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4TH QUARTER 2012-13

OUTGOING GOVERNOR’S MESSAGE Part 1 - New Club Fellow Civitans ..... First of all I would like to thank ALL CDE Civitans for your support this year. Julie and I have had our ups and downs this year with the lost of her m other Cathy Andress in March and then m y father Civitan Jim W iltsie in August. Your em ails, cards, phone calls and visits showed us so m uch love and proved to us that Civitan is our fam ily too. W e are proud to be Civitans and I am honoured to have been your Governor for 2012-2013… Thank you from the both us! I began m y term as Governor of Canadian District East one year ago and as Governor m y m andate was to prom ote growth in our district. I took this task very serious and created a contest to challenge the presidents and their clubs to increase m em bership. By doing this I knew I had to lead by exam ple and I set a personal goal to build a club in 2013 and end m y term with 600 m em bers in CDE. W ith the support, encouragem ent and direction of m y Lovely wife Julie! m y goal of building a club was achieved and we are very close to ending the year with 600 m em bers. Thank you Julie for always standing beside m e and for your wonderful idea to approach Elizabeth Snyder of the LGBT Lanark County Group… .. A very special thank you to Elizabeth for allowing Julie and I to share Civitan with her wonderful organization. Their focus on “Enough is Enough” against bullying inspired us. Civitan Julie and I are honoured to be the certified club builders and charter m em bers of the LGBT Lanark County Civitan Club. Our new club chartered with 32 m em bers on Septem ber 16, 2013 sponsored by the Sm iths Falls Civitan Club. This was the first charter Julie and I have been involved in and we were thrilled that 120 Civitans and guests joined us to celebrate with our new club. I am very proud of m y hom e club Sm iths Falls for sponsoring the LGBT Lanark County Civitan Club. Our incom ing International President Bob Robinson conducted the initiation of charter m em bers and I installed the charter club officers. There were Civitans from Pem broke, Sm iths Falls, Perth, Alm onte, Lanark & District, Cobden & District, Aylm er, Carleton Place & District and Pakenham & District. W e were also honoured with local m unicipalities’ dignitaries such as C arleton Place M ayor W endy Leblanc, Sm iths Falls M ayor Dennis Staples, Drum m ond-North Elm sley Reeve Aubrey Churchill, Lanark Highlands Mayor Peter McLaren, Beckwith Reeve Richard Kidd and Montague Township Reeve and Lanark County W arden, Bill Dobson. S m ith s F alls P o lic e S e rvic e s com m unity services officer, Constable David Murphy, was also there in support of the partnership the police have with LGBT Lanark County.

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The LGBT Lanark County Civitan Charter Officers President Penny Kelly President-Elect Beth Schilling Secretary Dorothy Groom s Treasurer Kari Cunningham Director Cathy Blaine Director Karen Britton-Reid Director Lorrie Britton-Reid Director Shelley Montreuil

REGION 5 CONVENTION 2014 The host club for the annual Region 5 Convention for our 2013-14 Civitan year will be the PERTH Civitan Club. The convention will be held at the TRAVELODGE Hotel, in Belleville, Ontario during the weekend of Septem ber 26, 27 & 28th, 2014. For m ore about these locations, surf to: and /belleville.

