and Ryan Lickliter 7128 S 52nd Ave W Colfax, Iowa 50054

BGB Cannonball- KAP Elmo Hunter x KAP Lil Rockin Becki Direct Son of KAP Lil Rockin Becki

Lot 6


elling the opportunity to Flush KAP Lil Rockin Becki 42949362. 3 Embryos and 1 Pregnancy guarantee if work is done by a certified embryologist. This is the only opportunity for a flush to KAP Lil Rockin Becki’s. Option Lots 5 & 6: Double Down and Take Both!

Looking for a Genetics Services Provider? Bear Grove recommends Trans Ova Genetics bear grove beef daniel & robin faidley Family colfax, IA 515-635-1960

Larry Harmon 2920 County Road GH Tekamah, NE 68061 402-533-3575

KAP Vikings Lil Adair

kap king henry viking x kap miss lucinda

2012 Denver Grand Champion Female -- Dam to Embryos


armon Show Cattle is proud to offer one of the very best genetic combinations with 3 Embryos by D K Nash ET 43330938 and KAP Vikings Lil Adair 43104031. Adair’s show career is highlighted by the 2011 American Royal Reserve Grand Champion Female, followed by being selected as the 2012 National Western Grand Champion Female and the 2013 National Western Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair with Popsicle HSC 212,a KAP Prince Nash daughter. Adair is now in the donor program being successfully flushed and her progeny are the front pasture kind. Her first three heifers averaged over $9,000 -- two of those are full sibs to the embryos being offered.


onsider all of Adair’s attributes with a top-shelf sire like D K Nash ET 43330938 brought into the mix for a sure shot package. D K Nash has taken center stage across the country siring numerous champions. Proven on the tanbark and in the pasture with a true following by cattlemen, D K Nash is the real deal. If you want to check his popularity, then search the American Hereford Association’s website and enter his name into the sire sort --- the registrations tell the story. elling 3 Embryos by D K Nash ET 43330938 and KAP Vikings Lil Adair 43104031. With a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if work is performed by a certified embryologist.

Lot 7


harmon show cattle larry harmon tekamah, ne 402-533-3575

D K Nash ET - 2016 Champions

2016 American Royal Reserve Grand Prospect Steer

Shown by Klayton Bremer

windsor hsc 314 -owned with kent sayer 2015 National Western Division Champion 2016 Nebraska State Fair Grand Champion Bull

2016 American Royal Grand Prospect Steer

Shown by Delanie Troyer 2015 American Royal Reserve Division Champion 2016 American Royal Jr Show Reserve Grand Female

Shown by Madison McCullough

Set your sights on D K Nash ET’s influence in your program.... come see what your competition already knows. harmon show cattle larry harmon tekamah, ne 402-533-3575

John, Cassie, Mallie & Preslie Henkhaus 12873 South US Highway 277 San Angelo, TX 76904 Phone 325-939-1400

Preslie ET - Sire of Embryos D K Nash et x O5’s mojo

2016 Grand Champion Bull State Fair of Texas and San Angelo


he competitive livestock industry has many stories

of how successful programs from one species venture to another and continue with their winning traditions. Michael Poe is no stranger to the winner’s circle and he is a true stockman. When Michael’s children wanted to show goats, they went to John Henkhaus. Henkhaus has hung banners in the nation’s largest shows, just like Poe...only in different barns. They decided the best way to compliment each other’s program was trading stock. witch gears from just two years ago and BOOM! Henkhaus now has one of the anchor donors from Poe’s program, Star Princess, and has capitalized on the highly popular DK Nash ET as the sire to Preslie ET. Cattlemen will like this offering from very proven programs.


Star Princess - Dam of Embryos

kap prince nash x t1 oak princess 2

2009 Res Grand Denver Division Winner Houston

Lot 8


elling 3 embryos Preslie ET 43652847 x Star Princess 42925419 1 pregnancy guarantee if work is performed by a certified embryologist.

