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RENO 2018

Welcomes Dr. Craig Powell

From The President

VOL. 98, No. 3 ISSN 0914-5785

The saying is that “time flies when you are having fun.” That being said, I must be having the most fun ever because this year is flying by without a doubt! We now have seven months of this Civitan year behind us. We have five months of this Civitan year ahead of us with so many possibilities; our ability to continue our service to others, to make a difference in our communities, to enrich the lives of others in ways that we might not have thought possible… the potential is off the charts. Now how do we ensure we are reaching that potential?

Kendyl Massey

We need to ensure we are all staying true to our cause and to the reason each of us joined Civitan versus any other service organization. It is not about each of us or what we can get out of being a member or a Civitan leader. Our “Why” is that we are putting serving and helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) first in our efforts. Is this how your club currently operates? Your district? If not, step back and re-evaluate your course moving forward.

International President 2017-18

Civitan is not immune to the loss in membership that all service organizations are having. Our only difference is our base of membership was smaller in most cases than the other groups. I visited almost every service organization out there before I decided to join Civitan 24 years ago. I chose Civitan above all because I believed in what Civitan does. I believed Civitans were making a difference. I believed the community Civitan served was beyond deserving. All of those things still ring true for me today, so you can bet every time I meet someone in a work situation, at a social gathering, or in church I ask if they know what Civitan is and what Civitan does. If they don’t know, I share our story one person at a time. They may not all join as new members, but I’m sharing the joy and support that we are bringing to the I/DD community to make Civitan a household name.

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I ask each of you to share your “Why” in your daily interactions with others—including posting on your social media. Ask your friends if they know what Civitan is and use the hashtags #civitan and #weserveothers. I ask each of you to make it your goal to get two new sets of hands to join in your projects, your fundraisers and members of your club.

Norway 1969

I hope ALL of you are making plans now to attend the upcoming convention in Reno. We are making some changes and I think it will bring a new excitement and interaction that we have not had in a while.

Germany 1970

I continue my pledge to be transparent in all things Civitan, to lead by example and to grow Civitan giving it everything that I have! I am thankful and humbled to be the leader representing all of you!

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On the Cover Civitan volunteers make an impact at one of the world’s largest balloon festivals.


2017-18 International Officers President: Kendyl Massey, Maryville, TN President-Elect: Bob Jones, Concord, NC Immediate Past President: Duane Capps, Greensboro, NC International Directors: Barbara Holyfield, Meridian, MS; Lana Suggs, Jacksonville, FL; Tony Workman, Greensboro, NC; Patricia Jackowski, Middletown, CT; Bill Lawrence, Almonte, ON, Canada; Marta Ford, Eaton Rapids, MI; Fred Matthies, Lakewood, CO; Linda Colley, Altadena, CA; Michael Koneke, Beverstedt, Germany; Sae-11 Chun M.D., Republic of Korea Junior Civitan International President: Hadden Fulgham, Adel, Georgia; Executive Vice President: Scarlet Thompson, Birmingham, AL Civitan Magazine, like the organization it represents, is dedicated to service. The magazine will, at all times, emphasize the high ideals and purposes of the organization, disseminate ideas for greater service, and carry authorized announcements and notices regarding the activities of the organization. The magazine is an official Civitan International publication. Civitan International does not endorse or imply endorsement of any product and/or company by selling advertising space in this publication. Editorial opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Civitan International, its officers, or staff.

Mission Statement The mission of Civitan worldwide is to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.



Contributing Writers Terry Schrimscher Jennifer Ely Scarlet Thompson Brit Blalock

Telephone: (205) 591-8910 FAX: (205) 592-6307 Email: Website:

Kendyl Massey International President 2017-18


Editor in Chief Terry Schrimscher

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Civitan Renews A Bond

A school with Civitan roots starts its own club


Since 1986, Great Southwest Civitans support one of the world’s leading balloon festivals


12 The Research Report  The CIRC has named Dr. Craig Powell to lead the center

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Dr.Craig Powell to Lead the CIRC

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From the Editor What’s New in Civitan Magazine? Excellence is a goal, not an accomplishment. It’s a sliding scale of continually seeking to improve. About 10 years ago, I was Director of Public Relations for another organization and was placed in charge of the Excellence Initiative for the corporation. Our role was to analyze everything, even the stuff we did well, to see how we could serve our constituents better. At Civitan Headquarters, excellence is our goal. Civitan Magazine has been on my mind a lot since I joined the staff. We needed better content. Hopefully, you have found the material in the last few editions better to read and enjoy. We needed to look better than everyone else. Over the next few issues, you should notice new design elements as we make the magazine more appealing. The big issue, however, has been the digital-only format. Although most Civitans have responded favorably to the digital magazine, many have expressed frustration over the lack of a print version—even though they understood the move to the web was an excellent financial decision. As we work to improve the content and style of Civitan Magazine, we are happy to announce we will begin offering printed copies for sale through the Civitan Supply House beginning with this issue. By offering the printed magazine through the supply house, only to people who want it, we are able to be better stewards of our resources and better serve our constituents. EVERYBODY WINS! Civitan is a service organization. In our opinion, it is the best service organization! In this issue, we are profiling more ways fellow Civitans serve others. We are also profiling the candidates for office who are asking to serve YOU in the next Civitan year. Thank you for reading.

Terry Schrimscher

Civitan Online Magazine and You Magazine Submissions

Civitan Magazine is distributed six times a year to club members around the world. We need your news stories, events, and pictures! Is your club finishing an exciting project, organizing an event in your community, or approaching a special milestone? Just email, call us, or mail your story to the address on the right and your club could be in the next issue of Civitan Magazine! Please include as much information as you can – funds raised, how the event impacts your community and/or club, and any other important details. Pictures are always welcome, too. Please send in jpg format, sized 300 dpi or larger. We hope to hear from you soon!

