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Lura Boggs Candidate for President-Elect Foothills, Greenville & Mauldin Civitan Clubs South Carolina District The Civitan Creed is a standard by which all should strive . It embodies the elements a Good Citizen of any country can obtain. One who not only believes in the Creed and lives by the Creed is Lura S. Boggs. After only God and family does Lura use the pillars of Civitan to guide her in her daily walk. Lura began her Civitan career in 1987 as a member of the Metropolitan Civitan Club in Charleston, South Carolina. She immediately became an active member of the club serving in several roles on the club level, and shortly after joining the club did she pursue leadership roles at the district level. Her work in the South Carolina District culminated with her as District Governor in 1993-1994 and a repeat of the governorship in 2011-12. After moving to Greenville, South Carolina she joined the Greenville Civitan Club where she is an active participant in the club's projects, serving as Club Treasurer and continues to serve the South Carolina District as Secretary/Treasurer. In 2014, she embraced the role of International Region 2 Director. Civitan International has just passed its 100th Birthday on March 17 and Lura visualizes plans and initiatives to ensure Civitan will be around for another 100 years. While developing growth in Junior Civitans, YP Clubs, and traditional clubs, the organization can make huge strides in the Research Center and global projects like the Special Olympics. And with the organization embracing technology and new avenues of contact, we have a great opportunity for recruitment.

International •Region 2 International Director 2014-2016 •Foundation Junior Fellow 1994 •Certified Club Builder 1991 •Member Sponsorship Team (MST) 2016 •Charter Member President's Council 1991- Present •Legacy Member President's Council 2016 District •Lt. Governor-Area 1 1989-1992 •Governor 1993-1994 & 2011-2012 •Scholarship Chair 2008-2009 •Secretary/Treasurer 2012 - Present •Outstanding First Year Civitan 1987-1988 •Outstanding District Officer 1991-1992 & 2012-2013 •John Doudoukjian Award 2013-2014 •District Honor Key 1994, 2012 & 2013 Club Metropolitan Club •Distinguished Club President 1989-1990 •Club President 1990-1991 •Club Civitan of the ¥ear 1990-1991 & 1993-1994 •Club Honor Key 1993 Greenville Club •Awards Chair 2002 - Present •Program Chair 2009-2011 •Club Treasurer 2013-Present •Club Honor Key 2002

However, Lura believes the greatest impact Civitan can have is not only on those being served, but more importantly the individual member of Civitan. The idea of a stronger and healthier community must start with the individual committed to improving himself or herself and committed to improving the community and the world. There are many Civitans who have heard Lura's personal story of how Civitan saved her from herself. The act of reaching out in service to others helped to redeem her broken heart. It is a story of transformation that occurred when she looked beyond herself and envisioned a better world through Civitan. Lura seeks for others to join us in the fellowship and service of Civitan - to better the world and for the betterment of the individual. As much as Civitan has inspired Lura to reach out to others, she will serve her world through Civitan and she seeks to serve Civitan as the 2017-2018 International President Elect. Please vote for Lura S. Boggs as International President-Elect at the Birmingham Convention. The preceding article was prepared by the committee to elect Lura S. Boggs and is not an endorsement of the candidate by Civitan International.

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Civitan Magazine — Summer 2017  

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