X’s 2 Miniature Herefords John, Cassie, Mallie & Preslie Henkhaus san Angelo, Texas 325-939-1400

T N T W il l o s L it t le M o m m a

kap galen theodore x kap willo sampson et

Kyle, Hudson, “Mini” and Jen Fleener

2016 Grand Champion Female NAILE - Louisville, KY


he story begins at the 2015 NAILE. Jen and I were talking about potentially getting a mini Hereford heifer for our

son Hudson in the near future, so we decided to go watch the show. We quickly realized what a great bred it is for the young kids to get into and how well tempered the calves are for them. As the show progressed into the Open Show we noticed this heifer “Mini Mama”walk into the ring. We looked at each and had to walk down from the stands and get a closer look. There was something about her that made her stand out from all the rest. Maybe it was her striking profile or her flawless design or maybe her sweet personality. Most likely all those qualities were the reason she really stood out. So after her winning her class and division we asked if she was for sale. Their response was “Yes”. After a little thought we decided to purchase her. Soon after that she went back in for over all and was selected reserve champion overall as a calf. Needless to say we were pretty excited! “Mini” has been an absolute blast to own. We were fortunate to be sitting there that day and find her. The Breeders of “Mini” have been an absolute pleasure to work with! Now fast forward to NAILE 2016. “Mini” was selected at Grand Champion Mini Hereford Female. Back to Back Banners for this Great Female. Everyone that has seen her falls in love with her. She has made many people want to get into the mini bred. If your looking for consistent championship results then make this flush a must buy.

Lot 9


elling the FLUSH opportunity to TNT Willos Little Momma 43625056. 3 embryos and 1 pregnancy guarantee if work is done by a certified embryologist. This is the only opportunity for TNT Willos Little Momma genetics to be on the open market! Flush to take place after May 1, 2017. Fleener Show Cattle uses Trans Ova as their exclusive genetics services provider.

Fleener show cattle Klye, Jen and Hudson fleener 807 Beecherstown Rd Biglerville, PA 17307 717-304-9116

SSMiss Kitty reserve grand champion star of texas 3 IVF Female Sorted Embryos: SS Turtle 43386373 x SS Miss Kitty 42998367


ffering 3 IVF female sorted embryos out of the Back to Back World Champion (2015 and 2016 Denver

Champion) SS Turtle X Miss Kitty the Queen Mother of the Old School Genetics herd. Kitty has been a no miss cow for us she was Reserve Grand Champion at the Star of Texas while being a many time division champion or reserve. Her first calf was Matt Dillon together they were undefeated as a pair. Matt went on to win Grand Champion at the American Royal, Houston Stock Show and the Star of Texas, not bad for starts. Matt Dillon walks the pastures at Diamond Y in Conroe, Tx. He sired Reserve Grand Jr. heifer at Denver for Josie Heter. Her second calf Mustang Sally was Grand Champion female at the Nebraska State Fair, like her mother her first calf went on to be named Reserve Grand steer at the Texas State Jr Hereford show and the Battle of the cattle for first time showman Spencer Danger Spence. A chance to add these powerfull genetics to your program. A Full Sib to these will show in Denver...come by the stalls to see.

Lot 10


elling 3 IVF Female Sorted Embryos by SS Turtle 43386373 x SS Miss Kitty 42998367 G uaranteeing 1 pregnancy if work is done by a certified embryologist. Â

old school genetics jeff bash orleans, ne 308-991-0903

trumbull genetics rick trumbull tryon, ne 308-530-3035

SS (2) Turtle denver 2015 and 2016 Grand champion bull 5 Units of Sexed Female Semen -- Flush Quality - 5 ml Units


ffering (2) 5 Units of Sexed Female Semen -- Flush Quality 5 ml units. Collected in December of 2016 and stored at Trans Ova Souix Center, Iowa. No other sexed semen will be offered on SS Turtle in 2017. This is the only public offering of sexed semen. The remainder of the semen will be used in for in-herd and partnership cattle.


urtle is no stranger to the winner’s circle. Back to Back World Champion 2015 and 2016 Denver. He also was Grand Champion at Louisville and Nebraska State Fair in 2015. He has been utilized in notable programs like KLD Mini-Herefords, Sandy Hills Farms, JB Show Cattle, Myers Show Cattle, Lynch MiniHerefords and Rolling Hills Cattle. Come see the Turtle Progeny on the Hill in Denver.