INCOMING GOVERNOR’S MESSAGE The last few weeks has been an extrem ely busy but exceptionally enjoyable for m e as the Governor Elect of Canadian District East. On Septem ber 14th, I had the pleasure of attending the 25th anniversary of the Greater Petawawa Civitan club and I was delighted to be asked to do the installation of officers. On Monday Septem ber 16th, I was invited to Brockville Civitan to install their club officers. Special thanks, to Governor-Elect Bill Lawrence for his assistance with the installation cerem ony. On Septem ber 24th, I joined Bob Robinson our Esteem ed International President; Bob installed the Perth club officers with his own Local Hom etown Heroes installation cerem ony. I had the pleasure of swearing in the new Perth Civitan m em bers. Please join m e in welcom ing Les Jarvis, Shannon Dobbie and Jane Hickm an into our Civitan fam ily. On Sunday Septem ber 29th, Heather Legge, our District East Junior Chair Advisor, and I have been invited to the Perth Junior Civitan installation dinner to install the Junior Officers and the new junior m em bers. I have also been invited to the Alm onte Civitan club’s awards night, which takes place Monday Septem ber 30th. As I step into the 2013-2014 District East Governor role I am really looking forward to working and sharing in the excitem ent for what is shaping to be a great year. As m any of you already know our new Civitan them e is “Civitan Hometown Heroes” and I believe this is one of best them es, which really describes all Civitan m em bers. Over the past m onth our District has m ade great progress in becom ing a m ore inclusive and diverse organization. As Civitan m em bers we should all be proud of our organization to be the first service club to W ELCOME the LGBT com m unity to join us. As Civitans it has always been our m ission to prom ote awareness and give support to create a safe environm ent for all persons living in our com m unities, which m akes us a perfect m atch. W e had a few bum ps in the road at the end of the 2012-2013 Civitan year due to the request for our upcom ing Conventions being overlooked on the Spring Convention Agenda. Thanks to the following Civitan clubs who have pull through for us; Carleton Place & District Civitan, Perth Civitan and the Lanark Civitan club. Carleton Place & District will host the spring convention May 2, 3 and 4th at Calabogie Peaks Resort. Perth Civitan will host the Region 5 Convention Sept 26, 27 and 28th in Belleville. The Lanark Civitan club is working on the details to host the W inter Convention. More inform ation will be shared with us over the next few weeks. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the two following Civitan m em bers for their outstanding work in our District this past year. Rick Libbey and Jane Biddulph for all the extra tim e they take out of their personal lives to prom ote our District. Rick has put together our District Directory again this year and will be prom oting our District through the Action Line Newsletters. Rick has earm arked dates in our Directory for the Action Line subm ission. This should help us to be better prepared when we are subm itting club news articles to Rick for the Action Line. Jane has agreed to take on the CDE Com m unications Chair. Please forward all club projects to Jane and not to Lyle Arm strong and please m ake sure to put Canadian District East in the Subject Line when sending inform ation to Jane. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Lyle Arm strong for his dedication; Lyle has done an excellent job in prom oting our Canadian District East projects for the past 4-5 years. However, even though I had asked Lyle if he could continue, I had given it a lot of thought, and I felt that a m em ber living in our District should prom ote our projects. Jane will be m ore inform ed of all our projects, which m akes her job easier as our District W ebm aster in prom oting our Civitan clubs. Jane will have an EMAIL link on the District website, please click on the link and fill out your em ail inform ation so you as a m em ber of this great District will be well inform ed of all projects and fundraisers our Civitan clubs are doing. Jane will also be putting together a new Facebook Page for our District. This will give an equal opportunity to all m em bers to prom ote their clubs news and or suggestions. Once Jane has published this new Facebook Account please http://ww w

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be sure to visit and CLICK LIKE, and invite m em bers of your Facebook account to visit, this will prom ote our new Facebook account. Once the new Facebook page has received 30 likes Jane will be provided with stats on the num ber of views and a list of areas (cities and countries) that have visited. Jane has also put together a guideline for all clubs when subm itting club news to our District website. I will be forwarding this and a copy of the District Insurance in a package to all clubs. Just a rem inder that our District Insurance does not cover the Civitan clubs who have their own clubhouse. Alm onte, Perth, Lanark and Sm iths Falls had to be covered under their own separate insurance policy that will cover their projects. This rule becam e in effect during the 20122013 Civitan year. In ending I would like to share with you a quote by Max De Pree a businessm an and Am erican writer who writes about love, elegance, caring, inclusivity in the sam e sentence as leadership. “W e need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. W e need to give each other space so that we m ay both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion” ~Max De Pree.

OUTGOING GOVERNOR’S MESSAGE Part 2 - CDE Challenge of Septem ber 16, 2013 Part One – the President that personally brings in the m ost new m em bers during their year As of Septem ber 23, 2013 m y hom e club (Sm iths Falls) President Carolyn Trenholm e MST is leading the way with 8 m em bers this year. Congratulations President Carolyn! In 2nd place Perth President Carol Rubino MST with 5 m em bers and 3rd place Chateauguay President Louise Kinney MST has sponsored 4 m em bers. Part Two – The club with the m ost new m em bers! The Perth Club has added 25 m em bers and the Sm iths Falls Club has added 14 m em bers. W e have 7 Mem bers this year that received their MST Pins: Governor Bryan W iltsie MST, Certified Club Builder – 24 m em bers Sm iths Falls Julie W iltsie MST, Certified Club Builder – 12 m em bers Sm iths Falls President Carolyn Trenholm e MST – 8 m em bers Perth President Carol Rubino MST – 5 m em bers Chateauguay President Louise Kinney MST – 4 m em bers Greater Petawawa Secretary Marie Arnold MST – 4 m em bers CDE Secretary/Treasurer – Perth Civitan Ken Fournier DST – 4 m em bers Congratulations and thank you for leading by exam ple.

This year is proof that we must build clubs in our district in order to grow.