4 Civitan Magazine

Civitan Magazine P.O. Box 130744 Birmingham, AL 35213-0744 1-800-CIVITAN, ext. 134


Claxton Bakery Issues Changes to Fruit Cake Program:

What You Need to Know By Scarlet Thompson, Executive Vice President Since 1952, Civitan clubs have sold Claxton Fruit Cake. The way we have sold the product has differed, depending on the decade, the community, and the abilities of each club. In the last few years, Civitan International has seen great benefit from the opportunity to sell Claxton’s product to major food store chains like Publix, Food City and Bi-Lo. A few weeks ago, the company announced a change to the way they’d like their product to be represented. This change was one decided by Claxton, but it was honestly not an unexpected one due to changes in the food sales industry. The company will now take over all responsibilities with fruit cake sales to the major accounts. That also means they take over all responsibility in relation to any rebates that come from those sales. So what does that mean to a club that’s seen a benefit from fruit cake sales at a major food store chain? Club leaders will now directly deal with Claxton Bakery – and not Civitan’s world headquarters – when “claiming” a store in their area, or receiving a rebate from one. Due to this change by Claxton, we will not be rehiring the staff position that assisted members with fruit cake sales. So if you have any needs, concerns or questions, you need to reach out to Claxton. Claxton has increased the minimum purchase needed to qualify for a rebate. If your club has purchased less than 500 pounds of cake in the last few years, you may want to consider upping your order to qualify, or finding a replacement for the effort all together. If your club has purchased 500 pounds or more of cake in recent years, you should be fine. This is a great opportunity to have some discussion among your club leaders about what fundraisers are most appropriate at this time. For many clubs it’s been awhile since they’ve re-evaluated how they bring in revenue. I suggest carrying out a simple “SWOT” analysis at a club meeting one day to see what’s really working. You can always reach out to staff at world headquarters for ideas on new events or efforts. We’ll also be unveiling some ideas at the annual Civitan International convention in Reno. So what does that mean to a district that’s seen a benefit from fruit cake sales at a major food store chain? Here too, district leaders will directly deal with Claxton Bakery. If your district buys a lot of fruit cake, your fruit cake chair should be the primary contact between your district and the bakery. If your district does not have a fruit cake chair, I suggest the governor-elect step up to be that person if needed. Claxton is still counting on fruit cake chairs to play an integral role in the assignment of stores to clubs for rebate purposes. The changes take effect for this upcoming fruit cake season. Claxton’s new policy can be read at Again, please contact the company with any questions on these changes. While I know this is the biggest change this program has seen in a few years, I am confident Claxton will take good care of the impacted clubs through this time. I would like to personally thank the Parker family and Claxton Bakery for their support of Civitan International. It’s purely amazing to me that a more than 60-year-old partnership – one that was simply reliant on a gentleman’s agreement - has lasted this long. I deeply appreciate the company pledging to still financially support Civitan International after this transition takes place. I hope you do too!

MY CIVITAN WHY Twelve years ago when I joined Civitan, I had been visiting all of the service organizations in town to choose one where I could make a difference. All of them were helpful to people in the community, but only Civitan seemed to make a life-changing difference. I have made friends with developmentally disabled persons in our community and realize that they have changed my life probably more than I have changed theirs. Being active in the district, I have met wonderful people who care about me as I care about them. I don’t work with Civitan so I can have a Civitan emblem over my heart, but so I can have the Civitan spirit inside my heart. BOB SHELL, Bartlesville (OK) and Fort Smith (AR) Civitan Clubs


May 2018


Civitan Charitable Gifting Program Civitan International has partnered with National Guardian Life Insurance Company to establish the Civitan Charitable Gifting Program. This plan was specifically designed to enable Civitan members to easily support the goals of Civitan through the gift of Whole Life Insurance. With the designation of Civitan as the beneficiary of the Whole Life Insurance policy, the member can create a gift that will allow the work of Civitan to continue for generations to come.

Leave your lasting legacy through the Civitan Charitable Gifting Program The Civitan Charitable Gifting Program consists of policies with multiple giving options, including single payments or multiple annual payments. Both options contain growth potential depending on the type of policy chosen. Members are also able to purchase multiple polices to fit their gifting wishes. Single pay options can range from $500 – $100,000. Various payment options are available over a 3, 5 or 10 year schedule in the amounts of:

• $5,000 • $15,000 • $25,000 These amounts are designed to simplify the gifting experience, but any alternate amounts will be handled to accommodate your preferences individually. For more information regarding the Civitan Charitable Gifting Program and Legacy Safeguard, contact Jenny Ely at 1-800-CIVITAN LEGACY SAFEGUARD name, design and related marks are trademarks and property of Legacy Safeguard, LLC © 2015 Legacy Safeguard, LLC. All rights reserved. Legacy Safeguard Services (“Services”) are independently provided by Legacy Safeguard LLC. Legacy Safeguard Services are not insurance and may be discontinued at any time without notice. Legacy Safeguard is solely responsible for furnishing the Services. In no event will Legacy Safeguard be responsible or liable for any acts or omissions by Civitan and its agents, employees or representatives. Actual fees and charges associated with a funeral or other related services are not covered by Legacy Safeguard. This is a free benefit and provided to the recipient at no additional cost. Membership in Legacy Safeguard requires a completed Legacy Safeguard Enrollment Form that outlines terms and conditions. National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life.

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May 2018


Civitan's Grand Prize Game! Creed Club Jail Corn Hole

Civitan Putt-n-Chip Fest JULY 24, 2018 4 - 6 PM GRAND SIERRA RESORT RENO, NEVADA

Live Music

Cash Bar Available Don't Miss the  Mini Putt Tournament

$150 for Festival Ticket

First 10 to raise $500



NEW!! Civitan Awareness Chip Challenge


Fill out the following and return to: Civitan International - Attn: Civitan Fest - 1 Civitan Place - Birmingham, AL 35213 NAME: ADDRESS: CIVITAN CLUB AFFILIATION: T-SHIRT SIZE: EMAIL ADDRESS: BEST PHONE NUMBER: QUESTIONS? CONTACT BOBBY AT BOBBY@CIVITAN.ORG OR (336) 430-9015 8 Civitan Magazine



Horizons School Reconnects to the Heart of Civitan By Terry Schrimscher

Civitans worldwide are proud of the work performed at the Civitan International Research Center (CIRC) in Birmingham, Alabama. However, few people were aware of another project supported by the CIRC 27 years ago. The Horizons School was founded in 1991 in cooperation with the School of Education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham—with funding from the CIRC—to serve young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). Since its beginning as a pilot program, the school has formed its own nonprofit entity, built its own building and expanded its curriculum to meet the needs of an evolving I/DD community. Earlier this year, students at the school united with members of the faculty to charter their own Civitan club‚ the Hearts of Horizons Civitan Club, at the school. Sponsored by the original Birmingham Club, the club meets monthly at the campus. “Civitan helps the students feel like a part of a bigger group,” said Dr. Karen Dixon, “a group where community service is important.” Dixon serves as Assistant Director of Horizons School. No stranger to Civitan, she previously served as Director of Program Development at the CIRC.


Club members from the staff, and club officers from the student body pose with Alabama Central District Governor Judith Pike.