Lot 11 A/B


elling (2) 5 Units of Sexed Female Semen Flush Quality - 5 ml Units -- SS Turtle 43386373 All work performed by Trans Ova.

old school genetics jeff bash orleans, ne 308-991-0903 trumbull genetics rick trumbull tryon, ne 308-530-3035


i ick of Herd. That’s correct.... PICK OF THE HERD.

Never before has anyone been able to come in and pick any calf, regardless -- heifer or bull calf. High Bidder gets this once in a lifetime opportunity to choose their next champion. Total SS Turtle Influence from this offering combined with COW POWER.

SS Turtle - 2016 denver Grand Champion Bull

SS Turtle -- July 2015 Unretouched Range Photo Trumbull Ranch - Tryon, NE


roof is not only in the backdrops but most importantly in the PASTURE. Study the SS Turtle influence in this sale and follow the Turtle family across the country. From East to West, North to South, Turtle has made is solid mark on the most progressive programs. Carpe Diem!!!

SS Turtle - 2015 denver Grand Champion Bull

old school genetics jeff bash 308-991-0903 trumbull genetics rick trumbull 308-530-3035

Lot 12


igh Bidder gets their pick from our calf crop - bulls or heifers that will include the following

matings: Turtle x SS Miss Kitty 42998367, Turtle x Betty Joe 914B 43573819, Turtle x Mavis 214B 43573754, Turtle x Becket Tug Lupin 97G 42815880, Turtle x OSG Miss Lauren 414B 43555377, KC Joe x TC MS Magesty 4 0604 (Turtle’s Dam), Turtle x Jo Jo Star 43727158 and several other. Calving starts March to June 2017. Cattle will be in Sandhills of Tryon, Nebraska at Rick Trumbull’s. 15 to 20 head to select your next champion from. Neither Jeff or Rick have any family showing so this is truly a FIRST PICK - ONLY PICK.

Betty Joe 914B

OSG Mustang Sally

OSG Matt Dillon

Full sibs to Lot 10 - ss turtle x betty joe 914b dam of res Grand Steer at texas state jr show SS TURTLE X MISS KITTY SON - 3 TIMES GRAND champion

Mavis 214B

Full sibs to Lot 11 -- ss turtle x MAVIS 214B

SS Miss Kitty

3 ET calves on the hill that are full sibs to the LOT 13 heifer EMBRYOS 1 heifer: miss osg Venus demilo 6414et 2 bulls: oSG raphael 6412et osg leonardo 6312et

old school genetics jeff bash orleans, ne 308-991-0903 trumbull genetics rick trumbull tryon, ne 308-530-3035

Ryan and Nancy Grathwohl Heter Josie and Ryder Heter 745 Ave S Raymond, KS 67573 Ryan 620-727-3757 Nancy 785-587-7947

Betty Joe 914B

ss kc joe 996 et x becket tug star 65f Dam of Lot 13 -- SS Turtle x Betty Joe 914B -- Embryos


etty Joe is undoubtalby making a name for herself in a huge way. 2016 Show Record: National Western Junior Show Class Winner, KSU AGR Kickoff Reserve Grand Female, Nebraska State Fair Division Champion, Kansas State Fair Grand Champion and American Royal Division Champion. This Polled, Very Complete and Stylish Female is becoming of the the ones to fear in the show ring. Now is the time to capitalize on a winning program’s top female. ake into consideration the top side of the embryos in this offering. Beyond a doubt that SS Turtle has completely changed the game when it comes to stamping offspring with super strurcture, functional design and made for the backdrop appearance with that long sought-after shape of rib. If you are wanting to add proven genetics from the pasture to the backdrop, this offering should take you over the top. Consider a Back to Back National Champion sire with a Winning Female combination injection into your program.

