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How A Rife Machine Is Helpful Health Wise Decades ago, before the introduction of electronic sound boxes, musicians and singers used a tool called a tuning fork to generate a perfect pitch. A steel shaped tuning fork was similar to a long handled wishbone. You could strike the tuning fork against your hand or any other object, and it would make the same exact frequency every time. Singers used it to find their notes and musicians employed it to tune their pianos or other equipment. The tuning fork worked since it had a natural resonance set at its frequency. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s postulated that the body also had a particular resonant frequencies. He further deduced that these frequencies might lose their tune in the presence of illness. He designed a device to apply the appropriate frequency to the infected area, and restore it to health. Nowadays, this device is known as a Rife machine. How the Rife Machine Works Rife claimed that it was not necessary to document the conduction so much as it was the frequency. Only the frequency mattered. Rife' s own machine “beamed the energy,” as he described the process. Physicists would say that it radiated the energy in modern times inducing the response in the patient it targeted. This was much less efficient a manner as inducing the frequencies through primary contact researchers established and is a common method used today with a Rife unit. Modern researcher noted that a user could start the program when they set the machine usually to a single frequency or even through a stored sequence of frequencies. Depending on the user settings, the program will run for many minutes and the patients would hold a metal rod in each hand during the process. The equipment creates a circuit. The device is like a battery in a sense and the patient acts more like the light bulb. Often in the 12V range, the appliance will generate a voltage and the high resistance of the body performs like a resistor, a really large one. This combination generates a small current that moves across the patient’s skin, from one hand to the other. This current, at the correct frequency, adjusts the unturned frequencies in the human body and restores the patient to health. Frequencies Match the Malady Utilizing frequencies between 10 Hz, around the speed of a vibrating chair and 10,000 Hz the transmission frequency of an AM radio, the Rife machine can be aligned. Rife charted the frequencies of various maladies, and the physician in charge sets the frequency based on the complaint of the individual. As an illustration, 10 Hz would be appropriate for normal arthritis, colic, and certain types of headaches. 100 Hz signals are appropriate for adrenal gland conditions, melanoma, and Crohn’s disease. Treatments at 10000 Hz are correct for abdominal pain, radiation burns, in addition to colitis. Machine manufacturers normally publish specifications on their websites, which allow doctors and private users to select the appropriate frequency for their particular needs. Patient Response Results to Rife machine treatments vary. Often, patients report feeling far better after a single Health Recovery Systems Ltd

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How A Rife Machine Is Helpful Health Wise session, but continue with regular treatments until they experience a full remission. This treatment method is often guided by a therapist. Sometimes, they recommend that their patient invest in their own machine and start them on an at-home program. Anyone experiencing a particular malady who is unable to find comfort through traditional medicine, should look into the many success stories of men and women who have taken advantage of Rife' s creation. While once disparaged, the rife machine has found a home amongst organic and medical treatment plans as a strategy to cure a number of ailments and the aliXXor brand is very simple to use. Find out about aliXXor by looking at their site which is

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How A Rife Machine Is Helpful Health Wise  

While once disparaged, the rife machine has found a home amongst organic and medical treatment plans as a strategy to cure a number of ailme...

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