Currently, the school encourages all students to join the club which adds an element of service to the career focused curriculum. The Horizons club invited members from the Birmingham club to join them on their own service project washing wagons at Children’s Hospital. “Students come to Horizons from all over the country,” said Dixon, “but most come from the Southeast.” Dixon said the school employs a recruiter who visits potential students who might be a good fit. Students at Horizons learn a variety of life skills during the two year core program. The school also employs a full time Job Developer/Coach, Alicia Sherman, who helps students get internships, job shadow opportunities and, eventually, paid jobs as part of their transition out of the program. One student, Richie Greenberg, was able to get an internship with a local television station

and is going to work with Sherman and Civitan communications staff to produce video clips for Civitan news updates. Dixon said she hopes the revived relationship with Civitan will open more opportunities for students to learn about service and network with fellow Civitans. The partnership with Civitan was reborn when Dixon spoke to a Birmingham club meeting and mentioned having a service club of students at the school. Membership Specialist Megan Mindel asked if the club was affiliated with another service organization and struck up a conversation about opportunities with local Civitans. The Hearts of Horizon Club is the second club to charter in the Alabama Central District in the past year and is actively seeking to assist on projects with other Civitans.

May 2018


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Taking Fundraising Higher in Albuquerque 10 Civitan Magazine


The balloon glow is a popular feature in the evenings, and at sunrise, where guests are treated to the visual eye candy of illuminated balloons while they mingle in the fiesta on the ground below.

By Terry Schrimscher

© Edenmanusphotography |


By Terry Schrimscher ach year for the past 47 years, the city of Albuquerque has played host to one of the world’s leading hot air balloon festivals. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta attracts worldwide attention for the mesmerizing scenery but much of the success of the event

comes from the legions of volunteers who work tirelessly for the cause, including Civitans from around the region who have been serving the event since 1986. Each year, Junior Civitan Chair for the Great Southwest District, Kara Scott, takes a week of vacation time to coordinate parking for the event. She makes sure volunteers have everything they need to work the event and she makes sure the organizations benefitting get credited for their hours and payments. “Kara gets up at 2 a.m. from the RV she lives in for the entire festival, to make coffee for all of the workers, get the sign in sheets and vests ready,” said Kendyl Massey, Civitan International President. Massey volunteered with Scott for the festival last year and called Civitan headquarters to brag on how well run the event was and what a great job Civitans did raising money for their clubs. “The money is split not with one club but several Civitan clubs in the Great Southwest,” said Scott. “There are about 50 Civitans who work the event. Each club uses the money support many different projects. A few are packs of food for Monzono High School, Dinners at Casa Esperanza Albuquerque—a home where people stay while having cancer treatment— or grandparents raising grandkids, and many more,” she said. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a 501c3 nonprofit which generates an estimated $170

Civitan International President Kendyl Massey and husband Michael attending the Balloon Fiesta.

million in economic impact to the community annually. Some estimates show volunteers have earned more than $150,000 for various causes by parking cars, selling programs and other tasks. For Civitan’s part, Kara Scott is there with a servant’s heart ready to serve others and help clubs in the district raise money for projects and raise awareness for Civitan. “One of the perks of working is from time to time you come across a couple or a family that might need assistance and you are there for them—Civitan was there for them,” said Scott. Scott compares the event to attending a Civitan International Convention because of the many familiar faces of volunteers she sees each year. This year’s Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is planned for October 6 through October 14.

Junior Civitan Chair Kara Scott manages the fundraising effort for local Civitans.


May 2018


Powell named chair of Neurobiology and director of the Civitan International Research Center By Brit Blalock Craig Powell, M.D., Ph.D., has been named chair of the Department of Neurobiology at the UAB School of Medicine as well as director of the Civitan International Research Center. Powell is a national leader in research pertaining to molecular mechanisms of learning and memory, synaptic plasticity, and neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism, intellectual disability, and Alzheimer’s. Powell comes to UAB from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics, where he is the Ed and Sue Rose Distinguished Professor in Neurology as well as director of Preclinical Research in Neurology and chief of Developmental Brain Disorders Section in Neurology. Powell earned both his Ph.D. in Neuroscience and M.D. with Honor at Baylor College of Medicine in 1994 and 1997 respectively. His graduate work with Drs. David Sweatt and Dan Johnston was among the first studies to measure lasting biochemical changes during longlasting synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. After his medical internship year at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Powell trained at the University of California San Francisco Neurology Residency Program. In his final year, he was selected as Chief Resident at UCSF. From there, he returned to UT Southwestern Medical Center as a professor and served in several roles before holding his current leadership positions. “With my laboratory’s longstanding focus on autism, intellectual disability, and cognitive dysfunction in general, the additional opportunity to lead the UAB Civitan International Research Center is a great honor,” said Powell. “As a physician and a scientist, I am uniquely poised to leverage the existing clinical research strengths at UAB and Children’s of Alabama to move our neurobiology discoveries from the laboratory to help patients and their families.” The UAB Department of Neurobiology was founded in 1996. It is one of the Joint Health Sciences departments in the UAB Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. The department currently has 14 primary faculty members complemented by a diverse secondary faculty. Faculty members have received numerous national and international awards recognizing excellence in research and training. “Dr. Powell is the ideal person for this significant leadership role,” said Selwyn M. Vickers, M.D., FACS, senior vice president for medicine and dean of the School of Medicine. “His extensive research and laboratory experience will be vital in helping guide the pursuit of new discoveries and future treatments for individuals who are suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders. He is an outstanding addition to the UAB team as well as the Birmingham community.” Powell sees the move to UAB as a homecoming. His grandfather, Lemual J. Motlow, owned a car dealership on 3rd Avenue West in downtown Birmingham, and his mother and two aunts were raised in the city. His parents met at Auburn University, and Powell was born there in Lee County before his family relocated to Louisiana.

12 Civitan Magazine


Communication Corner


International Board Pledges Additional Support for CIRC and Approves 2020 Convention Site By Scarlet Thompson, Executive Vice President To help usher in a new director of the Civitan International Research Center, the Civitan International Board of Directors approved a $25,000 gift to the facility. The topic was one of many to come up in the group’s Spring gathering at the end of March, at Civitan International World Headquarters. Top officials at UAB requested the board consider a gift, to allow new CIRC Director Craig Powell the opportunity to bring several projects along with him. One of those projects is a biorepository for individuals with autism. Another decision made by the board was the destination for the 2020 Civitan International convention. The group approved Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the site for the event. More attention of the board meeting focused on what will be going on in Reno this year, including the proposed bylaw amendments that would expand terms for international directors to three years. A plan was put forth about how, if ratified by membership, the change would play out. Exciting changes to the upcoming convention were also announced. Among them was the decision for attendees to show up in their Welcome Party attire for the opening ceremony, along with the announcement the annual Putt and Chip event would be expanded to include more of a festival flair. Other notable items discussed during the Spring board meeting include the priority of cost containment for the international organization, a revision to policy 0327 which details a district’s mission, and a request to review policies related to the expulsion of members. You can email or contact your respective International board member for more information on these issues.