Lot 13


elling 3 SS Turtle x Betty Joe 914B 43573819 Embryos with a 1 pregnancy guarantee if work is done by a certified embryologist. These are born to be the real deal!

dtr cattle company ryan, nancy, josie and ryder heter raymond, KS 620-727-3757


avis has made many friends both in and out of the show ring. This Polled Female excels in her phenotype and pedigree. She is the daughter of OSG Matt Dillon, the three-time show champion. Mavis 214B had a great show career and found herself at the backdrop many times, including being named Reserve Grand Champion Female 2016 National Western Stock Show Miniature Hereford Junior Show, Division Champion 2016 National Western Stock Show Open Show, Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Female 2016 KSU AGR Kickoff Show, and Reserve Division Champion 2016 American Royal Miniature Hereford Show. These embryos out of SS Turtle could be game changers for any operation. Your search for a hard stacked pedigree is with Lot 11.

Mavis 214B

OSG Matt Dillon ss sir wyatt x ss miss kitty

3 Time Grand Chmapion Bull -- Sire of Mavis 214B

Lot 14

osg matt dillion x becket tug lupin 97g

Dam of Lot 14 -- SS Turtle x Mavis 214B Embryos


elling 3 SS Turtle x Mavis 214B 43573754 Embryos with 1 pregnancy guarantee if work is done by a certified embryologist.

Ryan and Nancy Grathwohl Heter Josie and Ryder Heter dtr cattle company ryan, nancy, josie and ryder heter raymond, KS 620-727-3757

Julie and Bob Sandstrom 2785 County Rd. 728 Huntsville, AR 72740 479.737.5491

SHF Disco Thunder

kap disco kid x shf queen stormie

2011 Grand Champion Bull - Louisville

Lot 15



elling 3 embryos from SS Turtle x SHF Queen Stormie 42858378 1 pregnancy guarantee if work is done by a certified embryologist.

he donor cow SHF Queen Stormie has been one of the most influential females in the Sandy Hills Farm program. She has produced several outstanding bulls, most notably SHF Disco Thunder who had a tour of duty at KLD Mini Herefords for a breeding season with Great Success. SHF Disco has over 85 progeny on the books. ampered Beef of Vancover, Washington has taken PB SHF Chubb E ET to the winner’s circle most recently at the Ohio Beef Expo as the Grand Champion Miniature Bull. Chubb is another great example of SHF Queen Stormie ’s proven success.



ss kc joe 996 et x shf queen stormie

2016 Grand Champion Bull Ohio Beef Expo sandy hills farm Julie and bob sandstrom huntsville, ar 479-737-5491

Rick and Debbie Flohr 16565 S. St Rd 58 Seymour, IN 47274 812-342-8140 812-341-4724

TAC Striker JB2 ET

tac cotton eyed joe et x kap lil husker patsi 2014 Grand Champion Bull -- National Western


AC STRIKER JB2 ET has rightly become one of the Premier Sires in the Miniature Hereford

world. Striker is now producing high-quality progeny that can already be found as both foundation pieces in start-up herds as well as premium additions to established, top-tier herds across the country. His most notable wins are 2014 Grand Champion Bull National Western and Reserve Grand Champion Bull North American International Livestock Expo.


triker contributes to his offspring high eye-appeal, structural correctness, a truly unique blend of femininity and power, excellent temperament, and above all, breed-leading soundness. This bull is without a doubt one to use to move your program forward and improve your standing whether in the Show Ring, as a Producer, or in a Cow/Calf operation. Striker’s popularity can be examined by referencing the American Hereford Association’s website using the sire sort option.