LGBT Lanark County Smiths Falls Chateauguay Almonte Perth Lanark Pembroke Greater Petawawa Cobden Carleton Place Pakenham Lakeshore Brockville Aylmer Kingston Greater Napanee Sub Total Associate Members District Total

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Members as of Oct 1/12

2012 - 2013 CDE Membership Add Deletes Charter Adds % Deletes % Members 32

37 31 89 150 32 12 12 34 34 33 17 15 19 29 14 558 2 560

32 32

14 6 6 25 6 4 7 1 5 1 0 0 3 1 0 79 3 82

38% 19% 7% 0% 19% 33% 58% 3% 15% 3% 0% 0% 16% 3% 0% 14%

2 0 1 20 2 4 7 1 5 2 2 3 6 11 14 80 80

5% 0% 1% 13% 6% 33% 58% 3% 15% 6% 12% 20% 32% 38% 100% 14%

Members as of Sept 16/13 32 49 37 94 155 36 12 12 34 34 32 15 12 16 19 0 589 5 594


32 12 6 5 5 4 0 0 0 0 -1 -2 -3 -3 -10 -14 31 3 34


32% 19% 6% 3% 13% 0% 0% 0% 0% -3% -12% -20% -16% -34% 100% 6% 150% 6%

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My International Goal this year was to be the #1 Governor behind Governor Tammy Pearson. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ


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ALMONTE Sum m er tim e finally arrived – hot, hum id, then, storm s. W hew! Tent rentals pick up in the sum m er along with the occasional tent repair due to nasty weather. Our fellows have tent set ups down to a science. The catering team s were not overwhelm ed though they provided m eals for two weddings, but the offer of our Hall for funerals were m any which kept the luncheon team s from having m uch down tim e. So too, the bar team s were kept busy with the num ber of rentals through out this quarter. Two Blood Donor Clinics were hosted in our Hall and our chair m akes sure there are lots of hom e baked cookies which are m uch appreciated by staff and donors! A successful Yard Sale was held in late June for our Support the Troops project. Sum m er m eans BBQ's and Civitans headed off to Augusta Street Park to help with fundraisers on three W ednesdays in July. Organizers have been revitalizing the park with the help of volunteers from the com m unity. Several organizations were treated to our new BBQ and we provide our services to two schools as they prepare to get back into the swing of things. It has been our tradition to collect donations in Gem m ill Park for the Canada Day Fireworks show which we donate back to the town. The following week brought a downpour of rain on Celtfest, a lively two-day festival held in Gem m ill Park, at which we run the bar. The m usic was great as usual and the rain did not stop revellers of the event from dancing despite the m ud that covered the hillside. It was quite a sight! Later in the m onth Civitans braved a terrific storm on the Friday and heat on the Saturday as we m anned the gates of the North Lanark Agricultural Society's 3-day sum m er fair. W e are a hardy crew - and som e of us are very dedicated - or not too sm art - when we won't leave our post during a storm ! In August a crew travelled to Providence Point to BBQ chicken and boil corn at Cam p Quality for about a 100 hungry kids and staff. It is hoped representatives from the Civitan Clubs in the area will get together to see what needs the Cam p has that we can support. Claxton Cakes should be here before Thanksgiving and its chair will m ake sure all hands are on deck to sell them . The Medical Loan Cupboard continues its lending and receiving. The garage was cleaned and organized by a lonely Civitan!! Our Auction canteens continue year round and the cooks are grateful for the replacem ent of one of our kitchen fryers. The kitchen, and back storage areas have all been reorganized thanks again to a talented Civitan and his crew. The rest of us, however, are still searching for item s when in doing prep. The Club still has a num ber of m aintenance projects to com plete and is sorting out its priorities. Our new Facilities Manager and his team are working out the “bugs” as we m ove into a new era of life without Civ Paul Cooney totally being in the driver's seat and the introduction of sm art phones and new m odes of com m unication that our children take for granted. In the last quarter Alm onte has supported The Mills Com m unity Support with transportation needs, Lanark Civitan's Take a Swing at Prostate Cancer Golf Tournam ent, Greater Petawawa's 25 Anniversary with a donation to the Research Center in their nam e, Three-on-Three Basketball Tournam ent, Fire Safety: Sm art Choices program , Pakenham 4-H Club,

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Highland Gam es, a liaison request for dental needs and the International Scout Jam boree. The Alm onte Junior's are up and running for the new year having m et Sept 11 to work out their Calendar of Events. They are looking forward to m eeting new Jr. Chair Civ. Heather Legge and wish form er Chair Civ. W endy Robinson well as she travels with hubby, new International President Bob in all his adventures in the new year. Rounding out the year we attended a num ber of Civitan functions: golf at Lanark's Take a Swing at Prostate Cancer, the Greater Petawawa Civitan's 25th Anniversary, Charter Night in Sm iths Falls for the LGBT Lanark County Civitan Club and we had 11 delegates who journeyed to Mississauga for the Region Five Convention. Upcom ing projects: Apple Pie Day, 10 inch pies for $10. Contact Civitan Liz Barron 613-256- 8287 Deadline Oct. 1/13. Oktoberfest on Oct 11. Tickets are $17.50 and m ust be purchased ahead of tim e. Traditional Oktoberfest food will be served at 7 pm . Dance to the band Revival.