By Terry Schrimscher Over the last few months, staff members from Civitan headquarters have logged thousands of miles visiting with fellow Civitans at the club, region and district levels. Each staff member has a unique set of skills we are eager to share but we are also very focused on listening to you—our volunteers. You give the organization your time, your resources, and your hard work and we want to equip you to be as successful as you want to be in Civitan. One of the tools we can improve upon is our website. In the next couple of months, we will officially launch the new and improved to give you a better user experience. Let’s be honest, the current site is outdated and hard to navigate. When the new site opens, you’ll notice a modern look but that is just a cosmetic difference. The new site will allow you to find your information faster, process some of your regular club paperwork online, and donate to your favorite Civitan causes with ease. Another tool we talk about, a lot, is social media. In recent workshops the communication and membership teams have emphasized the best practices for posting, the effective use of photography, and the process for boosting posts for your events. There are also some best practices to follow which are outlined in Civitan policy. In November, the board amended the Civitan social media policy to add a level of security and stability to district social media use. Districts with a Facebook page must have the current Governor and two appointed members as admins on the page. Other roles can be assigned at the discretion of the administrators but the minimum of three leaders on the page is mandatory. Another good practice, on Facebook or other platforms, is to follow the official Civitan International account. There are several unofficial Civitan pages available but your best source for real Civitan news is always going to be Civitan International. If you don’t follow @CivitanInternational, please add us. Our official social media pages are the best place to find the latest incentives, special deals from Supply House, and news about fellow Civitans doing great things. Thanks for reading and thanks for doing what you do.

CIRC Video Now Available The 2017 video update for the Civitan International Research Center is available! This DVD is produced each year by the staff at our Research Center, and gives insight into several of the research programs being conducted. This year's update follows research programs that are laying the groundwork for treatment of disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, and more. If you want to purchase a copy of the DVD, you can call Terry Schrimscher at 205-5918910 x134 or email Copies are shipped straight from the CIRC and we will assist you in placing your order.


May 2018


Your Presidential Cand QUALIFICATIONS

Bruce Myers

International •International Board - 2011-2013

Candidate for President-Elect Clarksville Civitan Club Valley District

District •Governor, Valley District - 2007-2008 •Governor-Elect Valley District - 2006-2007 •Growth & Retention Chair, Valley

My name is Dr. Bruce Myers and my Civitan roots run deep. I joined Civitan over 46 years ago in 1971. I received my early Civitan inspiration from many including Western Grizzard, former Field Representative for Civitan, who built more than 200 Civitan clubs.

Club •President, Clarksville Civitan Club - 2002-2003

My service in leadership roles in Civitan began in 200203 when I served as President of the Clarksville Civitan Club. I followed that by a term as Governor of the Valley District in 2007-08 and a term on the International Board in 201113. I have been mentored by several past international presidents of Civitan, including Jay Albertia, JF Burney, and Leroy Parks and am grateful for their support. I have been involved in building several new clubs, and I am a Master Club Builder. I always look forward to taking Civitan into new areas. Education has always been my passion, starting my career as a professor at the university level, and later as the founding Computer Science Department chair at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. I taught mathematics for nine years before transitioning into computer science where I have spent most of my career. I was named chair of computer science in 2003. The department is now highly successful, producing about 90 bachelor’s degree graduates per year along with 10-15 master’s degree students. I supervise 25 faculty members who provide instruction to roughly 600 students. One of the favorite parts of my job is to advise and mentor students. Because of the diverse backgrounds of the students in our program, I have become proficient in the advisement of non-traditional and former military students. I serve the United Methodist Church as a volunteer in many capacities on the local, district, and conference level. I also serve as a volunteer board member for Progressive Directions, Inc., a regional, not-for profit organization that provides services to over 1200 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities daily. My management experience will be an asset in my service as Civitan International President-Elect. I am excited about the reorganization and new staff at Civitan International Headquarters, and I look forward to working with them as we move Civitan into its second century. My knowledge will lead Civitan to enhance its use of technology and analytics in all areas of its operation, but especially in the areas of data management and web page support. We know that Civitan faces a membership crisis. We must retain our current members and attract the interest of younger adults, who come with many new ideas and much energy, to help our organization grow. We must advocate the use of new concepts and methods of recruiting and retaining our members while maintaining many of the tried and true ideas that have served our organization for the past century. We must embrace a mix of new initiatives to help this organization move forward. Transparency for all parts of our organization is a must as we make these changes together. We must keep the membership aware of every aspect of its operation. Our goal must be for all Civitans to work together. I look forward to serving you as President-Elect. This article was prepared by the committee to elect Bruce Myers and is not an endorsement of his candidacy by Civitan International.

14 Civitan Magazine


didates for 2018-2019 QUALIFICATIONS

Patsy Perkal Candidate for President-Elect Rocky Mountain Civitan Club, Great Southwest District

Twenty three years of being in Civitan has brought me such a tremendous amount of joy and self-worth! My eyes have opened up to see such good in mankind making a difference, my ears have listened and will continue to listen for what is next, my hands continue to reach out to others and help where needed, my heart throbs with passion for the work of Civitan and making a difference. I will provide inspiration and motivation to empower the International Board as well as Civitans around the world. One of my priorities is making sure all Civitans have a clear channel of communication between all clubs, districts, regions and the International Board. It will take many long days and sometimes nights to achieve my goal, but I am here for the long haul and will do what is needed!