Lot 16


elling 5 Straws of Female Sexed Semen - 5 ml Units -- Flush Quality. TAC Striker JB2 ET 43171497 2 Certificates in cluded with purchase.

rfd miniature herefords rick and debbie flohr seymour, in 812-342-8140

Lot 17

“THE ROYAL FLUSH” Offering the Right to Flush: TPCC Princess Nash 6611 ET to 6E STLZ Mickey Mouse 928C with a Guarantee of 3 Embryos and 1 Pregnancy. Buyer Pays Flush Expenses

6E STLZ Mickey Mouse 928C

TPCC Princess Nash 6611ET

2016 Grand Champion Bull American Royal

2016 Grand Champion Female American Royal

kap abeer hunter et x ct ashley


kap prince nash et x t1 oak princess 2

er Webster’s a “Royal Flush” is a ‘set of cards that a player has that are all of the same suit and are the most valuable cards in that suit’. This evening the North and the South have come together to offer just exactly what Webster was referring too. Miss Pitstick and Richey Show Steers (OH &IN) along with 6E Farms and Stelzer Livestock (OK) have teamed up to offer one of the premier Mini Hereford matings in all of 2017. ere is the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of two blossoming programs with lots and lots of potential and their 2016 American Royal Champion Bull and Female. With both tracing back to the powerful KAP program out of Nebraska, this mating has without a doubt as much potential to produce the next GREAT one as any this Spring rincess Nash 6611 has the ability to combine a big bodied powerhouse look into a stylish sound moving package that any cattleman will appreciate. When paired with a true moving, big footed, long bodied, smooth shouldered bull like Mickey Mouse...there is basically NO way to go wrong.

Juston, Leslie & Blayklee Stelzer Oologah, OK 817-992-7059 918-519-3174 6E Farms Skiatook, OK

Shane Richey Laporte, IN 574-207-3886

Abbygail Pitstick South Solon, Ohio 740-505-7056










With advanced reproductive technologies such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), breeders can go even further in multiplying the success of their breeding program. IVF is an excellent option to utilize in your breeding program in certain circumstances:


• Capturing genetics previously unavailable from... -

Pregnant donors. Virgin heifers. Donors unsuccessful in conventional ET. Down or injured animals.


• Keeping cattle on an annual production cycle by... - Creating pregnancies from a donor gestating her natural calf. - Generating offspring from elite heifers, allowing them to calve at the appropriate time.

• Utilizing sexed semen from any bull by... - Thawing previously frozen semen and sorting it using reverse sort. Sexed embryos are a reality through the IVF and reverse sort procedure.

multiply success®

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Trans Ova Genetics presents this donation for $775 towards any service provided by Trans Ova. These services can be performed at any of our regional or satellite centers, as well as our headquarters in Sioux Center, Iowa. Trans Ova Genetics is the industryleader in advanced reproductive technologies including embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization, sexsorted semen, as well as ViaGen genetic preservation and cloning services. With more than 36 years of experience, Trans Ova Genetics is the best partner to equip you with the tools you need to achieve your breeding goals. Our vision is to help clients “Multiply Success®” by assisting them in increasing the genetic impact of their success in their breeding programs. For more information about Trans Ova Genetics services or locations, please visit or call 1.800.999.3586

What is the Premier Consigner? The High Selling Lot will be awarded this custom made buckle that reflects their committment to making the inaugural Mini Mafia Denver Sale the Nation’s Most Elite Offering of Miniature Hereford Genetics.

The Mini Mafia 2017 Denver it all began When Jeff Bash and C Jason Spence met at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March of 2016 it was by pure accident. Spence had been considering the Minis and liked what he saw at San Antonio. While in Houston, Dee Braman of JB Show Cattle had asked Spence to read pedigrees for the sale. When OSG Roscoe entered the sale ring, Spence thought to himself, “that steer is too good to let anyone steal”....and when the hammer fell, Spence was in the Miniature Hereford Business. Following the show the next day and after a couple of conversations the friendship grew. Spence’s 4 year old son, Spencer, took to “Roscoe” and his show career was launched. Jeff called and checked on the progress of the steer throughout the Summer and from their converations they kept coming back to the idea of a sale. During the Texas State Jr. Hereford Show in the summer of 2016 they decided that the Mini Hereford breed needed a better avenue to market the elite genetics. What started out as a conversation soon became a focus and then reality. It was decided after their backdrop photo with OSG Roscoe winning the Reserve Grand Champion Steer -- we will be producing a sale at Denver in 2017.