HOMETOWN HEROES Civitan International President, for 2013-14, Bob Robinson, of the Perth Civitan Club, was asked how he arrived at the slogan for his year as President. “It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do”, he replied. The idea was to keep it sim ple and m eaningful, and to grab everyone’s attention at the sam e tim e. He considered what Civitan m em bers do and how they do so m any things no one else would do. Because of this they are considered Heroes by m any. Being involved in Special Olym pics, operating m edical loan cupboards and hundreds of other services and activities, the local ‘Hom etown’ Civitan m em bers becom e local heroes. Thus the slogan evolved . . .

“Civitan Hometown Heroes”

AYLMER Even though our club does not m eet form ally during the sum m er, the last few m onths have been very busy for our club. W e continued to contribute to our com m unity as well as raise funds for future projects. Picnic in the Park : a resounding success In our continuing effort to find ways to contribute to our com m unity, we organized this new endeavor which entailed hosting a picnic for the special needs individuals of our com m unity. It was a great success, and the participants, as well as our m em bers, had a lot of laughs. W e served a m ountain of hot dogs and chips and ensured that all of our special guests went hom e with som e good m em ories as well as som e prizes. W e are definitely planning on m aking this an annual event. This project was in line with two of our club objectives. It allowed us to get back to our grass roots, which is working hands-on with those with special needs. W e feel by doing this we increase our chances of both retaining m em bers as well recruiting new m em bers. Another one of our objectives is to collaborate as m uch as possible with the other service clubs in the area. In this project both the local Canadian Legion and the Lions Club contributed to the event. The picture below shows Lise W right, the project coordinator and a great singer as well, leading the crowd in a sing-a-long, assisted by one of our special guests. The next picture shows Civitans Lynda and Doris taking a break after serving lunch to our hungry crowd. Annual Golf Tournament The Aylm er Civitan Club held its annual Mem orial Golf Tournam ent on Sunday, August 25th at the Kingsway Golf Club here in the Aylm er area. Once again, we had a good turn out and everyone had a lot of laughs, a round of golf, a good m eal and lots of fellowship. In the picture below, our upcom ing President for 2013-2014 Lynda Beaudry is eyeing up her next shot. Although it m ay look like one of our prospective m em bers is about to “club” Lynda, I was assured that it was not the case! New Lawman in the District In addition to his 2013-2014 duties as Past President for the Aylm er Club and Lt. Governor, our industrious Mark W right has taken on the duties of Judge Advocate. W ay to go Mark!

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Upcoming Events/Projects Cake Sales Campaign W e are in the process of booking various locations to sell our Claxton cakes. In past years, we have relied upon the authorization to sell at various federal governm ent facilities. However this year there seem s to have been a policy change. In som e cases we cannot sell at the buildings, and in those that we can, there is now a rental fee, which would cut significantly into our profit m argin. Quilt Raffle There is a local group of quilters who get together weekly to socialize as well as m ake beautiful quilts which are donated to individuals in the com m unity who are ill or need a bit of cheering up. W e have helped this group out financially in the past and once again, they have kindly donated a beautiful quilt to our club. W e are planning to raffle the quilt as in past years. 40's to 70's Dance The final touches are being put on for our trip down m em ory lane. This event is another first for our club and we are very excited to gauge the response from the com m unity, as well as see the faces of our kids and grand kids as they see how the “oldies” whooped it up back in the day! W e are hoping it will be great evening and we encourage our fellow civitans from around the district to join us. Our events are always m ore fun when m em bers from the various clubs participate. Mark your calendars for Novem ber 2nd for a night of dancing and laughter which will be DJ'd by our very own civitan Jean Vezina. Details will be sent to clubs in the near future. Bulb & Plant Sale This spring we undertook a new project for the club - a "spring cam paign" for selling bulbs and plants from a Canadian nursery. Due to the success of this project, we are now underway with a "fall cam paign". This is a great fundraiser, in that it doesn't take a lot of work, the bulbs/plants are at a great price and our club gets 50% of the sales.

OUTGOING GOVERNOR’S MESSAGE Part 3 - CDE AW ARDS presented by Im m ediate past Governor Eric Pottle and Governor Bryan W iltsie Ron Toohey Award – Friendliest Club – Cobden & District Civitan Sam W ilson Award – The Club providing outstanding support to Junior Civitan – Alm onte Civitan ‘72-‘73 Governors Award – Best Club Bulletin – Greater Petawawa Civitan The Alm onte Civitan Award – Club of the Year – Chateauguay Civitan Sm iths Falls Civitan Award – Outstanding Lieutenant Governor – Darlene Lam bert Charter Governor Award – Outstanding service to the District – Eric Pottle Charter Governor Award – Outstanding service to the District – Ken Fournier DST Charter Governor Award – Outstanding service to the District – Julie W iltsie MST Certified Club Builder LGBT Lanark County Civitan The Canadian District East Proudly Recognizes Civitan Bryan W iltsie District Honour Key Recipient 2012-2013