International •International Director Region 7 - 2012-2014 •International Junior Civitan Representative - 2012-2013 District •Junior Civitan Chair, Great Southwest - 2007-2015 •Governor, Great Southwest - 2005-2006 •Governor-Elect, Great Southwest - 2004-2005 •Area Director 2001-2002, 2010 •District Honor Club President, River of Hope - 2013 Club •President, Northside Civitan - 1997, 2013 •President, River of Hope Civitan - 1997, 2013 •President, Rocky Mountain Civitan - 2015-2016 •Board of Directors, Northside Civitan •Board of Directors, River of Hope Civitan Honors •President of the Year - 2015-2016 •Junior Civitan Fellow - 2007 •Oustanding Area Director - 2010 •Outstanding President Award, Northside

My leadership skills speak for themselves. I helped my husband run a computer company as the CEO for 5 years. I was the Customer Care Representative for Xerox in the Southwest and worked with many people of all walks of life on a daily basis. I have held top positions on the club level, district level and International level; as well as Junior Civitan district and International levels. (“Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead”). I will not ask anything of you that I myself would not do! We can work together and make this next 100 years of CIVITAN extraordinary! I want Civitan to be here for my children’s children for many years to come. You are not a statistic or a number; you have a face, a voice and a vision! You are vital to our growth. Let us look to the future, as well as taking care of the present. Let us build Civitan and continue to nurture our existing clubs. It is not I, ME, it is US!!! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Do I have all the answers, NO, but will do my best to keep CIVITAN strong and thriving. I look forward to working with the International Board and our Executive Vice-President, Scarlet Thompson, to implement the best ideas and solutions for all of us. “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, TOGETHER WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS!” (Mother Teresa) Please put your trust in me and vote for me as your next Civitan International President-elect. The preceding article was prepared by the committee to elect Patsy Perkal and is not an endorsement of the candidate by Civitan International.


May 2018


Your Candidates for In Julia Floyd Candidate for International Director, Region 1 Holly Pond Civitan Club, Alabama District North This is an exciting new age for Civitan. My vision for bringing Civitan fully into the new age includes embracing new technologies and advances in medical research with our continued support of the Civitan International Research Center. Further, I believe we should implement new ways of communicating with our members and public to grow the influence and reach of Civitan as we “Make the World a Better Place.” Help me make a difference for Civitan by voting for me at the Civitan International Convention in Reno. I am married to Walter Floyd, Jr. for 53 great years. We have two wonderful children, Dr. Candace Floyd and G. Drew Floyd. I am “Granny” to Ronan and Kadin Floyd. Walt and I live in Holly Pond, Alabama.

Dianne Hansard Candidate for International Director, Region 2 Cumming Civitan Club, Georgia District I have lived in Cumming, Georgia, all of my life and have been married to Gene for 53 years. We were blessed with two children and three fantastic grandsons, Nick, Noah and Jonah. I have been a member of Cumming Civitan for 27 years and a Club Builder and charter member of Dawsonville Civitan, serving as president several times along with numerous offices and committee chairs. I first became interested in joining Civitan for the same reason a lot of members joined. Having a grandson with disabilities, I felt I should be the one to get involved and work toward improving the lives of people with disabilities instead of waiting for someone else. Little did I know, being involved with Civitan International, the Georgia Civitan District, our local school system and other organizations in our community would be one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. As your Director representing Region II and serving on the Civitan International Board, I will continue my work with Civitan at all levels to further the efforts of this wonderful organization for the benefit of those less fortunate. “It doesn’t matter what you were, what you are, but what you will be in the future as you work toward making this a better world for people with disabilities.”

QUALIFICATIONS International •Certified Club Builder District • Governor • Governor-Elect • Junior Co-Chair • Newsletter Editor • Committee Chair(s) Club •Holly Pond Civitan Club • President • President-Elect • Secretary • Board Member • Committee Chair(s)

QUALIFICATIONS International • Certified Club Builder District Georgia District • Lt. Governor • Area Director • Governor-Elect • Governor • Awards Chairman • Foundation Chairman • Foundation Scholarship Chairman Honors •District Foundation Fellow • District Civitas Award • Honor Club President • Honor Club of Distinction President • Distinguished Governor • Master Sponsorship Team

Thank you for your support.

These articles were prepared by their respective candidates, and are not an endorsement of any candidate by Civitan International.

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nternational Director Carol Wolters Candidate for International Director, Region 4 West Columbus Civitan Club, Cardinal District We must work together for Civitan to thrive, to find, train and mentor our future leaders, and I am committed to work with you. My experiences give me understanding of our common concerns, with ways to resolve them. I served as voting delegate at 20 International conventions and understand our issues. Please consider my credentials, experiences and dedication to the mission of Civitan. I appreciate your vote and support, so together we strengthen Civitan!

QUALIFICATIONS International • Certified Club Builder District • Governor, Michigan District 1989-1990 • Governor, Cardinal District 2012-2014 • Highlighted in Civitan Magazine article, Fall 1984 - “10 Years of Women in Civitan” • Active in Long-Range Planning in 2 Districts • Civitan Commitment recognized with 2 Club and 2 District Honor Keys •Michigan Civitan Foundation Board • Michigan Civitan Foundation Fellow Club • Sundowner Club President • Civitan Connect President • West Columbus Club President •West Columbus Board of Directors

Ann McCarty Candidate for International Director, Region 8 Bannock Civitan Club, Heart of the West District Howdy fellow Civitans, from the Big Skies of Montana through the potato fields, Snake River and snowy Mount Borah of Idaho, to the desert flowers of Arizona, to the gambling tables and bright lights of Nevada, to the beaches and wineries of California. My hope is to help guide my Region Eight, with their very well seasoned clubs, to new ways for growth and retention with diversity! Coming from a town of sixty thousand, I am very proud to say I am a member of three very active, diverse Civitan clubs. I feel a more active club is better able to promote growth and retention. We need the young to help nourish our seasoned clubs.

QUALIFICATIONS District Heart of the West • District Secretary • Governor • Governor-Elect • Past Governor • Area Director Club Bannock Civitan Club • President • President-Elect • Past President • Board of Directors

With diversity, my home clubs are able to do so much. We raised more than $60,000 with our fundraisers. We have a monthly community service project by adults with intellectual and development disabilities, a summer concert series, indoor Putt Putt, bowling for Toys for Tots, and seasonal basket drawings. Members also knit hats for fellow cancer survivors and newborn babies. It’s time to embrace diversity and variety. Our culture should be able to benefit with the strength of this geographical area. By changing phrases like “that is how it is”or “that’s the way we have always done it,” we can gain a new perspective. I am proud to say Civitan International as a whole is very diverse. I would just like to guide our region with the magic we have to build on the experience, options, interests and bring the young to the understanding that it does take all to sustain and make a volunteer! These articles were prepared by their respective candidates, and are not an endorsement of any candidate by Civitan International.


