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There are 24 million laying hens in South Africa providing eggs for us to eat. A mere 14% of them are free range. The rest – more than 20 million of them – live on a space allowance, per hen, the size of the grid on this page! After two relentless years, they go to slaughter never having seen the sun, soil or a blade of grass... never having used the legs they were born with... never having been able to exercise even one of their basic behaviours. A magistrate in Tasmania, Phillip Wright, described the lives of battery hens like this:

“The cruelty is constant and continual and without relief.“

Please write to Kevin Lovell, CEO of the South African Poultry Association.

Urge him to phase out battery cages because it is the right thing to do! His email address is: If you eat eggs, buy only Free Range. 44 cents is the difference in price between a battery egg and a free-range egg 44 cents buys us 1 and ¾ squares of Chappies bubblegum 44 cents buys a laying hen... A Life Worth Living

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Animal Voice - December 2013  
Animal Voice - December 2013