Governor Bryan W iltsie stands proudly beside his m entor Im m ediate Past Governor Eric Pottle after accepting the District Honour Key My Final W ords to all Civitan Leaders You are not the voice over the m em bership You are the voice of the m em bership Governor Bryan W iltsie 2012-2013 Passion Speaks with Action

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CARLETON PLACE & DISTRICT Carleton Place & District Civitan has experienced a busier than usual sum m er. Seem s like we had som ething on alm ost every weekend in addition to our regular weekly events. W e presented two recipients from the TR Leger CP Cam pus with bursaries; one to a Notre Dam e High School student and one to a Carleton Place High School student in recognition of their hard work and volunteer tim e. W e supported the annual Canada Day Festivities. W e entered a team of four in the Oaks of Cobden tournam ent and had a lovely dinner afterwards. W e entered a team of four in the annual Prostate Cancer tournam ent held at Blue Heron. Yet another great dinner. Let’s just say we excel at som e things. Looks like golf is not one of them . W e plan on a com eback next year so get ready everyone. W e volunteered our barbequing skills at the Arklan School barbeque in June and again at the Caldwell Street School in Septem ber. W e participated along with several other clubs at the Cam p Quality Cancer Cam p for Kids held in August at Providence Point. This project just has to be one of the m ost rewarding. W e volunteered at the annual Dragon Boat Festival in the cold and rain for at least 8 hours. Needless to say we still had a lot of fun and will do it all again next year. Over the sum m er we m ade som e m ajor donations. One to the Beckwith Fire Departm ent in the form of a water rescue boat, a m ajor dental bill for a young person in need and several donations to local charities requesting donations. W e also sponsored several 50/50 draws in support of local charities. Our biggest project this com ing year will be the Calabogie Peaks convention in May. Plans are well under way and we sure hope to m ake it interesting and fun for all. Halloween and Christm as are the next busy tim es for us. The parade is the end of Novem ber, The Kids Event is Decem ber 7th and the House Tour is the 7th and 8th. Just got back from a great convention in Mississauga at the Novotel. Lots of good food, entertainm ent, & friendship. Along with som e great m eetings and installations for the com ing year. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and fam ily. CARLETON PLACE & DISTRICT to Host the M ay 2014, Spring Convention. For m ore please see our District web page at:

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COBDEN & DISTRICT Greetings from Cobden. It has been a busy sum m er for the Club with our usual activities. Our annual charity golf tournam ent was again a success. Thanks to our generous hole sponsors and loyal group of golfers we had one of our better years. The weather cooperated and we enjoyed a perfect day. This sum m er we were asked to help out m anning the gates at the Beachburg Fair in anticipation of a large crowd due to the m onster trucks. Over six thousand people showed up giving our Civitans a busy day. Shortly after that we did our usual fund raiser working the gates at the Cobden Fair selling tickets and banding custom ers. This was a busy weekend for our Cobden Fair com m ittee and all the volunteers. Next m onth as another fund raiser Cobden Civitans will be involved with Taste of the Valley for the first tim e. Managing vehicle parking and selling burgers etc on our new large BBQ should see a profitable day for us. That's about all the scoop for now. W on't be long until a new Civitan year starts. Tim e sure seem s to pass by m ore quickly.


Having great sex is like owning a fabulous Lamborgini . . . I don’t even own a car!