May 2018


Civitan in Rome “I am Civitan: as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as endless as time...� With these words, Rosa Altavilla, President of the Civitan Club Roma, started the presentation ceremony for new members, during a Gala Dinner that took place at the fabulous Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora Rooftop terrace, in Via Veneto. Vice-Presidents Adele Mazzotta Lax and Giuseppe Lepore, the Past President Pietro Paparo, the President of the Civitan Club Roma Tevere Valerio Moschella with the Past President Massimiliano Pirri were in attendance for the event. Civitan hosted many distinguished guests as President Altavilla spoke also about the future creation of the Italian District and about the European Convention to be held in Rome in 2019.

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Hearts of Horizons Cooks Up A Great Event Members of the Hearts of Horizons Civitan Club, located at the Horizons School in Birmingham, participated in a community-wide fundraiser for the school. The event, called Healthy Hearts for Horizons, is a culinary competition where the students compete in a friendly competition for donations. The club is comprised of students, faculty and alumni of the Horizons School; and was sponsored by the Civitan Club of Birmingham. Several club members participated in the cooking competition, which had a tail-gating theme this year, and took home awards for their efforts. The event is hosted by the culinary school at Jefferson State Community College and sponsored by Taziki’s Mediterranean restaurants. The Hearts of Horizons Club is Alabama Central’s newest chartered club. For more information on the Horizons School, and its connection to Civitan, see our feature on page 9 of this issue.

Do you shop online? Your purchases can add up for Civitan! If you haven’t signed up for AmazonSmile, take a moment to visit and pick Civitan International as your preferred charity. Then, every time you start your shopping experience on, instead of, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to our great cause. It’s that easy. — Choose Civitan


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East Cobb Civitans Support our Troops Since the early days of selling war bonds during WWI, Civitans have supported U.S. troops overseas. East Cobb Civitan Club, in Georgia, recently volunteered for Project Mail Call, a ministry of a local church, to wrap and mail care packages to troops deployed around the world. East Cobb Civitans are very active in a variety of projects, including Camp Big Heart, which was featured in the last edition of Civitan Magazine.

Share Your Servant’s Heart! The Winterville Civitan Club, in the North Carolina East District, awarded its first Servant’s Heart Award this spring to Karen Smith. In addition to the award certificate, the Winterville Civitan Club will make a monetary donation to the charity of her choice. The Servant’s Heart Award is a new service project initiative created by Civitan to encourage clubs to honor people serving others with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The award was debuted this Spring but can be conducted at any time during the year if a club chooses to participate. Several Civitan clubs have already held their first Servant’s Heart Award ceremony and many others are planning to during the course of the year. If your club is giving a Servant’s Heart Award to a local teacher, paraprofessional, business leader, or social worker who goes above and beyond for their cause, send a write up and a photo to and we will share on Facebook and, as space allows, in future magazines. Congrats to Winterville Civitans and to Karen Smith.


For me, service is a way of life. Growing up in the church, and and participating in organizations such as the Boy Scouts, I learned the value of service to others. When people ask me what Civitan does, one of the things I tell them is we help others who cannot help themselves. Jesus taught us by saying: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Giving back and helping others brings me happiness, and being around fellow Civitans helping others brings me fulfillment. Malcolm S. Forbes said: “You can easily judge the character of a person by how they treat those who can do nothing for them.” It is easy for me to judge the character of my fellow Civitans. It is of the highest standard, and I am proud to stand next to them while serving my community. DAVE FORD, Eaton Rapids Civitan Club

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Treasure Coast Civitan Club 12th Annual Sydney Young Golden Heart Award The Treasure Coast Civitan Club hosted the 12th Annual Sydney Young Golden Heart Award event on March 23, 2018, in the Huizenga Family Life Center, Palm City. The audience of nearly 140 watched as 13 children were recognized for their devotion, love and help caring for their siblings with disabilities. Nominations are submitted by a teacher, parent, advisor or friend, and all nominations are honored. All of them were introduced and called forward by moderators, to receive their Civitan framed certificate, a $50 gift card and a heart shaped pin. An appreciation certificate was presented to each student by Rep. Gayle Harrell who also gave a heart-warming talk. Special guest Congressman Brian Mast gave a talk of encouragement and joined Rep. Harrell personally greeting each winner and posing for pictures with them and his/her nominator and family. Other special guests were Civitan Florida District Governor Daniella Nevells, Treasurer Deb McCoy and District PR Chair, Babe Rogers, all from the Orlando area. Event Chair Maureen Basilico introduced the dignitaries, Susan Burrows, retired Challenger School Principal and originator of the Golden Heart Awards gave its history and Polly Forestier, Past Civitan International President and past club president spoke of the mission and goal of Civitan and their flagship project, the Civitan International Research Center which is working through research and clinical activities to support people with developmental disabilities. Treasure Coast Civitan Club, chartered in 2000, is located in Stuart, Florida.

MY CIVITAN WHY This quote by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. and bestselling author sums it up for me: “Knowing that we can make a difference in this world is a great motivator. How can we know this and not be involved?� This is certainly the philosophy of the Civitan Clubs to which I belong and we have definitely made a positive difference in our communities and the lives of those in need. LEIGH WILKINSON, Tryon Civitan Club


May 2018


Reno The Biggest Little City in the World

An international convention experience should be more than just general sessions and workshops. It should include the opportunity to learn about the area you are visiting. Civitan International has arranged for some optional tour offerings you may wish to consider (not included in any registration fee):

OPTIONAL PROGRAM TOURS Palomino Wild Horse Center and Pyramid Lake (no lunch included) — $55.00 per person Monday, July 23 (Noon - 4:30 pm) This tour starts with a drive through the beautiful Nevada desert on your way to the National Wild Horse Center at Palomino Valley. If you have never seen a wild horse, they are quite stunning. Visit the corrals to view the wild horses and witness the processing. Then it’s off to discover Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake is located on the Paiute Indian reservation. Getting there is half the fun as guests will wind through some of the most dramatic desert scenery in all of Nevada. Wait for the spectacular moment when you see the deep sapphire color of the water. Virginia City Historic Tour with lunch — $85.00 per person Tuesday, July 24 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm) Guests will be transported to Virginia City while enjoying a narration of sites along the way. Established in 1859, Virginia City became the richest mining town in the world. San Francisco was built from the mines of the Comstock and the Civil War was partially financed from the gold and silver discovered beneath the city. Today’s Virginia City is remarkably the same as it was during its heyday with wooden sidewalks, restored mansions, old west saloons, the Piper Opera House and mine tours. Mark Twain began his illustrious writing career at Virginia City’s own “Territorial Enterprise.” Visit numerous museums, shops, mansions and churches in this richly historic town. Lunch at a local restaurant is included along with a Trolley Ride ticket to use during free time. National Automobile Museum — $50 per person Wednesday, July 25 (1:00 – 4:00 pm) The National Automobile Museum itself provides something few other facilities can – a stunning display of over 200 antique, vintage, classic and special interest automobiles, all in an exciting, dynamic, contemporary location. Guests will see vintage, classic and special interest automobiles, rare and one-of-a-kind wonders, dynamic race cars and one of the finest Horseless Carriage collections in the world. The majority of the cars are from the worldfamous collection of the late William Fisk “Bill” Harrah. Guests can travel through time like few other places and discover a story around every curve. Stroll down our authentic street scenes beginning with the turn-of-the-20th century. Explore galleries of cars, memorabilia and special exhibits that change throughout the year.