C Jason Spence

Jeff has fitted more champion Mini Herefords than anyone in the business. He knows all of the pedigrees, as well as all of the players. Jason has a passion for the auction business and has a huge following in the competitive livestock industry covering several species. Together their skills sets are something that the Mini Hereford breed has yet to see. Starting in August of 2016 they set their goal to produce a sale like none other “Mini Mafia Denver 2017”. During the Summer and Fall both Jeff and Jason promoted the 2017 Mini Mafia sale at the National Jr. Mini Hereford Show in Iowa, State Fair of Texas, American Royal in Kansas City, the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville and the Kansas Beef Expo. People’s interest sparked and the phone calls, text messages, emails and social media started.... and in this day and age remember that nothing is offical until its on Facebook. ​ The Denver Sale is the showcase of the breed’s most elite genetics in a ballroom setting, featuring live and internet bidding. No Live Lots, only Genetics from The Best. TransOva was chosen as the Preferred Genetics Services Provider providing the opportunity for a one-stop-shop for both buyers and sellers. Additionally, TransOva is service package with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the National Jr. Mini Hereford Association. The absolute best genetics in the business from the nation’s most reputable herds are being offered. Consider the opportunity to handpick the breed’s most elite genetics in a open market with No Reserves! If you can’t make it to Double Tree on South Quebec in Denver on January 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm Mountain Time or be on the internet via DVAuction.

old school genetics jeff bash 308-991-0903 Spence & Co AUctioneers C Jason Spence 830-534-8229

Jeff Bash

Denver Interns

Growing up in Canyon, Texas, Quay Owen was actively involved in 4-H and FFA. She enjoyed competing in a variety of contests, holding leadership positions, and getting to meet new people. Lambs & pigs quickly became Quay’s passion and she traveled across the nation exhibiting at livestock shows. It was after a journalism class in high school when she realized her passion for communications. In August of 2014, Quay attended South Plains College where she was a member of their livestock judging team. She loved getting to travel the country, looking at livestock with her teammates, who will forever be lifelong friends. Currently, Quay is a junior agricultural communications major at Texas Tech University and plans to eventually obtain her doctorate degree. At Texas Tech, she’s working as an undergraduate research assistant, and is a member of Alpha Zeta and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. She credits the livestock industry for being the best opportunity she has ever had. Quay strives to give back to the people who have helped her get this far in life, be a positive influence to those who are growing up in the industry, and enjoys using her voice to advocate for agriculture.

Quay Owen Texas Tech University

Morgan Weinrich was raised in the small town of Yuma, Colorado. Morgan was highly involved in the agriculture industry throughout high school. While growing up she was an active member of 4-H and FFA clubs. She successfully competed in livestock shows all around the country. She learned early on the value of advocating for agriculture, family and small town traditions. She knows that growing up in a small agriculture community helped her understand the different sectors of the industry at a young age. She is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Literacy at Colorado State University. She was a member of the 2016 CSU Livestock Judging Team. Morgan is also an active member of the Colorado State University Block and Bridle Club, Livestock Association and Meat Science Association. Because of Morgan’s amazing journey, experiences, staying involved, and truly staying ambitious, after graduation, her goal is a career in animal science. Because of her accomplishments she has the greatest interest in the communications and public relations in the agriculture industry. Colorado State University has given her the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree, and with the hopes of finding a career in public relations, marketing, or communications in the agriculture industry.

Morgan Weinrich Colorado State University

Come Join us in Texas for the Inaugural

Mini Mafia Spring Fling

Live Lots

April 29, 2017 Live Auction

No reserves

More details to follow C Jason Spence | 830.534.8229 Jeff Bash | 308.991.0903

Mini Mafia Denver 2017 January 20th 7:30 pm  

The Breed's Most Exciting Event Showcasing the Breed's the Most Elite Genetics. January 20, 2017 7:30 pm Double Tree by Hilton 3203 Quebec...

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