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GREATER PETAWAWA The Greater Petawawa Civitan Club held it's 25th Anniversary on Sept. 14, 2013. The club would like to thank all the clubs from the District that cam e to our Dinner and Dance and those that sent letters of congratulations and donations. The following is a brief history of our club for the last 25 years. CLUB HISTORY The Greater Petawawa Civitan Club was chartered on Septem ber 16, 1988 by the Sm iths Falls Civitan Club with 18 m em bers. The 6 initial m em bers who started this club were Jack Bell, Jordy Laverdure, W ayne Faulkenham , Frank Cole, Am brose MacKenzie and Bruce Skelhorn. Over the last 25 years there have been nearly 160 m em bers that have com e and gone through this club. Today we have 12 hard working m em bers that do the work of Civitan within our com m unity. Here are just som e of our donations and projects over the last 25 years: -Playground equipm ent for the Civitan Playland at the Civic Centre approx $10,000 -Helped purchase Bunker suits for the then Tri-Township Fire Departm ent -Rescue Equipm ent Truck for the Town of Petawawa $62,000 -Pem broke Regional Hospital Dialysis Unit $50,000 -Petawawa Union Library $50,000 -CHEO over $100,000 -Miram ichi Lodge Senior Bingo Night Monthly from Jan 1989 to June 2012 at $150 per m onth -Miram ichi Lodge Auditorium $100,000 -Co-sponsored the Score Clock for the Rink at the Civic Centre -St Joseph’s Food Bank $30,000 plus -Salvation Arm y - $30,000 plus - Deep River Food Bank $6000 we’re just getting started with them -Deep River Hospital $ 6000 -Ontario Special Olym pics up to $3000 each year for their Bowling bus for the last 15 years -Crohns & Colitis Foundation of Canada over $30,000 -Civitan International Research Foundation well over $150,000 -Civitan International Foundation of Canada again at least $50,000 over the years -Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517, for the Cenotaph, Poppy Funds & other Fundraisers $10,000 -Petawawa Health Clinic $6000 -Other donations and projects too m any to nam e - W heelchair Ram ps, sm iles on kids & seniors faces PRICELESS These are just a few donations that our club has done over the 25 years. The m onies were raised through our Bingos, Nevadas and special projects that we ran. To date our total donations are $1,647,670.33 There was a rum our going around when the club first form ed that we would not last 6m onths. W ell 6 m onths is long gone. W e are still here and we are still working for our com m unity through CIVITAN. LGBT LANARK COUNTY CIVITAN CLUB The LGBT Lanark County Civitan Club becam e the First LGBT service club in the world, thanks to the foresight of CIVITAN! On August 20, 2013 the Sm iths Falls Civitan Club invited LGBT Lanark County to join forces – a m ove that would see LGBT Lanark County becom e the first LGBT Civitan Club in the W orld. Thrilled with the generous offer and excited to be joining this world-class volunteer organization of clubs, LGBT Lanark County accepted and held their inaugural, charter m eeting in Sm iths Falls on Septem ber 16th, 2013. Dating back to 1917 in Alabam a, the Civitan is a m otivated web of volunteer-run clubs with the sole purpose of building good citizenship by serving individual and com m unity needs – this m andate is a perfect fit for LGBT Lanark County whose sole purpose in operating is to help the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender m em bers of their com m unity to feel safe, welcom e and supported. LG BT Lanark County feels honoured that Civitan is in such terrific support of their com m unity developm ent goals that they have offered to officially work together in this regard … and that Lanark County is the first com m unity to take such a m onum ental step! W hat a terrific com m unity! The charter night was held on Monday, Septem ber 16th at the Sm iths Falls Civitan Club. Many Civitans from Canadian District East attended the historical evening. For further inform ation please contact Canadian District East Civitan Governor, Bryan W iltsie at: bwiltsie@ sym or LG BT Lanark County Civitan Club President, Penny Kelly at: pkelly@ – the LGBT Lanark County Civitan Club encourages anyone in support of their m andate to join as official Civitan m em bers. Editor’s Note: I felt very privileged and very proud of Civitan when I attended the Charter Night ceremonies of this great new club. The first in the W orld - W O W . Civitan International is to be congratulated for their foresight. It meant a lot to me to see the formation of this club as my brother and his (male) partner have been together for over 40 years! Look out ... we are moving out of the dark ages. Rick Libbey

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LAKESHORE Quebec Special Olympics Lakeshore Civitan m em bers participated in the Quebec Special Olym pics Provincial Gam es from July 4th to 7th. Nine of our m em bers helped out in the cafeteria twice a day serving over 1,000 participants and volunteers. W e also presented m edals to the winners in the Track & Field event. For our donation of $2,500, our nam e appeared on the podium s of all 10 various events, as well as an advertisem ent in their Program book, giving Lakeshore Civitan m uch needed exposure.

Dorval Community Days On Sunday, August 18th, the Lakeshore Civitan m em bers participated in the Dorval Com m unity Days by selling breakfast, selling our Claxton Fruit Cakes and at the sam e tim e prom oting Civitan’s good works. Annual Barbeque Our annual Barbeque was held at Civitan Ross Turner’s farm in Lancaster Ontario. The steaks were great and the corn was delicious and a wonderful tim e was had by all. As you can see, President, Ricky Held, was a great help in keeping everything neat and clean.

District East Convention Our delegate to the District East Fall Convention, Civitan Terry W ebster, was happy to bring back the Visitation Barrel to Lakeshore Civitan. Look out for our visit!!!!!