All tours include transportation and tour guide. Find out more about these opportunities and to register 22 Civitan Magazine


2018 Civitan International Convention 2018Civitan Civitan International International Convention 2018 Convention Official Registration Form for Civitans and Guests Official Registration Sunday, July 22 Form for Civitans and Guests

Grand Sierra Resort • Reno, Nevada • Sunday, July 22 through Wednesday, July 25

through Wednesday, July 25 To register online, visit: Instructions: Registrations must be received on the Official Registration Form (include a separate signed form for

To register online, visit:• Grand Sierra Resort • Reno, Nevada Sunday, July 22 through Wednesday, July 25

each person). Every registrant must sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liabiltiy. Only those registered as CiviRegistrations be on received Official Registration Form (include a separate for tanInstructions: members may be certifiedmust to vote behalfon of the his or her club or district. Delegate name badgessigned will beform required Every registrant mustincluding sign the general Accidentsessions, Waiver and Release of Liabiltiy. Only those registered as Civifor each entryperson). to ALL convention functions workshops, and ticketed events. tan members may be certified to vote on behalf of his or her club or district. Delegate name badges will be required for entry to ALL convention functions including general sessions, workshops, and ticketed events.

Check any offices you currently hold: Check any offices youBoard currently hold: qGovernor qInternational Member

qClub President qInternational Board Member qGovernor-elect qGovernor qClub President qPast International President qClub President-elect qPast International President qGovernor-elect qClub President-elect Full Name _________________________________________ ________ __________________________

Full Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Badge Name _________________________________ Telephone_______________________________ Badge Name _________________________________ Telephone_______________________________ Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________ State/Province_________ Postal Code__________________ GraCode___ nd _______________ City ______________________________ State/Province_________ Postal Email ______________________________________________________________________________ Sierra Resort Email ______________________________________________________________________________ Civitan Club ___________________________________________Sp Club Number___________________ ecial Civitan Rate ___________ Civitan Club ___________________________________________ Club Number________ Civitan District __________________________________________ District Number ________________ Civitan District __________________________________________ District Number ________________ pplicab Please indicate any food allergies or medical conditions of which we+a should beleaware: taxes ____________ Please indicate any food allergies or medical conditions of which(s we inshould be aware: ____________

$109 a night

gle/double) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Guest room reserv ations are Only registered Civitan members tlythose q Yes q No cur*ren availab le throuas ghas Civitan members * Only those registered may be certified the q Yes q No Civ ita n on behalf of his q Yes q No

This is my first Civitan International Convention. This firstdelegate Civitan International I will beisa my voting for my club. Convention. Check may be or certified toYou votemay on behalf of his club district. be a voting I will be a voting delegate for my club. YesqqNoNo or her one qqYes I will be a voting delegate for my district. onlyCheck or her for clubyour or district. mayNOT be a both. voting delegate club or You district, I will be a voting delegate for my district. only one q Yes q No delegate for your club or district, NOT both.


Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Civitan Nightand Fever Accident Waiver Release of Liability In consideration of my application and permitting me to participate and/or volunteer in this

In Iconsideration of my for application andexecutors, permittingadministrators, me to participate and/or in this Welcome event, herebyParty take action myself, my heirs, nextvolunteer of kin, succesevent, Iassigns hereby take action (A) for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and as follows: Waive, Release and Discharge from any and all liability for my Sunday, 22asfollowing opening ceremonies sors,disability, and July assigns follows: Waive, Release and Discharge from any and all liability for my death, personal injury,(A) property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which death, disability, personal property damage, or actions of anyINTERNAkind which 8:30 pm may hereafter accrue to me injury, including my traveling toproperty and fromtheft, this event, CIVITAN may hereafter accrue to me including myvolunteers, traveling torepresentatives, and from this event, INTERNATIONAL, its directors, officers, employees, and CIVITAN agents, the event TIONAL, its directors, employees, volunteers, representatives, the event holders, event sponsors,officers, event directors, event volunteers; (B) Indemnify and and agents, Hold Harmless holders, event sponsors, event directors, event volunteers; (B) Indemnify and Hold Harmless Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin' the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from all liabilities orpersons claims made as a result of participation in this event, whether byany theand negligence of the or And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive … caused as a result of participation in this event, whether caused by the negligence of the persons or entities being released or otherwise. entities being released or otherwise. I understand that at at this event oror related activities, I may bebephotographed. I understand that this event related activities, I may photographed.I agree I agreetotoallow allow my photo, video, or or film likeness to to bebe used forfor any legitimate purpose holders, Do you remember 'The Hustle', 'The Bus Stop' or 'The by Bump'? Surely you my photo, video, film likeness used any legitimate purpose bythe theevent event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and/or assigns without compensation or notice to me. producers, organizers, assigns withouttocompensation or notice to me.ball? know howsponsors, to do the 'YMCA'.and/or Don’t you want dance under the disco

Let’s celebrate a funky flashback and bring your best ______________________ bell-bottoms, polyes___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ______________________ Signature Date ter suits, and tye-dye shirts, channel your inner Diana Ross, Signature Dateand get ready


PLEASE THIS SECTION Two events areREAD separately ticketed events andFIRST are not included in any base registration fee. Event packages Two events are separately ticketed events and are not include registration and both events. included in any basefee registration fee.ticketed Event packages Following are the options registration of include registration fee available and bothforticketed events. Civitans andare Guests. Following the options available for registration of Civitans and Guests. REGISTRATION ONLY FEES REGISTRATION ONLY FEES Civitan Program Registration ONLY $160.00 Civitan Program Registration ONLY $160.00 for all non-ticketed functions including: all non-ticketed •for Opening Ceremoniesfunctions including:

•Opening Ceremonies •First Business Session •First Business Session •Seminars and Workshops • Seminars and Workshops •Host Hospitality, Supply House •Host Hospitality, Supply House •Civitan International Research Center •Civitan International Research Center Presentation Presentation •Membership Extravaganza •Membership Extravaganza •Elections Business Session •Elections Business Session

Guest Program Registration ONLY $210.00 Program Registration $210.00 InGuest addition to Civitan ProgramONLY includes: In addition to Civitan Program includes: •Monday tour

•Mondaytour tour •Tuesday •Tuesday tour


Following Opening Ceremonies on Sunday, a Following Opening Ceremonies on Tickets Sunday, themed Welcome Party will be held. fora themed Welcome Party will be held. Tickets for the Welcome Party are limited. Once the Civitan the Welcome are limited. Once the Civitan Business has Party concluded Wednesday morning, Business has concluded Wednesday morning, we will wrap up the convention with the Closing we will wrap up the convention with the Closing Installation Banquet. Both of these events are Installation Banquet. Both of these events are separately ticketed and are not included in any separately ticketed and are not included in any other base program registration, but are included other base program registration, but are included in packages as noted below. in packages as noted below.

Welcome Guests and Youth) WelcomeParty Party(Civitan, (Civitan, Guests and Youth)

$30.00 (limited number of tickets available) $30.00 (limited number of tickets available) Closing ClosingInstallation InstallationBanquet Banquet$70.00 $70.00 for for Civitan or Guest Civitan or Guest

to “burn baby burn” in the Biggest Little City in the World! We can’t wait Registration Schedule received by)by) International April 1 1 June 11 July 1515 to welcomeFee you to the(if2018 Civitan Convention! Registration Fee Schedule (if received April June July

EVENT EVENTPACKAGES PACKAGES Civitan Event Package Civitan Event Package==$250.00 $250.00

q qCivitan Event Package Civitan Event Package q Civitan Registration only q Civitan Registration only q Guest Event Package q Guest Event Package q Guest Registration only q Guest Registration only q Welcome Party Ticket (Civitans & Guests) q Welcome Party Ticket (Civitans & Guests) q Installation Banquet Ticket (Civitans & Guests) q Installation Banquet Ticket (Civitans & Guests)

Guest GuestEvent EventPackage Package==$300.00 $300.00

$250.00 $250.00 $160.00 $160.00

$265.00 $265.00 $175.00 $175.00

$280.00 $280.00 $190.00 $190.00

$300.00 $300.00 $210.00 $210.00

$315.00 $315.00 $225.00 $225.00

$330.00 $330.00 $240.00 $240.00

$30.00 $30.00 $70.00 $70.00

$40.00 $40.00 $80.00 $80.00

$55.00 $55.00 $95.00 $95.00

Payment Options: Payment Options:

A. A. Check or Money Order Enclosed in in thethe amount of:of:$ ____________________ Check or Money Order Enclosed amount $ ____________________ B. B. BillBill mymy Credit Card qMasterCard qAmerican Credit Card qVisa qVisa qMasterCard qDiscover qDiscover qAmericanExpress Express Credit Card Number: _______________________________________________________________ Credit Card Number: _______________________________________________________________ Cardholder’s Name: _______________________________________________________________ Cardholder’s Name: _______________________________________________________________ Date____________________Security Security Code _______________________________________ ExpExp Date____________________ Code _______________________________________ Cardholder’s Signature: ________________________________ ___________________________ Cardholder’s Signature: ________________________________ ___________________________


Includes Includescomplete completeCivitan CivitanProgram Programininaddition addition totothe theWelcome WelcomeParty Partyand andClosing ClosingInstallation Installation Banquet Banquet

Includes Includescomplete completeGuest GuestProgram Programininaddition addition totothe theWelcome WelcomeParty Partyand andClosing ClosingInstallation Installation Banquet Banquet Mail Mailororfax faxform formwith withpayment paymentororpayment paymentinformation informationto: to:

Fax: Fax:(205) (205)592-6307 592-6307 Civitan CivitanInternational InternationalConvention Convention

P.P.O.O.Box Box130744, 130744,Birmingham, Birmingham,AL AL35213-0744 35213-0744 USA USA

2018Cancellation CancellationPolicy: Policy:Requests Requestsforforregistration registrationrefunds refundspostmarked postmarked 2018 beforeJune June 1 will assesseda a$15 $15processing processingfee. fee.Requests Requestsfor forregistration registration before 1 will bebe assessed refunds postmarkedJune June1 1through throughJuly July8 8will willbebeassessed assesseda a5050percent percentfee. fee. refunds postmarked Requestspostmarked postmarkedJuly July9 9through throughJuly July2121are areeligible eligiblefor fora a2525percent percentrereRequests fund. Request refundsofofticketed ticketedevents eventswill willnot notbebeaccepted acceptedafter afterJuly July20. 20. fund. Request forfor refunds Cancellations due to bona fide emergencies (death or illness) will be honored, Cancellations due to bona fide emergencies (death or illness) will be honored, less the $15processing processingfee, fee,if ifreceived receivednonolater laterthan thanAugust August25. 25.No Norequests requests less the $15 refundwill willbebehonored honoredafter afterAugust August25.25.AllAllrequests requestsmust mustbebereceived receivedinin forforrefund writing. writing. ConventionPolicy: Policy:Registrant Registrantname namebadges badgeswill willbeberequired requiredtotoattend attend Convention ALLconvention conventionfunctions, functions,including includinggeneral generalsessions, sessions,elections, elections,workshops, workshops, ALL and ticketed programs. These will be included in your convention packet, and and ticketed programs. These will be included in your convention packet, and provided upon arrival.Thank Thankyou youforforyour yourunderstanding. understanding. provided upon arrival.

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• Eleven (11) unique restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual and to-go options • The Beach pool • Live Entertainment with top acts • Miniature Golf • Go-karts • Skydiving at Grand AdventureLand • FunQuest video arcade and laser tag • 50-lane Family Bowling Center • Grand Sierra Cinema movie theater • Sierra Bay Aqua Golf, Reno’s only over-water driving range • Indoor Simulated Golf Course • Shopping: Allure, Fashion Ave, Galleria, Outdoor Sport • Full-service Spa and Salon • Fitness Center • Gaming • Premier RV park with 164 easily accessed pads and full hookups

Civitan Special Guest Room Rates

for Single/Double Occupancy

GSR Room: $109.00 + taxes Summit Room: $129.00 + taxes Rates are Inclusive of Resort Fee | 800.501.2651

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