PAKENHAM & DISTRICT Yes sum m er brings a slower season for our Club but we still seem to find tim e to venture into a few exciting activities. The Town of Mississippi Mills hosts the Canada Day parade on the eve of July 1st. Our Club proudly walked through the village beside our float collecting canned goods for the Lanark County Food Bank. W e were able to drop off boxes of food and a cheque in the am ount of $523 that was donated along the route. This is som ething fairly new for us but our com m unity responded well with interest growing. During the fireworks display we generously offered to assist the Town by “passing the hat” to collect funds to off-set the enorm ous cost of the second-to-none Pakenham fireworks display. Deloitte, an Ottawa-based firm , had heard of our Club’s fam ous BBQ’ing skills and asked if we would graciously prepare and serve at their staff BBQ. Dodging lightning bolts throughout the early parts of the evening, we happily served salads, kabobs, ham burgers and sausages to approxim ately 100 guests. Two of our m em bers, better known as “The Ryan’s” entertained the guests into the evening. Definitely a fun tim e had by the guests and our volunteers! In lieu of an August m eeting, it has becom e tradition to host a pot-luck BBQ for m em bers and potential m em bers. W e were especially pleased to invite m any local supporters and sponsors of our Club to our casual event – hey, m aybe a new m em ber (or two!) m ay even join! W e are looking forward to the fall season as our 2nd annual Tea & Gift Basket Auction starts to take shape (Nov). Shortly thereafter it will be “all hands on deck” as our m ajor yearly fund raiser, the com m unities’ winter carnival known as Frost Festival, com es to life. Please join us for a m eeting: the 3rd Thursday of every m onth, 7:15pm , Pakenham Public Library.

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PERTH The great news in our club is we have built an extension to our Medical Bank! This project has consistently grown and been appreciated by m any, m any people. It is a good feeling working the Medical Bank… hearing the voices of gratefulness for this service. W e have had a very busy sum m er… starting with Relay for Life, the Brown Shoe Parking and BBQ in May; Civitan Classic Cruise- on every Monday; Rideau Ferry Regatta; Tea Room at Quilt Show: serving Breakfast at Cam p Quality… ..and catering every weekend (som etim es through the week also).. working bars and bingos weekly as well. W e were also involved with Annual Duck Race at the Stewart Park Festival with all proceeds going to YAK (Youth Action Com m ittee). W e also worked the gates at the Annual Perth fair Labour Day weekend. Som e of our m em bers attended the Charter night for the LGBT Lanark County Civitan Club, our newest club and we wish them well! As we go into a NEW Civitan Year we wish all Civitans a “Happy New Year” and hope to see you at a visit with or without the barrel.

TRAVELLING WITH THE CIVITAN INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT(-Elect) by Civitan W endy Robinson Civitan Rick Libbey (CDE's Bulletin Editor) has asked m e to share m y experiences of travelling around our Civitan world with President(-Elect) Bob. W e have been kept very busy since the first weekend in August. Our first convention was to the Magnolia District convention hosted in Lafayette, Louisiana. The weather was hot & hum id but beautiful; our very own Cajun filly (aka Civitan Dayle Lanier-Guillory) took us on a tour of the city and to the Historical Museum on Saturday afternoon. W e spent the weekend am ong our Civitan friends, enjoying Cajun hospitality at its' finest. From a special luncheon, an Am erican party where we were given Honourary Cajun status, m eetings and workshops to the closing banquet, we were kept very busy. It should be noted that President-Elect Bob looked very dashing in his suit & white rubber boots at the closing banquet! The next convention was in Hagerstown, Maryland. Due to fam ily com m itm ents, I was unable to travel with Bob however I m ade sure I had 'helpers' to keep an eye on him while he visited the Chesapeake District to ensure he behaved him self! Civitan (soon-to- be Governor) Sue Hepworth and Civitan Jo Ann O'Toole (International Director Region 4) certainly had their hands full! Highlights of the weekend was the Canada Party that was given in Bob's honour by Governor Lance Lewis and installing the incom ing District Board for Chesapeake as well as attending the Chesapeake Foundation m eeting! For those of you that do not know, Chesapeake Foundation donates a huge am ount of m oney to the Civitan International Golf Benefit at the Civitan International annual convention. Visiting the Appalachian District was our next stop! The convention was held in Louisville, Kentucky and hosted by the Frankfort Civitan Club; they did an am azing job on the decorations & the Luau them e throughout the entire convention! The hospitality room was awesom e! The Saturday m orning m eeting was fun and inform ative with lots of awards being given to very deserving clubs/individuals. One of the m ore entertaining reports I have ever seen was when their Fruit Cake Chairperson arrived at the podium with her hat decorated with pieces of fruitcake and candy and of course, her 'Queen of Fruitcake' crown - absolutely hysterical! I should also m ention that even when the fire alarm went off in the early hours on Sunday m orning (com plim ents of an intoxicated hotel guest - NOT a Civitan), our Appalachian District Civitans took it in stride but there sure were a lot of very tired travellers on Sunday m orning headed back hom e! Our next trip was to Burns, Tennessee hosted by the Valley District; we went to Montgom ery Bell State Park which was absolutely beautiful! W e spent a very busy weekend with terrific Civitans while they tended to Valley District Civitan business. Even though Christm as is a few m onths away, it was am azing to watch the children's reactions to Valley District's very own 'Santa Dan' (aka Past International President Danny Jackson) even though he was not in costum e. Both at the Saturday m eeting and at the restaurant on Saturday night, the little ones eyes were, at first, unbelieving and then lit up when they realized that "Santa" was in the room ! Two of the little cuties actually got on his knee to tell them what they wanted for Christm as! W e were also given a tour of Nashville by PIP Danny Jackson and Civitan Corine Jackson on Saturday evening. Next was our preview cruise for the upcom ing 2014 Civitan International convention (August 11 - 15th, 2014) was am azing! The ports of call were Key W est, Grand Caym an and Ocho Rios (for the convention, we will not be stopping at Key W est). Anyone who has cruised before knows that there are a variety of activities on the ship for everyone's taste and enjoym ent and I m ust say that the entertainm ent & food was absolutely fantastic! Plan to join our fellow Civitans next year - you won't be disappointed! The Florida District invited us to join them for their convention in Naples, Florida. It was another great weekend! The weather was perfect and the fellowship was superb! W e were given a very scenic tour by Past International President Syd Fishm an on Saturday afternoon and I was lucky enough to watch the dolphins playing at the Pier! The Saturday m orning m eeting & luncheon dealt with the Florida District's Civitan business which included a wonderful m em orial tribute to our personal friend, Civitan Steve Steenberge and at the Saturday night http://ww w

CD E Septem ber 2013, 4th Q uarter - page 11

banquet, President-Elect Bob installed the incom ing District Officers. Once again, there was a fire alarm set off and thankfully, it was a false alarm and happened during the day and not the m iddle of the night! The weekend of Septem ber 21/22, we were unable to attend the Region 5 convention as we were at a fam ily wedding. I'm sure we m issed a great tim e! Up next is the New England District convention in Pittsfield, Massachusetts next weekend! As I said earlier, we have been kept very busy for the m onths of August and Septem ber and we are overwhelm ed at the generosity and hospitality of all of the districts that we have been fortunate enough to visit. Everyone has been so gracious and friendly, it re-confirm s why we belong to the greatest com m unity service organization - CIVITAN! If you are on Facebook, you can see the photos that I have posted for all of our trips to date......stayed tuned for the next review of travelling with the Civitan International President!

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The Oct. 15th, 2011 suicide of gay and bullied Kanata student Jam ie Hubley (15) delivered a harsh blow to the surrounding com m unity and served to draw attention to an epidem ic that is plaguing our youth – the incessant bullying of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered & queer) youth and the devastating effects that com e along with it. The LGBT Lanark Civitan has been particularly aware of this dilem m a and it is clear to us that we, as concerned citizens, have a duty to do m ore to help prevent tragedies such as this. In Novem ber of 2011 we stood up to say to our youth, “it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to be LGBTQ, we’re here too, and it gets better”! At the sam e tim e, we asked a num ber of prom inent com m unity m em bers to stand beside us and help us to share this im portant m essage because we felt that our youth need to hear a m essage of acceptance and inclusivity from their schools, their com m unity organizations and their com m unity leaders. The Enough Is Enough! cam paign began with the distribution of rainbow-coloured wristbands accom panied by pam phlets and posters which draw attention to the bullying LGBTQ youth face daily. The wristbands are a visible rem inder of the wearer’s com m itm ent to stand up against bullying and to support LGBTQ youth in our com m unities. The posters assure and reinforce for young people that the greater com m unity does understand and support them in their struggles to understand their own sexual identities. The now LGBT Lanark Civitan Club form ed in 2010 in an effort to create LG BTQ visibility in our rural com m unities – to ensure that young people struggling with issues of gender and sexual orientation could put a face to the LGBTQ com m unity that is here in Lanark County - is proud to continue our work with the Enough is Enough Cam paign. To date, 2500 wristbands have been distributed and $4600 raised and distributed to assist young people in their efforts to feel accepted in their own com m unities. Over fifteen com m unity leaders have joined us in our fight to norm alize the LGBTQ experience in Lanark County and now the Civitan has joined us in our fight to help keep our youth healthy, happy and alive.

NEW IMMIGRATION RULES Send this to your friends and relatives so they’ll know what happened to you.

To help rescue the econom y, the Harper Governm ent will announce next m onth that the Im m igration Departm ent will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Old age Pensions and Health Care costs. Older people are easier to catch and won’t rem em ber how to get back hom e. I started to cry when I thought of you. Then it dawned on m e.... ........ “ Oh, shit, I’ll see you on the bus!!! “

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My puzzle for this issue was inspired by, and is in honour of, CDE’s newest Civitan Club - the LBGT Lanark County Civitan Club. The LBGT’s ‘Enough is Enough’ program is an example of what this group is able to do, and what they are about. Rick

NOTE: The words FOUL and LOVE appear twice but are only correct in one place for each. Rick By any chance did you happen to notice that there is a ‘FELON’ hidden in ‘Lifelong’? :>) Ed.

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Civitan Action Line Sept 2013  

Newsletter of the Civitan Canadian District East

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